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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  October 11, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> now at noon, a california law is challenged before the high court. why the effort to provide more humane conditions for animals could be struck down. plus, san francisco mayor london breed under the microscope. why a policy over resignation. letters has city supervisors up in arms and we are one month out from the mid terms. the newest push to make sure everyone's voices are heard. >> from the bay station, you're watching kron. and news. >> thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at noon. i'm noelle bellow, our top story this afternoon. mail-in ballots have been sent out to voters across the state and down in the south. bay advocacy groups are launching a new push to get people to the ballot box for the mid
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terms. kron 4 charles clifford joining us live from san jose with more on this push. charles? >> yeah, well, we're just a few weeks away from election day and here in santa clara county, there is a group who's focusing on trying to get people who live in low-income areas, especially women to get out and vote. >> we love the november elections just a few weeks away, a coalition of community activists, including the black leadership kitchen cabinet, the latino coalition of silicon valley and people acting in community together are working to encourage neighbors the vote. they say that areas with low voter turnout across the county often have the highest rates of poverty. so they are creating the together. we vote campaign to encourage people to register to vote, to fill out and send in mail-in ballots and to help educate people on the issues. they will be voting on our boats. >> and this coalition are powerful and they matter together, we can use them to shift the narratives about our communities, allocate
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resources and funding historically dis-invested communities and continue to build power and autonomy. it matters when we show up and i want to be really clear our votes. >> is an expression of our values. ballots dropped yesterday. so make sure you vote. make sure you're informed that you have the information you need to be an educated voter over the next few weeks. the coalition will be holding regular phone bank events to reach out to potential voters. they have set a goal of reaching 12,000 voters across santa clara county. >> by election day. all right, back live. now. the coalition is also going to sponsor a block party on october 22nd. that's on santi drive. but for now in the south bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news lot of work out there. charles, thank you. >> meanwhile, people in san francisco can start casting their ballots today. 34 ballot boxes have been strategically placed throughout the city voters who received their mail-in ballots already can start dropping them off today
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all the way through november 8th, some voters we spoke to today. we're happy to have the option. >> definitely not going about this election by just about which where to go. and we saw this last night. so it feels really convenient. i look into it. we why we're americans. we like we like options. >> there are 7 ballot propositions and several congressional seats, the voters statewide, we'll see on their ballots as well as the races for california attorney general insurance commissioner of california and superintendent of public instruction ballot drop-off locations can be found on temperance. cisco city election department website. meanwhile, the university of san francisco school of law and the san francisco league of women voters are going to be co-hosting a debate next week to hear from the 4 candidates running for san francisco district attorney. those candidates taking part our interim district attorney brooke jenkins, maurice joe ali oat over an essay and john
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hamasaki. the debate is next. tuesday at the mclaren conference center at usf. meanwhile, san francisco mayor london breed is the target of new allegations that claim she requires city commissioners to provide resignation letters before they're appointed. a city oversight committee held an emergency meeting to discuss this policy. a supervisor dean preston claims mayor breed requires many city commissioners to provide a signed and and dated resignation letter before they're even appointed city. police commissioner max carter over stone described his experience today. there was never a moment where somebody pulled my resignation letter out of the drawer. >> and waved in front of me and said, hey, if you don't listen to what we want, we're going to the fact that everybody knows that this resignation letter is just floating in the ether. that it can be accepted at any moment with no notice. and
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immediately terminate your tenure on the commission is, you a consideration that's at the forefront, at least of my mind when i'm receiving a direction from the mayor's office. >> supervisor preston says the mayor has the power to appoint chartered commissioners, which includes the planning commission police commission or the sfmta commissioners are independent watchdogs and cannot be unilaterally removed by the mayor. we did reach out to the mayor's office to get a response to these allegations. we have not yet her back. to southern california now where the fallout continues over an la city leaders, racist remarks that were leaked over the weekend. we're tracking protest outside los angeles city hall. there was supposed to be an emergency meeting today for the council, but that has not yet happened due
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to the protesting former la city council president nury martinez announced a leave of absence yesterday. she was the council's president. she is technically still a council member, though, just no longer president ron herrera, president of the la county federation of labor has now resigned from his position. he was among those hurt on that leaked audio. the offensive remarks were made during a private meeting held last year between 3 sitting city council members and herrera in the leaked audio, martinez can be heard making racist comments about another council members adopted black son. we do want to get you some international headlines now. president biden has strongly condemned the latest russian missile strikes against ukraine's capital. and ukraine's representative say civilians are bearing the brunt of russian retaliation. washington correspondent alexandra limon has the very latest details on the war. >> president biden spoke to
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ukrainian president zelensky yesterday and the white house says president biden vowed to provide critical air defense systems to ukraine. >> on monday, president biden condemned russia's missile strikes on ukraine, which the un says have killed and injured dozens of civilians. president biden also said in that tweet that the attacks only reinforce u.s. commitment to stand with the people of ukraine significantly. the white house said that in a phone call with ukraine's leader, president biden vowed to provide ukraine with the critical air defense systems that country has been asking for in order to defend itself from russia's bombardments. monday, the un held an emergency meeting and the ukrainian representative accused russia of taking out battlefield losses on peaceful civilians. meantime, will has once again seen the true face of the terrorist state. >> that kills all people. this constitutes another
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unacceptable escalation. >> of of the war. and as always, civilians are paying the highest price. the un says humanitarian aid will not stop despite the violence and the white house said president biden will continue to engage with allies and partners to continue holding russia accountable for what the white house calls war crimes and atrocities >> the g 7 leaders are scheduled to hold an emergency virtual meeting today. and president zelensky is expected to join that call in washington. alexandra limon. >> we want to get you a check of your forecast this afternoon. taking a live look outside from our mount tam cam. as you can see, the fog sticking around yet again for another on par bay area day cuyler grogan. here with more details on our kyla. it takes the pressure off, though, right? yeah. ease into the day. you've got the fog out there. i think it's a little tough for people who commute, though, because the roads are a little slick. there's no doubt about it. you can see we're going to have some blue skies working their way in.
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>> again today live look outside. this is right off the kron. 4 deck here. and you can see the exploratorium. and yeah, it's a little bit of gray, certainly hazy and temperatures. we've kept a lid on them because of those clouds we have this morning. so currently san francisco just at fifty-eight degrees. 60 in oakland. you can see san jose at 69 livermore. 73 conquer. just 68. a lot of that fog really made its way inland today in santa rosa. 58 as well. santa rosa head listen. a quarter mile visibility this morning. so how is this going to play out? it's kind of similar to yesterday. we're kind of stuck in this pattern right now. you can see as we get into the afternoon, we'll get some nice clearing. but the clouds will likely hang on at the coast and then they move right back in as we get into tonight, notices little pops of green. that means we see the drizzle yet again to so today. temperatures we'll be a little bit cooler likely than yesterday. so looking at just a high of 60 in san francisco, santa rosa looking at about 77, low 80's and conquered 86 in livermore. you can see about 78 in san jose. so it's going to be kind of a similar pattern as we had yesterday. i'll be back in just a little
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bit. we'll talk about your extended forecast. we'll send it back to you. kyler. thank you. happening today, the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments in a case challenging california's law that says pigs for food should be raised humanely. >> a major part producers are pushing back on that. washington correspondent trevor shirley is taking a look at the hearing which could affect california's influence on national policy. and today's supreme court case could go well beyond just pork products to include how much power any individual state has beyond its own borders. california voters passed the state's proposition 12 back in 2018. it says any pork sold in the state has to come from pigs whose mothers had at least 24 feet of space in which to live lie down in turn around most poor producers don't meet that requirement. and hogs are often raised an extremely tight quarters. 2 major port producers sued, they say complying with california's law could cost the pork industry up to
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350 million dollars with consumers potentially footing the bill. there passed a law that has no impact on their own businesses and is designed entirely impact. farmers all across the country to change the national market for poor. now the supreme court will decide if california's law hurts pork producers. >> and improperly regulates industry outside its borders. that second part is key, depending on how the court rules it could reshape how much power an individual state has to regulate industries elsewhere. that could impact everything from agriculture in textiles to pharmaceuticals. that's about the rate of california voters to decide they don't want products in their state that have been. >> unnecessarily perpetuate on animals for its part, the biden administration is urging the court to side with the pork producers. and while this case is being argued today at the supreme court, the final
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ruling likely will be issued until sometime next spring reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley. coming up later on in our show, a vigil at the state capitol honoring the lives of a or sad family. >> plus, californians finally starting to receive their inflation redief checks. more on how much you could get and how you can qualify. and a bay area school district settles a multi million dollar abuse lawsuit. those details right after the break. new at noon,
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a south bay school district reached a multimillion dollar settlement over abuse allegations surrounding a former athletics coach. the plaintiff was awarded nearly 3.5 million dollars for the alleged abuse. >> kaye robinson, a former assistant track coach at los gatos high. faced allegations of sexually grooming and abusing several students beginning in 1999. his trial is set for november 7th. on the peninsula. stanford is increasing security on campus after another report of a rape. the second since august kron four's justin campbell reports on how students are now protecting themselves. >> business today in charlotte, near stat from the netherlands is carrying pepper spray after hearing a report of yet another rape on stanford campus. violent
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nature of this last report was just really shocking. the victim told police she was working in her won 12 30 friday afternoon when a man dragged her into the basement and raped or stanford law professor michele dauber says she has been urging the university to install more security cameras. i think we should also install. >> alarm buttons and offices because stanford offices. >> typically have only one door. so it's very easy to trap an individual. and we have a lot of officers in the basement of different buildings. we spent a lot of time there. so it's just so scary knowing that just 2 months ago, a woman reported she was raped in a school bathroom in both cases. the victim did not want to provide a statement to law enforcement. >> stanford has consistently failed to hold perpetrators accountable for these kinds of offenses. and that has led to the complete collapse of trust
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by survivors. we reached out to stanford to see if there are any suspects in the first case. they don't have any updates and also no suspects in this latest. >> case reporting here at stanford, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> now to a developing story. we're following. a suspect has been charged with the murder of amber said family of 4 jesus delgado is accused of kidnapping an 8 month-old baby. her parents and they're on call. he could spend life in prison with no possibility of parole. the suspect's brother alberto salgado was also arrested. he's expected to face charges for criminal conspiracy as an accessory to the murder and 4 destroying evidence. in the meantime, sacramento leaders and members of the sikh community came out for a vigil at the state capitol monday night garage. paul was there. >> just finding out that these acts can occur. time and time again is heartbreaking. the morning, the heinous murder of a central valley family. we will always stand with you through thick and through
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said. >> this is so tragic. i don't want us to forget what happened. i want is to be reminded of the fact that this is a constant threat. community members and elected leaders attending an interfaith memorial vigil nominee who saw movie. it would you allowing the community to grieve, pray and speak about the crime and its impact. and there's anything that losses taught me is that sometimes we remember to be grateful when it's too late. >> anguish and sorrow over losing 8 month-old dottie her parents. just lean car. and 36 year-old just keep saying. and the infant's uncle. 39 year-old amandeep singh one week ago the 4 were abducted at gunpoint from their trucking business. said a few days later their bodies discovered at an orchard. >> please try to talk about these tragedies to your family members that you have plans in place the possible. what if scenarios. the best thing we
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can do is prepare ourselves for the worst case. the violence hasn't really shaken the central valley, but also the sick community in many places. we are visible yet very visible minority. those in attendance, remembering the family is hearty working. people hoping to reach the american dream. they also hope some sort of reform occurs. kind of feels like it could have been prevented. >> to think that this man was. >> wasn't recommended as he should have been 10 years ago and that this has happened again when it could have been wrecked it when it could have been prevented is a huge loss for >> and the north bay, a boy is facing charges after being accused of stabbing a man to death during a fight in rio. nido police responded to the fight sunday night on canyon one road near the russian river. police found the victim. 41 year-old jose via the sense with several stab wounds. he died at the scene. the boys age was not released because he is a minor. he was arrested at the scene and
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taken to juvenile hall. governor gavin newsom's wife is set to testify against harvey weinstein in his los angeles trial. weinstein's accusers will appear in court as jane doe's to give their testimony. but one of them is jennifer seibel newsom. she made her plans testify public on monday. several newsom is a documentary filmmaker and actor who said a prior business meeting with weinstein was actually a trap. weinstein is charged with 11 counts of rape and assault in la county. he has pleaded not guilty. the former movie mogul still has 23 years to serve in prison following his twenty-twenty conviction in new york on rape and criminal assault convictions. it's 12, 20 here. we want to get you a check of your 4 zone forecast. taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge this afternoon. that fog sticking around. i don't think he wants to go anywhere. it's keeping us kind of cool, though. i'm meteorologist kyla grogan is here with details. we'd like it when it's cool you know,
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especially right october. i was talking with our producer mike about this and we're kind of equating it to. >> a football game, right? it's like you've got to run out the clock. we're near the end of fire season. we're looking out for that. nice soaking rain that will put an end to it. and yet it's not here. so hey, we'll take the fog because it does increase that moisture content in the air. that helps us this time. if you're so i'm happy to see it does keep us cool, though. it's 60 degrees right now in san francisco. 58 in santa rosa. they really got socked in this morning. napa hasn't cracked 60 yet either. you can see a 59 68 in fremont. 73 livermore, antioch, where the sun is right now. 77, if we look across the state, 73 in los angeles right now, 80 for fresno and about 77 in sacramento. so it's kind of all about the high in the low pressure. we've got high pressure to the northwest of us and there's a low pressure system. this is south of us. you can see it's causing that unsettled weather. that is off the coast of los angeles. but here it's just keeping us in this pattern kind of in this loop, right. and if you take a look at this, this is the set up. so there's the high pressure is talking about. and this is the low pressure and
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it's a bit of a cut off low. so what this is called is a rex block. when you get high pressure to the north and low pressure to the south like this kind of stacked and what it does is it makes the weather very predictably get stuck in this kind of blocked pattern, right? so that's why yesterday's very similar to today, which is going to be very similar to tomorrow until he's finally get on blocked and things start to move out. it looks like that happens later into the weekend. but today temperatures will be cool. no doubt about it. san francisco looking out for 63 degrees is the high oakland high 60's upper 70's in san jose. that's about should be this time of year in livermore about 86 82 in concord, santa rosa, 78 degrees and notice temperatures get a little chilly at night. santa rosa looking out for 48 tonight. we got down to 49 last night in napa and this is what i'm talking about. why this fog does not bother me because this is our relative humidity levels. and you can see even inland where it is still rather dry. and sunny, you know, or 36%. and that's not bad. take a look at your extended forecast. you do see that block start to roll out as we get towards the weekend and that allows us to start to cool down a kind of change that pattern. and then i'm looking out for rain. i don't
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see it yet, noel, but i'm keeping an eye out. we'll take the clouds for now. exactly. thanks. kyla new at noon, nasa says its dart mission to try and change the path of an asteroid. was it? 6 was a success. so scientists have now confirmed the orbit of the space rock known as dime or foe, so was altered when the dart probe struck it head-on last month. >> this was nasa and the world's first planetary defense mission. that's the video of that impact. it proves the space agency is capable of changing the path of an asteroid. there you go. still ahead here, airbnb laying out its newest party policies and they might mean a less than happy halloween for some will explain. plus, california's latest stimulus payments hitting bank accounts. what you need to know if you want to find out if your money, if money is coming your way kevin: i've fought wildfires for twenty years. here's the reality we face every day.
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this is a crisis. we need more firefighters, more equipment, better forest management to prevent wildfires and reduce toxic smoke. and we need to reduce the tailpipe emissions that are driving changes to our climate. that's why cal fire firefighters, the american lung association, and the california democratic party support prop 30. prevent fires. cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30.
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and free exercise classes. you can even receive money towards over-the-counter health items. call 1-866-336-3448 today and feel confident you have all the benefits you deserve for 2023. you can receive extra benefits for a zero dollar monthly premium, like dental, vision, hearing and prescription drugs. call 1-866-336-3448 and make sure you're not missing out. months of waiting, california residents are finally receiving their inflation relief checks from the middle class tax refund. state legislators approved the plan to send direct payments to at least 23 million residents across the state in order to qualify. you have filed 2020 taxes before october of last year. recipients who made less than $250,000 in 2020 or less than 500,000 as a joint filer also qualify payments range
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from 200 to around $1050. depending on your filing status, your dependents and your income. so be check in those bank accounts. coming up here next half hour, the midterm elections are around the corner. we'll break down the voter trends. >> on the key issues in our state, plus, kron 4 still celebrating hispanic heritage month. taking a look at a bay area community and what they need to succeed. plus, airbnb laying down the law ahead of halloween. why the new policy might have customers a bit spooked.
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>> welcome back. our top story this half-hour, airbnb cracking down on halloween parties by rolling out new anti party tools. the company says new technology on its website will make it harder for renters to get away with throwing a large party during the holiday kron four's rob nesbitt reports. air bnb for started cracking down on large gatherings at short term rentals in 2020. >> at that time it was a public health concern during the start of the pandemic. those policies have since evolved to avoid any unsanctioned parties. it's not the first time airbnb has tried to put a stop to parties that the rentals in california last year, new technology on the website stop 12,000 people from renting over 60% year-over-year decrease. >> so we've actually gone ahead and made what's
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temporary ban. codified policy been bright says the company has rolled out new policies just in time for halloween guests without a history of positive reviews are no reviews, will not be able to make a one night reservation an entire home listings. if someone without a positive review is trying to rent for 2 nights, they will be redirected to listings that are not entire homes. the 3rd update to airbnb is that all guests attempting to make a local reservation during halloween weekend will need to attest that they understand the company's ban on parties were focused are kind of the larger gatherings that the ones that are more likely to be a disruptive and cause property damage neighbor's. the company hopes its updated policy will avoid any 9-1-1 calls an airbnb was the scene of a deadly shooting in oakland earlier this month. around 30 people were in attendance of the unsanctioned birthday party when brothers jc angel sotelo garcia were shot and killed. the police have a finite amount of resources and you want them being able to focus on what?
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what's what's really important in the neighborhood? airbnb already caps. the number of guests at 16 when you make a reservation online, bright says most renters respect. the rules and check with property owners to see what's allowed. those who don't and break the ban on large parties will be banned themselves or worse. have legal action taken against them. send a message. you know, we just you know, we're going to try to block as many parties as we can, but better yet. don't try for hosts. airbnb has what's called air cover. >> that provides up to 1 million dollars in property. damage protection in case any extensive damage is caused because of short-term renters. >> reporting in the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> well, as the gas price roller coaster continues. governor newsom is calling for a windfall profits tax on oil companies arguing oil producers are taking advantage of californians. newsom wants state lawmakers to gather for a special legislative session at the capitol on december 5th, all to vote on his
12:33 pm
proposal. he says the windfall tax would punish oil companies for what he calls rank price gouging. >> taking advantage of you every single one of these every single day. hundreds of millions of dollars a week they put in their pockets, lining their pockets at your expense and then putting this planet. there's nothing to justify nothing. not one thing. >> but republicans argue a windfall tax will only further lead to an increase in gas prices. gop lawmakers sent the governor a letter calling on him to instead suspend the gas tax immediately. >> the governor's proposals he's making now they make splashy headlines but they lacked detail and they make no economic sense at a time when we need more energy production and we need that energy to be as affordable as possible. increasing taxes on energy production makes no sense. the real world, every family is out there to gas in their car to go to work to the grocery store, to their kids, to school. >> every family is being hurt by the policies that are being
12:34 pm
put forth by this governor and the democratic leadership in our state. and it needs to change. >> state democratic leaders say they look forward to reviewing the governor's proposal while assembly republicans launched a public petition petition urging californians to tell the governor to drop that proposal. kron 4 is your local election headquarters. ballots are out early voting has begun. capitol correspondent eytan wallace takes a look at some of the key issues at stake in this election. >> well, now that ballots are going out, voters will have a lot to consider on all kinds of matters from abortion rights to the race for governor to control of congress. set doubt. and carried right to your mailbox. ballots are officially on their way and election season is in full swing. the stakes are high. high stakes as professor mindy romero. she's the director of the center for inclusive democracy at the
12:35 pm
university of southern california. primero notes. california voters will likely play a huge role in determining which political party takes the majority of the u.s. house of representatives. a battle for control of congress have always gone through california. >> we have the largest number of congressional districts and it consistently have a large number comparatively, speaking of competitive districts nationwide, the gop needs to pick up just 5 seats to take back the house, meaning if even a handful of competitive districts in california go read, that could impact the makeup of congress because we are up overall a blue state people think of us as kind of a done deal. but when it comes about patrol congress, california is definitely in play but not in place. she says a serious race for governor between incumbent democrat gavin newsom and republican state senator brian dolly. all major polls show newsom leading by at least 20 points and up and down the state since i take nothing ever for granted, he doesn't get results. california's deserve better. >> and gavin newsom is a failure. front and center
12:36 pm
before voters major ballot measures including props. 26 27 each seeking to allow sports betting in the state in one of the propositions passes. you will see sports betting in some for retail or online in california in 26 calls for in person. sports betting on some tribal lands and select horse racing tracks while the dueling prop 27 calls for the legalization of online sports betting another proposition getting a lot of attention. prop >> in this post, roe v wade society, the measure seeks to enshrine abortion and contraception right into the california constitution. will it be a factor in november? i think in some races it and it is. >> explicitly being pulled into those races right for that purpose candidate or another. and later this week, we plan to bring you an in-depth look at prop one. what supporters and opponents say about the measure
12:37 pm
reporting here outside the california state capitol wallace kron. 4 news. >> time now to talk about our forecast. taking a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. things are looking nice and clear on the roads. a little bit of cloud cover a thinker, hayes, maybe there in the but blue skies. i feel like today kron 4 meteorologist kyla grogan is here. she's got a little bit more you can see a little bit haze, just a tough it is to touch its trying, though, right? i mean, you have to give the blue skies credit. >> it's trying. but we do have that cloud deck that's going to hang out in the bay. and you really i mean, usually on a clear day, guys, we can see san francisco right there. you can see anything that would be nothing. we see none of that today. temperatures right now we're at 69 degrees in san jose warming up in brentwood where the sunshine has been 80 degrees but still cool. >> in spots like concord, 68 that has everything to do with a foggy start today. napa just at 59 degrees at this hour. that's pretty cool. you can see 64 in nevado. so the wind is relatively calm today. we're going to see that pick up a little bit as we get to
12:38 pm
the afternoon, but not too much. and here we are at it live monday. the one spot rallies kind of look to see. did they get the sun and you can see they're just socked in right now. i mean, i kind of doubt they're going to get much sunshine if they do is going to be late afternoon. difference in temperatures running about even in san francisco in half moon bay. but notice santa rosa where the fog was really present this morning. 6 degrees cooler than yesterday. livermore. we're getting the sunshine in there. warming up a little bit all together. we're going to start to cool down a little bit as we get towards the weekend. but we're kind of in this block pattern right now. you can see this low pressure system off shore in southern california and that is kind of hanging out. and that is why we're going to see these cooler temperatures today again. so 70 in san francisco about 74 napa. 81 in concord will warm up in the east bay, but it'll take a minute. 86 in livermore, 78 in fremont and 78 about set in san jose talked about a cooling trend of a talk. more about that. you're forecast might come back in a bit. if you're ready for inland 70's noel, you're going like that forecast to? yeah. thanks. kyla. over in the east bay, a school district superintendent is
12:39 pm
warning parents about an offensive wi-fi name that looks like it's coming from the district's elementary school. we want to warn you the name does contain. >> a derogatory term kron four's amanda hari explains. >> the superintendent tells me right now they're just trying to get the word out. he says he would rather have parents and people that come on campus anticipate seeing it when they tried to use the wifi and not be surprised by it. if you open up your wi-fi settings on the fredrickson elementary school campus, you'll see several dublin unified school district, wi-fi options. >> they start with usd, then who or what they're for like guest student mobile. but one started popping up recently that superintendent chris funk says doesn't belong to the district. i just find it very immature. >> to do something like that and extremely offensive. whoever has put wi-fi up. superintendent funk says the wi-fi is likely coming from a
12:40 pm
neighborhood where one resident filed a claim against the district. >> alleging damage from the construction project to modernize the school. so i'm not 100% sure that it's the same person but incident does seem like it is since filing the claim that neighbor has installed cameras facing the school to actually point a camera to face classrooms. i just find that unethical. and funk says the cameras are allowed because it's on the individual's private property and the school also had to install cameras facing that person's home. and the reason why we those cameras is because so our employees have been hit by eggs that were thrown this backyard. on 2 occasions, we have hundreds of nails were dropped in the road. >> and we've had a damaged and there graffiti done to one of
12:41 pm
the signs >> their funk says he's confronted the individual about the drug trade, wi-fi name but hasn't gotten a response. superintendent funk tells me if they find out the source of the wi-fi is someone else. they'll ask that person to take it down or change the name in dublin amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> meanwhile, the months long occupation of parker elementary school that led to clashes like this one from august is now over. our parents of parker elementary students and their allies started that occupation in may. they were protesting the oakland unified school district consolidation plan which would have closed parker elementary. the school board has since now voted to convert that campus for adult and family program. use, which now led to the end of the occupation. coming up here. stick with here for kron. 4 news at noon. a bus driver steps in to save a 2 year old's >> closer look at the dramatic issue. and the giants pick up
12:42 pm
a new gm mourn his credentials in our sports segment. plus, we will walk or a hispanic neighborhood and see what local leaders are doing to make life better.
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>> well, silicon valley has some of the most expensive real estate in the country. but if you look at this map right there next to the tony
12:45 pm
tree lined streets of mountain view after 10, then redwood city since the community of north fair oaks, its population is mostly hispanic kron four's terisa stasio met up with a member of the community to put a spotlight on the area and it's critical means. >> welcome to what is known as north fair oaks or community has a couple of >> monikers. one is little mexico. all the other one is a little much truck on. i believe that nicknames are not necessarily chosen by the people who live here. everett rodriguez should know he has lived in this area for more than 30 years since immigrating from mexico. i met up with them in the neighborhood that luke's of the they may seem like us you are in a 3rd world country about 75% give or latino, immigrants from mexico. but lately all over grounds coming in from central america. it is
12:46 pm
not a large area. we're talking about an area of about a mile and a half to find a very high people living here, you know, sometimes lately he shares improving the infrastructure has been a critical fight. it feels hot. and, you know, to begin with one of this advantage is that we have in this community is we don't have too many town tree canopy disappears. you know, soon as you enter our community. >> and you know, when you compared to their community across the street, a menlo park, which is heavily some streets don't have sidewalk. also, take a look here. crews were out expanding the sidewalks and improvement. rodriguez points out, but he says there is so much more that needs to be done. if you're in a wheelchair or a mother with a strong there. >> you know, you would be very challenge to we try to get across the community on the street and this is the main
12:47 pm
thoroughfare. rodriguez says >> that the area is rich in latin cultures supporting the community's needs. so this grocery store that has been in this community for. several decades. and they have been very successful catering to the latino community. recently, a local artists painted this mural to highlight civic pride. we are constantly trying to make a change you know >> can impact positively that residents of this community. rodriguez says it's challenging to know about the amount of work that needs to be done to improve the lives of the residents who call this place home. he is though, optimistic for the future. if you want to think about the beginning of the american dream. >> this is where it begins. you know? >> and then he moves on tool. everything else. >> and north fairoaks theresa kron, 4 news.
12:48 pm
>> as hispanic heritage month winds down, we hope you'll join us for a special celebration of latino culture in the bay area this thursday. kron four's camila barco will be hosting the stories of hispanic owned wineries in the north bay. a bolivian artist legacy in san francisco and the influence of mexican cuisine across borders. kron four's hispanic heritage special airs thursday at 06:30pm. we do want to get your check of your weather forecast now. we've got kyla grogan standing by with a look. we've been dealing with a lot of fog and clouds. cooler weather, not mad about it. yeah, it's ok, right? rather than dealing with fire season, which is the other option. sometimes for this time of year we have what's called a rex block, setting up high pressure to the north. >> low pressure kind of cut off to the south and that is named after meteorologist, by the way. name doctor rex who found that when you get this set up, you tend to get dry. kind of calm weather here and you get kind of disturbed weather here and more importantly, it becomes very
12:49 pm
predictable because nothing moves right. that's why it's called a block. so that's what's been happening. and that's why we have the fog in the morning. mild temperatures as we get into our afternoons. and you can see as you take a live look outside here at the embarcadero, some of those blue skies trying to break through, but certainly a little haze out there, too. temperatures right now, 60 degrees in san francisco, 60 in oakland about 69 in san jose. you can see we're in the low 70's in livermore, 68 in concord. that's pretty cool for this time of day for concord. santa rosa, just 58 degrees. so fog is going to stick with us throughout the day today. we'll catch a little break in the afternoon and then it's going to be back at it tonight. notice some of that drizzle will be back as well. so you want to make sure you're being careful in the mornings because those roads are a little bit slick and then we'll have kind of a repeat again tomorrow. so today, very similar to yesterday. temperatures just a touch cooler. 60 degrees is our high. we're looking at 4 in san francisco, 80 in nevado 84 in antioch, selebi. some warmth out there, right? if you head inland, particularly inner east bay, but a lot of 70's around the bay hayward about 71 redwood city about 73
12:50 pm
today. so the headlines are this tonight. we're going to see that marine layer roll back into that means we'll have coastal valley flog have ali flog valley fog. haha. and as i mentioned, that drizzle for slick roads as we get into tomorrow, rinse, repeat is going to that morning fog yet again. and then looking ahead, we get a little bit cooler as we head towards the weekend. well, back to you. this just into the newsroom. legendary actress dame. >> angela lansbury has died. she was best known for starring role in the series murder. she murder. she wrote, which earned her an honorary oscar for lifetime achievement in motion. pictures before that, lansbury also had a long career on broadway and won tony awards for several performances, including for sweeney, taught. she was also the voice behind misses pots in disney's beauty and the beast. her family released a statement saying lansbury died peacefully in her sleep at her home in los angeles early this morning. just 5 days shy of
12:51 pm
her 97th birthday. she will definitely be missed. an independent safety monitor hired by state regulators to audit pg and e's progress in preventing another wildfire has released its first report. it says pg and e continues to deal with aging equipment damaged power poles and hazardous trees that went undetected by its crews. >> the report also says progress on wildfire safety is being restricted by the global supply chain crisis, which is making it harder to replace obsolete infrastructure. in a statement pg e said it is working to address the issues in the report and he's committed to making additional progress and improvements. 2 michigan bus drivers are being hailed as heroes today after they helped rescue a 2 year-old boy who was inside a car when it was stolen. david skin. air skinner is a a bus driver for kelloggsville
12:52 pm
public schools. he said the boy's parents flagged him down. he then called 9-1-1 and alerted his fellow bus drivers to be on the lookout. that's when another bus driver sue figaro, a spotted a child sitting along the side of the road and turned her bus around. the boy was scared at first, but was able to pick him up and reunite him with his parents on harmed. definitely a sigh of relief for that family. meanwhile, denver police reported a scary scene involving an attempted kidnapping of a young boy, but his 11 year-old brother saved him and found help. newsnation. stephanie haines reports. >> he was here be loose. arrow says he and his 7 year-old brother were going door to door in their denver neighborhood asking to do some odd jobs for spending money. but then they knocked on the door of who police say is 40 year-old jessica kahn or ice in my back is crazy running in her house for my brother and then like get my brother back.
12:53 pm
then she this in my baby. he's starting a lot of i like okay. the 11 year-old told newsnation's denver affiliate kdvr. he saw something in the home that made him go with his gut and run hammer and it will like okay. grandma low resume doubt that that's when the boys ran into someone on the street who could help and stumbled and from bourg a dvr spoke with the boy's mother over the phone. i grabbed thank they are. >> denver police say the woman in the home threw bottles at them when they arrived. police eventually called out of swat team. they say she screamed profanities at them as they took her into custody. and in the meantime, the loose, errol family is beyond relieved everybody safe. >> i don't get >> some sports highlights for you. the giants making their first acquisition of the offseason. the team hired
12:54 pm
former asked rose assistant general manager pete petit, le as their new general manager. he spent 12 seasons with the astros organization 3 as the assistant general manager, petit le says he's excited and eager to get to work next season. all right. up next, late night, variety tv broadcast a ball. >> that we might be seeing come to an we'll tell you wty come to an we'll tell you wty after the break. cotton candy. pink lemonade. bubble gum. when tobacco companies sell candy flavored products, they know exactly what they're doing because four out of five kids who use tobacco start with a flavored product. and once they're hooked, they can be addicted for life. this election: we can stop big tobacco's dirty trick. voting yes on prop 31 will end the sale of candy flavored tobacco products. saving kids from nicotine addiction. vote yes on 31.
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>> radio pioneer southern california icon and the voice to all of my right home for my grandma's house on sunday nights, art laboe has died. lobo is credited with popularizing the phrase oldies but goodies during his nearly 8 decades on the airwaves. he was one of the first deejays to take requests and make dedications to listeners lebow. who is armenian american is also credited with helping end segregation in southern california by organizing live dj shows, bringing together people of all races and those shows still happened to that. to this day. he would eventually become a record producer concert promoter and radio station owner during his long career. we're told le beau had close friends by his side when he passed away friday night in
12:58 pm
palm springs. he was 97 years old. he was the voice of late night radio in southern california when it comes to late night television. there are several talk show host set to leave their posts in the coming year. it brings up new questions about the future of late night tv news nation correspondent nancy loo reports. >> 30 years since johnny carson signed off of the tonight show leading to the storied handoffs to jay leno, conan o'brien back to leno and then to current host jimmy fallon. the show is still going and so is fallon's replacement at late night with seth meyers. saturday was new year's day as to what year anyone's guess. it's been years of dwindling viewership with appointment tv an la times media reporter steven but has been tracking the late night change. you know, it's one of the traditional platforms and television. >> and like everything else, that's all being upended by
12:59 pm
streaming. perhaps on cue. james corden will be leaving the late late show on cbs next year. around the same time, trevor noah will be leaving the daily show on comedy central is just new competition. >> you're playing got a, you know, three-dimensional chess now went out with its not just 3 or 4 networks anymore. it's all this other competition and and everything audience for everything as a road. thank you. and good night. >> when david letterman handed off to steven cole there in 2015, it was another double departure year with jon stewart. also signing off of the daily show on comedy central. but yet we all still remain alive. while people are still watching. i think they're going to be around for the foreseeable future. i don't think that the death of late night is imminent. >> that was nancy loo reporting for a speaking of streaming services. some hulu subscribers are now going to be paying more for their plans. the streaming service
1:00 pm
hiking up prices today. subscribers will pay 7.99 a month for the ad supported tier. that's a one dollar increase. the ad free plan will cost 14 99 a month instead of 12. 99. the prices for hulu's bundled plans with disney plus and espn plus will stay the same for now. but there is an increase expected later this year. time to send things over to olivia horton for live in the bay dot to stream to watch us. he can get us right here on kron. 4 hail of. yeah. exactly. i love that. you can all you like you said. you can watch us live right lots stream us live, you know, on the kron on app. but either way, it's good for us, right? exactly. what are you working on today? >> now today we have a great show coming up for our viewers a 40 year career in teaching the brazilian art form of capital >> that's just a guard joins us in studio. plus, the art murals that are promoting change. proceed eyes. muralists are brightening up the city with a purpose. >> then the after of comic con international film festival returns to oakland and we have a preview of


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