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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 16, 2023 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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scott king and malcolm x and all the other >> now the long-awaited break from the rain allowing hundreds of thousands of people to be out and about today observing doctor martin luther king junior's holiday. thank you for joining us here on kron. 4 news tonight at 8, i'm pam moore. i'm ken wayne. we'll have more on the mlk junior day celebrations around the bay area coming up. but first, let's talk about what was mostly a dry day and the bay area for a nice change. there's a >> live view of the golden gate bridge tonight on this monday night. kron four's meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez standing by to tell us what's ahead. yeah, that's right. ken and pam, we still are under a flood watch and even flood advisories from now. >> through midnight tonight for all of the bay area just because of the inches of rain that we've gotten just within the last couple of days with not one but 2 atmospheric rivers that made its way into the bay area over the weekend
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drying out right now for your monday night. but we have one more storm before official drying trend begins thursday afternoon. but as you can see, wednesday afternoon, that's when that storm door is going to reopen for those of you in the north bay. it is going to be a weak storm from the pacific northwest. that one's going to bring widespread light rain to most of the bay area by wednesday. at 9 o'clock. and then during the overnight hours, it is going to exit the south bay. so it is going to a very fast moving storm. so rain amounts not going to be like what we've been tracking with the atmospheric rivers. this one is going to a colder core storm on the weaker side about a 3rd of an inch of rain or less with the highest peaks of the bay area. seeing anywhere from half an inch of rain or tuesday, going to dry out tomorrow by wednesday night. that's when those showers arrive. but thursday our official start of our o be drying trend. that's going to last for several days. find out when our next storm is
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expected to come into the bay area after this midweek forecast in just a few minutes. ken and pam, back to you number. he said, thank you. that's just in from abroad. were police in san mateo county. >> they say a tree is down at the park plaza extension. this is between 87th street and >> palm. crest drive. park plaza drive will be closed all night until crews remove debris until going to keep it close till about 10 o'clock tomorrow morning and a massive boulder blocked off highway one in pacifica for several hours today. the boulder has since been moved to highway is now back open. but there are concerns that more debris could come down. kron 4 sarah stinson has more. >> this massive boulder came crashing down from this hillside and into the southbound lanes here on highway one, blocking the devil's slide. north parking lot. this is all right before the tunnel. >> well, caltrans work to move the boulder in debris the north and southbound lanes on highway one temporary closed
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on and off monday afternoon. this caused the backup in both directions. chp and caltrans work to guide traffic. while crews worked to clear the road. >> people hiking in the area were fascinated by the scene. >> came to hike devil's slide and we've got to see a slide. >> fascinated by geological events and it's part of living on the coast. >> there's a concrete retaining wall covering most of the mountain side. but it stops right before the trailhead parking lot. and that's where the boulder fell from. caltrans says this is an example of effects we're seeing from the constant storms. we get a lot of rain. >> in that area and we get a lot of water seeping through that on out just a lot of water and that about him. and so that brings down the earth and the rocks caltrans is now faced with making sure more debris doesn't come down onto the bike or car lanes. >> in this area on highway one beverage, ala just looking at it. and we're big trying to
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make a decision and how we're going to shore up that slow. so it doesn't come down again. there's a part that still overhanging. >> cons of in place along this stretch of road on highway one to make sure that drivers don't head into this area. the north parking lot of devil's slide in caltrans. still working on a solution for this area so that more debris does not fall into the roadway or the bike lane. meantime, pacifica police saying the extra careful when you're driving in these north and southbound lanes. i'm sarah stinson reporting in pacifica. back to you. >> highway 37 in marin county is partially back open tonight after getting flooded over the weekend, caltrans reopened all eastbound lanes today, but one westbound lane is still closed for some. and a harry is following up on this story. she's going to have the very latest on the cleanup there. and what drivers in the area should expect for tomorrow. that's coming up on kron. 4 news tonight at 9 in the east bay southbound lanes on highway 13 remain closed as
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crews worked to clean up the mudslide. there. these are pictures of that slide that happened near the broadway terrace. exit. no word yet on when those lanes will reopen. niles canyon road is still closed in both directions from old canyon road in fremont, a silver springs road in seminole. >> crews are still working to clean up mud, rocks and landslides there. there's no timeline as well on when that will reopen. >> take a look at this. a fallen tree temporarily closing a stretch of north civic drive and walnut creek today half mile between walden road and pine street was closed for about 3 hours until the crews cut up and cleared out that huge tree. >> in hayward, there are questions about what's next after a landslide there caused extensive damage over the weekend. mud and debris flow down into the city's fairview neighborhood, destroying one home and damaging other homes. for dan kerman. reports on that. >> it was saturday afternoon when this hillside broke free, sending water, mud and debris
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directly into this home, unfair cliff street in hayward. >> it's pretty because it happened so quick within like 3, 4 minutes, it took about half of the house. your creek like cracking. >> okay. shape through the yed home was red tagged and those living nearby, we're told to evacuate during the i think i'm in shock. well, a bit. >> we're getting through day trying to figure out a shed at the home. next door was also destroyed. >> and sunday night, the storm sent more water and debris into this home on the other side and now concerns the city isn't acting fast enough. but some little. >> sandbags. and they thought was going to hold something, you know, there was putting on randomly in spots where they thought it was going to hold. sanders and i'm going to do anything. >> city crews were on site doing debris cleanup on monday and more is planned were
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working on getting geotechnical experts out here and an earring experts out here who can take a look at the soil. take a look at the hillside and engineer a proper drainage, you know, reengineered drainage flow that handle this. it's unclear when a hillside fix will be in place. that worries those who live in the area with more rain forecast for wednesday. like to stay in my house, but i will not put my family in danger, city officials say once they figure out what to do, the likely put in the short term fix to get through the rest of the winter. >> and then a longer term fix will get under way sometime this summer. in hayward, dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> you can stay up-to-date with the latest weather and road conditions by scanning that qr code on your screen. we'll take you to a special section of kron 4 dot com with the latest flood watches and warnings. traffic advisories and more. >> in other news tonight, an english teacher out of san
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jose is behind bars for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor. this is a picture of 31 year-old tape bin zhang, the teacher a year. but when a high school in san jose he was arrested january 10th at his home. the mother of a 17 year-old girl reported that she found inappropriate messages on her daughter's phone from jean who was her daughter's former teacher. detectives believe there could be additional victims. anyone with more information is asked to reach out to san jose police. >> in the east bay, the highway patrol confirms 19 year-old daymond lazzenby junior of pittsburg was hit and killed by a car. his body was found saturday near highway 4 between port chicago and we'll pass road in concord. family says his body was found in the area that was already searched by officials and family members several times last week. police say they believe the driver that game and may have been driving a dark colored sedan, but they say they don't have anything confirmed on a suspect so far.
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>> rain or shine. people were out serving the community and marching through our streets to honor doctor martin luther king junior on this holiday. and a lot of people still have their hands full tonight trying to clean up the mess. we head to the east bay where a new mudslide forced evacuations in the berkeley hills. but first, people squeezing every last minute out of this three-day weekend. a lot of people heading to the sierra ignoring the troubled road. conditions will have the latest on that.
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>> christmases past, of course. but take a look at this winter wonderland straight from the north pole is actually video from mount hamilton and santa clara county earlier this morning in the mountains east of san jose can see near whiteout conditions, trees, roads, residents, businesses all covered in snow up there as wright and the overnight storm was also enough to cause a rare dusting on mount hamilton. the snow is minimal and not expected to last long. but if you're looking for a thicker snow, you certainly will find it in the sierra. >> the snow has caused some trouble on the roads in the sierra. in fact, yes, it's still problematic up there, but it hasn't stopped people from heading up there to try to take advantage of all that snow. zach boetto talk to people making the drive and those trying to get back. the hype is real for snow in the sierra as california continues
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to get hit with inch after inch of fresh powder for brandon homes. the three-day weekend was the perfect opportunity to make it to tahoe. >> but road conditions caused today snowboard session to fall short of what he was hoping for got turned around at 88 and had a comeback. didn't get to snowboard. just turn around and decided we better than get stuck or driving 5 hours around and just throughout the day. transportation officials closed and open roads in the area for spinouts and power lines down. but those heading west were able to make it out of tahoe after officials opened 50 back up before noon. they're gauging from our airbnb are like, do we have to leave we stay a little longer. he's going to get a little but yeah, they finally opened everything up. we've got to the alerts and we're we're watching twitter, all sorts of stuff. yes. make sure everything is good. not everybody made it all the way out to tahoe this as road conditions today were concerning in the morning. >> but in the holiday spirit, these families stopped to make the most of it. yeah, i'm really proud of the kids because we got up this morning. it was raining. it
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was slush. it was cold. it was great relief. it's over. it's early three-day weekend. and every said, let's get a shot with just go up the hill. it's close, will turn around go to, you know, jellybean factor river and the camp is unbelievable. super beautiful plus with chain controls in effect for much of the sierra, everyone is figuring out what chains are and how to make them work. we had a chain incident where we basically their chains are too small. so you had to tie he ended like take a rope and make changes. so yeah, i don't know how that went. it was kind of dangerous. >> it was fun. and now as more snow is expected for the sierra and people are headed home to wrap up their three-day weekend. officials ask drivers to take it slow to and from lake tahoe. >> jelly belly factory, always a good plan if you've got kids along. here's a >> look at live conditions now donner lake on interstate 80 in tahoe. and you can traffic
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is moving. that's good news. plenty of snow on the ground there. plenty of snow. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joins us with some more details on what's happening in the sierra. yeah. and we're still tracking some more snow showers out there right now blanketing the sierra. here's a live look. >> i-80 at castle peak. and as you can see, a lot of fresh powder on the roadways. so please drive safely. don't forget those chains. you're certainly going to need them tonight. and we are tracking this year's snowpack averaging 247 percent of normal. the highest ever recorded for mid-january are parts of this year. ridgecrest have actually gotten 500 inches of snow that equals to 42 feet. so we're tracking additional snow showers out there right now with the radar for as this storm is starting to exit this winter storm warning and winter weather advisory in effect from now through 10 o'clock tonight. so we could see an additional 2 to 5 inches of snow for the valleys
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elevations above 7,000 feet could get slightly less than a foot of fresh powder with gusty winds. still in the forecast, 45 miles per hour through 10 o'clock tonight. so we're starting to notice calmer conditions, drier conditions by tuesday morning, lasting all day on tuesday. and even for most of wednesday. but starting wednesday night, we are going to notice the return of those snow showers for this year. a continuing through early thursday morning and then drier conditions by next weekend. so tomorrow, temperatures cooling down into the low 30's. even with that extra sunshine. 35 degrees by wednesday. but then dropping a whole 10 degrees by thursday because of that colder core storm. so if you are heading out to this year, take advantage of thursday because as you can see, the snow is still going to be there, especially with temperatures only warming up into the mid 20's. ken pam, back to you. thank you. in the south bay, lexington reservoir is spilling excess water and will continue to do so. >> at least for the next few days as because reservoir is
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completely full. water continues to drain into the reservoir. this marks the first time it's been full since february 2019 in the east bay water is spilling out of lake chabot and alameda county above san leandro. this is video from a kron. 4 viewer. >> according to the east bay municipal utility district. the reservoir is 112% full. and that has prompted the spillover, which is flowing at about 4300 gallons a minute. well, today has provided a nice break of storms here in the bay area. the effects of this relentless rain are still being felt in the east bay mud slides. force evacuations in several areas in the berkeley hills cop, 4 shells. clifford has more on that. >> well, here in berkeley on monday, the rain has let up that is giving people chance to get out, assess the damage from the heavy rains over the past few days up in the berkeley hills. lot of small mudslides blocking the roadways. a lot of crews working. unfortunately, this home just above wildcat canyon road has been condemned. and that is because a mudslide is pushing its way into the home.
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there's actually trees and mud and debris inside the house. the city has condemned this building. they put a red tag on it, which essentially means the owners can no longer live here. they are being allowed to go in and out to get some of their possessions. but this point they don't know what they're going to do next. >> now our house is pretty much destroyed its red tags. and i don't know, you know what we're going to do. we can't get anybody here to move this turn into it. stops moving. >> the slide is also threatening additional homes along middlefield road. the spiral and wildcat canyon road. 10 homes have been evacuated so far in the remaining neighbors have been warned to be prepared to leave if the slide gets bigger. now the owners tell me that they weren't worried about a mudslide, even though they live on a hillside. they say they've got pretty good drainage coming down off the hill. so they're not sure how this happened. that's the question they're going to have to answer as they try to clean up the mess and restore their home. but for now in berkeley, charles, clifford kron, 4 news on the peninsula. the california highway patrol says a pothole in the second lane from the left on northbound 101.
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>> has caused major delays and even flat tires. for about 25 vehicles. the left 2 lanes near the woodside road off-ramp in redwood city are closed. the chp did not give an estimated time for reopening. drivers are being told to expect delays in that area and that the chp would like you to avoid that area altogether. still ahead tonight, why officials say despite all this rain, california's water woes are far from over. >> plus, honoring the legacy of martin luther king junior. how the civil rights icon is being celebrated in the bay being celebrated in the bay area and across the nation. [narrator] everyone needs quality health insurance, even if you're healthy and active. covered california is a free service to help you get covered. 90% of members have received financial help. and every plan offered is comprehensive, covering preventive care, doctor visits, emergency care, and more. regardless of your income, check today to see how covered california can help you. and if you have questions,
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>> so let's be guided by doctor king's light. and by the charges scripture, which is let us never grow weary in doing what is right. for if we do not give up. we will our harvest in due time. >> president biden remember martin luther king junior today on today's federal holiday honoring the civil rights leader. the president's comments came during an mlk breakfast hosted by the reverend al sharpton. the president says americans must work together and always choose love over hate. just as doctor king preached here in the bay area, sun was out for what it felt like the first time in many weeks. perfect people all over the bay area came out to commemorate the
8:23 pm
life and the legacy of one of the most prominent leaders in america and particularly the american civil rights movement. reverend martin luther king junior. >> this morning, the cal trains nor cal mlk celebration. trey made his way up the peninsula offering free rides. the service started at the diridon station in san jose and ended at the march in san francisco. those who attended highlight the fact that today is a celebration, but it's also a solemn day calling it an opportunity to rebuild relationships in the community in the face of racial tension that sometimes feels as strong today as it did. when doctor king made his famous freedom rides. >> we need to continue to do the as a community and continue to push the needle forward. we still have a lot of work to be it's good to see people out here, but we still have a lot of work. >> this free commemorative service was really a program with the northern california doctor, martin luther king
8:24 pm
junior community foundation. and it's a partnership with caltrain. it signals the region's dedication to continue. the service started by the late coretta scott king got the king's wife. many of those who hopped on today's train used it to go to that march in san francisco. want to show you some video posted by san francisco state senator scott wiener as he joined hundreds in an annual march for the city and >> king's honor. the march began at the caltrain station at 4th and king streets. inmate made its way to your ribbon of gardens. those parading the street enjoyed a free afternoon of live music. >> and 49 are tied and george kittle along with nick bosa and trey lance and a few of their other teammates today participated in an mlk day of service players and volunteers assemble 400 kids with school supplies which will be delivered to students across the bay area. the event was put together by the african-american community service agency and the urban and academy which works to
8:25 pm
build equity in education by working to ensure that every student in san francisco has one black male teacher in their lifetime. >> vision is to ensure every child in san francisco and oakland as one black teacher, their lifetime and practically what that does for us is we have a mission to put one back to teaching every elementary school we recruit directly from hbcu for years to provide free housing for those black so they can be in the bay area. >> and take a look at this. jose teenage artist tyler gordon. we've talked to him many times over the years. he's also honoring doctor martin luther king junior today. he tweeted a video of himself painting mlk is portrait. tyler gordon also tweeted that we will keep dreaming until love and equality conquers all. he is really talented. still ahead tonight at 8 to dangerous, close call. >> we're too big planes near where the nation's busiest airports. plus the investigation that's underway in the central valley after a
8:26 pm
shooting leaves 6 people dead and reassuring. california is reassessing rather california's water woes. how the recent storms have improved the state's drought situation. but officials still situation. but officials still asking us to conserve water. hold on... you're a night manager and mom, and the bill payer, baker, and nightlight maker? that's a lot. so, adding “and student” might feel daunting. but what if a school could be there for all of you? career, family, finances and mental health. -happy birthday! -happy birthday buddy. well, it can. national university. supporting the whole you.
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>> welcome back. thanks to all of the recent storms we've had california's drought situation has drastically improved in just a matter of weeks. certainly good news. state
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researchers stress of california's water worries are not over. our grant lodes is here with more on out how california's reservoirs are doing right now. looking forward to hearing this. a lot of people tell you. >> we're really in a drought climate. so you should never really think that the drought is over. maybe arrange a time like this. but >> to conserve is always a good rule of thumb because down the road, it's not going to be raining all the time. we know that if we've lived here for a while and you talk about all this rain as it pertains to the drought, the storms have certainly been really welcome for california, especially. you know, you don't want to think about the flooding, but in terms of just filling the reservoir as it has been awesome. the fresh snow also making a huge difference for california's water situation, especially since the start of the new year late last year, late december. look at the most recent drought monitor on the right side of the screen there dated january 10th shows that all of the state is now out of
8:30 pm
that exceptional drought category and most of the state is out of the extreme drought. still, though, as you can see by that orange there, a fair amount of california is still considered to be an extreme drought. experts say it will take more than a year. lot of rain to technically end the drought. we definitely got to have consistency. >> for the next several winters. the storm track focus on california and the western u.s.. it's. we do not see that then everything that we've seen, he's going to be a temporary fix. only. we'll take a temporary fix for now in terms of california's reservoirs, the state's 2 biggest. >> shasta is at 51% at oroville. is it? 56% of capacity? that's according to the latest data from the california department of water resources. compare that to january first when the reservoirs were much lower, 34% full shasta at 37% full at
8:31 pm
oroville here in the bay area, all 7 reservoirs in marin county, our full 100% and lake sonoma is in 99% of its historical average for this time of year and get this, you know, crystal springs reservoir in san mateo county, their lawn to 80. well, it is as full as it's been and more than 15 years. all great news. ken and pam, back to you. very good news. thank you, grant. here's some good news to the wait is over for the forty-niners. we know they're going to plan. >> the red and gold are going to be hosting. they call themselves america's team. the dallas cowboys on sunday in the divisional round of the nfl playoffs. the cowboys pretty much blew out. tom brady and the buccaneers tonight. the game just ended. 31 14 dallas in that game. our kate rooney will have highlights of the game and reaction from the niners for going. hear what they have to say about this big showdown is a lot of history there. that's coming up and a little bit in sports. >> well, the news president biden is coming to california. the president plans to travel to the central coast on
8:32 pm
thursday to get an up close look at storm damage and, quote, assess what additional federal support is needed, unquote, while exact details on that final. yet, biden plans to meet with first responders, state and local officials and communities in several areas affected by the devastating storms which have left at least 20 people dead. the president had already issued an emergency declaration for the state and declared a major disaster in merced said sacramento and santa cruz county. now to our 4 zone forecast. as we give you a live look at downtown san francisco where it is nice and dry tonight. yeah. and standing by with a look at some of the rain totals. yeah. these are rain totals from the last 24 hours in the bay area. the winner oakland airport. >> picking up an inch and a half of rain downtown san francisco, not that far behind slightly more than an inch and a quarter. and that's why downtown san francisco is seeing its 6 wettest water
8:33 pm
year to date. so already picking up 21 inches of rain since october first. and right now it's averaging 202% of normal. so most of the bay area already for this water year getting anywhere from 15 to nearly 25 inches of rain. so great start for this wet season when tracker for though, tracking fairly calm winds a littfe bit breezy along the coasts downtown san francisco seeing gusts at 18 miles per hour. thanks to that cool sea breeze with sustained winds. >> at 18 miles per hour and gusts upwards of 20. but temperatures out there right now really starting to take a dip, especially for those of you in fairfax. 43 degrees about 10 degrees. milder for alameda and half moon bay. 52 degrees. as you step outside right now for your monday night. so overnight lows tonight going to be noticeably chillier, especially for those of you in santa rosa. freezing temperatures cooling down to 32 degrees. widespread mid to upper 30's, not just for the
8:34 pm
north bay but east bay valleys, even along the bay area, shoreline in the east bay for hayward in livermore, ca upper 30's for you. so certainly bundle up. it's all because of that lack of blanket of storm cloud cover and temperatures tomorrow for daytime highs. 2 to 5 degrees below normal. so we're going to remain in the mid-fifties. another shot of what weather wednesday until we officially begin are drying trend thursday afternoon. that's going to continue for the next 10 days until another storm returns to the bay area for that last week of january. so enjoy all those sun icons. back to you. ken and pam. >> mary 16th and were flooded again. >> well, it said flooding continues in some parts of the east bay. look at this video. a viewer sent us video telling us that this waterway on aspera drive in clayton is usually about 3 feet wide and only 3 inches deep. it's a lot whiter lot deeper. the flooding is a heavier than usual in that area. >> also, residents near harbor street in pittsburgh has to be rescued from their homes early
8:35 pm
this morning. this is because of flooding on harbor street from yosemite drive to greystone placed the road is now closed about 12 homes and 3 apartments had to evacuate the city's officials say that the water and kercher creek there is beginning to recede. they hope it will continue to go down to a safe level. >> so that the residents can go back to their homes. >> in san mateo county, caltrans has partially reopened highway 92 near half moon bay. after that sinkhole opened up last week in the westbound direction. eastbound lanes are now passable, but crews are still working to repair the sinkhole in the westbound lanes near percy those creek road. there's no clear time estimate as to when the westbound lanes will be reopened. >> developing news out of the central california area. 6 people have been shot and killed. that includes a 17 year-old mother and the 6
8:36 pm
month-old baby. the shooting happened this morning in the small town of goshen. that's not far from fresno. deputies responded to a number of shots fire. they found 2 victims dead in the street. a 3rd victim shot in the doorway of a residents and 3 more victims inside the home. >> i don't even think anybody is going to sleep. good tonight here. and i'm pretty sure that the whole community of goshen it is the ship >> when you have a 17 year-old and a 6 month-old child. it elevates your sense compassion. we do not believe that this is a random act of violence. we believe that this is very targeted this is very personal. we also believe that it was a message being sent. but what we want to do is make sure we do everything we can to bring justice to the victims of this crime. >> police believe there is a gang connection to these
8:37 pm
killings. investigators are currently looking for at least 2 suspects in more developing news. 21 year-old university of alabama basketball player darrius miles is facing murder charges after a fatal off-campus shooting. it happened near a popular off-campus area known as the strip. >> 23 year-old samantha harris was shot and killed while sitting in a car. police say surveillance video identified miles and an accomplice as the shooters miles has been removed from the university of alabama. new at 8 tonight, a day of celebration turned violent in southeastern florida. 8 people were injured in a shooting at an mlk day car show and block party in fort pierce. one of the people shot is in critical condition. esta gators are still looking into what started the shooting and who may be responsible. so to come, no cattle needed. we're going to show you a pair of kayakers who. >> we've got a nice hour-long tow by a big shark. how long the big fish took them for the
8:38 pm
right. >> also ahead, searching for answers into the classified documents found of president biden's home and office. details on the investigation. plus, new data on the number of respiratory virus cases over the holidays. why health experts say they're relieved.
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>> a federal judge has rejected the request by elan
8:41 pm
musk to move a civil trial against him from california to texas. attorneys for musk argued that negative coverage of musk since his buyout of twitter has poisoned a potential jury pool. the trial involved the lawsuit by tesla shareholders saying that they were misled by an august 2018 tweet by musk in it. he said that he lined up financing for a tesla buyout which never happened. the trial is slated to begin tomorrow. >> we're house tonight. experts are relieved by the latest respiratory virus data u.s. centers for disease control reports that the number of flu like illness cases are down for the 6th straight week. experts feared holiday gatherings would create another triple demick of high flu rsv and covid cases. but it didn't happen. the cdc says it isn't sure why another surge did not occur. but that 36 states still have high or very high flu activity. so another spike is
8:42 pm
still possible. >> meantime, the hunt for children's pain medication may be getting a bit easier. walgreens announced it is no longer limiting purchases of over-the-counter fever medications. back in december, the pharmacy put a purchase limit on children's pain relief medicine, such as tylenol. this winter's tripledemic of all right. the covid-19 and the flu compound it with supply chain issues made it tough for pharmacies to keep the shelves stocked for parents. cvs and rite aid also had limited certain children's drug purchases. >> chaos in the cockpit is to departing jets have a close call on the runway. the latest on the faa investigation on a near miss incident. >> and next in sports, the forty-niners now know who they will face in the nfl. nfc divisional game on sunday. kate rooney will tell us all the details. she's coming up. t
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resumes for survivors after a deadly plane crash in nepal. a witness says he saw the plane flying low before it suddenly veered to the left. at least 69 people were killed after the yeti airlines jet crashed yesterday near the city of cholera. 3 others are still missing tonight. the plane had taken off from the capital of kathmandu when it lost contact with the control tower and then crashed into a gorge. the flight data recorder has been recovered and that may provide
8:46 pm
clues on what actually led to this crash. the faa now investigating a close call at jfk airport in new york. >> no wonder having whether to send and what i think it will be different. >> the 1940's, they cancel takeoff plans. the 1943 cancel takeoff >> a delta flight was forced to abort its takeoff friday night when an american airlines boeing triple 7 cross the runway in front of it. delta airlines flight 1943. was in route to the dominican republic. it stopped its takeoff roll about 1000 feet before reaching the american irlines flight 106, qui action from air traffic controllers are being credited with preventing what experts say could have been the worst aviation accident in the u.s. in years. the delta flight returned to the gate and couldn't depart until saturday morning due to staffing issues. >> in national news, republicans say they and the public want more answers about why president biden had
8:47 pm
classified documents in his private delaware home and in his former washington, d.c., office. our washington correspondent alexandra limon has more. >> the investigation into whether president joe biden mishandled classified documents is growing. i want to who knew who knew what and when we're sources and methods compromise. the hypocrisy here is great. >> we're very concerned about a lack of republican lawmakers are upset in part because the first discovery of classified documents happened before the midterm elections. but we don't know yet whether they broke the law or not. i will accuse the biden administration of not being transparent. >> why didn't we hear about this on november second and republicans say the situation is being handled very differently than when it was discovered. former president trump had classified documents at mar-a-lago and the fbi conducted a raid. democrats a part of the reason the situation is being handled differently is because president biden and his team
8:48 pm
are handling it differently than trump who didn't willingly hand over the classified material that the and his administration are cooperating. >> and they should continue to cooperate. nobody is above the law. president biden said he instructed his team to conduct a search after the first classified document was found. >> and that's when more documents were discovered in delaware. it's an embarrassment. no doubt about it. is there more to it? >> i doubt it, but we'll find out from the special counsel. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> since the forty-niners played their wild card round game back on saturday. it feels like we've been waiting for ever to find out who their opponent for the next round would be. and we finally have answers the dallas cowboys are coming to levi stadium, tom brady and the buccaneers hoping to get back in the divisional game. but well, it just wasn't meant to be 2nd quarter is where we'll pick it up. cowboys up 6 dak prescott with the fake handoff and takes it himself for the
8:49 pm
touchdown will play call cowboys. go up 12, nothing after their kicker makes the extra point he actually missed 4 of them. brady looking on their final seconds of the half. prescott searching for an open man. >> so much time he finally connect with dalton schultz in the end zone. shultis second td of the game. cowboys lead 18, nothing at halftime. 4th quarter. dallas of 31 6. it's 4th and goal. brady brought down by chauncey golston and that pretty much sealed the deal. cowboys win 31 to 14. and so they will take on the forty-niners this sunday. one of the best nfl rivalries renewed in the postseason for a second straight year kickoff for that game set for now niners qb brock purdy had already beaten the tom brady bucs. so now he's going to try his hand at something different. the dak prescott cowboys continue to prove his mettle in his first playoff game. going 18 for 30 with 332
8:50 pm
yards, 4 total touchdowns and a passer rating of one. 31 0.5. but as we learn more about pretty each week, perhaps the most impressive thing is that absolutely nothing seems to rattle the rookie, whether it's the postseason stage, a shaky start or an opposing pass. rush today, kyle shanahan explained that despite that intensity, he's having fun, knows the situation is that, you know, big of a deal to be also. >> is it going make it more than that brought close playing football looks that way. every time he's out on the field, whether those walks college or practice, he's he's got a competitive that storm that you can see it in his body language because he is extremely competitive also the true love for the game. and that comes out when you're successful out some guys showing a little bit more than others. but guys feed off of that, too. >> the warriors taking on the wizards in our nation's capital today, stephan curry celebrating doctor martin luther king junior on his birthday. we'll pick things up
8:51 pm
in the 4th warriors down by one. speaking of staff under pressure still sinks in the 3 gives golden state. the 2 point lean minute later to one point game warriors in transition. jordan poole kicks it out to stephanie slashes in. he's 6 3 of the game. 41 points for steph. and then this was the icing on the cake. step 3 will go so dream. and that's about to cool. he had 32 points, 7 threes as the warriors win one, 27 1.18, just their 5th road win of the season. let's hear from the team after the games. >> staff incredible down the stretch with his shotmaking and in a dream on with his defense i make and i everybody out there was battling in the 4th lamb, j p. you know, not our best tonight defensively, we made stops when we had to and end. steph really took
8:52 pm
over tonight was kind of a grade know time night. but i very much set on back to back with. they guys really plan your most gave a solid 5 minutes. but my guys are they? >> the to go out there. so. they were in force. >> let's go to the shark tank. they hosting. they were hosting the new jersey devils today and this was really good. went into a shootout tied at 3. so too must atari since it was left, gets it. the doubles get one on san jose and now it's going to be up to alexander. far been off his final shot to even it up. it's locked. so that'll do it. the doubles win. 43 really a heartbreaker for the sharks. and now they will host the dallas stars on wednesday. but hey, dallas is going to hear a lot because now the dallas cowboys are coming here on sunday. yeah, and i don't think there's a matchup that. >> 40 niner fans like yeah, we
8:53 pm
love it. when they america's team swagger is into the bay area and kind of give them that i did not come on. yeah, it's so much fun. >> just brought of the playoffs up to whole new level. exactly. haha. all right. thank you, kate. and we want to remind you, we're going to continue to cover the forty-niners journey throughout. >> playoffs every night on the red and gold zone. four's sports reporter kate rooney along with jason dumas, son aaron wilson will cover all the developments leading up to the games and get in-depth analysis of the highlights as the niners hit the field. you can watch them tonight at 10. 45? we'll be right back.
8:54 pm
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>> 2 fishermen who went on a once in a lifetime journey off the coast of panama, had a once in a lifetime fish story to is something a shark told one of their kayaks almost 2 miles after it took his bait. >> what's going here? you >> adam, this is the one recording the video he says that he and his friend were fishing for snapper when the shark pulled his friend over some sketchy to rain, they didn't even know they hooked a shark until about an hour later. this says sharks never
8:57 pm
really mess with kayak. said has yet to have a bad encounter with one in more than 17 years of their kayaking experience. but wow, what a story. this one is. shark says biggest the kayak com talent. yeah. that wraps it up for us at 8 o'clock. vicki and grant are here to tell us what's coming up tonight at 9. hello. well. 5 years the sharks going to be twice as big as have a story to tell, too. here's what's next on kron. 4 news in i talking about highway 37. >> in marin partially reopen tonight. you know, it's prone to flooding. the whole thing was closed over the weekend. so progress today. crews say traffic wasn't really a big problem on this monday. the holiday, of course. but tomorrow could be different when folks should expect is they had to work and school and take a look at this. >> yet more storms overnight. it turned the top of mount hamilton in the south bay into a snowy scene. looks like it's from a ski resort recent. we'll have your full forecast.
8:58 pm
we'll see at night.
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known now at 9, a highway in the north bay's will have one lane closed tonight. but officials say that might actually cause some major delays during tomorrow morning's. >> commute. you want to be prepared for that? thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm vicki lia


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