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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 30, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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exploit homelessness to pad their profits. vote no on 27. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news 10. talk about what it means to have whole community. a wholesome community. >> we're looking for solutions and looking for people who say those children matter.
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>> now at 10, the call for change. get a much louder as shootings continue to rattle the city of oakland. the latest one involving 2 middle school students. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, oakland police released new details in yesterday's shooting at a school that injured a 13 year-old the shooting happened shortly after recess at madison park academy. police took a 12 year-old student into custody. officers announced today the evidence shows the shooting was not deliberate. classes were in session today. the oakland unified school district says it is providing more resources for students and staff still this latest act of gun violence has galvanized the community. it says it's tired and he's calling for change. yeah. our grant lodes joins us here in the studio with more on today's rally that took place earlier today. and these are mothers and city officials all saying, you know, we've got to come up with some strategies
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here now, something because relentless and it feels like. >> you know, you see this pattern. there's a weekend of violence and then the police chief comes out on monday, you know, frustrated and basically begging his community. to see something and sadly, it doesn't appear that that has yet happened. you have the police chief leronne armstrong kind of like a broken record going before reporters. and, you know, talk about another violent weekend in oakland to only the have to do that. same thing again in short order may be the next monday. this time, though. it was worse with this. the shooting at an oakland middle school yesterday right after a weekend filled with killings in today. all these mothers of murder victims and their advocates gathered outside city hall in oakland to bake the community not to be complacent and to do more to reduce in ideally and gun violence. oakland has seen 6 homicides now in the past 4
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days. and while there are ongoing calls for more police responding. >> to issue, some people pointed out the responsibility needs to fall on everyone regardless of their job. you can look into your homes. >> talk to your brothers. your sisters, talk to your children see was going on in their world because the streets, if they get your kids, they're not going to get them back. no child should have access to a good 12 years old, right >> so think begs the question of you don't pools watching at home whose ensure that our children and not put their own lives in danger and in danger and other kids. that's a community responsibility as well to monitor the behavior of those that you love. >> oakland's police chief also thanked the mothers of these murder victims for speaking out and said now the focus must be on preventing the next act violets. the chief says it
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is time that the community get a break from all of this violence. and he says for that to happen, the community itself needs to continue stepping in and stepping up. >> ken pam, back to hugh grant. thank you for that. well, after that shooting on the oakland school campus yesterday, a lot of people starting to wonder whether the district should bring back those school resource officer corps. has it talked about that option with some oakland officials? >> babies shooting babies at a school should be shocking. should be troubling and it and again, it should be immediate call to action. but does that call to action include armed police officers on the campuses of schools in the oakland unified school district. the question comes in the wake of a 13 year-old student being wounded after being shot by a 12 year-old student at james madison. middle school in u.s. de boer director mike hutchinson says he is not in favor of bringing
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back the school's police department that was disbanded back in 2020. do we want our schools to be the place where there's armed officers? >> do we want our children to have to experience metal detectors just to get into school? >> these are some some serious questions that we as a community need to address. but i don't think having armed police officers campus is the way i found a mix of used by some oakland city council members on whether or usd should have police presence at schools. any solution. >> any solution that puts more in schools is out of balance and out of step with. >> our values here in the city of oakland. >> we have a police department as part of the school district is something to definitely consider. i'm not so sure that we want to run back to creating stand-alone police department. >> the middle school shooting took place and councilmember reads district. i think we
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need to sit down and have a conversation with the parents. what we heard clearly yesterday from parents was that they are disappointed that there's a lack of security and presence at the school. just understand they made that choice. >> to eliminate the school's boys and don't have anything to build that point. no one is officially asking at this point. but if asked, does opd have the capacity to provide school resource officers usd? >> oakland police officers association, president barry donelan says no. >> not in its current form. we just don't have enough officers to take volume of 9-1-1. calls we have coming in you as the board director mike hutchinson says school security will likely be one of the subjects discussed at next usd board of education meeting. >> madyun kron. 4 news. >> in the south bay investigation is underway tonight after a san jose police officer's car was hit by a bullet on northbound highway one. 0, one near the
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interchange with highway 85. the chp says the officer was off-duty and was driving his personal vehicle at the time of that shooting. the shooting was reported about 2 this afternoon. the highway patrol shut down northbound 1, one for about an hour. we are told the officer was not hurt in that shooting. investigators have not released a description of the vehicle that they may be looking for. >> the justice department says it had uncovered efforts to obstruct its investigation into the discovery of classified records of former president trump's florida estate. in a court filing released tonight, the department said fbi agents had, quote, uncovered multiple sources of evidence indicating that trump and his representatives had failed to fully comply with a subpoena to turn over classified records and that additional classified documents remained at mar-a-lago last week. the
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former president's lawyers asked for the appointment of a special master, a kind of independent 3rd party who would be tasked with reviewing the records taken during the search of trump's florida property. back on august, the 8th a federal judge is set to hear arguments on that request on thursday of this week. of course, another big story tonight involving us here in the bay area is the heat. the bay area is bracing for the longest and the hottest heat wave of the year. so far inland and valley areas are expected to bake and triple digit temperatures into the labor day weekend. residents are being urged to take precautions to avoid heat related emergencies, particularly if you are exercising outside. they are also being asked to conserve their energy usage as the grid to braces for an increase in. >> the use of air conditioning, this weekend when temperatures in some areas are expected to be 10 to 20 degrees warmer than usual.
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>> and we'll have you covered during the heatwave meteorologist chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. here to tell us just how hot it's going to get. maybe some records on warrants. yeah, i certainly we're going to see some records go down in this heat wave. this is going to be. >> one stretch below the rib or much of this during the summertime. but doesn't look like when a boy at this time. this is the 6 to 10 day forecast. this coming from know you the temperature probability map. you can see out toward the western half of the united states in california. you see that big bull's eye there that show you the temperature probability headed well above the average for this time of year. so 80 to 90% chance we're going to see well above normal temperatures. all the models start to really a pin this down a bit high pressure going to start to build in. you see that circulation around that ridge of high pressure bringing us that dry desert air. that has been that huge ridge of high pressure. we've been talking about it from time to time, bringing some extreme heat across the desert. will happen from occasionally as it makes way
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back into the bay area, bringing us that dry desert air. then all of a sudden these temperatures are going to soar. now. it will be interesting how breaks down along the still think we're going to maintain the sea breeze. so it's going to be beautiful out of the beaches. you'll see 70's, maybe some 80's right along the water's edge. but you had just a few miles inland. those temperatures are going to get hot in a hurry. hundreds probably in the santa clara valley over this weekend. definitely hundreds in the tri valley, the east the north bay as well. county going see those temperatures soar to extreme heat, especially throughout the weekend and into early next week. here's the forecast for tomorrow. you'll notice those temperatures starting to get hot inland but only 90's. that's not that bad. 70's 80's inside the bay. and you've got some cool 60's along the coastline that he wave, though, will start to pick up, though, as we head in toward the following day thursday, the triple digits likely to begin to show up around the bay area. and this grip of the heat probably going to see those temperatures soaring to 106, maybe 108 degrees or more over the holiday weekend. guys, back to you. thank you, lawrence. turning now to the
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drought, water regulators from around the bay area are gathering to urge conservation. >> when it comes to outdoor lawns and gardens time for charles clifford has details on some of the recommendations. >> well, it has been months since california has seen significant rainfall out of the grass is brown like you see right behind me here. and as we head into what could be the hottest part of our summer. officials are asking people to save as much water as possible with california on the verge of what could be a record-setting heat wave. the leaders of some of the bay area's largest water districts and the california natural resources agency are asking everyone. >> to save water. they're encouraging people to use water, saving tools, such as low flow, shower he'ds and hose nozzles and to reduce outdoor water irrigation. they say that long-range forecasts show that california could be headed for another dry winter. but the best time to prepare is now we all know that we're with in the 3rd year now. >> the severe drought. throughout california and the west. and so we all need to be
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doing those things that conserve water august september, our months of heavy water usage, hot temperatures thirsty landscapes. we are asking californians to take advantage of these programs that you've heard about here today. too. make your home's make your yards more water efficient and take care to reduce water usage wherever you can. >> what are officials are also asking people to consider removing grass lawns in favor of drought-tolerant gardens. any water districts offer rebates and grants that can help pay for that transition. that's the very latest here in fremont charles clifford kron. 4 news >> and some 20 years later, the remains of this south san francisco man have been found at the bottom of drought stricken lake mead thomas earned drowned in the summer of 2002 when he and his family took a boat out on the lake for a night ride last week, the coroner's office called his son to say the remains had
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been found in nearly the same spot where he and round 2 decades ago. right now, lake mead is that just 27% of its capacity. half a dozen bodies have been found since may. >> other news tonight, new at 10, 2 separate bank robberies just minutes apart in walnut creek sunday. police say they arrested one man who attempted to rob a downtown bank. the person involved in the second robbery got away. police say neither of them used weapons and there were no injuries reported. police have said that. i have not said rather if the incidents are connected in the north beaten and robbed of her purse. tonight, a 71 year-old woman attacked in vallejo is recovering from her injuries. the victim is also philippine american. and that is adding to the growing number of elderly members of the aap i community who are victimized by violent criminals. >> forcefully to gaal talked with the victim, stepson. >> since sunday night, 71 year-old an ally of perez has
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been confined to a hospital bed. well, doctors worked to transition her to physical therapy following her attack in vallejo. she was hit on the back or heads i believe she had a she definitely had a. >> bleeding in her brain at around 7 o'clock that night. dennis perez says his stepmother, his father and 2 of their friends, were headed back home to real this to after spending the day in san francisco. >> they stopped for dinner at filipino restaurant. jolly be in vallejo. then perez says his step mom walked ahead of the group in the parking lot when they were leaving the restaurant. someone called. >> her purse. >> so she pulled back into playing back and then felt. the hit to the back of her head and then she went down as says the suspect may have been wearing a white shirt. yes, stolen elliott peres's purse and ran to a nearby getaway car which sped off. >> the family filed a report with police or pull up. you know, i don't know enough. we don't know enough. >> to know whether to hate
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crime or not. it was absolutely a cowardly move by some want to get an elderly person. so that. we do know. and that is what's frustrating. the vallejo police department has not responded to our requests for comment on this case. >> philippe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> a bill moving forward in the state legislature aims to limit the use of solitary confinement in jails in prisons and detention facility sets when an inmate is left alone in a cell. sometimes for months on end to kron. 4 ella sogomonian joining us live from the newsroom to explain this. ella ken and pam. it's called the california mandela act in the state senate passed with majority support this week. >> i spoke with a woman who was confined alone in a california jail when she was just 19 years old. and she is now applauding the decision. >> vanessa ramos says she was put through solitary confinement ball detoxing and suffering from postpartum depression in an la county jail 20 years ago.
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>> that rule my paranoia. cars rule tough. still live post traumatic stress. >> being a young mom. >> i'm not knowing where my bill was stressful. the talks saying in that environment was also its >> harsh, solitary confinement beams being kept in a cell about the size of a parking spot for nearly 24 hours at a time, the american journal of public health found a being kept alone in a cell for a long time increases the risk of self-harm and even more aggression, nonprofit immigrant defense advocates reports this is still commonly practiced in california jails, prisons and detention facilities. ramos is now a prison reform advocate with disability rights, california. i needed.
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>> karen needed mental health care needed health care. and and and i didn't i didn't have that. and it's sad say that, you know, 21 years later, you know, we're still in the same place. the group has backed assembly bill. 26 32. >> to clearly define solitary confinement and stop the use for certain people. this week, the california senate voted in its favor if signed by governor gavin newsom. it would ban solitary confinement for vulnerable populations, including individuals with disabilities, pregnant women, youth and the elderly. it would also prohibit long-term solitary segregated confinement by limiting the time spent in confinement to no more than 15 consecutive days or 20 days in total in any 60 day period as well as require facilities. to keep clear records on the use of solitary confinement in order to provide public transparency. in any bay area county jail started only
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isolating inmates when they become violent. one before it could have been. >> for just something minor like talking back and instead they shifted toward rewarding good behavior. well, it's now up to governor newsom to make a b. 26 32, a new law in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. thank you for that. >> contrite is returning this weekend and this year it's hitting a major reinforcements from the white house to try to combat the spread of monkeypox four's terisa explains how oakland pride will be. one of the first events to dispense thousands of vaccines and very excited about it. it's it's something i think that the can only has been waiting for for a long time. i see it as a real stepping stone for us in the right direction. >> alright curry is with oakland pride. he is addressing the news announced tuesday of a federal pilot program delivering 2400 additional monkeypox vaccines to upcoming lgbtq. i plus events in the country. those events include oakland pride
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this sunday and pride fest on september. 11th. >> today's action will boost its great that our response for it's a celebrate multiplies our supply of effective vaccines. we are going to have on-site vaccinations. >> for corona and monkeypox as well will be providing, though. for us, it's it's a great opportunity for us to really serve our can pride is returning after a two-year pause due to the covid pandemic. >> and curry says his team won't let monkeypox get in the way privacy is going to be some great family fun. >> it's going to be ready to return of our annual festival. the return of us getting together. >> i'm looking at each other representing love, the best of oakland. and we're just all excited and looking forward to it. but science, oakland, vaccines are being sent to other pride events in new orleans and atlanta. >> theresa kron, 4 news. >> we want to clarify a story
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we just told you about about the 2 bank robberies in walnut creek. police say one suspect is responsible for both cases. they say the man robbed one bank and then attempted to rob another bank. just a few minutes later, there was not a second suspect. officers say no weapon was involved and nobody was injured. house republicans are getting ready for the mid term. some members are reportedly getting a has started on plans to impeach president biden in case the gop wins a majority in the upcoming term. the hill reports a number of rank and file republicans have introduced articles of impeachment in this current session accusing president biden of committing, quote, high crimes related to his approach to border enforcement. the coronavirus pandemic and the withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan. >> president biden is going to hold a prime time speech for the nation on thursday night. the white house says that speech will be about the quote, continued battle for the soul of the nation that you might remember is the
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catch phrase that biden ran on throughout the 2020 presidential campaign. the speech comes a week after the president returned to the campaign trail with some fiery comments aimed at the gop and at trump loyalists. the city of santa clara and the forty-niners will still have to battle it out over which side will manage levi's stadium. the city council considered a settlement offer from the forty-niners in a closed session this evening. but no conclusion was reached tonight to see that 2 sides will have until wednesday to reach a decision. the ultimate decision will and a years long lawsuit over the stadium between the city of santa clara and the forty-niners. >> coming up, an update to the san mateo assisted living facility that's being blamed for the death of a woman after she drank dish washing liquid. we're going to talk to an elder abuse attorney on the past complaints at that facility. plus, the new push to make sure all california kindergartner spent time in the classroom.
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>> and coming up next, a man being called a center after using a crucifix to we'll take a
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look at this. a burglar captured on security cameras using a crucifix to break into a catholic school has happened in bell gardens in los angeles county. authorities say this is the 3rd time this school has been targeted. >> and they say likely by the very same suspect each time today, one of the burglaries,
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the thief made off with $4800. san francisco police are looking for 2 men who broke into a business and still about $20,000 worth of electronic devices. police say this is the surveillance video showing the 2 men inside the office looking for things to take. police responded to the shop on terrible streets last thursday evening. but when officers arrived, the 2 suspects had already run away. a new trend on the rise in real estate. it's called laptop landlords. people buying up houses and more affordable markets and then renting them out. >> the wall street journal found most of the buyers live out of state from their investment properties. that's the term laptop landlords. according to recent reports, investors bought up 28% of all single-family homes across the country in february of 2022. >> still to come on kron, 4 news at 10. why you won't have to look very far to find out what people are saying is the rudest city in california and the live or work there. plus,
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state lawmakers looking to make surfing the web for children safer. the new legislation headed to the governor's desk. and developing news tonight from a hate crime out of fremont taco bell. we'll hear from the victim coming up next. >> and all the soon coming to a close september looking very, very hot ahead. how long will the heat stick around? you're tentative forecast is coming up next. ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ ♪ (don't stop me) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ having a good time ♪ ♪ i'm a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger ♪ ♪ defying the laws of gravity ♪
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♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ i don't wanna stop at all, yeah ♪ ♪ ah, da, da, da, da da, da, ah, ah ♪ what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26? not one dime to get people off the streets and into housing 27 generates hundreds of million to help solve homelessness. the choice is clear yes on prop 27.
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what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26 is a money grab that doesn't guarantee a cent for non-gaming tribes. 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27.
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>> all out. it's a new year. in the opinion >> now, 10, 30, we are learning the identity of the suspect seen in this video who is now facing charges of a hate crime. >> 37 year old saying 10 dan juror to ginger of union city was caught on camera during this racist rant at a free month. taco bell a couple of weeks ago for sale was talk to the victim about this latest development in the story. >> it's a new year. and the opinion h one b run for news for should you this 37 year-old singh to gender on sunday shows him yelling anti comments and another customer christian german while waiting in line. any freeman taco mask? don't public like
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>> nobody from alameda county district attorney's office filed multiple charges on monday against a dinner, including a hate crime in violation of civil rights, assault and disturbing the peace by offensive language. german says he's glad the suspect was held accountable. >> i was relieved to be honest and i was not surprised car. it was not surprised and says the tirade went on for more than 8 minutes on august. 21st. >> at one point, the suspect is heard cursing at the name of india's late prime minister. something german says could be attributed to an independence movement in india. you are the ones that camille >> your people were the one to put your head down whenever the suspect's motive. german says there should be no tolerance for such you have gone numb to these kind of things. we need to be sensitive. >> to a fellow human being, i'm taylor kron. 4 news. >> a 43 year-old woman is being charged with a hate crime after police say she attacked a teenager who was wearing a hijab in mountain
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view, santa clara county district attorney's office says that this happened in july on castro street in mountain view. the da's office says a tusa biglari grabbed an 18 year olds. pushed her into a wall and put her hands around the victim's neck. she faces more than a year in prison. if found guilty in ny is also facing charges from a different incident that happened this summer where she allegedly threatened another woman with a pair of scissors. a san mateo assisted living facility under fire tonight and getting national attention as well. police say a 93 year-old resident died after she drank this washing liquid at tree. a parked senior living facility. a trio says 2 other residents were also taken to the hospital and that all 3 of them were mistakenly serves that. >> dish washing liquid kron four's rob nesbitt talked with an elder abuse attorney on past complaints filed against a tree. 3 residents were taken
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to the hospital at the in just a dishwashing liquid at the atria park senior living facility. the family of gertrude maxwell telling kron 4 that the 93 year-old died after having severe blisters in her mouth, throat and esophagus. it's unusual because there's 3 people that i know of involved. >> i spoke with elder abuse attorney, katherine stabbed or who has filed 2 lawsuits in the past against the san mateo facility. according to a tree, a parked the residents were mistakenly served dishwashing liquid as drinking juice. stettner says similar to past lawsuits filed against a tree. a this is a staffing issue. lack of staff, lack of trained staff. >> and i hear just a systemic problem of that facility. that's something this bad would happen. it's just not a one off kind of situation. something's wrong. if something like this happens, maxwell in the other 2 residents suffer from dementia 7 or says that's an important detail because i'm like nursing homes, assisted living facilities like atria aren't supposed to accept new residents with medical conditions that make them dependent on others and people
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with dementia many times, you know, are people who require assistance with all of their activities of daily living in their statement. atria says they're conducting their own internal investigation and that the employees involved have been suspended. >> staff may be fired in court settlements awarded stettner says the life altering mistakes made inside assisted living facilities will sadly continue. state of california is going to issue a finding against them asked them to make some changes. okay. but my experience having done the since 1987 is those changes did not actually make the change. >> that was kron four's. rob nesbitt reporting california could soon mandate kindergarten for all children a bill approved by the state senate last night is headed to the governor's desk. it would require children to complete a year of kindergarten before entering the first grade. this would take effect beginning in the 2024. 25 school year enrollment in kindergarten declined to statewide by
10:34 pm
61,000 students in the 2020 2021 school year. state lawmakers have introduced legislation to regulate social media features for children. >> we believe that this is an important step for an important first step in protecting our kids and addressing the spread of extremism, hate and misinformation online. these are not big things to ask this tech companies to step up and do it, but they're necessary things for cuts. >> governor newsom has not yet indicated whether he will sign either or both of the bills into law or whether he will veto them. the santa clara county board of supervisors today gave us an update on the mental health and substance abuse use in the county. the county declared both issues a health crisis at the beginning of the year. >> kron four's man o'hare explains the county's progress so far. >> the facility currently working there's not care and support that we can provide a
10:35 pm
often in cases in people fall through the cracks when it comes to mental health community members listened in as the santa clara county board of supervisors received an update on the mental health and substance use crisis in the county. >> many people took the opportunity to voice their support for more services here today to support to voice my support to the changes mentioned in supervisor ellenberg. in lee's memo, i urge the board of supervisors to pull the county administration accountable for meeting the needs of people with mental disabilities, especially in the midst of a recognize mental health and substance use crisis county officials say they're reaching out to the community to try and figure out what is needed it that very we administered a communitywide survey. >> a first of its kind for deployment to find out the general state of our communities, mental health and substance use means the county held. 25 virtual community discussions to get more feedback. >> they say they're still dealing with a shortage of mental health providers and they're working to bring more people into the field to the works, develop a behavioral
10:36 pm
health profession, public awareness, campaign and leaders say they're also trying to find room in the budget for more competitive salaries and get people credentialed. the supervisors voted in support of monthly update on mental health and substance use of the public crisis and receiving reports related to financial resources of expanding behavioral health system capacities. i'll add formally and to incorporate into the motion that well, as the board will start receiving monthly reports on the behavioral health continuum of care, they also voted to stop the plan to construct a new 689 million dollar jail. the county's a focus on establishing more mental health and addiction recovery services and instead of spending millions of dollars on a new jail amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> the state assembly has passed a bill that aims to help homeless people across california senate bill 13. 38 would allow care. courts permitting court ordered treatment plans for unhoused
10:37 pm
people who are suffering from severe mental illness or substance abuse disorders. the assembly's vote was 62 to 2 backers of the bill say the goal is to provide assistance for people who need it most to help them get off the streets. >> this is a mega step that we're taking today. not think it's the right step. and so again, i want to be able to one sleep at night now will be able sleep at night because we're doing something. nothing good happens until we make that first step. >> this is the first step. let's make it together. >> however, critics including human rights watch came out in strong opposition to the proposal arguing court ordered treatment will not work. that group also feels that the bill does not do enough to address the housing issue. the legislation has now passed the state senate before heading to the governor's desk tonight, california is one step closer to creating more wildlife crossings throughout the state. >> yesterday, the state senate
10:38 pm
unanimously passed the safe roads and wildlife protection act. the legislation now awaits approval from governor newsom. if passed, the act would require caltrans to identify barriers to wildlife movement and prioritize crossings when designing new roads for making road improvements. tonight, crews from california are on their way to oregon to help contain wildfire. yeah. just k overnight, the fire jumped 1000 acres more than 11,000 acres have burned so far. it's en burning for 2 weeks. >> fire officials say it's started by lightning. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with more on the conditions that those crews are facing. lawrence, it's it's just hot temperatures right in the 80's 90's in the afternoon hours h still hovering. >> in the 70's, so not much relief at night. and of course, you got all that smokokk in around that fire makes it more difficult to fight in. some of that smoke actually moving back in the bay area may have noticed some of that haze in our skies. you can see
10:39 pm
the wind pattern. we've had an area of low pressure off the coastline. some of that has been getting caught up in that circulation around that low and moving back in the bay area. the good news is i think air quality and maybe improvevea a little bit for tomorrow. still, you've got some places out there tonight where you're seeing some yellow and that some moderate amounts. plumes building up in the atmosphere. otherwise a a a breeze kicking in late in the day and then help the clearing out pretty nicely. still tomorrow, we're looking at more haze outside of the north bay, the east bay in the south bay. looking pretty good along the coastline of the sea breeze this looking toward the goldedeg gate bridge. we've had some patchy fog kind of flirting with the bridge tonight and we'll see a little more that overnight tonight. that's going to be a thin layer stretching into the bay tonight. so don't expect much relief from that fog except along the coastline and just inside the bay temperature. the 50's along the coast. yes, 60's in the about 64 degrees right now in fairfield, the cool 59 in the bottle, right? this all about the heat, though, coming our way. this heatatwave the most significant heat wave of the season
10:40 pm
rolling in nonogoing to affect just the bay area, but all california uc warnings all the way down for the heat all the way down parts los angeles and san diego stretching eastward. you've got advisoriess even nevada, the bay area going to feel the effects of temperatures going to soar. heat watch posted for saturday now extended at least until tuesday. i believe it will be extended even further, especially in places inland. you u n see those temperatures get very, very hot, many spots away from the coastline. so high pressure building in other desert southwest that is going to send these temperatures soaring tomorrow. begin to warm up a little bit. but after that, things really get hot outside temperatures in san francisco tomorrow. we've got a lot of 60's there by the afternoon. cool on the coastline with that patchy fog in the sea breeze likely continue. 71 pretty comfortable in burlingame. 78 in redwood city in the south. and those temperatures turning in the 80's in the afternoon. then we start to see a couple 90's begin to pick up. i think well, inland by tomorrow afternoon. so a change on the way. and so tperatures getting hot in places away from the coastline. but then
10:41 pm
really going to crank up the temperatures. here's your 10 s.ok at this. this office when i've written season long as these temperatures are going to soar into triple digits by thursday enand then look at tha stretch of heat right through the whole day weekend. the unofficial end to summer. boy, we are ending on a hot know it is going take a long time for the stall cooldown. we're probably nononogoing to see these temperatures cooling down thursday and friday. and by that time, we may start to talk about offshore winds. and of course, we get that wave that offshore wind that we're talking about. some fire danger thursday or friday next week. next week. we've got a long way to go. yeah. that's the scary us. all right. thank you. >> san francisco mayor london breed says things are looking up for the city's tourism industry. the mayor says more than 21 million people are expected travel here before the year. ends. that's up more than 25% in the last year. and next year is looking to be even better. the mayor says hotel for events host at the
10:42 pm
center are up 90% from last year meaeaeato the city by the bay has been voted. the rudest the most through the route us in california. we're number one. . t >> that's according to a survey conducted by pre ply. they surveyed more than 1500 residents of america's 30 largest metropolitan areas in san francisco came in at number 7 in the country. number one in california, the top 3 rudest cities in the u.s. were philadelphia. memphis and new york. los angeles was the only other california city in the top 10. coming up next. in sports, we're going to hear from jason dumas, us and we're also going to have a live report from oracle park. >> stay with us.
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> after dropping their 5th straight loss last night to the padres and falling 8 and a half games back in that wild card race. the giants? well, they are running out of time for a playoff push tonight. they're back at it for game 2 against san diego and it was harry potter night at oracle. fans could dress up in different colors. logan webb, he had a great outing with runners at the corners into 4. he gets the strikeout on brandon drury to keep that
10:46 pm
game scoreless. five-plus shutout 7 strikeouts for web top of the 7th one. nothing padres. tyler rogers start to feel for this guy. he can't throw strikes. he can't get out. you see it every night that trent grisham taking him the other way. 2 run shot, yppadres pad their lead to 3 bottom of the 9th. look at that one offer jock peterson, he hits a shot to right to fair. is it foul? we'll stay fair for that. 2 run homerun that will cut the deficit to one. but that's all they could muster up. the giant come up short. 4 to 3. they lose another one. let's head right back out to oracle park. that's where we find kron. 4 sports reporter kylen mills highland. it's not officially over but that clock is just running out. >> yeah, be really tough for the san
10:47 pm
francisco giants moving forward tonight as fans were leaving oracle park, they were playing the blues and that pretty much sums up the mood here at the ballpark after another disappointing loss for the second straight game. the giants went down by 4 more runs early on in the game. they battled back late, able to bring it to within one run and came up just short. so disappointing for this team. there are 2 problems tonight. the defense and the bullpen starter logan webb threw an absolute gem striking out 7 only giving up 2 hits. he should have had a clean sheet through 6 innings. however, the defense gave up an error that allowed one run in the 6th and then reliever. tyler rogers in the 7th gave up 3 runs behind a home run, 2 doubles and another error. it just seems to be repeated problem for this giants. team manager gabe kepler said throughout the last couple weeks that defense is the number one thing this team needs to improve on. and somehow it's just not getting better. here's kappeler after the game. >> we haven't played good baseball for for quite bit
10:48 pm
now. but have a chance. really look at standing is not something that is front of mind right and mostly because just really doesn't matter which to put better baseball. >> it was also slow night for the giants offense, outfielder joc, peterson able to smash a 2 run homerun in the bottom of the 9th into mccovey cove to give this team a fresh breath of air. they brought this game within one. however, they just couldn't really get anything else going throughout the night of the giants. just overall a disappointing performances. you heard kappeler just mentioned now 9 and a half games back in that national league wild card race. it's going to be very difficult with just one month left in the season. this padre series, especially important because the padres do hold that final wild card spot if they could have gotten a sweep. this giants team could have really made up some ground in that wild card race instead. now they finish off the series tomorrow with a tough road ahead for now live oracle park kylen mills kron 4 sports. thank you for that live report. highland.
10:49 pm
>> the a's looking for their 3rd straight win. they took on the nationals. top of the 5th oakland up 65 bases loaded for sean murphy and he takes that one for right to left center. it's long gone. murphy's grand slam pads. the lead to 5 aides go on to win 10 to 6 game 2 on wednesday. we've been waiting for half a year now to find out where jimmy garoppolo would end up. now, we know he's not going anywhere and we have a better understanding of how that came to pass in a conference call today with john lynch and kyle shanahan. the pair explain that. they started chatting about the idea keeping jimmy on the team about a month ago. but neither would expect the pieces will fall into place. they knew that they could not prayed a price tag on that guaranteed. 24 million dollars. salary from jimmy. but the idea of having a backup quarterback with strong starting pedigree,
10:50 pm
it was undeniably attractive. when it was clear no starting jobs would come to fruition in the near future. garoppolo agreed to sign that restructured contract with the niners. >> we're always clear me that him salary, cap wise and stuff in a backup and supporting tray and that and that worked for him, no brainer for us. we just i think the chances are that are happening where we're going to happen and it ended up being that way and so it was all said and done even though is pretty shocking. we got was a win-win for both sides. >> all right. actually,
10:51 pm
you might already know that prop 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund real solutions to the homelessness crisis. so how will that new revenue be spent? new housing units in all 58 counties, including: permanent supportive housing, tiny homes communities, project roomkey supportive hotel units... and intensive mental health and addiction treatment. in short, 27 means getting people off the streets and into housing. yes on 27.
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look at the titanic. like you've never seen it before. and under water crew captured new high quality 8 k footage of the sunken ship revealing more colors and details than ever before. >> researchers hope the new footage will help scientists understand how the historic ship has deteriorated after more than a century at the bottom of the ocean, the expedition plans to return in 2023 to take even more footage. >> in entertainment news, comedian chris rock says he turned down an offer to host the 2023 oscars according to the arizona republic rock made that announcement during a show in phoenix sunday night. the paper says rock compared his situation with the murder of nicole brown. simpson
10:54 pm
saying that returning to the awards show will be like asking simpson quote, to go back to the restaurant where she died hours before her death. retailers in new york state are enforcing a year-old law that bans the sale of whipped cream canisters to anyone under the age of 21. the containers containing nitric oxide also known as laughing gas. state lawmakers say miners are inhaling the nitrous oxide to get high. health officials say despite a short-term high can also cause loss of blood pressure, fainting, heart attack even sudden death retailers that sell the canisters to people under the age of 21 face fines of up to $500 for repeat offenses, photographs of toddlers and their usually pretty sweet. but this one is pretty different. meet 3 year-old, drier and hurt all appropriately named creepy. chloe. her mother says breyer saw the dow at a halloween store and was apparently love at first sight. >> the 2 are inseparable. the
10:55 pm
demonic looking down is by brier side. when she reason she eats and sleeps and she even joined the family trip to disney world. apparently creepy. chloe, though, comes with some perks because the folks at disney whisk breyer and her creepy doll to the front of a long time at the park's haunted mansion. wow. all right. well, everybody could probably use some help blowing off steam at the office. some employers are turning to the popular lego toys to help their workers do that. employers say the toys help people with. >> communication, anxiety and being creative. a program called lego serious play is also driving the popularity in the use of legos. workers can help bring up concerns by first building, a small model with the bricks and then think about what's being built and why microsoft is reportedly using that training program to help its employees. staying cool during these hot summer days can be especially hard for students at recess and the hot blacktop. but a new product, maybe changing that
10:56 pm
is called street bond and it's paint with the solar reflective coating that actually lowers the ground surface temperature by as much as 12 degrees. a crew was street bond painted on the atlanta school playgrounds and basketball courts. and that allows students to play in a cooler area. >> it was so hot that sometimes you have go up to the door to get some air like you have to be to goal that a lot it was light from 3 to 10 degree difference like on the concrete was quite >> comes in 14 colors and in each color, light or dark, the technology works the same way. we're going to probably need some of that have really. all right, lawrence, tell us what we will need boy hot weather around the bay area. no getting around that. we're going to start to heat up things a little bit tomorrow. i think inland outside right now looking pretty nice. you've got a couple of patches of fog, kind of flirting with the golden gate bridge tonight. temperature wise, not bad. you got 50's along the coastline. 60's in the bay. still 70 and warm in antioch,
10:57 pm
low clouds and fog will see some patchy fog overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. then i think by the afternoon kind of breaks up in most spots, maybe couple lingering patches along the coastline. that is about it overnight. lows still cool in spots are starting to see a little blue show up on the map. some of the mountains and drop in the 40's, maybe even upper 40's and santa rosa by tomorrow morning by the afternoon. europe in the 90's in london next couple days. here we go. the heat is on triple digit heat continuing boy these next 10 days. this is going to be the hottest 10 seen all summer. all right. thank you, lawrence. thank you for being with us tonight. have a good evening. we'll see you tomorrow. see you tomorrow.
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