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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  February 1, 2023 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news far. >> yes, i've been keeping track really well. well done. thank you for joining us at 5 o'clock. i'm darya and james dean. what month it are that today's the morning. welcome to home or another excuse to eat it is going to be a cold start to the new month. but it was a cold to the last month to do so. not a lot changing as far as what mother nature is offering us up. we are up to another cold clear start
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this morning. your view outside from the east bay hills, looking nice and clear and we're going to be holding on to those clear skies today. so you do have a bright and enjoyable afternoon ahead. >> half moon bay, you're at 34 degrees right now. san jose at 35. same for you oakland below freezing for lot of the bay area. santa rosa at 30 degrees. fairfax down to 28 berkeley, down to 37. so get those jackets on again, layer up. we are seeing frost advisories again this morning. no freeze warnings, though, the north bay inland east bay, santa clara valley in peninsula. among the spots under frost advisories. otherwise, we're clear, we're dry. just back to the layers. like we have been saying, i've got more info on your forecast and that does include a chance of rain. still to come right now. all right, john, thanks to that. hey, if you are hitting the road traveling this morning, heading into the city about 7 minutes to make it from so that fremont street exit. >> our san mateo bridge 80 to 1, 0, one 12 minutes traveling across towards the peninsula. the richmond, sandra fell
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bridge nice and light for you. just 7 minutes there toast a one, a one. and let's check out the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 19 minutes on this wednesday morning. gloria james, back to you. thank you. reyna 501. in our top story, a child is recovering this morning after being attacked by a mountain lodge. scary is that this happened last night in san mateo county. it's a story the kron four's. michael thomas is covering for us. >> live this morning, michael. >> hey, good morning, everyone. that's right. really scary just for anyone. but really for a parent, officials say that it was a boy who was attacked and he was rushed to a trauma center shortly after and this morning he still recovering. but let's get a map up on your screen so you can see exactly where we're talking about. it happened around 7 o'clock yesterday evening. and this was on the 1000 block of 2 new discreet road. this is just about 15 minutes south of half moon bay officials say the boy was with family on a walking trail when it happened. but i do want to specify in that area. it does
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appear to have wildlife conditions. so just to kind of set that scene for you and let's get into some file video of just general mountain lions. now, this boy, again, was rushed to the trauma center shortly after the attack and they say that he was conscious during the time, but is still recovering from puncture wounds this morning. as of now, his age has not been released. and officials from the california department of fish and wildlife say the incident is still being investigated. now the sheriff's office did put out a statement on social media saying that they do wish the boy and his family well and also a speedy recovery. now, the of california wildlife says that this is really only happened about 20 confirmed the times in the last century or show. so have a person being attacked by one of these mountain lions and according to forest service dot gov. if you ever do encounter a mountain lion, you should try to look as large as possible. that involves opening your cold, putting your arms up in the air and those kind of things. but again, those are just some tips when it comes
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to the boy's condition. again, he's still recovering this morning as we get more information. we'll continue to keep you guys updated but alive this morning in san mateo county, i'll send it back to lance has get enough information is walk all the time and i'm so wait. kit. >> so was he with his parents? so he was he was with family. they did not say exactly. >> how many people were there. so that's still being confirmed that they did say he was with family there on a walking trail and i looked it up online to see what it looks like through. you know, google. yeah, israel's and it is a paved area. but wildlife conditions and forest service dot gov. you know, they say to maintain eye contact is first thing you can ever do is to bend down or, you know, look like if you are on all fours. so just again, trying to look as large as possible. but you're right, daria, people go for walks everywhere. >> scary situation. thank you very much for the update on that story. michael 504. and on the peninsula, an interfaith service was held in half moon bay on monday night
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to honor the 7 people who were killed in a mass shooting last week. the service started with a chinese bell ringing. flower bouquets were laid down from the podium. there. the first speaker, a community member who spoke about the pain of the shooting to the community and another touched on overcoming the tragedy. >> it's all of us as the community that needs to pull together and support one another. as san francisco's archbishop cordileone, prayed as he blessed both murder sites last friday, he said we come together today to reclaim this place of death as a place of life. >> these took several lives that way from this community. but this tragedy has united more. no, never. evil will not prevail. >> the overarching theme of the service was healing and recovery. chinatown leaders
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joined san francisco officials talking about safety for this year's chinese new year's parade. the parade is going to happen saturday night and it comes just 2 weeks after the shootings that have targeted members of the asian american community, people organizing events say they want everybody attending to feel safe and comfortable. that should anyone. >> do anything. the criminal nature with respect to this event that they will be held accountable. we want to make sure that this parade is something that is celebratory as it should be, that we across cultures get to experience the fun and the excitement of the year of the rabbit. >> trade officials are anticipating up to 1 million going to be packed. also in the east bay, a former oakland city leader now questioning the decision to put police chief ron armstrong on leave over his handling of a misconduct investigation. the
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former city council member says that there needs to be more scrutiny of the monitor that oversees the police department. but a police accountability group has a different view kron four's haaziq mod-yoon with the story. i found that to be really interesting. judge said in his last day he's like, oh, i'm so profoundly disappointed each time. >> we're just about to get opd in compliance. something happens that something according to former oakland city councilmember lynette gibson mcelhaney. >> is the federal monitor overseeing the oakland police department. robert warshaw, who hired an outside law firm to investigate how opd handled a pair of incidents involving misconduct of an oakland police sergeant. the clean, he says warshaw has a financial conflict of interest to keep his oversight role at opd. they've been 10, 12, 13 chiefs. 3 mayors. >> how many successive city councils then he's being paid
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a million dollars and has the trust of the court to ensure that oakland's systems are in place to bring us a constitutionally sound high-performance team. and yet. every time we're about to come out from underneath his contracts. suddenly there's a bombshell. oakland mayor out place chief leronne armstrong administrative leave while she says she awaits all of the information in the matter. >> however, the mayor has given no indication that the federal monitor's role as a there, any scrutiny by her administration. yes, i can understand that people might be skeptical, but the reality is. >> every time the police get close to being relieved from per site. some of million cleveland is on the steering committee for the coalition for police accountability in oakland. >> she says the coalition does not view was shaw as the issue here. i don't think it's the monitor. >> that's creating the problem. i think it's the
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misconduct of the police department. >> but now that robert was shaw's motives have been called into question by some in the public. that goal, he says something should be done to remove all doubt. >> but i really wonder, has he cut? it might have been better for the council and in the mayor's to go ahead and places into a complete consent decree with the department of justice, we're at least we have another public entity with public accountability systems in place to monitor the progress of this department. >> has it made you cry for new? >> it's 509. a new this morning, a longtime women's swimming coach at uc berkeley has been fire and this comes after she was investigated for alleged it harassment and bullying with kron four's will tran standing by live at the campus with more on the story. will. >> well, james, for ncaa titles, 5 pac, 12 championships being an olympic coach at one time were not enough to keep teri mckeever on the job despite being here
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for 30 years now, uc berkeley hired an independent law firm to invest the allegations that came out in 2022. last year by report from another newspaper. they started looking into it and they came back. the independent law firm claims that teri mckeever, as you mention, bullies, her athletes at times use racial discrimination, verbally abused them in some athletes even claim that she body shamed them and also said that she just disregarded medical report said they were injured, making them work out and even compete when they were not able to do so. now this all stems back to 2001, james and because according to the athletes and even some parents, they claim that uc berkeley has known about this since 2001, but did nothing about it. now, teri mckeever, she denies all these allegations and she plans to
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hire an attorney saying that she was fired for gender bias. but this case obviously is a lot bigger and the swim team. it talks about workplace hostility or allegations, workplace hostility despite being a coach and all of her accolades. james, back to you. >> all right. i'll take it. thanks a lot. we'll 11 is the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. you see workers who took to the pavement demanding better pay now feel their job might be on the line. we'll explain. plus, house republicans declaring that now is the time to end the covid public health emergency. we'll tell you what they did about that and a shortage of veterinarians. he's now leading to more and more animals being euthanized. bill loveless: i came to the lord at the age of about 42. dr. charles stanley has been so important in my life, just his teachings. one of the life principles is that brokenness is a requirement for god to use you greatly,
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>> 5.14, right now we're checking out the weather. with maybe i'm used to. it felt as cold out of the gate this morning, but i think it was because the little ding went off for 39 degrees is supposed to be just as but i don't know. depends, i guess maybe where you are. john. good morning. yeah. you might have been a little hot pocket. haha. i love we're looking at temps pretty cold. so yeah, that might go up on your car as you're making your way to the bay area and a few areas. what we've got right now in downtown san francisco at the embarcadero is more clear skies. so repeating a lot of factors that we ended last month with. >> the clear conditions, the cold mornings, but a really nice afternoon to look forward to this is where we're at
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right now. 37 in san mateo hayward at 38, san jose and oakland at 35 and even half moon bay at 34 degrees timber on your fallen to 39 right now with sonoma and santa rosa at 30 degrees. really, really cold stuff out there for a haul it out of us. so just make sure to bundle up back to frost advisories. much as we saw yesterday. those remain in effect through 09:00am this morning. so definitely layers. bundle up. we have got a clear day ahead of us so much like yesterday. it's going to feel pretty good later on. so if you do want to do something outdoors, you know, when to do it well, after the sun comes up, high pressure ridge is in place. keeping us dry for another day. we do have a storm system to the north and west of us, though that will drop in come friday morning. so today and even tomorrow for your thursday, looking nice and dry really won't be until after midnight thursday night into friday morning that we see that next line of showers push through. we will see some heavier showers before you even get up on friday morning. showers should move through
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pretty quickly, though. and we will be looking at a wet drive to work for your friday. start today, though, nothing. what about it? just very cold 50's to low 60's later on as temperatures rise back to those mild conditions that we have been enjoying. once we get through the cold mornings mountain view at 60 degrees. san jose 63 today. it's going to be a comfortable one for you with that sunshine freeman through hayward in the low 60's. while oakland holding up the upper 50's concord on over to the the late show each at 56 degrees for your highs today and tomorrow, looking pretty similar tomorrow, as i mentioned, stays dry won't be until early friday morning that we see showers pushing through. we dry out friday afternoon. and then again, another chance of showers saturday night into sunday morning. on the you know that. well, our highways are still pretty light because early we do have some accidents and issues. >> so westbound highway 4 at center avenue in martinez, we had an accident. so all lanes are blocked. if this was later
5:17 am
on in the morning, you probably see the map red because it's early. still pretty green. there. and oakland, northbound 8.80, south of market street as well as you can see, traveling to for a long 85, 80 13, no major delays. if these acts and stick around long enough things could start to back up 8 minutes into the city. we go maze to that fremont street exit. how about our san mateo bridge? 12 minutes 80 to 101. as you travel across towards the peninsula. of the south bay about 27 minutes. 85 up towards menlo park and 8.80, silly injured out towards to 37 and take about 20 minutes darya. james, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. rain well. happening today, san jose mayor matt mahan will be celebrating san jose and starting his first term as mayor. the event will include an inaugural address performances by local artists and followed with a reception the doors open at san jose center for the performing arts beginning at 05:55:15pm, tonight.
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>> it's 5, 17 and at the state capitol, new bill is moving through the legislature seeking to expand food benefits for undocumented californians. it calls for expanding calfresh the state's low-income monthly food benefit program to include undocumented adults and children. >> it makes no sense in california where the people who grow the food can afford to buy the food, eat. makes absolutely no sense that people hungry now they can't wait 2 years. they can't wait next month. they can't wait for budget debate. the bottom line is people 100. they need to get that and it's possible. do with the california's budget. supporters say the bill is long overdue and vital at comes during a time, though, when the state's financial situation kuz. >> could be a problem. the governor proposed the budget that he proposed. it could delay the expansion by another 2 years because of funding concerns. the state is working to close s what looks like a 22 and a half billion dollar shortfall last year. state legislators allocated about 40 million dollars to the budget to expand food benefits
5:19 am
to undocumented seniors to >> well, this week marks nearly 3 years since the bay area confirmed its first case of covid-19 and changes. well, changes to our lives have been too many to count. proffers justin campbell sat down santa clara public health director with more on what lessons we've learned over these past 3 years. >> there's still uncertainty about how long the virus is going to be along. and that's hard for for all of us. doctor sara cody, public health santa clara county says after years of living with the coronavirus we've adapted well as society to living with you. but in santa clara county, the virus is still very well circulating in our community. >> based on wastewater samples and people should have multiple layers of covid protections including vaccinations, along with one of the most important is masking indoors. doctor cody says over the last 3 years the pandemic has shown us how underfunded the public health system is. i described the
5:20 am
public health infrastructure as matchsticks in scotch tape, doctor cody says it's not a matter on if there will be another pandemic. it's just a matter of when all of the forces that are present that produced this pandemic are still present. they've not been mitigated. she says a mix of humans and wildlife, global travel and underfunded public health sector create an environment for a virus to drive and potentially start another pandemic reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. 5.20, the time and house republicans say that it is time to end the public health emergency and national emergency around covid-19. that is why the house voted last night to end the public health emergency. basil, john. >> is live in dc telling is why republicans going full speed ahead. and the president announced that he's going to end this. okay. i'm kim is there as covid over that? is that the deal? no more covid because i know some people have it.
5:21 am
>> well, james, good morning. and yes, some people still have it. but house republicans still went ahead with this vote last night. but despite that, we're not expecting there to be much movement in it in the democratic led senate. despite all that house republicans insist the public health emergency needs to end immediately. >> the yeas are 2.20. the nays are 2.10. >> the bill is passed. house republicans are sending a message to president joe biden. don't wait until may. let's open our country back up again. get our economy back up again. that's why house gop leader steve scalise and most republicans voted tuesday to end the covid-19 public health emergency, texas republican congressman chip roy says this is what americans want. these emergencies need to add. however, the president announced his plan to end both the public health emergency and the national emergency in may, massachusetts democratic congressman jim mcgovern and new jersey democratic congressman frank pallone
5:22 am
warned against pulling the plug instantly. we need time to understand the impact that ending the declarations will have on our country. a pandemic of this magnitude cannot be unwound overnight. we cannot flip a switch and make covid-19 and with the snap of a finger. mcgovern emphasize that the slow roll back, we'll give hospital systems and the federal government time to adjust and prepare, show that essential benefits on suddenly ripped away from those who need them. most. now, the house will also consider a separate resolution this week to end the national emergency as well. >> reporting live in washington. i'm basil, john. >> all right. thanks a lot, basil. we'll check in with you later. >> we'll take a break or 5.22. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. there is uncertainty about how going to cover from his elbow injury. we spoke with him about his options for recovery. and we'll have that coming up in a we'll have that coming up in a moment.
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want your clothes to smell freshly washed all day without heavy perfumes? try downy light in-wash freshness boosters. it has long-lasting light scent, no heavy perfumes, and no dyes. finally, a light scent that lasts all day. downy light! >> welcome back. it is 5.25 and we want to listen to this stunning announcement from the mouth of tom brady himself. let's see if we can pull this up. he says he's retiring. let's see if we can rewind it. you now sit on twitter will get this out for you here coming up in a little bit. but this was a very brief statement he made online
5:26 am
saying. >> you only get one one shot delivering an essay for your goodbye needed that last year. so he kept this one brief on social media, thanking his family, his friends, his competitors, his teammates. the said the list was too long to go through, but he got a little emotional halfway tony's first, his first matter of fact, leaving the sport. his first matter of fact. and then he choked up a couple of times. this effectively ends any and all speculation that the forty-niners might lure him right. >> to%come play for a year, maybe 2 as brock purdy heels. so yeah, this now officially. >> off the table and it's definitive because you you go all the last time. he said he retired. so this i skeptical. but with the with you listen to what he says and like they don't know what's going on in his personal life. yeah. it's kids and his wife. yeah, he's he's hanging it up in these. >> he's going to be moving on to his next chapter. whatever that may be. all right. 5.26 is the time right now. and we've got lots coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news.
5:27 am
people living in as or 10 or debating. >> the city over a new housing project will see what the argument is over.
5:28 am
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>> 5.29 right now and we're checking out the weather for you right out of the gate is cold. it is very cold. yeah. we've got john santa by in the weather center with a look at those temperatures and where are we seeing the coal dust this morning, john, up north
5:30 am
bay still has hair facts down in the upper 20's. that's one of our coldest spots at least. but a lot of us are below freezing dropping into the low did the past couple of mornings. this is the golden gate bridge looking nice and clear. we're seeing no fog. no cloud cover this morning. >> clear and cold. just like we've been saying half moon bay, even tapping into some 30's at 36 degrees. san jose and oakland at 35 right now. same for you in fremont. doubling down to 31 degrees. fairfax, as i mentioned in the upper 20's. well, santa rosa and sonoma right at 30 fairfield at 31 degrees. so a whole lot of us dropping towards freezing if not below it and cold temperatures continue through the morning with frost advisories all the way up to 09:00am. for the north bay inland east bay and much of the south bay, too. as i also mentioned, it's really clear so nothing getting in the way this morning. it's just the cold that may slow you down as you're scraping off the windshield or warming
5:31 am
up the car before you do happen to it. definitely want throw on your thick puffy jacket or where you lost. did thank you for that, john. ok, we do have a few issues out there like a westbound highway fort center avenue, martinez, we have an accident there. >> all lanes are blocked and then a little further down northbound, 80 south of market street in oakland. but look at our highways here. all nice and green. so they're moving at the limit this morning. a 37, as you're traveling to vallejo that starting to slow down and pick up a bit. but no accidents there. 8 minutes mace to the fremont street exit. how that our san mateo bridge 80 to 101 about 12 minutes. as you travel across towards the peninsula. let's check on those drive times in the south bay, 30 minutes, traveling along 101. 85 in to menlo park. okay. so john's talk about the are you guys prepared for the call? guys? got a blanket. got your pup. sorry for the big yeah. it's
5:32 am
5.31 right now and on the peninsula after 10 residents are voicing their concerns about a proposed affordable housing project. yeah, we talked about this earlier in the week. some of the people opposed are none other than steph and ayesha curry saying that the units. >> bill would be directly behind their home in the not too happy about that. now the proposed project is being built. a 23 oakwood boulevard and a new state law requires cities to submit housing elements, including >> new, affordable or low-income housing units yesterday. and so they did the city council approve this housing but has yet to approve the specific development and design standards for this project. yeah. the currys sent a letter and you see it on the screen there saying that they prioritize the safety and privacy of their family and children. >> and if approved to invest in taller fencing or landscaping to block site lines onto their property. council members say there is a need for affordable housing, but it's getting major pushback. >> it's very, very hard for this community to think about increasing the density and the
5:33 am
community i think we've done a good job in address issues such as height, screening, fencing fence once their adopted, then that property owner can actually submit a permit to do the work. >> but until then, they're single family zoning. >> and well, the city council has 3 years to set those standards and change zoning for quit. many of the concern people brought up at the meeting, including many concerns they brought up. the meeting include parking and traffic issues on oakwood boulevard. so we'll see if they come up with a solution. >> it's 5.33, and a developing story you may remember last month when thousands of university of california academic researchers and teaching assistants were among those saying that they were going to get a significant strike after they went on strike, right? they went on strike. they're going to get significant pay high after this strike. however, some >> are now worried they may lose their jobs because the university doesn't have enough money to cover the cost of that pay hike. kron four's. dan kerman has more now on the after effects of that deal.
5:34 am
>> those uc academic workers who received big pay hikes after striking in november. now fear they may lose their jobs because the university will hire fewer teaching assistants and researchers to cover the cost of the pay hikes. and it's not real in the face for the workers who fought so hard for races and also to the people of california to serve. >> quality education. >> the university would not go on camera but said in a statement the office of the president has not provided any guidance to campuses instructing them to reduce student enrollment in the upcoming budget. so it would be premature to speculate on any impacts on enrollment. but academic workers maintain the process is already underway. we know some departments have told practice you don't have security funding. >> that they they will no longer be getting positions of many live supposed to have said they're going in and that fewer phd's we've also heard
5:35 am
reports of lap saying that they will no longer be able to offer research >> academic workers have also been told if they were paid for days. they were on strike. the university will take that money back to comply with state and federal regulations. the union representing those workers doesn't object to that but says the university is not conducting the process properly. and that's why i think it's really important for workers the chance to see how university has estimated that they have to return and a contested that they think that is incorrect. the union has already filed an unfair labor practice charge against the university university. officials say they're still in the information-gathering process and will work to ensure this is all done the best way possible. dan kerman kron, 4 news. it's 5.35. and more bay area companies are announcing layoffs. we already told you about possible foods. >> well, now work day and pay
5:36 am
pal. >> are cutting jobs. san jose based pay pal. >> posted saying that they're cutting nearly 2000. 2000 full-time employees. executive blame what they say is a challenging macro economic environment. the ceo didn't detail the severance benefits but called them generous and work day is laying off 3% of their workforce. that just announced from the pleasanton company. they say the layoffs will impact workers in the product and technology division. one notable difference. these layoffs for work day and they say not the result of over hiring during the pandemic. they add that they actually plan to increase the size of their global workforce in 2020 for next year in january alone will look at this. now, microsoft, google's parent company alphabet sales force. they'll announce plans to get thousands of workers. much of the tech industry cutting costs in response to the shift
5:37 am
in pandemic fuel. demand for digital services and the economic headwinds and has a well as we're seeing the rising interest rates and fears of a looming recession. >> shortage of veterinarians in california and it's the animals now who are suffering. the san francisco spca surveyed shelters all over the state. they found that more than 300,000 shelter animals are not getting adequate care. and that's leading to more adoptable animals being put down. >> we have this chronic issue of not enough that in our schools and the acute issue of now that americans are so overworked, they're leaving the field. >> says that there are over 2000 qualified applicants who haven't been able to get into veterinary school. she says the solution needs to be more schools and admitting more students. so the shelters like the spca will be forced to euthanize animals. they can't care for any longer. we'll take a break. it is 5.37. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a man accused of
5:38 am
going on a deadly crime spree in san jose will lay out a timeline of what police say. >> that person did in the span of just 2 months. plus, the man accused of killing a woman back in the 1990's. we'll tell you what happened to help police get a break in the police get a break in the case. nearly when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck, that's when you know, it's half-washed. downy has 7 benefits that condition and smooth fibers so clothes look newer, longer. feel the difference with downy.
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>> 5.49 and let's all forty-niners. haha. i-40 forty-niners. yeah. it's been a couple of days now about the uncertainty over brock purdy and injury that torn acl in
5:41 am
his elbow. yeah. we heard from yesterday. as a matter of fact, while he was emptying out his locker there at the forty-niners stadium saying still weighing his options. >> there is the possibility of surgery that will probably the most straightforward road to recovery. but that would also put him out for anywhere from 6 months to a year, depending on which type surgery get where he could rehab and then hope to be back in less than 6 months. >> but there are always things that come along with opting for again surgery. both options have their pros and cons. one thing we do know, >> brock was in a lot of pain on sunday and it didn't feel much better yesterday. terms of walking around and stuff. >> i don't feel as much it's but the minute i go pick something up or whatever. definitely can. change my so injured. >> i love that. i just came my
5:42 am
arm. so, you know, there's not fork that's about it right now. meanwhile, as we know, we also heard from trey lance in the locker room to he's obviously recovering from the injury. he got second game of the season. he says, though, he expects to be 100% ready when offseason workouts big him. so he hopefully will be available if brock isn't. >> and was not available. practice. what? tom yeah, patient brady came out on twitter this morning saying just a bit tiring so we can and that speculation will be and that speculation will be right back.
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>> it's 5.44. in the city of san francisco unveiled plans for a new development designed to serve the urban american. >> indian community. it's called village sf. it's a federally designated project under president biden's justice, 40 initiative that initiative is supposed to direct 40% of certain federal funds to disadvantaged communities. the project is being developed with the friendship house, the oldest urban indian services organization, the country. it will consist of a 6 story building in the heart of the mission district. >> it will not only >> represent and support the american indian culture. but it will be a place that people from this city will be welcome with open arms.
5:46 am
>> the building will go up alongside the existing friendship house and will feature a courtyard in between the 2 buildings designed to encourage a space for gathering. london breed says that she's hoping the project will be done before her term is over in 2024. >> okay. 5.45? let's head over to the weather center right now and get more from john about these cool temperatures were feeling outside yet another cold one guys that maybe a new month. but we're kicking a february exactly like we end of january, which is with temperatures for some of us anyways. freezing again, coit tower. it looks nice. we've got the clear skies. that's another factor that remains with us. these clear cold mornings, half moon bay all the way down to 34 at the coastline, san mateo and mountain view at 36, san jose and fremont as well as oakland at 35. then you've got double in redwood city, santa rosa below freezing as well as sonoma. each at 30 fairfax down at 28 degrees again. so some really cold temps much
5:47 am
like the past few days are getting some good use out of those thick puffy jackets. keeping you warm and cozy on these cold starts. frost advisories up till 09:00am this morning for the same spots as we saw yesterday. temperatures falling so cold. we are seeing some frosty conditions. so make sure to get couple extra minutes in this great those windshield wipers off potentially. now radar shows you with those clear skies look like across the bay area. you will see a few clouds passing overhead today. so not quite as crystal clear of an afternoon ahead of us. low to our north will draw in some cooler air on into the weekend and some showers to this. high-pressure ridge will remain and it will keep us dry today and tomorrow. but after that storm, nor is opening not going to be wide open, but enough for some showers out there today. tomorrow, dry after midnight thursday night is when we'll see showers pushing in and pretty conveniently timed before you are getting up in the morning on friday. but enough to get roadways wet for your friday morning commute. showers should move through pretty quickly and we should dry out by friday afternoon.
5:48 am
temperatures today will be mostly in the 50's, although a few 60's working their way back in burlingame. 58 degrees today. mountain view one of our 60 degrees spots in the south. their warmest of areas. san jose at 63 today, east bay shoreline. pretty mild fremont at 61 heyward right at 60 degrees. generally the further inland you get a little bit cooler at the comes, antioch at 56. well, fairfield and vacaville only at 55 santa rosa at 58. here's your lookahead temps. tomorrow will be similar to today's couple more 60's. likely a few more clouds ahead of showers early friday morning. we'll clear out friday afternoon starting saturday, dry before another chance of showers saturday night into sunday morning, right? all right, john, thank you for that, ok? so we do have some issues out there. >> an update on the accident westbound highway fort center avenue. martinez, all lanes were blocked. now they've opened up some lanes so you can get through here. but again, you are going to have a delay because of that
5:49 am
accident. northbound 8.80, south of market street in oakland. you do have an accident there. you can still get through there. so you might want to take 5.80, or 13 because there are no issues at all. there. our other highways start to pick up just a bit. but still pretty green across the mat. 10 minutes into the city. we go maze to that fremont street exit. no accidents or hazards. there. our san mateo bridge 80 to 1, 0, one, 12 minutes traveling across towards the peninsula. richmond center fell bridge knack about 7 minutes tolls to lot of one there. and if you're taking the golden gate bridge, 37 to the tolls, it's going to take about 18 minutes. darya. james, back to you. >> thank you. reyna 5.49. the time in the east bay. a utah man has been arrested now in a 28 year-old cold case murder in concord, terry, led way was 28 years old when she was found dead in her apartment on december. 4th, 1994, she was married and her husband was not a suspect in the case, police identify dna evidence
5:50 am
and linked it to 55 year-old james william grimsley of utah as a suspect in the killing. well, he was arrested last thursday, brittany shores, a friend of last week, has spent the last decade well, past number of decades, trying to tell terry story and shed light on the case and she says she couldn't believe it. what you heard the news. >> i so loud. just to us. you know, she justice. i could close that door. now. >> police believe that harry being transgender played a vital role in her killing. they plan to extradite grimsley back to contra costa county. he's being held right now in utah on 1 million dollars bail. >> it's 5.50, right now in the south bay, a san jose man already in custody faces several murder charges in connection with the deaths of 2 men. and he's also suspected of a string of other crimes. crowder was charles clifford has the details. >> on tuesday, the san jose police department revealed details of what they describe as a one man crime spree that has left 2 people dead.
5:51 am
multiple people injured and one suspect in custody. the san jose police department says they believe ricardo padilla is responsible for a series of violent incidents spanning several months during 2021 on 5/9/2021, he's alleged to have stabbed someone along market street in san jose on may. 11th padilla is alleged to have assaulted a man outside a 7.11 and then stabbed another person on the same day along coyote creek on may 31st. padilla is alleged to have shot and killed this man. thomas keller, mia near provo street and west virginia street in san jose on june 4th, he is alleged to have tried to run over a livermore police officer. that incident resulted in padilla being charged with attempted murder on june 22nd. padilla was allegedly involved in yet another shooting incident in san jose. and then on 7/4/2021 padilla was arrested near coyote creek and has been in custody ever since in august of this year. san jose police department homicide detectives investigating the disappearance of this man,
5:52 am
samuel torres, alleged that he was shot and killed near coyote creek by ricardo padilla. even though torres, his remains have not been found. the district attorney's office has decided to charge padilla with his murder. we do believe that while he was incarcerated. >> we have the suspect contacted associates outside of the jail and said, hey. this is where the body is a need to go get rid of it. we have not found that body. we have found evidence that there was a body at that location, whether or not their bodies never found and recovered. we don't know anyone with information is asked to contact the san jose police department and the south bay charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> in the north bay police say the girl was hit by a stray bullet high school yesterday afternoon. officers believe that shooting happened between 2 moving cars and the girl was just walking nearby when she was hit by one of these bullets. police at this point don't believe she was the intended target. that girl was taken to the hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries.
5:53 am
the school says the students had already been dismissed for had already been dismissed for we'll be right back. alice loves the scent of gain so much, she wished there was a way to make it last longer. say hello to your fairy godmother, alice. and, long lasting gain scent beads.
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well, i mean... maybe not... all of them. maybe it's just reese's that are better. right. happening tonight, a
5:56 am
remarkable green comet making its first appearance in earth's night sky. but really since the stone age, astronomers say it's going to be more visible with a telescope or binoculars, but you can still see with your naked eye just early thursday morning. you have trouble finding it. just look for the north star and then try to spot a faint green smudge. women. are you saying it's going to be shooting and i needfto see it at a certain time. right is look in the it's going take a while to trans all ross the sky. so just look towards the north star. hey, it's not like it's in our atmosphere where it was by really, right? that's right. it's quite a ways away. so just look for the north starting to see a little green smudge. and that will be a glimpse of it as it sort of passing through our okay. so in the early morning, hours like now before, you know, well, as start right now, we basically right now will be the same tomorrow morning, green smudged with a little look out for that. >> 5.56 right now. and coming of the next hour, a mountain lion attacks, a child in san mateo county. tell you exactly what was going on and what his condition is right now. plus,
5:57 am
a women's swim coach cal fired the university investigating her for bullying and abuse. >> plus, big news that just came in the half hour. tom brady says over for real and for good. this time.
5:58 am
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning. and thanks for waking up with us. it's another cold day and and i'm james on this first day of february. we're certainly starting off the month. yeah. on a chilly note. just like we ended january. good morning. is pretty similar to the end of area were called in clear again, looking out there and you're berkeley hills camera skies are really crystal clear again this morning. >> if we were to see that comet, you have a great view of it this morning. tomorrow morning. we'll have a few clouds, but still a fairly clear start for your second morning of february. tomorrow, redwood city, you're sitting at 30 degrees right now down in the 30's as well for san jose mountain view. san mateo hayward, fremont and oakland. all right, along the bay shore, fairfax at 28 in sonoma below freezing at 30 santa rosa at


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