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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  August 11, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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together what triggered this altercation. >> now at 6, 2, people have been detained in connection with a fatal shooting that killed one man and left 3 wounded in brentwood. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. it happened at the 24 hour. fitness in the 5900 block of lone tree. way early this morning. our first leap to call tells us the incident started inside the gym. >> an argument on the basketball courts at 24 hour. fitness in brentwood spilled into the parking lot off lone tree way. police officers responded to shots fired at around 2 o'clock thursday morning when officers arrived on scene, they discovered a male suffering from at least one gunshot wound who died at the scene. lieutenant walter broadening describes. the victim died as a man in his 20's. and all he says at some point in the parking lot. >> 2 men grabbed guns and opened fire. striking 4 people with 3 who survived with non-life-threatening injuries, drove themselves to hospitals
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for treatment. 2 men and a 17 year-old it's still an active investigation. we don't have a working on trying to determine what triggered this altercation. >> at this based on everything that we've learned. this appears to be an isolated incident with no apparent threat to public safety after the shooting. 24 hour fitness temporarily closed until further notice. people who shoot hoops here are shocked to learn someone lost their life anytime somebody loses their life is >> i feel a calm and so i don't fight about basketball. and i love the game too much. you i'm quite the whole from quiet because i i know people like to get rowdy. how cool was that? not long after the shooting, police detained 2 men in connection with this case. this is the city's second homicide of the year. >> in britain, fully to kron.
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4 >> san francisco police say they arrested a man who is connected to a shooting that left a woman injured at the civic center last month. mario sullivan is accused of shooting a 57 year-old woman on mcallister street on july 6. it's not clear if the 2 knew each other. the woman was taden to a hospital. her condition isn't known or at least hasn't been really. sullivan is behind bars and facing charges tonight. >> in the south bay, a milpitas man is behind bars tonight for allegedly engaging in a assault of a teenager. detectives say they got a tip about a relationship between this man. 51 year-old kevin cable and a 15 year-old investigators say the 2 met on a dating app and that cable who is a registered offender would often provide alcohol. police arrested cable on wednesday. they say he admitted to deputies that he had with other miners as well. based on this, investigators believe that there may be more
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victims and they are asking anyone with information to reach out and come forward. >> another big story tonight, closing arguments were heard today in the case of scott peterson. his lawyers are arguing that there was juror misconduct. peterson, you may remember, was convicted back in 2004 for the murder of his wife, lacy peterson and their unborn child. if a judge agrees that there was, in fact, your misconduct, peterson will be granted a new trial conference. rob nesbitt reports on the details of what happened inside the courtroom today. today was scott peterson's last chance of convincing a judge to grant him a new murder trial. the focus being put on juror 7 and if she lied during jury selection. >> the convicted murderer said in orange while his lawyers argue that juror number 7, michelle nyce lied when answering 116 juror questionnaire. the defense saying nice wrongfully answered no to the questions of whether she had been involved in a lawsuit or she had been a victim of a crime. that, in fact, when she was pregnant. >> she had been assaulted and she was in fear for her baby's
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life leading into the nickname little man that they say nice gave to lindsey peterson's unborn child. connor, as well as the added to the juror had when deliberating with other jurors before she even sat down at the table when she was admitted to that jury room. according to juror at she said, let's get mister peterson for what he did to little man, judge and christine mizzou low made the point that the defense would have access to the juror questionnaire and could have followed up with nice about her answers 20 years ago. david harris for the prosecution argued that nice do would ensure is supposed to do during a high-profile murder case. fears actual proof that she went back there. she did what she was instructed by the judge to do. >> and she reached a verdict here is is that nice may have had wrong answers on the questionnaire that are being wronged. does not make her a liar, arguing that instead mean she was filling out the 23 page questionnaire that she, quote did the best she could get to jury summons in the mail. >> and she testified she put it up on a refrigerator. how
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did she know that that particular piece of paper was going to change your life in which it has in this particular case? peterson's sister-in-law, janey peterson spoke after the hearing saying the family is confident that a new trial will be granted convicted of murdering his wife and unborn son and richelle nice was a victim. >> domestic violence boss was pregnant and also a victim where she filed for a restraining order while pregnant. and that's information that should have been disposed of her juror questionnaire. >> this hearing that has lasted for 3 years ended today with closing arguments. the judge now has until december to make her decision on if there was juror misconduct reporting in redwood city. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> national news tonight. the department of justice today filed a motion to unseal the warrants involved in the search of donald trump's mar-a-lago home. this follows days of top republican lawmakers and others calling for an explanation as to why the unprecedented step was taken to search the home. u.s. attorney general merrick garland says he's asked a judge to make public property
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receipt of what was taken from the former president's home. he also revealed who approved seeking that warrant. >> i personally approved the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter. second, the department does not take such a decision lightly. where possible in a standard practice to seek less intrusive means as an alternative to a search and to narrowly scoped any search that is undertaken. >> garland also said the motion to unseal the warrants comes in light of mister trump publicly confirming the search. he says trump's council was provided a copy of the warrant and property receipt on the day of that search in ohio, a man armed with an ar 15 who tried to breach the fbi's cincinnati office and help police in an hour's long standoff was eventually shot and killed after he fled the scene. according to authorities. the suspect is now identified by officials as 42 year-old ricky
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shipper. police say he was wearing body armor when he tried to enter the fbi office with a gun this afternoon, he ran off when agents confronted him, jumped into a car and was chased onto interstate. 71. police say he fired several shots before pulling off on to a rural road and getting into a shootout with authorities. >> well, so be it will came to its to a stop. gunfire was exchanged between officers on scene and the suspect. this no officers have been injured as a result of this. >> the attempted breach comes just says the fbi director is saying that agents and the justice department officials are being threatened over the search of donald trump's home in florida. investigators are now looking into whether or not shipper had ties to far right extremist groups, including the proud boys and whether he was also involved with the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. >> vice president kamala harris is praising california leaders for protecting abortion rights and slamming
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leaders of other states who are doing the opposite. she made those comments at san francisco's fairmont hotel this afternoon during a meeting with state leaders. kron four's. dan kerman is there. he joins us live with more. dan? that's right. vice president was here to hear from state leaders about what they're doing to protect abortion rights and also to encourage them. >> to continue that fight. >> but we have seen around the country. are extremist so-called leaders who are passing lines. designed to criminalize health care providers and punish women. laws that are being passed. but make no exception for rape or incest. vice president kamala harris attacked leaders of states across the nation. >> banned abortion altogether while meeting with california leaders in san francisco thursday. the idea that states would be passing laws. that would take from an individual
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their right to self-determination after they have endured such an atrocious act of violence. >> is unconscionable. >> leaders of planned parenthood toll harris out of state patients are already flooding there. clinics as a result of those bans over 20% of their abortion care is now provided. >> 2 patients traveling to california for care. >> california state senate president pro tem toni atkins told harris the legislature is moving 13 bills to increase, expand and protect abortion access, culminating in a constitutional amendment that's been put on the november ballot. we won't give up this fight. >> women's lives are on the lawn. we know that you, madam vice president and the president won't give up either. harris praised california leaders and told them to continue their work to protect abortion rights. >> here we have leaders who understand. the importance. of
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the principles upon which our nation was founded. which are the principle of and liberty. >> the vice president's visit to the bay area continues tomorrow with a stop in oakland live at the fairmont san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. thank you again. now to our monkeypox coverage. more than 10,000 americans have now tested positive for monkeypox. >> the cdc reports every state except wyoming has reported cases of the virus. some are just numbers are in new york, florida. and here in california there have been no deaths reported in the u.s. so far. california health department officials just released the latest number of monkeypox cases. there are more than 1900 cases in the state. los angeles county has the most with 776 san francisco follows with 5.39. alameda county has 112 cases monkeypox.
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>> the ceo of the company that makes the only monkeypox vaccine approved by the fda says that he's concerned about the new strategy to split doses and change the way the vaccine is injected. in a letter, the ceo told the biden administration that the company has, quote, some reservations about this new approach, quote, due to the very limited safety data available as well as the fact that more people experience adverse reactions after vaccination. the new method splits up the doses and uses one-fifth as much vaccine. her shot. the idea comes as the united states works to conserve the limited supply here. coming up, more than 2 and a half years since the pandemic started, the cdc is easing its covid guidelines. an infectious disease expert will join us live. >> weigh in on how it will affect us here in the bay area. and former raider and oakland native marshawn lynch facing dui charges after getting pulled over in las vegas. we now have the body
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cam video showing the arrest. plus, governor newsom sounds the alarm on california's dwindling water supply. how he plans to save the state from a crippling drought. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow. lots of sunshine around the bay area to the monsoon heading a little further to the east. >> high pressure coming our way. we'll tell you what that means. coming up next. means. coming up next. for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> as the state's drought intensifies, governor newsom unveiled a new plan today. he
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says it will create more water storage for california. our capitol bureau reporter eytan wallace was with the governor in contra costa county. and the governor says it's time to use modern day technology to fight this drought. for instance, you see all this water over here will this is all salt water part of the san joaquin river here in the delta. but the governor says with his plan one day this. >> could supply fresh water to much of this region. >> we can't do the same thing anymore. that was governor gavin newsom's message today as he addressed the state's response to the ongoing drought. a record dry spell. he worries may only get worse 12 and year drought. >> exists and persist over the western united states. i mean, let's wake up. he says of no action is taken. california could lose about 10% of its water supply in the next 20 years. mother nature, it's still bountiful. but she's not operating like she did. that's why today he unveiled th's 19 page plan pledging 8 billion dollars to increase storage and modernize the state's
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water infrastructure infrastructure like this, antioch construction site newsom toward. it. one day will open as 110 million dollars to settle his ation plant taking salt water from the san joaquin river and converting it into fresh water. one of several projects newsom says will allow the state to refocus its water strategy were so deeply anxious because we've been consistently in the scarcity mindset that it's about reduction and people feel like they've done enough. we've got to move away from that mindset. because there's a lot more. but it's out there for more creative in terms of how we approach things. for now. he says he'll leave any mandatory water restrictions to local governments. that is he appointed onetime rival, former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa as the state's new infrastructures are in charge of bringing in more funds for future projects. newsom's current gubernatorial opponent, republican senator brian dolly of lassen county. >> says he's skeptical the state will see results. there's millions and millions and billions of dollars that have been put into these projects that have been
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implemented. he's talking about implementing these projects. that's have question with gavin newsom's philosophy is get something done. stop talking about and actually get something done. >> and as for that new desalination plant here in antioch. well, that is expected to be up and running sometime in 2023. reporting here in antioch, a tom wallace kron. 4 news. so we're talking about the drought. take a look at this. the latest drought monitor map released today. as you can see in the image on the left, most of the central valley has fallen into the dark or exceptional drought category. the driest of all. >> compare that to the image on the right taken 3 months ago. you can see most of the bay area has been under a severe drought all summer long. kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now. and boy is going to feel like drought weather here in the next few days. yeah. going to be very, very hot. and so we're not getting rain helps that one of the dry conditions usually tell about the 3rd or 4th week in october. so we've got a long way to go on. this could be a
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long-term drought situation. maybe a 10200 year drought like we experienced a good 1200 years ago. and that's what we've got a plan for right now. here's the drought monitor. this is as of october 1st. >> of this past year, watch what happens we put in doesn't prove a bit. the bay area instead of being a exceptional drought conditions. now mostly in severe the exception slama county. they've still got some extreme drought conditions in the eastern half. but we've got to get that rain going. we've got to keep our fingers crossed, get things going. but we've got encourage politicians also to prepare for a long-range drop. the meantime, though, out of the golden gate bridge got the sail boats sailing underneath the bridge and of course, all that water out there in the ocean just sitting out there waiting first to get. but right now we've got that patchy fog that is moving back on shore and you can see the sea breeze blowing into san francisco. high clouds up above beautiful day around the bay area. 75 in san jose right now. it is 71 in fremont. 73 degrees in berkeley. 78 degrees in napa. 82 degrees in kaka. these temperatures are going to get a whole lot
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hotter ahead. we'll talk about a heat wave headed our way. coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence said he's been days since 16 year-old kylie, rodney disappeared in truckee. she was last seen at a party near a campground. it's known to locals as the sanctuary nancy loo has the latest on the investigation. >> i don't know where she is. we don't have anything to go off and at this point, but i fully believe that she's alive and well. kylie rodni's boyfriend says he is optimistic sharing what he told her before. she went to the party friday night with her friend. so just like, okay, be safe. don't like do anything stupid. but now he is among the many others putting up flyers in a massive search for the california teen now entering day 6. and i think everybody realizes that the longer that goes on, the harder it is to keep people engaged and keep those things going because we don't have the right area to search to. we don't have. >> a location to go to. law enforcement are searching across the tahoe national forest. well, over 200 young people had gathered near the prosser family campground for
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a senior last bash. driving out of that campground area at night is treacherous. but so far, no sign of kylie's suv or her law enforcement released images of a sweatshirt. kiley borrow that night with an eerie caption reading. you don't want to be forgotten. you just want to disappear. kylie's mother is garnering strength from the community. this that standing behind me and standing with me and supporting me and holding that >> allowing need to take you guys into all thinking that i have it >> that was nancy loo reporting for us tonight. there are new details in the recent dui arrest of former oakland raider and oakland native marshawn lynch. police say he was asleep behind the wheel before he was arrested. tonight there is new body cam video showing the arrest. police say he started speaking to the officers and then fell
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back asleep several times. police said that the car he was driving had significant damage with no rim or tire on the front driver's side wheel. and with the rear driver's side wheel about to fall off. >> i not be all all right. >> want to get on your stomach over and by no more games today. >> and he's facing charges of dui driving an unregistered vehicle and failure to drive in a travel lane is due in court on december 7th. other news tonight, russia has confirmed it is negotiating a deal to release wnba star brittney griner and another another jailed american former marine paul whelan. the washington post reports russia's foreign ministry says talks are being conducted by a special channel set up between president biden and putin. the ups. has reportedly propose
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freeing a russian international arms dealer seen here who's in prison in the u.s. in exchange for the re release of griner and whelan griner was sentenced to 9 and a half years in prison. whelan is serving a 16 year sentence. >> coming up, some good news on gasoline prices. they're dropping again significantly. details ahead. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. hide my skin? not me. and for kids ages 6 months and up that means clearer skin, and noticeably less itch. with dupixent, you can change how their skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. hide my skin? not me. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pain,
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or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within, you can show more with less eczema. talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. meet three sisters. the drummer, the dribbler, and the day-dreamer... the dribbler's getting hands-on practice with her chase first banking debit card... the drummer's making savings simple with a tap...
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...round of applause. and this dreamer, well, she's still learning how to budget, so mom keeps her alerts on full volume. hey! what? it's true! and that's all thanks to chase first banking. freedom for kids. control for parents. one bank with tools for both, all with no monthly service fee. chase. make more of what's yours. tonight. the national average price for a gallon of gasoline
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has dropped below $4. democrats are crediting the price drop to their plan to reduce inflation. but republicans say that's not the case. our correspondent anna wiernicki is in washington with more. >> good evening. after gas prices reach record highs earlier this summer, drivers are now seeing some relief. but lawmakers are split on what this means for inflation. >> it's good news for drivers on thursday, aaa reported the price for a gallon of regular gas stood at $3. and $0.99 the first time it's dropped below $4 since early march for a lot of drivers. that's real money. >> its money in their pocket money spend on other things. white house economic advisor heather boucher says falling gas prices are proof that the president's plan to address inflation is working. the president has been to this not all the different things that he called the livers. he could pull to help address rising costs for families. boucher says all eyes are on congress
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to provide more relief. >> on friday, the house will return to washington to vote on democrats. inflation reduction act within call back for a very important reason. massachusetts democrat jim mcgovern says the 740 billion dollar package fights climate change and lowers health care costs. it will extend affordable health coverage to 30 million people. >> cap seniors yearly out-of-pocket drug costs. a $2000 per year and cap insulin at $35 per month for medicare beneficiaries. but republicans say the bill will actually drive up costs. all ic is is tax and spending just throwing more money. >> and a problem with this administration has shown that bake sale. >> lawmakers are scheduled to vote on the bill when they convene tomorrow morning at 09:00am. and the bill is expected to pass for now in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> coming up, white house white house speaker nancy
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pelosi is facing more controversy following her trip to taiwan flying stories story to tell you about carrying a dog and 2 cats. they're on their way to a new home. we'll tell you about the healing journey for these furry friends. and the cdc is scrap some major covid guidelines. after the break, we'll talk to the bay area doctor about those changes
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it my car, the insurance company, wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. ♪ (customer) save yourself?!
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let our injury attorneys help you money with farmers. (burke) that's not wrong. when you bundle your home and auto policies with farmers, you save yourself up to twenty percent. (customer) that's something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers. kinda creepy. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >> our top story at 6.30, the cdc relaxing some of its covid
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guidelines. the changes come more than 2 and a half years after the start of the pandemic. here's what the changes look like. first, the cdc says americans no longer need to quarantine themselves if they come into close contact with. >> an infected person. second, the agency says people no longer need to stay at least 6 feet away from others. so no more social distancing. the cdc also ended its recommendation that students exposed to covid-19 should test regularly. the agency added all of that. all of this can change if there's another surge in infections and masks are still recommended in areas where community transmission is considered high. how will these new guidelines affect the bay area? joining us tonight, doctor about kerr on with stanford medical school specializing in infectious disease. thank you for your time this evening. so >> some people say that this relaxation of the cdc guidelines is long overdue. a lot of people are not even at hearing to them anyway. others few there's still a risk because covid is still prevalent. what is your


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