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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  July 27, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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you don't know how much pressure you put on your septic system. but rid-x does. in a 21 month study, scientists proved that rid- x reduces up to 20% of waste build up every month. take the pressure off with rid-x. >> top >> story is 06:30pm, tonight. a san francisco jazz club is crying foul tonight. not only
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is the club up, said that the location was burglarized, but the club says police and fire did the bare minimum to secure it. and the owners say that allowed burglars to return and steal more kron four's. dan kerman has the story. early tuesday morning. someone passing the black cat jazz club in san francisco's tenderloin. >> smashed the glass front door with a skateboard over the next hour, burglars came in and started stealing whatever they could get their hands on food. >> i'm like wine fridge was ransacked which had over like high in champaign. and there's you know, thousands of dollars there. and they ended up stealing a bunch for music equipment common good is microphones that stop shortly after 02:00am when police arrived. >> but after numerous unsuccessful attempts to reach those who run the black cat, police say they left the scene after the fire department constructed temporary measures
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to secure the business. the black cats as those measures were flimsy at best litter, they put up 3 pieces of tape to hold. >> occurred. and that was it just left it with nothing more than a curtain in some tape. those with the black burglars returned to the jazz club, push through the curtain and for the next 5 hours ransacked the place. this is a free for all new cars are driving by and seeing like that this was happening and what's stopped in the middle of the road. but there flashes on and then go into our business and take stuff they're making pile was outside their feeling that cars mind you. you can see the police station. those who run the black cat blame police for not doing more to secure their business. we just want our. the police that are a block away to be able to fight for us like we fight for the district. you know, 2 minutes worth of extra work that would enable it, you know, been able to find out, get a number for us or or just done something. but it would they could have
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just taped the whole corner of our even taping it better what else? so the better solution than what happened. police tell kron 4 news officers at the scene acted within policy. >> dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> san francisco police are looking for suspects who shot and injured a man in the silver terrace neighborhood yesterday afternoon. it happened on the bayshore boulevard. police say the victim was shot next to his car. he is now recovering at a hospital and expected to be okay. the san francisco police department also have to wait until at least september to find out if they can access private security cameras during investigations. san francisco police and the mayor have for poor proposed an ordinance that allow law enforcement to gain access to camera devices that are used by homeowners and businesses. police chief bill scott says it would only be used during specific operations. some critics say the proposal is not necessary.
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>> in order to, quote, restore legitimacy and independence to the nation's highest court. a group of house democrats introduced a bill to set term limits for supreme court justices for how all this would work out. kron four's justine waltman is in our newsroom and she just talked with south bay congressman ro khanna, who is one of the sponsors of the bill just inc. >> well, the new associated press poll that just came out this week shows that 67% of americans support term limits or requiring justices to retire at a certain age. the supreme court 10, your establishment and retirement modernization act would allow the president to nominate a justice every 2 years in the first and 3rd years after a presidential election. the justices who have been on the court, the longest would then be moved to senior status. first. and if confirmed by the senate, each new justice was served for 18 years before retiring from regular active service. to that senior status
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south bay, congressman roe conn a co sponsored this bill and he told me this change would make the nation's highest court independent. >> the problem is there's no consistency. so donald trump have to support tuesday, 3 of them barack obama was denied having merrick garland put on the court where he should have been allowed to put merrick garland on the court to this one. consistency every president gets to a it would be clear that these people people won't be on there for life. really would restore people's trust. and that's why the vast majority of american people support this idea of term limits. >> representative connie says term limits are necessary towards restoring balance on the court. the introduction of this bill is coming more than a month after the supreme court issued a ruling that overturned roe versus wade. and the congressman knows that this bill faces an uphill battle. first, it needs a hearing, then a vote in the house and then a vote in the senate. but he says at least this historic process has started live in the newsroom.
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i'm justine waldman, kron, 4 news, justine, thank you. president biden is back in the oval office today after testing negative for covid-19 twice in the past. 24 hours. >> the white house says the president will continue to wear a mask for the next few days, although he has ended his isolation. he received a positive diagnosis last week and has worked from the white house residence until today. the president used his recovery as an example for why americans should get vaccinated right now about 67% of the u.s. population is vaccinated against the virus. president also highlighted the effectiveness of the antiviral drug paxlovid which he took. >> you don't need to be president to get these tools to use for your defense. in fact, the same booster shots the same at home test the same treatment that i got is available to you. >> health officials say vaccine manufacturers are working on updated boosters, which they hope will be ready for the fall and better suited to fight the current.
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>> variants. let's check on our weather in the 4 zone forecast. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. you can't see the towers there. they're hidden by the fog. and that fog is keeping us cooler than most the rest of country. said, yeah, that's right. and it's no sky july, but 5 monday, august first, august will return to the bay so. >> yeah, we had call has a lot of names these summer months. let's take a look, though, at that marine layer out there over downtown san francisco starting to make its truck along the transamerica pyramid with temperatures out there right now. noticeably cooler along the coast downtown san francisco. 57 degrees nearly 30 degrees cooler than conquered antioch and livermore. still in the mid 80's, you all warmed up into the upper 80's to low 90's today. so certainly hot there. but santa rosa and even san jose, very pleasant temperatures out there at this 6 o'clock hour in the mid 70's. so enjoy that overnight lows tonight, widespread 50's but temperatures tomorrow
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warming up into the low 90's were conquered and antioch, santa rosa, you're going to see the biggest jump today. only warmed up to 78 degrees tomorrow. warming up to 87 degrees with low 70's along the east bay shoreline. little change their cool temperatures along the san francisco peninsula coastline, especially happen bay, you will see widespread cloud cover. so not so much sun a longer bay area beaches and you could see measurable amounts of rain in the form of drizzle. but let's take a look at your next 7 day forecast. we're heading to the tropics as early as tomorrow. with that increase in cloud cover saturday and sunday this weekend. fortunately not really tracking any thunderstorms but some instability. saturday morning. going to keep an eye on that from the kron for weather center doesn't look as organized as what we saw overnight into tuesday morning. so that's the good news right there. but a lot can change. and then starting august first with warm temperatures inland until we gradually cool down by tuesday with inland relief, not arriving until next tuesday. back to you. ken and pam, but
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theresa, thank u next up on kron. 4 news at 6. the fed makes history with the second rate hike and many moms. what this means for the u.s. economy as recession fears keep growing. and wnba basketball star brittney griner now has more hope of coming home as the biden administration plans to try to swap prisoners with russia.
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>> for the 4th time this year, the federal reserve board is raising interest rates in an attempt to try to curb inflation. >> and the fed says it's also an attempt to avoid a recession. the rate is increasing 3 quarters of a point that will affect buying a vehicle, a home taking out a loan that chairman jerome powell said the increase is necessary to try to slow down the economy and reduce the 9.1% inflation rates that we had last month, the highest in 41 years. he also said he doesn't believe we're in a recession right now. how has said he anticipates another rate heart rate hike rather come september. >> the united sates has reportedly offered russia a prisoner swap deal to bring brittney griner back home. the biden administration is offering to exchange viktor bout a convicted russian arms trafficker serving a 25 year sentence here in the u.s. the petition deal is also intended to bring home american paul whelan who has been detained in russia for 5 years for
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alleged espionage. the w nba star griner and whelan are both considered by the u.s. to be wrongfully detained in russia. weiner has been jailed in moscow since february and pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis, but said she brought it into the country accidentally while packing the united states has long because of the potential of - other countries using people in order to bargain. >> coming up in sports, forty-niners have their first training camp practice. kate rooney will break it down and how samuel jimmy garoppolo are doing. plus one of the receivers waxes poetic about working out in the offseason working out in the offseason was trey that's coming up. when you find your reason to go on. let it pull you. past the doubt. past the pain. and past your limits.. no matter what, we go on. biofreeze.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> training camp is officially underway for the forty-niners first practice for the players today after they reported to most noteworthy is who didn't participate with the rest of the team white out deebo samuel is still working on his contract negotiations. but head coach kyle shanahan said he had a good talk with the wide receiver this morning and deebo was working out on the sidelines, did not participate in team drills, though, similar story for qb jimmy garoppolo. he came into work out and throw this morning but didn't hit the field. also of note today, the forty-niners have officially released defensive end. dee ford was a big piece of the puzzle during the team's super bowl run. but
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he struggled with injuries. and we got our first look at the new qb one, trey lance. he was efficient in practice today. shanahan talked about the garoppolo situation. what receiver brandon aiyuk talked about working out with lance in the offseason. >> we're saying go ahead. you don't have to be anything wants to be it can. but i think jimmy just like i yesterday, jimmy, john and i talked for a while. we understand every every part of the situation and i think both sides know each side's doing as good as we can my second time trying train with trey. but he talking on time. i guess he said i never talked to my son. getting dirty looks apparently. but they say saying the same house a couple people and just >> hang about a fire talk really just get to know who he is. and indians know i am. that's the quarterback to be connected on the off. >> in baseball news, steph curry was visiting the coliseum this afternoon taken
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in some batting practice for may's manager mark kotsay meeting some astros including dusty baker, familiar face. >> is looking to sweep the division-leading astro's get off to a quick start. no score in the second stephen vogt pulled a shot to right his 5th home run of the season. it's it's one nothing very next pitch from cristian javier stephen piscotty takes a deep the other way to right center field. his 4th homer of the season and a's go up 2 so now they're up to one in the 5th. then add on tony kemp who was 3 for 4 on the day rep says shot to right thousands over the fence for a ground-rule double. jonah bride comes into score 3, one a's. and that was more than enough for a's pitcher cole irvin who went 7 strong innings to pick up his 6th win of the season. is sweep the astros. they have won 6 of 8 against houston this season.
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>> and the giants in arizona little bit of a different story taking on the d'backs trying to avoid being swept the top of the 4th. they're trailing by run runners at the corners for tyra strada. he takes the opposite way to right. >> wilmer flores comes into score. giants tied up bottom of the 7th tied at 2 logan webb trying to get out of the jam. arizona's jose herrera plus it. brandon belt feels it but throws it way over the head of catcher. austin wynns. the go ahead. run scores this second run scores. just a costly error for the giants that proved to be the difference maker. really rough stuff on defense lately. d'backs win 5 to 3. the complete the 3 game sweep and now the giants. we'll come back to host the cubs for a four-game series starting tomorrow. it's just got to get better from here. they can't seem to do anything right have a real tough feeling. there's going to be more cubs fans and giants fans at the stadium.
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there's a lot good turnout at oracle park city. very well. may be right. all right. orange and >> well, a mega millions jackpot is now more than 1 billion dollars and counting. nobody matched all 6 numbers last night. 9 winners were just one mega ball number shy of taking home. the top prize, though, which is now a cash option of more than 600 million dollars probably know by now that you have a. >> a chance of claiming this big payday by one in a few million to get hit by lightning twice more than winning the saying. but with friday's 30th drawing for this jackpot, there is a strategy that could actually help increase your odds. all gerke breaks down this potential winning scheme. >> mega millions players pick 5 numbered one to 71 gold baldwin to 25 some quick math good google shows that makes 302 million, 575,350 possible
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colored yellow, like california and florida. that's great. they don't tax lottery winnings. everyone else wants a slice of the pie in new york. you'll get hit with the 24% federal rate. plus the highest in the nation state tax of 8.82%. your billion bucks is quickly closer to the size of your upfront investment. and that's if nobody else hits the jackpot. although the chances are small, you're not the only one running a scheme and multiple winners would guarantee you lose hundreds of millions of dollars. >> well, there goes that plan that's not going to work. is it? that was paul gerke reporting for us tonight? well, let's check on the weather forecast. a live look outside right now. it s and you see that fog bank behind the air traffic control tower. >> yeah. and we also saw a warm temperatures for our warmest inland valleys in the east bay, flirting with 90's for livermore concord. so about 3 to nearly 10 degrees above average. there
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livermore. you should be in the low 80's. but instead you are at 88 degrees about 5 degrees below average for downtown san francisco and santa rosa. santa rosa. only warming up to 78 degrees. so hope you enjoyed that. and we are tracking temperatures still in the mid 80's for livermore and conquers a very seasonal temperatures at this near 7 o'clock hour. 72 degrees for sam. a tail and napa with low 60's for timber on and downtown san francisco. thanks to that cool sea breeze and that deepening marine layer. so let's get away. san francisco international airport tracking that fog bank out there right now, hugging the immediate coastline, eventually making its way inland overnight, bringing us some patchy coastal drizzle and we could see measurable amounts of rain, especially for those of you at half. moon bay could pick up about a 10th of an inch of rain or less because as you could see that marine layer and that drizzle going to stick around even through your thursday afternoon. and temperatures heating up in the low 90's for concord, an antioch and santa
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♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we only serve those who've honorably served. all ranks. all branches. and their eligible family members. yep, that is exclusive. and we're fine with that. >> tv news veteran chris cuomo has joined the news nation network to anchor his own show. the new show will run in prime time. last night, cuomo announced that new position on dan abrams live. cuomo is currently pursuing a wrongful termination lawsuit against cnn 425 million dollars. no details yet on when his new
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>> bonnie & clyde road rage. a driver killed after accidentally splashing window washer fluid on a passing car. what is going on out there? and then the horror sisters and glamorous make-over, a red head now. and she survived a school shooting. now she's on america's got talent. and plus chris cuomo's return to tv. his new job. and...


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