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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  December 30, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> now it's 3 gun violence taking the life of a teenager, a 15 year-old shot and killed allegedly by a young another young person. authorities have announced an arrest in connection to the brutal killings of 4 idaho college students. what we now know about the suspect in custody. storm is sweeping through the bay area right now. our meteorologist kyla grogan is here with what we can expect tonight and into the new year.
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>> thank you so much for joining us this friday here on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm justine waltman. our top story today, rain, rain and more rain. let's take a live look now at the conditions from our mount tam cam. and we can see. it is windy and wet out there. it's a mess. we're going to turn now to our meteorologist kyla grogan for what we can expect not only for today is there's a big storm system rolling in tonight, but also for new year's eve. and as we roll into the beginning of 2023 kailua, what do you think? and we're going to get any breaks in the rain? >> no, not until tomorrow. so we are going to see our rain increase in the overnight. i want to start with the wind. we're showing those pictures you can see right now winds started to pick up at sfo about 22 miles per hour. 21 in napa. 23 in fairfield and you can even see oakland and concord and notice all of that southeasterly kind of direction that this is coming from. this is why we are under a high wind advisory tonight. it kicks in at 01:00am. you can see it is pretty much bay area wide goes through 10:00am
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on saturday. we're going to see gusts upwards of 20 to 30 miles per hour or so, probably gusting in that 40 mile per hour range. this is a live look at the radar right now. you can see some the heavy rain still to the north of us. but as we start to zoom in some of the starting to pick up a little bit in the north bay, getting a little more coverage than we were earlier. still light showers, no doubt about it. but guerneville santa rosa, the database seeing some of the action still not a whole lot down on the peninsula. but again, we'll see this increase as we get into our overnight tonight. so we have been in the warm sector, the warm front sector of the system. but as we get through tonight, we're going to see a cold front passage. that's why we'll start to see heavier rain and some of the wind that's going to coming as this passes us by sofi. track this through for you and show you as we get into this evening here come some of the heavier showers. that's about 07:45pm. tonight in the north bay. and then it really starts to kick in. that's about 11 o'clock tonight and notice in the overnight. this incredible line of storms setting up here that is that atmospheric river that we've talked about. that is 04:00am. and i think the
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south bay east bay in particular could see a lot of action from this in the early morning hours. there's about 07:15am, going to take you into your afternoon. this is our new year's eve day. so you can see we start to clear from north to south as we get into about 6 o'clock. i think that's where we'll start to see the clouds lift and it should be just in time for some of our new year's festivities for people who are going to be out and about now between now and then we have an awful lot of rain to deal with. these are the totals we're expecting coming down rather quickly in this overnight. so you can see between about an inch and 2 inches of rain and that is why we have flooding concerns. and that's why not just here in the bay area, but you can see a good portion of the state under a flood watch starting this afternoon going through tomorrow. so you just want to make sure you're ready for it because the rain is on the way. i'll be back in a bit with more in your extended forecast for now. send it back to the we need this rain and there's a lot of it coming over the next several days. are some concerns about flooding in the north bay kron 4 sarah stinson is a marine county with a look at what is to come.
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>> the storm are all experiencnng in the bay area. could cause major flooding. and that's something that people in san anselmo say they've experienced a time or 2. they even have this sign up in the downtown area showing where the water level was in 2005. you can see it's above my hips. so it's at least 4 feet of water. they experience. i spoke with one woman at the local coffee shop and she told me about the few times she's experience major flooding here. my parents talked about taking kids a parent's right hand and kids up to my parents and their second-floor window and they taken. cars are floating down the street. so it it was pretty bad. >> 2005, we were the water was running above the creek. so we're being careful not to walk off the. off the land into the creek. so, yeah, that was pretty bad, too. >> this is video of october of last year. one, it got really close to flooding the sentence. elmo creek was at the brin it cause and in
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avenue businesses to shut down and then everyone was told to go to higher ground. it's cases like this that have people remembering what could happen and preparing for the worst-case scenario. the owner of a hair salon is ready to go for the rain to pick up in for potential flooding. they've got some sandbags right in front of the door that way they can just put it in front and prepare for any potential flooding. marie kennedy says she's noticed people are more prepared than ever. people are paying more attention to their storm drains. >> gutters. fire safe marion and then wd are really doing a lot of outreach for people so that we don't get these problems. everyone i talked to in the downtown area said they are ready. they're aware of the situation and we'll have to see what happens with the rain that we see tonight tomorrow. >> and the days coming after that, see if we do see that flooding in this area. i'm sarah stinson reporting back to you.
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>> the california highway patrol will be conducting its maximum enforcement period starting in just a few hours at 6 o'clock tonight will be in place through midnight on monday. and during that time, the agency we'll have more officers on the road. keeping an eye out for people driving under the influence. they tell us the 29 people were killed and officers arrested almost 500 impaired drivers in california on new year's eve last year. coming up later on this hour, we're going to take a look at how officers plan to monitor drivers this holiday weekend as the rain will also make the roads even more dangerous. the oakland police department, the fireworks task force there is out and about on new year's eve, they will be patrolling for people setting off illegal fireworks. people driving under the influence and illegal gun use the department is reminding people that it's great to celebrate, but you should not shoot guns into the air to do so. the bullets coming down could kill or hurt people. we'll stay in the east bay now are shooting in pittsburgh has
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killed one teenager and another is now facing felony charges. this happened on suzanne drive on thursday. police did not say what led up to the shooting, but they have arrested one 15 year-old for involuntary manslaughter. investigators say they're following up with witnesses to figure out how this happened and whether the shooting could have been intentional. anyone with information about this case is asked to contact pittsburgh police. 2 people have been killed at yosemite national park following a rockslide at the park's entrance. the mariposa county sheriff's office says it happened on tuesday between the arch rock entrance and the town of or ellport all that's when the boundaries of the park, the identities of the 2 people killed have not officially been released. now to an arrest in that case that's captured national attention for nearly 2 months. authorities in moscow, idaho now have a suspect in custody for stabbing to death for university of idaho students. the fbi to brian coburg into custody near scranton,
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pennsylvania, overnight. the 28 year-old is being held for extradition back to the state of idaho the phd student by the same name is listed in the department of criminal justice and criminology at washington state university, which is just a short drive away from the state line from the university of idaho. but police have not officially made that connection yet. police did say they have received more than 20,000 tips in this case. other national headlines now, former president trump's tax returns are now public after years of controversy surrounding them. the returns released this morning are from 2015 to 2020 and spans 6,000 pages. trump has refused to release his returns when he ran for president and waged a legal battle to keep them secret while he was in the white house. house democrats on the ways and means committee voted to release the documents along with a report that accuses the irs failing to audit him correctly. >> something clearly wrong
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here. the american have a right to know about this alarming state. not compliant. >> analysts are currently reviewing the thousands of pages of documents and will update you on the contents as soon as they become available. later on this hour, we're going to take a closer look at what this means for trump's possible 2024. presidential run. also coming up this hour on kron 4 news with the new year comes a new laws. the changes that are coming in 2023, especially when it comes to jay walking. >> was do you have your ticket? we're going to take a look at the massive mega millions jackpot that's up for grabs tonight. but first, we're keeping a track on a series of storms headed to soak the bay area over the holiday weekend. that's a live look at our radar right now. and there is a lot more wet weather to come overnight tonight. >> hi, low will track across when we come back. stay with us.
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>> let's talk about our forecast with this live look outside here at the embarcadero in san francisco. these gray skies are going to get used to as we head into the new year. there's a series of storms coming our way and they've already started. meteorologist kyla grogan here now with our forecast with a look at the big storm system that's really coming in for tonight. that's kind of the whopper. it is. but there's a break and it's a very convenient break. i knew she really wanted to hear this new year's eve. looks like it's going to be ok, everybody. but the beginning of saturday is going to start off really soggy. let's start with the
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storm totals that we've got in the last 24 hours because they're impressive. >> mill valley, 1.6, 6 inches. oakland, 1.3, 4, you can see just under an inch in petaluma danville, also just underage san francisco just under 3 quarters. and san jose certainly lower total there. just a little over a 10th of an inch. but needless to say, it is impressive and will continue to see more of that. but this is the good news we're going to be drying out just in time for new year's eve. so skies clearing from north to south tomorrow. i think by about 6 o'clock, we should all be drying out and then also seeing those clouds start to lift. temperatures will be in the 40's and mostly 50's. so it won't be so bad after all. so this is that stream of moisture. that moisture plume that we've been watching and it has delivered no doubt about it. and we're now about to see a frontal passage that will kick that action up. >> even more with more wind, more rain on the way. but right now we're just seeing light showers, right? a few of the more kind of pervasive showers moving into the north bay at this hour. but for the most part, just some wet roads, which of course, >> it's going make a little tricky if you could be driving
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home. wind is getting a little gusty out there. so we're 22 miles per hour at sfo. you can see nap and out to 23. 23 in fairfield, but notice oakland, concord, you know, everything's starting to pick up. that's going to be indicative of what's to come tonight. i want to show you future wind. here is a track it forward and take you into just about 7 o'clock tonight. these numbers getting up to you know, it's numbers like 27 miles per hour. 29 miles per hour. so was looking up at our peaks. and some of them are already gusting up into the 35 more 40 mile per hour range, which means it will come down to the surface. but this is your saturday morning. so we'll see things start to get better as the system starts to ramp down and gets into saturday night in the meantime, we are under a high wind advisory. you can see it's pretty much bay area wide expecting those gusts could be upward of 40 miles per hour. and that, of course, can be power outages. so just be ready for it. so tonight, gusty wind, heavy rain moving in tomorrow. those downpours are going to be early in the day. late afternoon clearing and we're going to dry out for a very nice sunday. but we do have another system headed our
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way next weekend. keep in mind, saturated ground. so the flood watch that is out for us tonight into tomorrow. wouldn't surprise me if we see more of this next week as we have some more systems coming our way. take a look at your extended forecast and you can see that we do dry out. we have that nice sunday. notice we cool down a little bit, too, especially overnight lows as we get that frontal passage going by us. a smaller system on monday and then we get a little bit of a break on tuesday and then a heavier rain system comi g in wednesday. it looks like potential for rain for the rest of the week as well. i'll be back in a little bit. we'll talk a little bit more about are very active weather pattern for now. send it back to the desk. thanks, kyle. um. well, this weekend, every california high patrol officer will be out there looking for unsafe drivers. >> kron four's madyun spoke with the chp about how this storm. we'll also likely increase the potential for dangers for impaired drivers. >> this new year's celebration weekend is going to be a wet
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one out on bay area. roads and freeways. i guess i would say it's kind of the perfect storm, right? mixing impaired drivers and poor driving conditions just makes it exponentially worse. friday at 06:00pm marks the beginning of the california highway patrol's maximum enforcement period. chp officers will have an increased presidents on freeways in an effort to keep drivers safe. chp spokesperson andrew barclay talked about how the weather will play a major role this year. we look at the fact that we're probably dealing with more impaired drivers. but on top of that, you add in the weather component, whether it's here with rain, whether it's in the sierras with snow for us, it's it's very important to have extra people out there. as i mentioned, not just for the impaired driving component of it, but also to be there for, you know, people who may break down along the way, need extra help. >> the driver of this overturned big rig on 8, 80 freeway at high street in oakland needed a little help friday morning. >> the cause of this accident is still under investigation.
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obviously it overturned big is not an easy thing to move, especially when it's a loaded during last new years, maximum enforcement period. there were 29 fatalities, 495 arrest for driving under the influence. and chp officers road. 2300 tickets for speeding but also for the bay area. we also tend to see this week between christmas and new year's typically being a lot of travel with people going up to or just >> enjoying that week with families. so please, please, please slow down out there. just take your time. have patience get we're going safely. >> the california highway patrol, a maximum enforcement period ends monday at 11:59pm. has it made kron 4 news? >> airlines offer points and rewards to frequent flyers and there are some things you can do to make the most of those benefits. rich demuro has look at ways that you can save in today's tech smart. >> points are big business. people practically argue over
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automatically imports all of your reservations. you can see everything on a timeline with confirmation numbers front and center. >> finally, check out. point me a new website. that's like a search engine for award travel search here, origin, putting your destination. when do you want to go and show you every single possibility available? you can your miles and points pay $5 for a day's access or more for the year 12,000 points for a flight to hawaii. this site is so impressive. it feels like you're hacking the system. you are probably getting 6 to 12 times the value compared to what you would do if you are searching on since point me knows the ins and outs of every program and how points can be transferred around. >> you'll unearth valuable ways to redeem you. never thought of. so if you think that you've used a tool to help, she is miles and points before you have use anything like this. >> ok, so you have to pay a bit to use point me. but the results are truly impressive after using it to research for just a few minutes, i booked 2 flights using points in a way i would have never thought of.
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you can find more information on my website. rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> still ahead, the rain is here and it's hitting nearly the entire bay area will see how things are shaping up in the south bay. but first street thinking about moving out of the bay area. details on where the experts say you should be buying your next home so you can get the best home so you can get the best bang for your buck.
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>> electric vehicle sales have surpassed a key marker. a kelley blue book reports as evs accounted for nearly 6% of all new vehicles sold last year. there's a big jump in demand. analysts are saying faster charging and longer driving ranges are converting some skeptics. also, the inflation reduction act extended consumer tax credits, making evs a little bit more attractive to buyers in 2022, there were 26 all electric models on the market. and as we ring in the new year this weekend, maybe one of your resolutions is to have more money while the mega millions jackpot is now close to 640 million dollars after there's been no winner for 21 straight drawings. the odds are winning the odds of winning are one in 302. 0.6 million, one in 302.6 million. but, you know, good luck. the
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drawing is %onight. we'll have those numbers for you in prime time. if you are considering buying a new home in 2023, one real estate brokerage firm is sharing its projections on where to hunt and where to skip redfin. economists say some markets may be affordable now but will necessarily be good. long-term investments. they say that some sunbelt markets like austin, phoenix and las vegas could have mortgage value trouble next year. the redfin economists are saying markets in the midwest and the north like milwaukee and chicago have homes likely to hold on to their values for a lot longer. a lot more ahead here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock. coming up, the department of justice is suing a large drug maker. the accusations over how it fueled. >> america's opioid epidemic. plus, former president trump's tax returns have finally been made public after a long battle with congress will have a live report from washington, d.c., but how this may impact the former president's attempts to run for the presidency. again, we're also
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go live to the south bay to see how people there are preparing for a massive amount of rain that is expected this of rain that is expected this weekend. thes [narrator] everyone needs quality health insurance, even if you're healthy and active. covered california is a free service to help you get covered. 90% of members have received financial help
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>> let's talk about our forecast as we take this live look outside of the gloomy shot on the san mateo bridge. it is windy. it is wet out there and we're heading into a holiday weekend. our meteorologist kyla grogan here now with details about the forecast and there's a lot of rain coming our way. there is
3:28 pm
because now we're starting to get into the cold front passage portion of the system up to now, we've been dealing with the warm front portion, which means warmer temperatures, as you might have noticed in the overnights and kind of that lighter rain. but tonight, ahead of this front, passing us by. >> we're going to see increased wind and some of the scattered storms picking up. and then by the overnight into tomorrow morning, very heavy downpours and some of those gusts could get upwards of, you know, 30 to 40 miles per hour. so as we take a live look outside right now, you can see, certainly we, you know, look towards the north and we see where some of this is starting to get a little bit more ominous looking. and if you take a look over here, you can notice that we've got some of the wind whipping there in the flag is moving a little bit more than usual to 22 miles per hour. winds right now at sfo. and you can see 23 in fairfield, 20 in oakland and concord. so we're starting to see that wind pick up. that's the first component of this system. the second thing will be the heavier rain right now. just lighter rain as we take a look at stormtracker 4 you can see in the north bay, though, starting to increase a little bit in intensity but not starting to see those
3:29 pm
yellows and oranges pop up like we will in the overnight pretty light right now, actually the rest of the bay area. but as we zoom out, you start to see that is that stream of moisture, that plume that's been rolling in. and that's what's helping to fuel all of this rain. unfortunately, it's also what's helping to put us in a situation where low lying areas and streams could certainly see some flooding as we head into the overnight tonight and tomorrow. so just want to be aware. notice this is bay area wide and frankly, not just the bay area, but a good portion of california that is now under that flood watch. so let's look at future cast will show you in this heavier showers roll. and we're taking you now to 10 o'clock at night. so notice in the north bay, we start to see some of that heavier action in a rolls poiny south of the time we get to about 04:00am that stream of heavy moisture. those heavy downpours are now down in the south and east bay. and then we start to clear out as we get into tomorrow. so about 3 o'clock things. start looking a heck of a lot better and how about that? 10, 30 at night. that's your new year's eves. we get the clouds out here too. just in time for the fireworks to go off in for a beautiful sunday to start our new year with not only not worrying
3:30 pm
about the rain, but also getting some really nice sunshine and they're now by monday. we're back at it when i come back in a bit. we'll talk about that and also the weather in the sierra. that's also getting a little crazy this weekend for now. send it back to the desk. thanks. kyla. we move now to the south bay where people are preparing for a weekend of wet and cold weather kron fourhs justin campbell live for us now in san jose. >> he has the latest there. no umbrella there. no put up. so you're getting nice break there, justin. but how are people preparing? >> you can tell it's just starting to sprinkle a little bit right now. a lot of people that i spoke to are more worried about new year's, but the city is preparing. here's what i want to show you where we're at. we're near were at stockton avenue in santa clara street. the city tells me that this area, right by the shark tank is a low lying area. it's an area which is prone to flooding. now the city will be watching this area this weekend. they say they started preparing for the rainy season
3:31 pm
back in july. that's when cruz hit the street. they started cleaning the. >> 35,000 storm and that's that they have across the city. now this weekend, there will be an on call list for extra help needed. and also storms are supervisors coordinating their response. >> i was working clearing out storm lots making sure storm pumps are up and running. and responding to requests from residents. >> now, if you're out and about during the this weekend, you're going to want to avoid this area. as they said, it is a low-lying area area and also chark caught avenue. that is another area that the city tells me is prone to flooding and they will be watching what is happening in that area, too. for now, we're live here in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. justin, thank you. >> to bridge toll assistant programs are set to take
3:32 pm
effect january for some military veterans will be able to cross all california toll bridges for free. this includes veterans with the congressional medal of honor, disabled veterans. those who have been awarded the legion of valor or the purple heart, pearl harbor survivors and former prisoners of 4 also by july, some low-income residents can waive penalties for bridge toll violations. the supplies to families of 4 with an income below that income threshold of roughly $55,000 a year or less. that is for a family of 4. those households that also have an income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level can apply to waive outstanding bridge toll penalties. more details on our website. now to capitol hill where the new session of congress is set to start in the new year. the house majority goes to the gop, but it's still not clear if that means a divided house. the party still has not chosen a leader. washington
3:33 pm
correspondent trevor shirley has look at where things stand now. >> house minority leader kevin mccarthy remains the front runner for the speakership. even though we still a few votes short of the 218, he'll need to become speaker of the house. that's going to be the first thing is electing a leader after we all swear in we elect a leader. 5 house republicans still say they'd vote against mccarthy for speaker which could take his chance at the position that those 5 individuals who are saying that they're going to hold out, they do that he doesn't get the votes in the conference is going to have to figure that out. before we start business, republicans say oversight will be a top priority in their approach to governing. we're hopeful that we're going to play a really big role because if mister mccarthy wants to, quote, play hard ball, he's going to need a few moderate democrats. they say that includes opening a number of investigations from hunter biden's overseas business dealings. >> to the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan, the white house says any investigations into the president's son, hunter are politically motivated.
3:34 pm
another top priority. this congress reining in what some republicans say is excessive government spending. the other power that the house has. >> is the power of the purse so we can accomplish policy objectives through the appropriations process. on top of doing oversight investigations. >> that was trevor shirley reporting for us this afternoon. also today, the department of justice sued drug wholesaler amerisourcebergen claiming it helped fuel the country's opioid crisis. the doj says the medical distributor failed to report thousands of suspicious opioid orders to law enforcement. according to the complaint, executives knew that prescription pills being shipped to florida and virginia. we're being diverted and, quote, sold in parking lots for cash. the company denies any wrongdoing. controversial social media personality and former professional kickboxer andrew tate has been arrested in romania on human trafficking and rape charges. the house
3:35 pm
andrew tate and his brother was staying in was raided by police on thursday night. the brothers and 2 other suspects face a number of allegations. romanian authorities say the group was involved in abuse and trafficking romania's anti organized crime agency has been investigating the group since april. authorities say 6 victims have been identified. tate seemingly reacted to his arrest and detain and twitter writing the matrix sent their agents. these developments coming shortly after a viral social media spat with climate activists credit to the berg. pope benedict the 16th is lucid and alerts, but his condition remains serious. that's the update. according to the vatican's news agency, which says that his condition is worsening due to advanced age wednesday, pope francis requested people provide a special prayer for the 95 year-old in 2013, pope benedict became the first person to resign as the head of the church in about 600 years. currently, there's no
3:36 pm
procedure in place for when a former pope dies. coming up after the break here 3, our washington, d.c., correspondent will join us with a deeper look into the release of president former president trump's tax returns. plus the u.s. is facing yet another shortage by doctors and medical experts are reminding people about the importance. >> of organ donation. and of course, we're keeping a track on all those storms headed to the bay area for the holiday weekend. your forecast right after this. (woman) what would the ideal weight loss program look like? no hunger, no cravings, no isolation, more energy, lasting results, and easy. is that possible? it is with golo. these people changed their lives with golo
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>> eating protein. rich food is not only good for building muscles, but it's also good for your health. now, nutrition experts have compiled a list of the best foods to get you that vital protein. so topping the list, aig's whites, chicken is not only high in protein but also low in fat when eaten skinless lean beef. an excellent source of protein. however, experts recommend eating red meat in moderation. seafood like salmon and tuna, as well beans and peas are loaded with protein. and according to the mayo clinic, anywhere from 10% to 35% of your calories should come from protein. a lot of people are preparing to give up alcohol for dry january sales of non-alcoholic drinks are on the rise and data from a drink. marketing company is predicting the popularity of non alcoholic drinks will only
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continue to skyrocket. they're estimating more than 25% of growth. non alcohol beverages through 2026. analysts say this estimated increase is because more people are focusing on their health. the u.s. is facing a shortage organ donations. according 2 officials currently there are over 100,000 americans waiting for an organ transplant in order to help ease the demand. scientists are finding alternatives and one company is looking into away to make pig livers look and act exactly like humans at 11 in minneapolis. researchers are examining pig cells and fuse with human cells from donated livers to see if this process could work. at this point in time. the process is very experimental and the makers our. putting plans in place to conduct human testing in the coming year. still ahead of 3 former president trump's has lost a years long battle to keep his taxes from the
3:41 pm
public. how the release of them could
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>> oh, boy. let's take a live look outside at the conditions in camera. oh, man, it must be windy there. it's a little nauseating. but hey, that's the reality. right now. this is 80 at donner summit slick conditions. they're not recommended to be hitting the road, especially overnight. tonight. let's track out the timing of the storm and also
3:44 pm
how much snow they're going to getting up there. yeah, i mean, look at this. i it's moving around. here's the thing that worries me a little bit, too, is notice these temperatures will be dropping tonight. look at the wet road there. you know what happens in those yeah, becomes iso. my advice is if you're not already up there, don't go now because this is when things are going to get going right in the sierra just now starting to kind of see that. >> turn over a little bit. you start to see the blue showing a parade and that is that that that temperature change. we're now we're starting to see some of the snow falling. >> so again, if you're on 80, if you're on 50, you see kind of those purples and pinks. that's where we're getting into those icy conditions. so again, i kind of think it's time to stay put. >> and then maybe head to tahoe and not until probably sunday. so let me show you why i say that. and that is because they have a winter storm warning and winter weather advisories that go up tonight and last through 04:00am on sunday, one to 3 feet of snow above 7,000 feet. you go up even higher. and we're talking about 1000 feet up to 5 feet of snow. wind is going to be gusting. you saw that and that camera shot
3:45 pm
right there up to 50 miles per hour to get up to the peaks even higher than that. travel is likely to be in difficult to impossible. so again, this is the wind that happening. you can see those wet roads, not a great time to be heading to tahoe, but if you're already there, well, you're going to see some fun snow come down. meanwhile, bring it back to the bay. you can see people kind of out and about here on the embarcadero, maybe getting some errands done, making sure they're ready for a rainy night as we head into this evening. we'll see the showers start to kick up north to south. so here we are about 8 o'clock notice starting to see some of those oranges and yellows on the map. that's an indication of heavy rain and boy, oh, boy, does it really get going in the overnight hours? that's about 04:00am. you can see from pacifica oakland. it's going to be a downpour by saturday. we're clearing out in the afternoon. we'll start to see those clouds lift as well. so we're looking good that your saturday night otherwise known as new year's eve and your sunday is going to be beautiful. just clears out. we'll get some nice sunshine in there. so if you are headed out to see the fireworks, i think we're going to be ok, everybody. some good news temperatures will be in the 40's or 50's. i think by about
3:46 pm
06:00pm we're going to see things start to change and get those clear skies in their nice sunday on tap a little rain on monday as a smaller system comes in a bigger system possible as we get into the latter part of next week's of course, i'll be keeping an eye on that. back to you. thanks. kyla. after a lengthy legal battle today, the public is finally getting a first look at former president donald trump's tax returns. >> and the house ways and means committee says there are documents covering 6 years of returns. there's a lot to go over. our washington correspondent raquel martin joins us now live work. how this is thousands of pages of documents. i can imagine a lot of a dc reporters have an interesting weekend ahead of the reading through all of them. can you give us some idea of what these documents reveal? that's right. well, a lot to shuffle through, but we know that there are details in here. never before seen details about the former president's business and also personal finances over the course of 6 years. now,
3:47 pm
democrats are the ones who push to make this public information. >> and it comes at nearly 6,000 pages. >> thanks to house democrats, former president donald trump's want secret finances are on the front page. 3 of those 6 years. the president paid less than $1000 in taxes. one year you pay 0, congressman don beyer is one of the house democrats who voted to publish trump's 2015 to 2020 federal tax returns. trump is the first president since richard nixon not to release them on his own. just the most important. >> person in the world supervising the largest expenses in the world. so you want to make sure that. there are conflicts. republican geopolitical strategist shaw says the tax documents give americans just a glimpse of the former president's finances. put snapshot help. trump took advantage of the american tax code to benefit himself. his family, his his businesses. >> but give the full list clear picture, i'm not quite
3:48 pm
sure the documents revealed trump held bank accounts in china. the uk and ireland during his first couple of years in the white house and avoid u.s. taxes by claiming credit for taxes he paid on overseas business ventures. >> trump attacked the release of his tax returns. in a statement, he says, quote, the democrats should have never done it. the supreme court should have never approved it and it's going to lead a horrible things for so many people retiring house republican kevin brady warns. >> democrats on the ways means committee have a unleased, a dangerous new political weapon. >> and republicans will take control of the house next week when lawmakers return back to washington. they've already pledged to launch a series of their own investigations into democratic figures. for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. just in. raquel, thank you. in the new year, nearly 1000 new laws will take
3:49 pm
effect across the state are capitol correspondent eytan wallace told us about some of them yesterday. but today. >> he's going to part 2 with a focus on key traffic related laws that you'll need to know about before you hit the road or take a walk. >> well, no doubt at some point in our lives. we've all done what i'm about to do. the illegal act of jaywalking where you cross the street, a random point in the road outside of a marked crosswalk but come 2023 as long as you look to the right and to the left and they're no hazards. you can do just this without getting a citation. just one of the many new traffic law set to go into effect january 1st. >> just today, our cameras saw it happen over and over again in downtown sacramento. jay walking technically as of right now, jaywalkers could be ticketed. but in the new year that will because of a new law by assembly member phil ting, the goal is very simple. it's to encourage more people to walk in california while critics have argued the new law could endanger pedestrians and drivers alike. ting says
3:50 pm
that will not be the case. noting the legislation allows jaywalking to take place only when there are no hazards there's no immediate car or bicycle or in the that it's ok to safely cross street. and at a time where we want more and more people to walk. >> i can't imagine a greater disincentive to walk into work, walking to school, walking a pick up groceries, getting a citation along the way of the law. he argues will especially help low income communities, he says were unfairly hit hardest by jaywalking. citations. the tickets were actually in lower-income areas where there's actually last pedestrian infrastructure. so we also don't want communities where there's fewer sidewalks. if you're a pedestrian over crosses to get penalize for having a lack of infrastructure and encouraging them to also be able cross the street safely. also related to road safety, new laws to protect cyclists. make it safer for people who are walking and cycling primarily as well as for drivers. that's
3:51 pm
what assembly transportation committee chair laura friedman says is the goal of a b 19. 0, 9, the soon-to-be law she authored often referred to as the on the bike bill. >> among other things, it requires drivers of possible to move over at least one lane when passing cyclists to give them more space having to vehicles have to move over a lane when it's safe to do so will absolutely be safer for cyclists who often. >> either pushed off the road by cars or endangered by cars or hit by cars that are misjudging the distance required to safely pass that. >> and if there's any message, democrats and republicans tell me they agree on this new year, fittingly, it's this share the road reporting in downtown sacramento. wallace kron. 4 news. >> coming up next for many ringing in the new year is a blast with a glass wall has some tips on how to avoid that january. first hangover. january. first hangover. that's after the break. ♪music playing♪
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>> you plan on drinking on new year's eve. experts have some tips on how to cure those hangover is coming on january. 1st, researchers from brown university suggest drinking on a full stomach and keeping yourself hydrated. the other tip is to stay away from dark colored liquor. experts say drinks like bourbon have a higher chance of increasing hangovers and they're all saying the best way to prevent a hangover is to simply not drink at all. we'll see how
3:55 pm
that goes. all right. we have so much fun. coming up on new year's eve, here's a preview of what usher has in store for us. >> when you find your passion, you find a reason and my passion is inside of performing for an >> so i get the joint the most incredible gift which is their excitement and it >> i do think it's good >> incredible. and i'm going do since started in to see it come to this. residents in las it's a new world. so we here at lives. here's an opportunity for me to try something i had never done before as a and what i do in every arena. why the heat up
3:56 pm
lays first assessed. how can i make sure that i'm curating show that will make sure everybody feels like they got somethin. never got show. i can tell you this is there's no bad seat in the house and it's hard. it's really hard to select the right right? selection of songs with i want to shift gears to catch a new year's now. what's a perfect new year's eve for the best new year's >> i love to be around loved ones, you know, and and we might be the silliest things like playing cards, a karaoke or like heads up whatever it might be in terms of like a game night. but i love being with family and i you know, just kind of reflecting for a minute. drink of choice a shunt is new year's eve. and you know, really do love that mains of the system, you know, it's just like nothing. you know.
3:57 pm
>> that's it for us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock. thank you so much for joining us. i'm justine waldman and i cannot wait for tomorrow night. grand tonight will be with you to ring in the new year with fireworks over the bay are big show starts at 11, 30. >> right here on kron 4. i will see you then. happy new year. and thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 3. see you tomorrow night. second date, wish me luck buddy. mouth to mission control. we have a denture problem. over. roger that. with polident cleanser and polident adhesive refresh and secure for any close encounter. if your mouth could talk it would ask for polident and poligrip.
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