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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 1, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> an elderly woman assaulted and robbed after 3 men enter her daly city home. good evening and welcome to kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. i'm dan thorn security video shows they were dressed as utility workers and police say they are still investigating tonight and looking for the man who did this kron four's amanda hari talk to the woman's granddaughter about how she's doing tonight. amanda. >> good evening. the woman is recovering tonight, but her granddaughter tells us it was a scary experience for everyone. the first time she saw the video you're about to see she couldn't even watch it
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has 3 men forced their way into her grandmother's home. >> one of them armed with a crowbar. >> what started as a typical wednesday morning for this grandmother watering her flowers quickly turned into one of the scariest moments of her life. the woman's granddaughter schuyler says the family is worried about their safety. she asked us not to reveal the family's last name security video shows this white kia pulling up to the home. then 10 minutes later, a man identifies himself as a pg. any worker knocking on the door. he was wearing a ski mask and skyler says her grandmother didn't trust him. she went to the backyard, trying to get away. but that's when 2 other men hopped the what happened next is she tried to escape out the front door and that is there. you can see in the video footage. >> a man dressed as the pga ntw worker preventing her from leaving out the front door.
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and you can hear her screams as they her reasons. larger screens kind of cut out is because they choked her to prevent her from calling for help. the men ransacked the house kicking in this video. you can see them carrying her grandmother's things out of the home. they found my grandma safe where she was keeping her life savings. >> so all of her jewelry, all of her they made off for her entire life savings. skyler believes her grandmother was targeted because she is an older asian woman. >> easily overpowered by 3 men. but skyler believes her grandmother will recover from this. my grandmother, she's the most hard-working. she's the most resilient. >> strongest person i now and to see her being beat by these young man. >> it was. indescribable. >> skyler tells me it's comforting to know there are
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now more police in the area and they're looking into what happened. and harry kron, 4 news. all right, amanda, thank you for that report. >> a street in san francisco has been renamed to remember beach around town impacting be 84 year-old asian grandfather who died after being shoved to the ground in january 2021. one man has been charged for the attack on run-up hockey. hundreds of people were in attendance at the renaming ceremony. the speakers included the victim's daughter and actor daniel dae kim, an update tonight on a fatal shooting outside of a filipino restaurant in oakland. polige have released photos of the suspected killer and his getaway car. this man is accused of killing our goal june an avo who is the co-owner of lucky 3, 7 restaurant in the fruit that they'll district. police say an avo was shot to death while leaving the restaurant with his son on the night of may 18th a motive for the shooting has not been released. also happening in oakland to people
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recovering tonight after being shot on international boulevard. this happened just after 8 o'clock last night when officers arrived to the area, they found 2 victims suffering from gunshot wounds. they were later taken to the hospital. a 3rd victim was injured by flying glass during the shooting. this weekend. you can expect to see more police patrols in oakland. the department says that they're hoping to prevent more gun violence. chief armstrong is deploying all available resources throughout the city. opd also says there will be officers on patrol dedicated to stopping illegal sideshows. >> we will be coming back stronger coming back in a safe and supportive environment. and we're coming back. of course, most of all with the date love care and support that we've always provided bay area technology school staff releasing a video to their students and staff about >> how they're going to rebound after the mass shooting at the king. a state's campus last week.
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today, the school reopened their doors to allow students to come back and get their belongings that were left behind during the shooting. 6 people were injured at bristol newcomer high school on wednesday. all schools on the campus will remain closed through next week. tonight, the number of lives lost in florida from hurricane ian stands at 27. but there are more unconfirmed deaths in the number will likely rise. emergency officials say that rescuers have pulled more than 1000 people from dangerous flooding situations. and early estimates put the damage in florida between 28 billion and 47 billion dollars. southwest florida is filled with examples of hurricane ian's. incredible power. and tonight society talked with some people who experienced it first hand. >> and could be one of the strongest storms to have ever hit our state and look at what it did to this 40 foot metal storage container lifting it, carrying it into this neighborhood. we estimate that
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this weighs 4 tons, but it was no match for end. >> as a cat, 4 hurricane slammed into florida's gulf coast wednesday. residents who did not evacuate were quickly trapped. some grab their phones to document the historic surge. >> no doubt it's going to bridge the house is starting to move really fast. >> this video ended up hershman inbox. it was sent by relatives in fort myers. their tires are gone floating in the water somewhere, but thankfully, herbs family was unhurt now are coming to the rescue from naples. we're picking them up and retaking of the fort lauderdale airport. few hours later, the mission complete earth was back with the company, his father-in-law, sam smith, with the water rose and my generator went off. just like hurricane charley. but even
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worse in charlie or anything, sam had seen a 93 years. samson counting his blessings, really lucky and grateful to be. >> here to tell our story, but it was it was nasty as the flood waters recede in the dust settles. >> families returning home seeing the destruction firsthand for the first time. what do you hope your music brings? >> well, hopefully peace. happiness of. >> i think it's unbelievable how people are just helping each other and maybe everyone in this world can learn a little bit from the storm and the area's most hard-hit. the cleanup is underway. people here tell me what they need more than anything is information. >> and resource as reporting in cape coral. i'm us 88 on your side. >> well, here's some a new satellite images that are giving us an idea of the extensive damage on fort myers beach. the most recent images were taken 2 days after hurricane ian hit. and you can
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see the storm surge in category 4 winds simply by the way, homes and businesses. they're leaving the entire area littered with debris. and the fort myers pier is now gone. all right. we're going to be taking a look now at our 4 zone forecast. here's a live look at downtown san francisco tonight. some of the fog hanging around here in the city tonight. rodriguez joining us now with a look at what to expect a recent beautiful shot out their spooky season. certainly upon us as is fog to or where this weekend for the bay area. so let's take a look right now, though. >> at remnants of what was once hurricane ian making its way throughout parts of pittsburgh now exiting charleston and that storm track. now a tropical storm starting to make its track to the north and east out of the east coast. so we are seeing about half an inch to an inch of rain has already fallen over pittsburgh. more rain expected overnight until that storm exits by sunday afternoon. and we are tracking for bay area forecast very
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gloomy night out there with the return of karl. the fog. noticeably cooler. temperatures out there, especially for coolest, inland valleys. we're seeing double-digit cooling for those of you in fairfield conquered and even livermore. not much change along the coast and east bay shoreline, just because you're cooldown started last night with the return of that strong sea breeze and deep marine layer. but temperatures out there right now, widespread low to mid 60's. but we are in the upper 50's for those of you in our north bay valleys, like timber on petaluma and santa rosa. but brentwood, the one outlier this evening in the low 70's, but just barely currently at 70 degrees. so we are going to see temperatures below average for the 2nd half of the weekend as that cooler and cloudier weather pattern continues until we warm up dry out and clear out by this upcoming week. more my full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. stand back to you. alright, recent thanks a lot. in stockton, a series of killings are now believed to be connected. police tracking locations where each one was reported.
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>> between july and this month. this is the only image of the possible suspect, but they believe they have a person of interest. they say the killings happened in the middle of the night in parts of town with poor lighting and no cameras. all of the victims were men between the ages of 21 and 54 and police are urging stockton residents to be vigilant and have good situational awareness when they are outside san jose. police quickly arrested a man after a woman is found shot to death friday night and investigators say her body was found in a car on the almaden expressway around 06:00pm. the suspected shooter was later found at a home in fresno. police say this is now the 28 homicide in the city so far this year, starting tomorrow, masks will no longer be required on ac transit. the alameda contra costa transit district is lifting its onboard mask mandate for the first time since early june. the district says the decision comes after a considerable drop in covid cases and hospitalizations in recent
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weeks. meanwhile, bart dropped their mask mandate today. however, both transit systems are still encouraging people to mask up. coming up, health officials giving an update on monkeypox why they say this disease is not going anywhere any time soon. and governor newsom finishes addressing the renaming of the remaining bills for his legislative session. >> what told in 20 site, plus, hundreds of cars found vandalized in alameda and we've got the details and what we know next.
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>> we're following a big story out of the east bay tonight. a serial tire slasher. hundreds of cars were found vandalized in alameda. police say a man is in custody tonight, but the victims now left having to cover the costly repairs. kron four's philippe djegal reports. >> a rude awakening for buck to test 2 and up to 200 other people in alameda saturday. this crazy palomino police say a man has been arrested for slashing the tires on up to 200 cars on the island sometime between 9, 30 11 o'clock friday night. dozens of them at the summer house apartments complex where test were supposed to be out of work early in the morning. but we do that instead like everyone else. he spent the day on the phone with his ing to replace 3 damage. tires, just replace them. it's 100 a >> last month. have their
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coast cook. they said that this is been that kind of blesses? so it's out of your pocket? is all the more time with my officers had to respond to every report of vandalism and the most telling is busy picking up and dropping off to cars all day. it was just senseless. >> it really was census neighbors who were spared the vandalism feel for those victimize for what you know. >> a night in jail a night in jail. and that's it. that's all he gets is a night in jail and everybody. as you know, property damage and >> so police say surveillance video helped lead to the suspect's arrest in alameda philippe djegal all kron. 4 news >> berkeley police say a man was stabbed in the hand on thursday night. they say this man was stabbed shortly before midnight in the area of bancroft way and ellsworth street. the suspect was another man wearing all black clothing, according to police.
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an argument took place before the stabbing. the suspect then took off from the area riding a bicycle on bancroft. the victim got medical attention after the stabbing. anyone with information about this is asked to contact berkeley police on the peninsula. pacifica police say a man was carjacked at gunpoint last night around 6.45. officers were called to the area of humboldt court. several calls came in reporting several shots had been fired by someone at the scene after arriving. officers found the victim and confirmed his car had been stolen by at least 2 people who were armed with guns. the victim believes that his work van was the target and that he was followed. no injuries were reported. take a look at this. san pablo police called to the scene of a car that a gun over a wall and landed in a jack in the box drive-thru and officers arrived on scene. they found the car hanging over the wall, but the driver and passengers still inside. neither of them were injured. emergency crews,
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we're able to safely remove them from the car and also from the wall. take a look at this picture that was tweeted out by the san francisco fire department of a front loader crashing into a home yesterday morning before this crash, the front loader first collided with several cars. you can a total card there underneath front loader. fortunately, no one was hurt in this case. all right. taking a look now at our 4 zone forecast. a look at our old friend, the bucky ball out there along the embarcadero. a cool night out there. we've seen the fog hanging around a little bit and parts of the city probably also some parts of the east bay as well. recent rodriguez joining us now to look at forecast there, dan. yeah, that fog bank certainly moving over the east. they'll show you in just a minute. but first, letns take a look at what that cool sea breeze. and that cloud cover gave us as far as daytime highs. 48 degrees below average. widespread 60's and 70's today. santa rosa, one of the coolest cities only warming up to 64 degrees when we should
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be averaging low 80's this time of year. so about a 17 degree difference there. and we're going to have another cool and cloudy day on tap for the 2nd half of your weekend. and here's a look at that fog bank as it makes its trek across the bay and the east bay over berkeley out there right now. and it is more widespread. >> during the bay area coastline and it's going to continue during the overnight hours as well because we are going to see some very patchy coastal drizzle overnight into your sunday morning. but then better clearing and a lot more sunshine, especially along the coast compared to today. so temperatures going to warm up some but still going to be below average. let's take a look at temperatures out there right now for your saturday night. 59 degrees for santa rosa and allay. but san jose in the mid 60's at 64 degrees. so we're tracking about of 5 degree difference out there right now on account of today's cool down. and that cloud cover that's keeping everything very insulated out there this evening. and overnight lows tonight going to stay in the low to mid and upper 50's antioch, though,
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the one outlier at 61 degrees. but just barely for your overnight. temperatures in daytime highs tomorrow going to rebound. some thanks to that extra sunshine and quicker clearing compared to today downtown san francisco. 68 degrees with oakland. 71 degrees about 2 degrees below average there. but concord and livermore about 4 degrees below average. we should be at 85 degrees this time of year. instead only warming up into the low 80's with san jose. very comfortable temperatures at 77 degrees. napa and vallejo not complaining either in the mid 70's to round out the 2nd half of your weekend. but taking a look ahead at the next 7 day outlook. enjoy the cooler weather sunday because we're going to warm up in the low 90's at 92 degrees wednesday and thursday of this upcoming week about 48 degrees above average. dan, so hard to believe. i'm saying this in october, low 90's for a warm valley's when we should be in the 80's. so there you go. the heat's back. and yeah, i mean, it was nice seeing the fog moving because i feel like during the month of august, we're kind of ship. so we didn't
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>> we see it every once in a while, but now we're getting then pretty good. i know. and i'm really enjoying. it's really setting the mood for act. yeah, yeah. you said before spooky season means the monsters all right, lisa, thank so much. >> well, governor newsom has finished addressing the remaining bills for this legislative session since yesterday. the governor has announced action on more than 200 bills he signed 160 of them into law. they tackle everything from allergies and wildfire taxes to bans on potentially toxic chemicals in cosmetics. and also our clothing and one of the laws signed is meant to protect assault victims and survivors. the new law prevents police from keeping dna rape a dna from rape kits and using it against the victim. in another case, the dna can only be used to track down the perpetrator of the assault. the bill was sponsored by san francisco state sen scott wiener. the governor also signed a bill making family leave affordable to more workers. that bill is
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expected to help those making as much as $57,000 a year qualifying low-income workers can recover up to 90% of their income when they take sick time off. that move goes into effect in 2025. california is now the first state in the nation to offer refuge to transgender teenagers and their families. the measure also led by san francisco state senator scott wiener is designed to protect families with transgender children under the age of 18 from criminal prosecution. if they travel to the state to get gender-related health care that new law takes effect on january. 1st. and the governor also signed into law a new law allowing school districts to collaborate with local native american tribes on indigenous history. under the new california indian education act, schools would develop lessons and strategies to close the achievement gap for indigenous students. tribal leaders say they believe the better education will enrich the lives of all students and
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lead to better graduation rates for native american high schoolers. the governor vetoed a bill that would have given some relief for homeless people with unpaid parking tickets under assembly bill. 16. 85 local governments and universities would have forgiven parking fines up to $1500. the governor's move a big disappointment for antipoverty advocates across the state. still to come, it's the 5 year anniversary of the deadliest shooting in u.s. history. tonight we're hearing from a couple who survived and we could be in for a new covid subvariant. what help? >> officials are saying about this next. health officials
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say monkeypox isn't going anywhere anytime soon. the cdc says the disease is spread. >> is slowing, but the virus is so widespread that it's likely to be a continuing threat for the new in the next few years. the cdc says the outbreak appears to have peaked in early august. officials expected to climb to continue the next several weeks experts say that it's too early to know if that variance covid-19 will spread as widely as the highly infectious delta and omicron variants white house medical adviser anthony fauci said
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that one of the new variants looks, quote, suspicious. he said it might evolve as a troublesome variant this fall. his concern is that current vaccines? well, not recognize the variant. and ward off any sort of potential infection. researchers in the uk say they are on the verge of potential cancer breakthroughs. they say they finally discovered how tumors hi jack healthy cells to spread around the body. the team at the cambridge institute discovered a protein that is a main driver of this process which could target and be stopped by one day if used by the. could be stopped. if you're using the right drugs. the findings are published in the journal of nature. genetics. all right. coming up here at 8.30, today marks 5 years since the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. 2 people are recounting their experiences with ice. another supreme court term begins next week. we're taking a look at some of the major cases >> that they're planning to
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address. plus, over 100 people are dead in indonesia after fans stampede to exit a soccer match. details what caused the mayhem.
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ur internet isn't ideal... dad made the brilliant move get us t-mobile me internet. ... t everybody'online during e day so we lose speeds. ' become... .nocturnal. ll... i'up. 'n kids. is. sucks. ll if you just switch ybe you don' ve to be vampires. oa... ay, yikes. sorry, i wasn'thinking. don'really use the v word. at'kind of insensitive. prefer day-adjacent. ' go man-pire. >> it's been 5 years since the deadliest shooting in u.s. history. and tonight a remembrance was held in las vegas for the moment of the worst mass shooting. and when it began a group of fresno
8:30 pm
residents are recounting the moments they went from concert goers to civilian heroes at the route. 91 concert. gabe salazar has their story. >> just that i remember people in cars back of trucks. there's just a there's a mad rush. vince la navarro and his wife, michelle, were at the route 91 concert visiting from fresno. >> recounting the moments when an i supposed to be spent moving to music suddenly turned into may have. the person i want to. you know, she was she was gone. you can tell. but you still check the polls. >> the second one, that was the tough one for me because she she ended up with a fatal. >> the couple was able to take shelter from the spray of gunfire hiding behind bleachers. he was done with one round was like now is our chance trying to get as many people below ground as possible even though we were down. >> we could still hear and you could feel the bullets go bye
8:31 pm
you. >> so that's where like we need to get lower. 5 years later, the lot of ares still dealing with the trauma. you look at everything. you look at your exits, you look at who's around people that even your high points. craig lee, a retired fresno county corrections officer, was with a lot of ours during the time of the shooting, was yelling at me. hey, get down and tom, i can't. his what i was trained to do using his law enforcement training to help rescue as many people as he could route there to go help a guy do cpr. have that guy was a doing cpr on a guy that was even there. the further lee ran, the bloodbath became worse body after body. the confusion and fear sending lee into fight or my friend then send those 4 other guys. 3rd unknown people that are heroes. do you recognize it all? i hope i find some of those guys. lee hopes that his friends would be awarded as
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civilian heroes saying they were the first responders before law enforcement arrived. 15 minutes later, there's not closure in it. and i think if you keep saying why, you know, why did he do it? it's just going to keep beating us. that was gabe salazar reporting for us tonight. >> the supreme court is about to be back in session and monday's the start of their new term. and they're set to make decisions on a lot of impactful issues. hannah brandt explains what to expect. >> after their last explosive turn, the supreme court is now gearing up to hear new cases that may reshape the country. there are huge issues on the table. those cases include to want to ferment of action. george washington law professor alan morrison says the court is expected to determine whether colleges can consider an applicant's race for admission. it's hard to imagine that the court did not take this case to do serious damage to the firm of action efforts and higher education. voting rights is also on the
8:33 pm
docket. the first of 2 cases examines whether state legislators have the sole power over elections. american university law professor stephen warm meal says that could take authority away from state courts. had that been the case? >> in twenty-twenty, donald trump probably would have won the 2020 election. the other case centers on redistricting and representation for minority populations should be considered when drawing election maps, if you cannot. as state of alabama says take race into account when redrawing districts at then essentially you got to the voting rights act. the court is also taking a case about same couples and determining whether free speech rights outweigh state's anti-discrimination laws that prevent businesses from excluding certain customers. but king over individual views are says they them to discrimination. and with additional cases on immigration, native american adoption and water pollution. also on the court's calendar, the country could be in for another blockbuster term. >> in washington, i'm hannah brandt.
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>> all right. we're going to take a look now at your 4 zone forecast. another look at the sort of spooky skies we got here and and san francisco for this first day of reeser rodriguez joining us now a little bit more on the forecast, but i guess the weather is really nice up there in tahoe. really nice out there. they're tracking a cool down this weekend. so very comfortable temperatures. let's take a look at your getaway forecast for those of you heading out to the sierra for the 2nd half of the weekend. >> your love for tracking great weather. not just along the bay area, cooler and cloudier as we just saw with that live picture. but also for the sierra as well. we are going to see some very comfortable temperatures in the days ahead, especially for the 2nd half of your weekend. a lot of sunshine to start and end the day for those of you in the sierra and very pleasant temperatures in the low to mid 70's truckee. 74 degrees south lake tahoe in the low 70's little change through monday. but then gradually warming up on tuesday as that warming and drying trend also begins for this like it will be in the
8:35 pm
bay area, especially by midweek of this upcoming week. so let's take a look at your air quality forecast in the bay area. they say that cool sea breeze not only pushing in that deep marine layer and cooling down temperatures to below average today. but tomorrow going to bring us good air quality for everyone in the bay area. so yet green certainly is good, especially for your sunday afternoon. let's take a look at temperatures out there right now. pretty uniform numbers. thanks to that blanket of high cloud cover low to mid 60's for most of the bay area. even brentwood out of the 70's and in the mid 60's at 67 degrees. cooling down there in the mid to upper 50's. for those of you in the north bay bodega bay, 15, 7 degrees with santa rosa petaluma and even to bron in the upper 50's out there right now for your saturday night and temperatures tomorrow, we're going to be a few degrees warmer than today, but still below average, but very pleasant temperatures even for your first full weekend of october, it is going to have a very summer-like pattern out there right fog certainly does feel
8:36 pm
out there right now, even though we're going to call it fog tobar. this time of year downtown san francisco. 68 degrees. 10 degrees warmer for those of you. fremont at 78 degrees, concord and livermore. the warmest cities out there in the bay area tomorrow in the low 80's. but just barely you're going to be 4 degrees below average, but then warming up. 48 degrees above normal. by thursday and friday, this upcoming weekend. as you can see, dan, no rain in store for the bay area for the next several days. but we are going to see some patchy coastal drizzle for your sunday morning commute. so just plan ahead. back to you. >> visuals and demonstrations are underway around the world tonight in support of women in iran who are facing oppression, beatings and even death. and sydney, australia, women cut their hair in solidarity with women in iran. protesters could be heard chanting, say her name and we want freedom in rome, italy,
8:37 pm
hundreds of people took to the streets to vent their anger over the treatment of women and repression in the islamic republic. panic at an indonesian soccer match after police fired tear gas to stop brawls leaving 129 people dead. police say several brawls between supporters of 2 rival soccer teams are reported inside the stadium after the indonesia premier league game ended with percy beating era 3 to 2 east job as police chief says that the fighting prompted riot police to fire tear gas, causing panic among supporters. hundre s who ran to an exit gate in an effort to avoid the tear gas. some suffocating in the chaos and others were tptrampled more than 300 people had to be rushed to nearby hospitals. but many died on the way or during treatment. coming up, it might be time for you to pull the plug. if you're thinking on buying a new home, we'll tell you the average numbers.
8:38 pm
>> and santa clara celebrating their annual parade of champions today who they had as an honorary guest. and we're continuing our coverage of hispanic heritage this month. tonight we're hearing from california's first latina epa secretary.
8:39 pm
8:40 pm
>> our coverage of hispanic heritage month continues. tonight, we talked with. >> california's first latina
8:41 pm
epa secretary yanet garcia was appointed to the role in august by governor gavin newsom. well, today garcia told our stephanie land about her plans to address climate change and advance environmental justice. >> i think right now the task at hand is to manage to really bring down our emissions to ensure that we are keeping that north star of reducing emissions, driving them down as quickly as possible because we can't afford any further damage. and then i think really investing in again, our resilience, capacity, our ability to weather the storms, our ability to rebuild and our ability to to really have the sustainable infrastructure that we need to move forward in what's inevitably going to be a new reality for many of us. >> well, you can catch this full interview with the new epa secretary on our website. kron 4 dot com. and we will be celebrating hispanic heritage all month long here on kron 4, we have an entire section dedicated to hispanic heritage
8:42 pm
on our website kron 4 dot com. all you have to do is scan the qr code on your screen and it will take you directly to our website. coming up, united is cutting down more flight student under staffing. stay with us. and we'll tell you who is affected. and in sports, the warriors taking part in the nba's japan games and having a blast entertaining the fans there. >> next, we'll show you the outcome of the 3
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>> for your money tonight after pandemic changes brought 2 years of skyrocketing growth in home prices, california is now seeing a steep drop. home. prices have risen nationally since june, but a new study by home insurance website, quote, wizard shows the average price of a home in california has gone down about $12,000. this is the sharpest drop of any state in the nation. san jose and san francisco have seen the largest drop in the bay area. united airlines officials announced the company is cutting a dozen routes from its network. san francisco will be affected as united is cutting 4 routes from the air hub. other airlines affected include los angeles, chicago and houston. news of united's plan to cut the routes comes amid airports reports rather of a pilot shortage affecting the airline industry. >> kron 4 sports. all right. we're talking some forty-niners football as the forty-niners going to be hosting the rams in prime time
8:46 pm
monday night at levi stadium. >> and they'll be led by jimmy garoppolo who is a perfect 6 and oh, against the rams in the regular season on. despite that, jimmy g has been under scrutiny all week for what he said and might have set. jimmy garoppolo had several miscues in the forty-niners loss against the broncos last week he lost a fumble and he stepped out of the end zone, giving the broncos safety following the game. he said that some of his problems could be related to not playing in ot a's this offseason and a lack of snaps during training camp didn't allow him to be as sharp as he could be all true. but shouldn't he takes some of the responsibility for his gaffes? is that team's starting quarterback and his press conference yesterday, lowe did revise his statements from last sunday and took responsibility for his poor play. just like he always has, even if he has skeptics within the 40 niner faithful, he does have one fan in his corner and it's rams linebacker bobby wagner.
8:47 pm
>> he gets the job done. he does what he needs to do. a lot of people. you know, look at certain passes or look a certain sacks or things of that nature. but in a i'm pretty sure he has a winning record. i believe so. you know, any took this team to the super bowl. you knows how to get the ball to the right people. you know, they get the ball fast. when you got this is coming very smart communicate. so you've got to respect a guy like >> alright rams niners monday night football. let's talk college football now. justin wilcox in the bears visiting washington state today in pullman, but couldn't get anything done on offense until it was too late. the bears were down 14 to 3 in the 4th when pac 12 rushing leader. jay, not as you see there finally gets in the end zone for the bears in this 2 yard run. they missed the 2 point conversion and trailed 14 to 9 washington state responded and scored and they're very next drive. quarterback cam ward hitting renard bell with a perfect 37 yard pass into the end zone. touchdown cougars. ward was 27 of 40 3.43. in the
8:48 pm
air and 3 touchdowns. well, their star running back. jay not was just held the 69 yards and 16 carries cougars. go on to win it. 28 to 9. >> at the nba, japan games fan fest today, steph curry and klay thompson showing the youngsters who were the best shooters in the league in a duo 3 point shooting contest. the splash brothers easily beating the combo of warriors guard jordan, poole and moses moody. the fans loving every minute of the show is steph hit 9 of 11 shots from beyond the arc. while clay hit 8 of 11 pool and moody had no chance the warriors are in japan for a pair of preseason games against the wizards. they won the first game play the second game tonight and then following the contest at a makeshift press conference, jordan poole. >> took a whack at playing reporter and getting the inside. do from teammate klay thompson.
8:49 pm
>> home. they were going to get that word on the that you got to work out and say before i want to put it felt like you know, i just have live up to my name, ship marshal, matthew disrespect show. he was bad. >> invest a better microphone there. anyway. baseball giants hosting the d'backs this weekend gave kappa trying to figure out a way to stay in the playoff well, that d-dn't happen. the d backs up for 2 in the 7th josh rojas lines, an rbi single to right incomes, christian walker that makes the 5 to 2 arizona. so that after a sacrifice fly here, sergio al contra driving one to left joc peterson flails that it misses the ball and rolls all the way for a gift. 2 run double that about sizes up the giants season here and they lose 8 to 4. the oakland athletics out in seattle visiting the mariners who scored early and never looked back. mariners up 3, 1,
8:50 pm
in the 8th police tore and setting a lazy fly to right. chad intercept ground. no communication. they collide gator. make the climb. it falls for an rbi double. and this is probably a big part of the reason why the age 56 102, this season. >> not a good one for the athletics. mariners. go on to win. it 5 to one. and that is your look. that's sports. >> but here's a look at our 4 zone forecast. we're taking a live look at coit tower tonight. looking stoic lit up there in the night sky mabrisa rodriguez joining us now with a look at the forecast. a recent. yeah, that's a really great shot out there of coit tower. and let's take a look at half moon bay because we're also noticing. >> that deep marine layer out there right now, specially hanging tight to the bay area coastline throughout most of today. let's take a look at what you can expect as far as visibility goes. not really going to be an issue along the coast with the exception of those of you in santa rosa, we are going to see most of our valleys getting that close cloud cover. so dense, low
8:51 pm
clouds and fog going to be an issue overnight and even into your sunday morning, especially over san jose and livermore in the east and south bays, their mountain view by mid morning. still going to see that low cloud cover hanging tight, but then better lifting in clearing shortly before your new lunchtime hour. but radar for we are tracking right now. fairly dry conditions along the coast and east bay shoreline. seeing the return of call the fog. and that's thanks to that cool sea breeze pushing that marine layer along the coast. keeping our temperatures. 48 degrees below average for most bay area cities today and tomorrow we are going to se still going to feel that cool sea breeze influence. nonetheless, temperatures out there right now, widespread low to mid 60's. for those of you as you make your way into
8:52 pm
the north bay already cooling down into the upper 50's for santa rosa in petaluma. everyone else, though, pretty uniform numbers. not that much of a temperature change contrasts between our coolest coastal city and our warmest inland valley. thanks to that marine layer that blanket of cloud cover keeping things relatively uniform, an insulated tonight, the high temperatures tomorrow we are going to see a few degrees of warming still below average that 2 to 4 degrees below normal. lot more sunshine, though. temperatures for nevado 78 degrees. those of you in fremont also in the upper 70's but conquered and even antioch, low 80's taking a look ahead at your next 7 day forecast. we are going to see warmer and drier weather for the coming days back in the low 90's for warmest inland valley. starting wednesday speaking thursday and friday of this upcoming weeks, about 5 to 10 degrees above average. there little change along the cause. but temperatures will be in the upper 60's to low 70's for bay area beaches. back to you, dan. >> recent thanks a lot day to tonight of the hardly strictly
8:53 pm
bluegrass festival. we've got more of the music coming up.
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>> all right. well, the 15th annual moms against poverty, charity gala happened tonight at the palace of fine arts in san francisco. the event raises hundreds of thousands of dollars to help impoverished kids worldwide by building schools as well as providing food and health care. the nonprofit is also known as map and it's helped 2
8:56 pm
and a half million children across the country in over a dozen other countries. the emcee of tonight's event was our very own ellis ecomony. and santa clara, the city. they're celebrating the 53rd annual parade of champions today. you're looking at today's honored guest, which was 92 year-old ray de gama. also on hand today where people in star wars costumes there, some fancy dresses. yeah, this is from the portuguese historical museum. and of course, what parade would be complete without a procession of classic cars. and of course, he saw the cows there as well. yeah. today was the second day for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. san francisco's biggest annual music event return to golden gate park yesterday. this
8:57 pm
year's lineup, including elvis costello and emmy lou harris. that event continues tomorrow. so if you're planning on attending, it's recommended that you take public transit and a reminder that you cannot bring cool event. let's get a wrap things up here at 8 o'clock. we'll be back. >> just a few minutes for kron. 4 news at 9. and then after that at 10 up to see
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
when fun time. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known now at 9, an elderly woman attacked in her daily city home by 3 men posing as utility workers. >> the frightening robbery captured on home security video. good evening and thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 9. i'm dan thorn. the woman's family is speaking out tonight about why they think they were targeted. kron four's man, harry talk of the woman's granddaughter. amanda, how is that woman doing tonight? >> the family tells me they're still recovering, but still appalled by what happened. 3 men armed with a crowbar invading an elderly woman's home. her granddaughter tells me at first she couldn't even watch the video. you're about to see. >> i do think they targeted her. because she's an easy target. she is an elderly, lady. what started as a typical wednesday morning for this grandmother watin


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