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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  January 16, 2023 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> to 95, sunny skies are finally back in the bay. but people have their hands full, trying to clean up all the mess that this rain and wind ofebrought to our area. this is new video from the east bay. we could see a mudslide s forced evacuations there in the berkeley hills and red tagged and a portion of highway one shut down near devil's slide in san mateo county after. >> massive boulder, their falls onto the southbound lanes. thanks for watching. kron. 4 news at 5, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus will get to those stories momentarily. first,
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though, we go back to the east bay where one home was destroyed and others were damaged in haywards fairview neighborhood. 22 landslides and mud and debris careening down the hill over the weekend. really disturbing there are questions now about what next as rain looms later on this week. our kron four's dan kerman live for us in hayward with more on that. dan. >> well, not surprisingly, street is fair. cliff street and the cliff really gave way. and it happened on saturday. people who live in the neighborhood say city shouldn't responded a lot quicker. we're still waiting for some sort fix up. their rain is coming out wednesday. this home behind me already destroyed. it was saturday afternoon when this hillside broke free. >> sending water, mud and debris directly into this home, unfair cliff street in hayward.
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>> it's pretty could have been so great within like 3, 4 minutes. it took about half of the house. your creek like cracking. >> okay. shape through the destroyed home was red tagged and those living nearby, we're told to evacuate during the i think shocked. well, a bit. >> we're getting through day trying to figure out a shed at the home. next door was also destroyed. >> and sunday night, the storm sent more water and debris into this home on the other side and now concerns the city isn't acting fast enough. but some little. >> sandbags. and they thought was going to hold something, you know, there was putting them randomly in spots. but i thought it was going to hold. sanders and i'm going to do anything. >> city crews were on site doing debris cleanup on monday and more is planned were working on getting geotechnical experts out here and an earring experts out here. >> who can take a look at the
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soil. take a look at the hillside and engineer a proper drainage, you know, reengineered drainage flow that handle this. it's unclear when a hil%side fix will be in place. that worries those who live in the area with more rain forecast for wednesday. like to stay in my house. >> but i will not put my family in danger. >> city officials say it's very likely that once they get some idea of what to do about this hillside, they will do a short-term plan to get through the winter. and then this summer to a longer term plan to get through years and years to come. but right now, nothing done to that hillside. that's going to stop more rain coming down on wednesday. people are really concerned back to the student. >> rightfully so. what a mess. dan kerman reinlive for us tonight in hayward. meanwhile, on the peninsula
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crews there have been able to reopen all lanes of highway one in san mateo county after a gia boulder came crashing onto the highway. the incident was reported around 2 o'clock this afternoon. look at the size of that thing. the highway was reopened just about an hour later after crews were able to push that big rock and debris to the side of road. the slide occurred near the north portal where the bike and pedestrian paths joined the highway. fortunately, no injuries have been reported. >> well, today is giving us a break in the storms here in the bay area. the relentless rain still being tonight in the bay east bay of mudslides have forced evacuations of several areas in the berkeley hills are conference. charles clifford has more now from homeowners. >> well, here in berkeley on monday, the rain has let up that is giving people a chance to get out, assess the damage from the heavy rains over the past few days up in the berkeley hills. lot of small mudslides blocking the roadways. a lot of crews working. unfortunately, this home just above wildcat canyon road has been condemned. and that is because a mudslide is
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pushing its way into the home. there's actually trees and mud and debris inside the house. the city has condemned this building. they put a red tag on it, which essentially means the owners can no longer live here. they are being allowed to go in and out to get some of their possessions. but this point they don't know what they're going to do next. >> now our house is pretty much destroyed its red tags. and i don't know, you know what we're going to do. we can't get anybody here to move this turn into it. stops moving. >> the slide is also threatening additional homes along middlefield road. the spiral and wildcat canyon road. 10 homes have been evacuated so far in the remaining neighbors have been warned to be prepared to leave if the slide gets bigger. now the owners tell me that they weren't worried about a mudslide, even though they live on a hillside. they say they've got pretty good drainage coming down off the hill. so they're not sure how this happened. that's the question they're going to have to answer as they try to clean up the mess and restore their home. but for now in berkeley, charles, clifford kron, 4 news. >> i will take a live look right now outside downtown san
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francisco. and look at that. the sun has reemerged. well, what a welcome were. rodriguez joining us. >> the clouds are not spilling, but the waterways. we've got to keep an eye on. yeah, definitely a lot of saturation from coast to valleys in the bay area. so not only do we still have a flood watch in effect. but in addition to that, a flood advisory that's going to remain in effect. >> through 10 o'clock to midnight tonight. so we're not out of the woods just yet. we've gotten a lot of rain in just a short amount of time. and we're still seeing some activity out there with some light scattered hit or miss showers along the southern portions of the san francisco peninsula. and even for those of you in san jose, you actually saw some hail earlier today, believe it or not, and not only that, mountain snow over mount hamilton and diablo range looking like a winter wonderland in the bay area. but we're not out of the woods just yet. we're tracking another round of wet weather
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starting wednesday night. so it is going to be a dry day for wednesday afternoon. but then early evening hours for those of you in the north bay, you're going to see some light bands of rain arriving for you out of the north and then for the rest of the bay area. it's going to arrive shortly before midnight and it is going to be an overnight storm by around 4.30, for your thursday morning. it's going to start to exit the bay area and bringing another round of snow showers to this year. so we could pick up about a 3rd of an inch of rain or less highest peaks could see about half an inch of rain or less when it's all said and done wednesday night through early thursday morning and taking a look ahead, though, starting thursday, a much-needed much-deserved drying trend. find out how long it's going to last in my full forecast in just a few minutes. grant are yeah. grant and vicki, back to you. thanks with in the east bay. people living near harbor street in pittsburgh to leave their home. certainly this morning. >> as because of flooding, as you can see on harbor street from yosemite drive to greystone place harbor is
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closed tonight. people in more than a dozen homes there had to evacuate the fire department rescued a dozen people by boat. they say they also had to rescue a driver who tried to get through the flood waters in their vehicle that didn't work. the city officials there say the water in kercher creek is now starting to recede. they hope it will continue to go down to a safe level so that people can go back to their homes in redwood city. the chp says a pothole in the second lane from the left on northbound 101, has caused major delays and flat tires. for more than 2 dozen vehicles, the left 2 lanes near the woodside road off-ramp in redwood city are closed. the chp did not give in estimate on when they be able to get all lanes back open. drivers are being told to expect delays and avoid the area if possible. we'll bring you updates when new information comes into our newsroom. >> in san francisco, there have been several downed trees in and around golden gate including this one that fell
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into mets and lake pictures coming in to us from twitter. a user urban hiker this morning. they say that 150 year-old cypress tree. well, that downed tree exposed its large root system. you see there, no word on if work will be done to clear the tree and no injuries have been reported in this tree fall over the weekend. however, a 70 year-old woman was killed by a falling tree. she was jogging in the park near 30th avenue and jfk boulevard. you can stay up to date for the latest weather road conditions by scanning the qr code on your screen there. it will take you to a special section of kron 4 dot com with the latest flood watches and warnings. traffic advisories and more. >> all right. some better news how the forty-niners are awaiting thresults of tonight's monday night football game playoff game to find out who their next opponent will be. they will play sunday and it will either be the cowboys or the bucaneers visiting santa
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clara, our kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney joins us now. the latest on the niners and, you know,still on kind of a high after saturday's great game. oh, very much. so they usually call it victory monday. will this is victory sunday and monday since they played on saturday. but hey, no matter who their next opponent will be dallas or tampa. >> the forty-niners are in a great situation since they played on saturday. that means they will have 2 more days of rest between games than their opponent. does. and 19 weeks into a football season that is invaluable. of course. rest for pro athletes and coaches looks a little different than it does for us. normal folk, the forty-niners had the day off yesterday and mondays and santa clara are typically all about starting prep for the week. ahead. know coach is breaking down film with individual position groups and >> independent film study also. so they've already beaten the bucs and tom brady this season. there's a pretty good blueprint to start with there and they have a recent win over the cowboys in last year's postseason. today. head coach kyle shanahan said his
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strategy is simple. watch as both teams as humanly possible. we'll be watching a lot of film and tampa. >> and by the time it gets to them, we probably have watched on both teams to earn our his way into the end of game. so probably just sit back and relax tonight when that starts of. watch, just the peak like a normal after it probably get to work a little bit before we start on tuesday. >> not sure if i fully believe shanahan's going relax, but in any case, the monday night game is just about to get underway. it's in tampa. we'll have updates throughout the night in our sportscast. and don't forget to watch our special playoff edition of red and gold zone. that's tonight at 10. 45? but after the 10 o'clock news grant, vicki, oh, my gosh, it would miss it, kate and will be covering the niners journey in the playoffs. every step of the way and every night on red and gold zone. >> kron 4 sports director jason dumas along with kate and aaron wilson will cover all the developments leading up to the games and give in-depth analysis and highlights as the niners get set to hit the field again. you can watch them. as kate
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said tonight at 10, 45. >> coming up on kron, 4 news at 5. some big-time road closure still happening across the bay. what you need to know for your commute. and 6 people have been shot and killed, including a 17 year-old mother and a 6 month-old baby will have a live report from. >> to larry county where police are looking for at least 2 suspects. plus the snow causing some real trouble on the roads up in the sierra. but it hasn't stopped folks from making that trip to the mound. we're going have a live report. report. >> on the latest conditions.
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>> well, christmas has certainly passed. but take a look at a winter wonderland of sorts footage from mount hamilton in santa clara county early this morning. yeah, this is the bay area. wow. i know i thought that was tahoe at first. looks near whiteout conditions, all the trees, the roads, the homes and businesses way up high covered in snow. >> the sierra is experiencing white out conditions. a major ones. the storm forced to part of i-80 to close yesterday at donner summit in chp reporting several spinouts, as you can imagine and take a look at what traffic looks like over the weekend. people going nowhere fast. they went up to the mountains this weekend that they may be stuck there for a little while 8 hours, 10 hours. it was rough. >> trying to get to and fro tahoe. want to welcome crowd co
5:16 pm
who is on highway 50 near pollack pines at the halfway point between plaster ville and southlake comeback coming down. >> grant vicki, you know what is coming down here? it's getting dark, but it's not stopping anybody from taking advantage of these last minutes of his martin luther king junior holiday weekend. it's a three-day weekend. look at these. people are still out here. sledding earlier this lead hill was packee families, but so was highway 51. people trying to get home. there were some closures highway 50 now back open for those people trying to make it down the mountain. the hype is real for snow in the sierra as california continues to get hit with inch after inch of fresh powder. this light, the most snow i've ever here. for sure. for brandon homes, the three-day weekend was the perfect opportunity to make it to tahoe. >> but road conditions caused today snowboard session to fall short of what he was hoping for got turned around
5:17 pm
at 88 and had to come back. they get to snowboard, just turn around and decided we better than get stuck or driving 5 hours around or just go. throughout the day. transportation officials closed and open roads in the area for spinouts and power lines down. but those heading west were able to make it out of tahoe after officials opened 50 back up before noon. they're gauging from our airbnb are like, do we have to leave we stay a little longer. he's going to get a little but yeah, they finally opened everything up. we've got to the alerts and we're we're watching twitter, all sorts of stuff. yes. make sure everything is good. not everybody made it all the way out to tahoe this as road conditions today were concerning in the morning. >> but in the holiday spirit, these families stopped to make the most of it. yeah, i'm really proud of the kids because we got up this morning. it was raining. it was slush. it was cold. it was great relief. it's over. it's early three-day weekend. and every said, let's get a shot with just go up the hill. it's close. will turn around will go to, you know, jellybean factor ever. and the camp is unbelievable. super beautiful
5:18 pm
plus with chain controls in effect for much of the sierra, everyone is figuring out what chains are and how to make them work. we had a chain incident where we basically their chains are too small. so you had to tie that he like take a rope and make changes. so yeah, i don't know how that went. it was kind of dangerous. >> it was fun. and now we've got things a as more snow is expected for the sierra and people are headed home to wrap up their three-day weekend. officials ask drivers to take it slow to and from lake tahoe. >> grant vicki back out here live. like you said, you can still see the snow coming down here. >> but it's not falling as hard as it was earlier today. however, chain controls are still in effect for parts of highway 50. so if you are looking to come home, make sure you have those chains ready to go. we do have a link to find out which chains are right for your vehicle. on our website, a kron 4 dot com reporting live in. pines do
5:19 pm
kron zacha probably change. that fit would be advisable. not want have to tie on with the rope right? >> have to change if they don't fit or if you have the wrong chains, you could actually get a citation. so make sure you have the right change. all right. good zach boetto reporting live for us in the snow. >> at pollack pines, thank you, zach. >> yet for septa, having good changes, having actual that's of recent. the snow has just been obscene. just like the rain here. it's it's like a historical amount of precipitation. yeah, in fact, are atmospheric river. that brings us rain brings feet of snow to the sierra. so right now, no exception. let's take a live look outside. i-80 at castle peak and you can see. >> white out conditions out there right now. please drive safely if you need to travel. i know it's a long holiday. martin luther king junior day weekend with mlk day being today and you wanted to head
5:20 pm
out there to take advantage of that 3 day weekend. but please drive safely. we're tracking 247% of normal for this year's snow pack in. that's because of the several feet of snow that you've gotten all weekend long and even right now, no exception radar for tracking scattered snow showers throughout most of this so not only do we have a winter storm warning, but a winter weather advisory in effect from now through 10 o'clock tonight. and we are expecting to see an additional 2 to 5 inches of snow for the valleys elevations above 7,000 feet, 5 to 10 inches of fresh powder. so you can nearly get about a foot of sno3. on top of what you've already gotten this weekend with gusty winds. 45 miles per hour or less. so we are going to see drier conditions tonight through the overnight hours on tuesday, a very cold and dry air mass. and then we're going to see another round of mountain snow in valley, rain returning to this year wednesday night. that's going to continue through early thursday morning until we finally start to dry
5:21 pm
out for your sierra forecast. but we will see a mix of sun and clouds and truckee. south lake tahoe cooling down into the low 30's. but then another round of mountain snow arriving by wednesday. temperatures in the mid 30's and that was going to leave behind a very cool and dry air mass mid 20's for your afternoon. highs on thursday. even with that extra sunshine going to get back to you. all reason still ahead, honoring the legacy of doctor martin luther king junior, how the civil rights icon. >> is being celebrated here in the bay area and across the country.
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>> today, of course, is doctor martin luther king junior day, folks all around the bay area came out to commemorate the life and legacy of one of the most prominent leaders in the american civil rights movement this morning. cal trains nor cal mlk celebration train picked up riders in san jose. palo alto and san mateo gave them a free ride to events in san francisco where celebrations were being held throughout the day. folks who attended said they wanted to highlight the fact that yes, today is a celebration, but also a solemn day, calling it an opportunity to rebuild relationships in the community in the face of racial tensions that sometimes feel a strong today as they did. when doctor king made his famous freedom rights. >> we need to continue to do the as a community and continue to push the needle forward. we still have a lot
5:25 pm
of work to be it's good to see people out here, but we still have a lot of work. >> the free rides are part of a program organized by the northern california doctor martin luther king junior community foundation in partnership with caltrain. it's meant to signal the region's dedication to continue. the service started by coretta scott king, the late wife of doctor king. >> president biden is recognizing martin luther king junior day by talking about the leader's legacy and sharing what lessons he thinks we should take from it today. hannah brandt is in washington to tell us what he said. the psident is marking martin luther king junior day with a call to action. he says the fight for racial justice is far from over. doctor king's life. >> and legacy in my view, shows the way forward president biden's celebrated martin luther king junior day alongside prominent civil justice leaders is a day that we >> work. and continuing to
5:26 pm
make the dream of doctor king a reality. they talked about king and his fight for equality. and king son says we're still reaching for his father's famous train. have we achieved the drain? and the reality is absolutely not. we have made progress and but we still have a long way to go. but the president says his administration is gaining ground pointing to the confirmation of supreme court justice ketanji brown jackson money for minority communities in the infrastructure act and investments in historically black colleges and universities. i have your back. we've got to stand together and he pledged to keep pushing for priorities like voting rights and policing folks. we have a lot of unfinished work to do that. we acknowledged the new dynamics of a divided congress make passing legislation more challenging, but i'm ready to work with the new republican house and any republican or a republican congress to make progress of the people america. and vice president
5:27 pm
harris, an education secretary cardona spent their day at george washington university for their mlk day of service. >> in washington, i'm hannah brandt. >> thanks, anna. coming up next, what is all the rain? california's reservoirs? >> new information about that passenger jet that went down in nepal. how many lives have been lost and what we know about the cockpit voice recorder and tragedy in to larry county where live up there with what we're learning about the 6 people who were shot in a home overnight.
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your skin from within. >> we're following disturbing story into larry county where 6 people were killed in a home overnight, including a teenager and a 6 month-old baby. it happened on harvest residential area in the community of goshen. >> in the passed, a law enforcement have reportedly served search warrants for drugs at the home where the shooting happened. they believe the family that was living there had connections to local games for correspondent esteban reynoso is live in tulare county with the latest. good evening us. the >> good evening, vicki and grant. yeah, i'm here on harvest avenue in goshen and neighbors that i spoke to in both english and spanish. they're just shocked that this happened so close in their neighborhood. if you go ahead and take a look right behind me, you see one of those homes that is lit up is exactly where thi


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