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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  August 2, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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the kidnapping case of baby brandon in san jose. >> the plea comes after the 6 months holds mother testified on the stand for the first time. we're joined now live by kron four's. rob nesbitt has been following the court hearing for a sunday. brings us up to speed now, rob. >> can they charges against the accused kidnappers. both of them pleading no contest, as you said to those 8 charges. they include kidnapping, attempted kidnapping and residential burglary. now, baby brandon's mother jessica jala. she arrived at santa clara superior courthouse today with baby brandon in tow. the young mother testifying for the first time in connection to the kidnapping of the now 6 month-old baby brandon when he was good at back in april, he accused 43 year-old use any ramirez. and 28 year-old jose por sitting in the courtroom while the mother took the stand, ayala testified that she met ramirez at her church where investigators say a 3 year-old girl was tortured to death during an apparent exorcism last year, the same
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church that ramirez estranged husband is the pastor at after pleading no contest. today, ramirez faces up to 14 years in prison and faces up to 5 years in prison. deputy district attorney rebecca wise objected to the plea offer made by the judge to date. given the severity of what occurred in this case that a 3 month-old baby was kidnapped and taken from his home. >> and as was shown in court over the last 2 days, there were multiple attempts to the child. i think it's a good decision. i think it's fair and just in light of everything that that's on the table, this point, i'm glad for mister mir safe for everyone safe. >> that there will be some finale to this situation so that everyone that was involved can close this chapter and move on. >> there a lot of emotions today in court, baby brandon's grandmother. she took the stand at one point and cried
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as she was leaving the courtroom after the plea was read no contest. ramirez was crying as sheriff. handcuffed her to take her out of the courtroom. she asked if she could hug her daughter who was also there one last time before he took her away. the daughter was also in tears. she was denied being able to see her daughter before she was taking away. that was sentencing. that is scheduled for october. 28, in this case reporting live in san jose. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news and rob talking about the sentencing. and you know that it could be a tactic by the defense. if there's a lot of overwhelming evidence against their clients and >> plead out and hope for a reduced you know, give a tearful confession on the stand. big for forgiveness. tease you think any of that is in play to try to get a lighter sentence in this case? the defense attorney for ramirez, he did talk about motive. he said there's a lot of things with this. a lot of moving parts. obviously we've only heard some of them, but he said there are certain relationships that he plans on
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flushing out. >> to actually show what connection his client might have had to the family. we will see, of course, what exactly plays out in a few months. alright, has been live for us and say thank you, rob. >> happening right now here in the east bay, berkeley. police are looking for a suspect who may be armed. this is citizen app video of the area on channing way and curtis street east of san pablo avenue. police say officers first spotted the suspected to 15 and when they tried to detain that suspect. the suspect ran into the neighborhood behind some homes. alameda county sheriff's deputies are also on scene helping with the search. they are asking people to avoid that area. san mateo deputies are searching for suspect who they say hit another man in the face with a bottle of vinegar bottle and then stole his cell phone. >> police say the incident happened on barrett avenue and redwood city bash tonight close to 11 o'clock. the suspect allegedly threw a vinegar bottle at the victim who was sitting in a car. the bottle went through the open window and struck the man in
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the face and then it shattered. the suspect took the man's phone and then ran away. the victim was taken to the hospital. anyone with information is asked to contact san mateo police. now to our monkeypox coverage. california now has more than 1100 monkeypox cases. and this comes after governor gavin newsom declared a state of emergency. >> in response to the outbreak, preparations for expanded testing and vaccine distribution are underway. the goal of this proclamation is provide more resources to the department of public health to try to improve the response to monkeypox. this comes as frustration has been growing for people who need the vaccine. >> the the federal government really messed up was we all scientists have in for more than a decade for much longer than that. but eventually spread outside of africa. 2019, this vaccine was created
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and approved and the u.s. government to not ordered nearly enough. it's an hour playing catch-up. >> cases of monkeypox. meantime, continue to climb in san francisco. in fact, the city has seen a more than 70% increase in a week last week. at this time, san francisco had 222 cases today. the case number stands at 386. and while criticism continues that federal health officials are not taking this seriously enough, the allotment of vaccine san francisco is getting will be doubling well for us. dan kerman reports. as monkeypox cases surge in san francisco. those seeking the vaccine spent anoeher morning in a long line outside san francisco general hospital. >> 650 doses were administered tuesday and more will be on the way wednesday. and san francisco public health officials have announced their next allotment will be over 10,000 doses. more than double what they received last thursday with each new
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allocation, we're taking steps closer getting our hands around. monkeypox our community. but there's a long road. >> tyler termeer heads up the san francisco aids foundation. one of the community partners that will get a portion of that allotment to dispense to its 10,000 person waiting list. he says the feds must move faster because the window of opportunity to get a handle on monkeypox is closing. the pops is a viral infection. that is spreading through our community at a rate that we want to get ahead prevent from becoming endemic within our community, something that won't go in the future. earlier in the day to mir slammed the feds while taking part in a virtual news conference by the national coalition of std directors. it will be unfortunate lasting consequences to our communities because the federal government's slow response. >> and inadequate investment of resources to address this
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outbreak. the coalition says federal health officials must declare a federal health emergency and congress must immediately start allocating the millions of dollars needed. >> to address monkeypox. >> we must provide more money. we must reduce and eliminate barriers to testing karin vaccines and the federal government must ease grant restrictions. we need new, dedicated federal funding specifically for sti and health clinics and hiv programs in order to deal with this emergency. last week, san francisco ran out of monkeypox doses. it's unclear whether that will happen again. >> or whether this new allotment will arrive in time. in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> in southern california, long beach health officials say a child has tested positive for monkeypox. the cdc is conducting additional testing to confirm the case. officials did not release any
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additional information about it. but the child did have some of the senate symptoms and has since recovered. and there are another 4 children in the u.s. who tested positive for monkeypox last week, indiana state health officials reported 2 cases. and last month the california toddler for an infant who are traveling to washington, d.c., have been confirmed of contracting monkeypox. president biden has named 2 top officials to serve as white house coordinator is to combat the growing monkeypox outbreak across the nation. robert fenton with fema will serve as the white house coordinator and doctor dimitri daskalakis is the director of the cdc's hiv prevention division and he will be named his deputy. >> fenton helped lead fema's covid mass vaccination effort. daskalakis is a national expert on issues affecting the % lgbtq community. the white house says the pair would coordinate, quote, strategy and operations to combat the current monkeypox outbreak
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including equitably equitably increasing the availability of tests of vaccinations and treatments. president biden's covid-19 antigen test came back positive again today. his decision also reports cities experiencing a loose cough. >> but that his lungs are clear as temperature, pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation remain normal. the president said to be feeling well and in good spirits. he will continue to isolate and conduct business from the executive residence. santa clara county is now administering the novavax covid vaccines. the vaccines 2 doses are administered between 3 and 8 weeks apart. the novavax is different from the moderna and pfizer vaccines in that it has a traditional vaccine composition using non-infectious pieces of coronavirus particles. >> the fda and the cdc approved the novavax vaccine last month for adults. but it has not been approved for use as a booster vaccine to more
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people were found dead in the mckinney fire, bringing the death toll to 4 for the fire burning in siskiyou county. >> officials say they located 2 people today in separate homes along highway 96 earlier in the week. 2 other people were found in their burned out car in the driveway of their home. it's believed they're trying to escape approaching flames even though some rain and cloudy weather are helping firefighters today, there's still no containment at all to the fire. it's burned more than 55,000 acres and for several 1000 evacuations in that area. there is dramatic new video tonight from a resident of siskiyou county who captured the mckinney fire just hours after it first ignited. >> oh, my god. i'm a christian kathleen's house right now. i don't think they know what's going on. i'm here, but nobody is here. oh, my god. i could feel the flames from here right above them. it's insane.
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>> mason says that he took this video friday night while he was checking on friends who live near the klamath river. they were all forced to evacuate. and as of tonight, they are still unable to return to their homes because of that chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with details on what the weather situation is in the fire zone. i think these next 24 hours, very dangerous been around the fire. they're seen some rain and that's some good news. but they're getting those thunderstorms erupting around there. of course. >> that given the possibility of some more lightning strikes and maybe some more lightning started fires. but those winds gusting from the bases, those thunderstorms, maybe some 40, maybe some 60 mile an hour gusts. but it doesn't matter what you do to try and create a fire line. you guys like that in around the fire and that fire can spread rapidly. so the winds picking up a little bit this afternoon out of 25 miles per hour why-reeka. but otherwise, it's really the thunderstorms or read about the red flag warnings, of course, up again for tonight as we're going to
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see thunderstorms rolling on through. and it has been a very, very active afternoon that monsoon continues to bring the thunderstorms up in that direction, kind of its sting to the west a bit. you can there's actually that are shaded in yellow there. we've got some flash flood watches that posted by the national weather service because of these thunderstorms rolling on in. but the fire is really just to the east of that. we're watching the possibility flash flooding in and around that area. but we've got a long way to go before we're done with the monsoonal moisture affect. you see tracking a little bit closer to the bay area. some of that could be moving in a little bit later on this evening. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. >> the san francisco and double acp just rallied outside the school district's office. about an hour ago. the protesters demanding that school board member and shoe step down. >> what we teaching our children? we are out for of up commissioners, many people in this city, our teaching his cracked black and brown, but
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they don't count. as much as other people. >> the rally comes as the school board is now in a meeting this evening discussing whether or not to admonish too last month when asked how to increase academic outcomes for most marginalized students. the newly appointed school board member said in part that black and brown students to not perform as well as others due to a lack of family support. hsu has apologized for those comments, but some city leaders and some civil rights groups are still calling for her resignation. coming up at 6, it is the first test of the u.s. supreme court's ruling on roe versus wade. the department of news, idaho over that state's ban on abortion. plus one-on-one with san francisco's public defender. the number of crises he says are happening in the city. >> why the new district >> why the new district attorney's policies he when the doubt sets in. when the heart kicks.
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>> francisco public defender mano raj is speaking out today in an exclusive one-on-one interview with kron 4 talked with kron four's haaziq mod-yoon about disproportionate arrests for black and brown people. the 2 also talked about the backlog of defendants waiting for their day in court and concern over a return to the war on drugs era. >> it was a perspective in
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terms of how many that you represent are waiting for the there are hundreds waiting in jail for their day in court and more on the outside. still waiting for their day in court. many. >> still being changed with ankle monitors the constitutional right to a speedy trial has reached a crisis level in criminal court at the hall of justice in the city of san francisco. >> that is according to the city's elected public defender, mano raj public health. >> issues require public health solutions. he is raising his voice about the issue in the wake of newly appointed san francisco district attorney brooke jenkins taking over the da's office. a lot of the systems that prosecutors work on are inherited systems. >> so regardless of who the district attorney is, it's our job to fully see our clients. >> and to fight for that. actually, we're talking about the needs nose and generic term. but in the city of san francisco who we talked over 50% of the jail is black in san francisco. it's city that has less than 5% black
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population which points to what the san francisco public defender says is another crisis. many of those waiting for their day in court. >> facing drug charges. >> and i'm committed to making sure that we restore accountability with respect to drug dealing in san francisco. as you says, that he is concerned that he is hearing echoes of what he calls the failed war on drugs era. returning with san francisco's new da. the concern we have there is that there has been an approach. >> carson approach of locking people up based on drug offenses. now going on 50 years, it started with the nixon administration. >> and what that has led to is ballooning population in our jails in prison, but it is not addressed at all. the public health crisis, which is what drug use is san francisco public defender, mano ross, who was part of a class action lawsuit representing all of his clients who are awaiting their day in court. >> with that legal process in and of itself is going to take some time to work its way
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through the court system before ultimately reaching a resolution. we have it constitutional and human rights crisis right now going on in san francisco. >> in that. even though everyone is presumed innocent and they could not be convicted until the prosecution proved the case beyond a reasonable doubt. we're not getting access to the courtroom right now in san francisco haaziq madyun kron. 4 news. >> we have an update now from berkeley where police have been searching for a person believed to be armed. 12 police just announced they found that suspect hiding in the crawl space of a home. >> on channing way, this is citizen app. video of that area. investigators have not said exactly what the person was wanted for. but again, that person has been taken into custody. >> in the south bay, this is a look inside santa clara county's 9, 8, 8 call center with the phone lines went live just about 2 weeks ago. 9, 8, 8, is a nationwide phone number that connects callers to a suicide and mental health crisis. lifeline. the number
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is national but calls a typically route. it's a local call centers at the santa clara county center. there are 10 staff members and more than 70 volunteers. their goal is to answer all calls for help within 6 rings and then determine what kind of help the caller needs. our ultimate goal is making sure that we send. >> the right response to the right call. it's a mental health call. we want to be able to send a clinician. it's a public safety call. it's going to back to public safety. if it's if it's a family in crisis, we're going to able to get them counseling. this is really an opportunity for us to learn quickly how to right-size our services. >> he's a local center like this one is too busy to answer a call quickly. that call will be sent to one of 16 backup centers around the nation. services are offered in english as well as spanish. and if you prefer not to talk on the phone, you can text. that is also an option. just send your message to the same number 9, 8, 8, >> the department of justice
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has filed a lawsuit challenging idaho's restrictive abortion law. the first of what could be many challenges in the aftermath of the reversal of roe versus wade. >> the united states also seeks an injunction prohibiting idaho from enforcing its law against health care providers who provide the emergency treatment required by emtala. we'll use every tool at our disposal to ensure that pregnant women get the emergency medical treatment to which they are entitled under federal law. >> and we will close. idaho's trigger ban goes into effect august 25th. it will allow doctors to be prosecuted for providing abortions. critics say the law will make providers less willing to perform abortions even in emergency situations. >> california senator alex padilla in washington today discussing a bill set to protect doctors from facing consequences if they provide abortions in states where the procedure is legal. the bill is called the let doctors
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provide reproductive health care act. if it's passed, the bill would close the door on out of state lawsuits that could potentially be filed against doctors who provide abortions in states where the procedure is legal. senator padilla is also co-sponsoring other bills to support reproductive health. those bills are aimed to guarantee access to abortion services and to protect the right to cross state lines for an abortion. coming up, a sick speaker nancy pelosi's visit to taiwan has sparked outrage from china. >> how it might affect the u.s. china relationship in the long run. >> and a few more showers showed up around the bay area today. and now we've got frank spinning off the coastline.
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>> house speaker nancy pelosi flew into taiwan today becoming the highest ranking american official in 25 years to visit that self-ruled island. taiwan, of course, is claimed by china. but as pelosi was greeted by a taiwanese officials, china announced it would conduct military maneuvers retaliation for her presence. there. kelli meyer explains how her visit ratchet up tension between china and the united states. >> after weeks of speculation. of will she or won't she go? on tuesday, house speaker nancy pelosi put the rumors to rest as she touched down in taiwan. greeted with open arms and tie pay. people heard
6:26 pm
shouting welcome pelosi as she arrived at her hotel in a washington post op-ed published the moment her plane was wheels down. pelosi defending her visit writing. we cannot stand by as the ccp proceeds to threaten taiwan and democracy itself while across the straits of taiwan. a reverse reception. all the chinese military put on high alert with live fire drills and exercises and there's no reason, as i said yesterday for beijing to turn this visit. >> which is consistent with longstanding u.s. policy in some sort of crisis or use it as a pretext to increase aggressiveness and military activity in or around the taiwan strait. pelosi is the first speaker of the house and highest ranking u.s. official to set foot in taiwan since 1997. >> but much has changed in china in those 25 years, its economy exploding now ranking as the world's second largest
6:27 pm
behind. only the u.s. and china is the world's largest manufacturing power. the leader in technology exports. its military might multiplying with more troops in uniform than any other country and now boasting the largest navy in the world with more than 350 ships and submarines this as u.s. warships patrol the waters near taiwan with the aircraft carrier uss ronald reagan and its massive strike force. now in the south china sea, all part of an entrenched u.s. military presence in the western pacific. 56,000 troops in japan, including 24,000, marines in nearby okinawa in south korea, 30,000 and 12,000. u.s. troops in guam. the threat from china escalating as their rhetoric ramps up seeing the latest u.s. actions as provocative. that was kellie meyer reporting for us tonight. >> victims of police shooting say it's been hard for them to access the state's
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