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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  September 29, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news. 4. >> well, good thursday morning. thank you for waking up with this bright and early for the kron. 4 morning news right now. harvey. so we have a lot to get to today. we've been talking about hurricane and barreling down on florida. we've also been talking about this mass shooting back here at home. but first, let's get a start with the weather and what's going affect you today as you try to plan the next 2 hours, john? yeah, rain will definitely be keeping you plenty updated on the ian, whether it's the news or the weather back here at home. no conditions out there. >> nice and calm. we're looking at some clear skies this morning and barca darrell looking just fine as you're
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venturing out onto it. we're seeing a couple of spots, a low cloud cover, but really not all that that is we're kicking things off this morning. that's the way today is going to stay very similar to what we had yesterday with mostly sunny skies and temperatures that will overall be pretty comfortable. 50 60's right now. novato you're at 54 alameda in hayward at 62 degrees. san mateo, san francisco at 58 while conquered kicking things off this morning at 61 later today. daytime highs similar to yesterday and the day before that with mid 80's inland mid 70's by the bay and some 60's at the coast. lots of sunshine. just enjoyable and nice day to be venturing out. i've got the rest of your week's forecast on into the weekend. still to come, right, tom, thank you for that. let's check on your traffic this morning. headed into the city right now about 7 minutes to make it from the maze that fremont street exit our san mateo bridge. no major issues. 13 minute ride a 80 to 101. >> all richmond center fell bridge about a 8 minute commute. that's as you're traveling at a richmond.
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sandra fell. no accidents or hazards along the richmond or golden gate bridge about 21 minutes. 37 to the tolls. >> had a breakout and especially when i up here early, it was scared. >> gunshots ring outaon an east bay school campus sending a wave of fear and panic among parents, students and staff. 6 people were sent to the hospital. police are still searching for a number of suspects. well, as of this morning, we know 2 of the victims are in critical condition. another person has been released and is back home. well, the shooting happened just before one wednesday afternoon. this is enfant hayne streets on the king, a state campus home to several different schools. there they are. the runs dale continuation and newcomer high schools. then you have the bay tech charter school, which will remain closed for the rest of the week. also on that campus, the headquarters of sojourner truth, independent study, which does not have students on campus there at
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this time. well, the scene of the crime was blocked off for hours as parents rushed to pick up their children. kron four's gayle ong was there and has those details for us. >> we have locked down the building and we had to close do. and it kind of scary and kind like year because i felt that way 10 year-old pollard describing the moment her class was notified there was a shooting nearby. her mother jean, a wilson rushed from work to pick her up, i think what they can't. >> that's my whole thing because that school is a middle school's out. >> as the kids and then with her are the kids that graduated from here is a few of them go down here at the college cup apparent that i know it was just ok, i i know kind of scary, that's really full. and it's what would caution. and we think as parents are this bad here to make sure that they're safe as
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well, according to open police, it was just after 12:45pm wednesday when the department received reports of a shooting on street in east oakland. >> this is the king estate school. the house's 4 different schools on campus ranging from middle school to high school. opd is assistant chief says 6 adults were shot and taken to the hospital. >> 2 of them with life-threatening injuries. the campus where the shooting took place is in the oakland unified school district district spokesperson john sasaki. this has been a rough year in oakland. >> but it doesn't define us. it doesn't find a school district that doesn't define the city. everybody needs to come together to make this stop. this nannot keep happening in our city. so please, everybody needs to do everything we can to ensure that our kids are loved are supported. and that anybody who would engage in this realizes there's always a better choice to make. >> police say the victims of the shooting were affiliated with the school. meantime, investigators spent much of the day canvassing the area investigating is a part of looking into all aspects of
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the go big factors for >> we're asking for people, community members who may have information about this incident. please contact the local police department. >> well, that was gayle ong reporting for us. police not released any description of the suspects at this time. they're still interviewing witnesses. all right. well, police say that all 6 adults injured in that shooting have some affiliation to the school. 3 were taken to highland hospital. 2 of them are reportedly in critical condition. the other 3 were taken to hospital that's in castro valley. tell upas aqi has an update on that for us. >> out of the 6 victims, 3 were taken here to eat in medical center were told that one was already released and 2 others are expected to be released soon. if they haven't gone home already. meanwhile, over at highland hospital, it's a different story with 3 other victims. we were there earlier on wednesday and family members of those victims gathered outside the hospital, but they were all understandably too upset and distraught to talk with us or
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give us any more information about their loved ones. ceo of alameda health system says 2 of the victims at highland hospital are in critical but stable condition in the 3rd victim is in on stable condition while the shooting did take place close to schools. police say all the victims are adults. the health care system did not release any information regarding the age or gender of the victims. however, the ceo james jackson says he's upset and frustrated by this continued gun violence. this is a problem >> 2021 2022 we've seen almost a doubling of the violent crimes victims that we're seeing here at our facility. so something has changed. i'm a son of open. i grew up in oakland. this is not the open that i grew up in. i'm calling on community leaders. and i'm prepared to lead and myself. we've got to do differently. we've got to do something better. >> well, that was kron. 4 taylor reporting. we are expecting more information in
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the released about the victim sometime this morning and we'll be sure to update you right here on kron 4 as we get that information. well, the dramatic spike in violence is likely going to be the first order of business for opens next. mayor mayor libby schaff tweeted today's gun violence shocks the souls. our schools are sanctuaries for our children. kron four's dan kerman. talk to 2 of the people hoping to replace libby shaft is that they had to say. >> police certainly have a tough job on their hands with this ever increasing level of violence. but so does oakland's mayor. and as you mentioned, oakland will have a new mayor in just a few months today. we spoke with a couple of those vying for the post to get their reaction to what needs to be done here going forward. we can't hold anything back when it comes to protecting oug kids. that means bringing more resources staff both officers as well as civilians that are on the ground, not just to respond but to preemptively engage support our kids address the
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root causes of why they're even picking up a gun. >> in the first place and really get to the heart of what's going on. we've got to be able to i would say invest in the violence interruption programs invest in those resources. they give our kids alternatives. other pathways, a life that, you know, puts them and others at risk. while we've made some historic investments into our department violence prevention, intervention and healing trauma care. we need to double that. >> it's not enough. we need to be doing more. we need to do more in partnership usd. we put i believe 2.4 million dollars into programs to really show off with restored of justice measures with training and curriculum and violence interrupters on site and community-based organizations. but we also need to have representation from those who've been most impacted showing up for students working with those who are most at risk and those who are exposed to violence to really come up with ways that we can mitigate and address
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the issues that have been involved with retaliatory practices that have not been restored of a nature we've not given of activities with not giving the internships in the mentor ships to come alongside them, really support them where families have been struggling to the candidates vying for mayor. both will have a full plate if they win that post. >> in oakland, dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> earlier following that shooting, the spokesperson for the oakland school district held a news conference at the scene there. kron four's dan thorn brings us that. >> 6 people have been sent to the hospital after another shooting in oakland. this time it happened at a group of schools on the king estate campus. the oakland unified school district reeling from the violence. this has to stop. >> our city cannot keep going on like this. it has to stop ust spokesperson john sasaki says the district trying to get information out to families as quickly as possible. you know, usd faced
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criticism last month for not properly notifying parents about another shooting that happened at madison park academy. >> wednesday's shooting brought back concerns for families. and my concern would be to make sure that the campus something that. there's a problem protocols in place to ensure that the students are secure and safe when they're on the campus at all times. the oakland teachers union is calling on usd to do more >> president keith brown releasing a statement saying in part. >> educators are committed to doing whatever it takes to keep our schools safe. we have major concerns over the resources that are readily available to support the needs of our students. our schools should be safe havens for students free from fear of gun violence. oakland school board member mike hutchison says these types of shootings show the disorganization of city leaders, lack of leadership that we have in oakland. >> it rears its head when we need it. the most. and so when we do have these incidents, we don't have the capability as a
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community to address it because of all these breakdowns psaki is calling for all hands on deck because gun violence is a community issue. we are doing everything we can as the school district. >> we are educators. we are therefore for students to love and to support them to help them get all the tools they need to succeed in life. in some cases what's been happening in the city does make its way onto our campuses. and unfortunately, that's something we have to deal reporting in oakland, dan thorn kron, 4 news. >> well, we will continue to follow this shooting both on air and online. you can scan this qr code with your smartphone. it's going to take you over to our website. we're going to be posting updates as soon as they become available. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news, how local groups in the east bay are reacting to the schools. shooting near the shooting near schools and what they say they are doing to prevent gun violence right here in oakland. and we're talking about hurricane ian now reported as one of the
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most powerful storms in the united states. we have a breakdown on how the federal government is dealing with the situation. we'll be right back.
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>> well, we have new video showing some of the flooding and destruction that hurricane ian is leaving in florida. here's some of those images were seen from the southwestern part of the state. ferocious winds pouring rain and the storm surge quickly flooding the streets there. electrical explosions,
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almost 100% of lee county where fort myers in cape coral were without power overnight. and if you didn't get your car and you didn't leave before wednesday, your car could be a goner. the parking structures are inundated with water. there were reports of cars floating away into the ocean further south in naples, the fire department had an emergency at one of the stations there. >> well, about 5 feet of water line outside the naples fire department. firefighters unloading year from their fire engines. in case it catches on fire. chief said it started smoking so they pushed on the garage. so despite all the 9-1-1 calls for help for a time, they could safely drive around helping people. and just think of all the damage that salt water from the storm surge is when a cause for these vehicles going to be needed in the days to come. you worry about all the power lines are down, not to michie. have people stuck in their
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attics. >> and it's not like the station is right on call. that's almost a mile inland. the amount of water all over southwest florida sure. all right. back up in lee county, we go. this is cape coral has city built on inlets and marshlands. there they get. >> plenty of flooding there in the winds about 135 miles per hour. now, fort myers at the beach there. people who live there have been told, don't even try to return until saturday at the earliest as they both through and assess the damage. more than 2 million customers are without power. hurricane ian has become one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the united states. but help is on the way for the red cross. some of those volunteers flew out to florida from the bay area. kron four's ella sogomonian has more on their efforts. there. a florida coastal sheriff's office reported that it was already getting a significant number of calls from people trapped in flooded homes. >> hurricane ian made landfall wednesday afternoon near a protective barrier island just
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west of heavily populated fort myers, but its force will likely be felt well into central florida. so the american red cross set of hundreds of shelters in advance of landfall and sent 500 volunteers to staff that 14 of the volunteers are from the bay area with 60 more standing by waiting until it's safe for them to fly out and those responders go out and provide shelter, support, disaster health, mental health, feeding distribution of supplies, damage really everything that folks might need to get back on their feet after disasters like this, the first face of red cross help is focused on shelter. >> the pre picked spots across us in advance of a disaster. >> to have them ready to go when need be in cases like this. so far, 13,000 people spent tuesday night in a red cross shelter to escape the hurricane in florida. they've also sent hundreds of type o blood products to help keep the supply up. >> well, that was ella sogomonian reporting for us now assessment of the damage or injuries we're told is not
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yet come in. so what the red cross is going to be doing, they're going to be monitoring that. they're always in need of more help. so you can donate. we have that web site posted on our website at kron 4 dot com. all right. we'll overnight if you're like me and you've been tracking all of this, a hurricane in coverage. john has been talking about where this is actually situated over currently. good morning, john. yes, storm ripping across the state last night. rain that weakening a bit as it does. so we've got winds now at 65 miles per hour. >> for those of you that been have been keeping up with coverage. you can see that that greatest impact from this point forward is really going to be on the east coast of florida. but as the sun comes up, we'll see more and more of that devastation that occurred, especially right around fort myers, gorda, other areas like port charlotte, out there just south of tampa. the storm will the carolinas. not going to be gathering in the additional steam as it does. so they'll but we are still seeing some
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very heavy rain bands that are circling back on towards the coastline. just north of fort pierce between jacksonville right up there near the georgia border. as you can see from tampa to fort myers. it's quieted down a whole lot now, which is good news. no additional rainfall there. storm surge should begin to work its way out. starts a lesson now that will give the opportunity for crews for aid to get in there. with that recovery as quickly as possible. now, back here at home, we have look, we have a very calm morning comparatively. not a lot going on here. just some partly cloudy skies this morning in a mostly sunny afternoon ahead of us, this pleasant streak of weather that we've had for your last week of september continues today here locally. we are in the midst of a little dip in the jet stream that is now working its way out a bit of a resurgence of high pressure expected as we work our way into the start of the weekend tomorrow, high pressure ridge will help to warm us into the low 90's for just one single day on friday. then we'll dip back down into
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the start of october on saturday, 60's and 70's for san francisco as well as at the coast. it will be pretty solid 70's along the bay shore with millbrae at 76 degrees. foster city down to redwood city in the low 80's south bay. temperatures in the upper 70's to low 80's as well from fremont union city to hayward. expect your highs at 78 pleasanton and livermore. 84 while oakland enrichment at a nice 77 today, antioch fairfield, 85 warmest spot being vacaville at 87 degrees. i mentioned tomorrow being the only day that we'll see any 90's and really just one or 2 of them for for this to inland spots saturday. we cool things right back down, kicking off the new month with some seasonable numbers with mid-eighties through the start of next week and some mid 70's along the bay shore. during that same time rain. don, thank you for that. ok, let's get a look at to bridges this morning traveling into the city right now. 7 minutes, mace that fremont street exit. >> your san mateo bridge 80 to 101 12 minute ride heading
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acros towards the peninsula. richmond center fell bridge an 8 minute commute for you tolls to one on one and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. a 20 minute ride or the time for you now is 04:20am. and in national news as hurricane ian, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the u.s. leaves its mark on florida. you got the federal government and they're assessing the situation to help with recovery efforts. washington correspondent tom hudson joins us live with those updates. good morning. were shot. good morning. the white house says president biden has spoken to florida's governor. and later today the president will go to fema headquarters to receive a briefing on the federal response. >> and we'll be there every step of the way with hurricane ian on the move in florida, president biden says his administration will help in every way storm passes from can be there to help you recover the category 4 hurricane brought high winds and flooding at its peak. the
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hurricane knocked out power for some 2 million people. we have the right teams and we have the right resources in place and ready to meet the changes are that the needs of those that we're charged to serve. fema administrator deanne criswell says they will help with search and rescue. we know we're going to have to get out there in check and make sure that everybody is okay and to help with recovery efforts. so far the federal government has sent more than 3 million meals and leaders of water. hundreds of ambulances, generators and more than 100,000 gallons of fuel. florida governor ron desantis says he appreciates the help of this is a really, really significant effort. a county level state federal that's really been impressive to see. and the white house is urging oil and gas companies not to use this moment to raise gas prices because they say that major refineries shouldn't be impacted by the storm. >> reporting in washington,
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reshad hudson, back to you. >> all right. thank you for that update. richaun coming up next in the fall morning, news financial relief could be coming to some california in soon. what we know about the timelines on the relief checks just after the break. we'll be right back. ♪strutting your way into my heart♪
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a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. money in 10 days, there are some financial relief coming to californians. >> the state's going to start sending out relief payments on october 7th to qualify. you
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must have filed your 2020 taxes by last october. and the amount you will get will depend on how much you make individuals making up to $75,000 will get the maximum amount of $350 couples who earn up to $150,000 will get $700. people with dependents are going to get an additional 3.50. there are some smaller payments for people making more. and the state says 90% of payments are going to be made before the end of next month. governor newsom signed bill ab 21 83 that bill is designed to expand the right for farmworkers to unionize. you can see here the governor meeting with farmworkers wednesday after signing the bill, the governor's office had previously criticized the bill talking are taking issue with the proposed mail-in process would allow individual workers to have ballots sent to union organizers 2 weeks ago, president biden voiced his support for the legislation. the new law set to go into effect on january. 1st. still ahead of the
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morning news after a mass shooting in oakland. >> people are saying enough is enough. we spoke with local organizations on how we can prevent mass shootings from happening. we're going to be right back after the break.
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>> welcome back to the clock for morning news on this thursday. quite a lot to get to this morning. we've been talk aboue a number of local and national events happening back here at home. before you walk out the door, you need to know how to plan your day.
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john sabol has you covered? good morning, john. hay that we are definitely looking at another nice one today. >> temperatures, 70's and 80's for us. we got the embarcadero under some pretty clear skies at the moment. just a few low clouds out there like we saw yesterday as we make our way into the afternoon, another mostly sunny day thursday, going to be an enjoyable one getting spoiled this week as we round out september after what was an historic lease hot start to the month. then some early-season rainfall earlier this month can be and to get more seasonable petaluma. you're in the upper 40's. so definitely need your jackets and a lot of the bay area this morning, oakland and alameda in the low 60's, even though you're not quite as chilly as some of the north bay, i'd still recommend the jackets as you're getting outside, regardless of where you're at later today, it will be 70's and 80's for most of us. a few 60's at the coast. got more of those details. still to come, rain, john thing even. all right. let's get a look at your traffic this morning about a 7 minute ride. >> traveling from the maze 2 that fremont st e


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