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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  August 25, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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as we're venturing out there, we've got some low gray sitting right over the east bay here. that's been pretty par for the course of the past week. we've been seeing this low great filtering in more and more during your morning hours. that's actually been bringing a lot of the relief we've been enjoying towards the afternoon, though, as our daytime highs of steadily gotten cooler and cooler each and every day, very compressed marine layer at the coastline, though that is resulting in some very dense fog right up and down the coast as well. some drizzle in misty conditions watch out for a few wet spots, especially along highway one and even one 0 one as well as we move into the afternoon, less and less of the great trading it for some sunshine and enjoy a full sunshine as temperatures won't be quite as hot 50's and 60's for our current temps conquered hayward in pittsburgh, each at 61. alameda right at 60 degrees. while dublin, san mateo and san francisco in the upper 50's. a look ahead next. few days are going to only get cooler and cooler today. our first day with inland highs only averaging out in the upper 80's. believe it or not.
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we've been in the 90's and triple digits for a while. so this is truly some relief. more on your forecast is still ahead. let's get a quick look at those bridges, the bay bridge. first of all, metering lights not on. so you're rolling smoothly through the toll plaza. the san mateo bridge also a okay. you're going along just fine there across the span and a look at the richmond, sandra fell bridge. things are also looking good. you know that it will get busier. and once rain arrives at 05:00am should be keeping an eye on that. for 31 now. and we're getting a better idea of how san francisco's new district attorney plans to run her office wednesday. brooke jenkins released a new policy on cash bail in detention. kron four's dan kerman takes a close look. san francisco district attorney brooke jenkins says except in limited misdemeanor cases. >> she has no plans to have her. prosecutors see cash bail the disproportionate impacts that cash bail had on mainly communities of color. it, you know, it's people who are
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socially economically disadvantaged course, which oftentimes correlates with communities of color. and that's something that i did not >> want to ever reinstate for that reason. but jenkins is modifying the office's policies when it comes to asking judges to detain defendants without bail prior to trial. i want to make sure that as a policy we are prioritizing public safety in our in our analysis and our thought process. for example, detention requests may be made for repeat offenders, selling large quantities of fentanyl as well as those involved in violence. anyone who's committing a violent crime in san francisco certainly is a situation where we will be considering filing a pretrial detention motion like i said, people who have been given less restrictive opportunities to be out in the public while their cases are pending. but who have continued to violate those are are people who we will have to conduct that analysis with people who prior violent crime in their history. that's something that we also should be taking into account in assessing the risk that they pose to the public.
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jenkins predecessor, be. dean also instituted a risk based process for requesting no bail detention. but jenkins said the analysis was flawed putting too many chronic and violent offenders back on the street pending trial. the prior simply had a focus on eliminating cash bail, but not making a lawyer's conduct. the analysis correctly on whether or not someone posed a public safety risk such that we needed to take a different course with that person. but in a statement, san francisco's public defender says jenkins characterization of this new policy as limited is disingenuous as the stated policy is both broad and vague. already we have a number of misdemeanor attorneys who each have a handful of cases where the prosecutors sought pretrial detention most concerning da jenkins policy will increase the number of people caged prior to trial. dan kerman kron. 4 news on to a growing
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controversy in the race for oakland. mayor, the problem, a last-minute change of the filing date has led to several candidates being disqualified. >> one of the mayoral candidates is a civil rights attorney who says what's happened just doesn't add up. kron four's terisa stasio has the story. >> more lives than did meet elisa victory. she was an oakland mayor, real candidate until recently when she was told she didn't make the cut. >> i submitted 100 nomination signatures only 50 required. as the middle 11 endorser signatures. only 10 are required. >> victory is a civil rights attorney. she says that she and several others were caught off guard recently when the city clerk of oakland. >> called on august. 12th. >> and forming her. there had been a mistake. the deadline to file was that day. the 12th, not the 17th, which was in the candidates printed handbook. i say, you know, what are you reasonably going
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to do since this is your air? >> they said all we can do is call you directly intel. you've got to get down here and i did all of that. i guess is very stressful. it was huge success and milestone just to have filed. >> i did not find out until tuesday morning when i had to physically walk into the clerk's office because nobody would respond to me. but there was any insufficiency in my signatures. victory says she reached out repeatedly to the city attorney's office but hasn't heard back about her disqualification related to her endorser signatures. >> a city spokesperson tells kron 4 the clerk's office made a clerical error looking at the wrong state election code section determining when filing was to take place. however, we believe that we need to do everything that we can to make sure that it was a is able t- put her name on the ballot council member and candidate shane tao is supporting victories, fight to be on the ballot to really honor democracy here, right?
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that's what it's all about. oakland city council member and also may oriole candidate loren taylor tweeted his outrage on the deadline fiasco in defendant victories right to be on the ballot as well as 3 other disqualified candidates by the clerk's office. the open spokesperson said that they regret the confusion this has caused, adding, quote, neither the city clerk or any other city official has discretion to alter or waive state election laws, including authority to extend the filing deadline and quote, victory says that she may seek legal recourse. theresa kron, 4 news. >> candidates to be the next mayor of oakland will be taking part in a non-partisan for him. the center for elders, independents will host the candidates next tuesday at the laney college theater. it starts at 6. the candidates will talk about things including senior health care, housing and public safety. the search continues for 14 year-old lyla. patrick. the
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team from pleasant hill has been missing since last saturday. police say she was last seen in oakland's wearing pajamas, possibly with a friend and heading to antioch investigators searching for her in all 3 cities. her classmates at college park high school in pleasant hill are circulating photos on social media in hopes of finding her. >> it's knowing that we're missing a student news, but it doesn't count takes away from the whole spirit that we're trying to have to have. you know that about her when she comes back, she's going to be supported by the student body. we're going to be there for her. her family is going to be there for. >> police say there's no indication that patrick has been kidnapped. a reward is being offered for information leading to her safe return. a former prison warden at the federal prison in dublin is facing charges for alleged abuse of inmates. the department of justice says 55 year-old ray j garcia is charged with 7 counts of sexually abusive conduct towards 3 women and one count of making false statements to government agents. the doj
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says garcia lie to them about his conduct and he allegedly asked the inmates multiple times to address and touched all 3 victims in a manner. a jury trial for garcia is scheduled for november. 21st, if convicted, garcia faces a maximum sentence of 60 years. all california bars will continue to close at 02:00am. state senator scott wiener had introduced a bill that would extend the hours for alcohol sales but did not pass the state assembly. the bill would have allowed bars in san francisco, oakland in la to stay open until 03:00am on week nights and 40 am on weekends. wiener had pushed similar bills before, but all of them have been defeated. opponents argue the change would only lead to more drunk driving accidents. south san francisco police are reporting an alarming increase in dui arrests. kron four's haaziq talk to them about what they're doing to keep buzz drivers from getting behind the wheel.
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>> you're looking at a photo of a vehicle on the train tracks here in south san francisco. the adult male driver was arresttd for being under the influence. police say the timing was very fortunate because these train tracks are active. 24 hours a day. >> if there was a it would have been. catastrophic. >> it happened in the overnight hours saturday near south linden avenue at dollars street investigators say officers from a neighboring police department followed the vehicle into south city. were officers there assisted in making the that driver pulled onto the tracks, thinking it was parking lot. >> officers got out subsequently contacted that driver and determined that driver was under the influence south san francisco police officials say in 2022 driving under the influence arrest are up 62% a year to date. we've made 112 arrest. that's from
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beginning of this year. until about now. that sounds like a lot. it is a lot. it is a lot compared to the 69 dui arrestso made at this point in 2021. here are more photos from this year's driving under the influence accidents in south san francisco. investigators say they can't quite put their finger on why there's been an increase in duis. but >> they say they are taking additional steps this weekend to deter dui checkpoint. >> so we will be out there in force. please do not drink and drive. first of all, you get arrested. by the time you go to court and all of that, there's approximately about a little over $13,000 in fines that you'll be facing. i'm not to mention you lose your license and all that for. >> for what? in south san francisco has made you kron? 4 news. >> happening today, state regulators are expected to approve laws to phase out the sale of new gasoline-powered cars banning them altogether by 2035. now, if the measure
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passes, it would be the first such banned worldwide and given the size of california's economy, the move would cause a ripple effect across the u.s. car market and other states would have followed california's lead on tighter vehicle emissions in the past. they can also follow suit earlier this year, the biden administration reinstated california's ability to set its own emission standards, a privilege which had been rolled back by the trump administration. the new law would not impact used vehicles allowing them to be bought and sold beyond that 2035 cut off for new vehicles. coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news. a dream coming true. >> hear how one east bay boy wants to go to disney world. the details in just a few minutes.
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>> welcome back for 44, the city of san francisco is buying 2 more buildings and will be turning them into housing. mayor london breed announced the city received a little bit more than 73 million dollars in state homekey awards to buy city gardens on 12th street and mission in on mission street. the purchases would add 250 new homes for people experiencing homelessness, including the first building
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dedicated to families under the mayor's homelessness recovery plan. the city is set to a goal of buying or leasing 1500 new units over the course of the next 2 years. a homeless camp that sausalito is main ship park is no more. there is now fencing and signs around the park to keep people out. crews cleared it out last week after reaching a settlement with a group representing the people who are living there. the homeless camp first formed back in 2020, a mile or so south of the park. but when it grew too large for the site, the city allowed residents to move to main ship park and that soon became a problem for many neighbors. the beginning. >> things were neat and clean because they just arrived. but, you know, i walked by here every day and slowly, you can just see a lot clutter and dirt and smells and it would just get to the point where it was so overwhelming. >> sausalito officials paid about 30 people $18,000 each for leaving the camp and let
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them decide where to go next. alcatraz is getting an infrastructure upgrade. the national park service announced about 35 million dollars in federal funding is going to the golden gate. national recreation area to repair in seismically, strengthen the concrete wharf on the island. the work is used by more than a million visitors each year. time for another check of conditions out there. and as we're stepping outside, we're doing it's to continually cool morning and definitely some gray skies much like we've seen the past few days. your view from the east bay hills still very cloudy. that's because cloud cover sitting right above the for most of our bridges, you're driving right beneath it. continued improvement in air quality that northerly wind that had been pushing smoking earlier this week is continue to relax. that's transporting less and less of that smoke our direction and meaning better air quality for us. as we round out this week. not to mention. we've also got a dip in the jet stream right to our
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north. that is cooling things off for us down to some of the coolest temperatures, some of our inland areas have seen in multiple weeks very, very compressed marine layer that fog at the coastline resulting in misty drizzly, conditions and poor visibility. as you're traveling up and down highway one through the golden gate. we also fog advisory, you head inland from there and that blanket of fog sits right above the better visibility, but definitely seeing that gray this morning before a dose of afternoon. sunshine. as far as today's daytime highs go it 60's for san francisco today. 50's and 60's out along the coastline. a very gray coast today. don't expect a whole lot of sun out that direction for the bayshore. it's back to the 70's low 80's, another comfortably warm day in the spots. san jose. 85 for your daytime high. looking at 70's in union city and hayward while livermore hanging on to those 90's, just barely nearby. pleasanton on up through walnut tree to concord. only in the 80's today. oakland at 73 for your daytime high. well, looking at
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the lay, what a comfortable. 75 napa down to 78 antioch in vacaville, barely holding on to the 90's. only 3 90's and today's 4 zone forecast and tomorrow right around the same will get even cooler yet into the weekend with saturday and sunday bringing inland highs averaging out only in the low to mid 80's bayside and coastal areas in the 60's to 70's with the coast, staying with the 60's skies. do stay clear overall in this forecast with dry conditions all the way through. getting a look at our bridges, the bay bridge still looking nice and empty. nothing really pushing through there at the time being the san mateo bridge is also doing just fine. a few cars heading towards the peninsula and a few less even heading towards the east bay. and a look at the richmond, sandra fell bridge. also no backup there at the tolls. it will be a smooth drive over the north bay. 4.48, the hardly strictly bluegrass festival is coming up in about a month in golden gate park. we're learning a little bit more about what's in store, including which artists will be taking part
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and the out of the park shows those shows will be held at venues around the city like the fillmore street, water and music hall and the palace of fine arts featured artists include marcus, mumford bunny light horsemen and moon. alice, hardly strictly will be held from this year, september 30th and that tell october seconds. the silicone valley pride festival and parade is coming to downtown san jose this weekend. it will be from 30 it will be from 0 30 noon from north market street and sell west julian street to west san fernando street. the festival starts at 6 saturday night at plaza de cesar chavez park. and at noon on sunday contestants for american idol and queen of the universe will be there. silicon valley pride was the only large scale pride celebration to go on in california in 2021, it was renamed from san jose pride in
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2014 to include the wider region. a dream will soon be coming. true for a little boy battling a very rare brain cancer in the east bay. he's going to disney world kron four's. justine waltman spoke with the 5 year-old boy and his family about this trip and bringing joy to their lives. >> you want to go to disney? a trip to the most magical place on earth would be a long ways away from the hospital beds. 5 year-old jammer everson is used to staying in. >> just before his 3rd birthday, his parents, samantha in bradley everson. notice they're normally active. son did not want to walk or eat at the advice of their doctor. they took straight to the hospital where they found a jammer had cancer over hunter tumors in his brain and spine. doctors found a very rare brain cancer in the little boy from newark and
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during the height of the pandemic, he started chemotherapy, which nearly crushed them on the stream and all treatments are not for. >> seeing 3 year-old a 5 you know, for pediatrics jammers is nonverbal. but his parents notice the one thing that made him happy during his hospital stays. >> watching disney shows now the family has started a campaign with one of the time, a nonprofit with a mission to make sure no sick child feels alone. they are raising money to take a family trip to disney world to bring some joy back to their lives. want to make those memories. and now we actually. >> you have the opportunity. you it's just it's it's we just want to see him smile. we want to see them all smile. it's just been rough few years. jammers cancer has no cure. >> but happiness could sure help. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news. 4.51. we'll be right back.
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mark coleman: south florida is very transient. people are coming and going constantly. twenty-seven years ago, i planted the church that we're at now. in the first summer, a third of our congregation moved away and they were all leaders.
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ringing in my ear was dr. stanley saying, "trust god, trust god."
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54. let's get one last. look, i should say one last. look, we've got a whole lot of looks coming up at 05:00am of the 7 day. but it's one less look at
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the 04:00am hour temperatures out. there are actually going to be staying really comfortable for inland area over the next several days. look at that. only upper 80's to low 90's. >> bayside cities remain in the 60's to 70's while coastal areas in the 60's. i know it's only august and we actually ever hottest months of the year ahead. but this seems a little bit like fall to me and at least for the moment, i think we'll savor it. back this story right here, which get your skin crawl in a little bit. researchers in florida say a small species of shark with the ability to walk on land is evolving to better survive the climate crisis. the couple that shark is common in the shallow reef waters of us trillions, new guinea. they can walk on land for about 90 feet. that's enough to chase you using its paddle shaped fins and it can survive without oxygen for up to 2 hours. there's no sharks. this means it's able to survive and evade predators and reach areas with more
4:56 am
plentiful food. then the many of its sealock cousins, experts say warming seas may be driving the sharks toward land. you know, he does look small and harmless. so i'm going to wait panic for now. but walking sharks is not what i planned on today. coming up on the next hour, a little saigon neighborhood will now see increased police patrols. >> here, the catalyst as well as the president of oakland's chamber of congress. what they're saying say air regulators are expected to approve laws to phase out the sales of new gasoline-powered vehicles banning them altogether by 2035, we have a live report in just a few minutes. and a number of open mayoral candidates are now disqualified after a clerk air. hear why those running are imploring the office to allow just qualified candidates to remain in the race.
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john? will the early club gets the best weather because we are of a been avoiding the heat. have you been getting up this early? at least? but here's the good news for those of you that have been avoiding the heat, you know, really have to worry about that for much longer. we've got a nice cool down taking shape in the rest of this forecast done with the 90's for a whole lot of spots in lab to hear that at least for your seven-day forecast. your look outside right now looking relatively clear at the surface, at least we do have cloud cover sitting right above the bay. as you can see, sitting above financial district. here's the good news most of us don't have visibility issues. if you are traveling up and down highway one, though, at the coast, watch out for dense fog out that direction and also some mist and drizzle. we have a very compressed marine layer right at the coast and that is making for some very wet conditions. and also that low visibility out there. that also means at the coast you're going to stay foggy all day while the rest of the bay area, as you see here in fog cast does clear up pretty nicely. current temperatures are in the 50's and 60's with concord oakland-alameda. each


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