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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  September 27, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> tonight at 5, a new plan to combat gun violence in oakland. that was the latest announcement from police chief leronne armstrong today on the heels of another deadly shooting. it marked the city's 96 homicide of the year. thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at 5, everybody. i'm grant lotus and on the king will cause this latest shooting happened this morning in east oakland i-d's avenue. >> near william patterson park. police found 2 men shot
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and one of them died of his injuries. now the oakland police chief chief armstrong is revamping police deployment in the city hoping to put more of icers on the streets. he hopes that will put more criminals in jail. kron four's dan kerman reports. escalating violence in the city of oakland. the citizen video shows yet another murder in east oakland tuesday morning. >> this one oakland's 96th of the year. we are going all hands on deck to address gun violence in the city of oakland. now oakland police chief leronne armstrong is getting more officers on the streets, especially in the east and west oakland in hopes it will curb the violence. we will have all of our specialized units, including our violent crimes operation center. our cease-fire teams as well as our community resource officers deployed into the field to provide a greater presence in areas where we've seen violence continue to spike 8 recent
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graduates from the academy have been added to the criminal investigation division. >> and other officers will work on their days off. >> i'm going to it effectively utilize whatever resources we have in order to address violence. i understand the fatigue that this cannot with our staff. and so we are rotating this staffing plan throughout the department. the chief says group in gang violence is responsible for almost a 3rd of the shootings in oakland. he thinks more cops on the street will make the difference. will. continue this redeployment until weekend. rest, those that are dry, that violence, we know that there are a group gang conflict throughout our city. we have to identify those individuals that a drive that that pilots. >> and arrested and take them out of our community so they can not to engage in this activity again. and that's been challenge. >> dan kerman kron, 4 news. and now to the latest on hurricane final preparations
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are underway in florida now as residents are preparing for the hurricane, people are evacuating and getting sandbags are breaking up for in to make landfall as a category 4 hurricane. some people in florida are moving to safer parts of the state filling up sandbags to try to protect their homes. state officials have ordered 2 and a half million people to evacuate the airports in tampa and st. petersburg are both now closed. and nasa sharing some footage of hurricane ian as seen from the international space station. and you can see from these incredible images, the eye of the storm, this from yesterday when in just a category to storm the storm has seen significant growth since then. our first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here in the studio with the latest at this thing is not slowing it's slow. yeah, right. but it's not trend yet. not shrieking and it's strengthening right now. it is moving over much warmer waters. and that's a major
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concern. now, the storm likely to blossom here within the next 12, 18 hours. this is going to be a major hurricane coming on shore. you can see the spinning around off the coast line moving across cuba overnight and now making its way back out in those open warm waters. and that's the concern you can already see. the band started to make their way on shore. key largo, miami, fort myers, got all that rain moving in now and more stormy weather expected overnight tonight and very heavy as we get to tomorrow. here's the very latest. now we can see it on the doppler radar. kind of give you an idea. almost like a secondary eye wall forming. sometimes that does happen with these hurricanes will go through kind of a progression where you'll see the interior. i will begin to dissipate only to be replaced by another eyewall as it approaches the coastline. it is on final approach here, though. and the next 24 hours, the storm system going to be very close to coming on shore. we have seen very heavy bands of rain already moving in to florida and fact some dangerous weather out there for tonight as well. you've watches for a
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hurricane conditions and not only that, but we're looking out for the possibility of tornadoes. and you can see the red boxes there. those areas are actually some tornado watch boxes a little further toward the coastline, the west coast there. but this what you get, you know, get the e f 5, those gigantic tornadoes. but what you get are smaller tornadoes that are embedded in some of these thunderstorms that continue to roll across the state. these will be popping up from time to time throughout that area. that will only increase as that storm system gets closer and looks like it's going to do that. here's the very latest on the in an extremely strong storm. a category 3 storm making it a major hurricane now sustained winds of 120 miles an hour or so to strengthen since last night. here's latest tracking a little bit closer, possibly becoming a category 4 overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. then making landfall, possibly as we head toward tomorrow afternoon, maybe as a category 4 hurricane. that would be a devastating catastrophic hurricane coming on shore. storm surge, maybe 10, 3 plus and live forecast. maybe cape
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coral right around there just to the north as it moves on shore and then it will start the weekend. but this is going to be a dangerous storm overnight tonight and tomorrow. guys, back to you. our lord says ian creeps closer to the florida coast. the president and his administration say they're working to make sure. >> communities they're already. our washington correspondent, basil john is live for with the latest now on the >> federal response, basil? well, vicki grant, good evening and yes, with hurricane ian expected to take landfall. >> on wednesday, as we just heard president biden wants to make sure that as many resources as possible get to those leaders in florida to make sure they can handle the impact. my administration is on alert and action to help the people of florida in the face of hurricane ian. president joe biden says the white house is prepared to provide anything floridians may need. we're here to support them in every way we can. the hurricane hit cuba as a category 3 experts expect
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the storm to reach category 4 before it reaches the florida coast. we're going to work really quickly to support the state of florida and the response. fema administrator deanne criswell says there's already excellent communication with local leaders and governor desantis. and our focus is on the current life. safety needs that need to be met. >> we're going to lean and we're not going away to provide assistance. florida governor ron desantis says more than 2 million people have followed the recommendation to evacuate. we appreciate everything everybody has been doing across the board across the state of florida to step up when we have these things that bear down on us with fema teams already set up in the sunshine state and more on standby, florida senator rick scott urges everyone to take this seriously. watch the news. evacuate. if you told evacuate, be prepared. >> now president biden approved an emergency declaration for 24 counties in florida. additionally, fema says that they have more than 100,000 gallons of fuel ready
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to use after the storm reporting live in washington. i'm basil, john. >> basil, some of these people there have homes that can withstand really strong hurricanes. but you have 2, and a half million people in the evacuation zone. what about shelters are where people supposed to go. if they have to leave their homes. >> yes, well, think of fema officials actually stated that the red cross has established around 2 dozen to 3 dozen have them in place for anybody who is not able to escape or anybody who during the storm needs to get to a shelter immediately. additionally because of the resources that the red cross will be supplying. they are encouraging anybody if they can donate blood because that will be used if necessary after the storm. let's hope that's not needed. but just in basil, john, reporting live for us tonight from washington. thanks, basil. >> a new affordable housing development for teachers recently broke ground in san francisco's outer sunset neighborhood. it's being built at the former francis scott
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key annex on 1300 debt. the 1300 block of 43rd avenue and it will house about 135 educators and employees of the city school district this morning. city officials gathered at the site to discuss the development, which will be named shirley chisholm village. the development will welcome its first residents in 2024. our kron four's justine waltman will have more details on the new housing development in our primetime coverage. >> governor newsom has signed a new bill into law that will require employers to list a pay scale on their job postings. it is seen as a big win for california workers, especially for women and minorities who are often paid less sb 11. 62 was originally written to only require pay rates for companies with more than 1000 employees but was amended to include the new requirement for companies of all sizes staff to do this. the new law will take effect january 1st. now the bill signed into law by the governor and u.s. protect the
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welfare of animals. sb 8.79 ins the >> unnecessary testing of pesticides and chemical substances on dogs and cat. the bill was authored by senator scott wiener and it won't and the testing of products intended for use in dogs or cats. the bill also won't end federally required testing on animals. it's scheduled to go into effect on january. 1st, a warning tonight for dog owners visiting east bay regional parks is kron four's. philippe djegal reports. >> a dog was attacked by a coyote at the contra loma regional park. >> a coyote snuck up on a small dog and its owner monday morning in antioch, dragging the animal away before the owner chased it down and contra loma regional park and recovered her pet. fortunately, the east bay regional park district says the dog is expected to survive. certainly off-leash dogs very high risk, especially small ones because they are. >> very tempting to but in
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this case, wildlife program manager doug bell says the dog was least the woman that was walking her dog. and you're been tense since she really totally aware her surroundings. and the county came up from behind. >> and grab the on leash. the bigger concern bill says is that the coyote was not intimidated by the woman or maybe humans in general, they get more brazen and more brave and everything else. so. >> the doing, you know, people aren't just scaring them off. so they're coming in closer. still, dog owners are advised to follow the signs and keep your pets tethered regardless. it never off a leash. >> he's a big guy and he's very sweet that people look at him and they think we could be scary. scary is good. when you're approached by an aggressive coyote, stand up to them, be firm and don't run away, which could be seen as weakness. >> in antioch, philippe djegal, all kron. 4 news.
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>> coming up on kron, 4 news at 5 flight attendants demanding a new contract after they say the job is much tougher since the pandemic. what they're asking for and if it will impact your next flight. >> and big match tonight, international soccer's in the bay area. we have a live report ahead of the highly anticipated match. get a little taste of what the fan experience could be like for the 2026 world cup. plus, a local advocacy group for people with disabilities speaking out after a a video of a deaf man receiving an invasive tsa. pat down goes viral. what they say needs to change. 2 weeks ago we shared
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the story of dan jarvis. you see the guy white tank top. he's kind of laughing about it. but is video shows him getting an invasive pat down a tsa agent doing the work here. this thing went viral on tiktok. jarvis, you see is deaf and he has hearing aid implants, which means he's unable to actually go through a traditional tsa scanner. >> and this experience while traveling home to australia from san francisco, apparently not as unique as you might think. our kron four's rob nesbitt spoke with a local advocacy gtoup. joins us now live with more on what they say needs to change prop vicki and grant. i went to the the-then instituted a in
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alameda. >> they advocate for and provide mental health services for people in the deaf and hard of hearing community. a lot of shaking felton when staff watch the video for themselves. uncomfortable to watch and uncomfortable to live through for dan jarvis, the death man having a tsa agent feel as genital area nearly 5 times at sfo. >> i showed the viral video on tiktok to president and ceo of the felton institute. al gilbert. not only is it totally unjustified, but it is ridiculous. cochlear implants can be damaged passing through a tsa scanner, which is a reason for pat downs from agents. but gilbert says there's no reason for something like this. if that had been done in private. >> it would still be inappropriate. but the fact that they felt so entitled that you can do that in a public setting. was that it is to me the most. i'm settling peas. gilbert has heard about other invasive tsa pat downs before and much worse from children living with disabilities to those living in a wheelchair being lifted up. >> when it comes to advocating for the deaf community. the
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felton institite has their death community counseling services. the program's director, sailor davis and also as coakley or implants. he reminds there might be close to town. >> yeah, difficult look family. miami cut and it had been my we feel. >> the clue davison works every day for her community, but says it's important for those who are deaf or hard of hearing to know their rights and advocate for themselves when passing through tsa, especially with videos like this, make the rounds on social media. that kind of says it it would be helpful get a tee up a sip of fire get there. he helped the wife to offer private. so where live. if you play more. davidson says no one should be made to feel uncomfortable. and that's why she wants to see more tsa agents educated on cochlear implants and what it's like for someone who uses them. >> kron 4 reached out to tsa on this pat down when the video originally surface this month, the agency chose not to comment but did share details
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about pat downs listed on its website which reads in part, quote, a pat-down may include inspection of the head neck arms, torso, legs, and feet. this includes head coverings and sensitive areas such as growing and the bucks. pat downs requires sufficient pressure to ensure detection and areas may undergo a pat-down more than once for the tsa officer to confirm no threat items are detected. reporting in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> flight attendants with southwest airlines picketed outside the oakland airport today. they are demanding the airline agreed to a new contract after they say negotiations been going on for 4 years now they're asking for better pay and benefits and improvements to their working conditions. flight attendants say that since the start of the pandemic, their jobs have gotten a lot harder and that rising inflation is making it tougher for workers to make
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ends meet. >> it was a fight it and it's like a job. change plan for us. you know, everyone's dream of traveling read a note that it's not what it is anymore. southwest is a rapidly changing airline and the contractor when the most 6 years about doesn't that operation that today? >> federal mediators have been brought in to help both sides reach some sort of an agreement. the union says they expect to meet with them in october. southwest airlines told kron 4 news that they look forward to continuing negotiations with the union in the national mediation board so they can, quote, reward their flight attendant, unquote, continue attracting great talent. >> it has been 7 weeks since thousands of mental health workers at kaiser started a statewide strike. this is video from a rally held in walnut creek to mark the one month since it started. so a couple weeks ago, the workers say it's not about money as that issue has been settled, but they continue to picket demanding kaiser hire more
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workers so they can have more time to deal with existing cases and they say so patients can have their needs met more quickly. the strike is in the bay area and sacramento, kaiser locations. i whether time now as we get a live look outside here. this is a the bay bridge, the golden gate bridge. what am i thinking about? i'm thinking hurricane ian really what larissa's talking about land. he's here to tell us more about it. >> yeah, some looking good out there right now. yeah, we'll keep tracking it. and all night long here next couple days. that is going to be a devastating story. the next few days out there tonight around the bay area. boy, what a contrast on this side of the u.s. things are quiet out there right now. the breeze is blow. we do have some fog this morning up breaking up as we head toward the afternoon. now we're looking a pretty nice evening outside san francisco. you've got a nice clear skies for the most part of then some breezes blowing outside not a bad fall evening out there right now. 70 degrees right now in san jose. it is 16
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cool. >> it's if 72 degrees in san mateo. 76 in dublin, 72 in 74 in the app and 72 degrees in nevada. so some nice weather out there right now. but thnre is a cold front out there and this front is going to factor in our weather as we head in toward tomorrow, especially late in the day. this front's going to start to run into that ridge of high pressure out ahead of it. so probably going to fall apart a bit. so we'll see a little more fog, i think, especially in toward tomorrow afternoon. right now, the fog is broken up a bit. you see a couple patches lingering right along the coastline in the pacific and on terror beach. otherwise inside the bay, you've got clear skies. but here comes this front. looks impressive right now. but watch what runs in the backside of the ridge and it just starts to fall apart as falls apart. well, there you go. you can see things are going to be a partly cloudy overnight and we'll see some high clouds. we get a roll in by tomorrow afternoon that some patchy fog a little more that by tomorrow morning. temperature wise numbers going take a lietle bit of a hit. so part of being a little breezy tomorrow, coast side 60's out toward the beaches. we've got 70's. those are pleasant inside the bay
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and some mid 80's, the warmest valleys. all right, lauren, still ahead, tomorrow's january 6 hearing postponed due to hurricane ian. what we know about when it could be rescheduled. >> and close call for an nfl superstar would cause his car to flip several times and how he's recovering. well,
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football fans here in the bay.
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are you worried over trey lance's sustained in the field? cleveland browns fans. boy, they got a huge scare from one of their star players. totally different scene here. when photos emerged of myles garrett mangled porsche after he was involved in a single car crash. amazingly, though, the 26 year-old and his passenger only suffered minor injuries. kron four's correspondent kevin freeman spoke with a witness who passed garrett on the road just moments before the wreck. >> newly released body cam video from the medina county sheriff's office shows the scene as paramedics treat cleveland browns defensive end myles garrett. the video shows him sitting on the ground alert and responsive as they appear to treat his arm around 3 o'clock monday afternoon. witness michael chafee had just passed. garrett going in the opposite direction when in his rearview mirror, he saw garrett run off state road and sharon township, he says the
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portion on 11 turbo has flipped several times. miraculously he and his female passenger both wearing seat belts sustained non life-threatening injuries according to the nfl network, garrett swerved on a wet road to avoid hitting an animal and overcorrected chafee says he and 2 other men stopped to help. >> i wouldn't got blankets out of my truck and we want over to the porsche, not knowing who it was at the time and a female stumble out. got fasten your seat belt and came out and then we saw that it was miles gear inside. so we on hope to seat he came out on his own free will, but he was days. i mean, they were both days. >> that was kevin freeman reporting for us tonight. and according to reports, garrett status for sunday's game against the atlanta falcons. still up in the air. >> next, recession or not, the economy is in a tumultuous placing californians may start feeling it in different plays with the governor is hinting
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what's the first legal action trying to stop the president's student loan forgiveness plan? >> why this group says it's actually helping people who would get their loan debt wiped out and trying to help a grieving family after the selfless. >> and senseless murder of an uber driver in oakland's little saigon neighborhood. how the community is rallying around more than $100,000 has
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been raised for the family of an oakland man who was shot outside of his home is back in july. >> our crawford is his unit has details now on how the community came together to help. >> a crowdfunding effort raises over $116,000 for the family of patrick low. back on july 17th, the 52 year-old uber driver was shot to death while seated in his vehicle outside of his home oakland's little saigon district. this gun violence has to stop the president of the oakland chinatown improvements. council stewart we hear stories i've been to so many vigils. >> don't have to talk about patrick >> post had to follow oakland city council president nikki fortunato bass attended some of those same vigils for slain residents in her district like dentist lily to patrick >> family. i continue to


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