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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  August 25, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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us tonight on kron. 4 news at 6. i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan. pam and ken are off tonight. nuru was the first of several public officials and private individuals to be arrested in connection with that scandal. >> sentencing was today. kron four's dan kerman is live from the federal courthouse and has more than >> federal prosecutors argued this was all about greed and the judge agreed sentencing new route to 7 years behind bars. >> former san franeisco public works director mohammed nuru was sentenced thursday to 7 years in federal prison. and a $35,000. fine after pleading guilty to accepting more than a half million dollars in bribes and kickbacks. prosecutors say over 12 years nuru betrayed the public trust by accepting money, trips and other goods and services from city contractors and developers in return for steering city business their way. prosecutors sought 9 years saying nuru believed he was above the law and the
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lengthy sentence would deter other public officials from taking part in this level of corruption. new ruse attorneys called for a 3 year sentence saying extra years, don't create more deterrents. they also pointed out new routes, recent heart attack his diabetes and his years of community service as contributing factors. but in sentencing nuru to 7 years, judge william orrick said this type of public corruption cannot be tolerated in a democratic society. and when discovered it should come at a high cost. his way out of the courthouse. nuru had nothing to say to reporters. but in a statement issued by his attorneys, nuru says, again, i want to apologize to the people of san francisco for my misconduct. now that sentencing is behind me. i plan to concentrate on my family and my health in the near term. i look forward to the time that i can return to serving my community and worked to repair the damage that my actions caused both the city and my family.
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>> now, in addition to nuru other government officials as well as private individuals, that either been indicted or have pleaded guilty to corruption charges in the city hall scandal. a new rule is due to report himself for federal prison on january 6th of next year live at the federal courthouse in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. thank you, dan. reaction to sentences coming into the newsroom tonight. the fbi, san francisco bureau releasing a statement that reads in part. >> today's sentence sends a clear message that public officials who abuse their power for personal gain will be punished. the fbi's investigation into this case is not over. we will continue to unravel and disrupt corruption within the city of san francisco. and we're also hearing from the san francisco public works department. their statement reads in part, we maintain its 0 tolerance policy when it comes to unethical and or illegal behavior among our staff. despite the challenges at no
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time did the hard working men and women of san francisco public works waiver from our obligations to take care of our city. >> mayor breed's office has released a statement saying that she has fully supported the federal investigation from the beginning and encouraged full participation by city employees. the mayor says it is critical that people who break the law violate public trust are held accountable and says there's been a focus on restoring trust with reforms and new leadership for what she called the hardworking people who work in our departments. >> enough is enough. that is the clear message tonight the clear message tonight coming from an alameda county says he's just fed up with all the recent crime in oakland and he is not the only one venting his frustration over the city's handling of public safety kron four's haaziq madyun has that story. >> you know, i'm i'm extremely angry. >> alameda county supervisor nate miley has had enough of
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what he calls lawlessness in oakland, anyone, city leaders to do something about it but pushed me over the edge >> was this most recent killing of of the the dennis over little try a little aside gone. i mean, we've seen dispensaries that have been robbed. we've seen smash-and-grabs. we've seen strong armed robberies. same side shows we've seen so much going on in oakland that the lawlessness is just out of >> is the city leadership not meeting this moment? >> i mean, i would hate to. go on record, but i really have to because i try to stay in my lane. i don't think the city's the city leadership is meeting this moment just because it doesn't seem to diminishing. it seems to be increasing. have you reached out to the city council? president council president? i had a conversation to conversations. in fact, supervisor miley is calling out the president of the oakland city council.
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nikki fortunato bass and her council colleagues as elected leaders tasked with keeping the city safe. and as a resident of the city for 40 years. >> or as a taxpayer in the city who we pay a lot of taxes and the city. >> city. government has an obligation to us for public safety as a core service. and i think their family and he is not alone and no longer holding back his disapproval of the oakland city council is handling the public safety. earlier this week i spoke to oakland, chinatown, chamber of commerce, president carl chan who had this to say. >> i know i'll be ripple deeply politically correct. i have to say it's ok, you know. council member of the senate district kind of down in week in they decide on area in district 2, you know, and you know, she's not doing the best job, ok? >> oakland city council president nikki fortunato defends her record on public safety. i am incredibly proud of my record.
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>> to promote safety and a vibrant community in little saigon where there has been an increase of violence. we're doing a number things. i'm working directly with our community in the area are community. our businesses as well as our chinatown community in little saigon. i have outdated money in our budget so that we can create a business improvement district. i have money in our budget. and i spoke with the deputy chief about opening up a police watch station or substations. so there can be more police presence. however, supervisor miley is saying it is not enough and is calling on the council president to convene an emergency public safety meeting and to include him because he says he is willing to help. i would come to the table and offer whatever suggestions. >> recommendations i can provide to the city leadership and i would bring county
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officials, the sheriff's department, the district attorney, a public defender probation, a public health who ever we need to bring to the table to be a part of that discussion. >> haaziq kron. 4 news. >> and some breaking news just into the kron. 4 news in the chp has issued an endangered missing advisory about a 9 year-old boy sees picture here. authorities say they're looking for june and newton. he's just 4, 7, that 100 pounds. you see what he looks like. black hair, brown eyes and 30 say he was last seen this morning about 11, 15 at markham elementary school. he was wearing a pink t-shirt with dinosaurs on the front blue jeans, black jordan shoes. police are asking anyone with any information to call 9-1-1. >> in the north bay, sandra fell. police are looking for 2 men accused of robbing a 7.11 and carjacking one of the customers in the store. it happened on north san pedro tuesday morning. police say 2
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men walked into that store with guns. they demanded cash. they took the money. they carjacked one of the customers. and police later found the victim's car and then do a drive. they could not at that point find the suspect. anyone with information is being asked to call. sandra fell. police. >> now to our monkeypox coverage and calls for more m-pox vaccines are continuing this time. they're coming from senator alex padilla. the senator visited the vaccine clinic at san francisco general hospital today. he's urging the federal government to send at least 600,000 more doses to california. >> and kron four's rob nesbitt is live in the newsroom with a look at how that number rob compares to the need for doses. and san francisco, catherine and grant the department of public health in san francisco had initially requested 35,000 doses of the dose vaccine. >> the department's director saying today that the virus could become endemic if that need isn't met and met soon. >> friday will mark the one 100th day since the first reported case of monkeypox in
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the u.s. and the speeches at podiums continue this time. senator alex padilla calling for 600,000 more vaccines for the department of health and human services. we must do war. we simply do not have the supply of vaccines. to meet the need of a number of people requesting. >> the vaccines, california surpassing 3,000 m-pox cases, the second highest in the nation behind new york and san francisco director of the department of public health doctor grant colfax says 12,000 shots of the vaccine are needed to stop the spread. if we don't do enough, we face the possibility that this disease could become endemic. >> and continue to harm people for the foreseeable future. while some parts of the country have started to offer second doses, san francisco's vaccine clinics continue to prioritize. first shots only infectious disease expert at ucsf. doctor peter chin-hong says those concerned about the delay should be put at ease knowing the effectiveness of
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first doses. >> the jumps out of the cars re the first shot and the boosters. just a reminder to the union says some in the same way, we think about boosters for covid vaccines. expect second shots will be offered here within the next 6 months. cases continue to rise. but at slower rates, the doctor giving a positive update thursday when it comes to the sickest of the sick. we're seeing a drop in the number of serious cases right now crediting the vaccines and those who have already tested positive with m-pox because if you had and parks you not going to get it again. we think that you have. immunity for many years, if not lifelong. doctor colfax said today the san francisco department of public health is expecting to get 8,000 more vaccine soon. >> but he did seem a bit skeptical of that promise from the feds referencing the last shipment of 1600 doses which is far less than the 10,000 that came before that reporting live in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> thank you, rob. well, after a monthslong upward trend,
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world health officials say the number of global monkeypox cases appears to be on the decline. europe's outbreak could be slowing specifically to worldwide cases have dropped 21% in just the last week. but the americas still account for 60% of the past months infections that particularly true in latin america, cases in europe account for about 38% more than 45,000 cases have been reported in 98 countries since late april. >> coming up, housing for people who need it the most. the local city getting more than 50 million dollars to build affordable housing. >> also, california, ready to try to speed up the reduction of carbon emissions will have the latest on the plan to ban the sale of new gas-powered cars. >> a little fog, little drizzle around the bay area, but we're dealing with the possibility some flash flooding in other parts of california. we'll show you where coming up next.
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>> it's official this afternoon, the state air resources board green lighted a plan to ban the sale of new gas-powered cars. this is huge in california by the year 2035 and capital correspondent eytan wallace. he was at that meeting and shares what this will mean for drivers. the meeting here lasted some 5 hours in the bottom line is this in 13 years time, all new
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cars sold in california. >> must be electric. and us. >> all right. >> with that unanimous vote, the california air resources board officially approved a plan that come 2035. will require all new passenger cars and light trucks sold in california to either run on electricity or hydrogen. today's action by the air resources board will bring cleaner air to california bill mcgahan with the coalition for clean air attended the meeting to express his support for the plan. a plan that by 2026 will require. 35 1% of new cars sold in california to be electric with that number. increasing to 68% by 2030. and finally 100% by 2035. to any hope of delivering healthy air to californians we need to reduce pollution from motor vehicles. but the plan has some concerned about how it could be implemented with opponents pointing out of california energy commission
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study showed the state has just over 70,000 plug-in charging stations. now but will need 1.2 million by 2030, to meet electric vehicle demand. >> very admirable goal to want to create cleaner, greener, healthier communities. but at what cost john cabot act with the national federation of independent business stresses jobs in several sectors, including the california oil industry will likely see losses. >> that is he argues many californians cannot afford electric cars, cars that according to valuation company, kelley blue book on average, sell for thousands more than standard gas powered cars. who can afford that in this economy right now. so it's admirable goal of unrealistic goal. but board members say this is the right move for california. this is some will. >> and think we have choice but to move forward. but thoughtfully, this is really historical as many said. >> and in ways that, you know, we're going to look back on this day and say how amazing it was, what pulled off.
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>> now, this will not apply to used cars and anyone wishing to buy a new car after 2035. can do so. but of course, only across state lines reporting here at the california state capitol, a tonn wallace kron. 4 news. >> as california is considering abandoning gas powered cars today enrichment congressman john garamendi, another area leaders attended what was called the road to 0 event. they talked about their visions of how to transform hydrogen into transportation power. >> seeing around partnership is not new. a day spent 20 years. the way at cusp making it happen. now. and we can bring energy systems. >> 100% renewable >> and it's going to hide it. car industry experts were there and share their
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knowledge of the latest technologies from fuel cell and hydrogen innovators. >> governor newsom is promoting a new state and local partnership to tackle the ongoing homeless crisis. >> this time is different. we have the resources now on the front never had in the past. and so it allows us to get the folks and actually give him something that we never had passed. and that is a real opportunity to get all and get off the streets. >> newsom held a news conference this morning near an encampment in downtown los angeles. he was there to highlight new outreach efforts designed to simplify how the homeless access services, including dmv program to get the new ids. this comes a day after the governor announced a second round of funding for project homekey to create homeless housing units across the state. >> the city of san jose is getting more than 51 billion. excuse me million but still a lot of money. 51 million
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dollars to build new affordable housing. that money will be used to develop the lane monterey road site into transitional housing for the homeless. one city council member says it is expected that the illegal kampmann encampment, which is on that side right now will be cleared probably in the next few weeks. people living there are being given the offer of services and housing alternatives. >> after this project, this bill to continue engaging residents via the establishment of a community advisory committee which will provide input on the development and offer recommendations to the city. life moves on issues of public safety for hood impact, an on-site services. and with this collaboration will continue to maintain and grow the bridge of understanding between our unhoused that are broader communities. >> the project is part of the home key program and this will be the 5th interim housing project developed in san jose. all right. whether time now as we get a check of the 4 zone
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forecast >> live look there at the golden gate bridge. look at all that fog. but the bridge is wearing a hat and the rim or the bill is extending over the bay there. yeah. and again, you don't really see much of the bridge, but. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow was here lunch. you're talking about the possibility of flooding in southern california. storms really picking up the monsoon again. of course, we've got the fog, the low clouds and a lot of drizzle around the bay area overnight last night. and this morning we're likely going to see another round. some drizzle tonight. that fog. yeah. you have to contend with that around the bay. area's can start sweep on shore and move further inland. so as it moves on shore again, i think blanket all the way, the interior valleys overnight tonight, but some parts of bay area really watching things kind of pick up outside. you see the great stuff moving on shore right now or san francisco. that sea breeze is blowing temperature wise. 79 degrees in livermore, 78 in dublin 50's out toward the coastal section. 66 in 7 to 84 in concord is 71 degrees in napa right now. but things are
6:21 pm
getting active again with the monsoon. it start to move into southern california again, really, those thunderstorms just popping up in the afternoon hours going watch out for some flooding. there you have the mojave desert. you get near palm springs and further south. you see those storms popping up right now. a flash flood watch is in effect through thursday as we'll see another round of these storms move in by tomorrow afternoon. >> happening tonight, santa clara county will be spraying for mosquitoes and some areas of sunnyvale and cupertino. they'll start at about 10 o'clock. the county has from mosquitoes carrying the west nile virus and those areas. mosquitoes thrive in hot weather. so it is not really considered unusual to see more west nile cases. and we have details on how to prevent the spread of west nile on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> still to come, sideshows are taking over streets and residential neighborhood. south police are trying to take action to prevent
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embrace this phase. help protect them in the next. get a taste in southern california now pretty wild night in orange county. several sideshows happening in residential neighborhoods. >> at one point there was an argument, in fact, that broke out between spectators and a man armed with a machete and there was a fight at a different side show. chip yost has the story. >> enforcement officers aren't the only ones tired of seeing
6:25 pm
these street takeovers wednesday night in anaheim. police say they got more than a dozen calls from residents near orange wooden hastert. about all this commotion being caused to their it appears one resident even came out with what looked like possibly a pick ax or some other object in his hand to confront the >> the photographer who took that video says he followed the same group to 5 other locations overnight. we're similar street takeover scenes ensued at one location on the norwalk, santa fe springs border. a fight appeared to break out in others. the intersections were left. >> s the dona. so they do the peeling out of their tires causes damage to the asphalt, the striping of the street, specifically the traffic markings, the traffic engineering and public utilities. and i need to come back our east right, those streets to remark them clearly. so it's safe for pedestrians in the area of the drivers in the area. >> that was reporter chip yost
6:26 pm
reporting. gives the go ahead to release the redacted affidavit that okay, that. >> mara lago search the deadline now too, make it public. plus, as millions of people across the country are set to benefit from president biden, student loan forgiveness. many people are asking why on earth is college so expensive in the first place. we have experts weighing in on that topic. also tonight, alameda police have made an arrest in connection to it. several instances of grand theft in the bay area. how much the alleged thief was able to walk away with before being put behi
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>> our top story at 6.30, a string of grand theft from the bay area. they've been tied to a man in berkeley. that person is now in custody. he's accused of stealing $20,000 worth of electronics in the city of alameda and crown forcefully call has the story. >> on 4 separate occasions between april to last week. 48 year-old damien garnet ripped off the target store in alameda each time he would forcibly removed electronics from locked display cases a crime. customers say they're concerned about potentially happening while they are in the store. mckayla donofrio used to work at target in san francisco and says these thefts are dangerous. we had people who would steal giant handfuls of stuff and pull out
6:30 pm
the exit. >> without wearing who was in the way? and it wasn't much the security guards could do in barnett's case telling me the eventually targets loss. prevention team identified him because he was recognized from prior incidents. >> last week he was arrested in san leandro. he was booked into jail and charged in connection with the deaths. he's already been arraigned. shoppers say people are committing these crimes because they are desperate, think is this and it happened. yeah, inflation is. skyrocketed to gas prices that it was still some shoppers do not sympathize with targets last target. they make so much money every single day. who cares? damian garnet is also tied to other grand thefts throughout the bay area in alameda, philippe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> investigators in pleasant hill are still searching for 14 year-old lyla. patrick. the high school freshman has been missing since satuay


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