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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 31, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> and if your day is starting now, we hope it's off to the right to put for you on this last day of august. i'm reyna and we're so happy that you are waking up with one more day before the heat really kicks in. this is true. and i guess it's going to be a record setter, john. yeah, we're looking at temperatures 15, 20 degrees above average. and unlike we've seen before this season, a prolonged bout of temperatures well above 100 degrees. >> we are in records territory towards the start of september where we're at right now. not records territory yet, but we are warmer than yesterday. >> your view outside right now with the bay bridge got a little bit of a breeze above peer 19 overall, just some conditions out there that are similar to yesterday. but all the warming trend leading up to the really hot days ahead of us and not comfortably hot but dangerously hot towards
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the coastline. we will have a few low clouds into the afternoon. most of us, though, even out to the coast will be seeing more than anything else. just nice, bright skies today. get out there. enjoy it because we are nice and cool. this morning. 50's and 60's. great weather for the job. once the sun comes up, walk the dog and just enjoy this relatively cool morning. and then also at least tolerable. warm afternoon. ahead, starting tomorrow, we've got triple digits back only increasing into the weekend. great. thank you for that, ok? so we still have that hot spot. this is here. 80 eastbound east of hilltop drive. >> and some pablo at an earlier accident at one point, all lanes are blocked, but now it looks like they were just able to open up the lanes. so you are going to see residual delays there. hopefully in another 30 minutes, things will be much more clear. 80 eastbound east of hilltop drive in san pablo. >> heading into the city 40 minute to the fremont street exit. the meteor lights on. >> san mateo bridge, 13 minute say 80 to one o one. let's check on the richmond center
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fell bridge about 7 minutes at a richmond and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. a 19 minute ride. >> time now 6, 0, one in the breaking news that we're following from overnight. oakland police are investigating a shooting. it seems show started our freeway and ended with a crash actually kron. 4. sarah stinson live at chp with the latest of sarah had at this all started when actually happened. >> witnesses at the scene. they tell us that there was a child and a woman in that car that was shot at and then crashed. but we're still waiting to hear from chp and from oakland police about the details. they have not been able to confirm anything with us or give us any detail. so let's take a look at the video because it really shows you the aftermath of what happened. and that is a car, a black car that is all banged up, smashed in and has bullet holes in the windows. the airbags fully deployed. >> this was an oakland police are investigating a shooting
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that possibly happened on the eastbound lanes of 5.80, in oakland near park avenue. people on scene say it appeared that the person driving drove off the drove off the freeway and crashed at 35th and brookdale avenues. witnesses who live in that neighborhood. they say they rushed up to the car, the car that crashed the car with the bullet holes and saw a woman seriously injured in a child that had possibly been shot. they also said both were taken to the hospital hospital. but come police and chp have not confirmed any of these details haven't told us about the victims about the injuries are about who was involved in how this all started. so we're trying to get the latest details for you this morning. stay tuned to have an update for you in another hour they get back to us, because this was a serious, serious shooting, another shooting on the freeway that ended with a crash for now. send it back to you. thank you for that. sarah 6, 0, 3, in the south bay, an off-duty police officer's car was hit by gunfire on highway one. 0, one near the >> highway. 85 interchange in
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san jose. the officer was driving his personal vehicle when it was shot. the officer wasn't injured. time now is 6, 0, 3, and on the peninsula. palo alto police are looking for the person who sexually assaulted a woman at a transit center. it happened after the victim was getting off of the bus. kron four's will tran is live. >> at palo alto. well, we don't have a shot up. and yes, we'll check in with them. and later we have he does have the details about exactly what happened. apparently they were the only 2 people on the bus when she got off and then he sold leased what happened. kate? 6 '04 is the time and another story that we're following that meeting today. a former richmond police officer is going to be a rain for a felony assault charge. he's actually accused of beating a man during a traffic stop back in april. well, eric smith junior was charged and fired from the police department earlier this month after an investigation into that incident and it will show you video of the traffic stop. look at that. the contra costa county district attorney offices, smith pulled a man over for suspected dui. that situation that escalated. this
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myth is seen hitting the victim multiple times and tazing him. smith's the rain is set for one 30 pm in martinez. time now 6 '04, one person was arrested. but another is on the loose after a police chase in newark. it started in the 36,000 block of cherry street. that's where police respond to reports that shots were fired at a home when the police got there. they found 2 men, one they say was armed and the other who got into a car and took off and eventually that car crash. the driver did get away, though and is still on the loose. police, however, did arrest the passenger time now 6, 0, 5, in the north bay. a 71 year-old woman was attacked and robbed in valais hill. this is the latest attack adding to the growing number of attacks on elderly members of the aap i community at around 7 o'clock sunday night. 71 year old, an alien perez, her stepson and 2 of her friends. we're heading back to their home to rio vista after they spent the day in san
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francisco well for as was attacked while they were leaving a restaurant and the lail on their way home. >> someone called her purse. >> so she pulled back into back and then fell. the hit to the back of her head and then she went down. we're full up. you know, i don't know enough. we don't know enough to know whether to hate crime or not. it was absolutely a cowardly move by some want to get an elderly person. so that. we do know. and that is what's frustrating. >> all those images are hard to see her there in that hospital bed. the family has filed a police report and the vallejo police department. it's not responded to our request for comment on this case. >> it's 6, 0, 6, and we want to follow up now on the shooting that happened at a middle school in oakland. police say that they don't think it was a deliberate shooting that happened monday afternoon at james madison middle school. and it was a 12 year-old student who had brought a gun to school shot a
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13 year-old student. but police say the evidence shows that that 13 year-old student does not appear to have been the intended target. it's also not clear at this point where the 12 year-old got the gun or why they brought it to school or what their intentions or target was. and some are wondering in light of this was the oakland district should bring back school resource officers who are armed kron four's haaziq madyun has that story. >> babies shooting babies at a school should be shocking. should be troubling. again, it should be immediate call to action. but does that call to action include armed police officers on the campuses of schools in the oakland unified school district. the question comes in the wake of a 13 year-old student being wounded after being shot by a 12 year-old student at james madison. middle school in u.s. de boer director mike hutchinson says he is not in favor of bringing back the
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school's police department that was disbanded back in 2020. do we want our schools to be the place where there's armed officers? >> do we want our children to have to experience metal detectors just to get into school? >> these are some some serious questions that we as a community need to address. but i don't think having armed police officers campus is the way i found a mix of used by some oakland city council members on whether or usd should have police presence at schools. any solution. >> any solution that puts more in schools. it's out of balance and out of step with. >> our values here in the city of oakland. >> we have a police department as part of the school district is something to definitely consider. i'm not so sure that we want to run back to creating stand-alone police department. >> the middle school shooting took place and councilmember treat reads district. i think we need to sit down and have a conversation with the parents.
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they are disappointed that there's a lack of security and presence at the school. just understand they made that choice to eliminate the school's boys and don't have anything to build that point. no one is officially asking at this point. but if asked, does opd have the capacity to provide school resource officers usd? >> oakland police officers association, president barry donelan says no. >> not in its current form. we just don't have enough officers to take volume of 9-1-1. calls we have coming in you as the board director mike hutchinson says school security will likely be one of the subjects discussed at next usd board of education meeting. >> i think met you in kron. 4 news on the peninsula. palo alto police are looking for the person who sexually assaulted. >> a woman at a transit center. yeah. we were telling our will tran is there and he's got the latest on exactly what happened. will. >> okay. so what is happening
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right now is they're working with the victim to come up with a composite sketch of the attackers so they can pass it along to the public. in the meantime, if you're here at the palo alto transit center and there's a train pulling in at this time. you have to be careful because this suspect is still on the loose. let me show you a map of this location. so you know, exactly where it's located. 95 university avenue. it sits right between stanford university, which obviously has thousands of people. >> and downtown palo alto as far as this particular case, this happened in the overnight hours from friday into saturday morning between 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning. the woman says she was on a bus going from south san francisco to palo alto. only 2 people on board. she and the attacker. they both get off at this location. she believes the bus and all of a sudden she says she's attacked again. this happened at around 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning. but guys, i can tell you that it
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was a nurse at a nearby hospital about 12 hours later about saturday afternoon when she called the palo alto police department confirming that they did check out the victim that she was sexually assaulted. and that's when they started their investigation at this particular point. they don't have a solid description of the suspect other than he was 6 foot. 3 and wearing an orange beating at the time. so you've got to be careful. but we'll try to contact the palo alto police department perhaps this morning. they already have a composite sketch of how this person looks like >> to pass along to the public. >> all right. thank you for that update. 6.11 is a time. another developing story that we're following right now. the justice department says classified documents were likely hidden and removed from former president trump's home in florida. investigators say this is part of an effort to obstruct the investigation into the discovery of government records. the court filing also included this picture that shows some of the
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seized documents. and you clearly see some of the classification markings, including some mark s top secret. trump has claimed that he had declassified. all of these documents found mar-a-lago. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, an update to the sand. the tail assisted living facility blame for the death of a woman after drinking this water. >> we talked to an elder abuse attorney on the past complaints that facility has. plus president biden is turning his attention to fight crime as he makes it stops across the country. but some lawmakers think that he's tackling the wrong issues and we're getting plenty of sunshine today. temperatures out there remain comfortable in sf. and oakland, san jose warm in the mid 80's. >> tomorrow we kick off september on a hotter, know and get only even hotter yet into your labor day
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>> well, the hubble and the james webb space telescope's are joining forces to create stunning new images of the phantom galaxy. take a look. it's a spiral of oh, my goodness. solar systems. 32 million light years away from earth to look real home this is the web detected delicate filaments of gas and dust. while the hubble captured a particularly sharp vision of the ultraviolet and visible way plants. well, the web also discovered a near perfect einstein ring first predicted by albert einstein in 1915, the glowing patterns for when light from the galaxy of stars passes to another
6:16 am
galaxy of massive objects. and this is why we have to go. >> to it is right vote as a group. i'm telling it's all coming together in this beautiful you know what, maybe you saw this last night. look, the spacex rocket lifted off. we were talking about this said they had to scrub and then this one got off to a a sky 5 overhead to capture it. so there's shot that we have from the distance for you. >> the falcon 9 rocket is sending 46, starlink internet satellites into low earth orbit. god, i hope i can get a signal because of i was in or never and my phone doesn't work and look at this. and yeah, it's really that these are amazing shots. first stage booster, you know, sets off there and then. >> and then goes off. and it's it's just incredible. remember, we told you about spacex. they have launched
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more than 3,000 satellites for starlink. and that's a giant internet constellation, the beams broadband service. he thought i was kidding. and now i would do it breeds. that's you know, that's what we need. i totally agree. he's like if your wi-fi doesn't work one way to the but all this is happening tonight. getting mason's haha. >> hey, we're also talking about back here on earth and the heat are and how next few john's holding his breath go to the moon or something. i feel a little unfair that spacex got a lift off yesterday. s a t s it way too with today. dry. so much riding, right? so friday is the next chance for nasa. and after that, if they don't get it, knocked away a few late it's >> whole but yeah, the moon sounds appealing about this forecast. exactly right. not a lot about this labor day weekend is going to have you so comfortable. it's actually really uncomfortable in dangerously hot out there as we make our way into this labor day weekend. your view
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outside right now, it's clear enough. we've got a little bit of low cloud cover, but it hasn't resulted in any visibility issues. you've got a nice morning for your job to walk the dog getting outside, which the modest breeze through the golden gate out to the carquinez. not a terribly windy day today. it is going to be a touch of a warmer day today than yesterday hotter inland spots in tomorrow for september. first will tap into our triple digits for the first time. only getting hotter from there. and by labor day weekend, we have risks of hightened fire danger, record-breaking heat and also heat related illnesses are going to be especially if you are getting outside maybe for a hike, a picnic. >> anything like that. not necessarily ideal exposure self to those hot afternoon temperatures. here's my advice to you. get out to a warm to hot coastline. it's still going to be warm out there. but at least it's going to be a lot more tolerable than our inland areas. also plan any sort of outdoor activities during morning hours. just avoid those afternoon hours as much as possible. we're going to be in the midst of
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excessive heat warnings starting on saturday morning and lasting all the way through tuesday. that's the bulk of your holiday weekend. pink areas and warning territory. maroon areas closer to the bay and the coast in advisory territory. as for today, temperatures are warming up but by no means are hot us just yet 60's and 70's for san francisco. it will be 70's 80's along the bay shore. pretty familiar still not a lot of changes in this forecast just yet. we'll see those changes for september. just around the corner. that's tomorrow. fremont hayward up to oakland in the 70's while a few more 90's inland pleasanton livermore, danville, up to concord, all in the 90's, vacaville up to 97 degrees today, getting close to the triple digits. that's the number i have in your seven-day forecast tomorrow and we're surpassing it by saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday, closer to the coastline. it will be a lot more comfortable this weekend. whatever you do, keep a close eye on family, friends and neighbors that, you know, are susceptible to the heat. look out for one another. these temperatures are dangerously
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hot reyna. john, thank you for that. you guys. i just checked. so artemis saying him out the next chance because john, really what time? >> help the man is. the mannequins could go saturday on saturday. i will to you, mark your hey, 80 eastbound east of the bay bridge, west family got an accident. just popped up there. so it's going take a little time. if you're traveling from san francisco cross towards oakland, heading into the city right now, 60 minutes, mace that fremont street exit via the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge, 13 minutes a 80 to one o one. a protest over abortion bans are not die down as more states move for with bills outlawing the procedure. protests took place yesterday outside of south carolina state houses. lawmakers approved a bill banning abortion with exceptions for rate and incest or medical cases to save the mother's life. a woman in south carolina would be able to get an abortion up to 12 weeks after conception. as long as they tell a doctor that they were raped. the white house says americans will make their voices heard on abortion in the midterm
6:21 am
elections this november. >> here more on this issue and screaming consequential. >> so far, at least 17 states about lot most abortions, health care professionals in states where abortions are still legal are citing an influx of people traveling across state lines to secure the procedure. just one vote to spare. the state assembly passed a bill that governor gavin newsom says will help reach his climate goals if signed into law senate bill 11. 37 will ban new oil and gas drilling at least 3200 feet from homes, schools and parks. supporters say that proposal will help the environment and vulnerable communities while opponents argue it will hurt the economy and lead to a jump in gas prices and now heads to the senate. governor newsom has indicated if this makes it to his desk, he will sign it. >> in national news as we get closer to the november midterm elections, president biden is turning his attention to crime and gun violence is calling for billions of dollars to
6:22 am
hire and train police and to ban on assault weapons was to correspond reshadhudson is live with the latest. good morning was shot. >> hey, good morning. this public safety policy message has become key as we approach the midterm elections. and president biden is hitting the road to make his pitch for his policies. well, in northeast pennsylvania, tuesday, president biden introduced his safer america plan aimed at reducing gun crime. a peace of mind knowing your kids can go to school or the playground of the movies at a high school game. >> you come home safely. the president is calling for billions of dollars to hire and train police and a ban on assault weapons. we can do this. we have to do this will make america safer. but republicans like wisconsin senator ron johnson say democrats are not interested in solving the issue of crime, defund the police movement. >> about ice. these are things
6:23 am
result in rising crime. and just bad governments. >> johnson also hit democrats on the economy out of control. deficit spending caused the inflation. warren fossil fuels called wrecked cars. record gas prices. >> and tomorrow, president biden will deliver a primetime address on what the white house is calling threats to the democracy reporting in washington reshad hudson, back to you. thank you for the update. was >> coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. the new numbers are out. how rent rates in san francisco are comparing to the rest of the country come september. we'll be right back after the break.
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well, for your money this morning, rent in san francisco did not get cheaper in august. there's a new report on rent rates across the country and they show that in the city there up more than half a percent. the terraces with the rate of increase is 0.7%. that's compared to 2.5% nationally. there's also a national increase of more than one percent in july. according to apartment list, year-over-year rent in san francisco currently stands at 2.5%. that's compared to 1.4% at this time last year, median rents in the city currently stand at about $2300 for a one-bedroom apartment and just under 2704, 2 bedroom overall apartment list says we're into the city are down by 8 and a half percent since the start of the pandemic. >> wow, deals deals, deals
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>> 6.26. right now. today they need your blood. it's your last chance to donate blood and be entered into a drawing to win free gas for a year. has that for a nice pay off. the red cross has been holding a drive. >> all month long. >> to boost their blood platelets and plasma donations. people will give will automatically be entered for the chance to win free gas for a year. everybody who donates blood will get a $10 gift card to a retailer of their as if just, you know, helping those in need isn't enough. now you get a little something extra. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. a man is charged after a racist rant is all caught on racist rant is all caught on camera. the latest what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27? 26? not one dime to get people off the streets and into housing 27 generates hundreds of million to help solve homelessness. the choice is clear yes on prop 27. ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪
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what's the difference between prop 26 and prop 27?
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26 is a money grab that doesn't guarantee a cent for non-gaming tribes. 27 requires 15% of all state revenues go to non-gaming tribes. the choice is clear. yes, on 27. >> 6.30, is the time. and this is a good hour. the day to get out and do stuff, especially as we get towards the weekend is going to get hotter and hotter than, you know, and i use my family night, been thinking edition of just held off. >> all right. well, it's not get a break. you can john. all premature on the people of fans can use that. the ac is where we'd rather right. okay. although i was at grocery ali yesterday to vo viewer. hello, active. i was buying this air conditioner, grocery outlet. that's like this pick. se for all right. was 18 bucks and that what that says, they see
6:31 am
it and probably false it was cheap it is definitely a forecast to find any way to get cool. if it's see if it's the freezer section at costco is going to blame. you. >> just get to it. cool yourself down. not just didn't comfortably hot forecast. a dangerously hot forecast in the days ahead of us. look outside at the east bay right here. you can see some of the low gray hovering above us. we are seeing less and less of that this morning and we aren't going to be in for ample sunshine this afternoon. in fact, this morning is a lot like yesterday and monday. mornings were just a bit of morning cloud cover and then it's nothing but sun is going to be a bit warmer this afternoon, though, just a sign of the heat just around the corner really kicks in tomorrow for september. 1st 50's 60's for current temps, alameda oakland at 60 wall conquered san francisco in pittsburgh at 58. a look ahead shows temperatures this afternoon. yes, tapping into some 90's inland. that's just the start. i'll get to the
6:32 am
rest. still ahead, john, thank you for that, ok? so we still have that accident. this is a 80 eastbound east of the bay bridge west. and there. >> 2 lanes are blocked. so just going a little sluggish as you're traveling from the city to oakland heading into the city, though 20 mitt romney's to that from us. tx us in detail bridge 14 80 to one o one richmond center fell about 10 minutes. and then let's go ahead and look at the golden gate bridge a 20 minute ride as you travel from 37 to the tolls. it's 6.32 and salmon to assisted living facilities under fire after a woman. >> died after she was served. dishwashing liquid thinking that it was juice to trick. i know. and now more is coming out about other complaints that were filed against this same nursing home kron four's rob nesbitt has that story. >> 3 residents were taken to the hospital at the in just a dishwashing liquid at the atria park senior living facility. the family of gertrude maxwell telling kron 4 that the 93 year-old died after having severe blisters in her mouth, throat and esophagus. it's unusual because there's 3 people that
6:33 am
i know of involved. i spoke with elder abuse attorney, katherine stabbed or who has filed 2 lawsuits in the past against the san mateo facility. according to a tree, a parked the residents were mistakenly served dishwashing liquid as drinking juice. stettner says similar to past lawsuits filed against a tree. a this is a staffing issue. lack of staff, lack of trained staff. >> and i hear just a systemic problem of that facility. that's something this bad would happen. it's just not a one off kind of situation. something's wrong. if something like this happens, maxwell in the other 2 residents suffer from dementia 7 or says that's an important detail because i like nursing homes, assisted living facilities like atria aren't supposed to accept new residents with medical conditions that make them dependent on others and people with dementia many times, you know, are people who require assistance with all of their activities of daily living in their statement. atria says they are conducting their own internal investigation and that the employees involved have been suspended. >> staff may be fired in court
6:34 am
settlements awarded stettner says the life altering mistakes made inside assisted living facilities will sadly continue. state of california is going to issue a finding against them asked them to make some changes. okay. but my experience having done the since 1987 is those changes did not actually make the change. >> well, that was kron four's rob nesbitt reporting. now we asked the elder abuse attorney why assisted living facilities except residents with dementia if they aren't supposed to. she says it all comes down to money because residents in need of more care or charge more costing upwards of about $20,000 a month. >> time now 6.34 and we have a follow to that man who was spewing racist comments and spit on somebody at a fremont taco bell. he is now charged with a hate crime kron. 4 news for showed you the video of 37 year-old saying to gender on sunday. >> and here you see him yelling, anti hindu comments at another customer name chris non jy are chris, john was
6:35 am
just waiting for his food at that taco bell in fremont. the alameda county d's, a da's office has filed now multiple charges against a gender, including a hate crime in violation of civil rights assault and disturbing the peace by offensive language. says that he is happy that this man is going to be held accountable for spewing hate and spitting on him. >> i was relieved to be honest and i was not surprised a pole. it was not surprised because have gone numb to these kind of things. we need to be sensitive to a fellow human being. >> jy are amman says that this whole rant lasted more than 8 minutes. and according to the police to gender was not in custody in alameda county as monday night. in the south bay. a 43 year-old woman is being charged with a hate crime after police say she attacked a teenager who was wearing a hijab in mountain view. the santa clara da's
6:36 am
office says it happened on july. first on castro street. to sa big ari grabbed an 18 year olds. head scarf, push the teenager into a wall and put her hands around the girl's neck. and then the woman took off on a bicycle, but she was later arrested by the police and now faces a year in prison. if she's found guilty and she's also facing different charges. other charges from a whole different incident that happened in june where she's accused of threatening a woman with a pair of scissors. >> well, the group mothers of murder victims say the community has to do more to put a stop to gun violence in oakland. they gathered outside of city hall yesterday afternoon and the group is calling on oakland to create a community response for change. this after 6 people were killed in 4 days and a shooting involving 2 children on monday. oakland's police chief says the numbers should serve as an example. how much
6:37 am
more must be done you can look into your homes. >> talk to your brothers. your sisters, talk to your children see was going on in in their world because the streets, if they get your kids, they're not going to get them back. no child should have access to a good 12 years old. right so it's begs the question of, you know, pools watching at home whose ensure that our children and not put their own lives in danger and in danger and other kids. that's a community responsibility as well to monitor the behavior of those that you love. >> well, the chief says it is time the community get a break from this violence and says for that to happen, the community itself must start stepping in. >> it's 6.37, and the santa clara county board of supervisors has given us an update now on mental health and substance use in the county. the county declared both of those health crisis at the beginning of the year. kron four's amanda hari has
6:38 am
the update. >> the facility is currently working there's not care and support that we can provide a often in cases and people fall through the cracks when it comes to mental health community members listened in as the santa clara county board of supervisors received an update on the mental health and substance use crisis in the county. >> many people took the opportunity to voice their support for more services here to support to voice my support for the changes mentioned and supervisor ellenberg. in lee's memo, i urge the board of supervisors to hold the county administration accountable for meeting the needs of people with mental disabilities, especially in the midst of a recognize mental health and substance use. crisis. county officials say they're reaching out to the community to try and figure out what is needed in feiruary. we administered a communitywide survey. >> a first of its kind for deployment to find out the general state of our communities, mental health. >> and substance use means the county held. 25 virtual community discussions to get
6:39 am
more feedback. >> they say they're still dealing with a shortage of mental health providers and they're working to bring more people into the field to the works, develop a behavioral health profession, public awareness, campaign and leaders say they're also trying to find room in the budget for more competitive salaries and get people credentialed. the supervisors voted in support of monthly update on mental health and substance use of the public crisis and receiving reports related to financial resources of expanding behavioral health system capacities. i'll add formally and to incorporate into the motion that will set the board will start receiving monthly reports on the behavioral health continuum of care. they also voted to stop the plan to construct a new 689 million dollar jail. the county's a focus on establishing more mental health and addiction recovery services and instead of spending millions of dollars on a new jail amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> water regulators from around the bay area are
6:40 am
gathering to urge conservation when it comes to outdoor lawns and our gardens conference, charles clifford has details on some of those recommendations. well, it has been months since california has seen significant rainfall out of the grass is brown like you see right behind me here. and as we head into. >> what could be the hottest part of our summer. officials are asking people to save as much water as possible with california on the verge of what could be a record-setting heat wave. the leaders of some of the bay area's largest water districts and the california natural resources agency are asking everyone. >> to save water. they're encouraging people to use water saving tool, such as low flow, shower heads and hose nozzles and reduce outdoor water irrigation. they say that long-range forecasts show that california could be headed for another dry winter. but the best time to prepare is now we all know that we're with in the 3rd year now. >> the severe drought. throughout california and the west. and so we all need to be doing those things that
6:41 am
conserve water august september, our months of heavy water usage, hot temperatures thirsty landscapes. we are asking californians to take advantage of these programs that you've heard about here today. too. make your home's make your yards more water efficient and take care to reduce water usage wherever you can. >> what are officials are also asking people to consider removing grass lawns in favor of drought-tolerant gardens. any water districts offer rebates and grants that can help pay for that transition. that's the very latest here in fremont charles clifford kron. 4 news >> still ahead of the kron, 4 morning news. jimmy g is staying with the forty-niners. why head coach kyle shanahan decided to keep them on the team. we're on the lookout for tech trends coming soon to a restaurant near you. everything from robotic servers to a lifeboat that catches flies. i'm rich demuro. that's coming up in tech. smart. >> and we are tapping into some 90's for some of our
6:42 am
inland areas today. staying in the 70's, though, for sf oakland, san jose in the 80's. >> it's all just the start of a very hot start to september. just around the corner, we'll be breaking down. everything you need to know. still to come. i'm bringing back my spicy chicken strips. while i'm at it, my most popular former employee, mark hamill. well, what's my motivation? to not get fired again... i can work with that. actors! spicy chicken strips and me, mark hamill, back for a limited time.
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my 100% all-white-meat spicy chicken strips are back. look at them sitting there. just sitting there. can't believe we hired a director for this. spicy chicken strips starting at $5.49 are back at jack in the box. >> the city of oakland public works is cleaning up dead fish
6:45 am
at lake merritt on the shore this morning. remember, we told you about the algae that is spreading around the lake and really around the bay as well. so the city is cleaning up ahead of this weekend's heat wave because would that stink? if they don't, that's going speaking of which remember the half moon bay whale that's going to smell too. >> the blooms can be caused. if you're wondering by fertilizers, high temperatures and low water flow. >> so far the lg does not appear to be harmful to humans. >> but what they're saying is, you know, you should stay out of the water. you know what your pets to go in the water. that kind of thing cause. >> it could definitely make your pet sick state want you want to have your dog a swim in that. a lot friends of in stbying away from the lake. but as long as you don't get in it, right walking around, you can still do those things specially going to be really hot over the next few days. sure is. john, let's get to those details. algae hasn't
6:46 am
grown lake with legs shark. exactly. like the sharks are talking about last well, it is still a relatively taller, billy warm day today. it's warmer than yesterday was. >> really saving the heat for tomorrow and the weekend, especially tomorrow. we'll start to see some triple digits inland labor day weekend is when we're going to sail right past 100 degrees. that's when we're going to see some dangerously hot and potentially record-breaking numbers out there. as far as what we've got this morning, there's a little bit of cloud cover hanging out for us, but it's not enough to be blocking out the sun shine. most of us are tapping into some brighter skies. now winds enough of them from the coastline to have a moderating effect near the coast in the bay bayside areas here in the 70's today. it's inland areas where you begin to tap into some of those 90's. high-pressure ridge firmly in place hotter weather and ever hotter into the weekend. this is going to be the longest amount of triple digit temperatures we've seen so far this summer and some of our hottest temperatures we've seen so far
6:47 am
this year. this extreme heat inland is going to have 3 crippling effects, heightened fire danger. we've been doing fairly well come past of the compared to the past few years. so as you plan out, those outdoor activities make sure that you're focusing on activities that are going to be fire safe. the last thing we need is a bunch of fires breaking out in the midst of what's already dangerously hot weather records will be challenged in heat related illnesses will be a concern not just for those of you that are prone to heat related illnesses like heat stroke, heat exhaustion, but really for everyone avoid too many hikes, especially during the afternoon, head out to the coastline, is still going to be warm to hot out there, but not as crippling blistering hot as our inland areas will be those pink areas on the map. these are excessive heat warnings going into effect saturday morning lasting through sunday monday into tuesday. coastal areas in maroon and right along the bayshore excessive heat watches. we have that potential for some really hot spots near the coast. there will be pockets where the sea breeze scoots in cooling us down, but also pockets of the
6:48 am
coast that don't have that sea access that will be getting really hot, too. so it all depends on timing. just venture outside during morning hours and take it a little easier this weekend. the maybe you were initially planning on 60's at the coast today. it will be 70's to 80's along the bay shore. a really pleasant day right along the bay inland areas are getting warmer today. but compared to where we're about to be, it's not that bad. pleasanton livermore at 90 92 degrees while hayward up to oakland in the mid 70's concord to danville officially also back in the 90's with our hottest spot today being vacaville at 97. we'll save those triple digits for tomorrow. the first time will be also september first, starting september on a really hot note, it is on average, the warmest month of the year for the bay area. and we are certainly living up to those expectations this time around saturday will blast past 100 degrees to the mid 1020605 degrees on average inland sunday and monday, nearing 110. again, this is dangerous heat. we're talking about
6:49 am
brain todd, thank you for that. ok, let's get a look at your traffic this morning. accident 80 eastbound east of >> the bay bridge west and in san francisco, causing just a slight delays are heading out of the city to oakland traveling into the city this morning. 24 minutes maze to that fremont street exits. the traffic is building gradually as you're headed to the city. accidents on the westbound side. 15 minutes, a 80 to one o one. that's 92 westbound there. richmond center fell bridge 12 minute right tools to one on one. let's check on the golden gate bridge. 19 minutes as you travel from 37 to the tolls. well, there is expo and it showcases the latest technology for the restaurant industry. rich demuro takes a look in this morning's tech smart. >> the pandemic changed a lot about the restaurant industry. we got used a scanning qr codes and ordering food with our phones. recently, i visited the western food expo to see what's next.
6:50 am
>> from robots to tabletop chargers goes by here. the western food service expo is where restaurants go to see what's next. so there's a lot of trends that want to been around in 2022, if there hadn't been covid because it caused a lot of independent restaurants to do things they were doing before like lean on robots to do repetitive tasks. when man's koba works alongside humans, prepping multiples shots at once. we want to you know, the skills of the very like 10 years into this embed into this arm is a down camera. there's camera down here. servi from bear robotics helps with food running and busing tables. it's not meant to replace any humans. and that's really not our, you know, our and our goal. you know, it's really to help supplement can be complimentary to the service staff that's already there. expect to see more self-service ordering and touch screen kiosks. this is a solution for business owners to really save costs and also fill in for missing labor
6:51 am
person. tablets are replacing the know pat. this portable unit there's some this do that. they want take 20 year-old and then versus a right there on the spot. we ought think that they got away from with these tabletop chargers, you'll feast easy knowing your phone won't be left for red. sometimes you don't have your own little charger. and so with people dynamics, this is a freestanding wireless charger that you could just place on your phone on finally, no flies in the soup. thanks to a life old with a vacuum inside as the flys go light to light, they had ours. they have the section they get trapped in. just don't forget to empty the fly ball. but every once in a while now, whose job is that? >> all right. for more information on anything, i saw the expo. you can go to my web site for the link. it is rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> let's talk football now. head coach kyle shanahan from the forty-niners is talking
6:52 am
about why they decided to keep jimmy g. >> in a conference call was shanahan and general manager john lynch. they say they started talking about keeping on about a month ago earlier in the week. as we told you yesterday, gore op. signed a restructured contract. >> we're always clear me that him salary, cap wise and stuff in a backup and supporting tray and that and that worked for him, no brainer for us. we just i think the chances of that are happening where we're going to happen and it ended up being that way and so it was all said and done even though is pretty shocking. we got was a win-win for both sides. >> well, they and they spent a lot of time for a six-month slight try to find trading partner. they couldn't find one. >> so jimmy g's out going back up. trade. trey was backing of jimmy breathing down his neck. now. jim, you go back up, trey breed. that is going to be an
6:53 am
interesting season. >> and the niners kick it all off the regular season. september 11 in chicago. we'll be right back. ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ ♪ (don't stop me) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ having a good time ♪ ♪ i'm a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger ♪ ♪ defying the laws of gravity ♪ ♪ (don't stop me now) ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ i don't wanna stop at all, yeah ♪
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♪ ah, da, da, da, da da, da, ah, ah ♪
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>> well, you know how you tell your kids not to play with their food in this case you want to do because you could earn some cash. lunchables is giving away $2000 to fans to get creative. with the little portions of meat, cheese and crackers. it's a new build
6:56 am
this campaign to participate. build your meal time creation and posted on instagram with the hashtag build this and sweepstakes. and in the caption, you include what inspired you and what you would do if you won the money you have until september 4th to participate. they're going to pick up to 25 winners >> so i'm sure your kid has done a few things with the lunchables. >> you know, try to win some money for other. coming up in the next hour on the kron 4 morning news. we're going to give you a follow-up now after there was a shooting at a middle school in oakland, some are saying maybe they should bring back armed resource officers. and a woman sexually assaulted at a transit center and palo alto. we'll tell you what police are saying about it so far. plus, president
6:57 am
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you might already know that prop 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund real solutions to the homelessness crisis. so how will that new revenue be spent?
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new housing units in all 58 counties, including: permanent supportive housing, tiny homes communities, project roomkey supportive hotel units... and intensive mental health and addiction treatment. in short, 27 means getting people off the streets and into housing. yes on 27. ♪ sure, feels good when you get it right. and with the number one powered toothbrush brand recommended by dental professionals. philips sonicare makes it easy for you to always get brushing right. philips. >> now on the kron, 4 morning news, we're going to give you the very latest on what
7:00 am
happened with the shooting overnight and tell you if anyone was hurt in that. we are also following the latest. on the set on one year-old woman who was attacked and robbed this morning. their families now speaking out about that brutal attack. and also breaking now, the justice department says class my documents were concealed and removed from former president trump's estate as a part of an effort to obstruct a federal investigation. the kron 4 morning news starts right now. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> 7 o'clock and thanks for spending a little bit of your morning with us here on the kron. 4 morning news. i'm darya right r-va. we're talking the cool down into the heat of the role in on us. yeah, this heat wave is going to be major, john. so let's talk about the timing. yeah. the most significant of the year so far and that is going to be smack dab in the middle of labor day weekend,


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