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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  August 4, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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going to be seeing a another cool start to this morning ahead of yet another hot afternoon. your look outside right now doesn't look so bad, though. in fact, a lot clearer in downtown san francisco. then we saw the same point yesterday. there are portions of the coastline where some dense fog has settled in. but for the most part this morning is pretty free of it. actually now are current temperatures 50's right along the coast, some 60's along the bay shore and you're noticing a few 70's to double in livermore as well as brent. what at 70 or 75 degrees had a little bit among our cooler spots at 55 while berkeley sitting at 59 degrees after such a cool morning, we are going to see daytime highs later today rising well into the 90's for really most of our inland areas today set to be among our hotter days of this forecast, bayshore city's rising into the 80's and coastal spots stating in the 60's to even low 70's. getting a look at our bridges still early. so still very light out there. that's the best part about getting up so early. is
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you wipe the sleep from your eyes or at least not going to be having to fight through any traffic bay bridge looks wonderful. san mateo bridge looking just as good a few more taillights as people are awakening but still rolling at the limit. and the richmond center fell looking great as well. just a couple of headlights making your way towards marin county golden gate bridge, actually fairly fog free to kick off this morning. we do have some work going on northbound there, but that is not expected to slow anyone up this morning. for 31 in oakland's police, oakland, police say they need help tracking down a group of burglars who broke into a number of shops in little saigon. police say a strip mall on international boulevard was targeted on monday. kron four's dan thorn spoke with one of the shop owners and has a report. in just under 2 hours. this group of burglars hit every shop at international plaza in oakland. >> the coin machine at this laundromat ransacked early monday morning. the thieves also broke in through the ceiling at vietnamese
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restaurant via nj jus shock. >> sad, mad all the emotions. >> simon loose as the burglars only made off with some change, but the damage and having to close the restaurant for repairs has been costly. is really what bothers me. >> without to get repaired, i can open for business and every day i'm not open was the video from the laundromat goes on to show the burglars handing off bags of stolen money. >> in a separate video, one of those bags is seen being dropped from the roof and exploding coins onto the sidewalk. the burglars are then captured walking through an alleyway. well, a homeless man stands by one of the masked men gives them an some of the stolen money. the laundromat owner who did not want to talk on camera says crime in little saigon is getting out of hand. lou agrees feel like more. ciento both in line when oakland
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police introduced officer when as little saigon as liaison officer last week. it follows demands from the neighborhood for a crackdown on crime. investigators say at least 5 people seen in these vehicles are being sought in connection with the strip mall. burglaries reporting in oakland, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> only 4 counties in california rank low on the cdc's the criteria for covid infections. the counties are sierra nevada, alpine and mono all of them border with the state of nevada. the cdc considers the county's hospitalization rate and the proportion of hospital beds occupied by covid patients in order to come up with our low medium or high ranking, an updated list is expected to be released later on today. 4.33. and president biden has again tested positive for covid. it is the 5th time he's tested positive and what experts are calling a rebound infection. white house doctor kevin
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o'connor says biden still has a cough. the president is described as fever, free and in good spirits and was even able to do a light workout wednesday. the white house says the president will continue to isolate until he tests negative and we'll continue to work remotely. a city in southern california is considering becoming a sanctuary for life. essentially an abortion free zone. the san clemente city council will discuss the resolution at an upcoming meeting. it states that the council considers life to begin at conception? well, it stands against planned parenthood. the resolution does provide exceptions in the cases of rape and incest. it is not clear how it might be enforced. planned parenthood groups in orange county are already mobilizing against the council's actions. 4.34 less than one day after touting the 10,000 doses of monkeypox vaccines will soon arrive in san francisco. the department of public health announced
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that the clinic at san francisco general hospital will be closed yet again wednesday morning. the department announced that all doses of the monkeypox vaccine a sign for the day had been administered and they would be closing just 20 minutes after they opened for the day. the clinic reopen 2 days ago after being closed for almost a week due to a lack of vaccine. officials say the clinic will also be closed today. there's no word yet on when the next allotment of vaccines will arrive. today, health and human services secretary javier becerra will host a briefing on monkeypox cases in the united states. the secretary is expected to announce the latest on the spread of the virus and plans for 786,000 doses of vaccine approved for use by the fda. that briefing is expected to start this morning around 8. the police to stop patient transfers at laguna honda hospital in san francisco were heard and have paused for now.
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the hospital was ordered to shut down because of health clear violations to clear up any confusion, a non-profit hold a town hall wednesday. kron four's ella sogomonian has the details. >> 4 people have died since being forced to transfer out of a city-run facility called laguna honda hospital in san francisco. >> they were part of a group who believed they had to go after the centers for medicare and medicaid services decertified the nursing home for poor care. now transfers are on pause, but no one knows for how long attorneys with the berkeley based nonprofit california advocates for nursing home reform insisted safer for the hospital to stay open and instead to focus on improving care, they hosted a virtual town hall wednesday. >> to educate the nursing home residents on their rights that are also protected under tenant laws, both at the federal and state level. there's nursing home specific rules. >> the facilities have to comply with in lights that are given to the residents to ensure that they
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>> control to some extent of the where they go, but ultimately where they go is safe in the matthew reed and has lived there for 7 years and says he's staying put. >> until something better is presented but redone explains. he is one of a few of the 600 residents who understands his rights. >> that he can legally stay as long as he likes. >> that was ella sogomonian reporting redone says the hospital could provide better care with more staff. now the san francisco department of public health is working to get recertified by a september 13th deadline. 4.37, it was a hot day across much of the state wednesday and in some places, temperatures were in the triple digits. the extreme heat leading with some lawmakers in sacramento to take action they believe will help california address the scorching temperatures. capital correspondent 8 on wallace has a look at what proposals would do if they become law. let me tell you, we are certainly feeling the heat here in sacramento.
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>> and now members of the legislature hope california is prepared for many, many more hot days to rose e 20 s and her kids enjoyed a stroll to capitol park today, but they could only be outside for so long due to the extreme hot temperatures. it's pretty warm. we tried to come out here about 10, 30 thinking. we're going to avoid some of the heat. >> we are still in it. it's part of a trend. she says she's noticed more and more as of late. feel like last year was definitely more work as the state continues to experience. sizzling days, these lawmakers say more action is needed to save something member loses. the loss of the san fernando valley is behind a bill that would create a heat ranking similar to how scientists ranked the dangers of hurricanes before they strike. >> the system will provide a number rating system for heat waves before they strike. if we are warned ahead of time and we know what to do based on what category heat wave is coming our way. then people
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like that live in our district. second, the san fernando valley, southeast la, the central valley all over california. >> can be better something member walking around below of fresno, who also is a medical doctor, says if more is not done, the health of vulnerable populations, including the elderly and those in underserved communities. >> could be at risk. i don't believe this problem is getting any better and because of climate change. it's important for us. >> to make sure that we comes up with solutions going forward. >> he also put forth his own bill that would look into how exceptional heat impacts pregnancies that they think they do that. as this mother says she has taken precautions. lots of sunscreen. let avoid sunburns and >> want to just make sure. like i said, we stay very hydrated. keep safe. >> and the bill still need approval from the senate appropriations committee. then they must pass both houses of the legislature and only then will they reach the governor's desk reporting here at the california state tom wallace kron 4 news. >> paul pelosi, husband of
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house speaker nancy pelosi has pleaded not guilty to dui charges. his attorney entered the plea for him at an arraignment hearing wednesday morning. the 82 year-old did not appear in court in. i'm a officers arrested mister pelosi after a crash in napa county. police say he was driving with a blood alcohol level above the legal limit 0, 8%. >> and this matter is being treated being put in the order. >> going to court the same as any other case >> pelosi is next. court hearing will be on august 23rd. in national news, indiana congressman and jackie walker will or ski was killed in a car crash wednesday afternoon along with 2 of her staffers. risky represented north central indiana from south bend to just north of kokomo. the elkhart county sheriff says the suv walorski was traveling in was hit head-on by another car traveling in the wrong direction. the republicans
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communication director emma thompson and district director zachery potts also died in the crash. the driver and the other vehicle also died. president biden issued a statement to express his sadness and condolences on our debt. in part, the president said, quote, we may have represented different parties and disagreed on many issues, but she was respected by members of both parties for her work on the house ways and means committee on which he served. walorski was 58 years old. former white house counsel pat cipollone has been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury investigating efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election. cipollone recently testified on capitol hill serving as a key witness in a separate investigation by the house january 6th committee. several media agencies report he was comforting with his attorneys about appearing before the grand jury in dealing with issues of executive privilege. coming up
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on the kron, 4 morning news, remembering legendary broadcaster vin scully. >> the special tribute held last night at oracle park.
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welcome back for 44 conspiracy theorist alex jones spoke in court during his defamation trial. he's being sued for
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falsely claiming that the sandy hook elementary school massacre. we're 26 people were killed, including 20 children was a hoax. now after 10 years, he told the courtroom he believes the mass shooting was 100% real and that he's sorry. reporter marvin scott has the details. >> do it on purpose and i apologize and i want to make it better as jones was being contrite. the lawyer for parents of a child murdered at sandy hook startled him with the revelation that he had a copy of the entire contents of his cell phone. >> it was accidently sent to him by jones own attorney since the 2012 elementary school massacre that left 20 children and 6 adults dead jones on his popular info wars broadcast has claimed it was a hoax. all staged by actors. that is until the parents of 6 year-old jesse lewis and other victims. parents filed a defamation suit against him and are seeking as much as 150 million dollars in
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damages. why do you think was a conspiracy? i saw powerful forces politicized. >> i think we should consciously didn't want to believe it is was being blamed collectively on gun owners. and that's retrospect years later. what i realize that i've got to get used to go overboard and believe everything will stay. jones remorseful. this came after the father of jesse lewis testified about the suffering and death threats families endured because of what jones claimed that if you are sorry and regretful about your words cause harm to parents. >> how do you plan to show rather than just tell that you are sorry. >> i want to give it show the world that that that that was misrepresented its not a y m, but that i have done some things that are wrong and i didn't do it on purpose. with the judge asked several times if they should be punishment for his actions blaming responded this way. but i didn't do this mister that's
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not the there were more longer pauses when the judge has multiple times how much he should compensate the families for his painful fall. sports, 2 million dollars. what compensation would you believe to be appropriate? whatever you decide you want that's a great answer. thank you. >> let's get another check of the weather we saw a day yesterday that did bring some inland he to s and well, if you didn't like that, at least we do have some stuff to look forward to around the corner. that's going to be a whole lot more comfortable because today is still going to be a hot one. this is your view outside at the east bay hills. you can see very well all the way down to the east bay shoreline bay bridge. if you look really closely and some of san francisco there in the distance, definitely not our foggiest of mornings. we aren't seeing much impact from smoke either smoke from the county fire continues to primarily drip to the north and east. that means minimal impacts for the bay area as of yet. yesterday morning we saw
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some showers offshore that did work along the northern coast of the state. but not today. today is a nice and dry one with already ample clear skies out there and maybe a little too much sunshine later on today as many of us will agree is daytime highs role upwards into the 90's for many of our inland spots this year in nevada, another dose of monsoonal moisture, meaning thunderstorms for them. well, here locally. we don't have any of that potential just a bit of fog at the coastline at times. in some clear skies for the rest of us. tomorrow morning's foggy doses expected to be a bit more noticeable in tomorrow's daytime. highs are expected to be a little cooler. so a positive change as far as the way it's going to feel, especially for heat stricken inland areas. today's highs in the 60's to 70's for san francisco 60's right along the coastline and 70's to 80's along the bay shore. burlingame at 82 degrees, foster city, 83 saying carlos and 88 today and some 90's and woodside cupertino, saratoga campbell, los gatos and morgan
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hill, san jose 1.88 eur for your high. as for the east bay shoreline. definitely a warm one. some 80's stretching up to san leandro while oakland, berkeley and richmond hold on to the 70's tri valley, danville, walnut creek and concord, all in the 90's. some of our hottest spots include vacaville, 98 and antioch at 97 degrees. santa rosa petaluma and avato each at 86. a look ahead our next 7 days. not as hot as today about to be 80's on average inland after today, low 80's by monday and tuesday of next week. there's some true, really for you right there. 70's remain consistent along the bay shore while coastal areas remaining consistent. also in the 60's. here's a look at some of our bridges bay bridge. it's early and it's still empty. nice to see that light commute as you're making your way. we hope it keeps yesterday was kind of a rough one getting across the bay bridge. so let's hope for some better conditions today. as for the san mateo bridge, things are moving along. just fine. a few tail lights making your way. our early birds are
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from the east bay over the peninsula and they look at the richmond center fell bridge. things are also just fine. not a lot going on just yet. not a lot of fog either. even the golden gate bridge not just empty on the roads, but pretty empty in the skies. this fog not providing much of an issue this morning. a special tribute at oracle park where players and fans remember legendary broadcaster vin scully to became a symbol for the city of los angeles. his career spanned more than 6 decades and continues to live on in the memory of those who appreciated his work. kron four's taylor bisacky has the story. he epitomizes baseball world class in terms of late. >> you know what it means and what it means to baseball. i feel like he's just he represents it. and just sad to see him go. dodgers and giants fans united wednesday night over their love for baseball and vin scully, a man who became a symbol of the game.
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vinsko is really the reason i got so interested in baseball. i was a kid. i moved from pittsburgh to l a. >> and started. listen to vin scully. i would listen to him describing sandy colfax on the mound and trying to be sandy colfax in my bedroom. scully was the longest tenured broadcaster with a single team in pro sports history. >> he was the voice of the dodgers for 67 years and was just as much a part of the team. he was the greatest dodger ever. that's where he was. you know, he made the los angeles dodgers who they are in los angeles, scully, retired in 2016, but remain a pillar in dodger baseball. >> he died tuesday night at the age of 94 players. fans and coaches took part in a special tribute wednesday night at oracle park. dodgers manager dave roberts as scully was like family, not only to the team but to the millions who listen to him over 6 obviously goodies like seasonal live
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>> our responsibility as people in baseball is to continue to tell those great stories and how are life science manager gabe kepler says he'll never forget. scoby is voice and his impact on baseball. one of the top 5 broadcasters ever voice is really important. my childhood and i a lot of people. around the country, but all but also in california, specifically i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news.
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>> welcome back. it's 4.55. getting a quick look at our high temperatures later on today. antioch in livermore climbing well into the 90's, antioch, all the way up to 97 degrees. >> some of the most comfortable spots in areas like the oakland mill valley, san francisco in half moon bay. >> tapping right into that cool coastal erin staying in the 70's contrast that with the fresno and bakersfield at one. 0, 4, in reading at one. 0, 7, nearby to reading. we do have the mckinney fire still burning and contending with that searing heat up. there is not going make the firefight easy for crews on such another hot and dry day. happening today. you can get into all national park sites nationwide for free. the park service is
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celebrating the great american outdoors act passed in 2020. the bill guarantees permanent funding for the land and water conservation fund. and the free admission isn't just for the big parks like you're 70. but for all national monuments, like mere woods as well, you can get a pinnacle. is national park close to the south bay. however, it does not cover other fees like camping or special tours. you can find a list of participating parks on our website at kron 4 dot com. if it was not thursday, you know, i would be out there too, is a little bit hot, though. so stay hydrated. everyone. coming up in the next hour, uc berkeley has paused construction in people's park amid protests. >> hear how protesters have impacted construction and san jose police have arrested a suspect in a series of pellet gun shootings here. how the man allegedly ran rampant with the pellet gun on the streets. plus, the latest on the search for a killer who shot a person on a muni bus will be right back.
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cop faces felony charges after he was caught using excessive force. and an update on the people's park construction protest and why the university has paused construction. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> and we are again on the thursday, daria and and again today. yes, nice to be here with you this morning. it early risers out there and i was kind of split on whether it was clear or not this morning, as i did see a good amount of stars. but i also saw some clouds. yeah, it is kind of a split decision as far as mother nature coast because a lot of us are actually crystal clear. and then there are some spots of fog. and you can actually see both in this one shot right here, too, of san francisco. while we do have some clear patches, you can make out some of the low clouds that we do have especially closer to the


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