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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 23, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PST

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thanksgiving. i'm james fletcher. we got judge rubble standing by with a look at our forecast for this wednesday. >> and of course, for the all important thanksgiving day as well. good morning, john. the you know, thanksgiving tomorrow, everyone's looking for the sunshine and we're going to see of it today. it's a holiday rush before that holiday tomorrow. and you can see that skies are clear for it. if you've got any travel plans and you need to get out there to do some shopping, you're good to go for it now. it is cold this morning. so aside from that, we are pretty good. as for visibility had a couple of spots and fog in the south bay this morning. those of all since cleared your smooth sailing out there with these dry skies. temperatures climbing out of the 30's. now redwood city back up at 43 double in at 41 after falling into the 30's earlier fairfield, our biggest change right off the bat. you felt a freezing now you're at 50 degrees so that sunshine helping us out and we're going to see even warmer temps into thanksgiving, which i'll get to in your full forecast. as for bridges, we do have a bart delay. but if you are just driving to work or i may be
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getting an early start to the holiday travel, you are really doing pretty well. the easy drive across the bay bridge. an 8 minute hall across it. san mateo bridge, no traffic out there. you're at the limit. richmond center fell sunshine and a 7 minute drive over the span and crystal clear and even calm across the golden gate, get out there and do that. holiday travel a little bit early and then just rested up at your destination. james. >> john, thank you. 901, is the time. some breaking news this morning. 6 people sadly are dead. multiple others hurt after a gunman opened fire in a walmart in chesapeake, virginia last night. the gunman took his own life and our sister station in virginia is reporting that an employee who saw it all happen says the shooter was one of the managers at the store camila barco. those in the newsroom right now with the very latest on what we've been able to confirm this morning. camila. >> well, james police have not confirmed the identity of the gunman, but they have that the shooter was an employee who used a pistol in the shooting.
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an employee says that workers had gathered in the stores per acre master ships were about to start. that employee looked up and saw her manager turn around and then started shooting calls came in around 10:12pm, eastern time. we're taking a look at video from the scene as chesapeake police rushed to that walmart. they got there 2 minutes after that phone call was made. police say that 7 people died, including the gunman who killed himself using a pistol for other people are in the hospital right now. and our sister station in virginia is reporting that 2 people are in critical condition. one is expected to be ok and they're still waiting information on the 4th victim. here's what virginia's governor had to say. >> this is a horrendous event. it's a horrendous, senseless act of violence. and today we have to come around families and support them. there will be time for us to to react and better understand. but today
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is a moment where we need to support these families that facing the unimaginable. >> absolutely horrifying. it's been 3 days since the shooting at club q and america is already being forced to process another mass murder. it should not be like this said police have searched the gunman's home and they're investigating the motive for the shooting at this time. how walmart is police, the fbi, they are there. and for the next few days they will be processing the scene. i'll send it back to you. >> alright, camila, thank you very much. 903, is the time. another big story we're following this morning. it's one of the busiest travel days of the year with millions of americans expecting to head to the airports and to the roads over the next few days. 5 days. as a matter of fact. so this morning we've got team coverage of the holiday travel yet. sarah stinson there on
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the far right covering gas prices and how much it'll cost to fill up. and then, of course, we have will tran standing by out of oakland international airport with the air flights delays. how people are getting around will start with will. good morning. >> good morning, james. turkey's do fly. but millions of americans do. and it is a steady stream of people coming and going from oakland. you can see this is pick up and drop off. it's been pretty steady throughout the morning and then expected to be pretty steady throughout the day. in fact, about 10% more people will be going through oakland this year. then last year, just stepped inside. doesn't look too bad. but this was the scene at around 5 o'clock in the morning when it started to pick up. we are expecting altogether about 55 million americans will be traveling 50 or more miles from their home this year. and that is up from last year. a few reasons
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travel restrictions have been loosened. a lot of people now able to leave a little bit earlier and stay later for the holiday because they can work remotely. and of course, many reasons why they're taking off. there are some people why they're not going to be in the bay area. but at other places. >> we going to pay because, you know, in a vegas and thanksgiving. >> first, thanksgiving in vegas or us. yes, post even in vegas. yeah. so we are like excited. >> then things go well. my daughter, my new grandson. >> with truck for the job on the clock. >> so we seeing in ontario, we're going to see your daughter. she goes to ucsb. you guys look so young, stop it. >> travel experts. they were worried that maybe the numbers with be stagnant or even down this year because of inflation. a lot of people, of course, are spending more of their money on other things. and then the flights, of
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course, they're not cheap. it looks like people are saying forget about it. it is worth traveling and that's why we're seeing the numbers up and up. >> today is a very busy day. the next should be on sunday when travelers come back. >> all right. and will i know i asked you last hour, how delays and cancellations were going didn't seem that bad. then have you had a chance to to take a look now? >> oakland is not doing too bad at all. i mean, they don't have to deal with some of the other problems like sfo as far as open as concern. and i want to draw your attention to the screen. these are the numbers at 09:00am. but of course, things change as we go on. so by all means call ahead. but as of about 09:00am this morning, we're talking about 10 flight cancellations at sfo. 2 in oakland and 5 in san jose. a very fluid situation. of course, it's pretty here in the bay area. keep in mind, though, other places in the
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country probably dealing with weather. so as always, if a flight say doesn't take off in chicago in time, then it lands late in oakland or if it doesn't take off at all in chicago, it doesn't land here. so we've got problems. got to stay on top of it. but the bottom line is happy thanksgiving. everybody. happy thanksgiving. james and john. >> back to you as well. well, thank you very much. as i said, as part of our team coverage, we're also following the situation with the roads to and so let's switch over and chat with kron 4 sarah stinson who is talking to drivers this morning as you're filling up at the pump. good morning, sara. >> hey, good morning, james. that's right. we're talking with drivers out here. a lot of them going to work and then some of them going to their thanksgiving destination. many saying that with the inflation hitting them hard this year, the gas is adding up along with the turkey and it's all becoming unaffordable at this 76 station in menlo park. it's
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costing drivers for regular gas $5. and $0.39. and for premium gas, $5 and $0.69 just have to shop around for that $4 range. if you want to get a deal. but we know from aaa, according to them, we're going to see about 49 million americans on the road this year, traveling for the thanksgiving holiday. that is actually up from last year by only 0.4%. and then it is actually down from 2019 levels. 2.5%. let's take a look at what you can face at the pump in the bay area. gases, most expensive in napa on average costing $5. and $0.45 on the list. it goes from expensive to the top and goes down to the cheapest in vallejo and fairfield costing $5 and $0.3. and so we caught up with drivers this morning to talk to them about average price is where they going. i i've met with the man and he is going up to the north bay. he's so excited. but there's
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one hang-up. the cost of gas. >> i mean, thanksgiving is my personal favorite holiday cause light. it's just so cozy and everything. but yeah, so it that's his plan for me. >> one of the gas co getting there, it's expensive do look at this 6 gallons, 6 gallons, almost $31. yeah, i can't. i can't do it. to be honest. this car takes up a lot of guys and i don't know. i just can't say but many money because it's like all of that goes to get straight up. >> it's true. and for those of you hitting the road on this thanksgiving holiday, we want to cover all your bases. so take a look at your going up to tahoe gas in placer county will cost you $5.15 on average. you la county going up to $5.21 on average. it looks like no matter where you're at in california on average in the $5 range. but as i said, drive around shop around. you can >> see and witness that $4 range i did earlier and
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redwood city. make sure you stay safe out there. you want to get to that thanksgiving and family safe and sound. and sarah stinson reporting live back to you. ok, sarah, thank you very much. it is. >> 909, by the way, triple-a released this list of best and worst times to hit the roads. this thanksgiving we've been reminding you as we've been working our way through the week. so today, the best time to leave his before 08:00am or after 08:00pm, the worst time. as you can see there on the left side is between 11:00am pm the heart of the day. you don't want to leave during that period tomorrow. don't drive between 11:00am and 03:00pm. if you can leave before 11 in the morning or after 06:00pm, those will be your best shots getting where you're going. well, thanksgiving still happening. all right. 9 town on the clock. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a san jose teacher arrested for allegedly assaulting. >> at least 10 students will tell you what police know so far about this case. and we're also remembering the life of kevin nishita after he was killed one year ago. we're going hear how his family is
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doing now and have the latest on the investigation into this market. >> and it's another cold morning, but we haven't really sunny, comfortable afternoon ahead of us. high temps climbing into the 60's to even low 70's. more on your forecast is still ahead.
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>> 9.13, the time check the forecast here on this wednesday before thanksgiving.
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got john. stand by. lots of sunshine out there today. tomorrow through black friday and keeping the dry weather around for your travels back home for the weekend after the holiday. it's honestly things looking really good out there. we love to see that sun above san jose already warming you up out of the 40's back up into the 50's for a lot of the bay and temps will continue to climb a little warmer than they did yesterday. whether it's the sierra, the bay area or the south southern california. we're all looking dry across the state. that storm system that worked its way into the pacific northwest to accident into the rockies now and will continue to push into the great plains if your travel plans involve heading that direction here across california says high pressure ridge that's in place. you'll notice that being a little bit hazy, but no spare the air alerts in effect. we are advising people not to burn, though, because of that capping inversion keeping some of our pollutants trapped right here in the bay. as for today and tomorrow, it's all about the sun tomorrow. if you want to get outside for your thanksgiving feast, choose between one to 03:00pm. that's when we'll be at our warmest
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as we move into friday. great shopping weather for your black friday deals and saturday and sunday, maybe getting a little cooler, but we're dry up until rainfall returns on monday of next week. really timing it out. well, here, mother nature is so things looking good for the holiday in your travels. 60's at the coast, mostly 60's elsewhere, but a few low 70's returning like in woodside at 71 south bay. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60's. the east bay mostly in the mid to upper 60's as well. walnut creek, you'll barely hit 70 degrees north facing some of our warmest numbers with sonoma. up to 72 degrees today. here's a look ahead. temps tomorrow and friday will be the warmest of the forecast. we started drift downward trend after that. by monday, the return of winter highs only in the 50's with rainfall making its return. as for bridges, it's all good out there. we are seeing more and more of you traveling because you're getting somewhere for the holidays rather than trying to get to work. and that means only an 8 minute drive from the means to fremont street san mateo
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bridge. 13 minutes here at the limit. their bright skies over the richmond center fell and below 10 minutes and nothing holding the app at the golden gate. james. >> thank you very much, john. 9.15, is the time. and this week marks a very sad time for us here at kron. 4. it was the day before thanksgiving last year that our friend kevin the shooter, was shot and killed while providing security for one of our reporters in oakland, 2 of the 3 men charged in his murder are in custody. the search is on for the 3rd. we spoke with kevin's wife about this past year and how she's focused on getting justice for her husband. kron four's dan kerman has that story. >> it's been one year. it's been sad. it's been an emptiness. it has it's just we miss him. we really miss in virginia. nishita is talking about life without her husband. kevin. >> last year on the day before thanksgiving, kevin nishita was shot and killed during an
9:17 am
attempted robbery while providing security for a kron. 4 reporter in oakland. i was expecting him to be here. you know, during this time and he's not. so i had to make my new steps. make the steps on my own. now. and it's. it's very sad. shuttle hyun, michel and herschel hale are now in custody and awaiting trial on murder charges. a 3rd suspect has also been charged and remains on the run. a $40,000 reward has been offered for information leading to his arrest. i am hopeful that the that somebody will speak up. you know, this crime happened and that justice needs to be done for kevin before retiring in working security. kevin nishita was a veteran police officer working for the oakland housing authority and oma police departments, kevin's passion to always protect.
9:18 am
whether it be in the community. his family, you know, friends, you know, he was such a loyal person. you had to. to work and to it. like i said, family and friends not working. kevin was a husband, a brother, a father, and a devoted grandfather of 3. they're going to school now. and he always wanted to walk them. and that's the reason why he retired, you know, because he wanted to walk them to school now they're attending school now and he's not here. so it's it's always a sad thing. when i. see them leaving for school. kevin nishita was also inseparable from his dog cali who sadly passed away this month at the age of 14. virginia nishita says this year of loss has not been easy, but she make sure to keep going and make every day count because kevin would want me to. so i know there's the word come on and it's a
9:19 am
japanese word we you know, perseverance and are difficult time. so. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> as dan mentioned, 3 people have been charged in the shootings, murder and early into the investigation. authorities pledged to seek justice in this case. we talk with oakland's police chief about crime fighting efforts in the past year and how the departments working now to prevent more senseless murders like this. proffers theresa stasi has that part of the story. >> i reflect on how traumatic it was for our entire community. this is a person is part of the law enforcement community that i'm a part of so it really, you know, is it's something that that, you know, that weighs on me and and continues, you know, to motivate me to continue to address. i was in the city and see if we can something to make it safer. oakland police chief leronne armstrong looking back one year later, remembering the call. >> no cop ever wants to hear a former officer kevin nishita
9:20 am
was down shot in the stomach at close range with a semi automatic, although rushed to the hospital and emergency surgery. he died of his injuries 3 days later when this happened. we knew. >> that this was going to be a difficult case for us to solve. and initially we didn't have very many lead. >> the chief says the recalls talking with initiatives, pidow at his funeral. and i told her from the beginning that we would find the people responsible due to the help of the community. >> bringing forth information, we were able make 2 key arrest in this case. and we're going to at some point make a 3rd of that billy. >> the chief says that nishita's death hit hard, but so oes facing reality in his hometown. oakland is a city suffering enormous losses. the murder rate has surpassed 100 lives lost this year, 1300 guns have been taken off the streets. but senseless murders of innocent people continue to rip families apart. the chief
9:21 am
says new programs and community engagement is their primary focus to help combat crime. >> really increase enforcement effort to make sure that we are clear with people that they're not going to get away with committing these acts of violence in the city of oakland. and we're going to follow up. hopefully bring them to justice. the chief ads as we honor the memory of kevin nishita. >> it is also time to focus on the future and try and do better for all victims of violence. >> every time that we can do that our jobs to address gun violence and remove a weapon from our community and prevent one of these crimes from happening. it is preventing trauma from come into somebody else's so really is our effort every day to try to stop the pain that's happening in our community. >> to recess stasio kron, 4 news. >> 9.21 is the time coming up on the kron. 4 morning news hospitals across the country are currently running out of beds as covid the flu and rsv
9:22 am
cases are surging. how doctors here in the bay area are responding.
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9:24 am
>> 9.24, the time for your health winter viruses, which usually peak in december and january are actually surging right now. and as a result, area hospitals are being stretched thin in contra costa county, the number of people hospitalized with the respiratory viral illnesses.
9:25 am
more than the number of people treated during the peak of the omicron variant surge. if that puts it into perspective for you and the public health director says that pediatric rsv cases are already at a seasonal peak. >> you've seen all the metrics in the hospitals inching up, whether we're looking at a number of people with covid overall bets that are full icu beds are that are full respite, their respirators that are in use. all of those numbers are inching up, particularly our pediatric courts are are we're concerned about. but even the other stuff, you know, it all has at dawn stream and cascading effect. >> well, meantime, in san francisco, ucsf, benioff children's hospital set up a tent in the parking lot to treat patients with less urgent illnesses and injuries. it's an effort basically to keep the beds available for people who need the most urgent care. >> my message and my final message may be the final message i give you from this
9:26 am
is that for your own safety for that of your family? get your updated covid-19 shot. as soon as you're eligible to protect yourself, your family and your community. >> and there you have end of an era. doctor anthony fauci making one last plea tuesday as he delivered his last covid briefing from the white house. fauci announced earlier this year that he would be retiring in december and tuesday. he used that opportunity to drive home the same message he's been delivering over the course of the pandemic, which is that vaccines are safe and effective and they still offer the best protection against severe illness caused by covid-19 and its variants. we'll take a break here at we'll take a break here at 9.26. coming up next on th kron. 4 morning news. a man accused of threatening the life of bay area. congressman john garamendi. >> why the politician says this is why people have be really careful and choose their words carefully.
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back here on the kron. 4 morning news. want to head over to the weather center at the half hour mark and get another update from john on the forecast for today and the rest of our holiday. >> week ahead james. yeah, looking good out there. honestly can be much better. we're sunny. we're mild. we are going to see dry skies all the way through. your travels ahead of us today is a busy travel day, of course, and bright before you get out there for your thanksgiving holiday, a good chance said
9:30 am
it. the roads do some shopping. nothing going to be holding up from that. >> quite our looks great. under those clear skies, we have clear skies all across the bay. a couple of pockets of low clouds in the south bay has been causing new issues, though. radar shows these clear skies and dry conditions from the bay to the sierra to southern california. if you're staying in the state, your travel is okay. most of our temperatures are climbing pretty quickly. now we're in the 40's to 50's. we did fall into the 30's earlier this morning. but all of us have since lifted out of that fairfield, a nap at 50 degrees. oakland and san francisco at 52 54. i'll be breaking down your thanksgiving forecast. still ahead. as for roads, you're probably going to see some busy spots, but it's not your typical areas. it's just that people heading to their holiday destinations kind of traffic rather than having to work. that means the maze to fremont street. it's easy, breezy 8 minutes to get you across the bay bridge. san mateo bridge, 13 minutes and not a lot will be up at the richmond center fell north. the golden gate. nice and clear on top of it. back to
9:31 am
james. thank you, john knight. 32 time and breaking news. 6 people. >> killed and multiple others hurt after a gunman opened fire in a walmart in chesapeake, virginia last night. the gunman has also taken his own life. our sister station in virginia fact reporting that an employee who witnessed the shooting says that the shooter was one of the managers at the store. but police haven't confirmed that yet. they haven't released the identity of the gunman, but they will say that it was an employee who used the pistol in the shooting. as i said, he took his own life and employee told police the shooting started in the back of the store just as night shift workers were clocking in. officers say they found victims both inside and outside of the store and they say at least 4 of those hurt had to be taken to area hospitals for treatment. a woman says her brother who was an employee at that walmart and has been for about 20 years now was one of the ones shot and injured. he was able to call her and tell her that he was ok, but that he was hurt.
9:32 am
>> the fact that he was talking, i think to my parents who live in florida also called him and he spoke with them very quickly. and he said that that they're all working on. and you know, that that's kind of a comforting to know that he's able to texan able talk a little bit. just literally was clocked in 10 minutes. you know, we just never know. >> pretty scary for them. the motive behind the attack is still unclear. but the witness told our sister station they think the shooting was planned and that the gunman perhaps was targeting other walmart managers. but again, police have not yet confirmed that information. we'll look for an update today. meanwhile, the suspect in the colorado springs lgbtq nightclub shooting is now. >> in the el paso county jail and set to face a judge virtually today. police took anderson lee aldrich to jail after he was released from the hospital. he's accused of opening fire at club q saturday night, killing 5 people and injuring more than a dozen others. according to
9:33 am
court records and interviews, aldridge had a chaotic upbringing. he was raised by his grandmother for a time as own mother was struggling with her criminal history and mental health issues. colorado state attorney general says he will likely face charges now for every single person who was in the club that night. including those who were hurt. back to the bay area and the south bay. now where santa is a teacher has been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting at least 10 students at adelante dual language academy, israel. santiago has been book now into the or the santa clara county main jail. he's facing multiple counts of assault and annoying or molesting a child under the age of 12. investigators at and the school are having a disagreement right now over when these incidents were reported to police, sergeant christian camarillo says the san jose police were notified of these allegations against santiago on november 7th by the department of children and family services. but he says the school first reported the case to defense back in
9:34 am
october. there is a delay when we get notified. >> this delay can lead to more children being victimized. it could lead to the destruction of evidence because the suspects. >> we are aware that they are now on the radar. >> well, the superintendent went on to say that the district notified police first as soon as they were aware of the allegations, they say they sent a letter to parents and staff last night that read in part, quote, this individual has not been present on any district property since november. one, and they were directed by the district to not have any contact with students, faculty or other district employees. so as not to interfere with the ongoing sjpd investigation. also in the news this morning, a man is facing charges this morning for leaving messages that threatened the lives of north bay congressman john garamendi and the head of the fbi. investigators say that neil walter left a voicemail on november. 3rd for congressman garamendi saying, quote, you're going to die. joe. law
9:35 am
enforcement experts say this message is just the latest example of a growing trend of hate filled messages directed at american politicians. we spoke with the congressman and he says people need to be more careful how they express opinions so that it doesn't lead to violence. >> now we're going into thanksgiving now and we're going to be meeting with our families. i think all of us need to be very, very aware that the children are listening. young and older friends and family are listening to what is being said. and if we're talking violence, if we're talking hate people will be less than and will be taking action on that as has happened in this case? >> well, as we mentioned, john garamendi, not the only official to receive a threatening message. investigators say on november 19th the same suspect posted comments on facebook threatening this man on the screen. that's fbi director christopher wray. palo alto. police say they've arrested a former fleming's employee in connection with monday night's
9:36 am
drive-by shooting at the stanford shopping center. police say the suspect now identified as 32 year-old zachary ginsburg from san jose recently sent threatening text messages to his former supervisor at fleming's. he's accused of shooting at the restaurant, which is located the stanford shopping center on monday. a bullet, as you can see here, shattered the glass at the entrance. it also shattered the window of a nearby car. fleming's was open with customers inside at the time. but thankfully nobody was hurt. mma star cain velasquez has been given permission now to compete in a pro wrestling match in arizona next month, a santa clara county judge granted his request to travel out of the state and temporarily have his gps monitor device removed. alaska's was recently released on a 1 million dollar bail while awaiting his upcoming trial for attempted murder. since then, he's been on house arrest, but that will be temporarily waive so that he can compete at the event next month. it's his livelihood. a police officer, though, has to accompany him during the travel. and while he's at that
9:37 am
event, alaska's is accused of trying to kill a man who allegedly molested one of his young family members. 9.36. on the clock and we're going take a quick break. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news can sing concerns about. >> twitter's new normal continue as elon musk says that he's done firing and now he's in the mood to hire to talk more about that in minute. plus, good news for student loan borrowers as the biden administration is extending the payment pause on federal student loans. and plenty of sunshine out there today. already helping temperatures to rise out of the 30's and 40's where we were earlier on 60's and 70's for your highs today and a bit warmer for thanksgiving tomorrow. really good thanksgiving forecast. the details ahead.
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>> 9.40 is the time. and in national news, president biden is extending the pause on federal student loan payments while his debt forgiveness plan makes its way through the courts. the extension was set to expire in january. now, extent through next june, millions have signed up to the $20,000 student. let a student debt relief. but a recent federal appeals court ruling put that plan on hold for now. anyway. but the president says he's confident the debt relief plan is legal. he says it would be unfair to start collecting payments again. while lawsuits remain unresolved. after the midterms, california is now the first state to have more than 10% of its legislators publicly identify as lgbtq at
9:41 am
least 519 of them won elected office this year in positions ranging from school board to the state senate. that's higher than in 2021. 336 lgbtq candidates won their races. a political action group says the 519 number, but california above the 10% threshold in the most recent census, 9.1% of californians identified as lgbtq. we'll take a break at lgbtq. we'll take a break at 9.41. we'll be right back. nurtec odt is the only medication that can treat my migraine right when it strikes and prevent my next attack. don't take if allergic to nurtec. most common side effects, in less than 3%, were nausea, indigestion/stomach pain. treat & prevent - all in one.
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back at 9.43. for your money this morning. a lot of people are going to be running out today to get some last minute items for the thanksgiving dinner. and as we've been reporting, some of those items are going to cost you a little bit more this year we sent kron 4 sarah stinson out to the grocery s.ore to take a closer look. >> according to the american farm bureau foundation, turkey, prices are 112% higher than last year. butters up 70% pies. canned vegetables and potatoes are all more expensive as well. ok, i had to check this out for myself to see how expensive these turkey prices are. let's take a look so far. what i'm seeing in the meat aisle are turkeys that cost people. >> to 99, a pound up to 3.99, a pound which costs about 40 to 50 plus for the bird.
9:45 am
meanwhile, pies ore expensive as well apple pie looks great. but 15 bucks for this apple pie shoppers i talked with at the safeway told me it's all becoming too expensive. woued hope they go down for the people less fortunate. people are on snap and ebt and >> you know, they really can't afford, you know, that these i talked with an economist at csu east bay to find out why these food prices continue to rise. very do component. >> over $0.40 for every dollar then you have with the manufacturing. that is about $0.30 and then you add the actual food production that he's $0.15. so the point that i'm trying to make is that a lot of the cost of food, the bands retail. and depends on a food processing. for processing and retail have a lot of labor cost and a lot of rain cost. >> do you see the cost of
9:46 am
going down a time by the end of this year or not until next year for the season. i'm afraid prices will be >> now, unfortunately, that's just the sign of the times right now with inflation, the way it is. but luckily the weather is free and it's priceless. this thanksgiving. we've got john with that. yeah, a priceless few up at lake tahoe. just like we're seeing here in the bay area. lots of sunshine up there. of course, if you are heading somewhere for the holidays, you maybe driving today. so this is quite the busy travel day heading up into the sierra. a good day for it. and you'll also be greeted by some dry skies under drive back home from the mountains this weekend. you're staying in the bay. you've got just a sunny of conditions and some really nice weather to maybe take that turkey late early a dinner early lunch outside with you as we will be seeing some of our warmest temps in this forecast right there on thanksgiving towards the nation's midsection. some snow in the rockies today that will move into the great plains tomorrow here in california,
9:47 am
mild conditions, whether it's the mountain southern california are here locally one to 03:00pm your warmest time of days. so plan that thanksgiving feast outside tomorrow during those times and you will probably not regret it with all that sunshine. we've got now friday stays just as nice and mild before we start to cool things down this weekend, we stay dry through sunday before rain returns on monday. today's highs 60's for san francisco at the coast as well. as for most of the rest of us, although we start to see a few low 70's returning like in woodside at 71 south bay temps mid to upper 60's for you. same for most of the east bay walnut creek up to 70. well, oakland at 67, the 66 while napa at 71 in sonoma, our warmest spot at 72. tomorrow's temperatures warmer than today's on average. back up into the low 70's were will stay into friday. lows continue to be pretty cold dropping into the 30. so don't forget those jackets in the morning saturday sunday, dry for your travels back home.
9:48 am
and then like clockwork. once we're all settle back in for routines, monday brings us back winter with highs falling into the 50's and rainfall returning. as for bridges, you're good to go. if you're leaving early this morning for some holiday travels, the bridge, no issues there. you love to see roads like that. san mateo bridge just above 10 minutes to get you across it. richmond center fell below 10 minutes. a nice clear skies for your travels. golden gate bridge. 20 minutes from novato to the toll plaza. that's roland at the limit. james. thank you very much, john. back to the news now tonight. 48 elon musk says he's done with the layoffs at twitter, at least according to a tech news website, the verge he says he's now starting to hire again. >> after slashing nearly half the company's workforce earlier this month. the verge is reporting that musk told employees during a meeting earlier this week that he's looking now to hire specifically in the engineering and sales department. he told the staff to refer anybody who might work in those roles under the
9:49 am
new conditions that musk one week ago told. >> the staff long hours, intense work or leave the company? well, now that more than 1000 people actually left the company about a 3rd of the engineers are left. that's it at twitter, which many experts say that puts the platform at risk for outages. however, there hasn't been one yet since musk took over. but there have been multiple reports of lagging service. >> the platform is especially vulnerable to outages. and we've already seen an increasing energy is over time on the platform. think that there's a danger that that is only going to get worse. >> well, as i said, with only a 3rd of the engineers left, he says keeping the platform away from outages again, be a little bit harder going forward until they can staff up. well, you can see the video here. a handful lgbtq community members were holding
9:50 am
twitter responsible for anti-gay rhetoric that's been circulating on that platform. >> a small group held that protest outside twitter's headquarters in san francisco yesterday. they brought that canada and a new shape like the twitter bird with messages on it reading anti lgbtq. sexist. demonstrators say they're concerned about twitter allowing the former president back on the platform. >> which is very dangerous for a lot of vulnerable populations, including. we fear that with trump back on twitter, he could gain more power and that is not okay for our democracy. >> well, the same group also held a protest back on october 31st against the possibility that on mask might reinstate former president trump's account. not 50 on the clock and other tech news computer maker hp says that it plans, unfortunately, to cut about 4,000 to maybe even 6,000 employees over the next 3 years. in a statement, the
9:51 am
company headquartered in palo alto said that its future ready transformation plan should have one company or should have the company. 1.4 billion dollars or more through the end of 2025, that's how they're looking. how much looking to cut hp now joining a growing list of tech companies announcing significant job cuts, including facebook's parent company. meta and amazon. meantime, a federal judge tells amazon to stop punishing employees for organizing unions. the ruling is in response now to a lawsuit by the national labor relations board. that board claims that amazon fired an employee for attempting to organize a warehouse in new york. now the judge says that there was reasonable cause that the company was carrying out unfair labor practices but declined the labor board's request to have that former employee reinstated. california, by the way, releasing an updated schedule for the final phase of its inflation relief payments. the state is currently sending out debit cards to qualify. taxpayers who do not use
9:52 am
direct deposit. those payments are going out in alphabetical order based on tax filing status, about 18 million people qualify for a payment up to just over $1000. the authorities in charge say most of already been delivered via direct deposit. we're going take a break at 9.52. we'll be back with more headlines here. just a minute.
9:53 am
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>> 9.54, the time. and as we're wrapping things up here on the kron, 4 morning news, we got to go upstairs quickly, check in with olivia horton. find out what's coming up today live in the bay. good morning, olivia. good morning, james. and happy wednesday, everybody coming up today on live in the bay. >> get those holiday shopping lists ready. we have the top tips you need to keep in mind as you head out this black friday, then we're getting you ready for thanksgiving with some cocktails that you can serve up with each course. >> plus on your mark. get set. go. we have all the details on the oakland turkey trot and how they're giving back to the community. and as always, we want to hear what you have to say about our question of the day. so make sure chime in to our viewer voice to scan that qr code today. we want to know from food to family to football. what's your favorite thanksgiving tradition? let us know the answer could be read live on the show today at 01:00pm right here on kron 4. james, i a few family traditions right on thanksgiving. a few. yeah. we typically love to go up to my in-laws. my wife's parents up
9:56 am
in pioneer. >> where they love to barbecue a turkey in the weber grill and the thing the kids and i'll love to do is wait for that turkey to come out because the skin is so crisp so we just we like tariff locate. that's like the one thing look forward to. i've never heard of a barbecue turkey. i like, oh, ricky got to check it out is to get the smoky flavor. it's fantastic. right on cole's on a weather girl. oh, my gosh. this sounds amazing. you're making me hungry. for tomorrow they say libya. thanks. all right. as we head to break here at 9.56, a quick reminder that, of course, kron 4 is celebrating the bay area's remarkable women that we all know and love. and if you know somebody making a difference in your community, you can nominate her for woman of the year. so we're going to holding that contest. easy to nominate just head the the website kron 4 dot com slash remarkable women or just scan that qr code. it will take in the same place and they'll be the entry form their and we'll be excited to see what women out there are doing wonderful things in your community. and just because, you know, someone that makes a
9:57 am
really good turkey might not be although if you do know some of get hurt, their remarkable the oce. that's where we should be. i'd say get those thanksgiving feasts outside one to 03:00pm. we'll have our warmest temperatures for thanksgiving. some low 70's. >> and friday, keeping it around, too, next week, winter returns. james 50's by monday and remove we have temperatures drop are get that look forward to have a great day, everybody. we'll see you back here tomorrow. that's definitely him.
9:58 am
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