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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  July 29, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we're live as customers rush to get their tickets for tonight's drawing. >> from the bay area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning. and a happy and lucky friday to you. i'm darya and i'm reyna feeling good because hey, the weekend is here. yeah. and i'm wishing you luck on the lottery. everybody who's going to play made a look the with you do? everybody can. when the rain not as all the love you want to you have plenty of tickets right between huge on the whole game has such an is someone is going to win. and daria, you know what? you're going to be the loyal one of your give you and >> you guys be which you know what? we're all definitely enjoying what at least is not been the triple digits that a lot of the west coast has been saying. even if you're not winning the lottery, you kind of are with the weather here
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this past weekend, the bay area and we're keeping it going. today is grayer, though. we've got the low gray sweeping across the bay mist drizzlilitow we've got all of it towards the coast in the east bay hills. >> it's going to take a while for this. great a burn off today. so do expected for most of the morning for most areas 50's and 60's for current temps oakland-alameda fremont at 59 some mid 50's in the north bay light jacket kind of stuff to get things started. reyna, i thank you for that. alright, let's get a look at your traffic it's going to be about a 10 minute ride. >> heainis morning may so that fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge heading across towards the to one o one just under 13 minutes for you. there. well, the richmond, sandra fell commute still nice and light at about 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls for member that some slick conditions. john, talk about that misc 20 minutes here on your friday morning 6, 0, one. let's get to our top story this morning, which is the mega millions exactly.
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tonight's jackpot is more than 1 billion dollars and it's getting bigger and bigger and bigger. kron four's will tran is following the story. let's go live to walnut creek with more. hi, there will. >> 1 billion dollars. it's so big that they don't even have a sign for it. despite it being digital, you can see mega millions, 999 million dollars. actually, it's a little bit more. and by tonight it will be the second largest jackpot in mega millions. history could end up being number one. you never know. that's because 29 consecutive drawings and nobody has won. good luck to everybody. you know what i found out? they start selling tickets at 6.30, in the morning. so you have about 25 minutes or so left to live your life. and after you buy your ticket at 6.30, you too. can have just champagne all day every day for the rest of your life. because the payouts, if you win 648 million dollars now i can tell you that it's only $2.
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i've been doing a lottery pool and people have asked me how much i'm kind of surprised. but just in case you don't know, it's only $2 to enter and that will add to the pot tonight. you know what the other day on tuesday was 830 million dollars. and 9 people came so close how close they got all 5 numbers, correct? except the mega million number, the powerball. that's what you need as well. so they didn't get that. but they got millions of dollars in return, depending on how much how many tickets they bought and how many people that they split that ticket with as far as the odds. you know, james fletcher is not here or fellow nerd like me. don't tell me the odds. but in case you want to know, it's one in 303 million as far as winning and the odds of you not winning if you don't play. i've said this before. 100 1%, you can get the cash payout or you can do it over 30 years with one annual payments over 30 years. spread out,
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depending on your financial situation. a lot of people waking up this morning. we've been driving around all over the place. if you notice this might be this is another location depending on de, you know, where you want to go this drive around really quickly, let's see if we can talk to some people actually, i saw this woman pull up here. she shaking our head. but the bottom line is rain and area. if you win. that 1.2 billion dollars. the number here. over $100 you can instead of crying, you can laugh because your show for will be filling up the gas for you. back to you. >> makes a lot of sense. thanks for that. with 6 '04 is a time right now and monkeypox is now considered a public health emergency in san francisco. the declaration is supposed to help expand and improve the city's response to the virus. you have kron four's taylor zacki with that update. >> san francisco has one of the highest case rates already of monkeypox of any other major city in the country. san
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francisco mayor london breed sounding the alarm on thursday declaring a local public health emergency for monkeypox received about 12. >> vaccines today. we really need 70,000 mayor breed says the city requested 35,000 vaccines, but demand continues to far exceed the supply. she says this declaration is a legal action that will mobilize city resources, accelerate emergency planning, streamline staffing, coordinate agencies across the city and allow for future reimbursement by the state and federal governments. it will also send a message to the federal government that san francisco is in dire need. >> more vaccines. we have had to prioritize first doses of vaccines to get vaccine to as many people who could benefit from it as possible in san francisco. >> and for the time being defer, we will not cancel. we will be for the second appointment, san francisco
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public health officer doctor susan philip says >> the virus is predominantly spreading among and bisexual men. >> especially within the latino community feel like this is like. >> deja vu. once again. as we get >> senator scott wiener is alluding to the federal government's handling of the aids crisis. he says more needs to be done. very small window of time. >> to control this outbreak. and if we don't, it might become endemic. >> i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> time now 6, 0, 6 and the city's department of health says they're going to open 10 vaccine clinics once they get their shipment shot. so you can all schedule those appointments on the department's website, san francisco general hospital. >> he's also want to reopen their vaccine clinic on monday
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at 08:00am. and as the monkeypox cases continue to rise, experts are trying to figure out why certain populations are getting it more than others. the majority of cases are happening among the latino community and other people of color in santa clara county. more than half of the cases are in the latinx community. it's a similar story in san francisco where a majority of the positive cases have been reported among black indigenous and people of color. doctor peter chin. hong says part of the in equity has to do with how the existing vaccines are being distributed. >> a lot of minority populations need to work and we've seen this problem and covid before. so you lining up. but 7 hours from vaccine is probably not feasible for many people. >> doctor chin-hong says that he thinks organizations doing the testing should meet people where they are, meaning give people as many options as possible to get vaccinated. so
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they can decide which option works best for them. he suggests more pop up clinics. >> san jose mayor sam liccardo has tested positive for covid again. mcardle made that announcement in a tweet last night. this is his second infection in 2 months, the mayor said his symptoms are minor with intermittent grumpiness. he also apologized to anyone who might have exposed in recent hours or days. they look is vaccinated and also encourage people to test and follow cdc guidelines. >> masks are now required again on bar and at least until late fall bart's board of directors voted to reinstate the mask mandate last night. it's a temporary amendment that requires riders to wear face masks on all the trains and all paid areas. and the bart police chief says that they're going to focus more on educating those who are not wearing a mask and giving out masks. if you don't have one. the bart board of directors will meet again in september and determined if
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they want to continue the mandate, which at this point where expire automatically in october. >> developing news patients transfers are on hold at laguna honda hospital in san francisco and the hospital said that moving patients just too dangerous. kron 4 sarah stinson is live in san francisco with more. sara? >> well, daryn, that's right. this is a huge update. the federal government listening to the urgent plea from san francisco leaders not to transfer any patients from here at laguna honda to other facilities. 56 patients have already been transferred. 4 have died shortly after being moved and 600 plus more patients were set to be moved as well. but now that transfer has been paused and a lot of people are feeling a set, a sense of relief us. they're breathing a sigh of relief because >> they did not want any patients to be transfer. the transfer was a part of the federally mandated closure plan as the centers for medicare, medicaid services
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stop getting laguna honda money. >> due to numerous health and safety violations, inspectors found as a result, patients whose care is paid for by that money. they were said to be transferred by mid september. the city runs the hospital dealing with challenges that stem from a pair of non deadly overdoses. the happened last year. and that's what set off the audits and the inspections and which ended with the sender of medicare, medicaid services to decertify laguna, honda. >> now the city can focus more energy and certified that the federal government. >> the honda is a skilled nursing facility that has served the city for 150 years. >> patients, families and city leaders, they've are fighting hard to make sure patients were not moved. mayor london breed, thank nancy pelosi for her support. let's take a look at what pelosi tweeted out saying, quote, i support the decision to pause transfers and discharges from laguna honda city, state and federal officials must work together to address areas of concern
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and protect this provider with a pass to recent vacation while minimizing transfer trauma and putting patient safety and care. first, now the city must really hone in on getting the hospital recertify that way. they can secure the money from the medicare and medicaid services. for now, i'm sara stinson reporting live in san francisco. >> back to you. all right. thank you, sarah. >> still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. a party in richmond was all about that bass. but how a $500 reward help solve an east bay mystery that kept lots of people wait last weekend. plus, republicans are pointing fingers at the president for rising inflation rates. why they say his policies making things worse. and after the break, inflation need school supplies are going to be more expensive this year, the steps that some parents are now taking to try and save some money. john. >> and today is set to be a cloudier day than what we even saw yesterday saying very gray at the coastline with highs only in the low 60's inland areas, mostly staying in those 80's waiting a little longer
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for your dose of sunshine. your forecast is ahead.
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>> 6.14. let's give you the latest with the oak fire burning in yosemite. it has
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burned more than 19,000 acres. but the good news is it's 42% contained. now experts say the cool weather has really helped to slow the flames. all those fire has already destroyed 135 homes and other structures. and it is still threatening more than 600. 2200 people have had to evacuate their homes since wednesday, but nobody has died or been injured from the flames so far. talking about those other fires. i finally for the first night last night, close the window and try to keep that smoke out, feeling a lot better today better today and maybe the weather is cooperating. i mean, they said it was cooler in the yosemite fire, john. yes, and that's definitely been good news. it's nice to see some progreps being made up at the oak fire up there. that has been the biggest fire of the season thus far. so the fact that we are seeing increased containment, slower growth, it really helps as still would delay that you some of the trip this weekend. >> maybe for a couple more weeks. but you should be able
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to get back up there soon. ideally, now we are seeing quite our sitting into the grey here in san francisco. it's not smoke. it's just the marine layer that's been sparing us the heat that many of our inland areas of been in the midst of despite the progress on the oak fire. still some new smoke being put up from it. and some of that has settled into the east bay enough so that some of you, especially further inland have been able to detect it. now, high pressure ridge firmly in place for the west coast. you know what this means? we've been showing these pacific northwest temperatures the past several days, still going to show them to you because of these remarkably warm temperatures. medford, oregon, today and tomorrow, still at 110 degrees or above pendleton, oregon uptick. in week, washington nearing 110 portland nearing triple digit seattle well into the 90's. sure does make our weather here in the bay area. something we can be thankful for. that cool marine layer that gray may not be easy to wake up to, but it is one of the reasons that we've been staying comparatively so cool. now we will see a window of sunshine this afternoon
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tomorrow morning and even deeper marine layer with likely more mist drizzle. no visibility spots taking even longer to burn off into your saturday. now that is going to contribute to moderating effect on temperatures throughout the course of the weekend. today's daytime highs 50's 60's for san francisco as well as right along the coastline. it will be 70's for most of our bayshore cities. burlingame at 74 foster city. at 75 redwood city right 80 degrees in the south bay. back to the familiar we've been here a lot lately. it's low to mid 80's for you. for the most part, 70's along the east bay shoreline. you've been spoiled this week. union city at 75. well, pleasanton and livermore. a lot hotter. 89 similar to where we have been now and the same 2 spots in the 90's. you probably at this point, antioch, in vacaville at 94 93 center fell up to santa rosa each. 84. here's your breakdown of the next 7 days. not a lot of changes going on here as we start august on monday, we're still going to be mostly in the upper 80's inland. the short
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cities in the 70's and coastal areas consistently in the low 60's reyna. tom, thank you for that. will we do have an accident? this is along 84 westbound just east of little valley road in seminole. >> all lanes are blocked in both directions. so they are asking you to avoid the area because of the accident and for a fuel spill as well. so you could get around that by taking tunnel boulevard. you could just take 5.80, but i would avoid hopping on eighty-four until they get that accident clear. let's check the bay bridge heading into the city right now. look at that. traffic's moving along really nicely just under 11 minutes. mason at fremont street exit, the san mateo bridge just a little bit around 14 minutes for your drive. traffic continues to pick up. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up. but for now, back to some of our top stories. 6.18, is the time and president biden refuses to concede. the u.s. is in recession. exactly. but anyway, you cut it. the economy continues to strike. we have raquel martin has more on that from washington. good morning. workout.
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>> right in the morning. will republicans here in washington certainly are not happy with the way president biden is characterizing this but we do know that republicans are still pushing against democrats agenda as they continue to push economic policies. >> republicans say americans should brace themselves after thursday. a new federal report showed the economy shrank for the 2nd quarter in a row. democrats plunged america into a recession. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell blames president biden's policies were soaring. inflation, he says is at the root of the problem in a questionnaire to economy goes from for an historic comeback and promptly ran straight into ground. while typically economists define a recession as 2 consecutive quarters of economic decline. the white house isn't sold. we're not in recession thursday, president joe biden said considering record low unemployment and strong consumer spending. he believes the country is on the right track. he also says
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congress is on its way to relieve americans of inflation. thursday, the house passed the chips act. bipartisan manufacturing bill supporters say will bring consumer costs down democrats led by west virginia. senator joe mansion are reviving key parts of the president's economic agenda designed to lower prescription prices and shrink the federal deficit, not a democrat bill. this is not a republican bill. this is an american bill, but no republicans are onboard. west virginia. republican senator shelley moore capito says democrats inflation-fighting bill will fuel this fire of inflation even more. >> we for democrats, they will not need any republicans on board for that bill to pass through the senate. >> senator schumer says he wants to hold a vote by next week for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you guys. all right. thank you, raquel. we're just weeks away from the start of a new school year. and that means it's almost time to start buying those school supplies again now because of inflation
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inflation, that's going to cost a lot more this year. >> and that means parents are kind of look for ways to save money. casey hunt khon has more. >> well, we may still be in the dog days of summer. parents know the time to begin prepping to go back to school is right around the corner. but this year, no matter what they need, inflation is hitting those supplies harder than ever. and that's not the only concern for families. >> even even if the prices don't go down, i'm worried about there being availability. >> suso bond, not only a mother but a teacher is anticipating a challenge when it comes to ensuring her kids have the right supplies. so she's using a few alternative methods to make sure i feel like the supply chain is down everywhere. so i've started actually shopping now just a little bit with some basic things like pencils and actually some notebooks data shows that in order to even afford school supplies, many families will be cutting back on spending in other categories. but so bond has a new method. she's going to use this year are also looking into up cycling whenever supplies from last year. that but the plastic folders, if
6:22 am
they're used again, we can use them again. we're going use bookbags again. there's no reason why. >> they have to be replaced because it's a new school year. they all the deal. we have been trying to move toward the up cycling sort team over the last couple actually mild a sign he graduated college and he left a whole bunch of school supplies for us that we are going to. >> use an and feel like if if they have a purpose them are just going to >> so there's no sweating when it comes time to head back to school. >> it's 6.22. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, trey lance tells e do in ready for the upcoming season will see why he thinks he's pretty comfortable in the starting quarterback will
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when i make decisions as a leader, it's not about me or the folks that are here. it's about the next seven generations coming behind us, making sure that they have the ability to move forward. prop 27 will help small rural tribes like mine
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get a seat at the table will be transformational for my tribal members. taxing online sports betting gives us an opportunity to really enhance the lives of our tribe and strengthen the future of our people. vote yes on prop 27. >> it's 6.25, let's talk sports. the forty-niners new starting quarterback is hitting the ground running. yeah. you see trey lance only has one year under his belt, but he says he's already fairly light years ahead of where he was last season. yeah. he spoke to the media at training camp yesterday. let's listen. >> and i've been excited and prepared and thought, you know, preparing to play since since the day i got here that i got so obviously excited for this year. but you said nothing's really changed this offseason. >> i mean, last just definitely a different apartments. they don't say i'm just feeling a lot more confident this year come in and you know what i'm doing,
6:26 am
you know the offense a lot better knowing the guys a little have been around this organization this coaching staff or i think it'll be a great thing. >> now let's talk baseball. the giants beat the cubs to snap their 7 game losing streak and some of the highlights. you have your mean, mercedes. he hit in early 2 run single and alex wood took a no-hitter into the 7th inning. the cubs ended up scoring 2 runs in the 8th, but it wasn't enough. and san francisco beat chicago. 42, they'll play again tonight at 7, 0, we've got to make sure we're watching that. patrick marleau will be the first player to have his number retired by the san jose sharks. the sharks drafted marlowe second overall and 1997 when he was just 17, 17. now he's 42 of those retiring the nhl leader in all-time games played 1210, 9 games and he ranks first in nearly every offensive, category within the shark franchise. great run. they're going to hang his number 12 jersey and the raptors with a ceremony honoring him next february at the shark tank. time now is
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6.26. camilla. well, just ahead, doctors are worried about a major covid surge this fall and winter. the biden administration just made a big announcement. >> to help more people from
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so mom keeps her alerts on full volume. hey! what? it's true! and that's all thanks to chase first banking. freedom for kids. control for parents. one bank with tools for both, all with no monthly service fee. chase. make more of what's yours. >> 6.29 and we're starting this friday morning. a little gray, a little misty and that will say grateful all. that's the good thing about the bay area. you might start gray, but the sunshine will be
6:30 am
peaking too soon. john? >> yeah, it's definitely great to start, but you guys know the drill for sure that window of sunshine later today. this is where we're sitting this morning. quite our right under the gray that is pushed in along with some mist and some drizzle roadways pretty wet. and then a few spots, especially near the coastline and up into the east bay and north bay hills to it is going to stay with us a little longer today than it has been. so do expect that window sunshine a little bit later on 50's and 60's for current temp san jose at 63 fremont on up through oakland in the low 60's. well, some 50's across the north bay breaking down everything to expect for our final weekend of july. still to come right to john, thank you for that, unfortunately. and we do have a hot spot areas along westbound 84 just east of little valley road. >> have an accident as well as a fuel spill. all lanes are blocked in both directions. so they're saying avoid the area. i would go ahead. stay on 5.80, or you could just go ahead and hop on staley boulevard. take that boulevard
6:31 am
and hop on 6.80, to get around that delay. >> second, a bridge is heading into the city this morning just under. wow. look at things friday. light across all our bridges. a 10 minute ride. they stood at fremont street exit and the san mateo bridge about 14 minutes here on this friday morning. >> it's 6.30, and new this morning. if you think that everybody is getting covid right now, just wait till flu season. the biden administration is buying 10's of millions more doses of covid vaccine. health officials want to be prepared for a possible surge this fall and winter. you have four's camila barco live in the newsroom with all those details. good morning, camila. good morning, guys. yeah, the biden administration is speeding up the process to get new booster shots out this fall. they plan to buy. >> 66 million doses of moderna's new variant specific vaccines. and those vaccines. they're reformulated to target the omicron subvariants ba 4 and ba 5 which spreads quicker. and this is in addition to the 105 million doses, the federal government
6:32 am
already bought from pfizer, which also check targets the subvariants. but both companies are still waiting to get the green light from the fda and the cdc, if approved the millions of doses from both companies could be delivered by this fall and winter. and that's the time the country could probably get hit with another surge. we're already seeing the omicron strain dominate across the country, even infecting president joe biden. ucsf. doctor king wrote says that we're seeing a surge in covid cases and it's an indication of what we could see this fall and winter. we're in a huge search. >> and in fact, we're in a summer surge that matches the level of a winter surge. and yet we're being encouraged to take our masks off to make decisions about whether or not we should be wearing masks indoors without the appropriate tools and equipment to protect ourselves. why were indoors exposed to lots of people who have covid who may not have
6:33 am
symptoms. and we know that the community spread is high because when we compare where we are now and you just heard it when we compare where we are now to where we were during the omicron surge. we're at nearly that same height. >> now about 261 million americans have received at least one covid-19 shot, but only 108 million people have received a booster and the orders with pfizer and moderna. they include options to purchase 300 million doses. each. but the biden administration says that would cross would require more funding so dire enough. for now the biden administration has reached an agreement with moderna to buy more doses. we're just going to have to wait for the fda and the cdc to give us the green light. but for now, back to you. all right. thanks a lot. camila. >> well, in the east bay, the mystery of the booming sound now soft yet too late for all those rishon residents that were up all night because the noise last weekend, but at least we know where it was coming from dan thorn has more.
6:34 am
>> it was the electric beats from these powerful sound systems that people awake for 12 hours last the overnight party was a celebration for a 20 year-old but not everyone in richmond was in on the station. richmond mayor tom says on saturday night and sunday morning people throughout west contra costa county were complaining about the mystery sound. keeping them awake. so long. it was. >> we're or lot around the corner. it wasn't until days later, an offer of a $500 reward that the mystery was solved. thanks to some tipster's. it turns out it was a brazilian style rave held a remote industrial park in richmond. >> the parties involved vehicles equipped with high powered speakers playing electro funk mayor says the birthday boy has attempted to
6:35 am
offer his apologies for the noise. no charges are expected to be home. they don't want to go what was last fall as public get to the bottom reporting enrichment. dan thorn kron, 4 news. >> 6.34 is the time. let's ford pass this package to the next story. just go ahead and hit for there. we go. san francisco, archbishop salvatore cordileone is sending letters to congress asking them to reject the same marriage bill. democrats sponsor the respect for marriage act to protect same marriage in the event that the supreme court overturns the decision which justice clarence thomas signal might happen next after the court overturn roe v wade cordileone rejects the premise that the right to same marriages threaten and calls the bill unnecessary and discriminatory against people who don't believe in same marriage. leaders of alameda and oakland don't see it that way. they
6:36 am
wrote a letter to california senators alex padilla and dianne feinstein voicing their support for the law. >> the letter reads in part, the supreme court has made it clear that it will not only stand in the way of progress but could overturn precedents in an effort to reverse progress as a congress can and must push back against these attacks on the lgbtq+ community by taking a very firm stand in support of equality. a rally in oakland to try to stop the deportation of a man who was released from prison after 26 years. >> only be turned over to ice. here are the protesters who want the governor to pardon full on you. you escaped cambodia with his family when he was just a child and he has been back since all his family is now in america. he went to san quentin prison for killing someone and after serving 26 years, the parole board granted an early release for good behavior. but now he could end up being sent back to cambodia.
6:37 am
>> but instead of releasing him home to community, they transferred him and handed it right over to ice. now putin has been sitting in immigration custody for the past 7 months fearing deportation. i was in a tank, went with him. >> and he was the first person that know me in my journey to freedom and it set is set for me to be standing up here right now fighting for his freedom. >> the only person who can stop the deportations. governor newsom and his spokesperson says that governor newsom regards clemency as an important part of the criminal justice system. and all applications receive a thorough and careful review. >> attorney general rob bonta's office is denying san francisco district attorney brooke jenkins request. >> to recuse herself from 2 high profile cases. jenkins has bonded to take over the case of mayor london breed's rather napoleon brown. he has served half of a 44 year sentence for manslaughter and robbery. and he's asking for an early release. jenkins also
6:38 am
requested that bond to take over the prosecution of 2 men charged in the killing of jerome mallory. her husband's cousin. but in a statement, botta said jenkins office to the right measures to create a, quote, ethical wall around jenkins and that her office is the best agency to handle the case. jenkins is insisting she will have no involvement. it is now exploring rather a different local agency can take over those cases. instead. it's 6.38. and a developing story this morning. police in solano county identified one of the 4 people who were killed. >> in a crash on highway 12 wednesday night. one is laura. at. she was killed along with a 20 year-old man and 2.19, year-old women. the man was driving a honda westbound when he veered off the road. trie. to correct but went into the eastbound lanes where he slammed head-on into a chevrolet, the man and his
6:39 am
passenger were ejected from the car. the chevy had a family of 7 inside one of them was killed. the 6 others were injured. and police say they did find several open containers of alcohol in the honda. california. lawmakers are trying to make it a little easier to buy a home. >> the state is rolling out a program that will help people make a down payment conference. justin campbell has the latest. >> according to zillow, the average house price as of thursday in san francisco is 1.4 million dollars and the surrounding bay area is not much cheaper anti of clients that i would love to work with who cannot come up with that down payment. do not have the family members that can help them do it are dying to get out of their rentals. >> and i think that is the step point. it's that down payment. alexandra stein with corcoran global living says they may not have the down payment but they can pay their pain 3, $4,000 in rent. >> that's what their mortgage
6:40 am
would be. now, the california dream for all program hopes to help with that problem rolling out in roughly a year with 500 million in the budget instead of paying thousands in rain, that money would go to your own equity. we're going to provide an opportunity to own a home for those working class moderate-income pout californians. >> that come from communities that really haven't had that opportunity before oftentimes those are communities of t% color, marginalized communities that have often face redlining and other systemic discrimination. the past adam brionna, ceo of california community builders helped design the program. here's how it works. the program will cover at least 17% of your total home cost in down payment assistance is no time flat. no stipulations on what you can buy, correct? correct by. but you can bike on a single family home you can sell it in 8 years. you can tell in 30 years if the house t values you pay back to assistance, money, you borrowed if the house appreciate you pay back to
6:41 am
assistance, money and 20% of whatever you profit. and we really think that this is just one of many solutions needed reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron, 4 news still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. a san francisco city leaders says the >> cities, psychiatric services are falling short. we'll tell you some of the facility is dealing with. and concerns over the way federal officials oversaw southwest airlines. there's a new report. the claims that the airline was allowed to get away with unsafe practices. >> and today is set to be a gray or day saying gray for a little bit longer than it did yesterday. some kind of practice your patients when getting to the sunshine for this one. 60's and 70's for coastal and bayshore areas. 80's just fairly low 90's inland. your forecast is ahead.
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>> time now, 6.44. we want to get started on a friday morning with a peek at the weather. and if you look outside, you'll probably see the same thing we have in our fake window break for a little mistake and i'm still getting out. there might go a little hike today. are or maybe just a little run, maybe around lake merritt today. yeah. do with the weather shopping. salute lee. not we're pretty comfortable. honestly. we're going to keep that gray around for a bit longer today. but that doesn't mean you
6:45 am
shouldn't get out there. it's going to keep conditions nice and tempered across the bay area. >> well, much of the rest of the west coast is just so hot. san jose. you'll be back to the low 80's today. a lot like you've seen so far this week where we're sitting across the bay is fairly dry at the moment, aside from some mist and drizzle. we also do have some haze. the oak fire still putting up smoke despite containment growing in that fire activity starting to diminish a bit, which is good news. still, though, watch out, especially for this to inland for just a bit of that smoke and haze high pressure. ridge is firmly settled in across the west coast. we know what that's doing for this. i've shown this map continuously this week, but it's just remarkable seeing how high these temperatures have gotten medford, oregon, again, will achieve 110 degrees or above today and tomorrow working their way into this next weekend. same for pendleton, oregon, kennewick washington areas like reno, nevada burns, oregon, bend, oregon, well into the triple digits and not to mention reading right here just to our north up to 105 degrees. the chief the 112
6:46 am
earlier this week. so that makes those 80's something we should appreciate for inland areas rather than drive.pas you're getting out there. now, we will see burn off of the cloud cover this afternoon. it's just going to take a minute to get their stingray for most of the day tomorrow, an even deeper marine layer with mist and drizzle throughout much of your saturday. tomorpow is going to be cloudy of days in this forecast. that's for today at 60's and 50's for san francisco stingray all day long up and down the coast. bayshore cities will be in the 70's with burlingame at 74 san carlos at 79 redwood city, barely making it to 80 and much of the south bay also into the low 80's. same as we've been earlier this week across the east bay east bay shoreline in the 70's while the inland east bay, mostly in the 80's, 86 for walnut creek, castro valley at 74 antioch, in vacaville in the 90's with toledo and nice. 77 for you. mill valley, a comfortable 75 the rest of the forecast looks to be pretty steady as we roll into the start of august on monday. not a lot of changes
6:47 am
to know remaining in the upper 80's inland 70's by the bay and 60's at the coast. breanna, right, john, thanks for even fallen this hot spot along and westbound 84 east, a little valley road since and also. >> you've got an accident. you also have a fuel spill as well. all lanes are blocked both on the westbound and eastbound side. so what i'm saying is you could take 5.80 or you could possibly go ahead and hop on stanley bulevar take that the boulevard and hop on 6.80, to get around that. if you try to maneuver around those delays, let's go ahead and check on the bay bridge this morning. so all of our bridges right? hopefully we stay that way to me or i may. so that fremont street exit. let's also check on the san mateo bridge just under 14 minutes for you on this friday morning. it's 6.47. and police are now considering changes to certain policies after a san francisco jazz club was burglarized. >> we first told you about this story yesterday here on the kron. 4 morning news.
6:48 am
remember, we showed you somebody smashed the front door of the black cat jazz club early tuesday morning and they walk through and help themselves to food and alcohol and musical instruments. then the police got there and they called the fire department too secure the area as they would call it. so the fire department put a curtain up with few pieces of tape. well, as you can see later on that didn't stop anybody all night. basically, people were freely going in taking whatever they want end. >> leaving. and so the police originally said that they did act within the current policy, but now they are working on changing those policies. >> police chief is saying that they're going to change that policy and now they have policies where they will have policies in place too. follow up on a business that's not secure. he'll go back in that role. make sure everything's ok. >> so that would be a good thing because they would have seen what happened there. the jazz club says that they also are taking steps. they're installing a burglar alarm and
6:49 am
the siren outside their building on the peninsula. you have an 11 year-old boy who was arrested for actually starting a fire in pacifica. well, the fire broke out wednesday on roberts both. that's right. by the civic, a state beach when crews got there, the 11 year-old came up to them, said he was responsible for using fireworks and was responsible for that blaze. he was arrested and then later released no major damage was reported from this fire. well, san francisco board supervisor rafael mandelman says a hearing that he called on the status of the psychiatric care in the county left with more questions than actual answers. the point of the meeting was to identify the problems that the only psych ward in the city is facing providing mental health services. well, you have a union representative for the nurses at san francisco general hospital who set they're short-staffed overworked of used by patients and they don't have enough security. orbitz and i'm in it's while feely new initiatives like street crisis response teams at a noose over in center of
6:50 am
help. the system is still falling short while the knee is grown in the last decade. >> i think we're still a little bit at square one. and i think we need to figure out. in a in a more focused way than we have how to particularly address that challenge that i think emerged at p s, you know, in the last 5 to 10 years and impacts are streets every single day. and it's a challenge for us here. tn pd and regular old san franciscans. just trying to walk down the street. >> alderman wants to see coordinated data collection and communication between all agencies involved. plus a new long-term care facilities to offload the burden from sf general and reduce the number of patients who keep coming back for the same problems he called for another hearing in the fall. some bad news for southwest airlines. a new report says that the airline engaged in unsafe actions and that the faa
6:51 am
>> may have knowingly allowed it to happen. sloane glass has details. >> an investigation revealed that the federal aviation administration mishandled its oversight of southwest airlines. the whistleblower report made public wednesday alleges southwest airlines officials and union representatives resisted cooperating with investigations and that the faa knowingly permitted swa to engage in unsafe and improper actions that compromise the safety of the flying public with limited or no repercussions. other serious allegations include that faa was complicit and s w a's ongoing efforts to hide serious incidents involving pilot error. an faa aviation safety action program asap while allowing pilots to continue flying the investigation goes on to note
6:52 am
the faa refs often felt outnumbered and gave in to pressure the faa responded to news nation by telling us in part, the faa took the office of special counsel's concerns seriously and acted quickly to adopt the recommendations that resulted from the investigation. the agency continues to work with the appropriate parties to resolve any outstanding issues. meanwhile, airlines have been dealing with chaos leading to delays and cancellations brought on by staff shortages as demand for flights ramps following the easing of covid-19 restrictions and american airline attendants, we're told by their union to stop leaving each other at hotels. this is >> a disaster and it's happening. more and more american airlines have had flight attendants be quite vocal. their union, that flight attendants being left behind in heart health because they're not showing up to the whole time. >> it's 6.52 and we'll be >> it's 6.52 and we'll be right back.
6:53 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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6:55 am
♪ designed space craft is promising to make space travel a lot less scary. >> the company space perspective is finalized is designed for the spaceship neptune. it space capsule and lounge that will take passengers 20 miles above
6:56 am
earth's surface in a balloon. passengers will get a 3.60, degree view of the earth and space while riding in reclining seats with access to a full bar. it's being sold as a once in a lifetime experience. but it comes at a steep price. each ticket costs $125,000 only say that for last. >> the fall of the space lounge and something that's comfortable and you can share the experience and have a drink at the bar. it it's all about accessibility for people that otherwise couldn't have an experience of seeing the earth and space. >> well, unlike jeff bezos, blue origin, richard branson's virgin galactic the spaceship neptune will have no turbulence, 0 gravity, situations and it promises com 6 hour emission free experience. so for that, you know, 6 figures might be worth 6.56 is the time. and coming up in the next hour, we have an update on the laguna honda hospital. remember, they were
6:57 am
moving patients. >> hospital thought it was going to be deadly for some and that already people have died. we're going to see if something was done about it. >> and we'll tell you what experts are puzzled as to why monkeypox is spreading along certain communities more than others. and the mega millions jackpot is 1 billion dollars and growing what you need to know before you get in on the dry. it's beautiful out here. it sure is. and i earn 5% cash back on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited. that means that i earn 5% on our rental car, i earn 5% on our cabin. i mean, c'mon! hello cashback! hello, kevin hart!
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- you okay? - there's a flex alert today so i'm mentally preparing for the power outage. oh, well we can help stop one because we are going to reduce our energy use from 4-9pm. what now? i stepped on a plug. oh that's my bad! unplugging. when it comes to preventing outages the power is ours. >> happening now, san francisco declares monkeypox a health emergency. what that means for the city and the people try to stop its spread. put your mask right back on bart extend its mask mandate. we're going to tell you how long a mask will the required on the trains. and it's a mega millions frenzy as the jackpot reaches more than a billion dollars. we're live as customers rush to get their tickets for tonight's drawing. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. good morning and happy friday to you. i'm daria and i'm


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