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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 20, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news i crawled >> to food is safe. the police eyes was we were bodies in >> now at 8, a gunman opens fire at a nightclub in colorado. at least 5 people are dead and more than 2 dozen others injured. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news 8. i'm dan thorn. police say the shooter entered the building just before midnight with a long rifle and immediately started firing. police have identified them as 22 year-old anderson lee aldridge. the first call came in around 11. 56 last night. the first officer was dispatched a minute later and arrived on the scene at midnight. at least 2 people inside club que fought and subdued the shooter before police arrived. likely
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saving many lives, at least 2, her road people inside the club confronted and fought with the suspect. >> and we're able to stop stop the suspect from continuing to kill and harm others. we do them a great debt of thanks. >> victims were taken to 3 different hospitals. it's still unclear tonight how many people were in the club at the time of the shooting. the shooter was also injured and police say he is currently in the hospital receiving treatment. and now police say that they are investigating this mass shooting as a possible hate crime. well, the shooting stunned lgbtq communities across the country and locally tonight, kron four's gayle on and harry are covering this story. but we begin tonight with amanda who is live from harvey milk plaza in city's castro district. what a vigil is taking place. amanda. >> that just wrapped up a short while ago. but i spoke to some people that attended the vigil. they say they need
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to warn is a community. then they need to fight to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. if you take a look at your screen, you can see what it looked like during the vigil. hundreds of people gathered to remember those lost, injured or impacted by the club. que shooting in colorado springs include members of the lgbtq+. elected officials like senator scott wiener and lieutenant governor and allies of the community. the conversation went from remembering those lost to how people can protect others in the community from being hurt. again. >> it was not an isolated we know that in this country, the demonizing people has only gotten worse and worse over time. if you know someone like us and we're no longer other we're human beings and that's our problem. we haven't been able to show the world that
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honor to introduce. >> today is also transgender rememberance day. it's a day to remember those who have been murdered as a result of transphobia. some people told me they keen to this vigil. >> from that rememberance day event and that this type of hate is all too common for them. live in san francisco, amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> all right, dana, thank you. president biden issuing a statement about the mass shooting saying, quote, chilling 9 praying for the families of the 5 people killed in colorado springs and for those injured in this senseless act. we know that gun violence has a particular impact, an lgbtq i plus communities across our nation. we must address the public health epidemic of gun violence in all forms. governor gavin newsom releasing a statement as well saying once again, the lgbtq community has become the victim of a horrifying attack. one more death is one too many
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california stands with the lgbtq community and their right to live freely. we will, of course, continue to follow this story throughout the night and later on in this broadcast, we're going to be hearing from clubgoers inside club q describe the experience as horrific and unthinkable. well, the shooting happened on the eve of a day that is meant to honor those in the transgender community who have been killed because of bigotry. the annual transgenden day of remembrance took place today in san francisco. that event took an even more somber tone. kron four's gayle ong has the story. >> you need >> i think about all those victims. just happening in colorado. speakers at the annual transgender day of remembrance ceremony in san francisco eonored those killed in the shooting at a nightclub in colorado springs. >> and said prayers for those injured the eve of the transgender day of remembrance
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is a really cruel and disgusting irony. it speaks to the polarization of our country right now. and it's really important that we stand here today and say, look, we're here. >> we're clear we're not going anywhere. and attendees say they are grateful for events like this because it gives them an outlet to bring more awareness. transgender day of remembrance is an international day to memorialize those who have been murdered as a result of transphobia. this year's theme, their legacy lives on. it's as good as it is now because of >> and the sacrifice they have made. >> today was founded to draw attention to the fact that transgender people continue to be subjected to violence. organizers of this event say this year alone, at least 31 transgender or gender-nonconforming people have been fatally shot or killed. they say many deaths go underreported. it's important for us >> and together as a community that stand up and say. now we cannot allow our transgender non-binary friends and family to continue a dying.
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>> in this way after the rally, the crowd marched through the streets to make their voices in san for news. >> the eyes of the sports world turning to the middle eastern nation of qatar as the 2022 world cup gets underway, there were no major western leaders in attendance and yesterday's open as qatar as under intense scrutiny for its treatment of the migrant workers who prepped the nation for the world cup as well as the lgbtq community, and is criminalized in qatar today. the proud maroons qatar's first-ever lgbtq+ national football supporters group posted a rally against the discrimination at the world cup. the group was founded by doctor not as muhammad, who became what many called the first qatari to publicly come out as. the 35 year-old position now lives in san francisco. he hopes to show qatar that love. it's not a
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crime. >> for people around the world are for lgbt and that our to join us. they love is not a crime like cheer for and to bring visibility to the that place right now. >> the problem rooms are the only national football supporters group that can't have fans from its own nation because joining them with send them to jail. soccer officials expect 1.2 million fans from around the world to be a part of the month-long sports extravaganza. the tournament kicked off this morning with the host nations match against ecuador. the u.s. men's team has its first match against wales tomorrow. and this will be america's first appearance in the world caps and a world cup in 8 years. the team failed to qualify for the 2018 tournament. so if you are interested in catching the
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action, a san jose earthquakes are hosting viewing parties. it san pedro square starting today. they are showing every single match throughout the tournament ending on december 18th. there will also be viewing parties on select dates in san francisco and danville. you can head on over to our website kron 4 dot com for a list of the full schedule. all right. we want to get your check your 4 zone forecast now live look at on financial district here in san francisco. take a look at the transamerica pyramid. another chilly night out there tonight, the breeze rodriguez joining us now with a look at the dan. yeah, it's certainly going to get chilly overnight. no frost advisories but tracking widespread 30's for overnight low. so. >> let's take a look at current conditions out there right now. very dry, calm and clear throughout golden gate bridge. safe commute up there this evening. but cool temperatures downtown san francisco. 51 degrees with santa rosa and of auto. already in the mid 40's as our conquered an antioch, but milder for half moon bay, 58
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degrees, c of flirting with 60's right now at this 8 o'clock hour. we are tracking wind speeds out of the east and even out of the south. but fortunately, calm conditions. but it's because of those clear calm conditions of that lack of marine layer, that temperatures are really going to dip tonight. if you thought last night was cooler. tonight's going to be even chillier. so just a heads up there. futurecast for though, going to track some changes in the extended forecast one week from today. first for those of you in the north bay next sunday afternoon, we're going to see light scattered showers arriving by sunday night for the rest of the bay area. still holding tight by monday afternoon, 10 days from now with another chance of showers tuesday into wednesday. and we're tracking mild temperatures for your thanksgiving thursday. more on that in my full forecast in just a few minutes. back to you, dan. all right, thanks a lot. still to come here at 8 o'clock. >> ahead of holiday travel, gas prices seem to be easing up. we'll tell you where you can fill up for chief. plus, senator scott wiener at
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tonight. san francisco vigil for the colorado mass shooting. he's going to be joining us live to talk more about what happened. what can be done. and up next, a look inside the mass shooting site club. que people who are there describing the horrific scene.
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>> we continue our coverage tonight of the mass shooting
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inside club. que people. they're describing it as a horrific, an unthinkable event. they say that the club has always been a safe haven for the lgbtq+ community. until now, josh and says that he was on the dance floor when he first heard the shots. he said it sounded like it was part of the music at first. and then the second round went off and hitting a dressing room along with others. they locked the doors and turn out the lights and laid low. but thurman says he heard everything from where they were hiding. >> we were in there for a good. 25 minutes. i crawled out. >> to seafood is safe. the police eyes was we were bodies in on the ground cover. broken glass, broken cooks. outside of his words, more bodies on the ground.
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>> this senseless shooting is affecting nearly all in some way or another, including joseph shelton, who was at club q last night and knows a few of the victims who were shot, including at least one who lost their life. >> i left and got home with for about 10 minutes. and that's when i got a call from my friend saying cookie was has there's a shooter. could cue. i originally action was. you're lying to me. this isn't happening. know and i thought i thought it was just people making a joke. and she told me she said, mom, i'm on my way to the club to go check it out and i'll come back and let you know. and then about 2 minutes after that, my cousin called me and said her best friend was at the club as well and that he was shot. and that's when i realized, ok, this isn't a joke. it's serious. this is actually happening >> club que responding to the tragedy and posting there on their facebook page. quote, club q is devastated by the senseless attack in our
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community. our prayers and thoughts are with all the victims and their families and friends. thank the quick reactions of it customers that subdued the gunman and ended this hate attack. well, outside of club q, there's a growing memorial to honor the lives lost and injured in this tragedy. well, this is yet to be declared a hate crime. investigators are still looking into if this was a motive for the shooting and a few minutes, we'll be joined live by san francisco state senator scott wiener. the talk about the shooting and gun safety issues across the country. we want to get you a live look now at your 4 zone forecast. here's a look from our sutro tower cam overlooking. >> san francisco tonight. yeah, we had a little bit of humming along they're at where we try to jump to break early. we're not done yet. recent 100 guests with a look at the forecast and those high temps we saw today. murray said, yeah, it's weather time. let's take a check of your 4 zone forecast for your sunday night. >> chilly start this morning.
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but we warmed up very nicely. in fact, 2 to 3 degrees above average for oakland and san jose. flirting with 70's today. when you should be in the mid 60's. but pretty seasonal temperatures for everyone else in the bay area. but we're tracking calm winds and another chilly night. in fact, it's going to be cooler overnight than it was last night. so brace yourselves, but very beautiful conditions out there right now. as far as the eye can see in the east bay over berkeley with the radar for not tracking any marine layer out there right now. but as we fast forward to a week from today, when most of you are returning from your holiday destination, just a heads up. we are tracking some scattered showers by sunday afternoon. first arriving for those of you in the north bay, then becoming a little bit more widespread by sunday night hit or miss showers throughout monday. but then get a little bit of a break monday night into tuesday morning. but then as you can see, that storm door going to reopen once again through wednesday. so it's great to see a more active pattern within the next 10 days. but from now, until then, already
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cooling down into the upper 30's. for those of you in fairfield, 39 degrees. check out berkeley, though, on the mild side at 57 degrees. 39 degrees as well. for those of you in really feeling that cooldown in our north bay valleys and overnight lows tonight, slightly above that freezing threshold for santa rosa, napa and even nevado widespread mid 30's there. but upper 30's for the rest of the bay area. a little bit milder along the san francisco peninsula coastline with mid 40's for downtown san francisco and half moon bay and temperatures tomorrow going to be slightly cooler at or slightly below average. but for those of you in santa rosa nevado once again, flirting with 70. so you're going to be the mildest cities, but you're thanks. giving thursday, believe it or not, break out the shorts and sandals because it is going to be 5 to 10 degrees above average from coastal valleys. no rain. it's going to be a dry thanksgiving forecast along the coast. mid-sixties valleys in the low to mid 70's. believe it or not. so great weather there after a very chilly start for
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your thursday morning. and then we're tracking temperatures. little change for the next several days. still going to stay on the mild side next friday. but then showers return by a week from today. back to you down. >> alright, recent thanks a lot. we'll after missing past holidays because of covid restrictions and concerns. people are ready to hit the roads once again for the thanksgiving holiday. 49 million people are expected to travel by car a time where people are seeing gas prices back to around 45 bucks. kron four's camila barco has a look at the prices. >> you take my whole toe in. >> some drivers are seeing relief at the pump at this arco gas station. a gallon starts off at $4.87. if you pay with credit or debit actually use. only reason i came here is because i know this is where the guesses. >> gas is $0.18 less than last week in california. maybe people like joe gonzalez with more money for some more money for pumpkin pie. >> so, you that's a good thing
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while he isn't traveling for thanksgiving, triple a says 7 million californians. >> are expected to drive to their destinations for the holiday. the company expects this year to be the 3rd busiest for thanksgiving travel since they started tracking in 2000 the last 2 times where in 2005 2019, the year before the pandemic started. if you are headed out of town, here's a look at bay area. gas prices, the most expensive place to fill up is in san francisco at $5 and $0.49 per gallon. it's about $5 and 30 something sense in sonoma, santa clara and alameda counties, the cheapest gas on average is in solano county at $5 and $0.14. some drivers tell us they're content with the current prices, but others say it's not good enough. >> very good. there are no show it to go down a little more. think that that will be nice. >> be still working, you know, i'm not going to be like cruising around getting
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customers. >> according to gasbuddy, these are the highest gas prices we've seen during a thanksgiving season, but it's not slowing many down with 20% more americans. >> ready to hit the road for the holiday. it all depends on where you shop. if you go to big brand names like a chevron or shell will be paid a little more for gas. >> however, if you go to places like this arco gas station, you'll be paying less in millbrae camila barco kron. 4 news. >> all right. well, travelers are being asked to get to the airport early. if you're flying out this holiday season. we're taking a live look tonight at sfo. the airport telling us kron 4 well telling us that the busiest day there will be one week from today as people return from their trips. meanwhile, officials with oakland's airport expect travel to pick up there as well. that airport is expecting 170,000 passengers to pass through between wednesday and next sunday and in san jose that airport already seeing an uptick in travelers. airport
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officials there say they are also expecting hundreds of thousands of people to pass through this week. another weekend, another sideshow. we've got some information on of laos outside show with several of rest. and as we head to break, kron 4 is celebrating the bay area's remarkable women. if you know someone making a difference in their community. >> you can nominate her for woman of the year. you can enter your nomination by scanning that qr code right on your screen or visit us on our website. kron 4 dot com.
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another weekend of sideshows in vallejo. police say 2 people were arrested and 2 cars were towed last night. >> the sideshow taking over an intersection at sonoma boulevard, lemon street and central avenue. police say a fire hydrant was smashed off of its post by one of those spinning cars. this is all happening around 11, 20 last night. chp solano county deputies in benicia pd were able to eventually break it up in the east bay. a driver is killed after crashing their truck into a tree. chp says the driver went off the road early this morning on sugar barge road on bethel island. investigators are trying to figure out why this happened. they're seeking any witnesses or information about what may have led up to this crash
8:25 pm
coast side. firefighters helping with putting out flames at an attic in el granada this morning. the people living in that home were not injured. we're told crews sharing this video of the effort. firefighters were also able to keep the fire from spreading to homes that were nearby. still to come here at 8 o'clock, a historic storm hitting the east coast. snow eased in parts of new york with travel remains treacherous and following the reinstatement of president donald trump on twitter. kanye west makes his return today with an interesting message. plus, san francisco state senator scott wiener joining us live to talk about the mass shooting in colorado. >> kron 4 news at 8 continues after the break.
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>> all right. we want to get you a look at your 4 zone forecast right now. here's a look at golden gate bridge. some travelers may be leaving the city after enjoying a nice day here in san francisco are maybe coming in or maybe they're just hanging out at home. you know, there's like a about travel tomorrow. funny, too. but you know what? some people might be traveling, you know, to do some skiing this week. the sierras got a little snow over the past couple of weeks racing. joining us with more on that. yeah, it's going to be great. in fact, temperatures will be on the mild side after a chilly start. so we're tracking single digit temperatures to wake up to monday morning in the sierra. >> but then we're going to rebound very nicely by your monday afternoon. here's a look at current conditions out there right now. smooth sailing. no fresh powder,
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though. we're going to stay dry and clear for most of this upcoming week. but monday, we are going to notice an increase in some high cloud cover over this but we will see temperatures in the 40's nonetheless, for most of this year, a but changes underway a week from today. next sunday. we're actually going to see some see your snow arriving as early as sunday night, continuing through monday with lingering showers tuesday morning. and then we're going to start to dry out for the remainder of the next 10 days. but from now, until then going to stay dry with partly cloudy skies on monday. 47 degrees and then eventually warming up into the low 50's through wednesday for your thanksgiving thursday and friday of this upcoming week, temperatures could actually warm up into the mid 50's. so even mild temperatures for this year this time of year, the good news is it is going to help rebound overnight lows because we have been waking up to temperatures there in the single digits. the last couple of mornings. but temperatures out there right now in the bay area, widespread 40's and 50's going to be chillier tonight
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than last night, especially for north bay valleys, fairfax and fairfield. as you can already cooling down into the upper 30's at 39 degrees and temperatures tomorrow for your bay area forecast. most of us going remain in the mid 60's. and that's exactly where we should be for this time of year. a little bit below average for happened. they at 62 degrees. but santa rosa and of auto flirting with 70's at 68 degrees. but taking a look ahead at the extended forecast, we are going to see temperatures warming up for your thanksgiving thursday. so, dan, i want to introduce you to gobble gobble. that's the turkey that were actually pardoning at kron 4. so there we go. that is something there. okay. well. thanks a lot for catherine heenan named him. so okay. good. good to keep in mind. >> all now to our top story tonight here in the ad. a 30 hour, 5 people dead after a gunman opened fire inside of an lgbtq nightclub in colorado springs. late last night over
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2 dozen more people were injured. police say the mass shooting could have been even worse if it had not been for bar pray. patrons who risk their lives to intervene and saved many others there. tonight, people in san francisco in the castro district held a vigil. hundreds coming out, lighting candles and standing together in solidarity with those victims. and at tonight's vigil was san francisco state senator scott wiener. he's joining us live with more on the situation center. thank you for joining us. thank you for moment. we understand it. you talk tonight at at them tonight's what was the feeling there? what are you hearing from people? >> well, there are hundreds of people there. we were there and was complete solidarity with with our brothers and sisters and colorado springs. and is really trying to show our support. so we were, course, in mourning for the people who were massacred a
8:32 pm
bar and like a nightclub. but we are also honestly, there was a feeling of anger about that this happening, that the violence against our community keeps happening and it is being absolutely instigated by the anti lgbtq laws that we're seeing around the country homophobic and transphobic statements being made right wing political leaders. it has absolutely fanned the flames of towards our community. >> senator, let's go a little bit deeper into what does this mass shooting say about safety for people in the lgbtq community? are even for people who gather at the spaces, nightclubs and hangouts where lgbtq+ people are can can feel welcome. >> it's it's really this happened, of if used by pulse nightclub in orlando where 49 people work a massacre that happened, then i think with norway, norway believer, sweden earlier this year. and
8:33 pm
so your people who just like people who are targeting jews, they know where to go to go to the synagogue there you can shoot a bunch of jews if you want to shoot a bunch of lgbtq people. they know where we've got other and that's not what happened here. as far as we we can tell and the lgbt nightclub nightclubs are not just places to go and have these are key part of our community where we find community we can be who we are. we are to feel safe. and so this is absolutely horrific. >> yeah. and as we know here in san francisco, a place like the castro where where you are tonight and 100 100's of other people gathering that is known as that a free, an accepting place for the lgbtq community. and it's also a place that people recognized globally as a as a safe space for the lgbtq community. so seeing another attack like this happening you it it as you mentioned, it is jarring.
8:34 pm
>> yeah, absolutely. and the cast was an amazing place. we know we've had a history of violence toward lgbtq people in the castro, the top and and there are people come to the castro to do violence against lgbtq people. and so we just tonight really want to show complete support and solidarity towards our siblings. and in colorado springs, they have, i believe, too, a bar is that's a smaller community. and most of my colleagues are so important and to have that kind of violation up and >> it it's very for the community. >> center, i want to get more intu and the rhetoric that you're mentioning earlier. we understand that at club q there in colorado springs was set to host drag brunch, which is essentially about other drag show drag shows and drag queens have been targeted by specific groups recently
8:35 pm
because of this story, time story, hours and involved children and those groups have been saying things such as a radicalizing and sexualizing children with these shows and the term grooming has been getting used a lot. and i understand that you've taken issue with that term. do you believe it's been weaponized? >> but what what what we've seen it and get this is not the not only rahm, the people we're talking about high level political leaders, people santas are great job united states senators, members of the u.s. house of representatives, governors, candidates for high office says who are referring tells me too few people as with i think this point is basically calling us pedophiles. it's absolutely slammed. are talk. you drive which is led to like actual all to towards drive means attracting story hour we've seen on trans people 3
8:36 pm
the increase in murders of trans women of this plays very, very tangible ways. and when they have this horrible rhetoric saying that drive creams or trans people or man are trying to harm your children, trying to, quote, important groom, your children. and only a matter of time before someone is going to react to that end. the violence. >> let's turn our attention now a little bit gun safety. ryan. just last year the president signed a law that made the pulse nightclub in florida. a national memorial. 49 people, as you mentioned, died in that shooting. it happened in 2016. here we are again, 6 years later. do you believe that politicians have made it a policy changes in that time or is it just simply hateful rhetoric? that's just increasing the danger? >> what for it or it is absolutely increasing the danger instigating violence. but be clear. the federal
8:37 pm
government absolutely failed one common sense gun safety measures. there were some measures put into place to pass this year and that could i want to give credit for but it's not enough. we're doing will be kind of california. but we also have a road radicalized supreme court striking down basic on city laws and even states like california are saying. and so we're in a scary time. goal were risk the tidal wave of guns in this country become even worse. some people be able to carry them anywhere and were thought as that continues, that will lead to more gun violence. >> it seems like a conversation we're if not weekly monthly in this country here. senator scott wiener, san francisco, thank you so much for joining us tonight. thank you so much. all right. let's get to some reaction from our state and city leaders who are talking about this mass shooting. mayor london breed san francisco's mayor taking to twitter today saying we stand with lgbtq people in san francisco and everywhere and we'll continue
8:38 pm
to champion for the work still left to be done to protect and celebrate this beautiful community. hate and violence has no place in san francisco or this country. house speaker nancy pelosi echoing those words saying the attack on club que, which fell on the eve of transgender day of remembrance is despicable. further shattering the sense of safety of lgbtq americans across the country. while democrats have taken important steps to combat gun violence, this congress, this deadly attack is a challenge to our conscience. and a reminder that we must keep fighting to do more. a childhood icon to many my life mighty morphin power rangers star david. frank dead at 49 details on that cause of death after the break. west was reinstated on
8:39 pm
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twitter today. he had been locked out of his account since last month after posting anti semitic remarks west first tweet bags. i'll read testing testing, seeing if my twitter isn't blocked, his return comes less than 24 hours after elon musk reinstated several other suspended accounts, including former president donald trump response from twitter users, of course, has been mixed actor and martial artist jason david frank, best known for being one of the original stars of the mighty morphin power rangers has died at age. 49 frank played the green ranger character on the 1990's
8:42 pm
tv series, which depicted 5 teenagers tasked with saving the earth from evil. while franks cause of death has not been confirmed. some reports indicate he took his own life. he's survived by 4 children. president biden celebrating a milestone birthday. why he's making history at the white house today. and the warriors travel houston still looking for their first road win of the season. >> jason tells us if they put down the rockets to put up that first victory.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> it's november 20th and the warriors haven't run road game. 71 at an 8 on the road tonight. they look to change their road woes down in houston and klay thompson. he had a huge night. he really needed it. what the doctor ordered. 15 point lead for voting state in the first klay thompson pulls up in transition. knew it was going to be one of those nights when he's pulling up in transition. that's 18 point lead after that one. but closing moments despair, clay still at it. >> that 3 gives the warriors the lead to end the quarter. now late in the for warriors up 3 clay again. 3 pointer of the night warriors win one 27 one. 20 more importantly, they get their first road win of
8:46 pm
the season after the game. draymond green was asked about claims recent up and down play. >> klay thompson. he is. not worried about what happens with clay. he's worried about what happens with this team. and klay words about what happened was this team clip plays great and we win. always said he's the most competitive guy. every play with. and the most important thing to him has always been we all get away from. and the brotherhood, you need someone to bring you back to who you are. and i you know, i have no doubt in my mind that if it was me do the same thing. >> you love to see that. the college basketball world today we're at maples, pavilion number 2 ranked stanford for south carolina. stanford led for most of the game when cold
8:47 pm
in the 4 finally get something going here. cameron brink 3 points the hard way. stanford up 6 with 205, south carolina. they are tough down 2 with 6 left aliyah boston. the reigning player of the year in the nation. tied it up. we're going to overtime 3 ball in maples. and in overtime. it's aliyah boston again showing why she is the reigning player of the year in college basketball. that gives them the lead gamecocks win. 76 71 in the final 10 seconds. stanford not only was called for a 5 0nd violation. they also got heat up calling a timeout when they did not have any kind of meltdown during that final stretch. but car vanderveer he was realistic about the lawsuit. he said hey, mike dave need to play hard, stunned. >> and doesn't come down to is not one mistake, but it's the combination of the turnovers. the like, like you said, you know, not get the ball inbounds, taking a timeout, not boxing out, fouling out
8:48 pm
all the things add up. so you know, but again, it's an overtime game and there you know, we're or we have to be hunger. >> tara swagg out what the chain raiders on the road at mile high taking on the broncos. the black hole travels. well, regardless of record rate is down 10, nothing in the second. but they get on the board here. derek carr with the play action pass to his guy. the monte adams. 31 yard pitch and catch. it's 10, 7 at the half. this game went to overtime tied at 16 raiders win the coin flip and they never give the ball up car. he goes deep, maybe cover that guy. the bond adams, this time of the 35 yard pitch and catch. and the winning td adams had 7 catches for 141 yards and 2 touchdowns. you know, as 10 on the season, raiders win it 20 to the 16. a lot of well-deserved celebration following the roadway.
8:49 pm
>> been a long season. haha. it's thanksgiving >> great stuff to see there. especially after last week car was basically crying after that game in the post game presser. so good to see him smiling again. alright, actually look at sports. back to you. >> yeah, i think russell wilson is smiling because rob denver. right. well, tonight, nearly a 6 million people across 4 states, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, new york remain under winter weather alerts the lake effect. snow storm began on thursday. some parts of western new digging out of up to 6 feet of snow. the storm is blamed for at least 2 deaths and power
8:50 pm
outages. new york's governor today praising local and state agencies for storm preparations. >> we're able to avert many tragedies and we know that from having gone through countless not all of this magnitude, but many very serious in the 2014, 2013, a 2006, 2010, we have only had 88 crashes, which is 88 more than want to have, but only about 280 people had to be rescued, which is extraordinary compared to what could have been. >> new york's governor has deployed dozens of national guard members to help with snow removal in those hardest hit areas. wow. quite a storm. we've been talking about it for a couple of days. joining us now with more on the weather here. locally has been pretty against. yeah. don't mess lake effect snow because that brings feet of snow within just a matter of hours, which is what they saw there in the northeast. but fortunately for us. >> we're going to stay dry and cool. no rain showers in the forecast for the next couple of days, unfortunately. but at
8:51 pm
least we're going to see smooth sailing at the airports in the coming days and also warm temperatures as well for your thanksgiving thursday. we're actually tracking mid 60's along the coast. low 70's for our valleys after a chilly start. but temperatures by thanksgiving thursday about 5 to 10 degrees above normal. even continuing the following day on friday. radar for we are tracking very clear, calm conditions. but as we take a look at your future cast for those of you heading back from your thanksgiving destination by sunday, we could start seeing some light scattered showers arriving overnight. now that storm track shifting more northward, but we're still going to see some showers overnight and into your monday with light scattered hit or miss showers possible on tuesday into wednesday. so that storm door going to reopen. but from now, until then, as you can see, we're tracking very dry conditions, mild at that flirting with 70's with most of our inland valleys in the north bay and even in the east
8:52 pm
bay by thursday and friday could be in the low to mid 70's dances. certainly not going to feel like fall more like spring in the coming days before thanksgiving when it should be the start of our storm season. but luckily been spoiled with some hit and miss showers throughout the last couple of months, but very sunny outlook. so, yeah, bring up the shades because you're going to need them for thanksgiving. back to you. all right. thanks a lot race and we can get to the turkey where in the shade to the next graphic on. >> all right. president joe biden making a special phone call, the players the world cup before their game against wales. he's encouraging message. up next.
8:53 pm
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8:55 pm
>> today's bread and president joe biden's 80th birthday. that makes him the first octogenarian to serve as president of the united states. here we're taking a look at his life throughout the years. this would mean that biden would be 86 years old by the end of his second term. if he were to run and when reelection. wow. well, the president took some time from his birthday celebrations today to call the u.s. men's team at the world cup to show his support. president joking to head coach gregg berhalter that he's ready to play. this video was shared on twitter. >> it's as potus. that's where it's coming from. coach foot man. i'm ready to play >> you guys that i know you're
8:56 pm
the underdog with don. tell you what, man, you've got some of the best players in the world on your team and you represent this country and i know you're going to play hard. coach shaka maw keep trust one another place hard as you can. and you know, for you and your families, your teammates and >> and whole country is rooting for you. that's that's a very nice message. mister present. the whole team is here right now. we really appreciate your support and we're ready to go. guys, want to say >> you get any of i got i got some a lot of thank you's and a lot i wish our there to see i really do. go get them guys. just play your heart out. >> we've got to know you will know you're wrong. >> all right. well, this is first time in a while that the u.s. men's team was featured in the world cup after missing the cut in 2018. again, they're playing wales. that's going wrap things up here at 8 o'clock. we're going to be back in just a few minutes for kron. 4 news at 9. we hope to
8:57 pm
see you.
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two loads of snot covered laundry. only one will be sanitized. wait, what? adding lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria detergent alone, can't.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known. this is the only. >> lgbtq i plus space be
9:00 pm
having a city of colorado springs. we're going to go. >> our top story tonight at 9, a community in colorado. >> shaken by a deadly shooting at a nightclub last night. >> thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 9. i'm dan thorn. 5 people were killed and 25 were injured in that shooting in colorado springs. police say a 22 year-old gunman opened fire inside club too. he is now in custody facing charges. investigators still trying to figure out the motive behind that attack and whether or not it should be prosecuted as a hate crime. meanwhile, the club is calling the shooting a hate attack. well, here in san francisco, many spent the day remembering those killed and injured in that shooting kron four's man. harry is live in the castro district tonight where a vigil was held in honor of those victims. amanda, >> the shooting at club q was on the


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