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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 16, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> we want to take you to southern california. this is whittier and this is earlier video from after a crash happened that injured. >> 22 sheriffs recruits. the cadets were on a morning run at 6.30 this morning when an suv careened into them right up onto the sidewalk. and you can see the stretchers, the big responses they got all of these recruits to the hospitals. it looks like were hurt pretty badly yet 5, a critical condition, 4 with moderate injuries. >> 13 with minor injuries, including the driver, the drivers and with suffered moderate injuries. and we're just learning now from our sister station, ktla, down in los angeles at the driver. he's been identified as a 22 year-old man apparently heading the wrong way on this street. so as these runners were out for that morning training run. yeah, it looks like this car. it's unclear which direction the runners are driving. so we're not sure yet if the driver came up behind them and hit them or if
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he plowed into them head on. but they were most certainly on the sidewalk. yeah, you know, and this was at 6.30, in the morning. >> it could have been a little bit late. maybe a little bit dark. you know, they call that early morning. that on right that dawn light. but with the driver was seen in the back of a police vehicle. well, as we're monitoring live shot earlier show they did put him in the back of the vehicle and he had seen like minor injuries enough so that they could take him into custody. so that's sort of what we're receiving right now in the last of 5.10, minutes here. from southern california where this we'll keep you updated getting new information to stay to the kron. 4. >> all right, 901, right now. we want to start this hour off with a look at weather and traffic here in the bay area getting closer and closer to thanksgiving, more and more people trying to get out and about and do things get things done before they whatever gatherings are having. a good morning, john gets that busy time of year and it's time of year to that weather can be dicey and make it all the more
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difficult. >> this time around, at least for the rest of this week. we're not looking at anything that should be holding you up. were crystal clear from the coast all the way up into the sierra nevada. some really good travel weather, whether it's today or on into the weekend that you may be getting outside happen. bay sure does look good with those clear skies. you can see no cloud cover or fog. and we're saying that way from the coast all the way to our inland areas. temperatures are starting to rise. now. we fell into the 30's for a lot of us redwood city. you're at 43 hayward at 54. those spots fell into the 30's earlier on dublin. still pretty chilly at 41 degrees. as for the north bay, fairfax or less spot holding on to the 30's at 36 degrees. berkeley up to 54 now. so that sunshine is helping us out starting to feel a bit more comfortable. i'll be talking about this warm afternoon. we have ahead of us and your forecast into the holiday. still to come, reena john things so that across a mat we're seeing red so things are slowing down. we have a report of a brushfire southbound to 80 at lord's expressway. but look at 101.
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>> definitely slow. 85 definitely sluggish this morning. and the further along you travel along 2.80, things do get better. but here in the south bay to 80's pretty backed up. >> traveling into the city right now, 18 minutes mace to that fremont street exit. how about the san mateo bridge? >> 80 to 101 about 16 minutes for you. there. if you're taking 5, 18, 80 in the east bay crockett down towards the maze about 24 minutes and overall your drive time about 57 to 60 minutes along 101. that's 85 to menlo park darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot, 903. now let's go to the peninsula where a man with a gun was threatening a woman and 3 children, a car. >> and was fatally shot by redwood city police. police say this was a domestic violence incident. all started with a 9-1-1. call. >> yesterday afternoon, the dispatcher could hear child screaming in the background before the line hung up. police were able to track that cell signal down to an area along el camino reality when police arrived. that's when they found a mother
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children in the car with a man who had a loaded gun. police say they tried to negotiate with this person, but when it became clear that he was about to shoot the woman, that is when they opened fire. we spoke to a man who actually witness all of this from just a few feet away. >> and officers e're trying to help you put down the gun. and the soon as we heard that, then pop pop, 2 gunshots. and we all just going to hit the ground together. just like we're staying in those low and away as we can. >> well, the man who police shot later died at the hospital. the mother was injured, but not from the shooting. she actually is recovering in the hospital this morning. as for the children, they ran away from the car after those shots were fired. but they have since been reunited with their mother. the officers involved. they're on paid administrative leave right now. while the shooting is being investigated. some developing news now. david pap the man charged with attacking house speaker nancy pelosi's husband. paul pleaded not guilty to the federal charges
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that he's facing. one of them is the assault of an immediate family member of the u.s. official which carries a maximum sentence of up to 30 years in prison. he's also charged with the attempted kidnapping of a u.s. official. and that could add another 20 years. the path is also facing as we've reported multiple state charges and legal analyst steve clarke explains how these charges could affect each other. >> i think what you'll see is the federal court proceedings taking a back seat to what's going on in state court because those charges in state court or morse more serious because they carry a life sentence potentially. >> so we'll see what happens. we know that the paps next hearing is set for november. 30th. >> it's 905, and new this morning, we're starting to find out just how many people in the bay area are going to be losing their jobs. who work for amazon. they're just announced they're coming. massive layoffs. about 10,000 total employees nationwide are going to be let go. kron four's will tran joining us live from sunnyvale this morning on the bay area. impact will.
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>> you can see the cars still pulling into the workplace and they are guaranteed a job through january. 17th. this is not a processing center. it seems to be one of the corporate headquarters and it will impact engineers, human resources, not the delivery side. i know some people are wondering will it means slower delivery for their packages? no, it does not. at least not at this particular location, but every number has a family and a person behind that. so that is terrible. what's happening to the 263 out of 10,000. amazon workers. but it's not just amazon. this could be indicative of whats going to happen moving forward. some of the most iconic names on the planet. they are laying off people as well. facebook laying off 11,000 people. twitter, 3700 lyft laying off 700 employees.
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jeff bezos, this goes against his self interest. obviously he delivers packages and makes the bulk of his money off of that. even he said in a recent interview that he's telling people perhaps don't buy big ticket items come the holidays as far as the employees, they were told 60 days in advance, which is why they're guaranteed employment through january 17th. they will be paid so long as they continue working. but as far as this location, again, it is not a processing plant. we're talking corporate jobs and human resources. we will see what this happens for the domino effect in the bay area because one person not working means a family not being able to provide in the immediate future. of course, not spending, which just going to hurt our overall economy because we've done the story many times. we're all in this together. thanks a >> 907, is the time and breaking news. the president
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of poland and nato's chief says that there is at this point, no evidence that the missile that landed in poland yesterday near the border with ukraine was any part of intentional attack. right? as part of the defense system. hannah brandt is in dc with the latest. >> when pullen said a russian-made missile hit their country and killed 2 people. many were concerned it was an intentional strike from russia. but now you have no indication. >> that this the result of deliberate attack. poland is a nato ally and any intentional attack on them could have forced the alliance to respond militarily. >> when president biden heard about the missile strike, he was in indonesia for the g 20 summit and he called an emergency meeting with other world leaders to discuss. >> we agreed to support poles, investigation the explosion. 2 world toll on cranium. border. we're going to make sure we figure out exactly what happened. >> that investigation is still ongoing, but u.s. officials
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say initial assessments suggest that ukrainian forces fired the missile and incoming russian missile during an attack on ukraine's electrical system. but nato secretary general is pointing the finger at russia for starting this conflict in the first place. let me be clear. >> this is ukraine's there's ultimate responsibility. see it continue its its illegal war against ukraine. >> president biden is in the air right now on his way home from indonesia. so we haven't heard an update from him since poland released this new information in washington. i'm hannah brandt. >> it's 909. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. thank you, hannah president, former president trump plans to run again. we're going have the latest on his big announcement. john, the weather. and we're looking at some clear skies out there
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across the bay area from a cold morning to our most mild afternoon of your forecast. 50's 60's and 70's later on. >> i'll get to those numbers. still ahead. >> and if you're hitting the roads today, you need to know what your travel looks like. probably get some things done. we'll be right back with a look at that after the break.
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>> 9.12 right now and we're
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checking out the weather and the mornings have been cold in the afternoons. >> gore georgia's, yeah, sunshine out there right now, as you can see in the live shot behind us and we've got john with another look in the weather center. hey, john. yeah, that's the way it's been going in today. going to be the most warm of our afternoons. daytime highs will touch the 70's for a couple of spots across the bay area. >> san jose, you're going to stay in the mid 60's, but all that sunshine is really going to compliment those mild conditions. it was a cold morning for sure. but temps are starting to rise now under that sunshine we're seeing from the sierra to the coastline. all of us are and dry. we're going to stay that way for the rest of the week and into the pre holiday weekend. if you've got travel plans this weekend, you're really good for that. as for the south southern part of the state, that's where we've been seeing are santa ana winds. now typically those hot, dry inland winds. we'll up fire danger. but fortunately, because of some rainfall earlier this month, not talking fire danger as much as we would have been if we hadn't of seen that rain now here in the bay area, those offshore winds will keep the coast pretty clear during the
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day today. tonight, we'll see a few clouds rolling back through and tomorrow. not quite as warm as today, but we stay dry and we do stay mild will actually continue to be that way into friday, saturday and sunday. so not a lot going on for the rest of the week. just the way you like it when you're making your travel plans 60's for your highs and san francisco and at the coast as well as along the bay shore and further inland. most of us today will stay in that nice. mild rain is just a little bit warmer than yesterday. and that's going make it feel really nice. san jose. 66, as i mentioned, fremont and hayward at 65 oakland at 66 for your highs. only 3 spots getting to 70. that's benicia fairfield and vacaville getting close in areas like pedaling about at 69 for your high tomorrow's temperatures down just a few degrees from today. we're still mild and we're still really clear all the way through sunday evening lows do remain really cold in the 30's for inland areas. so don't forget your jackets during morning hours. and to next week, a chance of showers most likely on tuesday that you're single chance of rainfall between here in the
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holiday as thanksgiving itself looks dry, right? john, thanks for that willis. stay on top of those drive times out there. >> 23 minutes. crockett down towards the maze along 5.80, definitely has been a busy morning for us. and traffic continues to build fluctuating out there. 20 minutes may so that fremont street exit traveling into the city. the south bay want to one 85 to menlo park about 52 minutes. 2.80, in the south bay is pretty busy right now. however, once you reach the peninsula side, things start to even out there. if you are hopping on a 80 traveling from san leandro down towards milpitas about 39 to 40 minutes to make that drive the san mateo bridge. 15 minutes 80 to 101, and highway 4. 27. that's antioch into conquered. daria. james, back to you. >> time now to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black. rob, good morning. you're joining us on the morning. we're seeing it's a little mixed. we have the nasdaq and the s p off this morning. the dow is positive by like 3
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points when he thinks moving the needle for a traders this morning. >> it's been a big week. the s p 500 up 12 and a half percent in the last 5 days. so i would refer to this is a little bit of it's not really panic. kind of scenario that nothing really came out data wise. it is upsetting. retail sales were strong up 1.3% for the month of october sets a little upsetting because we want the retail to slow down not to be hot. take some inflation pressure off, but retail sales were good. so we didn't get that day. will the fed pivot or not in the december meeting? most people don't think they will. but i think in 2023 were done raising interest rates. target had an awful quarter, but we knew that they have inventory problems where, you know, springtime shorts were arriving late summer and was too late to settlement full-price. they had to discount them, but they're also saying the consumers doesn't look great going into christmas, that they're buying only what they need and they're buying only on
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promotion if they can. and finally, you on musk last night in a letter to is in place, show up at work, work long hours, work at high intensity, quit. this is position is not going well. >> that's going to say, i guess the good times are over for twitter employees who thought that maybe they were enjoying a comfy life. that's not going to be the case. but you think that's just going to drive people actually to quickly, they're going to have like a human resource problem going forward. >> i think they've got a big problem. i think some of tweets kind of skirt california law and how you can handle employees. yeah. as far as pagan i think recent lawsuits in the end, he has to find a ceo to run that company right? or it's just going continue to value in and, you know, mean, where once was one of the best and biggest names on the internet. that's why on brand. yeah. they just can't figure out how to make money on such a great brand. well, and he could very well be pressured to do that because, you know, his attentions getting spread too thin.
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you're going to have shareholders tesla. >> start to have problems with that. i know he's made some management changes over at spacex to free up his time so he can focus on twitter. so this is having ripple effects in other companies or people a lot of money on the line. yeah. and there will be lawsuits tied towards that. >> tesla shareholder. you're like why is he spending all his time at twitter? headquarters not here. so any mess up at tesla or spacex? people very hyper critical of what you do it. okay. all right. second topic of conversation today. credit card guess jumping. what is the here by the largest amount in 2 decades at camp. a good. now it's a big jump. you know the story goes where we've got bailed out. we had federal government. we have state assistance. we had a lot of extra cash during the pandemic. we were able to go on big ticket vacation so we saved money. so this big jump is people saying, you know what, i want to spend money and things cost. more now says there's inflation cost of push prices higher up. 38 billion in credit card debt for the
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united states in the 3rd quarter. that's now sits at 925 billion in total credit card debt that we owe the record prepandemic was 930 billion. we're going to take that out in the next quarter. it's growing 15% year over year. so this is a problem. and we went from people like me saying while the consumers in great position coming out of the pandemic, too. those savings in the credit card or piling up pretty fast. so i think 2023 to be a tough year. we're going to recession now. it's going to be up maybe us often because a lot of people have jobs, but we're going to have a recession tell people right now taking that, tighten your belt and look at your budget before on. you need 2%. yeah. start trying to live a more and more within your means. if you can. >> i will tell you, though, that i almost put a big purchase on a credit card yesterday, but i didn't in the end, i came this close to buying taylor swift tickets. but the website crash so it anyway. so but a lot of people, a lot of people buying up those tickets will have time to get in the capital.
9:20 am
one presale of that which crashed yesterday. like you this is story about live nation and it's going to end with a maybe a stock idea. but the presale event. >> for football see stadiums crashed. hard to be done today. 2 o'clock to 3 o'clock. they say it starts at 3, but you want to start lining up in the queue around so that's la vegas that santa clara, that seattle, the shows that we might go to because they're relatively close. this obviously a big win for capital one because we're saying their name again and again and again and again. if you get in the queue, hang tight. i've been recently and it felt like it was moving. felt like it was moving in that moved of note. alexandria ocasio said this is a monopoly and back in 2021 of this year, several congresspeople sent letters to the department of justice saying we need to look into this live nation. ticketmaster combination back for 2010 and if we think this is not play or not. investing in monopolies is usually a pretty good idea. james. so
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that's my advice is to for any actions on anything mentioned there the show. but i i tend to think congress doesn't get a monopoly push label on them. but with that said, it's to stop buying tickets these days, especially if you're taylor swift fan. it is. it is. all right. we've got a couple just a little bit of time left. >> i want to try something you mind. if i just read you a couple headlines and the marchers get your hot take. your hot take. this came across moments ago, biden administration warns of historically a large increase in student loan defaults without debt forgiveness course he's trying to push through his debt forgiveness plan to congress do you think that is a possibility or is this just political gamesmanship, the political but it's also highlighting the point that there's different types of debt, student loan debt. >> credit card debt. what we're talking about is a loan forgiveness is problematic because i paid for my college loans. that kind of leaves a sour taste in my mouth. i get i think people need to really question the value of
9:22 am
colleges. i'd like to see biden tackle the cost college and said the college stacked. with. that said, i think analyzing young people under the age of 30 with so much debt that it could be tough to pay back in a tough economy. and with poor qualifications from their their degree, it's not ideal. >> i do, ok? all right. we'll get you. what's more these tomorrow. rob, thank you as always for joining us this morning. appreciate your time. we'll see you in 24 hours from now. if you'd like to ask rob the question like i just did off the fly, do it. you can reach him on facebook, twitter, e-mail him directly. he loves that rob at rob black dot com.
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>> 9.24 right now. and as you might be putting the finishing touches on your thanksgiving travel plans. triple a is releasing the travel forecast. they are. 55 million people expected to head out for the thanksgiving holiday. that's not all the same same time and not all in the same way that people driving it right. taking a flights. but we're pretty close to where we were before the pandemic. in terms of people traveling more than 7 million of those travelers are going to be right here in california and many cases on the road yeah. and that you don't want to be. triple a has a list of the worst times to head out. these are the times you want to avoid. so there you can see it on 11. 23. that's november. schedule wednesday. then thanksgiving day itself. pretty much. don't be driving any time during daylight hours >> it the day before
9:26 am
thanksgiving is getaway. day is good. so if you can leave tuesday before thanksgiving, if you wait till thanksgiving morning, if you even on those days, you want to head out before 11 11. yeah. and you want to head out after let's say 8 p up anytime between those 2 hours. yes. and you're going to be in that gridlock we saw in the video even the day before the day before thanksgiving. they said don't leave between was like 04:05pm, right at night. yeah. that's when everybody's getting off work and maybe doing that. like one day drive and then, you know, this sunday, right? the sunday, everybody his bag. so sunday is going to be chance. the hard part sunday, everybody kind of comes back at the same at the same time to work for monday before before thanksgiving. everybody kind of leaves that they're on different types of social, more spread out. they also did give just particulars as far as the worst routes. and that means a lot of people are headed. you're not the only one who was a a grandma or something in these areas that needs to take i-80 west. >> and they're expecting big volume there. be ready for that 9.26. the time. we'll take a break.
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[narrator] everyone needs quality health insurance,
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even if you're healthy and active. covered california is a free service to help you get covered. 90% of members have received financial help and every plan offered is comprehensive, covering preventive care, doctor visits, emergency care, and more. regardless of your income, check today to see how covered california can help you. and if you have questions, there's free assistance every step of the way. covered california, this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at >> nations now about this terrible accident this morning in southern california and whittier outside los angeles in la county. >> where 22 sheriff's recruits, we're on a training
9:30 am
exercise, a jog when they were struck by an suv. just just head on. the suv didn't appear to slow down or anything just slammed into all of these recruits. from what we know from our sister station, ktla, down in la, the driver's been identified now by police as a 22 year-old man apparently heading the wrong way. >> on this street at about 6.30, this morning when he plowed into this, a group of sheriffs deputy recruits that were out for their morning training run we've, you know, heard from people there at the scene that these training runs a very well organized. all the runners have reflectors on. there are traffic guards on either side. they run information. so it's not like they were in the middle of the street this current, but on side of the sidewalk. yeah. and struck them. and there you see in the foreground where came to arrest a lot of front end damage. the driver had minor injuries of the recruits that were injured. 5 of them are reported to be in critical condition. 4 have moderate injuries. 13 have minor injuries and that makes the
9:31 am
that. victimized by this. it's the driver, as i said, is the 23rd victim with minor injuries so crazy and just got to hope that the you know, that all these are all young people surely involved. there runners. yeah. and at the end, they're all going to be ok and that nobody dies from this. that's where we're going to be following to see the conditions. >> throughout the day and then also hopefully give you more information on kron 4 dot com as to what? what was the state the driver? yeah. why did this accident happened? alright, 9.31 the time. >> back in the studio. you see the live picture behind us here. beautiful looking scene over the bay bridge here in san francisco. a big mornings are cold, but the afternoons are just gorgeous. you know, and this afternoon, especially is going to be really nice or warmest. one of the forecast, daytime highs will be a little warmer than yesterday's this morning has been pretty cold. so i'd still recommend the jackets. if you're venturing outside, we're starting that warming process. beautiful view outside firm sensor tower right now, clear skies looking down at the golden gate bridge and we're going hold on to those clear skies this
9:32 am
afternoon. now, as far as our current temps go, most of us are back into the 50's. we made short work of those 30's earlier on this morning. alameda hayward and oakland each at 54 now san mateo at 55 few of us still holding on to those colder pockets. but not for much longer as temperatures are rising so quickly. now we do have one chance of rainfall between now and thanksgiving. we'll get to that and the rest of your forecast. otherwise it's really good travel weather, especially this week. it maybe was chilly this weekend and next week like some less. >> awesome. thanks for that. john. okay. traveling and across the golden gate bridge right now. 37 to the tolls about 27 minutes of things. are a little sluggish as you're traveling along 101, in the north bay. >> heading into the city 15 minutes. mace to that free, much gx. and right now the travel times definitely going down at the bay bridge. >> 30 minutes to 80 to 101 san mateo bridge. last time we checked in, we were at about 15 minutes there. and if you are taking the richmond, sandra fell bridge toll still 101. it's going to take you about 9 minutes. all right.
9:33 am
john already has been the move for the king of travel plans and meals to make over the holidays. you guys already game plan for this sweet potato. anything the anything that i'll be there, james. 32 the time right now. >> and new this morning, the city of alameda is going to honor the late alameda county supervisor, wilma chan for all she's done. the renaming a for her. we've got kron four's. >> camila barco standby in alameda with more on that. good morning. camila. >> good morning. you guys many people in alameda know this street behind me as constitution. way will this morning. it is now known as well. mike hanna, and as you guys said, it is to honor the late will make hand the former alameda county supervisor. take a look what just happened about 30 minutes ago. her friends, her colleagues, her family members, everyone was here to witness this street
9:34 am
name she was a mom, a grandmother, a sister, a friend, a cali, a public figure. she dedicated about 30 years of her life to public people say that she was a warrior for civil justice, a champion for the most vulnerable and a trailblazer. she was the first asian-american as majority leader for the california state assembly. she was also the first asian excuse me, the first asian-american to be elected um on the alameda county board of supervisors. unfortunately, a year chan was walking here in alameda with her dog when car struck her and he'll now this morning. the city of alameda is honoring her with a street there's been a hospital renamed after her. there's been a park be named after her and now darya james. this morning, there is now a street named after her wilma chan way here in alameda. her kids are here. like i said, her friend, her colleagues, a very special
9:35 am
day to remember a woman who has done so much for this community. i'll send it back to you thank time now is 9.30 7 arrested. several people tied to the hells angels motorcycle club. yeah. they believe the suspects are responsible for killing a man at a concert at the shoreline amphitheater. >> this past summer with kron four's terisa stasio with more on that. >> chris stapleton's concert at the shoreline amphitheater in mountain view in june was a must-see for thousands of fans as it shot to the top of the top selling concert this past summer. but near the end of the concert, something went terribly wrong. at 10 45 mountain view. police arrived on the scene after reports of a badly beat man found unconscious. 41 year-old juan gonzalez from bakersfield died of his injuries a week later. this is katie nelson with a mountain view police department. >> it was an absolute you know, everything. everything
9:36 am
is done to keep shoreline safe. and logan winterton of san francisco has now been arrested in his death kron. 4 has learned he was tracked down in chicago. it was one of 5 search warrants conducted by 13 different law enforcement agencies, including the fbi. today was the culmination of all that work. all of those partnerships and abilities to be able reach out to our law enforcement family and seek guidance and assistance and help. >> and really, very hard very well done. we're very relieved that we're one step closer to some justice for the victims. in these cases, the size the homicide of can solace at the concert. >> an unidentified off-duty officer was also beaten up the arrests in total include dominic good ardo of san francisco. he was arrested for allegedly dissuading a witness to a crime. julio moran of san mateo for assault as well as david wise in haven of san francisco on assault and
9:37 am
raymond man and a pleasant hill on dissuading a witness, an assault. we have any idea of what transpired to set off these things. >> all we know is that confrontations took place at this time are still conducting but those confrontations obviously lead to. >> what we have now, which is an assault and then a homicide. >> nelson says detectives discovered all 5 suspects know each other and have ties to the hells angels motorcycle club. all 5 are in custody and will be prosecuted. and santa clara county, theresa kron. 4 news. >> it's 9.37, and city leaders in san francisco want to make union square one of the safest places to be over the holiday season. which is why they've been really paying attention to safety because last year we saw so many smash-and-grab crimes robberies, mob robs caught on camera. people running and running hands full.
9:38 am
>> of merchandise. >> will san francisco sense has launched a safety initiative to cut down on crime and make everybody feel safe. and the police chief says it's really helped. >> during the holiday season last year, you can come to this area without bumping into a police officer. and guess what? that's what will happen this year. we want everyone to know that we've got eyes and ears on the street. we're adding 150 more ambassadors to the street. >> city officials say barr immunity have also partnered up to make sure that are on hand to help support those public transportation stations and just make it a lot easier for you. get to from make the area clean, friendly and everything else that you would hope san francisco would offer during the holidays. >> it is 9.38. we'll take a break here on the kron. 4 morning news. still ahead, inflation is making thanksgiving dinner a little more expensive this year. we've been telling you about on how you might save a little money as you're putting that into a meal together.
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>> it's 9.41 and the department of transportation says it is taking historic action against some airlines for failing to provide timely refunds to customers. they handed out 7 million dollars in fines, pushing airlines to issue hundreds of millions of dollars in refunds for pandemic-related cancellations and delays. but critics are pointing out that all the major u.s. airlines were left untouched by the fines.
9:42 am
>> the 6 airlines are going to be facing fines for taking too long. we're creating too many obstacles for passengers who tried to get refunds. where with the penalties for the largest defenders, united airlines for, for example, in the year 2020 had more complaints from consumers filed with the dot on the issue of refunds than any other airline. >> i mean, was it hasler what like i you know, i had to deal with errol, as i'm sure you did, too. and the transportation department says that this action resulted in about 600 million dollars in refunds, which is great. but think of this, it's only a fraction of the 10 billion dollars. it advocates say airlines passengers. it's 9.42. and we'll be right back.
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your favorite? whatever it is all costing more because of inflation. it is. he has been driving up the cost of groceries across the board. but there are few things you can do to try. >> and save a little bit of money. all just little things that might shape the penny here. penney there. kristen. joyce has a look. >> thanksgiving is causing concern for americans as grocery prices for the feast. turkey, eggs, butter and flour continue to soar ahead of the holiday. you can lower that grocery bill by focusing on what your family enjoys most. skip the rest. >> also, seek less expensive
9:46 am
substitutes media swap using sweet potatoes which haven't seen the same. increases in prices. >> or there are even some different alternative sauces that you can use instead of cranberries, right? you can create maybe an apple chutney, pomegranate sauce and just give it a fun twist this year to help you save money. consumer savings expert andrea woroch says shop your pantry first for hidden ingredients that you could use. >> breadcrumb sauces, marinades baking supplies and spices or herbs for bucs canned or frozen food out for the store brands you going to say 30% avoid the bakery section. they have some of the highest markups premade pies and cookies. they are marked up over 300%. now if you don't want to make everything from scratch, you can still save by buying premade cake mixes or cookie mixes or pie cross mixes in the boxed. >> section. and avoid impulse purchases at the store by creating a list and placing new orders online. go to coupon, follow dot com. they have deals like $20 off. plus
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free delivery at vaughn's dot 15 1% off at kroger. plus free delivery. a deal for 10 off at insta cart. yes, look for discounts before i buy anything. i typically check a discount code. >> that's something to do well. and if if you're the one hosting yeah, suggest asking people to bring stuff because that helps split up the i really, really i can't show up empty-handed. not kind of sort of in addition somebody brings us to and and if they say don't bring anything, you bring flowers, bring something. yeah, wine. never listen. you need to 47. let's get over to the weather center. hey, john. yeah. as long as you have something with you should be good to go. but don't show up empty-handed. >> a look outside this morning. mother nature showing up empty clouded because of that bite of stretch. but we don't have any clouds out there this morning. good news for those of you that may be traveling the rest of this week, but especially this weekend, we've got a busy travelel aweekend just around t corner for us and skies will
9:48 am
remain clear and dry for. we love to see it around this time of year. coit tower looks great under all that sunshine. and although it was a cold start to the morning, today's bringing all the sunshine from the sea air to the coast. and that's going help to warm us up to our warmest afternoon in the forecast today. still seeing those offshore winds, santa ana winds for southern california. the wasn't for the wet start to this month. we'll be talking really high fire danger from this. but things have been pretty wet and cool out there and that's really helping us out with that fire danger. those hot, dry, offshore winds warming us into the low 70's under warmest in the bay today, keeping conditions clear today, tomorrow we will see a few clouds filtering in from the coast in temps just a few degrees down tomorrow will still be nice and mild and dry notably through thursday into friday and staying that way into the weekend. really busy travel weekend ahead of us. today's daytime highs in mid 60's at our warmest for san francisco. low 60's at the coast and a range of mostly mid 60's to upper 60's for most of the rest of the bay
9:49 am
area. san carlos at 67 oakland at 66 today for the east bay, mostly mid 60's to pleasant and union city. 64. well, danville up to concord at 66 benicia vacaville and fairfield are 3 spots hitting 70 degrees today. petaluma you're getting really close. i wouldn't be surprised to see you get there, too. tomorrow, friday, saturday and sunday. not as warm as today, but still really nice and comfortable and remaining dry. a chance of some sprinkles in the north bay on monday and tuesday are low chance of showers between now and thanksgiving thursday of next week. long-range forecasts are showing better chances of rain after the holiday that following week rain. john, thank you for that. will hit the road right now to get some things done. it's going to take you. >> about 39, 40 minutes traveling along a little one. 85 up towards menlo park while 2.80, just specifically in the south bay is pretty congested along with 85. once you drive further along the peninsula to 80 82 both are moving at the limit, traveling into the city down to 15 minutes. last time
9:50 am
we checked in were at about 17, 13 minutes, a 80 to 101 san mateo bridge to traffic improving there. 8.80, leandro down towards milpitas about 32 minutes and then crockett down towards the may 17. if you are going to take away for right now about 15 minutes, that's antioch in to conquer. we're checking on. 24. that's westbound dowt to 5.80, under 14 minutes story of james. back to you. >> thanks, 9 50's the time and in national news, former president donald trump is running for the white house once again. yeah. the question now is whether the gop sees trump as the candidate that they want to back 100%. yeah, brooke, shafer has reaction. >> in order to make america great glorious again. i am tonight announcing my candidacy for president >> at his mar-a-lago resort in florida, former president donald trump announced he's launching his 3rd campaign for the white house. america's comeback starts right now. in
9:51 am
his speech, trump described the u.s. as a nation in decline while mostly avoiding any claims about the 2020 election. republican senator lindsey graham tweeted if trump continues this tone and delivers this message on a consistent basis, he will be hard to beat. >> but democrats in washington already fighting back. president joe biden writing donald trump failed america news. we will give them pardons. trump's announcement comes after a disappointing midterm election for republicans and trump backed candidates and with the former president and broiled in legal problems, some republicans have pushed for the party to move on, including trump's former vice president adding to the rumors he himself may run, but i think we'll have better choices in the future. florida governor ron desantis seen as a likely trump challenger and a recent target of trump's attacks on tuesday. desantis dismissed it as noise when you're leading when you're getting getting things
9:52 am
done, you take incoming fire. a possible trump desantis matchup already leaving some republican voters onshore. if it came down to trump or desantis. >> which way would you that's a tough one. now, as brooke shafer reporting, notably absent from trump's announcement last night was a van gogh who said this time around. she does not plan to be involved in the campaign. it's 9.52. we'll be right. nurtec odt is the only medication that can treat my migraine right when it strikes and prevent my next attack.
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don't take if allergic to nurtec. most common side effects, in less than 3%, were nausea, indigestion/stomach pain. treat & prevent - all in one.
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>> just about done for wednesday morning. you're on the kron. 4 morning news. let's check in with horton and see what's coming up on live in the bay today. high livia. >> haidar good morning, everybody. coming up today on live in the bay. >> the open artists who has collaborated with usher, pink and steph curry were chatting with allison human about her latest collaboration with the bay area staple. >> then it's the new seafood centric restaurant hitting the bay area. we're learning more about on when their executive chef stops by. plus, the boxing gym. that's for all ages and skill levels. find out how benjamin's boxing could be. your next great workout. and as always, we want to hear what you have to say about our question of the day. so go ahead and scan that qr code right there on the screen today. we want to know what is your favorite way to work up a sweat? let us know the answer could be read live today on the show at 01:00pm right here on kron 4, daria boot camp for leashes. i can't
9:56 am
walk right love. that's a great way. they started. >> all right. we'll see you. >> it is. you get the so that my son, meat sweats of heat and lot first edition star trek comic book fetched a record price at auction. you're seeing the cover of it. there. this 1967 comic book sold for almost 47 $1000. it's in near mint condition. the sale was more than double the previous record of about $20,400 for peace, old in 2019. so there you go. >> hey, we want to remind you that kron 4 once again celebrating women making a difference in their community. and all you have to scan this qr code ul to get on our website where you can nominate a remarkable woman who you'd like us to meet. let's take a look at the weather forecast and really good weather so far this week. today's going to continue that trend. in fact, today. >> it's going to be our warmest day of the forecast. a couple of us benicia vacaville fairfield getting up to 70.
9:57 am
it's going to be a nice change from the chilly start to this month. and importantly, as we approach thanksgiving, we stay dry this weekend for any travels. tuesday is our loan chance of rainfall between now and the all right. i think wednesday is the biggest getaway day. so that's that's lot of dry rain for that looking great, right? we'll see tomorrow of i have a good day.
9:58 am
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