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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  September 28, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> now at five-thirty, our breaking news coverage continues in oakland where 6 people have been shot this afternoon. at least some of the shooting victims were found inside the hud still continuation school. >> even medical center just gave an update on the that are being treated there to the victims. they're still in that
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hospital. one has been discharged. and at highland hospital officials say 3 people are being treated there. 2 of whom are in critical but stable condition. the other. >> he's in stable condition. the information we have is that all the victims are adults 18 and over. >> it happened in the proximity of the king estate campuses, specifically the reds, dale continuation school johnson psaki with the oakland unified school district that gave an update little earlier this evening. >> but this this has been a rough year in oakland, but it doesn't define us. it doesn't find a school district that doesn't define the city. you know, as you in the media know, people to commit this kind very few people in the city of oakland do this kind of that we want to stop. we want our community to come together. we want healthy media want help from government. we want help from the nonprofit agencies, churches. everybody needs to come together to make this stop. this cannot keep happening in our city. so
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please, everybody needs to do everything we can to ensure that our kids are loved are supported. and that anybody who engage in realizes there's always a better choice to make. this is the wrong choice under any circumstances. so we hope that we can come t gether as a city and make sure that this is the last of it. what happened today was was wrong. it was very it was. it was traumatic. it's devastating to our school community was devastating to our district we have a board meeting tonight. i know that they're going to be talking about this tonight as well because this has to stop. our city cannot keep going on like this. it has to stop. >> indeed. and that was john sasaki with the oakland unified school district. now we want to get the latest on the victims from kron four's philippe djegal. he is live for us at eden medical center tonight. >> that's correct. vicki, i'm outside medical center just
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outside of the emergency vehicle entrance to the hospital would be no. the 3 patients were transported free victims from this shooting. and we're also made aware from the hospital that one has been released. so from what we heard from the oakland police department is possible that 2 of these patients here, the last 2 remaining. this starts later tonight. we'll just see not as >> dire as has been the for what it means. reason much more serious. but we have seen a heavy security presence presence. also oakland police department has had officers in the front and back to the hospital as well as the of that's not uncommon have hospitals this case. of it is sure that officers want to get used to talk to these victims once they've been treated, get their side of the story before they're taken home. but at this point, 3 patients taken here to even 2 still remain. and it's possible he could be
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released later. live in a week ago >> i thank you for that. certainly critical to get the perspective from the shooting some of the interviews that police are certainly getting when possible given their and, you know, reaction from city leaders in oakland, it continues to pour in tonight. joining us now is a city council member dan kalb. dan, good evening to you. not a good day for oakland. >> no, good evening to hear me, ok? yes. yeah. a very sad people injured and my understanding is to the ticks critically injured. >> we'll know more as hours go on, but this is tragedy we hope what happened ever get anywhere with an open. >> how did you learn about this and what is your understanding of how the
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response went today? >> i learned about it. i think on social people think happened very quickly. learn about pushing the to contact the department. i just got off the phone with the get a briefing and that chief and the mayor and i think one of the most important things right now any time that happens when they're young people involved, people city. >> but councilors be working to provide counselors. they're considering good chance when those 2020 school tomorrow and part all a part of the city. let's make sure that our young people are taken care of. and all the people who have worked in that that a school community, that part of town are taken care of as well because it trim at the tape from attica you have make sure we're taking care to people to be taken care of while also doing what we can to find the perpetrators, hold them accountable in a serious fashion we can't do overtime to make sure that doesn't happen again. getting guns off
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the street in the short term preventing retaliation. but in short and long-term getting the guns off the street and making sure we have well staffed police department and that are violent. ruptured which have been deployed already almost immediately are out doing what they can to make sure that did not expand it. get worse. >> so so, dan, you did meet with the mayor and the assistant chief. any new information coming from them? was this a targeted shooting? do you know? >> there it's under investigation and they do not know that yet. they do. they do know there were multiple shooters more than one shooter or more than 2 shooters. they can that they know that and they have to they don't have information yet as to with shooters to how old they are. if they have some some eyewitnesses. but the information is still being gathered. and course, when you have an active investigation, the shooting, we want to be careful how much information to release to the public because that could hinder the
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investigation. so they're doing the best they they're out there back just just earlier this week, our police chief increased the number of officers respond to our investigations unit when it comes to violent crimes. so that's you to happen by that. happening. we make sure our investigations division is fully staffed on its way to that point. and you need to make sure that we have find more officers to investigations while also due the fire program and other programs that help reduce violence over time. >> well, certainly, and we want to make sure that we're giving the most accurate information out to people to who may have questions there was some confusion as to whether this the incident actually occurred on campus or in proximity to the campus. do you have any information on that? >> my understanding location is that the catholic that have multiple kind of cool on it as well as well open space. my understanding is that did happen us. the property, but i
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don't have any details than that. i cannot back to that location. i don't like it on blog that large campus area that have a school fight on it. >> you did say that there were more than 2 shooters. so at least 3 shooters as what you've been told. >> and that's what i've been told again that i don't have any confirmation on that. but we've been told more than 2 shooters, you don't know extent it shooter may have been one of the victims. >> i think that a lot of investigation has to happen and i don't want to jump the on intended. i don't want jump ahead the fact that know for sure. >> you speak about these of violence interrupters. can you explain to our audience what they are, what they do? >> city and a number of large cities have by the directors. but many of them have come
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from criminal justice system or a long time ago were working members and they are on staff at late afternoon on profit that fell on to what shooting happened, including homicide. you find information and they what they can to get rick speed in potential retaliatory conflict. i can make sure that for the shooting that horrible. but it might be bad if allegation and like many people get shot and die because of that. and so they have had lot of sick staff in iraq. conflict started make sure that they don't let's stop stop it at the beginning and not let it continue on so more people don't get hurt. and so they've been deployed throughout. doing what they what they can that they're not going to solve all the problems that they do. the great job in reducing violence. and that's why they've been deployed almost immediately. and that's one of one of our violence prevention program provide it.
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that's one of our by the pension and intervention program in oakland. and we have other problems as well. and we've just last year we doubled the you headed by money, eventually double the size of those programs. but there's more that to be on that. >> do they work on campuses? school campuses in oakland and were any of these violence interrupters there today? you know, if there are any police officers there today, i'm assuming these violence interrupters are not armed. >> yet the virus, the raptors up civilian side of the bay. they say work at arm's length from the police department, but they do a great job. and we do think that the potential for retaliation and reducing the on potential for ongoing conflicts when it comes to groups gangs. i would eventually for that matter, i do not if there are any armed officers before sheriff on site before it happened. obviously, there are many on site right after it happened. i you like budgetary from shut
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down their lives for it a year or 2 and bit possibility of the county share and view complete department. >> so certainly this is an ongoing investigation as they try to piece piece. you know, the puzzle together. there is surveillance video. i understand on the campus says certainly they're going to be interviewing. we understand the interview to some of the the there. any other witnesses? is there a feeling that this could be gang-related? >> item. i'm not sure we want to base our investigation of feeling. i think we'll try to base it on just what you just said. interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence and getting all the information we can following up on that on possible. i don't know. but anybody has, fact doing the investigation is in full board. and as we have a follow up on the leads, we hope to able to bring the perpetrators to justice because we can't
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let that happen again. >> council member, i know you love oakland, this must eat it. you to see continual violence like this. and now it's spilled onto a school campus. >> it's heart-wrenching out. you know, i think shootings have been up over the couple years. you know, glenn, that never okay. and we need to bring it back down like we did before. in fact, come from a 2014 2019 by the crime went down in almost every every category about a crime, 5 years. and then couple years ago, i go back you need to do was to get me to go back in the down direction. and that's what working on to do a complicated trash. >> i think you have a lot of people who would love to see that as well. thank you so much for joining us tonight. council member dan kalb from oakland. we need take a very quick break. we'll be right back. hurricane ian, one of
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the most powerful storms ever recorded in the u.s. swap southwest florida today flooding streets and buildings knocking out power to over a million people and threatening catastrophic damage further inland. a coastal sheriff's office reported that unit was getting many, many calls from people who are trapped in their homes. >> ezzy and leaves its mark on florida is still doing so. the federal government is already beginning to assess the situation and preparing to supply what folks need. once the storm moves out. our
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washington correspondent basil john reports on the latest out of our nation's capital. >> good evening. with winds reaching 155 miles per hour. hurricane ian is hitting the sunshine state heart, but the federal government says it's made the proper preparations for before during and after the storm. >> the storm passes. >> from can be there to help you recover. >> wednesday with hurricane ian making landfall, president joe biden says he made it clear to florida leaders that his administration will help in every way possible and will be there every step of the way. the category 4 hurricane is bringing storm surge, winds and flooding. fema administrator deanne criswell says the high water is a major concern, but they have the resources available in are ready for when the storm passes. we have the right teams and we have the right resources in place and ready to meet the changes are that the needs of those that we're charged to serve. so far the federal government has sent more than 3 million meals and leaders of water, hundreds of
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ambulances, generators and more than 100,000 gallons of fuel. florida governor ron desantis says he's thankful for the help. this is a really, really significant effort. a county level state federal that's really been impressive to see president biden also issued a warning to fuel companies. >> to not raise gasoline prices or price gouge. the american people reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins the table now. you've been doing this. they want to date you, but for many decades, where does this one, you know, kind of rank in the in the force that came on within the flooding. yeah. pretty amazing how extremely powerful was never hurricane is dangerous. but when they intensify like that right along the coastline. i mean, that's just incredible. came on almost the same place. charlie did almost right. this bought in 2004, but yeah, hard to believe. but this storm system not done yet. it continues just to
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turn. >> along the coastline. and there you go. see that making its eye right near fort myers and we're going to be looking at some incredible devastation in fort myers. storm surge there expected summer as high as 18 feet. so extremely dangerous. it has moved over lanw. it will weaken now somewhat. but there it's so much rain wrapped around the storm system. this a large stretching some 300 miles across. and so you see these bands of rain. this is the eye. so you're seeing those very strong thunderstorms right around the eye of that system there with the incredible amounts of rain dropping. i was looking at some rain rates over 5 inches rain per hour in some of those spots. of course, you've got flash flood watches extend across much of this area. all on the tributaries. you got tornado watches up as well. reports of some tornadoes coming down as well. usually there's a smaller tornadoes don't aren't around for very long but seriously more damage. and then you've got to something like this, that heavy amount of rain and you can see that band. how about that over 5 and a half inche', right? i can't even imagine
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not much rain coming down in that short amount of time. but we're looking at a sustained winds now of 115 miles an hour. still category 3 and over land. but it is slowly moving only to the north northeast at 8 miles an hour. so this storm is just going to be and are right across florida devastation all along this path right over orlando, possibly as a category one, then making its way back out in the atlantic right now doesn't look like re intensify, but it's not going to be done all that rain. it's going to cause all kinds of problems as we get in toward the end the week. here is we're going to see more of that rain moving on into parts of georgia and also south carolina and more devastation all along that path. guys. that's the very latest. back to you. thank you, lawrence. when we come back, our breaking news coverage continues. still ahead. >> the latest on that shooting at a school campus in east oakland. 6 people shot and tonight police are still looking for the shooter or shooters will be back right after this.
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talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, our continuing coverage of the school shooting in oakland where 6 people were shot today. >> and the 2 are in critical condition right now at oakland's highland hospital where we find her our first theresa tree. so what's the latest? >> heard from the ceo of the
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hospital just a short time ago, vicki and grant. and he had a very serious tone brought here to the hospital. 2 people in critical condition, as you mentioned, and the other person in stable condition. he said that they are doing everything they can to take care of those people that were a part of this most recent violent crime affecting the city of oakland. again, he spoke and talked about how this is personal. he has from oakland and he said that more needs to be done to address the escalating violence in. >> this east bay 3 other victims were taken over to it and medical center that is in castro valley. that is a trauma to level >> facilities. so that leads us to believe that those victims were not as serious as the victims here. of course, any time we're talking about anybody being shot by a gun, certainly there is a lot of trauma involved. but back here about 7 miles away from the
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crime scene and which is, you know, so sadly, a school in this circumstance. >> that ceo said grant vicki, that he is going to be coming back out a little bit later on tonight to give us an update, either he or a member of the communications team to to tell us a little bit more about what is happening with these 2 people that are in critical condition and of course, the other person in stable condition, a developing situation. we're going to stay on top of this. but right now we're live in oakland. back to you, guys. i theresa, we'll check back with you throughout the evening. we need to take a
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>> and that wraps up kron. 4 news at 5. appreciate you being with us this hour. stick around, though. our breaking news coverage of the oakland school shooting continues on kron. 4 news at 6 with pam moore and catherine heenan.
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>> from the bay area's local news station.


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