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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  September 28, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> we continue to follow today's breaking news out of an oakland school where 6 people were shot on the school campus. 2 of them in critical condition tonight and conference. justin campbell has been at the for hours. he joins us there now live. justin, what are we learning tonight? anything that changing? >> get this tape is still up. this investigation is continuing. i'm going to step out of the way so you can exactly where the shooting happened. if you looking in that distant, you can cop cars that are outside oakland police that are investigating this. we've been at this location for roughly 2 hours. this is as close as you can get to the school. we've seen them take some tape but it's
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still ongoing. a lot of people that are coming here are looking to get their car. and one point that i want to this shooting happened right before 1 o'clock, multiple people that i have spoken to said. the that were inside the classroom didn't even hear it didn't see the shooter. so the fact that didn't hear it didn't see it. the school went into lockdown right afterwards. goes to show even though they may have not have seen or heard something that now, we do know also tonight at the school board is that they are talking about the shooting that obviously happened. but we're still looking for more information on exactly the suspect is. i've spoken to open oakland police out here. they tell me they are looking for at least one they did not say if male or female and multiple suspects. now we would like to get a description of exactly who they may be looking for so we can pass that along on air and the detective that i spoke
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to said they will be updating on facebook, updating information as it comes in through the but this investigation into 6 people being shot here is still continuing right now. camp. thank you very much. >> well, homeless people and their advocates sued the city of san francisco. they are demanding that the city stop harassing and destroying the belongings of people. a living on the streets with nowhere to go. they are also asking the city to spend more money on building affordable homes. the lawyers committee for civil rights and others filed that lawsuit yesterday in federal court. this was on behalf of the coalition on homelessness. defendants include the city, several city departments and mayor london breed. the attorney representing the homeless community told us the city's effort to help the homeless are very minimal.
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>> when they say they've offered unhoused people services to help them get back on their feet. we see in 3 years of actually hindering people's progress, destroying their property and criminalizing that. so sad still way behind behind its state targets behind its own targets, its thousands of units short. >> the city of san francisco says for now it is not commenting on the lawsuit, but the city attorney says that they are focused on expanding temporary shelters and providing more permanent housing options. mayor breed's office says the city has added about 3,000 permanent housing unit since 2020, the advocacy group says it is expecting to go to court and the next few weeks. time for another look at the forecast as we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> and our meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. looking outside. we see some fog behind you. actually going to start warming up. yeah, we've got a beautiful fall. weather head today wasn't bad,
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but now we're going watch these temperatures warming up outside as high pressure will start to build in weak cold front kind of slide by today. and that's kind of wrapped up a couple high clouds. you have the fog down below looking toward the golden gate bridge. just see that our out there as the fog is beginning to move on through. but temperature wise, 71 degrees. beautiful evening in san jose. 60's along the coastline. you've got 67 in alameda right now, 69 degrees in dublin. 73 in napa. and 72 degrees in the bottle. right today. we had high temperatures running below the average in the san francisco 64 degrees. 72 in oakland, 79 degrees in livermore off right at the 84 degrees in lemore should say almost right at the average there as you make your way to concord and 82 degrees and that the average in santa rosa. well, here's a cold front coming through. you see bringing some showers up in the pacific northwest. the bay area, just some leftover clouds. and that's where we are right now. you can see that fog moving along the coastline. right now, the sea breeze is once again blowing and we'll continue to do so overnight tonight. high
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pressure start to build that's the good news. the ridge going start to settle in as that ridge begins to build tomorrow. the temperatures start to move up. we see some warm numbers and some of the valleys by tomorrow afternoon, some of these highs shooting easily in the 80's in many spots inland. so let's kind of about 85 degrees. a beautiful day in concord, sunny and bright in napa. 83 84 in santa rosa, 80 degrees in mill valley and 69 degrees in san francisco. next few days. we're going to see those temperatures maybe a little bit on the hot side into friday. cooling down the first day of october on saturday. thank you, lawrence. san francisco's health department is providing more monkeypox vaccines this week. this friday, a vaccine clinic will be hosted at the el rio bar on mission street from 04:00pm to 08:00pm. >> and on saturday, sucker berg, san francisco general hospital's monkeypox vaccine clinic will be running from 8 in the morning until 3.30, in the afternoon on sunday. a vaccine clinic will also be set up at the castro street fair. it will run from 11 in
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the morning until 6 in the evening. the city received a one-time allotment of 10,000 doses from the federal government for the large lgbtq+ community events. the health department says more than 4,000 doses from that special allotment have been administered so far. you can go to our website kron 4 dot com for more details on where and how to get the monkeypox vaccine. >> the drugmaker eisai says its potential treatment for alzheimer's disease can reduce patient. clinical declined by 27%. that's compared to a placebo or a fake drug. after 18 months of infuse treatment, the companies announced those results today. this was a global study of nearly 1800 people with early stage alzheimer's. the company is trying to get accelerated approval from the fda. there could be a decision by early next year. >> still ahead, gasoline prices on the rise will tell you just how much here in
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california after the break.
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entertainment news, we've just learned grammy-winning rapper coolio has died. tmz is reporting the rapper whose real name is artis. leon ivey junior died at his friend's home in los angeles. julio came up and the la rap scene
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in the late 1980's. he blew up nationally in 1995 when he recorded gangster's paradise for the soundtrack of the film, dangerous mines. that song reached number one and it stay there for 3 weeks. coolio was 59 years old. >> a security guard at a san jose high school has been arrested and is accused of sexually assaulting a minor at the school ho-sway. so severe allegedly sexually assaulted the 15 year-old a number of times. a parent found text messages between and her daughter on her phone and notify police. the girl is a student at kipp navigate college prep and san jose. is currently in custody in santa clara county in the main jail. >> today, north korea fired 2 short range ballistic missiles toward its eastern waters. and just a day before vice president kamala harris is scheduled to visit south korea, the missiles were
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reportedly launched about 10 minutes apart today, the vice president will arrive in south korea tomorrow for talks with the south korean president. >> gasoline prices spiked again overnight. they are now back above $6 a gallon in california state. why prices jumped $0.15 to 603 a gallon for regular unleaded prices in san francisco county. also up $0.19 overnight to $6.28 a gallon. the average price in san jose is now 6.14. that's up $0.17 from yesterday. napa county is at $6.23. a gallon in the east bay. the prices averaging $6.15, a gallon gasoline in california is now $2 and $0.27 higher than the national average. >> coming up, we continue to follow today's school shooting in oakland.
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medical center gave an update on the victims that were treated at that medical facility. 2 of the victims are still in the hospital. reportedly one has been discharged and at highland 3 people are being traded 2 of those victims and critical but stable condition. all of the victims are adults. is this incident happened at the king estate campus school campus where there are a number of schools involved. we understand that was dale continuation school was the
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building that was most affected by the incident today involving the shooting key with the oakland unified school district gave an update earlier today. >> but this this has been a rough year in oakland, but it doesn't define us. it doesn't find a school district that doesn't define the city. you know, as you in the media know, people to commit this kind very few people in the city of oakland do this kind of that we want to stop. we want our community to come together. we want healthy media want help from government. we want help from the nonprofit agencies, churches. everybody needs to come together to make this stop. this cannot keep happening in our city. so please, everybody needs to do everything we can to ensure that our kids are loved are supported. and that anybody who engage in realizes there's always a better choice to make. this is the wrong choice under any circumstances. so we hope that we can come together as a city and make sure that this is the last. what
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happened today was was wrong. it was very it was. it was traumatic. it's devastating to our school community was devastating to our district. we have a board meeting tonight. i know that they're going to be talking about this tonight as well because this has to stop. our city cannot keep going on like this. it has to stop. >> that was john to second with the oakland unified school district comports. justin campbell is still alive at the school, say where all of this happened today. justin, are police still there? >> yes, pam police are still here, but we are on the side of fontaine street on the sidewalk. and police have just open the street. so now people can go by. i will step to the side. we're even closer. we've been making our way closer and closer. this all afternoon, right outside of the school. what you're looking at, you can see all of these oakland police spoke to that detective a little while ago when they tell me that they are still in
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this processing the scene to school. there are shell that's what they told me. but they will be here having this area cordoned off. but the street will be open back to traffic as in terms of processing the scene. how long that will take? we don't another question that people been asking will school be open tomorrow? that is something open police cannot give me an answer so we're working to learn more information. we know that there is a school boarding school board meeting tonight. and as we learn more information on that, we'll be able to give that to you. but this scene right here is still police are still here, but the street is back open and we still also do not have a description of the shooter who they may be looking for. so if you have any information at home that you can pass that along to police, that will be helpful. and again, they are looking for at least one shooter and multiple suspects. pam.
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>> all right, justin, thank you for that report tonight. also in the east bay, other news unfold, a one man in custody following an hour's long standoff with police in pleasant hill for shells. clifford has details on that. >> well, following an overnight standoff with police, we've learned that a suspect has been taken into custody in this case. his name is joseph allen ramos of concord. >> now, this all started about 06:00pm on tuesday evening when the contra costa county sheriff's office was apparently pursuing a man wanted for rape and domestic violence down contra costa boulevard. the suspect crashed a stolen vehicle near the north end of the sun valley mall and then ran on foot into the nearby nordstrom rack. now the store and the safeway next door were both evacuated. everyone was taken outside. witnesses describe a chaotic scene. >> there were just more cars coming in like surrounding the building. they're going up to the building with they're big.
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and there like walks is a dog shield. >> it was like. >> really the police spent the overnight hours searching the building and trying to communicate with the suspect initially believed he may be trying to hide in the rafters. now by midmorning, they said they couldn't find him. they started to back off. and then just before noon on wednesday, there was a surge of activity. police activity to the rear of the nordstrom's pleasant hill. police now say the suspect had been hiding inside the store all night. he tried to leave through a back door when he was tackled by nordstrom rack employees and taken into custody by the pleasant hill police department. >> but for now in contra costa county, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> hurricane ian, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the country swapped southwest florida today, flooding streets and buildings knocking out power to more than a million people and threatening catastrophic damage. farther inland. the local sheriff's department says it was getting a lot of calls from people trapped
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inside homes and as hurricane ian leaves its mark on florida, the federal government is checking out the situation and preparing to try to supply the help that's needed. our washington correspondent basil, john reports on the latest out of the nation's capital. >> good evening. with winds reaching 155 miles per hour. hurricane ian is hitting the sunshine state heart, but the federal government says it's made the proper preparations for before during and after the storm. >> the storm passes. >> can be there to help you recover. >> wednesday with hurricane ian making landfall, president joe biden says he made it clear to florida leaders that his administration will help in every way possible and will be there every step of the way. the category 4 hurricane is bringing storm surge, winds and flooding. fema administrator deanne criswell says the high water is a major concern, but they have the resources available and are ready for when the storm passes. we have the right
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teams and we have the right resources in place and ready to meet the changes are the needs of those that we're charged to serve. so far the federal government has sent more than 3 million meals and leaders of water, hundreds of ambulances, generators and more than 100,000 gallons of fuel. florida governor ron desantis says he's thankful for the help. this is a really, really significant effort. a county level state federal that's really been impressive to see. president biden also issued a warning to fuel companies to not raise gasoline prices or price gouge. the american people. >> reporting in washington, i'm basil, john. lawrence is back. lawrence, i know you're fascinated by extreme weather. so you've been watching the hurricane with great interest. yeah, you know, it's one of those you hate to see people get injured. you hate to see the damage. >> but there's a certain fascination what nature can do and really just unleashing this storm system as one of the most powerful we've seen
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in quite some time. so here it is the very latest on the e and making landfall about the middle of the day coming on shore there near fort myers, cape coral. >> and moving inland. now it is moving in to the central part of florida. so it's losing the ability to be able to latch on the moisture. and that means we'll likely continue to see weekend here over the next 24 hours. still a tremendous amounts of rain barreling in around that storm. and of course, i'm extremely strong winds to go along with that. a very gusty winds in around this. you can see is the storm was coming on shore. look at some of the winds along the coastline. 86 miles an hour. that was some of the gusts and then some of these places, just so when debt. that's right. they were knocked out. a lot of power supplies get knocked down in florida right now. the winds are too strong, knocking down many of other places there. and of course, flash flooding a concern. you can see the areas shaded in red there right along that eyewall. that's where we're concerned about flooding there. but not only there. also along the east coast. now, florida. we're looking for the possibility of some tornadoes
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are upping their. yeah. this is just an intense system rolling on through right now. very, very heavy rainfall in this eye wall around that system. some of the rain rates have been over 5 inches an hour right now. they're seeing it just almost 3 inches an hour. and that is just going to be tremendous amount of damage. we're going to be talking, maybe 20, maybe 36 inches of rain as the storm slowly meanders through florida overnight tonight and tomorrow making its way back out into the atlantic before making landfall again, possibly in south carolina will have more news when we tha
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4 news at 6 o'clock. we will see you tonight on kron. 4 news at 8. your local news station. have a nice evening, everybody.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: it's here and it's real. >> the wind continues to ramp up. >> we will get smashed here. >> announcer: plus, a demonstration about a storm surge looks like. and for those who stayed behind... >> deborah: destination weddings in florida? >> this bride-to-be was supposed to get married this weekend. >> your wedding plans have been turned upside down. >> announcer: so was she. then pizza attack. >> smacked in the head with a chair. >> this came out of nowhere.


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