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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  August 29, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> that breaking news tonight takes us to the east bay where a 13 year-old student is in the hospital tonight after being shot at a middle school in oakland. thanks for joining us on the news at 5, i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. police confirmed the suspect has been taken into custody. the firearm that was used has been recovered. this all happened around one 30 this afternoon at madison park academy at 400 capistrano drive in east oakland. police say that the shooting happened at the school's junior high and that is where kron 4 s taylor joins us now live with
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the latest taylor. 13 year-old. fred, this is been a tough couple of days for oakland. you know, we had multiple shootings over the weekend and now the gun violence is impacting our young students. >> at schools, i can only imagine actually, you know, i can't imagine what the students or these parents of this cooler feeling. and again, this is the school where it happened. this is james madison middle school where that 13 year-old was shot by another student around one 30 this afternoon as recess was wrapping up. it's also important to note that the high school madison park academy is right next door. oakland police say they quickly responded, recovered the gun and arrested the suspect who is apparently the same age. we heard earlier from the chief. let's take a listen. >> sadly, gun violence is impacting our schools as well. you have heard from me over the last several weeks about a number of shootings and incidents that have happened in our schools and our playgrounds. this is impacting. every area in our
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city. nobody is immune from this level of gun violence. >> meanwhile, that 13, meanwhile, that 13 year-old victim was transported to a local hospital where they are in stable condition and expected to be okay. but it's still unclear what exactly happened and how this all unfolded. earlier, we hope to learn more details in the coming hours for now. we're live in oakland, taylor bisacky kron. 4 news. thank you, taylor oakland, mayor libby schaff. >> tweeted a reaction a short time ago saying schools should be the safest place for our kids as a mother and a mayor. i'm relieved the young victim that madison is in stable condition and the suspect apprehended the increased level of gun violence in our country. and our city is heartbreaking and unacceptable. during the press conference, oakland police also addressed the 6 homicides in that city over the past 4 days. it's the 4th week in a row. >> that police chief leronne
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armstrong address the gun violence seen over the weekend. thursday. police found a 19 year-old shot dead friday. they responded to a triple homicide. one of the victims involved in the altercation saturday morning. they found one person shot inside their car and just yesterday, police were called to a car crash in the shooting where they found one person dead. this is the deadliest month and deadliest week that oakland has seen all year. overall, the city has seen 83 homicides this year only to less than last year. community. >> to come together. to ask people to put down the guns. remove the firearms from our community. ask people to care a little bit more about each other here. a little bit more about our community. are overwhelming. our community. >> today the police department is recovered over 1000
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firearms already compared to last year. are they recovered 800? that is a 30% increase in that period. and been a violent weekend on bart on both sides of the bay. on friday, there was a shooting on a bart train near lake merritt in oakland. police are still looking for the suspect there. >> and yesterday, a man died in a stabbing outside a bart station in san francisco's mission district. kron rob nesbitt joins us now with how writers are reacting to this violence that's happening. more and more guys tweets about train station closures because of police activity are becoming more common from the bar twitter account. >> happening again on friday and sunday despite spartz best efforts to increase police and security. >> we always have to your shoulder. someone behind you. >> public transit should not come with fear. but that's what seems to be happening for bart riders wondering day to day what will happen during their daily commute on the train.
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>> every time happen, the bart and we see homeless. we see see >> it's free on say pretty much a violent attack happening sunday afternoon outside the 24th street mission, bart station, according to bart surveillance video showed 2 men arguing near the station's elevator above ground. one of them taking out a knife and stabbing the other. the victim staggered out of the station platform where he died. anxiety. when i see. >> so bad people coming onto the onto my trainer, whatever i get on there and there's somebody sleeping there, you never know what a train was the scene of a crime on friday when a man was shot. multiple times near the lake merritt station in oakland while riding bart. >> he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries but is in stable condition. we're pretty confident that this was a a random attack. it appears to be that it was a targeted attack. bart issuing a statement after friday's shooting about their approach to public safety saying, quote, bar has a historically high number of uniform safety staff on platforms and trains
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including police officers dedicated to riding trains. a new one are dim passengers, community service officers and fare inspectors. in addition, bar has a network of more than 4,000 cameras onboard train cars and stations and in other public areas. police are still searching for the suspects in both incidents. the shooter on friday ran from the bart train at the fruitvale station and the suspect in yesterday's fatal stabbing also fled on foot from the area of 24th street and mission reporting live in studio. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. rob, thank you. a dead humpback whale has washed ashore at manhattan beach and >> half moon bay. and right now the marine mammal center's next crop see team is working to find out more about this. well, including the cause of death. our kron four's justin campbell is in half moon bay with more on this just in such a sad scene. >> you know, such a huge creature. what do you know?
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>> it is very sad scene. >> we're learning more about exactly what happened from the california academy of science. i'll show you exactly what it looks like right now. this whale washed ashore. >> yesterday and as you can see, they cut it into pieces. and it has. it's smaller than what it looked like yesterday. people in have been coming up all day, really just looking act. the whale in all. you have kids that are here. they heard about marine life, but they've never seen a whale so in presence right now. so it that california academy of science is telling us humpback whales are endangered. this is a 49 point. whale adult female most likely died from a ship strike. now they don't know if the ship what have actually. felt it when it hit the whale. with a be known that at all that that's something that they're going to have to look into. but for right now, they're also saying that that this whale, it was an adult
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female. they can't give us an exact age. but the people that have been coming to see this, take a listen to what they've set. what did you think? what was your thought when you went to go see it? it was how big it was. it when you see the wells on tv, you're like, oh, it's a big animal. when you see it in. >> real life. it's huge. now for these kids that are out here. as i was saying, this is really a learning moment then, you know, you read about it and you hear from that woman, you see this on tv. you see whales, but you don't actually get the chance to actually. >> get this close to her and well, and it's in all of seeing how big it is. it's unfortunate what happened. but the california academy of science tells us that this is also another moment for them to learn more about ocean life. and so they came out here and they took some samples and they brought that back to their lab. and that's where they go from here. but the cause of death for this adult female looks like a ship strike. all right. justin
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campbell reporting live for us tonight. >> thank you, justin. meanwhile, in the east bay fire station for is back open in walnut creek station closed in 2013 due to financial issues. but with service restored there, the contra costa county fire protection district will now be able to provide not only fire protection, but also emergency medical services to the area. the reopening of the station has been in the works for a couple years. it is the last step in getting the district backed to where it was before 2013. >> restoring fire station for us is one of our last and restoring this level of service across the fire district. it marks that we are not only back to where we used to be, but over and above where we used to be. >> moving forward, the fire protection district has long-term plans to replace this station with a new building. now to the divorce that just won't happen. jimmy g is staying with the forty-niners see is with the
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team yet again for his upcoming season. it was widely assumed last season will be jimmy garoppolo's final season with the team. but the 2 sides have restructured his contract and jimmy g will serve as trey lance is back up for the upcoming season. will make less money. now as a no trade clause in his contract in the quarterback, we'll be able to choose where he plays in 2023. but for this season, garoppolo and lance, we'll switch roles at least begin the season after jimmy g had offseason shoulder surgery and that others were unable to trade him. so here we are. he's coming back. it's a potentially uncomfortable situation but certainly gives the niners approve an option. if lance gets hurt or doesn't perform well, kron four's kate rooney was at the team's headquarters today. we'll have much more on this surprising arrangement coming up tonight at about 5.45? also coming up, some things in the water. what scientists say is responsible for killing thousands of bay
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area fish. >> plus, a man attacks a san francisco ambulance with 2 paramedics inside why they're worried this incident will go on accounted for. nasa postponing the launch of its mega rocket this morning. the issues they faced and what happens next. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow summer winding down. but the heat. yeah. it is winding up. we could be talking about the hottest temperatures of summer so far about that. coming up next.
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>> nasa scrubbed its historic artemis one rocket launch this morning after engine issues. the goal of the project is to put humans back on the moon for the first time in 50 years, the highly anticipated flight is still expected to happen. eventually. brooke schafer explains what comes next. >> early afternoon briefing, nasa officials said they are not giving up after waving off the launch of their artemis one rocket on monday. they have solve several problems along the way. >> and they got to one that needed time to be solved. one of the rockets, 4 engines wasn't chilling to a proper launch temperature. >> that on top of other challenges like an issue with a vent valve and bad weather, we continue to learn. >> that's what we're doing. the highly anticipated launch at florida's kennedy space center scrubbed around 8.30 monday morning. nasa's launch
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team now assessing its options to get this 322 foot rocket. and its unmanned spacecraft into space headed for the moon. whether launches today, 3 days from now or a week from now, doesn't matter. what really matters is that it's successful. this mission must be successful. >> they cannot fail. artemis one is one of 3 missions to eventually get astronauts back on the moon. as soon as 2025. >> it would also set the stage for humans to eventually explore mars. it's a lunar mission 50 years after the last apollo mission, 5 decades later, nasa is also looking to make history by landing. the first woman and first person of color on the moon. you know, on earth. we've got it. >> oceans and vegetation. and it covers up all the evidence of what our early earth was like in the early solar system. and so we've got those answers on that. and so that's what we're going do there and study.
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>> those brooke shaffer reporting for us tonight, nasa does have a couple options to try this launch again this friday or at the beginning of next week, if not the launch could be delayed until mid september or even later they plan to announce the next steps tomorrow. >> that is 10 billion dollar web telescope has discovered a new planet that could support life. scientists are calling it super earth and say it is a water world. it's also relatively close to our solar system. only about 100 light years away. the planet is nearly twice the size of earth and about 5 times more massive meaning it could contain very deep oceans, u> well, if you're giving us some of the best and most detailed images of space ever released, the james webb telescope has captured a photo of an einstein ring billions of light years away. this phenomenon occurs apparently when 2 galaxies are lined up. one in front of the other. the
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closer galaxy. it is in the center of the einstein ring. while the larger more distant galaxy, it appears to encircled the smaller one, forming a ring around it. >> thousands of dead fish are washing up across the bay area. local scientists believe it's because of harmful algae blooms in the water. kron 4 sarah stinson has more. >> an alarming number of fish floating up dead at shores across the bay area, including here in foster city at bay wins park. seeing is sturgeon washed ashore. avid fisherman tell me this is very concerning by taking pictures >> more than 6 sturgeon that's washed up over here. some very large fish in the 50 inch range, which is its trophy for a lot of fishermen. it hurts to see him like that because you can only, you know, catch so many. we're seeing these fish flow belly up around the bay due to a harmful algae bloom spreading rapidly. it's just >> grown and grown over the last month to pretty much all parts of the bay. the luckily
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this blue is not known to be toxic to people, but it can kill fish. >> the nonprofit bay keeper says this is caused by sewage in refinery discharges into the bay. we're seeing all kinds of fish wash up, including striped bass sturgeon and even sharks, which is very rare. you also notice the water in the bays, really brown and murky. that is due to the lg forming red tides. >> these things tend to kill over time and but, you know, that can also lead to a town center problem. so we've got to keep on the lookout for for impacts going forward. >> but in the meantime, it suggested people and pets stay out of the water around the bay until conditions improve. i hope they cleaned up. find out what's going on. if you can't fix the problem, at least make everyone aware so they don't get in the water. and if you see dead fish floating along the shoreline, you're asked to reported, you can call your local water agency can also send a tip 2 bay keeper. for now, i'm sara stinson reporting in foster city. back to all right,
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meantime, governor newsom is deploying strike teams from all across california to help out crews in contain a fast-moving wildfire up there. the rum creek fire. >> exploded in size over the weekend. it's now burned over 10,000 acres since it first started 12 days ago. there's no containment. officials say the fire began after lightning moved through the region. thousands of people have since been forced to evacuate one home has been destroyed by the flames, but hundreds more remain threatened and smoke from wildfire has drifted all the way to the bay area. we're taking a live look outside. this is 6 ad. >> in walnut creek, not too bad, can really smell it. but a bit of a haze in our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with a look at what to expect going forward the most at staying above the surface. but you're likely to see that on the rise, especially sunrise and sunsets out there right now. we do have a little haze. this more of a maureen haze out there, get some moisture moving along
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the coastline with the sea breeze. that sea breeze pretty healthy out there right now. and that will help to kind of clear out the atmosphere. but you are seeing some of those building up. now. you see the yellows in livermore making the way a further parts of the east bay. so watching out for haze over to buy a bay area for tomorrow as well. i think in parts of the north bay, the east bay and also the south bay along the coastline. still think you're looking good overall, though, we are looking at a big change in the weather pattern coming our way. we've got maybe the hottest temperatures all summer coming our way. would you know what unofficial end of summer over your labor day weekend. these temperatures are going to be smoking hot today. probably the coolest around the bay area of the entire week. i think as we head toward this weekend, we're talking temperatures may be as high as 106, maybe 108 degrees. that would be surprised to see some places even hotter than that into sunday and monday. and well, yeah, the only place you can find the cooler weather is out along the coastline. we'll have more on that forecast coming up in just a few minutes, guys. all right, lauren, still ahead, a
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protest, a peaceful one against governor newsom. what farm workers say they're fighting for. >> why they won't leave the capitol steps until they get it. here at city of refuge, we house up to 26 families. we reduce homelessness, address mental health, provide spaces for addiction to be broken,
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create spaces of healing and restoration. for the first time ever, prop 27 will provide permanent funding for organizations like ours. saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home.
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to see transformation come to them. until the deadline to get hundreds of bills through the legislature today, farm workers were front and center at the capitol. there are urging governor newsom to back a bill that supporters say. >> we give farmworkers more union rights. our capitol
5:24 pm
correspondent eytan wallace spoke with organizers about their message for the governor. >> as you can see, it's a much smaller crowd than was here last week in front of the capitol when thousands of people came here in favor of this piece of legislation. nonetheless, these participants say their message to the governor is the same support the bill. spanish music and a ceremony of sorts launched the beginning of what the united farm workers labor union is calling a 24 hour vigil in front of the capitol. all to urge governor newsom to support assembly bill. 21 83 exist. important that we're going to stay here as long as we need godly guys, the deputy political director for the united farm workers. she and fellow backers of the bill say it would make it easier for farm workers to cast ballots remotely in union elections. significant. they argue because it would ensure farm workers are not intimidated by their boss is when deciding whether or not to join a union. they you know, just treatment. and that's the
5:25 pm
message that we want to give social nunez is a farm worker from delay. no, she shared with us why she came all the way to sacramento to make your voice known to the governor. you might as go to spit that i respect, iris banking he. >> to respect this as comes just days after thousands of people marched through the streets of downtown sacramento as part of the last leg of a 3 and a half week, 3 year, 30 plus mile march from kern county all the way to the state capitol in support of the >> newsom's communications director says the governor supports changes to state law to help farm workers better organized but noted he does not support the bill in its current form and is negotiating for changes. the statement said in part we cannot support and untested mail-in election process that lacks critical provisions to protect the integrity of the election. those in from the capital, though, say their message to the governor is clear. he's heard the people at the scene, the to do the right thing. and those here say they are prepared to stay
5:26 pm
this wednesday to the very last minute of the legislative deadline of 11:59pm, all to urge the governor. >> to support the bill reporting here outside the california state capitol. a tom wallace kron. 4 news. >> next, the whistleblower who says twitter has security problems now a sought-after person. why elon musk's legal team wants a word with him. plus, how high interest rates could go and what it's doing for people trying to buy homes as rental prices are going up for more than 30 million americans and the weapon used to
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>> san francisco police are searching for a man who attacked a san francisco fire department ambulance this morning. and then they say tried to run down the paramedics who had just gotten out of the ambulance as kron four's. dan kerman reports for us tonight. firefighters and paramedics say the city must do more to curb these acts of violence. >> you're looking at photos of a san francisco fire department ambulance after a man came up to it and attacked it with a wooden stake or spear. 2 paramedics were inside the vehicle. this individual came out was with a spear. >> started to jot this periods of what some breaking along. alex at verbiage towards the incident happened shortly before 7 monday morning in the best buy parking lot at harrison and division. >> for the ambulance had been posted to respond to nearby
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calls for service crew about out of the appleton ran for their lives. >> in the end, it is about into what and then tried to run over the paramedics and the crew as they were fleeing for their lives. fortunately, the ambulance crew was not hit and the suspect ended up abandoning the battered vehicle and is still on the loose. >> now, firefighters want to make sure this attack is not just passed off as another violent day on san francisco streets. problem is that's not normal. that should not be normal, not normal and that starts to wear a bow health >> of the membership, which is part of our worry. firefighters say attacks and their personnel are on the upswing nationwide. >> the firefighters union in san francisco is concerned. suspects are not being held accountable if they are popping the coach's system. lot of reports of their almost a catch and release the rest of the going and they're back out is this a sense of in a statement, the mayor's office responds. tis


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