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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  August 4, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> now at noon, wnba star brittney griner is sentenced to 9 years in russian prison on drug charges. how the white house is responding. and the battle over the future of san francisco's laguna honda hospital continues the city attorney's office now stepping in to sue the federal health department. we have a live report straight ahead. and justin, president biden declares a national public health emergency over monkeypox as cases top more than 6,000 nationwide. >> from the bay news station. you're watching kron. and news.
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>> hey, thanks so much for joining us on the kron. 4 news at noon. i'm stephanie land and our top story for you this hour. wnba star brittney griner has been sentenced to 9 years in a russian prison. she had this to say when the ruling came down. >> what made honest mistakes? and a home. you're ruling and it doesn't in my life. >> the judge said the time griner has served in custody since her arrest in february will count towards her sentence. the prosecutors are also asking for griner to pay 8 million ruble penalty that comes out to roughly about $16,700. breyer was arrested at a moscow airport earlier this year where authorities found a vape cartridge with cannabis oil in her luggage. legislators say they're doing everything they can to bring griner back home. >> well, we certainly want brittany home and paul whalen, another american being held by
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the russians. but we don't want to do this in a way that incentivizes them too, to accuse more americans and the ground hold it hostage for another trade for some other notorious drug dealer or arms dealer. >> and we have a response from the white house this afternoon. president biden writing, quote, today, american citizen brittney griner received a prison sentence that is. >> one more reminder of what the world already knew. russia is wrongfully detaining. brittany, according to the white house. now. >> it's unacceptable. that statement goes on to say and the president calls on russia to release her immediately so she can be with her wife, loved ones, friends and teammates. the president goes on to write. my administration will continue to work tirelessly and pursue every possible avenue to bring brittney and paul whelan home safely. as soon as possible. and we're following new developments in the death of breonna taylor. the department
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of justice announcing federal charges against 4 current and former louisville kentucky police officers connected to her death in march 2020 officers were serving a no-knock warrant when they stormed into the 26 year-old home. taylor's boyfriend fired a shot at officers. they then returned fire, striking and killing taylor attorney general merrick garland says the affidavit used to obtain a search warrant for taylor's home was falsified. the officers are also accused of conspiring to cover up a lack of probable cause after the shooting. these are the first federal charges filed in connection to taylor's death. new at noon, it's official. monkeypox is now a public health emergency in the u.s. the biden administration made that declaration today in order to improve the federal response to this disease, which is now infected more than 6600 americans. specifically the east. this declaration makes it easier to
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tap into federal funding to improve access to vaccines, treatment and testing for the vaccine. it also removes some of the bureaucratic steps in place, making it easier to hire or reassign staff to address the outbreak. officials say the past week they've distributed more than 600,000 doses across the country and are now able to perform as many as 80,000 tests per week. the white house has been criticized for responding too slowly to the monkeypox outbreak. san francisco city leaders saying they are not receiving nearly enough doses to meet the demand. and san francisco general hospital is officially out of the genius vaccine. and that's a problem because san francisco county is still reporting the highest number of positive monkeypox cases. and now city health officials are thinking about requesting a different smallpox vaccine to treat this problem. it's called cam 2000 vaccine. it's a smallpox vaccine. first approved back in 2007, there
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are 100 million doses stored right now in the national stockpile. we know the state has requested 200 of those doses, but it's not clear yet whether those doses will ever be put to use. senator scott wiener will chair california's new senate select committee on monkeypox. the newly formed group is tasked with figuring out how to improve the state's response to monkeypox and identify what can be done in the coming days and weeks to get more shots in arms. the group holds their first hearing next tuesday in sacramento with state and local health officials. in a statement, senator wiener shared with kron 4 that people in san francisco waited for as long as 9 hours in line to try and get a hold of the genius vaccine. now the news this afternoon, the race to save laguna honda hospital in san francisco continues the city this morning announcing plans to sue the federal government over the effort to close the hospital. meantime, the future of hundreds of patients hangs in the balance. kron four's charles clifford is following the situation as it unfolds is
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live with the latest on this situation. hey, charles. hey there. as it is right now, laguna haas, but honda hospital here in san francisco could lose funding by mid september and the 600 patients who >> we are at the hospital may have to be moved to other facilities. some patients have already been relocated. and the city said today that some of those patients, 9 of them have died after being moved. and for that reason, the city is filing 2 different lawsuits against the federal government was going to take a look at some video here and talk a little bit about these lawsuits. the first is being filed against the u.s. department of health and human services and the centers for medicare and medicaid services asking that federal funding remain in place while the legal process plays out. the second lawsuit is being brought on behalf patients at the hospital asking that all of the transfers be stopped. now, laguna honda hospital has been here in san francisco for 150 years. and earlier this year, cms the centers for medicare and medicaid services
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said they were going to pull federal funding and we're asking that all the patients be relocated because the hospital had several up violations of procedure, people smoking at the hospital. some miss doses of some other minor issues such as that. now, the city says they've been working with cms to try to resolve these problems. the mayor today was adamant that they're working to get the hospital into compliance. and also we heard from a nurse today who said that moving patients, it's bad for their health. >> you know that laguna honda has challenges. we understand the need to make corrective action. and we've already implemented significant amounts of corrective action based on the recommendations of cms and what we know that we have to do. they are human beings. they belong at the going on that they deserve the best care. let's give the best care. let's give good oversight. let's be responsible. let's do oversight with compassion. so cms, come back to the table. let's talk. let's work
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together. thank you. >> or he's live reporting there again. that was charles clifford reporting live for us on the situation. and now the search is on for the gunman who shot and killed a passenger on a muni bus in san francisco. kron four's camila barco brings us the latest details on the investigation. >> a san francisco bus ride turned deadly wednesday afternoon in the sunnydale neighborhood. police officers taped off the muni bus where shots were fired on board just before 03:30pm. the shooting happened at the lascaux avenue and santos street on a number 8 bayshore bus that was headed to fisherman's wharf. police say paramedics took 2 victims to the hospital. we're one guide and the other is expected to recover. it's the second shooting on a muni transportation service in the past 2 months on june 22nd, a
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man was shot and killed inside a muni subway train in the castro district. muni says video cameras are installed throughout their system to document crimes which are later provided to the police. the agency also added 20 new ambassadors late last year that ride the routes to help customers and deter crime. many officials say they are, quote, trained in conflict resolution techniques. we use data to quickly identify trends and patterns and security incidents and deploy staff in places where the data shows they're needed. it's still not clear what led up to wednesday shooting police have not released any information on a possible suspect, but they are still >> investigating in san francisco, camila barco kron. 4 innings. >> and also new at noon, former san francisco dha somebody and says he will not run for reelection in november. he says he wants to
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focus instead on family. he tweeted out his decision this morning, the current san francisco da, brooke jenkins will run in a special election in november to finish dean's term. it will be a regul r election for the position in november of next year. 2023. in the south bay, san jose. police believe they caught the person suspected of attacking several people with a pellet gun. kron. 4 sarah stinson has the latest on that case. >> san jose police arrested a man they suspect shot 7 random people with a pellet gun. the youngest victim being 9 years old. let's take a look at who was arrested. that is 38 year-old nicholas montoya. he's from campbell. he's been charged with 7 counts of assault with a deadly weapon and assault with causing great bodily injury. montoya is accused of shooting lead pellets from a high-powered rifle at 3 victims in 3 different san jose locations. it happened within a 45 minute period on june 10th. and then
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from there, the list of victims kept growing. and that includes a 15 year-old girl who was shot in the back with a pellet gun near valley fair mall. at first she didn't know what happened. she told kron 4 news. she thought it was a small cut. but when she went to the doctors, they found a bullet in her lungs which caused her long to collapse. she does surgery and has recovered since police say they put a task force together to find the shooter. detectives discovered there was even more pellet gun shooting victims bringing the total to 7. the victims were hit with high-velocity projectiles believed to be pellets. the victims range in age from 9 years old to 56 years old. 6 of the 7 victims are girls or women. police say the description of the shooters car was very unique and that's what led them to him. they say that once they issued a search warrant for montoya, that's where they found evidence against him. i'm sarah stinson reporting in san jose. back to you. >> all right. let's talk a bit about our forecast now taking a live look outdoors coit
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tower looking really beautiful out there or just clear blue skies, at least in the san francisco area. but things could be looking a little bit different. a different parts of the for more on that, let's check in with the brittany bentley. how are you doing today? you guys pick the right we're taking a look at it behind the scenes. i was like, yes, this really sets at the town. you can see the bright sunshine right now in the corner of the screen. you can also see is kind of breezy today. but let's talk about those temperatures right now because it's hot as is only going to get hotter, you can see that right here. san francisco, 64 half moon bay. we're at 62. >> any act? 88 conquered. we're looking at 83 to those temperatures inland. much warmer as expected. but as we fast for take a look at sonia to get hotter. so average temperatures and san francisco's around 66, you can see our highs going to be around 72 right here francisco, oakland. we're looking at 76 and even san jose. we're looking at 90's. so those warm temperatures are on the way. but some fog happening tomorrow. and what about a cooldown? give you all
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those answers coming up next. >> and sounds really nice. thank you, brittany. coming up, oakland police are searching for suspects after a smash-and-grab spree is caught on camera. and the former info wars host admits he had his information wrong. we have the dramatic testimony from alex jones on the sandy hook elementary shooting. the head. and a richmond police officer is app out of a job after new details arise over use of force. what the victim's in the
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protesters stopped bulldozers from rolling over people's park for now. >> uc berkeley has paused construction on its new student housing site. protesters showed up early yesterday morning after police started clearing out the homeless encampment in the park and the demonstrations grew throughout the day with people marching through the streets. as you can see there, advocacy groups want to save the park because of its historic nature and the role it played in the civil rights movement, multiple streets around the car park are closed right now. so people cannot enter the area. a richmond police officer faces felony assault charges after he's caught on camera tazing and beating a man during a traffic stop kron four's gayle ong has the story. >> tough couple days, especially know the videos reliving. will be okay. is
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talking about his client's all mendoza reliving the moment in this video. >> police body camera video capturing mendoza being tased and be in by a former richmond police officer eric smidt junior back in april. officer smith's actions are unacceptable. >> his behavior deviated from our training. >> and will not be tolerated. wednesday, richmond's police chief announcing smith juniors termination after an internal investigation. junior faces felony assault charges and outcome mendoza's lawyer says is appropriate. tip our to the contra costa >> district attorney's office for for us charge is and also to richmond pd misstep and to officer according to police smith junior tried to pull over mendoza suspected of drunk driving. >> police say mendoza did not comply and got out of the car and walked away and do za let officers smith junior on a
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foot chase. then the situation escalated. >> moved to. i mean this and i want to see this is video of the former officer junior being featured in the richmond police video. a statement to kron 4 from smith junior is lawyer reads in part, quote. >> eric smith is a brilliant police officer. any great young man. it isn't easy dealing with a violent criminal element these days. the suspect was likely armed would one pistol which he discarded. it was entirely reasonable for young officer smith to believe he might have another mendoza's lawyers. reaction to the statement. the fact that this year trains bringing charges. >> pretty clearly reflects that. there was no reason for the about a that was used on and if not for the officer's body cam. you know, this probably would have never seen the light of day. we'd like to also reacting to the case bay area, civil rights attorney adante pointer. we'd like to see. >> other district attorneys,
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other district attorney offices. you know, do the same thing, which is there should be more prosecutions taking place against officers who violate the public trust. >> smith junior will be arraigned at a later date in contra costa county superior court gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> all right. talk a bit about our forecast now as we take a live look outside of leave. this is our mount tam camera, beautiful mountainside there. but it is looking just a little bit hazy. sometimes, you know, we don't really see that much cloud cover. but right now it's looking a little bit hazy for more information on that. check in with the brittany begley. how's it going? you know, i'm always excited to see what camera you show because it really does set up that helen and we have a wide area we're tracking for you to make sure you're prepared for your day. so. >> today's word really is hot. it's going to be hot. but take a look at your screen friday. we're going to see a cool down. maybe even by 10 degrees. so today's going to be hot tomorrow when but that cooldown, it some good news really is the air quality. of course, our weather team behind the scene really keeping a close eye on our
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smoke tractor for your air quality. you can see the fire near redding. this is one of the areas we're watching not only are going to see temperatures in this area of 107 degrees, but it really is the wind pattern that's really going to tell us how our air quality is. so right now, you can see with this wind pattern. air quality is not bad. so that's the good news. but if we have just a little shift in winds that could actually change the story. so right now, we're good right now. we're just really hot. and that's really what we'll be watching for the next couple of days until we get that cool down. another logic is going to be your morning commute. so make sure to wake up with john. we're watching some fog for you. i always say make sure to leave nice and early and use your low beams. but you're from this area probably used to that. but, you know, it does hurt to give you that warning high temperatures today. again, it's going to be hot going the hottest days of the week. and you can see that right here. so san francisco, we're looking at 72 average temperatures for you should be around 66 and we are above average temperatures now last month for the coast. we're looking at temperatures in the 70's. you can see that right here. we're still in the 70's. but what about that 10 day? and what about that cool down?
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i will give you all those answers coming up next. >> looking forward to it. thank you so much, brittany. there are 4 places in california where the risk for covid is low. according to the cdc, most counties are sierra county, nevada county, alpine county and mono county and all of them border. the state of nevada. the cdc looked at each county's hospitalization rate and the number of hospital beds being used by covid patients to come up with this ranking. and the cdc is reportedly planning to ease quarantine recommendations for people exposed to covid under the proposed new plan. people who are sick with covid are still expected to isolate. but the cdc could do away with regular screening for covid in schools. the changes are expected to be released later this week will be keeping our eyes peeled for that and share any new developments with you right here on kron. 4 news. still ahead. and police release new details into their investigation of the disappearance of alexis gabe. that's next.
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>> and a new executive order from president biden seeks to protect women traveling out of state to get abortions. more details on that ahead. stay
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welcome back. president biden issued a new executive order to protect reproductive rights. >> washington correspondent jessi tenure has the details. >> it's helped him live from president joe biden signed a new executive order wednesday to help women seeking
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abortions. cross state lines to access the procedure under federal known. >> are pregnant or not, no matter where she should be turned away or deny this for treatment during a medical the president directed the department of health and human services to consider using medicaid waivers for travel expenses. >> they would not pay for the abortions themselves unless they're intended to save a patient's life or related to rape or incest. tennessee republican senator marsha blackburn argues abortion is no longer a federal concern. the supreme court sent this issue back. >> to the people and to the various state. but the white house is still urging congress to ultimately act. >> democrats tried to pass a bill wednesday that nevada senator jacky rosen said would provide legal protections to abortion providers. a woman from texas travels to my state of nevada, a pro-choice state. >> the nevada doctor she sees can not cannot be prosecuted under texas's extreme abortion
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ban. but indiana republican senator mike braun blocked the effort. this bill is an attempt to undermine. >> state laws that protect lives. >> that was jessi tenure reporting for us. coming up in our next half hour here on the kron. 4 news at noon retirement plans for public workers take a hit with the latest data is telling us and later on in our show, former info wars host alex jones is going to have to pay up to families affected by the sandy hook elementary school shooting. more on the more coming out of that trial straight ahead. and oakland police say burglars raided a little saigon strip mall for more than an hour. what they got away with and what store owners are sharing with us. you're watching the kron. 4 news at noon stay with us. in
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the east bay, oakland store owners are picking up the pieces after a smash-and-grab spray strikes the little saigon neighborhood. >> police say burglars targeted a strip mall on international boulevard on monday. kron four's dan thorn spoke with one of the shop owners. >> in just under 2 hours, this % group of burglars hit every shop at international plaza in oakland. the coin machine at this laundromat ransacked early monday morning. the thieves also broke in through the ceiling at vietnamese restaurant via nj jus shop. >> you all the emotions.
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>> simon loose as the burglars only made off with some change, but the damage and having to close the restaurant for repairs has been costly. is really what bothers me. >> without repaired. i can open for business and every day i'm not open was a month. >> the video from the laundromat goes on to show the burglars handing off bags of stolen money in a separate video. one of those bags is seen being dropped from the roof and exploding coins onto the sidewalk. the burglars are then captured walking through an alleyway. well, a homeless man stands by one of the masked men gives them an some of the stolen money. the laundromat owner who did not want to talk on camera says crime in little saigon is getting out of hand. lou agrees more seem tell both in line when oakland police introduced officer when as little saigon as liaison officer last week, it follows
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demands from the neighborhood for a crackdown on crime. investigators say at least 5 people seen in these vehicles are being sought in connection with the strip mall. burglaries reporting in oakland, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> new at noon any off. police release a minute by minute timeline of the last day. alexis gabe was seen the latest evidence includes surveillance videos from the gas station on lone tree way. we're gabe was last spotted text messages and conversations between gave and her boyfriend in the days leading up to her disappearance. and new statements from gabe's mother. more on this investigation can be found on our website. kron 4 dot com. and robbers. get away with another rolex in the east bay. this happening saturday night in walnut creek. police say the victim was held at gunpoint and had his watch stolen in the parking lot of the bounty hunter restaurant. witnesses say 3 people were involved in this robbery. and san jose
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police make a breakthrough arrest in a murder case that happened over the weekend. they say they've caught the man who shot someone and set the victim's car on fire. police say they got a call about a car fire in the area of pomona avenue in barnard avenue on sunday morning and found a man's body inside of the vehicle during their investigation. police say they arrested martin cabrera at a homeless encampment that very same day. investigators say the motive behind this incident is still unclear. the victim's name has not yet been released and this incident does mark san jose's 20th homicide of the year. in santa clara. another person is dead after getting hit by cow train. this happened in santa clara just after 8 o'clock this morning in northbound train collided with someone at the santa clara station. this is cal trains, 7th deadly incident of the year. bay area. firefighters are part of an army of crews trying to put out the mckinney fire. 4 people have already lost their lives to the flames. kron
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four's justin campbell has the latest for us. >> over the course of 4 days, thousands of acres in siskiyou county. now look like something out of the apocalypse. entire mountainside. rich with burning trees. >> daytime looks like nighttime from heavy smoke. mandatory evacuations are still in place as cal fire works to contain the flames. 10 helicopters, dozens of dover's and more than 1300 pairs of boots on the ground, including prepared to respond to emergencies. a crew from here in san jose ferrer occasion such as these large wildfires where >> we really need to rely on other agencies to come to our aid. her department spokesperson erica ray says 25 firefighters were sent from san jose along with 5 fire trucks and one suv for the battalion chief.
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>> they will be joined by firefighters from san francisco, santa rosa and alameda county. all 3 working to bring california's largest wildfire of the season to contain reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> extreme heat in california is prompting some lawmakers to address the scorching temperatures outdoors. eytan wallace explains the new proposal and how it could help communities statewide. >> let me tell you, we are certainly feeling the heat here in sacramento and now members of the legislature hope california is prepared for many, many more hot days to rose e 20 s and her kids enjoyed a stroll to capitol park today, but they could only be outside for so long due to the extreme hot temperatures. it's pretty warm. we tried to come out here about 10, 30 thinking. we're going to avoid some of the heat. >> we are still in it. it's part of a trend. she says she's noticed more and more as
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of late. feel like last year was definitely as the state continues to experience, sizzling days, these lawmakers say more action is needed to save lives. assembly member loses the loss of the san fernando valley is behind a bill that would create a heat ranking similar to how scientists ranked the dangers of hurricanes before they strike. >> the system will provide a number rating system for heat waves before they strike. if we are warned ahead of time and we know what to do based on what category heat wave is coming our way then people like that live in our district. second, the san fernando valley, southeast la, the central valley all over california. >> can be better something member walking around below of fresno, who also is a medical doctor, says if more is not done, the health of vulnerable populations, including the elderly and those in underserved communities. >> could be at risk. i don't believe this problem is getting any better and because of climate change, it's important for us. >> to make sure that we comes up with solutions going
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forward. >> he also put forth his own bill that would look into how exceptional heat impacts pregnancies. they think they do that as this mother says she has taken precautions. lots of sunscreen. let avoid sunburns and >> want to just make sure. like i said, we stay very hydrated. keep safe. >> and the bill still need approval from the senate appropriations committee. then they must pass both houses of the legislature and only then will they reach the governor's desk reporting here at the california state tom wallace kron 4 news. >> and severe drought conditions across the country are hurting cotton farmers as the harvest begins. persistent drought conditions have left cotton fields in texas with about half of what is produced during a normal season. farmers say in some regions the crop has been cooked by the dry hot weather and may not produce anything. texas farmers harvest more than half of the nation's cotton supply. >> when we got into my and it stayed on a are and that's
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kind of finished off. we didn't get a range you as it went. i got worse. >> and farmers warn if they're not harvesting enough cotton, there's a whole supply businesses and services. >> that will be hit by the lack of cup of cotton. they say that this year could rival the 2011 drought which cost texas 7.6 billion dollars in crop and livestock losses. really tough situation facing them out there in texas, but maybe a little bit different for us out here in the bay area. taking a live look outdoors. we see the traffic moving along. some people getting in early early head start on their weekend as we head towards of the closer closer to the later part of the brittany begley, cal% for just is here to fill us in on what people can expect as they step outdoors today. yeah. thinking about the big picture and the drought and rain. we actually broke a couple records in july. we had a few sprinkles but broke records from the 40's. so every drop counts. >> as we take a look at this live camera, you can see it is setting up the tone for another hot, bright, sunny
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day. the big picture show you what we're really watching. we're going to see those warmer temperatures across the map will see fog in the morning as you start your day. so again, wake up with john is going to make sure to it out for you hour by hour. but it really is this wind pattern. >> from the wildfire from the north. that's and we'll continue to watch and that's because of your air quality. in addition, air quality is really those hot temperatures you can see we're only at noon in places like rd had 87 livermore. 87 the coast, not too bad. half moon bay's 64 even. hey, we're looking at 75. but really we're looking for that break in those temperatures. so the wind tracker, there's place like fairfield us to down that feels like temperature for you. but overall, it's going to be a hot day. i want to show you the seven-day forecast, as you can see right here, it set the tone. so today inland we could see highs almost up to triple digits inland. 93 bay, 72 and even coast. 64. but we're going to get that break. you can see it starting tomorrow. some places go into that jurors from 5 to 10 degrees.
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so as a role as the weekend, we're going to be in the 80's. but all eyes really on today. those warmer temperatures for you and that fog in the morning when make sure you get to work on time. so coming up about 15 minutes, we'll track it all down for you to make sure you are safe, hydrated and prepared for today's warmer weather. >> thanks very much. appreciate it. all right. meantime, the supply chain is still suffering months after the peak of the pandemic in los angeles at the nation's busiest container port. there are concerns the issue could cause more tension with china. nancy loo expect. >> the vast majority of u.s. imports are coming here to southern california from china, the executive director here at the port of la tells news nation then increasing u.s. china. tensions are very delicate situation. >> about 60% of all over imports into los angeles begin in china as executive director of the port of la jeans or rocha's help to navigate this key piece of the supply chain
12:40 pm
through some extreme turbulence. a covid shutdown and ongoing labor issues with truckers rail and dock workers. but now possible retaliatory trade fall out from house speaker nancy pelosi's visit to taiwan is looming. we count on china so much for the goods that we bring in parts and components for factories and what we buy at our stores. i think the concern is very low level from an industry perspective within the supply chain. but we'll watch this very closely. the concern is higher among others along the supply chain since china has already hit back at taiwan with bans on the import of some taiwanese food items last year, u.s. exports to china totaled more than 151 billion dollars. but chinese imports to america topped half a trillion dollars shining controls a lot of him for a supply chain that was so heavily reliant upon. so. >> they've got a large stick to logistics expert kevin coombs says even a small swing
12:41 pm
could hurt american consumers. any type countermeasure from from china's part in relation to what's going on is not good. i think the supply chain in particular is a key indicator. a lot of that. >> china's foreign ministry is warning of countermeasures to come. but so far, no trade threats. >> and that was iancy loo reporting for us. the retirement forecast is not looking good for california state workers. 2 of the largest public retirement investment portfolios reported a negative return on investments this year. the cow stirs system provides retirement benefits for nearly a million current teachers. it reported a year-over-year loss of about one percent for the first time since 2008 calpers, which funds retirement benefits for state and local workers reported a loss of more than a 6% on its investment. that drop could lead to higher pension
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payments from school districts which officials say are already struggling financially because of low enrollment. coming up, there's a growing push on capitol hill to reform the presidential elections process. >> more on the effort to make sure the events of january 6 never happen again. and the tributes continue to pour in for dodgers legend vin scully. what happened just before last night's dodger game at oracle park. and conspiracy theorist alex jones doubling back on his statements about the sandy hook mass shooting. what he's apologizing
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>> cornered in the courtroom, former infowars host alex jones now admits the sandy hook shooting actually did happen after denying it for years on his talk show. marvin scott has a look at the testimony. >> do it on purpose and i apologize and i want to make it better. as jones was being contrite. the lawyer for parents of a child murdered at sandy hook startled him with the revelation that he had a copy of the entire contents of his cell phone. >> it was accidently sent to him by jones own attorney since the 2012 elementary school massacre that left 20 children and 6 adults dead jones on his popular info wars broadcast has claimed it was a hoax. all staged by actors. that is until the parents of 6 year-old jesse lewis and other victims. parents filed a defamation suit against him
12:46 pm
and are seeking as much as 150 million dollars in damages. why do you think was a conspiracy? i saw powerful forces politicized. >> i think we subconsciously didn't want to believe it is was being blamed. >> collectively on gun owners and that's retrospect years later. what i realize that i've got to get used to go overboard and believe everything will stage jones remorseful. this came the father of jesse lewis testified about the suffering and death threats families endured because of what jones claimed that if you are sorry and your cause harm to parents. >> how do you plan to show rather than just tell that you are sorry? >> i want to showed the world that that that was misrepresented its not a y m, but that i have done some things that are wrong and i didn't do it on purpose. judge asked several times if they should be punishment for his
12:47 pm
actions. responded this way, but i didn't do this mister that's not the question. >> there were more longer pauses when the judge has multiple times how much he should compensate the families for his painful fall. sports. >> 2 million dollars. what compensation would you believe to be appropriate? whatever you decide you want that's a great answer. thank you. >> and that was marvin scott reporting for us. in the end, the families of the victims might have a hard time collecting any financial compensation from the lawsuit. alex jones has filed for bankruptcy. one of the young victims of the uvalde texas school shooting has been released from a hospital in san antonio last week. this video shows 10 year-old girl. my is a handing out flowers to some of the hospital staff as she leaves tomorrow was admitted to university health
12:48 pm
san antonio in critical condition after the tragedy at robb elementary school where 19 children and 2 teachers were killed. meantime, senate lawmakers are taking steps to make sure the events of january 6 never happen again. washington correspondent trevor shirley reports on the effort to reform the electoral process. >> what if congress can get this law updated? some lawmakers say it would lead to a more predictable and peaceful transfer of power after presidential elections took the violent breach of the capitol. >> on january 6 to really shine a spotlight on how urgent the need for re form. was a bipartisan group of senators says it's time to overhaul the electoral count act to avoid a repeat of january 6th, the time to reform the e c a >> is way past due. the electoral count act was passed
12:49 pm
in 18. 87 after the disputed presidential election of 18. 76, the law covers how electoral votes are counted. but some lawmakers say the is too vague. something some legal scholars agree with the act contains numerous gaps and ambiguities poses before the committee represent a vast improvement over existing law. proposed reforms would make clear the vice president's role is only ceremonial. >> with no power to throw out any electoral votes. former president donald trump pushed then vice president mike pence to toss out some votes, but he refused the electoral count reform and presidential transition act improvement act of 2022. >> it's something that our country desperately needs reforms would also raise the threshold for electoral objections. >> requiring one-fifth of each chamber to object instead of just one house member and one senator, as the system currently allows, it would
12:50 pm
also prevent individual state legislature's from choosing their own electors, which could be different than those chosen by voters in neck. the sense >> and much needed reforms speak for the end of this congress and senators in support of this legislation say they're honing to bring into a full floor vote soon. reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley. >> and former white house counsel pat cipollone has been subpoenaed by federal grand jury investigating efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election. cipollone recently testified on capitol hill serving as a key witness in a separate investigation by the house january 6 committee. he's meeting with his attorneys now about appearing before the grand jury and dealing with issues of executive privilege. let's talk a bit about our forecast now taking a live look he's going to tell us a bit about the high temperatures. it looks like that's going to be another hot day said i hope that you're prepared and clear
12:51 pm
in a break, but not right now. at least not today. you can see that right here on your screen. average temperatures again in san francisco. >> around 66, you can see our high in san francisco today is going to be 72. it across the board. we're going to see those warmer temperatures as we take a look at the coast last month. our temperatures were a lietle lower >> than expected this month. i think that's going to be a different trend for you. half moon bay. we're looking at highs of 70 for the day. we also see brisbane, 72 south bruno. we're looking at 70 once. you're so into those warmer temperatures. as we take a look at redwood city, 86 all the way down to woodside. we're going to see those temperatures in the 90's. same story as we take a look at the south valley, even sunnyvale at 86 campbell. 91. so is this warmer temperatures? the good news, we have relief on the way. it's just not right now as we speak. and you can see that in places like doubling. we're looking at 90 pleasanton >> 94, some good news for ya, oakland. 75. so get a little bit of a break for you, folks in this area as we take a look up north places like vacaville. we're looking at 98
12:52 pm
and even after going to see those warmer temperatures that 7 day forecast shows you. yeah, it is hot today. think we're going to be little bit of a break this weekend, but we'll stay connected throughout the day to make sure you're prepared. also could be foggy tomorrow morning. >> thanks so much, brittany. you can get into all the national park sites nationwide for free and take advantage of the nice weather while you're out there. the park service is celebrating the great american outdoors act passed in 2020 pretty recent. the bill guarantees permanent funding for the land and water conservation fund and that free admission is not just for the big parks like yosemite, but also for national monuments, like near woods. it does not cover, however, other fees like camping or special tours, you can find a full list of participating parks on our website. kron 4 dot com. and the tributes continue to pour in honoring the life and career of legendary broadcaster vin scully. that includes a special ceremony before last night's giants.
12:53 pm
dodgers game at oracle park kron four's taylor reports. >> he epitomizes baseball world class in terms of late. >> you know what it means and what it means to baseball. i feel like he's just he represents it. and just sad to see him go. dodgers and giants fans united wednesday night over their love for baseball and vin scully, a man who became a symbol of the game. vinsko is really the reason i got interested in baseball. >> i was a kid. i moved from pittsburgh to l a and started listen to vin scully. i would listen to him. >> describing sandy colfax on the mound. and tend to be sandy colfax in my bedroom. scully was the longest tenured broadcaster with a single team in pro sports history. >> he was the voice of the dodgers for 67 years and was just as much a part of the team. he was the greatest dodger ever. that's where he was. you know, he made the los angeles dodgers who they are
12:54 pm
in los angeles, scully, retired in 2016, but remain a pillar in dodger baseball. he died tuesday night at the age of 94 players. fans and coaches took part in a special tribute wednesday night at oracle park. dodgers manager dave roberts says scully was like family not only to the team but to the millions who listen to him over 6 obviously goodies like seasonal live >> our responsibility as people in baseball is to continue to tell those great stories and how are life science manager gabe kepler says he'll never forget. scoby is voice and his impact on baseball. one of the top 5 broadcasters voice is really important. my childhood and i think up a lot of people. around the country, but all but also in california, specifically i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> coming up next, a hollywood star surprises passengers on board a hawaiian airlines flight. jason momoa took the
12:55 pm
trip to new heights for everyone on board next. that's
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
fun. the star jason momoa moonlighting as a flight attendant on hawaiian airlines. he arrived on board
12:58 pm
to promote his new money not to water brand, which uses aluminum instead of plastic water bottles. many of his passengers might have gotten a bit year when they notice this superhero star on board. i mean, he does work out and there was another midair surprise. wow. 10,003 miles per passenger. that's a lot of free trips to hawaii. very, very lucky. that's pretty cool that you hear that that loud clicking sound is the first time anyone has documented a mangrove sting. ray making its own sound. researchers believe the sting ray makes this sound by moving the respiratory openings near its eyes. you can see that kind of happening in the video playing on your screen. there. experts say the
12:59 pm
clicking sound could be a sign of distress or a defense mechanism. science is cool. and 2 sharks appeared at neptune beach in florida. scaring a lot of people at the beach on saturday. this footage was posted to instagram and it caught the 2 fins of the sharks on video. you can see them right there while really close to shore of the shark appearance is a reportedly happened on the same day as another shark attack or rather on another day as a show of a shark attack on a nearby jacksonville beach and some swimmers there. i think that the 2 sharks had come closer to shore to feed on bait fish. and that's an interesting theory. there. that's going to do it for us here at the kron. 4 news at noon. let's send things over to olivia horton. we're live in the olivia, how's it going? hey, stephanie, doing well this thursday. just happy that it's almost friday seat that that that shark video scared me a
1:00 pm
little bit. and that's why only go knee-deep in ocean water. yeah, you know, it seems like the sharks are really out and about this time of year. >> you know, maybe maybe the mid maybe not so much in the bay keep our fingers crossed? no sharks in the bay area, right, right. yeah. what do you have for us today? we have some amazing things coming up on today's show, stephanie attention all sweet tooth it's national chocolate chip cookie day. and we're chatting with a registered dietician on all the guilt free ways to enjoy the sweet treat. >> they want to enjoy the end of summer by the water. >> how about visiting jack london square in the east bay. we're chatting in studio about all the events that we have coming up. plus, we're giving you all the tips and tricks to step up your skin care team. see what the top products are to step up. your routine. and from grilling and enjoying the outdoors to beating the best reviews is back, sharing their top products for summertime. all of this and so much more coming up today on live in the bank.


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