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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 28, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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to 7 o'clock here. the kron 4 morning news recovering many breaking stories for you. 4 people were killed and 6 others badly injured in this overnight head-on crash. we're going hear what investigators say happened. and you might have sir wearing a mask again on bart's. only been about 10 days since they lifted the ban. and why one state lawmaker believes that declaring a state of emergency for california's monkeypox situation would make things better for people who need shots. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning. and we welcome you to join us here at 7 o'clock on a thursday. things are so far so good. i'm darya radar be waking was a it was easy this morning. kind of rolled out a bit. okay. haha. and before you roll out of bed, you want to know what to wear. let's check in with johnson is going to be chilly. a war that rolling out of bed with the fog rolling in and that's keeping his cool this
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morning. definitely jacket where the to start. but this afternoon, we're keeping some really nice weather around that we've been enjoying for quite some time now. this is where we're sitting in san francisco city under the low gray got quite our there. >> not seeing much fog and low visibility at this point unless you're right along the coastline or in our mountain sides, which is actually reaching up into the low gray. expect fog to hang out with us for a little while longer before burn off and then sunshine later today. we'll need the jackets later on. as for current temperatures, it's 50's almost everywhere. santa rosa in petaluma in the low 50's double in oakland. alameda livermore as well as redwood city. 57, we'll be breaking down this last weekend of july forecast. still to come right now, wow. can't believe last weekend of july, john. okay. head into the city this morning about it. >> 60 min arrive maze to that fremont street exit. let's go ahead and look at the san mateo bridge. 82 want to one you're looking at about a 14 minute right? our richmond center fell commute a little under 10 minutes for you there as the sun is coming up. and
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the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls on this thursday morning to take you 20 minutes to make that commute. 7, 0 one. let's get back to the breaking news from overnight. 4 people were killed and 6 others injured in a head-on crash that happened in rio vista. exactly. now investigators are >> trying to figure out how it all happened. kron four's will tran. >> live in solano county. he's been covering this story all morning long. good morning. well, >> rain and they don't know what happened, but all possibilities are on the table as far as highway 12. you can see it open right behind me. but it had to be shut down late last night and into the overnight hours. it's only 2 lanes, one in either direction, but because of the head-on collision, they had to shut it down to one. take the survivors to the hospital and 2 to do their investigation. let me show you video of this scene here. this is about a mile or so from the heart of downtown rio vista near
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somerset drive. this is around 8 o'clock last night. we do know that 3 people were in one sedan, 7 others in a large suv when they slammed head-on into each other. i can tell you there is no center median at this particular stretch. and yes, they do drive highway speeds. they slammed into each other when the police department came out here announce that 4 people had died from this horrible collision and the police department just about 2 or 3 miles from here. so it didn't take them very long to rush out to the scene. and when they got her , they saw what they describe is perhaps the worst seen they have ever come across. >> i've been working in this county for 26 years and this is probably the worst crash that i've seen on this stretch of road. >> so let's head back out live right now. you can clearly see the speed limit. this as 50 miles per hour. and there is no concrete barrier separating
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either direction. comparison would be like vasco road that we do know near livermore. same deal as far as nothing that separates the cars. obviously that played a role in the crash as far as why they crashed, whether or not they were sleeping at the wheel. if it's alcohol drugs, we don't know at this particular time, but that's part of the investigation. we do know. fortunately, the 6 people survived their injuries and also another fortunate incident. we have not gotten an update on the number of people killed. yes, sadly, 4 people died from this head-on collision. but that number remains at 4 an easily could have gone up. but we do know that 6 people, we're still in the hospital this morning, reena and area. >> all thank you. well, happening today, barr could decide to reinstate their mask mandate and it's because of that new variant is so catchy. lot of people have covid. so let's go to kron 4. sarah stinson with more on this in
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lafayette. sarah, they only lifted the mandate like >> 9 or 10 days ago. >> that's right. i mean, 10 days ago they said that bar you don't have to wear your mask anymore. it is encouraged. and now they're saying you might have to mask up again. they're considering reinstating the mask mandate on board trains in bart stations. and even those not required in this moment, we are still seeing, i would say most people wearing their masks heading into ride. bart this morning. not too busy here in lafayette, but a slow trickle of people heading to work tonight. the board of directors of bart will need to discuss this. they will decide if they want to reinstate that mask mandate in extended until october 1st. so that be about 2 more months of requiring people to wear a mask be the rest of the summer and heading into the fall. and bart riders, you know, even though they're not required to right now, i would say most people are wearing in some told us
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that they're doing it protect themselves and others. let's hear now from people i spoke with just moments ago say they're in favor of the bart board directors requiring masks going to get. >> yeah, that's where i'm i wear my you know, to protect myself, but also to protect other people. so makes sense. >> what's it been like the last 10 days where it's not been required? >> i can see that people are wearing i think it's a good idea. >> and so clearly those 2 people in favor of the mask mandate being reinstated. if you have a strong opinion on this either way you can voice your concerns at the meeting. it's going to be on zoom and they'll be taking public comment. it starts at 5 o'clock will be interesting to see what part does darya reyna. if i was a betting woman, i would say they're going to reinstate it, but we'll have to now back to you. speaking another big story is
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a lottery are gonna buy a ticket? just curious because the office full lost a lottery. >> are you a pool for work? but i guess we never one. my mom's really in the lottery. she's visiting today. i'm going to have to do i just go see you go broke paying. let's talk a little bit more about covid because it turns out that a lot little kids are not getting vaccinated. they did a study and it looked to kids under the age of 5. >> and the numbers are going down. a new survey from the kaiser family foundation found that about 40% of parents with young children say they have no plans to get the little ones vaccinated in marin county. just about 30% of kids that are under the age of 5 have gotten their first dose of the vaccine. that recent survey found the parents a specific reasons. those who don't plan to get the shot. there are many reasons why. >> they are concerned about potential side effects and the new knesset, the vaccines and
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then also the fact that most parents haven't had a chance to talk to their child's pediatrician or another health care provider about these vaccine. >> overall, the bay area vaccination rates are much higher than apple national average for kids. the national average is 3% of children under 5 getting the first just 3%. now compared to, for example, san francisco is 21% of kids who are the youngest age group. they've gotten a covid shot. in national news. let's go on to monkeypox and the u.s. is now leading the world in the number of cases more than 4,600 confirme- cases in the u.s. of monkeypox and the biden administration is still considering whether to declare a public health emergency. the president is also considering naming a white house czar to coordinate the monkeypox response. last week, the world health organization declared monkeypox a worldwide public
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health emergency. with family. just go having one of the highest case loads of monkeypox in the country. senator scott wiener's calling on both the city and the state now to issue a state of emergency. >> kron four's rob nesbitt explains how a declaration could improve the city's monkeypox response. >> with supplies running out, the u.s. announced wednesday that 800,000 more doses of the monkeypox vacci e had been approved to be sent out to states in need of more. the shipment coming from denmark. but senator scott wiener says the food and drug administration should have acted sooner. it's why he's calling on san francisco in california to declare a state of emergency responsability for administering vaccines and expands who is able to actually. >> and minister vaccines. it also expedites entering into providers. senator wiener says the state of emergency will also remove barriers around monkeypox testing. important when it's assume that there are more positive cases of the
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virus that are being reported were a city of 900. you're not 1000 people and we're being impacted. you know, per capita more than york city far more than ally. the u.s. is considering issuing an emergency following in the footsteps of the world health organization. doctor peter chin-hong ucsf says the action at the federal state and local level with monkeypox means more dedicated funding results in a well mall. well oiled machine. >> that we need right now if not going to make this an endemic infection, that's going to be part society moving forward. the san francisco department of public health started making calls this week canceling appointments for second doses of the vaccine. >> in order to prioritize first shots for more people at risk. a move that the doctor supports that free shot is really acting like 2 shots of the pfizer vaccine. and the second shot is acting like abuse or so. the booster you don't several months if not longer. >> that was rob nesbitt reporting for us now. the san francisco department of public
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health says the city will be receiving more than 4200 doses by the end of the week. >> in the south bay, santa clara county health officials are also expecting to get more doses of monkeypox vaccines. that county has the 3rd highest number of monkeypox cases in the bay area. 39 cases and counting and those current cases officials say are in a disproportionate rate happening among the latino community. public health officer doctor sara cody says the county is expecting to get more 700 doses of vaccine to help stop the spread. >> we're of course concerned not just about those who have monkeypox, but their contacts. and of course, we want to do everything that we can with all of the tools that we have. >> to prevent further infection. >> so far the county has given out more than 600 doses of monkeypox vaccine. officials say they still need much more. >> coming up on the kron, 4 morning news delay hills
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police chief is under fire and the heat that's coming from fellow members of law enforcement. why the police union is calling for change and the department. >> and seeing gray across most of the bay area this morning. but that's going to burn off become less of a thing later on today, allowing us some sunshine and 70's and 80's for your daytime highs of got your full breakdown. still to come. we changed our fries to make 'em hot & crispy every single time. high-fryve! and every single time, toby insists we “high fryve.”
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>> 14 right now and we are checking out the weather taking a look here at sfo and doesn't look all that bad. it doesn't look like a nice day for a vacation, john, right. maybe so even though i guess it is thursday if you are getting out there, you're missing some good weather. the bay area this weekend. hopefully you're not flying to seattle or portland. it's been really hot in those spots. >> we've been hanging out comfortably in san jose with a little bit of cloud cover this morning. but starting to break apart in the high temperature in the low 80's later today, gray across most of the region will give way to afternoon sunshine althea. he's the sunshine at times as we see the oak fire continue to put up some smoke, especially into the north bay. we're seeing a mother air quality advisory today. high pressure ridge built up on the west coast. much of the rest of the country is still also very hot. but all eyes are on the pacific northwest as far south as reading in our neck of the woods over 110 degrees for your high school today. and tomorrow through medford,
7:16 am
oregon, eventually up into the interior of washington and oregon. those records continue to be shattered.death valley is one '03 comparatively cool to these areas. further to the north. and we're also comparatively much cooler with upper 80's for most of our highs. just a few low 90's for this inland, then 70's right along the bay under sunshine. as you can see later today. tomorrow morning, we'll start with more gray and more. misty drizzly conditions to start your friday. so friday afternoon we'll see a good dose of sun before another push of fog into your saturday. start. so where will today landis? it will be 60's for san francisco and the coast. as i mentioned, some 70's along the bayshore areas that have already been spoiled with all the 70's for a couple of weeks now, palo alto and san carlos at 78 even holding on to 70's in milpitas santa clara and sunnyvale will san jose 81 fremont at 76 while livermore and pleasanton certainly warm 87 in 89 only to 90's. that's where antioch in vacaville. aside from that,
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we'll stay below that. mark and comfortably in the 70's to 80's for most areas tomorrow and saturday. just a touch warmer. a few more 90's likely to be on the map and went and then we'll dive right back into the 80's after that point. coastal in bayshore cities remain in the 60's and 70's all the way through rain. >> john, thank you for that. ok, hitting the roads this morning about a 15 minute ride may so that free must exit will see any accidents across the bay bridge. san mateo bridge, 14 80 to one o one. well, richmond center fell commute about a 10 minute ride at a richmond and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls are looking at a 20 minute warning, right? 7.17, for your money. this morning. twitter is cutting back on office space in the bay area and a big merger. >> in the skies, jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more. hi, jane. yes, jetblue announced this morning that it would buy spirit airlines and a 3.8 billion dollar deal. so >> if this is approved by all the regulators and the shareholder , it would create
7:18 am
the 5th largest u.s. airline. the announcement comes after spirit last night said it is calling off talks to merge with frontier. well, twitter says it will downsize its san francisco office and cancel its oakland office says more people work from home. it does not plan any job cuts, however, so will vacate an office on 10th street directly behind the market street headquarters. and consumers are cutting back on their flights and that may be driving airfares lower u.s. airline bookings fell about 3% in june compared to may. according to adobe analytics, online spending on plane tickets fell as well. this means consumers who are looking for better deals on flights may have more luck in the next few months. and leaked documents say amazon may hold another prime day event in october. insider says new two-day sales bonanza in october is called the prime early assets acts early access sale. no dates are set. in fact, amazon hasn't even confirmed that report. and sprite is retiring. the green plastic bottle after more than 60 years, coca cola said its changing the packages from
7:19 am
green to clear beginning august first as part of broader effort to become more environmentally responsible. live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king back to amazon. keep 7. all the sales are going to be macy's before. you know, may says its cause just. >> i just go okay. well, i guess is just other thing. thank yeah. you got the hands of amazon. well, the biden administration is taking new steps to try and bring wnba star brittney griner home from russia. a looks like they are close to a deal now and the state department say they're offering moscow a prisoner swap. >> let's get the very latest now from raquel martin. >> good morning. this is really the first time we're seeing the biden administration really go out on a ledge to try and bring brittney griner home. this comes after months of outcry from griner's family and also brian or herself who wrote to the president personally pleading for her freedom. >> the president's prepared to
7:20 am
make tough decisions if it means the safe return of americans. the state department says president joe biden has signed off on a prisoner swap with russia to bring wnba star brittney griner home. hope would be that in speaking to foreign minister lavrov, i can advance the efforts. secretary of state antony blinken says he plans to speak with russia's top diplomat to discuss the potential deal in coming days. griner is currently on trial in moscow where she's been detained since february on drug charges. she faces up to 10 years in prison for carrying vape cartridges containing cannabis oil through the airport. the offer also demands the release of paul whelan. whelan has been detained in russia since 2018 and is now serving a 16 year sentence on espionage charges. we believe that this is a serious proposal. and we want the russians to take it seriously as well. the white house is keeping a tight lip on the details for success here. >> we're obviously not going be able to share more publicly about the deal but is likely
7:21 am
offering up convicted russian arms dealer victor boot in the trade. >> russia for years has called for his release and 2012 who was sentenced to 25 years in us prison. in this isn't the first time we're seeing president biden back a prisoner swap with russia. >> just a few months ago, an american by the name of trevor reed, who was serving 20 years in moscow was freed and a similar trade. we're now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. well, a group of house democrats introduced a bill to set term limits for supreme court justices. the supreme court tenure, establishment and retirement modernization act would allow the president to nominate a justice every 2 years in the first in 30 years after a presidential election. the justices who have been on the court, the longest will be moved to senior status. first and if confirmed by the senate. each new justice with surfer 18 years before retiring from regular active service and assume that senior status congressman roe conn a co sponsored the bill and he
7:22 am
says this change would restore independents to the nation's highest court. >> the problem is there's no consistency. so donald trump to support to 3 of them barack obama was denied having merrick garland put on the court where he should have been allowed to put merrick garland on the court to this one. consistency every president gets to a it would be clear that these people people won't be on there for life. really would restore people's trust. and that's why the vast majority of american people support this idea of term limits. >> the introduction of the bill comes more than a month after the supreme court ruled overtone overturn roe v wade the new bill first needs a hearing and a vote in the house and a passing vote in the senate. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. the giants couldn't break their losing streak. we're going take a look at the highlight of them. >> play the diamondbacks after the break. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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7:26 am
his struggle with multiple injuries. let's go over to the a's play. the astro's a's got off to a very quick start. stephen vogt pulls a shot to the right and steve, the scottie takes it deep. to right center field to the a's are up 2 to one at this point. this was the 5th inning. tony kemp then rips a shot to right. it bounces over the fence and that's a ground-rule double you have. jonah bride comes in the score. that was more than enough for the a's because they beat the astros. 42 to complete that 3 game sweep. they're going to buy the white sox tomorrow night. looks at your lawn for that. things did not go well to the giants. let's watch the giants game against the diamondbacks. now they were looking to snap their six-game losing and they had logan webb on the mound. he's out there and the 7 any with the game tied. you have brandon belt field but any throws it away. 2 runs come in to score san francisco in fortune loses 5 to 3 and the judge going to be coming home tonight to take on the cubs
7:27 am
right? well, up next on the kron, 4 morning news, jose mayor sam liccardo says a revolving door system is letting criminals out of jail only to commit more crimes. how he wants to stop at all. that's coming up. >> and a law school in san francisco that was founded by races. >> is about to get a new name. i'll have those details coming up after the break. it's started. somewhere between a cuddle and a struggle, it's...the side hug. tween milestones like this may start at age 9. hpv vaccination - a type of cancer prevention against certain hpv-related cancers, can start then too. for most, hpv clears on its own.
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>> 7.29 right now and we are working our way through july the last week i was telling you, it felt like a very long but now that all this is like it was wet. so sure, right where it's summer, go we as we know the bay area's their second winter. or no schedule lion or fog dust. up next, the longest so far but then we get to summer in september so yeah, just back to the typical your grey across the bay again this morning. you know, we'll get that sunshine later on today, but it's a waiting game for it today. we've got the low cloud cover, not just for san francisco, but stretching pretty far inland this morning impacted san jose. now you're starting to see your peeks of sunshine down there. temperatures are being kept cool. is that marine layer scoots inland? we can thank that because it's kept as a whole lot cooler than much of the rest of the west coast has been. obviously we're talking triple digits for the central valley on up into washington and oregon. so that 80's to
7:31 am
just barely low 90's, only a couple of us will get today. don't hand so bad. i will be talking about this weekend's forecast. still to come, tom, thank you for that. ok, let's get a look at your bridges this morning. 60 minutes may so that freeman street exit. >> as you're heading into the city right now. >> let's check on the san mateo bridge, 80 to one o one. still moving really nicely. 14 minute ride for you. there >> richmond, sandra fell bridge at about a 10 minute ride. you're heading out of richmond center fell and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 20 minutes on this thursday morning. >> it's 7.31, and uc hastings law school in san francisco could soon have a new name. exactly the law school's board of directors voted to change the name because its founder was racist. kron four's camila barco is live and the newsroom with more. good morning, camila. good morning, guys. yeah, the board of directors at uc hastings, college of the law have decided to remove the word hastings from its name. instead, they have chosen to rename it uc college of the
7:32 am
law, san francisco. and this comes after a committee investigated the history of the school's founder. sara, is clinton hasting. they found that hasting played a role in the mass killings of native americans mendocino county in the 18 50's. now the process to rename the school has been extensive. the committee has hosted several meetings that received input from dozens of people from the hundreds of e-mails and letters that they received. 78% of those people supported removing hastings from the college's name and the round valley indian tribal council also supported the name change. and aside from the new name, the school is also working on restorative justice justice measures and maintaining a relationship with the tribes affected by this board. members even recommended renaming the library at the school with an indigenous name. the college has a list of prominent graduates, including san francisco mayor willie brown and vice president kamala
7:33 am
harris. but dyer rain and the name change is pending. the recommendation now goes to state lawmakers and if they approve it, governor gavin newsom has to sign it off in order for it to take effect. and we could see the new name by january 2023, i'll send it back to you. all right. thank you for that update. camila time now 7.32 and the vallejo police officers association is calling for the removal of police chief shawny williams and they say they do not have confidence in his leadership and the community is in crisis because of him. >> kron four's fully juggle. has that story for us. >> the police chief shawny williams took over the department in since then. attorney is with the label. police officers association say he is running the agency and its staff into the ground is a failed leader. no one wants to work for chief williams. he's the king. he's not the chief attorneys, mike rains and julia fox represent the bpo way and held a news conference wednesday detailing the unanimous vote of no
7:34 am
confidence and she and williams union members took up in december. rain says at the time the results were shared with city manager mike malone in the form of a signed letter. >> with hopes that would lead to a change in leadership. but instead up to this day, malone supports the chief. these officers have suffered and continue to suffer every day. you know that sometimes. >> there are 2 officers on the streets of patrolling the streets because the flight of officers. >> under shawny williams, the bp away says the police department sworn staff has been reduced by more than 20% since chief williams arrived. mostly officers voluntarily leaving the union says the chief has also failed implement the 45 recommendations made by an independent group hired to evaluate the department in 2020. >> officers claim the 9-1-1 dispatch center is experiencing critical staffing levels because of williams and multiple officers have filed formal complaints against the
7:35 am
chief alleging misconduct. one of them, lieutenant herman robinson who was fired by williams last year, but was later reinstated months ago after an arbitrator overruled is that would wants in leadership? a vengeful liar. who will take down one of the laos rains and fox advised officers not to speak during wednesday's news conference out of fear of retaliation. >> while acknowledging the divide between department leadership and staff in a written statement, city manager mike malone says, quote, >> we have seen quantifiable progress and accomplishments and our police department, even amidst the many challenges they face the city council and i continue to express our strong support for chief williams and the transformational reform initiatives being employed to create a department that serves the needs and desires of the vallejo community. the evidence is there to support his firing belief all kron 4 news. >> well, we reached out to the lake police department for
7:36 am
response now, the department spokesperson referred us to the city manager's statement. and the south bay, the 0 bail schedule for criminals has run its course in the city of san jose. san jose mayor sam liccardo is calling on county officials to put a stop to the pandemic era practice of catching citing and releasing criminals. this call comes in the wake of santa clara county superior court judges recently voted to abandon the emergency bail schedule. mayor look is urging santa clara county supervisors to follow the court's lead and an effort to get the actual criminals off the streets. now he gives an example of a convicted felon who goes on to commit a list of violent crimes after being released multiple times without bail. and december. >> of 2020, he was again released on that warrant. $0 bail. 27 days after that release, frankie committed the first. of tumors with a gun. the problem all throughout this time since the beginning of pandemic. what we've seen,
7:37 am
that's what i call spinning turnstile at the jailhouse door. >> in addition to getting rid of 0 bail, mayor the carnal wants to in the jailhouse procedure of releasing inmates without any judicial review. this issue is currently not on the agenda for the santa clara county board of supervisors. >> a san francisco jazz club is pretty at sep this morning. the owner says that police and firefighters could have done more to prevent burglars from hitting their place physically all night. it's the black cat jazz club in tuesday morning in the city's tenor line, somebody smashed the glass doors skateboard and then broke in. took some stuff, food, alcohol, musical equipment. well, then so was around midnight 2 in the morning. police got there. they tried to reach the owners of the club, but when they couldn't get a hold of anybody, they have to pack up. right? so the firefighters constructed temporary measures
7:38 am
to secure the business will. the owner says those temporary measures were pretty flimsy. >> literally, they put up 3 pieces of tape to hold occurred. and that was it just left it 2 minutes worth of extra work. they would enable it, you know, been able to find out, get a number for us or are just done something. but it would they could have just taped the whole corner of our business even taping it better what else? so better solution than what happened. >> so instead, what happened is the owner goes back over the surveillance video and after seeing the first person break and they see people basically all through the night. >> just pushing open the curtain n. >> shopping for free in bar, basically taking alcohol, taking out bags full of stuff, loading up cars. police tell kron 4 that the officers at the scene, however, did act within department policy. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news families are trying to stop their loved ones from being moved out of laguna honda hospital. why
7:39 am
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one bank for now. for later. for life. in fremont. police are warning you about a phone scam. criminals are faking the police's caller id and pretending to be with the department's non-emergency hotline and they say they need money. the fremont police say their officers are never going to call you from a non-emergency line. ask for information or solicit for money. if you do get a call like that, don't fall for it.
7:42 am
congress is working towards the stricter guidelines to protect your children, safety and privacy online. well, a senate committee is working on 2 pieces of legislation. one is called the kids online safety act. it would require sites and apps aimed at children to have default settings for children under 16. now it also sets rules for how children's data is shared. the american data privacy protection act would create stricter privacy protection rules for both children and adults. all of the bills have bipartisan support. we're going to be right back after the break. well, here's the
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
question. are you drinking and clean and safe water? a state audit found 920,000 people are getting unsafe drinking water from water systems that don't meet state standards. and the report says more than 400 water systems or in danger of becoming unsafe. as for where this is a problem? well, that study actually found that more than 65% of the family water systems are located in, you guessed it, low income communities, primarily along the central valley. so we're talking about how important it is to have fresh water and fresh air. it's something that we haven't seen a lot of. yeah, as we have fires and the weather conditions can play on
7:46 am
whether or not we get that air are not here in the bay area. when you think john? yeah, absolutely. and the good news is that we have seen this push of cool marine air during our morning hours. that has that sweeping effect. definitely cleaning things up at the surface and why a lot of that bad air has been kept aloft in parts of the bay area but has sunk into some of our inland areas more so and that's where we have those issues. >> as for where we're sitting this morning, you can see some of the low gray that's above san francisco. that's just that cool marine air that's been sparing us. not just some of the smoke, but also the heat that we've really stacked up inland out towards the central valley. most of that smoke still concentrated up into the sierra nevada. but as you can see, some of that has drifted our direction inland east bay and north bay, especially so in an air quality advisory in effect, high pressure ridge built up for the west coast. we've been kept comparatively cool for the bay area. just look at some of the numbers up to the north and reading 110 degrees or above today and tomorrow. same for medford, oregon, on up into central washington and oregon mix that one '03 down
7:47 am
in death valley seem kind of cool in comparison here in the bay area are upper 80's to low 90's at or very warmest. also cool in comparison. lots of sunshine later on today. once this low gray burns off, we'll have another push of fog towards tomorrow morning. also noticing some drizzle some misty spots. it's going to take even longer for tomorrow morning's gray to burn off and will be set up for some afternoon sun%hine on friday. but as you can see in future cast, it just takes a little bit of time to get there. as for our daytime highs today, 60's for a staff and our coastal spots. 70's yet again right along the bayshore. a lot of things about your 4 zone forecast. really not changing much as compared to yesterday. we're keeping the familiar around for yet another day. minimal changes for the south bay with mostly low 80's east bay shoreline in the 70's inland east bay. well, up into the 80's and our 2 same spots as yesterday in the 90's, antioch, in vacaville, the only areas to reach that ninety-degree mark and actually get above it. petaluma at 79 tomorrow and
7:48 am
saturday will see a few more 90's inland. but then we'll fall right back into the 80's into early next week. they cited coastal cities not moving much either 60's to 70's all the way through right now. john, thank you for that. ok, headed into the city this morning about a 14 minute ride maze to that fremont street exit traffic looks like it's improving there. >> no issues or delays longer. san mateo bridge just enters 14 minutes, making it a 80 to one o one. a richmond center fell bridge. still a nice ride, although there are more traffic. 11 minutes heading across to we're sandra fell to check on the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. it's going to take about 20 minutes on this thursday morning. there is an urgent plea to stop the transfer of patients out of the nation's largest nursing home laguna honda in san francisco. so far, 56 patients were moved and 4 have died. kron four's amanda harry spoke to one of the patient's family about the push to stop those transfers. >> trend continues up to 60 people are going to so is is a
7:49 am
terrifying future that we're looking at just of urban is one of many concerned family members of laguna honda hospital and rehabilitation center patients. >> his mother-in-law has lived there for 3 and a half years but may have to be transferred. the centers for medicare and medicaid services decertified the facility in april for substandard care. the agency is set to stop paying for patient care in not only is just brutal for for the individuals going through the process, but clearly haven't. and out of 42 people have tied the process. san francisco's department of public health is working to get the nursing home recertified by september 13th deadline. >> but in the meantime, cms is requiring the facility to transfer or discharge all of its patients before that date, executive director of the nonprofit, california advocates for nursing home reform. official mcginnis says that doesn't make sense. so they going to do a
7:50 am
recertification if there's no residents there, what are they going to recertify mcginnis says she isn't surprised to see people dying shortly after the transfer process to transfer. trump is a very real phenomenon that happens all the time. >> that the increase in morbidity and mortality rates very, very high state senator scott wiener says the transfer plans are rushed and doing more harm than good. we are asking the federal government be more flexible and the transfers. so the most vulnerable people don't have. >> to the federal to lessen the california advocates for nursing home reform is holding a town hall next week. >> urban started a petition to educate more people on what's happening. urban says he understands that there are safety violations that need to be fixed the doing it this way could have dire consequences for people like his mother law. she is very >> that we weren't sure how long she was going to last. issues that really last one suffered a lot. and you have
7:51 am
to go this type of the situation is just a brutal way to to sort realize if the transfers continue some people, a move to add a state facilities. >> some were moved to homeless shelters. the city publishes a weekly summary of the closure process as of july 24th. the facility still has 608 patients. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> it's 7.51 and having a later closing time for bars. could be good for business, but it might be bad for road safety. that's what these people think. they protested yesterday in los angeles against. >> the last call bill, which was authored by san francisco senator scott wiener. it would allow cities like san francisco and oakland to keep their bars open an extra 2 hours. wow. so 04:00am we'll be closing side instead of the current, which is 02:00am supporters say this would be good for businesses that are still struggling to recover from the pandemic. but opponents say it could lead to more trouble and even deaths
7:52 am
from drunken behavior and dui accidents. >> this is our 5th, a whack at keeping this deadly excuse for business growth. bill that does more to threaten the innocent public, then helping a few bars and night clubs increase their nightly revenue. >> it would be the same as like getting out to any way like the same, like with the streets and the safety. like it's only a few hours later. so. >> but critics say those few hours make a big difference when people are getting ready to head out, you know, for work are getting the kids ready for school. you have people going home even later. i don't. i mean, i think everybody just does it responsibly. >> i'm for it. >> and that's a problem. does everybody do it responsibly? there have been similar bills in the past. you heard him say this is another whack at it. there were several bills that always tried always fail. the latest version was in 2019. 52 and we'll be right back.
7:53 am
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well, an amazing feat for 4 women who set a record after rolling from. >> california all the way to hawaii. the call themselves the last 35 team. and are you made a really fine job close? look at their last look at their and by the way, they
7:56 am
were holding up pineapples. i wouldn't be able to hold up my arms after doing this. they rode to come. i'll sell my goodness all the way. like a mention from san francisco to honolulu finishing that trip in just 34 days because i could never. and 14 hours the last 35 is now the fastest all female team to complete the journey they rode in 2 hour shifts averaging just 90 minutes of sleep at a time. how could you do that? boyle to order prepackaged meals and the indoor. all that seasickness extreme wind and rough seas to look at next time. you're at the gym and you feel like i just is a part of thinking. these when they give you next time i i'll think of them. well, as they caich a flight get to. so that the 6 right now coming up the next hour, you catch bart, but you might have to wear masks. they are considering changing the rules again. >> and saying you have to mask up. we'll see what the prospects are for that. and one local senator is calling on the state and city to declare a state of emergency for monkeypox. they think that
7:57 am
might help you get a shot if you want. and 4 people were killed in a head-on collision in solano county will have a live report on what happened. you go by lots of titles. veteran, dad, hair stylist. so adding a student title might feel daunting. national university is here to support all your titles. national university. supporting the whole you.
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7:59 am
now on the kron. 4 morning news. 4 people were killed and 6 badly injured overnight in head-on collision. we'll hear what investigators think
8:00 am
happened. and barr could vote to bring back their mask mandate. we'll see how soon that might happen. plus, why one state senator believes declaring a state of emergency for monkeypox might give us more shots. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron 4 morning news >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. i'm darya right now. you sleep well last night. no complaints the weather has been pretty comfortable around here. john, a nice first news. and john, you have been maybe too nice. thing i did so tempted to sleep it every morning. looking at stuff like this, that gray that a lot of sunshine just yet for a lot of the bay area, little breezy and a little cool, too. >> i think a lot of us will take that as compared to the triple digits that many of our central valley neighbors have been in the midst f we've been spared by that cool marine air that's been helping us out a whole lot areas like san jose, dublin on up to concord. only


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