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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  February 1, 2023 8:00am-9:01am PST

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kron. 4 morning news at good morning and thanks for waking up with us. i'm darya and i'm james. lots of stories to get to this morning. at first, a child attacked by a mountain lion on the peninsula worth covering that and >> a longtime berkeley swim coach has been fired over allegations of harassment and bullying. and you can see here the breaking news this morning, tom brady. >> the goat calling it quits with the nfl. big announcement this morning. we'll have much more on all of this and more coming up in just a minute. but first, let's check in with weather and it is cold out there. that's the headline and sunny this morning, clear. hi, john. yeah, cold and sunny this is the 3rd morning this week. you're waking up to skies looking so inviting. >> and temperatures a little less inviting. it's definitely nice at the embarcadero. as long as you're all bundled up, you've got all that sunshine sticking around with us now. temperatures along the embarcadero are some of the only few spots in the 40's because the rest of us, it's either 20's or 30's for most areas, half moon bay at 36 looking at oakland and san
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jose in the upper 30's, dublin or right at 30 degrees nevado. 39 in santa rosa in fairfax, down in the upper 20's right now. now we are under frost it's all about the layers all - over again this morning. but at this point, it's kind of routine. so bundle up. definitely getting good use out of those heavy winter jackets. reyna. >> all right, john, thank you for that. ok, if you're traveling in the city this morning, you'll notice accidents along 101, southbound and northbound 1, 1, just north and south of cesar chavez. yeah, 2 accidents there causing delays to 80's pretty slow as well. but the bay bridge is impacted by those accidents about 43 minutes into the city this morning, maze that fremont street exit our san mateo bridge, 92 westbound. all right. near the causeway, there's an accident there. 25 minutes traveling across towards the peninsula. other bridges not as bad. 14 minutes richmond center fell bridge tolls to one on. if you're traveling there and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls
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going to take about 40 minutes. darya. james, back to you. >> reyna, thank to one that. i'm going to start the news block with some breaking news. the fbi now conducting a search of president joe biden's vacation home in rehoboth beach, delaware. the president's personal lawyer says that this was a pre-planned searched all part of the agency's investigation into the potential mishandling of classified documents. this comes after a top to bottom review at his home in wilmington, delaware. back in january. during that review, the fbi found additional documents with classified markings. they also took some of his handwritten notes. the president has been voluntarily allowing the justice department into his residences as investigators look to determine how classified documents from biden's time as vice president and as a senator wound up in his home and office. >> 802, is the time and another top story. a child is recovering this morning after being attacked by a mountain lion. frightening situation. this happened last night, san mateo county. so let's go there now. kron four's michael
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thomas. >> live with more on what happened. michael? >> hey, good morning, everyone. you know, we're right here off of pacific coast highway and take a look. this is the road that really leads you to where the incident happened. we're going to get a map up on your screen now. so this all took place around 7 o'clock yesterday. that boy is still recovering you know, and went to a trauma center. but it happened on to need creek road. and you can see it's just about 15 minutes away from downtown half moon bay. now, according to officials, they the boy was with a family on a walking trail when it happened. let's get into some video now. you can see this area. it's it's very rule. and that road is very tiny. and there are different types walking trails that i was able to see from it. there is no signal when you are back there, which is why we weren't live there this morning. so just to kind of give you that visual of exactly what the scene is like now, the boy was rushed to a trauma center shortly after here locally in the area.
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officials say that he was conscious but still recovering from punctured wounds. as of right now, the california department of fish and wildlife say the incident is still being investigated with the sheriff's office here saying that they are sending the boy well wishes and hopefully a speedy recovery. but back out here live again, we just saw a she kind of ran right now. but, you know, she's out here on a jog. so it is an area, obviously that people do kind of go on these hikes when it comes to what officials say you should be doing if you ever run into a mountain lion, you should try to look as large as possible. keep eye contact with them. whatever you do, you should never kind of go on to all fours or seem like if you aren't any type of fetal position. again, he's still recovering as we get more information. we'll continue to keep you guys updated. but let's back to those live this morning in the studio. and don't turn your back and run because they'll see was pray at that point in house. but no, no, no, you're not supposed to do that >> at all. so just open your jacket. they say if you're
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with multiple people, you stand in a line and wave your arms. >> scream as loud as you can scare off if you can. thank you, michael >> an interfaith service was held in half moon bay for the 7 people were shot and killed in a mass shooting there last week. take a look at the service. it started with a chinese bell ringing and then you can see all the flower bouquets at the podium there. then the community speakers got up and one after the other to talk about. >> how much this has hurt the community and how they're trying to heal. >> it's all of us as the community that needs to pull together and support one another. as san francisco's archbishop cordileone, prayed as he blessed both murder sites last friday, he said we come together today to reclaim this place of death as a place of life. >> these took several lives that way from this community. but this tragedy has united
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more. no, never. evil will not prevail. >> the overarching theme of the surface was service was healing and recovery. >> meanwhile, in san francisco, we had crowd gather for a vigil in japantown underneath the to their monday night. our cameras were there. we captured the whole thing. this was all in honor of a security guard who was shot and killed last month. cabin boston was his name. he was working at a mall at webster and post streets when the shooting occurred. family and friends came together to honor him, of course, and community leaders were there as well to show their support for him and his family. we spoke to some of the family members who say this death obviously was something that caught him off guard. >> he was a real shock to us to say the least that this is the way. even taken from us. it's going to be a long road ahead of us. never thought i'd
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have to deal with core system. before. we've been made to understand that we won't even see a trial for this man for another year and a half old. and that takes to take care of people. that's definitely something we haven't for years. all want around. you know you know, in a little bubble guilty and we use create own. >> well, it's time reality is. >> well, police did arrest 2 teenagers for this shooting fact. family says they've learned that. boston had actually talked to one of those teams for about 7 minutes before the boy allegedly pulled out a gun and shot him. boston's family says they hope that there areu resources inside the juvenile justice system that will help these teens turn their lives around and become what they
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call men of character, compassion and community. >> it's 807, and new this morning, a longtime women's swimming coach for uc berkeley has been fired up. this comes after she was investigated for allegedly harassing and bullying under her watch and kron four's will tran is at the campus in berkeley with more on this will. >> an infependent law firm hired by uc berkeley. they did the investigation and they came back and basically backed up the claims by 27 swimmers. and 21 parents, current and present that this coach here, you might not have heard of or because it'spnot a major sport, but nonetheless, a prominent sport on campus swimming. her name is teri mckeever and she's been at the school for 30 years now. the swimmers they claim that coach mckeever racially discriminated some verbally and emotionally harass some of her swimmers as well made them
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train and compete during times when they were injured and they had medical records to prove that they were injured. and they also claim that she body shamed them. now the allegations actually came out last year when a newspaper did the report. but according to the swimmers current and present, they believe that the school knew about this as early as the 1990's. and as recently as 2001 to 2010, but did nothing about it. it was athletic director jim knowlton, who ultimately decided that coach mckeever had to go claiming that she violated uc berkeley's policies according to the swimmers, they think elton should go as well. and because they say that the school knew about this for years but did nothing about harassment. according to coach mckeever, she claims that she did nothing wrong and she's been transparent throughout this whole time and she is not going quietly into the night. she's hired an attorney and
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they say that they plan to sue uc berkeley claiming of gender bias. now she's just not your ordinary coach. so for her to be let go there had to be something substantial because her resume is just and the u.s. of a lot of parents. and this me a lot of coaches. she's won 4 ncaa championships. 5 pac, 12 championships and in 2012, she was the olympic coach. >> back to you. >> that's a big deal. r thank you very much. well, good morning, guys. all get to the point. return. another was a pretty big deal last time. so when i woke up this morning, i figured. just pressed record that you guys know for so. i would be long-winded. you only get one super emotional retirement sa and i use mine of last year. so i really
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thank you guys so much to every single one of you. for supporting my family. my friends, my competitors. i could go on forever. there's too many. thank you guys for allowing me to live my absolute wind things. love you all. >> clearly it was. it was hard to leave last time. why didn't? but this time tom brady says he's calling it quits for good. a little choked up there at the end. obviously we know he's the goat, the greatest of all time to play the sport. 7 super bowl that he can lay claim to. you know, it's just. >> what a storied career and there was a core speculation with our quarterback situation here on the forty-niners team that maybe perhaps there was a way to get tom brady to come to the forty-niners and his career. there being are basically emergency quarterback for a year. maybe 2. but yeah, coming back to the bay live on the peninsula.
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and when time is not going to share a high school, all of that, but looks like he just put all that speculation to bed this morning with this video that he tweeted at 23 seasons in the nfl. my 7 super bowl rings. pretty incredible story from apparel serra right, incredible. and so this this and that he says that this is it for good do you think will make it into the hall of fame? sure. >> congratulations, tom. too bad. not coming back all right. it is a 12. we're going to take a quick break. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a few stories to tell you about. firstly, we have you see workers. they took to the pavement, demanding better pay. >> and they got it. now they're worried it might lose their job because of it will explain. and house republicans have declared that now is the time to end the covid public health emergency. we'll tell you what they did last night. do that. and then a shortage of veterinarians now leading to more and more animals
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>d 15, i love that. we're all spending time planning. the rest of tom brady is life how about we just planned todsy? for us, ok, let's let's get that handle if you want to get out there and throw the football around and pretend you're looks gorgeous. design it's anything active. keep you warm and keep you warm. the exact they helped out a little bit another cold morning. but yesterday afternoon. so great. yeah. and this one, we're going to be looking at another really nice afternoon ahead of us. san jose. you're down in the 30's right now. it looks
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great. and then you step outside. you realize i got 37. remember what that feels like mountain view at 37 is well, half moon bay, redwood city, san mateo oakland, all well down below average temperatures, dublin below freezing at 30 degrees in santa rosa at 29 right now. so some very cold conditions out there. no surprise that we're back in some frost advisories this morning, north bay inland east bay, south bay and peninsula mountains, all there in till 09:00am now skies. do stay clear today. not quite as crystal clear as yesterday a few clouds rolling over head but still plenty bright as we're already seeing. and high pressure is going to keep us dry today and tomorrow. our next storm system is going to gently open the storm door into early friday morning will actually time it out for you in future cast. so today passing clouds but still nice and bright tomorrow, partly cloudy ahead of that storm system that pushes through after midnight on thursday and leaves us with some showers during pre-dawn hours. now, this is enough to get roadways wet for your friday morning commute. so anticipate that as
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you're getting out the door on friday, rainfall both on friday morning and then again, saturday night into sunday will amount to mostly around a half an inch for some of our urban areas. closer to the coastline in her upper elevations will generally see higher totals than that. as for today, though, staying dry, nice and sunny and even a few of us getting into the 60's san jose at 63 fremont at 61 while mountain view in hayward right up to 60 degrees tomorrow. seeing more numbers like that in friday, even with some morning showers. still nice and mild and clearing up nicely into the afternoon on friday. it won't be until saturday night into sunday morning that we see showers returning again. great. thank you for that. well, the good news is that accident we were tracking along 101. they just cleared that. >> that was at cesar chavez street. it was both on the northbound and southbound side and just in time because all of our highways are pretty busy. 101, to 80. if you're traveling right now, along 8.80, and off, i-80 or 13 and
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oakland, you're also busy there as well. you can see our map red and orange. 42 minutes may so that fremont street exit. that was because of that accident along 101. now that's clear. hopefully that's going to go down probably around the 9 o'clock hour an hour or so for that to level out. 25 minutes a 80 to 101 accident on the san mateo bridge. now gone and drive times are still they are going up because of residual delays. 62 minutes of the south and along the peninsula 1, 0, one. 85 menlo park 8.80, san leandro to milpitas. 52 minutes, let's check on 5, 88, 80 crockett down towards the maze. nearly 40 minutes to make that drive darya. james, back to you. >> reyna thank u 18 on the clock in at the state capitol. a new bill moving through the legislature looks to expand food benefits to undocumented californians. it calls for expanding calfresh, which is the state's low-income monthly food benefits program. they want it to include undocumented adults and children. >> it makes no sense in california where the people who grow the food can afford to buy the food eat. makes
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absolutely no sense that people hungry now they can't wait 2 years. they can't wait next month. they can't wait for budget debate. the bottom line is people 100. they need to get that and it's possible. do with the california's budget. >> and supporters say that this bill is overdue and vital, but it does come during a time when the state's financial situation could pose some roadblocks. the governor's proposed budget could be delayed by their could delay the expansion by another 2 years because funding concerns as the state's now working to close a potential 22 and a half billion dollar budget shortfall last year. state legislators allocated about 40 million dollars to the budget to expand food benefits to undocumented seniors. >> and the fda is starting an overhaul of its food safety and nutrition division. this after several issues, including the recent baby formula shortage. fda commissioner announcing that the agency is going to combine 2 different divisions to form this new human foods program, which will be designed to respond to shortages. they say
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much more quickly. >> well, a measure of pay and benefits that has been closely watched by the federal reserve rose less than expected at the end of last year. that some good news, the employment cost index increased one percent in the final quarter of 2022. compared to the previous 3 months, which is lower than 1.1% that economists had predicted the employment data showed there should give some relief. now that the central bank markets are cooling inflation could eventually return to normal. that would be a very good thing. >> 20 is a time and house republicans say that it's time now to end the public health emergency over covid. yeah. and that's >> why the white voted or that's why the house voted tuesday night to and public health of the public health emergency. despite the fact that the president said he was already going to end it but they want to get done even soon. right. will john explains what's going on from washington, d.c..
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>> good morning. even though the bill passed in the house, it's unlikely to move forward in the democratic led senate. but house republicans insist the public health emergency needs to end immediately. the yeas are 2.20. the nays are 2.10. the bill is passed. house republicans are sending a message to president joe biden. don't wait until may. let's open our country back up again. get our economy back up again. that's why house gop leader steve scalise and most republicans voted tuesday to end the covid-19 public health emergency. >> texas republican congressman chip roy says this is what americans want these emergencies need to however, the president announced his plan to end both the public health emergency and the national emergency in may, massachusetts democratic congressman jim mcgovern and new jersey democratic congressman frank pallone warned against pulling the plug instantly. we need time to understand the impact that ending the declarations will have on our country. a
8:22 am
pandemic of this magnitude cannot be unwound overnight. we cannot flip a switch and make covid-19 and with the snap of a finger. mcgovern emphasize that the slow roll back, we'll give hospital systems and the federal government time to adjust and prepare, show that essential benefits on suddenly ripped away frothose who need them most. the house will also consider a separate resolution this week to end the national emergency as well. reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> it's a 22. and coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, it's time for the chinese new year parade. the lunar new year parade in san francisco will show you how the city is gearing up to keep everybody safe. it's a 25 in
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chinatown. leaders joined san francisco officials to talk about the safety. >> at this year's chinese lunar new year parade, it's going to happen this saturday just 2 weeks after 2 mass shootings targeting s me members of the asian american community. officials say they want to make sure that everybody feel safe and comfortable. that should anyone. >> do anything. a criminal nature with respect to this event that they will be held accountable. we want to make sure that this parade is something that is celebratory as it should be, that we across cultures get to
8:26 am
experience the fun and the excitement of the year of the rabbit. >> fire, you know, they they have officials for the parade and the city. they think that up to a million people could attend. >> are we going to take a break? it is 8.25. coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news people living in after are debating the city's plan to build a new housing project. why the city says they'll be breaking a new a state law if they don't go forward with this project. >> and just ahead, alameda county district attorney. she wants to take a second look at police shooting cases to see if there's been any misconduct. coming up with details into why she's details into why she's reopening the case is.
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>> 29 right now. and we are scoring score just one after the they were waking up to another day, john, where it looks gorgeous. >> obviously the cold weather is going to have to make the prepared just a little bit as you step outside. look, he's not complaining 2 days. he says he's used to it out a lot. and i know that 2 seconds of the garage for haha. but hey, you know, as you're getting outside, especially if you're like, wait at the bus, stop or anything like that. that's when you're really got to bundle up because it is cold out there. even if you are standing in the sunshine, which certainly helps, it is definitely chilly golden gate bridge looks great when you
8:30 am
step outside into it. you're like yeah. san jose oakland, 37 degrees. that's pretty chilly mountain view. san mateo in the upper 30's, half moon bay, redwood city livermore, fremont, dublin to name a few more spots in the 30's, dublin below freezing at 30 degrees in santa rosa. down at 29 right now. now, no surprise here that were under frost advisories yet again this morning. those will continue through 09:00am so few more minutes of those. we are going to be seeing a little bit more cloud cover today, but still see bright. so look forward to an afternoon that's going to be quite enjoyable again. all right. cannot wait to get outside, get some sort of hiking in. okay. we were talking about issues across the bay bridge red 40 minutes. that accident told you about cleared along 101 of the city now drive times are gone back down. that's great. 33 minutes. so not the best, but another 30 minutes or so. maybe we're going to see even lower our san mateo bridge still around. 23 minutes in an earlier accident. there, right near the causeway. that's clear. but still residual delays because one was pretty
8:31 am
busy on that side. no major issues along richmond center fell bridge. it's great news. 15 minutes tolls to 101. and if you're taking the golden gate bridge, 37 to that about 47 minutes because we are slow along 101, in the north bay darya. james, back to you. thanks. rain friday, 30 is the time in the east bay. the alameda county district attorney's office is now reopening several cases involving police shootings and in-custody deaths. this comes after the previous da declined to charge officers involved in those cases. kron four's camila barco live in the newsroom. >> with the details, camilla. >> yeah, well, darya james, the county's new district attorney pamela price. she has ordered its new public accountability unit to look into these cases. that includes 8 police shootings, in-custody deaths and 2 of those cases involved the same oakland police officer. take a look. this is a scene from july 2008 after oakland officer hector jimenez shot and killed maca jodi woodfox in the back while he was running away from a traffic stop. 7 months earlier, that same officer shot and killed
8:32 am
another man who also ran away after a traffic stop as well. now, in both of those cases, he menaced told investigators he believed the suspects were reaching for guns in their risk fans. the county's former da did not end up charging he menace and eventually he ended up being reinstated into the police department. the unit will also investigate. maru gonzales is death from april of 2021. gonzales died after the officers tried to arrest him on suspicion of shoplifting at a park. the officers pinned him to the ground for several minutes. the county coroner ruled the death as a homicide saying he had a heart attack from meth. use and being restrained by officers and investigation by the city found that the officers did not violate police department policy. now the unit will review those deaths as well as other deadly police shootings by pleasanton police hayward and fremont officers as well as county sheriff's deputies at santa rita jail. alameda county's senior assistant district attorney says that reopening
8:33 am
these cases does not guarantee charges will be filed, but it will give their office time to review and to leave, quote, no stone unturned. now alameda's new district attorney pamela price. she was voted into her position this past november and deiah james, this new unit that will investigate these cases is part of the promises she made during her campaign reached out to her office. we've also reached out to oakland police and alameda police as well for comment. we're still waiting to hear back back to you guys. >> thank you very much. camila. it's a 33 and happening today with just a few hours away from the funeral for tyre nichols. yeah, he died 3 days after he was beaten badly by police during a traffic stop in m mphis, tennessee. the white house says the vice president, kamala harris, is going to be there to pay her respects. alex coleman reports. >> at mississippi boulevard, christian church final preparations are being made for the funeral celebrating the life of tyre nichols, the reverend doctor jay lawrence turner, the senior pastor at
8:34 am
the boulevard who will be presiding over the service tells wre g the nichols family wants memphis and the world. remember more than just the brutality of how he died after the police beating. they've been. >> seeking ways to highlight some of the pressures members they share with tyre in life so that people can get a chance to see more than that disturbing video. the church is expected to be at capacity as thousands. remember the 29 year-old father. >> who loved his family. skateboarding and photographing sunsets. you want to? >> allow the nation to see what a beautiful soul this was that we'd also tragically. and so we hope that the service flat. much of what the family has requested from african drumming too musical selections. that hopefully be a healing balm in the wake of nichols death. the reverend al sharpton will give the eulogy that will likely also
8:35 am
addressed the cold for police reform in memphis and other u.s. cities goal com out of memphis and fight like we fought before. >> to pass me saying law. >> ben crump, attorney for the nichols family will also deliver a call to action is their coach moment on the ground and everybody is walking should not. they should be accountability for every battle on the video and several white house officials are scheduled to attend the funeral as they along with the nichols family and others try to find a way to heal and celebrate the life of tyre and demand change. >> i think we have important responsibility from a faith perspective, too work to make ipsure we are safe place for people to find. pathway to healing. in the midst of this social crisis. and this specific moment where people are grieving. >> that was alex coleman reporting. people are going to gather today at the steps of san francisco city hall to
8:36 am
remember a tyre and that starts at 11 o'clock this morning. >> the 35 to time. let's turn now to the peninsula where residents in atherton are voicing their they did that during city council meeting yesterday. all regarding a proposed affordable housing project that the city is looking to build. there are some heavy hitters against this plan, including steph and ayesha curry. >> they are concerned because this will go right behind their own yet directly on the other side of the backyard fence. now the proposed project is being built. a 23 oakwood boulevard. and here's images of what's there right now. a new state law actually requires cities to submit housing elements is what they're calling basically projects to build affordable and low income housing units in their borders. well, the city council approved the housing that they want to approach to the state. but it's yet to be either. the development the design standards of it. and so between now and then residents are voicing their concerns. the currys did so in a letter that they said they prioritize the safety and privacy,
8:37 am
basically their family and their kids and are asking the city to invest in taller fencing or landscaping. >> to block the site onto their property. if this plan is approved, council members say there's a need for affordable housing, but it is getting major pushback. >> it's very, very hard for this community to think about increasing the density and the community i think we've done a good job in address issues such as height, screening, fencing fence once their adopted, then that property owner can actually submit a permit to do the work. >> but until then, they're single family zoning. >> and the city council has 3 years to set whatever standards they they want to put in place and change the zoning for that lock again. that's 23 oakwood. many of the concerns that people brought up really revolved around parking and traffic on oakwood boulevard. >> time now is 8.37. and researchers and teaching assistants from the university of california schools are now worried about losing their
8:38 am
jobs after they fought for more pay going on strike. yeah. in november, 48,000 of them are on the picket line demanding better wages and benefits. as terry mentioned, he got that. but now those pay raises. >> could come with other problems. there's a concern the university is going to have to hire fewer teaching assistants and researchers to make ends meet. >> workers that one they will not be admitting us. many a graduate phd's the future starting in the fall. i'm guessing about a 3rd, but we've also heard that they will longer that will reduce and not number of teaching assistant decisions throughout entire uc by between 20 to 30%. >> so they may have won the battle. the lost the war. think about academic workers have also been told that they were paid for days and they're on the picket line here and the overseas going to take that money back to comply with state and federal regulations. interesting. >> well, the university says it's working to try to ensure process that's best for all parties involved. we have
8:39 am
heard from the union representing the educators. they've already filed an unfair labor practice charge. >> it is 8.38. >> and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. there's a lot of uncertainty around brock purdy and how he's going to handle this elbow. they got injured and the big game, the nfc championship game but surgery re have. we'll take a look at the options in front of him and hear from him. plus, a man accused of killing a woman in the east bay back in the 90's. we're going to tell you what police used to break this case 30 years later.
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8:41 am
8:42 am
>> we're back in a 41 and there is a shortage of veterinarians here in california. and it's the animals who are paying the price for it. the san francisco spca surveyed shelters across the state. they found that more than 300,000 shelter animals aren't getting adequate care. and that's leading to more animals who could be adopted, having to be put down and step. >> we have this chronic issue of not enough that in our schools and the acute issue of now that americans are so overworked, they're leaving the field. >> yeah, doctor scarlet went on to say that there are over 2000 qualified applicants who haven't been able to get into veterinary school. so she says the solution needs to include more vet schools and admitting more students. so that shelters like the spca won't be forced to use a night euthanize animals. they simply just can't continue caring for. we're going to take a break and a 42. we'll be right break and a 42. we'll be right back.
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>> 8.45 right now. let's talk forty-niners and that brock purdy injury of the elbow and then what's he going to do about it? yeah. so that's the question right now. he's still a little uncertain as to whether he's going to have surgery for that torn ucl in his throwing elbow because that was a couple options. hair. >> i know. and then this, and then there's reconstructive
8:46 am
surgery, which would put them out even longer. but either way surgeries probably going to him for at least 6 months, maybe even as long as 12. so really, part rehabs another. would be less than 6 and non-surgical avenue. but then even that's got its own right pose and cons and questions about whether it's actually going to work for whatever tear he had. in the meantime, we just heard from him and he says only been a couple of days and it still hurts. you know. terms of walking around and stuff. >> don't feel as much it's but the minute i got it. pick something up or whatever. definitely can. change my so definitely got injured. >> i just can't use my arm is all right. kind of a kind of important when you're the quarterback out. if he can get back in time for next season is the big question. we do know trey lance, we heard from him in the locker room as well. he says he's 100%. he obviously rolled up his ankle in game 2 of the season last year, but he says should be ready to go for the poster for
8:47 am
offseason or we've waited a long time for his this is what happens. 8.46 right now. we want to check out the weather for you and you get a little clue from behind us here. it's just clear. and sunny, sunny, albeit cold, sunny. but the catch is it is cold out there. so as you're stepping outside to enjoy the sunshine either, get the heart rate up really fast or throw on all those layers. >> we're looking outside at the transamerica building under lots of sun. fairly calm winds at the moment. the catch definitely the fact it's cold. the redwood city, san jose oakland, well down in the 30's, we are starting to see some of our temperatures lifting now back up into the dublin livermore, right above freezing. same for you in concord at 33 degrees. santa rosa at only 29 degrees right now. now, as we work our way through the day, we'll see those frost advisories expiring really here in short order. and after that, it's sunshine and a mild afternoon ahead. not quite as crystal
8:48 am
clear as yesterday. you will see some cloud cover moving overhead tomorrow. even more of that as this high pressure begins to weakened, allowing another storm system to push through. but not until early friday morning. let's time it out. so today looking at mostly sunny conditions. tomorrow is going to be a partly cloudy day for your thursday. we stay dry through midnight after the stroke of midnight into early friday morning before the sun comes up. that's when we'll see rainfall pushing through will be fairly heavy at times. but before a lot of us are even waking up in the morning by the time you're heading to the roads, rainfall should have let up. but we will be seeing some wet conditions out there. so anticipate that for your friday morning commute. rainfall totals across the bay area from both friday morning's rain and again, saturday night into sunday morning could be upwards of an inch for some of our mountains and right along the coast while lesser amounts towards half an inch for inland areas. today's daytime highs, mostly in the 50's, although a few of us are rising into the low 60's half moon bay, a mild one at 57 mountain view right at 60 degrees for your daytime high in the south bay, looking
8:49 am
at some of our warmest temperatures, san jose at 63 today, fremont hayward san leandro in the low 60's. well, our inland areas among some of our cooler spots. 56 for any a benicia. the late show as well as over towards paddling back our next 7 days. pretty steady. as far as temperatures go even with systems dropping through, bringing us some rainfall friday morning. not a whole lot of temperature change going on there afternoon hours on friday, clear out really nicely after that morning rain and we stay dry through saturday morning saturday evening into sunday morning. our second chance of rain before drying out into next week. john, thank you that. well, we've been pretty sluggish out there. if you're traveling along 101, southbound. >> to the north bay novato down to san rafale. you can see traffic building there and then san francisco down to brisbane. pretty busy along 101, as well. and along the peninsula side, if you are taking the san mateo bridge, you see a little pocket slowing there. so traffic has been busy. 24 minutes into the city. well, that is down from
8:50 am
40 minutes. so gradually going down of an accident right near cesar chavez in the city is clear. so hopefully next time we check is going to be even better. 25 minute 80 to 101 heading across towards the peninsula. maybe you're traveling along northbound san leandro heading into oakland's going to take about 30 minutes. well, 5 80's going to take about 30 minutes as well. just as you're traveling from a san leandro up towards oakland, 101, and traveling along that 85 into park about 58 minutes and then 5, 80, 80 crockett down towards the maze. 30 minutes. darya. james, back to you. >> thank you. reyna 8.50, on the clock and in the east bay concord, police have arrested a man they believe is responsible for a murder that happened nearly 30 years ago. police think that the man killed a 28 year-old transgender woman named terry last this was back in 1994. crawford's amanda hari actually spoke with last week's friends about the possible break in the case. >> it may be more than 28 years since britney. sure, as he's seen her friend terry led
8:51 am
week, but she says she thinks about her all the time. she says over the last decades she spent time telling terry story and making sure she isn't forgotten. >> brittany, sure isn't. harry led rigs. friendship was built off of many commonalities. one of the biggest being they're both transgender women sure is says she was shocked to hear of last week's killing on december 4th, 1994, was just 28 years old when she was found dead in her conquer department, a person, you know. >> she loved to laugh. and, one of the push you know, and i thought that she murdered. i just. mean, i just fell apart. another sister died or >> was married to her husband was not a suspect in the case. and over the last few months, concord police with the help of fbi and the district attorney's office had a break in the case.
8:52 am
>> based on dna evidence, police identified 55 year-old james william grimsley as last week's murder suspect. last week they arrested him in utah. mary's been living and working as a truck driver sure is says she couldn't believe it when she heard the news. i so loud. just to us. >> you know, she got a justice. i think those outdoor now shores has dedicated her life to educating people about what it means to be transgender, hoping it leads to less people killed. she was featured an article in the east bay times 10 years after last week's murder to try and continue to shed light on the case. i will always look at the newspaper clippings, you know, and so i asked concord police lieutenant sean donnelly if they believe last week's killing may have been a hate crime. >> you know, we're not certain of the motive. >> that the killer's motive at the time. i think that that certainly is a possibility
8:53 am
that the fact that harry was transgender. later played a role, a vital role in but we're not certain. >> concord police plan to extradite james grimsley back to contra costa county. right now he's behind bars in utah. he's being held on a 1 million dollar bond in concord. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> 53 the time. we'll be right >> 53 the time. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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>> 8.55 and as valentine's day is coming up, the san antonio zoo has a great idea for those >> there's no love lost between you and your ex, you know, and you would like to let go. this called crimea cockroach, because what they do is you pay 10 bucks. they name a cockroach after your ex. that's for 10 bucks. and then they send us a little video digital proof that says here's your car crash. but if you pay 150 bucks, they'll name. any kind of animal that is good for eating like a cockroach, a rat or whatever. >> and then they'll send you a all all of your ex's name on the congress are at or whatever so you put that to bed. >> and then we'll send it to rex. yeah, you can send that your ex to it sounds like a little bad blood. a move. that's okay. >> we'll take a break. it is a 56 in the next hour. boy, scary mountain lion attack. a small child involved. this is in san mateo county will have an update on that child's
8:57 am
condition. >> and some tips for you in a moment. plus, a woman swim coach at cal fire as the university investigates accusations of bullying and abuse. more on that in a live report. and brock, i was going to say tom brady not brought pretty, but tom brady making a big announcement about his nfl big announcement about his nfl career. we'll be right back [ male announcer ] need money? ♪♪ file your taxes today at jackson hewitt. you could get up to 3,500 bucks the same day with a no fee refund advance loan from jackson hewitt. file your taxes today at jackson hewitt. wait. you're a night manager and mom and birthday cake baker? so adding “and” student might feel daunting. national university is here to support all your “ands.” national university. supporting the whole you. for just $6 you could get your choice between two sandwiches plus my classic taco, curly fries, and a drink. [muffled] i can't hear you.
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>> thanks for waking up with us. i'm darya and i'm james. we've got 3 big stories we're following this morning hours starting with a child attacked by a mountain lion on the peninsula will tell you about that. plus. >> a longtime berkeley swim coach fired over allegations of harassment and bullying. and we heard this morning from tom brady, the goat with a big announcement on his nfl career going forward. all that much more coming up in just a minute. but first want to look at the forecast and the weather right now, which is good, beautiful, clear sunday, cold minor morning. john will take the sunshine for sure. that cold is going to be a little less cold gradually. now that the sun, he's risen further and further looking outside at half moon bay ca or just a few out there this morning, clear from the coast all the way inland. >> that doesn't change from yesterday, nor has this cold start, though. we're right back down to in some cases as cold as we were yesterday, redwood city. 35 right now san jose just now lifting out of the 30's. back to 44 fremont. you're still at 36. same for dublin,


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