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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  August 30, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> and that breaking news and off to the san jose police officer's vehicle. >> was hit by a bullet. the chp and san jose police department currently investigating the shooting. thanks for watching. kron. 4 news at 5. everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. police say this happened on highway one. 0, one near the highway. 85 interchange, the northbound lanes were closed for a while, but have since reopened to see where the scene was right here. kron four's justin
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campbell is live in san jose. justin, what can you tell us? and vicki and grant? >> a san jose police telling us that this happened at roughly one. 45 right before 2 o'clock and officer, his personal vehicle struck by at least one bullet. and we'll have our photographer, rudi garcia show you exactly where this took place. if you look in the far by that interchange sign, that is exactly where police were investigating that this shooting will roll some video from the scene. what it looked like earlier. you can see that they shot down one 0, one north as they were investigating exactly what happened. chp along with san jose police >> shortly there after they then did reopen the freeway at this time. right now, chp does not have a description on the vehicle. once we get that information will be sure to pass it along to you. but thankfully, san jose police
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telling us that their officer was not injured at what it was a very scary moment, as you can see for what happened in it. shut down traffic. but now it is back open. and as soon as we get a description to pass along to you, to help in this investigation will give it to you for now. we're live here in san jose just in camp kron. 4 news. all right. justin oakland, police releasing new details in the shooting at an east oakland middle school. >> police say the evidence shows it was not a deliberate school shooting. it happened at madison park academy in the back of the school where a 13 year-old was shot after recess by another student. the victim is in the hospital tonight recovering from his injuries. the 12 year-old accused of shooting him is in custody. the oakland unified school district says that they are providing more resources for students and staff still this latest act of gun violence is galvanizing the community that is sick and tired of calling for change our precinct. herman joins us now live from
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the newsroom with more on a rally that took place earlier this afternoon. dan, you know, mother's murder victim say the community has to do more to put a stop to this gun violence in oakland. they say. >> the answer is not more cops but family and friends stepping in. >> when they take our children, they take your promise possibility. your surgeons, you're musicians, your parking attendant made. your next school teacher. >> mothers of murdered victims and their advocates gathered outside oakland city hall tuesday to plead with the community to get involved and do more to end gun violence. you can look into your homes. >> talk to your brothers. your sisters, talk to your children see was going on in in their world because the streets, if they get your kids, they're not going to get them back. >> up the you know, oakland kills more people than care just a little bit some pointed out it's simply not a matter of adding more police. this is
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a community response to a community you can put a cap in front of every child that's happening popped. >> you don't have the money to do that. so it's not about officers and no officers. oakland is seen 6 homicides in 4 days. >> plus the monday shooting of a 13 year-old by a 12 year-old at an east oakland school. oakland's police chief says that should serve as an example of how the community must do more. >> no child should have access to a good 12 years old. right so it's begs the question of, you know, pools watching at home whose ensuring that our children and not put their own lives in danger and in danger and other kids. that's a community responsibility as well to monitor the behavior of those that you love. >> the chief says it's time to give the community a break and to do that, the community itself start stepping in live
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in the newsroom. dan kerman kron. 4 news. thank you, dan. >> san mateo assisted living facility that we were telling you about last night is the center of controversy today. police. >> saying a 93 year-old resident died there after she drag dishwashing liquid. it says that the atria park senior living facility, a tree executives saying to other residents were also taken to the hospital and then all 3 were mistakenly served. this liquid kron four's. rob nesbitt spoke with an elder abuse attorney. he joins us now live in the studio with more on past complaints filed against this facility. rob grant, here's a list of just some of those complaints filed against a which owns several assisted living facilities throughout california. these were all investigated by the department of social services. mostly reports of falls and a lack of adequate staffing, but nothing that compares to what happened in san mateo saturday morning.
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>> 3 residents were taken to the hospital at the in just a dishwashing liquid at the atria park senior living facility. the family of gertrude maxwell telling kron 4 that the 93 year-old died after having severe blisters in her mouth, throat and esophagus. it's unusual because there's 3 people that i know of involved. i spoke with elder abuse attorney, katherine stabbed or who has filed 2 lawsuits in the past against the san mateo facility. according to a tree, a parked the residents were mistakenly served dishwashing liquid as drinking juice. stettner says similar to past lawsuits filed against a tree. a this is a staffing issue, lack of staff, lack of trained staff. >> and i hear just a systemic problem of that facility. that's something this bad would happen. it's just not a one off kind of situation. something's wrong. if something like this happens, maxwell's family says they were told by paramedics at all 3 residents suffered from dementia made the mistake of drinking the solution themselves. even if that were true. >> that would still be elder abuse because someone with dementia should not have access. >> to a drink like that in
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their statement, atria says they are conducting their own internal investigation and that the employees involved have been suspended. >> staff may be fired in court settlements awarded stettner says the life altering mistakes made inside assisted living facilities will sadly continue. state of california is going to issue a finding against them asked them to make some changes. okay. but my experience having done the since 1987 is those changes do not actually make the change. >> but a tree. a park is an assisted living facility. instead nurse as there's a difference between assisted living facilities and nursing homes. coming up on kron, 4 news at 6. she'll explain how legally the 3 residents with dementia it should not have been allowed at. atria reporting live in studio. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. thank you, rob. san francisco. police are looking for 2 men who they believe broke into this business and stole about $20,000 worth of electronic devices. this is surveillance video. you see these guys walk
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in and it appears like they're looking for things to take. police say they responded to the shop on terrible street last thursday night. but when officers showed up, the suspects had already taken off. anybody with information is asked to call police a follow-up story now when we brought you earlier this month at a santa rosa to more people were arrested for illegal firearm possession related to a butane hash oil labs explosion. >> 43 year-old trisha lenzini and her boyfriend. 44 year-old from gomez turned themselves in to police. the 22 year-old son. he was initially arrested that night for allegedly making illegal hash oil in the garage. police issued a search warrant for the home and found cases of empty butane canisters. some potted dozen firearms and over $57,000 in cash through the investigation, detectives later learned that both lenzini and gomez were prior
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convicted felons. they were both booked for 4 felonies, including possession of a firearm and ammunition. california is on the verge of what could be a record-setting heat wave coming up this holiday weekend. >> some of the bay area's largest water districts and the california natural resources agency. we're asking everybody to conserve water. they're encouraging people to use water, saving tools like low flow, shower heads and hose nozzles and to reduce outdoor water irrigation. they say that long-range forecasts show california could be headed for another dry winter. the best time to prepare is now. >> august september, our months of heavy water usage. hot temperatures, thirsty landscapes. we are asking californians to take advantage of program too. make your home is make your yards more water efficient and take care to reduce water usage wherever you can. >> what are officials are also
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asking folks to consider removing grass lawns in favor of drought, tolerant garden, sir turf, many water districts offer rebates and grants that can help pay for the transition. >> the bay area's bracing for the longest and hottest heat wave of the year. so far brutally high temps are bearing down. feeling wildfire concerns, of course, inland and valley areas are expected to bake and triple digit temperatures into the labor day weekend. residents are being urged to take precautions to avoid the heat and heat related emergencies, especially if you're exercising outside. well, we've got you covered during the heat wave. you can head to kron 4 dot com for hour by hour forecast and the latest weather alerts and advisories. you'll also find tips for avoiding and treating heat reaated illnesses. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins the table. some of us remember the 2017 labor day. yeah. heat wave. it was one 0, 6, in the city.
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>> in san francisco is not to be that. don't think it's going to be that hot not along the coastline. the nice thing, at least with this heat wave as we're likely going to see a sea breeze. so right along the coastline, get that nice cool air in the san francisco. everybody is going make a beeline for the coast. that's right. yeah, everybody going to have the cause because i mean, this could be blazing hot. i mean, this is going to be some kind of heat wave rolling into the bay area and the you've got the nice skies out there right now. pretty comfortable day outside some sunshine, a little hazy atmosphere, some some of that smoke out toward the golden gate bridge out there. no fog to speak of right now. i'm not going to be much want to show you. the long-range forecast is coming out of the showing you the probability of above normal temperatures over the 6 next 6 to 10 days. and you can see that big bullseye headed out to the west in our direction. and that's that area that we're worried about. so we're falling in that zone where it's going to be probability of above normal temperatures, probably 80 to 90% above normal temperatures. a real possibility in yeah, that ridge of high pressure going to build the desert
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southwest. you've heard us about it. this season. most of that air, though, as state east of the bay area. but now the big, dry desert air ridge building right back into the bay area. so ng triple temperatures in the valleys. you're going to see some very hot weather away from the coast. nothing the sea breeze. it will be warm out of the beaches are probably in the 70's. maybe we might see some places sneak in the 80's. but i think much cooler out toward the coastline. some temperatures inland, maybe 106, maybe 183, some places, maybe even higher than that as we get into the holiday weekend. guys, back to you. that's hot. all right. thank you, lawrence. still to come. >> concerning new details about the man who installed hidden cameras. police say in the bay area, starbucks. >> and the new bill could make him a garden a requirement. we have details on where that bill is headed right now. >> but first, the number of elderly aap i hate crimes continues to rise. we speak to the family of the latest victim.
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one bank for now. for later. for life. >> was beaten and robbed of her purse. and tonight, a 71 year-old a woman who was attacked of is recovering from her injuries. the victim is also filipina american, adding to the growing number of elderly members of the ap. i community were victimized by violent criminals. kron four's recall spoke with the victim's grandson. >> and a trip to san francisco ends with a hospital stay in
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the east bay. this after 71 year-old million perez was blindsided by a violent thief in vallejo. that happening too much too often. another elderly member of the asian american pacific islander community attacked. scary. it's it's frustrating at around 7 o'clock that night. dennis perez says his stepmother, his father and 2 of their friends, were headed back home to real this, the after spending the day in san francisco. >> they stopped for dinner at filipino restaurant. jolly be in vallejo. then perez says his step mom walked ahead of the group in the parking lot when they were leaving the restaurant, someone. >> all that her purse. >> so she pulled back and report back and then fell. the hit to the back of her head and then she went down and elliott perez was hospitalized and is being treated for head trauma. >> but denis suarez says after a recent test, it appears the bleeding in her brain has stabilized at this time. police have not indicated they
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are investigating this case as a hate crime. it was absolutely a power. we moved by some want to get an elderly person. >> so that we do know and that is what's fresh. and the victim lost her purse. but fortunately she survived. the family believes the suspect was wearing a white shirt. >> philippe djegal all kron. 4 news. a 43 year-old woman is being charged with a hate crime after attacking. >> a teenager who was wearing a hijab in mountain view, according to the santa clara da's office. back in july to submit glory called the 18 year-old terrorists before grabbing her head scarf and pulling it off the glory then pushed the teen allegedly into the wall and put her hands around the victim's neck. the 43 year-old took off on a bicycle was arrested shortly after the attack. biglari has also been charged with battery. >> fremont police have charged a man for a racist rant caught on camera. police say after reviewing video recordings of
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the interaction between the 2 customers at this fremont taco bell. they concluded that seeing through gender made derogatory comments and religious slurs towards the victim is also charged with assault and disturbing the peace by using offensive language. police say the gender is currently on probation and is not in custody. >> new details tonight stored story of a woman creek. the man arrested for installing hidden cameras in the bathroom of that location has been arraigned. contra costa county's d a says that the cameras were installed in the bathroom of the starbucks at 13, 40 main street in downtown walnut creek. 54 year-old steven novelli has been charged with 83 felony misdemeanor charges by the district attorney there in contra costa county. the criminal charges filed just yesterday, our for attempting to produce child.
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eavesdropping installing hidden camera and burglary. people in the downtown walnut creek area. who beat you came to the starbucks frequently, the pretty shocked to find out the someone would put a hidden camera in the bathroom. >> that's really crazy. it's really shocking that even a thing, especially the couple's children. and that's it. a major of privacy. >> investigators are looking to talk with anyone who is at the starbucks on main street in walnut creek on june. 4th in july, 23rd between 3, 35 o'clock in the afternoon. walnut creek police are working with the county crimes against children task force. valley has remained in custody since his arrest last week. all right. switching gears here for a moment. we're taking a live look outside at walnut creek for the traffic making its way there during the commute. our talk about this heat wave coming later this week. walnut creek.
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>> where we are it's but north of 100 degrees. probably lawrence and where you are golden gate bridge. what? 30 degrees. >> cooler. whole lot. but you know, all the reporters there will be live at that wall of a greek bank there. that's they always do is. >> the temperatures going to soar? it is going to be an incredibly he with coming our way. and it's just not going to be a few days. this is going to be a long run. a very hot temperatures around the bay area. so time to get prepared for that stock up on those cold drinks. get ready temperatures are going to be soaring in the triple digits. but off the golden gate. yeah, it's really comfortable out there. no fog to speak up. you got clear skies of the golden gate bridge right now. gentle breeze blowing their out towards sfo. you can see cloud free right now, but there's some fog hanging just off the coastline. the meantime, though, it's not just here, but we've got advisories for watches and warnings all the way down to the central valley. southern california, continuing all the way in to the that it's going to be a big dome of high pressure over parts of the western half of the u.s. excessive heat watch going up around the bay area
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where these temperatures expected to soar, especially away from the coastline. you're talking over 100 degrees, maybe down the santa clara valley. you're talking well over 100 and the tri valley. slow county around vacaville. you can see some really crazy temperatures. maybe one, 10, maybe one 13. so some very hot weather coming our way but not tomorrow. just 90's, i think on the hot in for tomorrow afternoon, 70's needs around the bay. i think those hot temperatures role in starting on thursday. all right. thanks alert. still ahead, is there going to be a quarterback competition? >> in santa clara, there's trey. there's jimmy. kate rooney joins us live in studio after hearing from head coach kyle shanahan for the first time since the controversial decision to bring back to me, jake. kate right after the break.
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>> it's an incredible insurance policy but couldn't divide the team. that's the big question today. forty-niners head coach kyle shanahan and the gm john lynch explained their decision to bring back quarterback jimmy garoppolo. a little intrigue, little drama. kate rooney here live with us. they have to say about it. well, gm john lynch and head coach kyle shanahan do not think it's going to divide the team. at least they're not saying so. right now they believe that jim is going to be just a supporter for trey as trade was for jimmy last year. that is the current. >> party line. this, of course, surprise a lot of people yesterday when the story broke. we've been
5:25 pm
waiting for half a year now to find out where jimmy garoppolo would end up. hey, now we know he's not going anywhere and we have a better understanding of how this all came to pass in a conference call today with john lynch and kyle shanahan. the pair explained that they started chatting about the idea of keeping to me on the team about a month ago. but that neither expected the pieces would fall into place. they knew they couldn't keep garoppolo on with that guaranteed salary of 24.2 million dollars. but the idea of having a backup quarterback with a strong starting pedigree was, of course, undeniably attractive. shanahan said garoppolo's agents were holding out, of course in hopes of getting him the most money possible. but when it was clear, no starting jobs representing themselves. >> garoppolo agreed to sign the restructured contract at 6.5 million plus incentives. >> we're always clear me that him salary, cap wise and stuff in a backup and supporting tray and that and that worked for him, no brainer for us. we
5:26 pm
just i think the chances are that are happening where we're going to happen and it ended up being that way and so it was all said and done even though is pretty shocking. we got was a win-win for both sides. have a jimmy. there is a makes us feel really good because we have a very we have a starting quarterback as a and >> he resolutely had a chance to get on and i'm just so so fortunate that he's still here in that case. and no way, is that hurt our team? it's only helped our team. >> so that video showed some of the highs and lows of garoppolo who, by the way, hasn't taken a single snap with the team in practice. shannon said that's because they didn't think you would ever be suiting up in red and gold again. but that will change at the team's next practice. he and lynch also said garoppolo is in great shape. doesn't need any further rehab from that shoulder surgery to be able to play. and then one more note the last overall pick in this year's draft, also known as mister irrelevant, made the team as the 3rd option at qb.
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so the backups back up. that is brock purdy and we will have more on the forty-niners roster cuts later on tonight. our sportscast grant vicki. >> thank you so much. that explains a next up, guns and policing here in america. president biden's new plan and the push back. he's getting. >> plus, a big heads up for people who drive the webster to at certain times today. and should open schools get their school resource officers back. the arguments for and against.
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>> the task of trying to keep schools safe without having them field overly police. you may recall the oakland unified school district removed school resource officers a couple years ago. but with this recent shooting of a 13 year-old at a middle school, question is, should there be more security on campus forces? made you? >> has the story. >> babies shooting babies at a school should be shocking. should be troubling. again, it should be immediate call to action. but does that call to action include armed police officers on the campuses of schools in the oakland unified school district. the question comes in the wake of a 13 year-old student being wounded after being shot by a 12 year-old student at james madison. middle school in u.s. de boer director mike hut


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