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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  November 15, 2022 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 4. >> well, good morning and thank you for waking with this bright and early for the kron. 4 morning news here. we are tuesday, november 15th, i'm reyna harvey. all right. we've been talking about the weather i don't know if it's safe to say winter is here now. dave day, joining us this morning. where do we sit fall? winter is cold outside. well to the astronomers. we're not there yet. rain. okay. december 1st is the beginning for the media logical winter. so technically we're not in winter, but we have a little flavor of it going on with this forecast this week ahead. good morning. right now. >> good morning, everybody.
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live shot of the east bay shoreline. of all dark going on here for right now, getting some last-minute cooling going on, not quite as cold, maybe as yesterday, although some spots are. here's a look at we're looking at right now. still chilly. 32 up to santa rosa. 34 for novato. they recall yesterday the 4 o'clock hour we were able to drift a little bit in the upper 20's there. 40's line at the east bay shoreline here, but inland, it's still back in the business of the upper 30's. good news is we don't have a frost advisory that's been posted comparison. we're a little bit ahead in most locations of what we were yesterday, but only by a smudge, a san francisco, but more noticeably at 8.14, ahead for half moon bay. the winds are already starting to build a little bit. there are a partial factor in everything offshore. they are. you can up in the north bay here. this is usual bells for fire weather concern, but because ehe fuels are very moist from recent rains that should not pose a problem here. now, the big pacific picture, everything's going up and around us for this week. however, we get after the weekend. that's when things start turning. we're still kind of piecing that
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together to see how the thanksgiving week forecast will be. that's a little far out a little bit of a weedy board is necessary a little bit when you get that far out the breakdown today, we'll see a lot of sunshine. the only little wrinkle in this will be some breezy conditions. they will be offshore. temps. 43 by atm by 11. we're talking about 56, right? was one of those area bridges. all david's early. so ridges are still pretty light. about 7 minutes traveling from the maze to that fremont street exit. >> well, the san mateo bridge 80 to 101 about 13 minutes heading across towards the peninsula. you're richmond center fell bridge. put you at about 8 minutes tolls to 101 there and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 19 minutes on this tuesday morning. for your health this morning. concerns are rising after a child under the age of 5 dies from the flu and rsv right here in california. the state department of health is issuing new guidance and notify parents on the signs to look out for call for justin campbell reports.
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>> as winter came early, so did the virus. is the flu covid and now respiratory syncytial virus also known as r s v california dissipating a surge in hospitalizations from an early winter virus season. the state's public health department issued new guidance on monday allowing health facilities to reconfigure their spaces to accommodate the surge. this after the state reported its first death of a child under age 5 from the flu and rsv. what's tricky is that it can cause a lot of the same symptoms and is spread the same way. >> so without a test, you can't tell what's flu. what's rsv? what's covid doctor? sarah rotman deputy health officer for santa clara county says there is no vaccine for rsv. a really stark reminder that what can cause a cold or even put us out of work for a couple of days out of school for a couple of days for an older child can be deadly for a baby or young child. doctor, redmon says you can protect
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yourself by one getting vaccinated to staying at home. if you're sick, 3 wear a mask for wash your hands and 5 cover your cough or sneeze. we have not yet had a winter where we've had to really face all 3. and we're already seeing some of the impacts of all of these diseases circulating and other diseases that cause common colds impacting our hospitals and our doctors offices reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news. well, happening today, david depape will appear in federal court after a federal grand jury. and i did the 42 year-old with assault and attempted kidnapping on nancy pelosi's husband, paul. >> the attack happened on october 28th in the house speaker's home when she was away at the time. now, if convicted to pat faces a 20 year maximum prison sentence for the attempted kidnapping and year maximum sentence for assault. he's going to be in court at 10, 30 this morning.
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now, the alleged act in serial killer wesley brownlee has been ordered to return to court in january for for the arraignment. currently faces charges for 3 of the 6 murders. he is accused of. he appeared in court yesterday but was not a raid on more charges. 2 items or subpoenaed one regarding the contents of a cardboard box and an envelope. prosecutors say that 5 of the 6 murders he's accused of. happened in stockton. the other oakland, they happened between april 2021 to august 2022. well, he's also accused of attempted murder of a woman. raleigh has not entered a plea. his next court appearance is set for january 3rd. in the north bay employees of a soon city, cannabis dispensary. we're all held at gunpoint during a robbery. police releasing this surveillance photo showing 3 of the 4 men who they say robbed that business. it happened on sunday before midnight on the 500 block of railroad avenue. the robbers took off from the scene before police could arrive police say
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the 4 men allegedly held in a point gunpoint as they stole merchandise in money from that store. the investigation is still ongoing. in the south bay, a boy has been hospitalized after being injured in a shooting that happened in san jose. that incident happening around 06:30pm, yesterday on orlando drive about a block south of apollo high school. police say that victim is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. well, police have not released any details about the suspect or what led up to that shooting. in the north bay. a new ordinance will go into effect after thanksgiving. that will find anyone who promotes or participates in sideshows. the lay's development of city leaders and police hope to tackle the increase in sideshows all across the bay area. kron four's terisa stasio has those updates. residents terrorized in santa rosa while hundreds took over the street. >> gunshots filled in the air and delay killing a sideshow. participant, chaos erupting in oakland. these are some of the
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harsh facts of sideshows in the bay area in the last 6 months. we're spending 1.8 million dollars. police resources this year on sideshow. on the side for detail. we can't fix every intersection in the city nor should be spending 2 million dollars on police to babysit this party in the street. >> at the same time we've got 9-1-1, call stacked up. joe de vries is oakland's deputy city administrator on monday. an ordinance allowing police to go after side show promoters and accomplices. >> was presented to the public safety commission. >> two-thirds of the people we arrested in 2021 for sideshow activity were not from oakland to 3rd. and so we want to send those people so they are unsafe in our community alone. we've had at least one death associated with sideshows. several other people have been hit with cars. sergeant chris met her and with santa rosa police department says a side show ordinance. >> goes into effect on november. 25th placing fines
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up to $1000 for those who promote or participate in a sideshow. plus, cars can be impounded for up to 30 days costing around $4,000. it something that affects everyone because >> they'll start in san jose and san jose like we'll have a big arrest. then you'll see the move this next weekend. other parts of the bay area, including santa rosa. the sergeant says besides tying up tae police and putting lives at risk. >> and santa rosa, there are other high costs. these major site runs that happen and intersection usually are tearing up the tops of those roadways that then have to be replaced. an average roadway. president average intersection is roughly $5,000 to fix. not to mention when you're seeing parts of rubber for tires, piece of the road, shipping off and going down into our storm drains which then ultimately leads to our creeks. that's a whole nother set of folks are not going down to clean all of that up before it gets to drinking water. in vallejo city council member told kron 4 news that
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she applauded san jose's actions from the weekend asking for advice. >> and support to form a coalition to put an end to all of these incidences. theresa kron, 4 news. >> well, united auto workers, union members, a uc campuses will remain on strike and will continue to walk the picket lines today. the scene at u c s f among many at uc campuses statewide yesterday, thousands of uc student workers striking over unsuccessful contract negotiations and a university. they say he's been bad and bargain fade. in a statement, the university of california says they've conducted more than 50 barking sessions and worked in good faith to offer a fair multi year agreement. yesterday they announced, quote, the best path to an agreement is with the aid of a 3rd party mediator and have proposed to the united auto workers enlisting the assistance of a neutral private mediator so that we
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can achieve a compromise in, quote. kron 4 is your local election headquarters. matt dorsey will serve another term as san francisco supervisor for district 6. his opponent, honey mahogany tweeting last night that she conceded to dorsey. she also wrote, quote, congratulations, supervisor dorsey, as your constituent, i sincerely wish you good luck in your efforts to heal district 6 and make it all that it can be the latest counts showed or see in the lead with nearly 52% of the vote. mahogany trail with 32% of the vote. well in san jose and san jose city council man matt mahan is leading the city's mayoral race with 50.0. 99 1% of the vote. santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez is 49.0 1 percent of the vote. it's a close race, but votes are still being counted. in the oakland mayoral race. lauren taylor is in the lead with 34.4% of the vote. that's
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about it's 2600 the lead over shane town who is in second with a a little over 30% of the vote. there. well, nancy pelosi has no plans to leave congress. she made those comments over the weekend amid speculation that she might step down following that brutal attack on her husband, paul at their san francisco home. pelosi declined say whether she will run again for speaker if democrats retain control of the house or if she would stay on as minority leader. if the gop takes over the house, a number of house races are still undecided. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. a man is in custody after a 4 hour standoff at a mcdonald's and the north bay. we're going to tell you what happened there. >> and a recent report shows only half california's voting population cast a ballot in the midterm elections expert is going to explain why. plus lawmakers on capitol hill are getting ready to return to congress will have more details on the key issues ahead in a live report from dc will be right back.
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>> all right. we'll welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. we've been talking about the weather and days over there been telling me everything i need to know day about what's happened. so look, it's very cold outside. how long is this cold in the last? >> it looks like we're going to be around with these kind of overnight lows like this just about all week long as what we've got going on here.
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so prepare for the 30's. these chilly morning lows. you go out and do things in the early morning. hours of may be predawn or so forth. prepare accordingly for that. but we make up for afternoon sunshine and those temperatures into the 60's breezy conditions. it looks like for much of the week ahead. they will be the offshore winds. storm tracker 4, not much to see, but some interesting high clouds kind of spinning around right out to sea. there. look at our live shot going on for right now. there's the golden gate bridge here for you. a little glaze there, but not much the way of fog. that's what this dry air in this offshore wind will be. i don't think we're going to see much the way morning fog. compared to be speaking for much of the week. there were looking at temperature check for you. a lot of 30 still hovered up here in the north bay, some in the east bay. but again, not as cold as yesterday. mid 40's to lower 40's line at the east bay shoreline. 45 san francisco? 44 san jose and 34 going on for there's our offshore winds up there to the north bay. they pop for today. they'll be around pretty much just about all day but contained in the north bay providing a good like breezy like conditions again, because
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we've had recent rains to the fuels are pretty much moist weather not going to pose much of a problem. and that sunny and breezy a touch warmer mid 60's going on. you'll see this in the 4 zone. 2 up north and the north bay. we have some upper 60's even make note of this week, a sunny and dry mid 60's basically scattered clouds. start creeping in here. late and the week on thursday or so. and then for this weekend, scattered clouds. but i don't think really much of a spoiler going on. there is some rain try to develop in here as we get to sunday and on into the early week of thanksgiving, there seems to be a flipped by the late portion of the week. by the way, after thanksgiving thing seem to dry out a little bit. all right. now we're looking at 63 san francisco. 65 for oakland, san jose. you got about 65 for high today. and the breezy conditions will be found mostly in the north a little bit off towards the east bay. here are the numbers kind of curiously up in the north bay, a little warmer up there at 69 santa rosa. 65 for napa. mid 60's going on in the east bay and 63 san jose more the same the next couple of
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days. but again, as i noted to raina, we're looking at chilly overnight lows dipping well in the business of the 30's with all of sure, maybe got the heater flow. and if you're driving across the area, bridges how they fare. and that's exactly how i drive into work every day to day with the heat are a blast heat. >> traveling into the city this morning, 7 minutes maze to that fremont's to the exit. if you're taking the san mateo bridge 80 to 101, a 13 minute ride heading across towards the peninsula. richmond center fell bridge. put you at 8 minutes tolls to 101. there and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. a 19 minute right? all right. let's switch gears here because thousands of university of virginia student gathering for a vigil last night to born the loss of 3 football players who were shot and killed. police say the suspect is a former football player at the school and is facing murder charges. the school canceled classes today for students to take time to heal. olivia to keith reports. >> a horrific turn of events at the university of virginia.
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we do not yet have a full understanding of the motive and circumstances surrounding these events. university of virginia president james ryan getting emotional as he shared the news. when i see our students, i see my own kids and i cannot imagine anything worse for a parent than to lose a child. 3 students were killed in a late night shooting on a charter bus returning from a school field trip. >> lavelle davis junior dish on perry and devin chandler. all members of the football team alum, this henry mon our lives nearby. it's just surreal. i can't believe that you wouldn't expect that to happen here. the suspect, christopher darnell jones junior just a few days shy of his 23rd birthday led authorities on a roughly 12 hour manhunt ultimately taken into custody in henrico county. part me, here's the moment. during this morning's news conference that uva chief of police, timothy longo received word he had been found. thank you, captain. >> we just received information. the suspect is in custody.
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>> longo taking several seconds to pause and reflection. >> state amendment that thank god. sigh of relief. >> well, that was olivia to keith reporting for us suspect christopher jones will be a rain today. authorities say his current charges could be upgraded. we'll be following that story. all right. well, jennifer siebel newsom, wife of governor gavin newsome became the 4th woman to testify at the harvey weinstein trial. siebel newsom says in 2005 weinstein raped her at a beverly hills hotel. she thought was going to be a meeting to discuss her career. she broke down a few minutes into her testimony when she was asked identifying weinstein from the witness stand. one state is on trial in los angeles for sexually assaulting several women. his lawyers claim weinstein and siebel newsom had consensual and that she sought to use once team to advance her acting career. in national news, lawmakers are returning
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to the capitol and have a lot to do before the year ends. all democrats still have full control of congress. they hope to get some legislation passed. washington correspondent hannah brandt joining us live to break down their agenda. good morning, anna. >> good morning. the new congress will be sworn in until january. so like you mentioned, democrats have the power in both chambers of congress, which they definitely plan to use. congress has a long to do list. now that lawmakers have returned. there's a lot to do a lot to say. senator chuck schumer celebrated the fact that democrats did better than expected in the midterm elections. >> holding on to control of the senate. but republican leader mitch mcconnell says that won't stop republicans from pushing their priorities are going to fight hard for the american families. this administration is leaving. >> first on the agenda, lawmakers have a december 16th deadline to pass funding in order to avoid a government shutdown. and they're also expecting to vote on the defense authorization act,
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which is an annual bill which sets funding for the defense department. >> given our global risks. this should be our number one priority. >> with democrats holding on to the majority for now, they're also looking to pass the same marriage bill. more funding for ukraine and electoral college reform. but the party's power is limited because they still don't have enough votes for some party priorities like codified abortion protection into law. i don't think there's enough. >> voters to codified. and even though several house races haven't been officially called yet, it looks like republicans will gain enough seats to win control of that chamber. i think very close in the house. >> but i don't think it can be very close to that. we're going make. >> lawmakers are also planning to choose the leaders of their respective parties with house republicans scheduled to have a closed door meeting to do that later today. and then late tonight, former president trump is expected to make a big political announcement which many believe will be that he's running for president for 2024. live in washington, i'm hannah brandt.
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>> all right. thanks for the update. okay. so we also talked with donna crane, who was a political science lecturer at san jose state university who said trump's re bid for the white house could further shake up the gop. take a listen. >> this is a party that can really win with him and can't really win without him. he continues to meddle in primaries. he continues to anoint candidates and they continue to behave of a very badly at the election of election results among the general public. so i think this is a, you know, more bad news for some of whom are really trying to look to rebuild their party. >> meantime, trump is suing the house committee investigating the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol to avoid cooperating with a subpoena that would require him to testify. following that story. still to come on the kron 4 morning news, an advisory committee in san
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francisco's hoping. >> to make changes on whether or not historical statues with violent backgrounds should stay or should be removed. we'll talk more about that in just a moment.
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>> welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news out of 100 san francisco own statues, 10 of them are they portray historical figures who have either committed genocide against american indians. that's all according to a san
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francisco nonprofit. now, protesters have identified statues like the one of christopher columbus at coit tower, insisting that they have no place in public because they glorify violent koch alone in u.s. history. now an advisory committee is coming up with some rules for which statues get to stay and what to do with those that are taken down. 3 native american groups are among the members of the committee. this is what they talked about. take a listen. >> the importance of having native voices and monuments, memorials and an arts committee. it's really because a majority of of our history and what's told is really honoring those who have committed genocide to american indians. now about 70% of about 700 people who were surveyed said. >> keeping existing statues up would be appropriate if it is a company by a sign adding historical context. the next step is to get more public opinions. the final report will be presented to mayor london breed in january. still
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ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, dozens of ballots from santa clara county voters. >> found dumped on the side of the road. well, officials say have possession of the ballots before they went missing will be right back after the break.
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news. we are talking a mother glorious weather day. dave's fars joining us bright and early day. these are some early morning hours. how's been for you? waking up? >> well, you know, it's okay, actually, i'm kind of a night owl anyway. so i'm still on monday. hey, good morning, ready. good morning, here's a shot of the golden gate bridge going on here. we have a little in the way of some glaze going on here just a bit here. but on balance, when you have a lot of the way of fog at all, and we're not going to probably channel forecast over that. we have those offshore winds. they pushed some drier air in our way. and although we have some chilly morning lows, the actually support these numbers a little bit. so if we didn't have these winds with all these given conditions, temperatures are probably fall a little bit more. so a perth or upper 30's we see in the far east page will notice here. 37 concord, middle to lower 40's along the east bay shoreline. san jose looking about 44, what we're going. it and the contrast to what we had to 24 hours ago. you can see it's actually a little warmer. we have a couple degrees ahead of where we were this time from yesterday, popping at 14 heads ha


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