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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  August 19, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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[audio logo] >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> you're coming pretty quick >> to 95 new audio just released moments before 2 planes collided while attempting to land on the same runway. and today we learned there are no survivors. and yesterday afternoon's crash. thank you for being with us tonight on kron. 4 news at 5. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis a community in watsonville grieving tonight after learning that 3 people and a dog were killed after those 2 planes collided. mid air federal authorities say that they still have several
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unanswered questions for justin campbell is live in watsonville with the latest. justin, you are. they're all day yesterday and the news got worse when we heard that 3rd person died. yeah, that's right. grant. the ntsb today had a press conference earlier and they said they will be looking at conducting interviews with witnesses. they will also see if speed was a factor and they will also see what the weather was like. but that investigation could take up to a year. >> but we have new audio just moments before the crash. take a listen to what you hear from another pilot. >> we've got work on. final approach. somebody else on final. went down in the >> now what you're looking at
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is surveillance video. you can see one of the planes preparing to land at the airport. seconds later, it appears to plummet to the ground as witnesses look on another angle captures the aftermath of the second plane hitting the ground. a fiery explosion and plume of thick black smoke. all 3 people killed including a dog in this mid air collision. the airport director said earlier today that this watsonville community is a very tight knit community and they are grieving the the coroner has still not identified who the 3 people are. >> as soon as we get that information, we will pass that along to you for now. we're live here in watsonville, justin campbell kron. 4 news. appreciate that. justin still tonight, so many questions about how something like this could happen. yeah, you can point to in just a kid, you think that this could have been avoided. >> it could have been and there are going to be a lot of questions and they're going to analyze the show you what
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we're talking about here, the watsonville airport. i'm a single engine i'm not instrument rated, but i have flown into watsonville a number of times. >> and this is the runway were talking about its runway to 0. and as i mentioned before, the the numbers are the a compass headings. so it's 2, 0, 0, degrees. 1, 8, 0, of course, is due south. 2, 0, is a little bit more towards southwest. a typical airport that does not have a control tower like watsonville. you find what is called the pattern. you come in and it's left traffic for landing on 2, 0, so you come in from any direction you're going in or left downwind and you follow alongside the runway to get here and turn what's called base. then you turn base and then you turn final and land. so no matter what direction you're coming from at the airport, even if you're coming from the opposite direction, unify over the runway and enter left down when left base and then final. so what's happened here today or
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yesterday, rather is apparently this twin engine cessna was coming from several miles away and going straight in on final. nothing wrong with that. that's not illegal is not breaking any rules, but it is a little atypical because he didn't enter there. traditional traffic pattern. he's a twin engine plane is coming in pretty fast. he's flying right for to 0 at the same time, as you heard in that audio, this other pilot in the single engine cessna is turning left base. well, here we have a conflict. we have 2 planes converging at the end of the runway and apparently one didn't see the other. you heard the one pilots say you're coming in pretty quick i'm going to go around. but apparently right after that is when the collision took place. and also it's worth noting we had the small plane has a high wing, makes it impossible to see right above you. the twin engine had a low wing, makes it impossible for him to see attorneys. so if that wind was higher, they wouldn't be able to see each other at all, depending on how far apart
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they were. so like a perfect storm, right? but they have been talking these 2 pilots, right? and so they they knew that they were in the same vicinity. >> exact. but they we think are are its it's possible that they they didn't have eyes on one another ever. and that's >> those are the exact questions. atnt s p is going to try to figure out and try to understand they'll have a they should have a readout on some radar images that show exactly where each of them were their ground speed there airspeed their descent rate and how they came together. that could be a factor when they look at the wings that could play the part. we don't know that it did, but that's one big factor that they will be looking at. you know, there's a thing with pilots called big sky theory. it's really hard to hit another plane, you know, almost intentionally. it's hard to do that because it's a big sky and planes are really small. when you look at the sky. but when you get close to the
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airport, everything's coming together, right? everybody's trying to get to the same place. the runway. and in this case, if you're not vigilant and looking out your heads on a swivel, even with you when you're talking to somebody, you know, accidents can happen. and again, as you pointed out earlier in your report, there's no air traffic control tower to give them a heads up. if there was a tower there, the tower would taken steps to prevent this from happening. that's the main job of air traffic control's keep planes from doing this exact same thing. is this something you've ever worried about at a airport when you're landing? that doesn't have a tower? it is it something the pilots talk about, you know? >> when they're, you know, just kind of when you know the procedure, you know, you're supposed to kind of follow that typical pattern. and i've been guilty of coming in on a straight in because you're coming back from a long trip. it's easy. and that's the same direction. just land on the runway right? and you know, then you have to go around. you're going to add a few minutes to your flight. your tire just want to get on the ground. but, you know, in interest of safety, he always got to keep your your alert
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here. you're spider sense up. the possibility is going to be other. there's this saying that you pilots habit get there, i guess exactly. and that's and that gets in trouble. exactly. thanks for that perspective. can thank them for that to the east bay. now a monkey pox vaccine clinic is going to be opening in oakland this sunday. it will be held across the street from the oakland lgbtq community center. >> it is located on lakeshore avenue. the clinic runs from 10:00am to 2. the clinic will be open right on through september. 25th. >> cases of monkeypox continue to increase every day across the state. california now reporting more than 2600 probable or confirmed cases since this outbreak during a celebrate f-ing. today, the state director of public health said california still has not received enough doses to vaccinate people at high risk. kron four's dan kerman reports. california still isn't received enough doses of monkeypox vaccine. >> to protect those most at risk. but the state public
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health director says the federal government's new method of vaccinating people by dividing one vial into 5 doses will help. intradermal strategy is really critical to be able to vaccinate. >> vaccinate more people. so we're not there yet, but we're moving in the right direction during a tele beefing friday, doctor, tomas aragon said, well, federal guidelines advise people to stay home until all monkeypox lesions are fully healed. >> and a fresh layer of skin he's formed at least insights state guidelines offer what they call a more practical approach. some people have lesions that are very limited on their body. >> it may take a while. it may take a while for that to heal and they may be part of the body that there's no risk of exposing other people. so we wanted to put together guidelines that are more practical for for those situations, get people of the >> information they need. so that if they can cover up the lesions completely. the lesions have have stopped increasing for 48 hours. they
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don't have a fever and they're feeling well and they completely covered up. then they can resume a normal activities are gun was also asked about state data which indicates cases. >> may have started leveling off in california. he says he's hopeful, but it's too early to say the number of cases are going down. >> as infection has trouble finding susceptible people to infect. and that happens really to 3 major ways. one is the first one is that people develop immunity because they've been vaccinated. people develop immunity because they'me been infected in the recovery or people change their behavior and they're not out there having as much contact. so that means less opportunities for transmission to occur that those 3 things coming together, it was going to it's what's going to the epidemic curve down. >> dan kerman kron, 4 news. more than 14,000 monkeypox
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cases of the virus have been reported in the u.s. since may. and now some senators are urging congress to find money for testing and treatment and to finance domestic production of monkeypox vaccines. through the defense production act. >> this crisis is going to deepen and broaden unless we address it immediately. manufacturers that are now producing either. kinds of medicine could and would be compelled to start producing this kind of act. >> the cdc is urging everybody to stay vigilant to reduce your risk of infection. the white house did not respond directly to the lawmakers request but says the president continues to weigh all options to stop the spread of this virus. well, the time now we're taking a live look outside this gentleman who out of the pier. it's at lawrence. it's right now it.
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>> yeah. summertime with the livin is easy. we're at the pier in pacifica and yeah, we've gone fishing here and hey, you know what? just a couple of minutes ago we had a gentleman right down here. he pulled in a big bat, right? i mean, a big one. it was so big that to get a crab net to pull it up. so things are active out here. there's a lot of fun out here. the pacifica pier. yeah, it's a little bit on the chilly side. you've got to be prepared. there's a lot of fog out here. and of course, get a little damp out here as well. but got the seagulls flying by. you've got the pelicans flying by and you've got a chance to catch a fish. what a great time out here. hey, guys, the weather today. yeah. cool along the coastline. we've got that fog rolling on in and a little bit of a break toward the golden gate bridge right now, which is kind of nice. but that feel a little bit later on the meantime, you have the clouds are moving on in a more that on the way, especially as we head through the evening tonight and pushing into the bay. still, yeah. high pressure is going to be building in off the pacific. now it's big dominant ridge from the 4 corner that is going to send these
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temperatures soaring outside. i think tomorrow afternoon. again, we're back in the triple digits spots, 100 degrees in concord, 100 in antioch, 98 degrees in a little more temperatures in the 70's in the san francisco next couple days. keep you on the hot side. least in the but cool down quite a bit. as we head in towards sunday and monday. that will be a little bit of relief. so that's some good news. but we're going to be out here fission all evening long. guys are just going to throw line and we've got some anchovies got a little warm out there. here we go. let's see what happens. let's let that soak out there for a little while. we'll be back all night long. all the way till 7 guys, back to you. bill fallen. >> yeah, and we're noticing you're not wearing your fancy studio blazer out there. i guess with all those like these coal mine, he's faking it. thanks like all all right. coming up, why pharmacies are now urging people to get their flu shots earlier this year.
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and the judge ending that theranos trial. >> making a decision today that could determine how long the elizabeth holmes and her business partner. >> should be sentenced for. >> plus, a new poll shows overwhelming support for a guest who governor gavin newsom to be our next president. information coming up after the break.
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>> poll shows waning support
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for president biden and a split between voters within his own party on whether a biden should seek a second term called for sleep to go report support, though, for governor newsom's potential candidacy is picking up some steam. >> democrats surveyed by the berkeley institute government studies are split over whether president joe biden should seek a second term in office with 46% in and 46% opposed all 9200 registered voters were polled and 61% say president biden today back down. way too early to make a call right now. demise of job i run for political analyst michael yaki says it's not uncommon for presidents to see their approval ratings dip in their early years in office. there's a lot of things in play right now. the >> infrastructure bill. last year, people are just starting to get to work on that inflation reduction act and what that does for clean energy and job creation. there's going to be another
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example. so there he does have time. there's a lot of running room to play catch-up and and get to a point where he feels comfortable going into election cycle in 2024. 16 alternatives were presented to registered democrats in the poll. and governor gavin newsom and vermont senator bernie sanders topped the list tied with 13% support. vice president kamala harris followed with 10%. governor newsom has not publicly commit to a presidential run. a good shot to go good boost to the ego. >> little little else in terms of real consequences for what may be down the road in 16 months. 38 1% of registered california republican support a second trump presidency. >> but if he decides not to run, florida governor ron desantis is pulling as the favorite. if the republicans sided with trump back in. i think a lot of people are going to be looking joe biden, but with a lot brighter overall, 87% of state republicans do not want 4 more years of president biden.
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>> ball from 4 news. >> a controversial bill that would legalize a pilot program for safe drug. injection sites in california could be signed into law today. senate bill 57 would create spaces where drugs can be used under supervision. it passed the senate by a slim margin and is now in the hands of governor supporters of the legislation say it would help those experiencing addiction, but opponents argue that it will only make matters worse by creating crowds of drug users in the area surrounding the site. if it's approved, the new injection site would be part of a five-year pilot program in oakland, san francisco and los angeles. the driver was killed along interstate 80 in oakland just before 5 o'clock this morning. a little west of the macarthur maze. >> but by west grand ave the chp shut down interstates 5, 88, 80 was heavy traffic on the flyover lane. an investigation into exactly what happened is underway. a
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motorcyclist sustained only minor injuries after being struck by a vehicle on the bay sending his harley davidson just flying over the barricade and into the bay. nearly 300 feet below, according to the chp, a mini cooper was merging into the fast lane yesterday morning. it collided with the biker the biker was able to stay on the bridge, but his harley, it flew much further. the rider was able that, you know, take himself to the hospital, even to be treated for his injuries, which were minor. crews are attempting to locate and remove the motorcycle from the bay new support for asian seniors in san francisco assemblymember phil ting an ounce 3.5 million dollars. >> to support the community. moreithan 2 million of that money will go towards renovating the south sunset playground clubhouse. it is meant to be a safe refuge for ap. i seniors in the community. senior center that's on.
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>> the suspect in the deadly laguna woods church shooting has pleaded not guilty. 68 year-old david chou is being held in orange county after his arraignment today. he faces nearly a dozen charges, including first-degree murder. a local doctor was killed and 5 others were injured at geneva presbyterian church back in may. investigators believe chu who lived in las vegas targeted the victims because they were tie one ease. the fbi has opened federal hate crime investigation. the orange county district attorney's office says if convicted chou could face the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole. he is due back in court for a pretrial hearing in october. still ahead, u.s. authorities issue an updated travel warning for several areas in mexico. what they're urging u.s. citizens to avoid. >> and more than a year after the fall of kabul. we're going to check in on how immigrants have been doing.
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found to gain temporary entry into the u.s. more than 66,000 afghans applied through a process called humanitarian parole. the process requires filling out piles of paperwork and you have months of waiting. it's expensive to almost $600 per person to do that. in contrast, the documents showed after russia invaded ukraine. the u.s. created a special process for ukrainians, which you can file online for free san jose legal non-profit center wants to highlight the unequal systems and see some change. >> i hope it's nothing that's intentional. that something that they realize, ok, well, was actually working well for for ukraine. we can maybe a clear and quite a similar a program looked identical, but similar program for so we're just hoping that in the next you weeks or months, we will
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have some change in the way afghans are being taken out of afghanistan and pulled into the united states. >> the report uncovered only 123, afghan humanitarian parole applicants were approved from july of 2021. through may of this year, 123 compare that to 68,000 ukrainian applicants that have been approved. >> a british member of isis has been sentenced to 8 life in prison terms for his role in the deaths of 4 americans. el shafee elsheikh was among 3 men accused in a hostage taking scheme. he was also charged in the torture that led up to the murders of those hostages. the americans killed were james foley. peter k sick? kayla mueller and steven sotloff. a l shake and an accomplice were captured in syria back in 2018, britain agreed to have them extradited to the u.s. for trial. the 3rd suspect known as jihadi john was killed in 2015. the u.s.
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state department has issued an updated travel advisory for mexico. the agency is citing an increased risk of crime and kidnapping. >> in certain areas of mexico following a weekend of violence in baja, california. u.s. citizens are being warned not to travel to several areas, including the mexican states of colima and zach of packets. and they're advised to consider traveling to several other areas, including baja, california. the u.s. citizens are also told not to use street taxis and not to travel alone. >> all right. hey, look at this. one of the biggest frauds in the world is flying in the u.s. for the first time the washington state department of agriculture says the atlas mark was found last month in bellevue. officials say these bugs are usually found in the tropics and that can be about 7 inches wide. just give you perspective there it is. it's big. it's this size of a bird it's
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unclear. it. it's unclear whether it escaped as a pat or not or part of a larger population in the area. the u.s. department of agriculture's asking anybody who happens to encounter the atlas ma to notify wildlife officials in their state. they're not dangerous or anything, but that they are considered a federally quarantine. pets. that means that it's illegal to raise or south and without a permit from the usda. >> now, the big problem, that high rise apartment flooded in preventing people from living there for months now has new issue. video of workers there allegedly going through people's vacant apartments doing that. try to help these residents. plus how a major airline is honoring the first black woman to earn a pilot's license and vaccines. not covid dot monkeypox. the good old flu shot. why it might be
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that time of year again, the beginning, know, august here of flu season. >> they say flu shots are now available and cvs pharmacy. hard to keep up. this year, cbs says it is going to be easier for families to get vaccinated during the same visit around force. has it made you and has details? >> if the flu streams come our way and most of our patients and communities are not you know, they're going to get the flu. we want to make sure everybody's vaccinated as soon as possible to prote t


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