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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 7, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news every day. when i go out of my back, it happened. i have to be super vigilant. >> walking to whole foods. >> now at 8, a former san francisco commissioner can rest a little easier tonight after the man believed to have violently attacked him has been arrested. good evening and welcome to this hour of kron. 4 news. i'm dan san francisco. police say they're now looking for a motive following the arrest of this suspect who allegedly attacked former commissioner greg too kron four's justin campbell live in the newsroom tonight with the very latest. justin.
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>> yes, dan, this evening, police telling me that longtime commissioner greg chew feels relieved knowing that someone is behind bars after he was attacked on the streets last week. 70 year-old former san francisco commissioner greg chew outside the most goni center in san francisco last week who had been assaulted and pushed to the ground to suffered non-life-threatening injuries. sunday police arrested 34 year-old san francisco resident derek carr. be your be charged with battery, aggravated assault and elder abuse. police now trying to find a motive behind the attack. investigators will be attempting to >> interview the suspect and see if they can determine whether or not race or bias was a factor in the attack sunday community leaders also held a rally to defeat and asian elders as attacks against asians have soared over the past year. others who live in the most goni center speaking out about crime in the neighborhood. i get scared sometimes which i never used to have this feeling. >> that may be that person
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that i just passed its unhinged. he's going to stick a knife in my back. police also gave tips for people living in the neighbtrhood on how to stay safe. not looking at your cell phone as you walk down the street, we see a lot of in the city. >> police go on to say the suspect has been arrested before and they will look to see if he is related to any other crimes like this live in the newsroom. justin campbell kron, 4 news. all right, justin, thanks a lot. in national news tonight, the 700 billion dollar inflation reduction act. >> passes in the senate today to break began early yesterday. continued well into this afternoon. the bill includes close to 400 billion dollars towards reducing climate change, which is the largest effort ever. it also caps out of pocket drug costs for seniors and medicaid to $2000 a year and it extends expiring subsidies. the package also keeps the president's pledge to not raise taxes on those earning less than $400,000 a year. democrats say this bill will reduce budget deficits by
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more. then 300 billion dollars. house speaker nancy pelosi releasing a statement about the bill's passage in the senate today saying in part, quote, today is a victory for america's families for our planet. the house will return and move swiftly to send this bill to the president's desk. probably building a healthier, cleaner, fairer future for all americans. turning now to our wildfire coverage tonight, firefighters are finally getting the upper hand on the fast-moving mckinney fire burning in claimant national forest. the mckinney fire is killed. 4 people so nearly 90 homes have burned and also record-breaking 60,000 acres have been scorched. that's treason. forest land there in that area. and this is all since it began on july. the 29th hundreds of family members have been displaced along with thousands of locals who have had to evacuate from that region. right now, there is 40% containment and it only grew about 150 acres overnight, which is a slow
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burn compared to what we've seen in the last 10 days. taking a live look now at downtown san francisco from our sutro tower camera out there tonight. beautiful sun setting over the the bay city. here just go. brittany begley. joining us now with a look at what to expect in terms of our forecast a break. there was a beautiful day today was warm, but it was beautiful. but i know you were just talking about wildfire. so i check in with what's happening now. what we can see later in the course. will it affect us? that's a big story. so let's talk about it together. >> taking a look right now, you can see smoke talker for really showing us to the north critical fire weather conditions. very hot temperatures. >> again, earlier this week, we're hitting triple digit temperatures. not to mention that it's dry, all adding to the fire. so a little bit closer to home. how's that affecting us? will air quality was not bad today as we roll into tomorrow. we're still in the green. thanks to that wind pattern shift. but if anything should change, of course, we'll let you know on tv and online. high temperatures yesterday were just below average today. that's just not the story were just above
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average. and you can see that with our normal temperatures. san francisco, 66 today, 72 oakland, your average is 73. we're looking at 75 places like livermore. really hot for. you can see it on your screen. average is 88. but you hit 96 concord year averages. 87. you're looking at 91 and even santa rosa. your average is 84, but we're looking at 86. so again, we have those hot temperatures as we roll into day. let's talk about temperatures to tomorrow as you get into work. yeah, it's going to be foggy. want to make sure prepared to make sure to wake up with us. you can see that with podcast for showing you that foggy commute as you start your day really rolling into the morning hours. 7.30, all the way up to 10 o'clock. you can see those foggy conditions will make sure you leave early. make sure to use those low beams. nothing worse than starting a work week with a lot of traffic and a lot of fog. high temperatures tomorrow as we talk about your day help planet yet. still going to be warm. you can see it golden gate. 65. what we're looking for sunset district. we're going to see at 62 the coast going to cool off just a
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little bit compared today, places like half moon bay. 65. you can see looking at 62 south cisco. 64 so watching that fog for us. we roll down to the south. you can see redwood. 75 as we make our way into the south is heating up. you can see it right there on your screen. places like san jose looking at 77 tomorrow as we start your work week. >> it's actually going to be one of the cooler days of the week compared to a little bit later on inland pleasanton. 94 livermore, 82 dublin, 92. so we still have those warm temperatures for us plan your day. walnut creek, 82, as we take a look at vacaville so close to triple digits. you can see it right there on your screen tomorrow. 96 fairfield, we're looking at 93. all right. let's get right into what you need to know that 7 day forecast again inland. 83 on sunday right now as we roll into the weakness in the 80's. but wednesday, that's what we're going to start to see 90 degrees. so it's going to heat up for you. well, looking at 70's in the bay and we're
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looking at the 60's at the coast will stay connected on tv online. and of course, on our app. >> all right, brittany, thanks a lot on the peninsula. a man is arrested after he's accused of exposing himself to a little boy in a park. police arresting 59 year-old rupert taylor. fox. this happening in el camino park in palo alto on friday. police say a father was with his son in the park when he saw his son go over to a table and talk to taylor fox. the father says that he densaw taylor foxx, private area was exposed and that he was touching himself while talking to the 4 year-old boy taylor. fox eventually ran off. he was later arrested and he's now facing a series of charges. police impounded 9 cars and made several arrests following a sideshow that attempted to change locations and santa rosa. this happened on friday just before midnight. officers responded to the area of petaluma hill on frazier avenue or and frazier avenue, i should say. and that's close to where the sonoma county fair is taking place when the police officers
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got there. they say they found 20 cars driving around recklessly at an intersection with about 60 to 70 people watching about a half hour later, they got a call saying that the sideshow had moved about a mile up the road this time about 100 people standing around watching. police said that while the rim pounding these 9 vehicles, it took nearly 2 hours and they say that while it was being broken up, people were throwing coins and rocks and water bottles at the officers that responded. we report tonight the no officers were actually injured. a beloved bay area cheese shop is closing its lasry stale store. cowgirl creamery has been a big part of the food scene in point reyes station kron four's gayle ong caught up with fans who made the trip to west marin after hearing the news. >> i was a bit sad. a little disappointed that they're going to be closing. what kind of pointed to hear that. but i definitely want to come you know, we've been coming for years and they got the best in the various traveling from livermore, walnut creek and san francisco. cowgirl creamery fans visited the bar
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and shop and cantina at point reyes station sunday after hearing the location is closing after 25 years. good friend of mine from san francisco. she posted on her instagram. the cowgirl creamery was closing in. we have been here before and we'veagot about a good excuse to come back up to point reyes and enjoy maybe one last time that koegel creamery. we came up here and visited the cowgirl creamery and >> it up here. so we want just come up before they close. the announcement was posted on social media this month. a statement from cowgirl creamery reads in part, quote. >> the decision to close our point reyes station location was incredibly difficult to make, but it was a necessary decision for the sake of the overall business. there are significant environmental constraints and logistical challenges with operating a retail shop in such a remote location. the point raise shop is where it all started known for crafting its own artists and she's using organic milk from local cows. just last year, cowgirl closed its ferry building shop in san francisco
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due to the pandemic. i was really excited when they kind of gone to very building as well. >> it's kind of a statement. they're going to be a closing down the retail stores hoping that, though, still to be found somewhere else and they will. the company noted cheesemaking will still go on and they're peddling the plant and customers will be able to purchase cheeses at retailers nationwide. but the bar and shop and cantina will be closing after labor day september. 5th. >> hopefully the town right now like come out on top. >> reporting from point reyes station gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> california's economy is still rebounding to pre-pandemic levels and new data from the federal government is showing that are state still needs to add about 176,000 jobs before our economy can be fully considered fully recovered, although it's currently at 94% of prepandemic levels. overall, the biggest employment gains have been in the transportation warehouse and health care sectors for your money. tonight, the u.s. dollar is up by more than 10%
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near its highest level in 2 that's great news for american tourists that are traveling overseas. it's causing debt problems for emerging economies. the international monetary fund estimates that 60% of low-income countries are currently at a high risk of debt default. the federal reserve's aggressive campaign to hike interest rates is only likely to make the dollar stronger. some americans are still worried about the possibility of a recession happening here in the u.s. if that does happen, it could lead to a global session. hey, that's pretty cool. this is video from one of our producers here kron 4 who was at outside lands last night and apparently green day, which is the band that you see performing there, pull the kid up onto the stage to perform with them. and as you can hear, the crowd just went
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absolutely not says that kid was just handed up in the guitar and also on the vocals. there definitely experience that he probably won't soon. forget. yeah, he gave in game cool. well, coming up in this hour of kron, 4 news, it is hot in california. the new system that state lawmakers want to implement. >> to prepare for the next heat wave. but first, convicted killer scott peterson expected in court again this week. the arguments that we can expect to hear from his defense team after the break.
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>> convicted killer scott peterson returns to court on thursday. this could be the last chance for peterson's lawyers to prove that he got an unfair trial when he was convicted of murdering his wife lacy and their unborn child. his lawyers arguing juror misconduct interfered in that original trial. if the court agrees peterson's original murder conviction could be overturned. and if that happens, he would then face a new trial where new evidence can be introduced. we're learning more about thursday's deadly shooting on the las vegas strip. 54 year-old billy hemsley is accused of shooting and killing his cousin in a vegas hotel room. he's being held without bail. this is video of him as lee in court. metro police say that he opened fire in 8th floor of a room at the mirage hotel and casino on thursday shooting and killing his cousin, injuring 2 women in that room. hemsley faces an
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open murder and 2 attempted murder charges. he's expected to be back in court on tuesday morning. we've got some new video tonight of a carnival cruise ship rescue of 24 refugees found out at sea. the cruise ship paradise was headed back to miami after a trip in honduras when the crew spotted the stranded boat off of the coast of cuba were told that group was trapped for 5 days without food. cruise passengers say they even saw leaks in the overloaded vessel when the paradise returned to port this week. 21 men and 3 women from cuba were turned over to the custody of the united states coast guard. they will likely all be sent back to cuba. in cuba. a raging fire continues to burn at an oil storage facility. 4 explosions have been heard coming from that fire which sparked on friday night from a lightning strike so far the 17 firefighters are missing about 80 people have been injured.
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the u.s. has offered technical assistance to cuba's government to help fight this fire. and there's no word yet on just how much oil has already burned. turning now to the latest developments out of ukraine. the ukrainian president, volodymyr zelensky is warning russia against conducting referendums in the occupied territories of that country. zelensky says that russia would lose any chance of negotiating with ukraine. should that happen? this comes after ukraine's nuclear power plant operator. energoatom reported europe's largest nuclear power plant, which is located in the country's southeast, came under russian fire late saturday. one worker was reportedly injured while numerous radiation monitors were damaged by the shelling. after sentencing brittney griner after 7 thing, brittney griner to 9 years in prison. russia's prime minister says that moscow he's not ready to discuss a prisoner swap. that is only if communications are held through a private channel between president vladimir
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putin and president joe biden. the 2 time olympic gold medalist and wnba star. he's being held in russia on drug possession charges. we're going to take a live look now at the transamerica pyramid. this is your 4 zone forecast here. looks like a pretty nice clear night out there in san francisco. joining us with more on what to expect as we move into our work week is brittany begley, a brittany down to make sure you are prepared. today was beautiful. little bit warmer than yesterday. warm and breezy really that for us. >> tomorrow it's going to the coolest day of the week. and later this week, it's going to be warm and dry. so let's talk about everything you need to know are going help plan your day and your week. temperatures right now. it's 18 still warm in some places inland. you can see in the 70's conquered. 71 livermore. 67 coast. we're looking at the 60's half moon bay. 63 right now as we speak south cisco. 62, even oakland, we're at 66. so temperatures not too bad,
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but it was kind of one yesterday when tracker really the theme for us, mostly in the teens. you can see it right here except for fairfield. we're looking at wind gusts of 25 miles per hour. so some of keep in mind as you plan a rest of your day and talking about tomorrow as we get ready for your work ways important is make sure you're prepared and fog cast for really showing you as we fast for that clock right in the heart of rush hour, we're going to see foggy conditions for most of the region. so again, i tell you this to help plan. make sure you leave early. use your low beams because it can be stressful for u n i know monday. mornings are always a little bit harder to get up and might be running late. all right. take a look at tomorrow as we plan your day now that we've already talked about the fog tomorrow. you can see those temperatures. >> it's going to the coolest day that we can see in the corner of your screen now inland. it's still going to be warm livermore. 82, antioch, 82 can see that. oakland, 72. >> hayward, 70 to the bay looking at 66 in the coast. we're still in the 60's for the most part, half moon bay. we're looking again at 65 to the south morgan hill. we're looking at 85 to those
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temperatures. i'm going to be little cooler for us. we're going to be a little bit of a break as we take a look at the tahoe forecast, the big story for us on friday. if you're headed that way was definitely the rain that's now all drying out. we had that monsoon moisture just south of south lake tahoe. but you can see the next 3 days for you. monday, partly cloudy. we're looking at 80 degrees tuesday. we're going to be at 79 and even wednesday we're going to be at 79. so temperatures not bad. all eyes really with your weather and traffic team will be the fog in the morning. of course, we'll update you on tv and online because as you know, the fog, especially on a monday or tired, it can be stressful, make you late to work. and it's like, oh, no, we're going make sure bringing. all right. thank you so much. okay. extreme heat in california is prompting some lawmakers to address the scorching temperatures. >> time explains this new proposal and how it could help communities statewide. >> let me tell you, we are certainly feeling the heat here in sacramento and now members of the legislature hope california is prepared
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for many, many more hot days to froze 20 s and her kids enjoyed a stroll to capitol park today, but they could only be outside for so long due to the extreme hot temperatures. it's pretty warm. we tried to come out here about 10, 30 thinking. we're going to avoid some of the heat. >> we are still in it's part of a trend. she says she's noticed more and more as of late. feel like last year was definitely as the state continues to experience, sizzling days, these lawmakers say more action is needed to save lives. assembly member loses the loss of the san fernando valley is behind a bill that would create a heat ranking similar to how scientists rank the dangers of hurricanes before they strike. >> the system will provide a number rating system for heat waves before they strike. if we are warned ahead of time and we know what to do based on what category heat wave is coming our way. then people like that live in our district. second, the san fernando valley, southeast la,
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the central valley all over california. >> can be better something member walking around below of fresno, who also is a medical doctor, says if more is not done, the health of vulnerable populations, including the elderly and those in underserved communities. >> could be at risk. i don't believe this problem is getting any better and because of climate change, it's important for us. >> to make sure that we comes up with solutions going forward. >> he also put forth his own bill that would look into how exceptional heat impacts pregnancies that they think they do that. as this mother says she has taken precautions. lots of sunscreen. let avoid sunburns and >> want to just make sure. like i said, we stay very hydrated. keep safe. >> and the bill still need approval from the senate appropriations committee. then they must pass both houses of the legislature and only then will they reach the governor's desk reporting here at the california state tom wallace kron 4 news. still ahead, senate democrats striking a deal on their sweeping budget bill political analyst michael
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yaki joining us on what the passing of the inflation reduction act means. >> we're americans and it's called the largest street festival west of the mississippi, the fremont arts festival back in person after a two-year hiatus will take you there after the break.
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>> a huge street festival returns to the east bay with hundreds of vendors taking over downtown fremont for the festival of arts kron four's
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camila barco takes us there. >> organizers say this is the largest free street festival west of the mississippi and on sunday fremont festival of the arts returned for the first time in 2 years. about 500. then you're set up their cans in downtown fremont. >> as they returned for this year's festival of the arts put on by the chamber of commerce. the festival offered 4 miles worth of activities and entertainment. we're only just like arts and crafts booths, live music street performers and loads of food and drink options. organizers say this year they had food options from almost every corner of the world. the nonprofit the night of columbus serve their own specialty, dealing with sandwiches, a type of portuguese sausage, alex marina with the group says it's the variety of food and activities and makes 3 months festival of the arts special. there's a lot of offering here. you know, if you want different types of food, they have all the food. they have all the arts and crafts out
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here. >> a lot of vendors and i think it's just a great place to be back in the event attracts thousands of people every year, according to the festival's website, more than 13,000 glasses of wine or enjoy during the two-day event. 3,000 volunteers are needed to running and they've raised more than 11 million dollars in the festivals. 37 year, history that supports nonprofits, their local nonprofit. so >> it's something we can offer to the community to gather to have fun. and yet it also supports the community in ways that is really critical. the streets of downtown fremont will reopen to traffic on monday. i'm in 9th in fremont camila barco kron. 4 news. welc
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our top story tonight at 8.30, after more than a year of tense negotiations. >> senate democrats have passed the most significant measure to combat climate change in the u.s.. and this bill is also reducing prescription drug costs for the elderly. it raises taxes on some billion dollar corporations and it reduces the federal deficit. so joining us tonight to discuss just how bill will impact everyday americans and especially those here in california. and also, you know, what we can expect from republicans who unified in their opposition to this 740 billion dollar package. michael yaki joining us so michael, how big of a deal is this? and just how important is this for californians and people here in the bay area >> thanks, ted. well,
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politically, it's a big deal because essentially this bill is dead about 3 weeks ago when we mentioned it essentially said walked away from the table so ability in get this back to a vote and that still need to go to the house, which should be this coming friday is is i think a real victory for president biden for the democrats showed that the fact that they can actually do something that's most positive momentum heading into the november midterms. but in terms of specific for californians, this is really good news because you're seeing your had a lot of investment in clean energy is in. this is in this bill. 369 billion dollars to be exact. and when you put that when you when you translate that into reality, it's like a $7500 tax credit at sale for what your car? $4,000 tax credit at sale for use electric car which had never been done before that the solar a tax credet goes
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back up to 30% for 10 are starting to phase down over the last few years to trigger a little bit of worry amongst the solar industry here you have a lot of investment in other types of clean fuels and energy maybe as wind and other things. so for california, especially we're concerned about climate change and how it affects your pocket. but this is very this is a very big deal for california. >> so, michael, we know that climate change gets tackled in this by lowering prescription drug costs and also a tax here. but we know the republicans have been saying because it this is called read, the inflation reduction act. so republicans have actually said this is going to aggravate inflation and also the non-partisan congressional budget office's said this bill is likely going to have or will have a small effect on inflation this year and also next year. so how much of a compromise was this to get to this point?
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>> considering that the original build back better and this is essentially that much smaller version was about 3.5 billion dollars in. this is not that by a long shot and almost, you know. 20% of that. but that's when i was a legislator, ice my bills to a son named him in a way that i wanted it to be character. for whatever purpose going and certainly for here, just this was a this is a mansion request, right? this is when you think about really. but investment. but for mansion, he wanted some even said you walk away from the table saying i don't want to do anything that's going to increase inflation. so here we have the inflation reduction will it actually reduce inflation? not sure. i think what you're really seeing with the fed, it was going to be dealing with with whether inflation gets gets throttle down or not. but in terms of just the optics of victory at
8:34 pm
a time when people are concerned about this. but still what you just might best when it's you and and and in their hearts that want this economy to bushes as reflected by the last jobs report that this past weekend, this past friday where 5 g 20,000 new jobs, we're headed to the economy. this is all about the optics for for the mid and so the republicans are going to say this is going more government spending. democrats are going to be saying this is about investment and inflation reduction and in between. you have a lot of talking points about what was or what was in the bill that are going to be designed to train target different constituencies in different local races tour across the country. so >> yes, so what's in a name, right? michael? haha. exactly. yeah. but by any of yeah. exactly. what. michael, thank you so much for your insight into this. and of you know, still have to to go to the house and go from there. thank you as always. all right. going to take a look now at
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our 4 zone forecast. here's a live look from our mount tam cam. nice looking view of the bay area. of course, you can see the skyline there. the bay bridge span oakland, i pretty much all almost all of our coverage area. you know got everybody in there. so i'm meteorologist brittany begley. joining us now with a morning forecast. yeah, and make sure everybody is prepared for the day and this week it's going to be a little foggy in the morning. but today was beautiful. and there's a lot of people out with short sleeves and shorts, just enjoying the weather a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. >> i just checked conditions near the airport. you can see everything looking nice for you. no major delays in terms of weather. if you maybe have a late night flight. but yeah, those temperatures again, they were warmer today compared to yesterday yesterday for most of the region. we were just a tick below average. >> today we're just tick above average. you can see that places like san francisco. that average is. 66 were 72 for the day. san jose. your average is 84. we're looking at 88 and i think livermore is probably the biggest jump again. your average is 88. >> and we're looking at 96, i
8:36 pm
think going to be pretty hot tomorrow as we speak of that to take a look at podcast for again. we love to make sure that we play in your day. your morning drive could be a little bit stressful are going to see that foggy commute starting around 4.45? as i fast for radar, you can see we're going to still be dealing with that fog at 8 o'clock in places like oakland, hayward, even half moon bay. and it cannot linger on till about 10 to 30. so again, i say, make sure to use your low beams and leave early because it could be a stressful commute, of course, make sure to wake up with us. we're going to track it for you hour by hour to get you to work on time and somewhat stress. free high temperatures tomorrow. again, as we plan your day, santa rosa, 79 to the south morgan hill. 85 to the coast. we're going to stay right there. average around 65 half. moon bay. >> you can see right here inland. it's going to be warm little more. 82 concord, 82 and antioch, 82. but monday really is going to be the coolest day of the week. i'm actually going to show you. >> that 7 day forecast. it's going to be cool tomorrow, but it's going to heat i'll tell you everything you need to know. coming up in about 15
8:37 pm
minutes. >> alright brady, thanks a lot. just ahead, kracker barrel controversy. why some customers have beef with the restaurant's decision to go. meatless for one of their entrees. and could elon musk's 44 billion dollar offer to acquire twitter be back on the table with the tesla ceo is saying it would take in order for the deal to be back on.
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tesla ceo elon musk says his
8:40 pm
proposed 44 billion dollar twitter purchase. >> could move forward if he gets information on spam bots, the billionaire specifically asking for details on how the social media company measures which accounts are run by real people or by bots. twitter is suing mosque to try to complete this deal after he tried backing out musk and then countersued claiming twitter misled his team about the number of actual users on the site. twitter is not commenting on musk's latest comments but has previously said that less than 5% of user accounts are fake or spam. turning now to some consumer news, the changing economy appears to be changing habits when it comes to eating out some restaurant chains reported weaker sales or traffic in the 2nd quarter, which could mean that people are cutting back to save money. mcdonnell's inch polling say that lower-income customers are spending last
8:41 pm
money while higher income customers are visiting more often, some chains have raised prices to offset higher food and labor costs. and the federal government says the price of a restaurant meal has risen nearly 8% in the last year. well, when it comes to fast food value menus are shrinking and becoming more expensive in this current economy, experts say that people can expect higher prices and skip your portions. burger king, for example, remove the whopper from its value menu and scale back its 10 piece nuggets to 8 pieces. the chains are also enticing people to sign up for rewards programs. mcdonald's says that its rewards program gets customers to visit more frequently and they hope to soon offer more personalized deals to those customers. well, today was the final game of the bay bridge series between the san francisco giants and the oakland a's. >> we'll tell you who got the win at the coliseum in sports.
8:42 pm
for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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all right. welcome back the news at 8 o'clock. here is a live look at the bay bridge tonight. little a little wind blowing around the trees out there. >> it's probably good to have a nice breeze, though, right? we have some pretty warm temperatures today, especially inland and also here in the city pretty badly. joining us now a little bit more on the forecast. and smoke tracker. yeah. smoke tracker will take over those breezy conditions because you're right. it was breezy today and warmer. so let's talk about everything you need to know to make sure prepared right now and for
8:45 pm
tomorrow morning. so if you're just saying smoke tracker, we're still watching the wildfires to the north. we still have critical weather conditions. very hot temperatures early this week. some places hitting 107. >> and dry in the area. all adding to the fire. and whenever we have wildfires will asking is ok, well, what is the wind pattern and how are things looking for us? and as we just said, it is breezy right now as we speak in the teens for most of the area. fairfield, you're looking at 25 miles per hour. but that shifting wind patterns still bringing us air quality in the green, meaning it's not bad yet. a check for today tomorrow and the next couple of days, of course, if that changes, we'll let you know, because some people are really sensitive to the air quality today's highs. yeah, it was a little bit above average warmer than yesterday. san francisco, very breezy oakland, 75 cloudy tonight. same story for san jose. you're looking at a high of 88, but where are we going look ahead? you can see right temperatures tomorrow is going to be actually the coolest day of the week inland. 82 tuesday
8:46 pm
stay in the 80, but really it's wednesday, thursday and friday. we're looking at the 90's. so we'll see those temperatures really start to heat up. and by next weekend, we're looking at 87. so above average temperatures as we roll into the middle of your work week, they were looking at the 70's for most part on the area. but wednesday, thursday going temperatures are going to creep up just a little bit with those breezy conditions. and as we look at the coast, we're going to say at 65 you can see it monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, even friday will dip down just a little bit as we take a look at that weekend forecast. but really tomorrow, the theme will be cooler temperatures by wednesday. we're going to slowly start to heat up. same story on thursday. and as you plan your day tomorrow, just heads up. it's going to be foggy from 4.30, all the way to 10. so make sure that you leave early. make sure to wake up with us and use your low beams because it could be a little stress we'll update you all morning long. >> alright britany thanks a lot. kracker barrel at the center of controversy tonight after a new dish to their menu, which is plant based
8:47 pm
sausage, as brooke shaffer reports. it's not being considered a fan favorite. >> a new addition to crack or barrels menu, sparking an online debate. the restaurant announced on social media this week. it was adding impossible plant based sausage to its all-day breakfast menu to the cries of some on facebook like these won't be eating here anymore. and i used to love your store now. no way it just had on the menu in there, added with jordan birds outside a crack or maryland pembroke pines, florida. does it feel like everything has kind of become like an online argument now a it just kind of feels like everybody wants to. >> to just be up in arms about something a little bit or just kind of make. >> make their opinion heard the controversy, if you will, forced another post to social media by kracker barrel. this picture with the caption where pork based and plant based sausage lovers can breakfast all day in it. so we tried it
8:48 pm
out ourselves does not want to see what all the back and forth is really that. the majority of customers, it seems deciding they can agree to disagree on their breakfast meats, do whatever you as long as you're not hurting anybody else and do what you want. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> some news out of 49 ers training camp today with no clear trade partners for quarterback jimmy garoppolo. right now reports of surfaces. san francisco is willing to wait until the final roster cut down day on august. 30th before moving on from jimmy g nfl network insider ian rapoport said the forty-niners will wait as long as possible before cutting garoppolo rapoport also reported that it may take an injury or crumbling starter for grappler trade even come to fruition. seattle in cleveland or 2 possible landing spots as both are currently in need of a
8:49 pm
starting qb. >> final game of the bay bridge series today. the giants going for the 2 game sweep the a's and after their hall of fame class of 2022, today fire to their game with the giants. among those inductees were late broadcaster and catcher ray fosse. he was represented by his wife carol. >> and former a's outfielder jo rudy was a mainstay during oakland's 3 world series win to the 1970's. >> another hall of famer from the 70's was red sox carl yastrzemski that this guy might skis. graham, fun fact younger. he has had himself a hall of fame day in the 3rd cranks his 10th homer of the season to right center field. one, nothing. giants take the lead. moving along to the 6 with a man on tyra this ball into left center field stands for his 10th home run of the season. 41 giants lead. yeah. says you ain't seen nothing yet. bomb of the baby. you just ain't seen nothing yet. that was out of key this ball out of the ballpark. he homers again with brandon crawford
8:50 pm
aboard. yeah, has finished the day. 2 for 4, 3 rbi 6, 2, giants lead bottom of the frame. oakland trying to battle back. seth brown grilled his 17th home run of the season to right field. the a's, bring it to 6 for just not enough in the tank to take the lead. 6, 4 giants will be the final score. san francisco takes on the bay bridge series trophy by winning the season series over the a's. here's giants manager gabe kaplan on strong. >> sometimes you just you run into a stretch of, leaving the yard and sometimes you run into a dry stretch and you don't, you know, always have something but i will say, yeah, he's going to produce power. it's just a matter of. i've landed with you. chris powers matter of when it's not always easy predict when he's not there. it can be frustrating. >> finally, we have a quick shout out to the holy softball ers. dan thorn softball team apparently won a playoff game today and we're going to turn to dan thorn to find out more
8:51 pm
about what happened. you won the first game, lost the second game. what deal. unfortunately, we lost the second game, but we we had a lot of heart, though, this year. a lot of fun. i to we did have a lot of hard. we did have a lot of a real lot of fun. you know, it's a walnut creek. adult softball league. >> so, of course, there are some people out there that are the heart owes. but like we like to have a good time. and you our dose and that one of the hardest, i i do like to perform well, though. so i do get a little disappointed. i skull play today. wasn't very happy about so, of course, that, you know, a little heart on the sleeve moment there. but want to give a shout out to our coach christina tate row and all of the members of the holy softball. as we had so much fun, colin, it was so nice of you to be able to match an awesome. fortunately the last 2 days were eliminated from champion. are you kidding me? that would be awesome. just after on it back next season, what's that? just said? season, right we will have to. yeah. we will have to go and get ready for fall ball. i think our chat is still called fall ball because we play fall ball last year and then role in the spring
8:52 pm
and summer ball as they call. around always fall in walnut creek apparently. all right. all right. thanks so much for that is very police softball. we're going to get the next shot out. all right. well, coming up, the san jose convention center transformed into a new crunchy city. >> after the break, we'll take you to the 6th annual crunchy will expo, which is the celebrate tion of all things. anime.
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>> all right. welcome back. and take a look at this. these are the world's best surfing dogs taking on the waves. the crowds packing pacifica state beach just south of san frangisco yesterday to watch these pops hang 10 dogs were grouped breed and size and they were judged on the length of their surf and whether or not they can stand on all fours and also sit down, lay down and just how confident they looked on the surfboard. they look pretty they're the beat of and also have mobile pet adoptions. a dog costume contest. and yet the hour for drinks. well, you've heard of horse show what about rabbit showjumping? yeah. this is a real thing. this is a competition that's been around since the 1980's when a swedish group developed this unique sport, most competitions, of course, are held in europe. the rabbits jump hurdles. they go up and down ramps. they go through tunnels. they test all their skills and the rabbits aren't really suited for, you know, a lot of this sort of stops. so
8:56 pm
experts say that many of them actually lack athletic ability or really the temperament to do jumping so when they do this kind of thing, it's a it's a big deal and gets mentioned on kron 4. well, today in the south bay, a celebration of everything was held at the san jose convention center going on its 6th year. the crunchy roll expo featured world premiere artwork, unique panels, and, of course, exclusive merchandise crunchy role as the world's largest online next collection of. >> content. that service has over 5 million paid subscribers, an exact assessed and over 200 countries and territories. today was actually the last day of the exponent. it looked like it was a lot of fun and this was actually started by students at uc berkeley back. 2006. that's a good time. let's get a wrap things up here for us at 8 o'clock. we will be back in just a few short moments for the news at 9. that, of course, the news at 10 after that scrum for news in primetime continues.
8:57 pm
for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news
9:00 pm
at every day when they go out of my house that that could happen. i have to be super vigilant. >> walking to whole foods. >> a story we've been following tonight, san francisco police have arrested a suspect responsible for attacking a former san francisco commissioner. good evening and thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 9. i'm dan thorn this as community members rally around the asian american community as the number of attacks continue to rise. kron four's justin campbell live in the newsroom tonight with the very latest. just an odd police tell us that longtime commissioner greg chew feels relieved knowing that someone is behind bars tonight after he was attacked on the streets last week. >> 70 year-old former san francisco commissioner greg chew outside the most goni center in san francisco last week who had been assaulted and pushed to the ground to suffered non-life-threatening injuries. sunday police arrested 34 year-old san francisco resident derek carr. be your be charged with


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