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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  February 1, 2023 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> thanks for waking up with us. i'm darya and i'm james. we've got 3 big stories we're following this morning hours starting with a child attacked by a mountain lion on the peninsula will tell you about that. plus. >> a longtime berkeley swim coach fired over allegations of harassment and bullying. and we heard this morning from tom brady, the goat with a big announcement on his nfl career going forward. all that much more coming up in just a minute. but first want to look at the forecast and the weather right now, which is good, beautiful, clear sunday, cold minor morning. john will take the sunshine for sure. that cold is going to be a little less cold gradually. now that the sun, he's risen further and further looking outside at half moon bay ca or just a few out there this morning, clear from the coast all the way inland. >> that doesn't change from yesterday, nor has this cold start, though. we're right back down to in some cases as cold as we were yesterday, redwood city. 35 right now san jose just now lifting out of the 30's. back to 44 fremont. you're still at 36. same for dublin, oakland and berkeley.
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you are in the 30's earlier now you're back into the 40's and santa rosa from the 20's back to the 30's for use. the sunshine is already starting to help us out. we just saw those frost advisories expiring just moments ago. so sunshine is definitely doing its work for us. and we're going to see a few passing clouds today. but overall, nice and clear and another enjoyable afternoon, much like we saw yesterday. be talking about rainfall returning this weekend. still to come in your full forecast right now, john, thank you for that. well, let's get you go. if you are traveling and driving out there. >> heading into the city right now. we're 22 minutes. that's better because we're at 40 minutes a few hours ago because of an accident along 101, that's now clear. the san mateo bridge about 24 minutes. you consistently been here after recovering from another accident on the san mateo bridge about the richmond center fell bridge just under 15 minutes. but our highways pretty busy 8.80, traveling from salient are down to 2.37. about 44 minutes to make that drive. and the south bay
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traveling up 101. 56 minutes. 85 into menlo park. darya. james, back to you. >> thank you very much, rain. all right. let's get to the breaking news this morning. fbi now conducting a search of president joe biden's vacation home in rehoboth beach, delaware. the president's personal lawyer saying this is a pre-planned search, all part of the agency's investigation into the potential mishandling of classified documents. this all comes after that top to bottom review of his home in wilmington, delaware. back on january, 20th, it was during that review that the fbi found additional documents that were marked classified. they also took some of his handwritten notes. the president has been voluntarily allowing the justice department in his residences as investigators are looking into how classified documents from biden's time as vice president and sen wound up in his home and office. >> it's 902. and another top story. a child is recovering this morning after being attacked by a mountain lion. terrifying for him for the family. this was last night
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san mateo county that happened on a trail kron four's michl thomas actually standing by with more on what happened. michael? >> yeah, hi, everyone. good morning. really. a scary situation for a lot of people that boy was rushed to a trauma center shortly after and as of this morning, he is still recovering. but take a look at this map we put together for you now. this all took over on the 1000 block of 2 new this creek road. now it's about 15 minutes south of half moon bay. the attack happened just before 7 o'clock last night. well, boy and his family were walking on a trail. we're going to get to some video now of what that area looks like. now. it's a bit more rule. and, you know, does have wildlife conditions. the boy was rushed to a trauma center shortly after the attack happened. officials say he was conscious when it all to take place but is still recovering from puncture wounds. as of this morning. now, when it comes to his age that has not been released. and the california department
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of fish and wildlife say the incident is still being investigated. adding that only about 20 confirmed attacks have happened in california, not in the last century. now sheriff's office did go ahead, put out a statement last night saying, you know that it's really been a tough situation all around this month for the half moon bay area. they wish the boy well and also his family well and a speedy recovery. now, officials with the forest service dot gov. say that if you ever do come in contact with one of those mountain lions, you should not run or turn your back maintain eye contact. try to look large as possible. you know whether that be waving your arms, opening up your jacket and definitely never get on all fours or any type of fetal so, yeah, those are just some things to kind of think about. if you are going on those walks. james darya. we talked about that earlier. some as you put your headphones in not paying but you know, if you're out in a rural area, but we saw some people walking and jogging, it's definitely something to be aware of when it comes to police condition. again, he's still recovering as we get more information.
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we'll continue to keep you guys updated. but for now, send it back to you guys live in the studio thank you very much, michael. it's 904. >> and an interfaith service was held in half moon bay to remember the victim. 7 people killed in the mass shooting there last week. take a look at the service. it started with the chinese bell ringing and you can see the flowers that are behind the podium there and then the community speakers got up and talked one by one about how this has hurt the community and also how they're trying to heal. >> it's all of us as the community that needs to pull together and support one another. as san francisco's archbishop cordileone, prayed as he blessed both murder sites last friday, he said we come together today to reclaim this place of death as a place of life. >> these took several lives that way from this community. but this tragedy has united more. no, never. evil will not
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prevail. >> the overarching theme of the service was healing and recovery. >> was the same message in san francisco as well as a crowd gathered for a vigil in japantown underneath the pagoda peace there monday night. they were there to honor the security guard who was shot and killed last month. gavin boston is his name. he was working at the mall by western post street when the shooting occurred. family and friends came together for this vigil to honor and remember him. they say his death took them all by surprise. >> he was a real shock to us to say the least that this is the way. you'd be taking from us. it's going to be a long road ahead of us. never thought i'd have to deal with core system. before. we've been made to understand that we won't even see a trial for
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this man for another year and a owner that takes to take care of people. that's definitely something we haven't for years. we want around. you know you know, in a little bubble guilty and our own. >> we it's time realities. >> well, police arrested 2 teens for that shooting. the family say they learned the boston actually talked to one of those teams for about 7 minutes before that boy allegedly took out a gun and shot him. boston's family says they do hope that there are resources in juvenile hall and the justice system there to help turn these teens lives around. >> time now is 907, and new this morning, the longtime women's swim coach at uc berkeley has been fired. yeah, this comes after she was investigated for alleged
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harassment and bullying with kron four's will tran on the campus of uc berkeley to explain. good morning. well. >> for ncaa championships, 5 pac, 12 championships, the olympics when coach in 2012, all of those things were not enough for uc berkeley to keep teri mckeever on the job. this being on the job after 30 years as head coach for the swim and dive team. this after an 8 month investigation, uc berkeley hired an independent law firm. they looked into allegations made by 27 swimmers and parents, current and former may date back to the 90's claiming the coach mckeever racially discriminated some verbally and abuse some of their swimmers of her swimmers. also body shamed and made them swim in compete when they had medical records proving that they were injured. they looked into this after a newspaper.
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did the investigation last year, despite according to the swimmers and the parents that the school knew about this for decades and did nothing about it. but it was an investigation last year that prompted uc berkeley to look into this. the law firm came back and basically supported the claims by the swimmers and the parents. now, they also want to go one step further. the swimmers and the parents want. athletic director jim knowlton fire claiming that the school knew about this for years and did nothing about it. coach mckeever. well, she denies all allegations and she is swinging back at the school and this law from as far as the report that they found, she says she did nothing wrong and that she hired an attorney and they plan to file a lawsuit claiming gender bias. >> back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll return.
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another was a pretty big deal last time. so when i woke up this morning, i figured. just pressed record that you guys know for so. i would be long-winded because you only get one super emotional retirement sa and i use mine of last year. so i really thank you guys so much to every single one of you. for supporting my family. my friends, teammates my competitors. i could go on forever. there's too many. thank you guys for allowing me to live my absolute wind a love you all. >> yeah, saying he lived his dream and that's then to say there are too many people to thank. i mean, that's no joke. 23 years in the league he certainly met a lot of people along the way and forced a lot
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of friendship. got lot of rings 7. yeah. as a matter of fact, file. 6 of those most of those with obviously and then run with tampa bay and there he was in tampa bay recording this video this morning. i'm saying goodbye and this by the way, puts an end to speculation here in the bay area that perhaps beach, he come to the forty-niners right for his family and, you know, you a quarterback in maybe we can get in for a one-year deal. he can wear the forty-niners uniform which he grew up a fan of want to play for the forty-niners plus. so, you know, it was like i think people were hopeful because we didn't it hires hill and retire just like he did last time. but he made this clear this announcement. it was like last time i was. >> i went back this time is for good. no bones about it. it is 9.11, right now. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, there's some uncertainty about brock purdy not be but not the okay. well, brady com, it's the uncertainty of. >> is he out for 6 months to 12 or is he out for under 6? it depends what he does with that. and another cold
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morning. but another sunny morning, too. and that sunshine is already helping us out. temperatures are lifting out of the 30's currently and will be in the 50's to even low 60's later on today. >> i've got your forecast. >> and if you are traveling are hitting the road right now. we've been trac
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>> it's 9.14 right now. back to the weather. let's see if anywhere with little bit
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because they started out pretty low this morning, john, yet they are starting to climb. so we are seeing some movement in the direction. we want to see them, which is gradually just getting a little less frigid. you remember the past 2 afternoons. how nice it's been. we've got another one of those ahead of us. so that's something to look forward to half moon bay looks great. got lots of sunshine. some of you out there already braving the chilly conditions. half moon bay. you're back up into the 40's. only a few spots like fremont, redwood city, dublin, conquered livermore in parts of the north bay still hanging out in the 30's. oakland, you fell to 35 earlier today. you're back up to 45 now and santa rosa. you are in the upper 20's. now you're back in the mid 30's frost advisories wiped off the map at this point, which is great news because the rest of the day, no risk of frost as you're getting out there, just a lot of sunshine to enjoy. i'd say with the jackets, even though if you stay in the senate might be tempted to take the jacket off for just a few minutes here. and there high pressure ridge in place for now. continuing to keep us dry today into tomorrow. today, a
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few passing clouds, but still plenty bright tomorrow is going to be a touch cloudier. but just as mild. and then after midnight tomorrow night and on into early friday morning, our next round of showers arrives. now we will see some pockets of heavier rainfall, but this is all before you even get up on friday morning. predawn hours here. it should move out by the time the morning commute really picks up. it' just a few isolated showers around that time. but roadways will be wet for your friday drive to work. so i anticipate that as far as rainfall totals go both friday morning's rain and then again, saturday night into sunday morning, expect nearly an inch if not more inner coastal mountains and right along the coastline, the further inland you get the lesser those totals expect around a half an inch of rain this weekend for most urban areas. temps today will be in the 60's for some of us san jose mountain view. fremont hayward among those spots while holding on to the upper 50's and oakland, san francisco, vallejo and santa rosa. looking ahead. temperatures remain pretty steady despite those 2 chances of rain. i just talked about
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friday morning and then ag saturday night into sunday morning, rain. thank you for that will. if you're traveling along 5, 18, 80 right now, it's going to take you. >> about 20 minutes to make that drive this morning. things are looking a lot better. no accidents or hazards. there. our trip into the city may so that fremont street exit about 22 minutes. if you're traveling, richmond center fell bridge tolls to 101 just under 17 minutes. we'll have a 4 looks great. look at that. 15 minutes, antioch, into conquers to 42. if you're traveling along 6.80, doubling down to fremont. just at 28 minutes. a factor in about 30 sally and her down towards to 37 about 37 minutes. the air and the south bay. let's check on 1, 0, one. 48 minutes. 85 up towards menlo park. darya. james, back to you. time to talk winners and losers with our financial expert rob black morning route. morning. so let's go all the markets right now. >> fear fed, the federal reserve is going to announce or didn't rate decision later this morning. higher interest
9:18 am
rates, higher borrowing costs, higher mortgage costs, slow down the economy, slow down the economy should fight inflation. so a little bit of a anti-growth sentiment this morning. come in. but peloton had is up nicely and they're returning to hire subscriptions. i want to buy that stock, amd a good quarter snapping off a quarter. snap is kind of like a junior facebook's of facebook reports tonight that out. we'll see how that one plays out tomorrow another that we get into the fun stories that tom brady, 22 seasons, 7 super bowls average clears 3 so, quite a career mean to a finance guy. what's it mean to you that brady is retiring? >> well, first and foremost, he's been to by or through that whole ftx. think. yeah. so never, ever buy anything from a celebrity endorser. >> whether it be stocks and or bitcoin. but for him, it's he had a career that was 67 times longer than the average person. you and i have been a crime longer than most people. we've had a healthy career. that's what it means to someone like me.
9:19 am
>> all right. ok book and also, i we're still going to see him when analyst and an ambassador and all that stuff is going. so he'll still be pulling in money. i was a little worried about, you know, he's retired. >> guest take gels place now that >> i know we're going to be talking about the singles apps in a minute okay. go on to the cost airlines. so the bad weather and stuff they had to pay a lot of money for more than you. >> yeah, really i'm not really going to a story about ice causing texas airports to shut down. but it is a billion dollar economic event. the weather hitting the south right now way california can really we just had a billion-dollar event with rivers and snow dobbs. so american airlines southwest are both saying 2000 plus flights day 1800 flights the other day 165 billion dollars. natural disasters in united states per year. last year.
9:20 am
that was up from 155 billion. what's really striking about this is i didn't know this. the california drought last year cost us 22 billion dollars as far as the state cares. and now these billion dollar defense tie towards weather happening every 18 days 5 years ago, there happen about every 60 days. so i'm not saying global warming. i'm not going to get to a political fight with anyone, but it's costing america a lot of money to do with ice and snow and rain and floods and atmospheric rivers. right? right measure how much the frogs are going to cost when they start falling. okay. >> what let's go back to the single thing that because i don't even know there's so many names of all these apps as to what's going on with the apps. >> match group reported earnings last night. and what's really surprising to me is that there there are about 14 different dating apps. they're tender their case to for their match. there are plenty of fish, their hands. there is japanese versions. there's asian versions. there's european versions.
9:21 am
there's a lot going on. they are the dominant dating play and love is not selling right now. match just had their first quarterly or first quarterly revenue decline. that's right. about a 3rd of all may hurt his start on an app. now today, daria. so this kind of big they're going to cut 8% of their workforce. they're changing the way tender works. they're trying to do more meet ups cups and there also is instead of using the word of mouth. as we all heard about tender and tender ellis out there 5 years ago. you and i being a little bit always work a little bit out of this phase. more match. yahoo couples. i'm so embarrassed that i'm saying that. >> a lot of farmers only j date. i remember the old ones, right? yeah. did you ever do far worse? still in may. going to raise prices is the bottom line and they'll be fine. i'm dating apps are here to stay.
9:22 am
>> and i don't own the stock. i looked at it in the past. i'm glad i don't own the stock. i'm getting an idea how say there's an app for that. we get the after dating and you said a 3rd of all marriages start on the apps. maybe we need like a divorce app and then you can just be there's an app for that. just. no comment. have to get heaot. who cares about money? i think this is something in there for you. >> offer will course is expensive. cars are expensive and houses are expensive. so try to try to marry wise. not your 20's. i i can see the talk between your kids now. all right. thank you, rob. if you have a question and suggestion for rob, you can e-mail him, facebook or twitter also ways to reach him and apparently not we'll be right back.
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>> all right, rob just brought up tom brady. yes, retiring. so that means he's not going to come to the forty-niners no matter what, no like all our injuries and up to us needing another quarterback. and here we keep replaying when brock purdy got his elbow hurt during that game against the philadelphia eagles. his prognosis complete tear of the ucl in his throwing elbow couple things you could do. he can get surgery. few routes with that. and that could put him on the sideline from anywhere from 6 months to a full year. you could do rehab, which bars are now. and that would only be like about 6 months. our last if that's even successful, either we talked to pretty yes. and he
9:26 am
said, quote. >> terms >> of walking around and stuff. >> don't feel as much it's but the minute i go it. pick something up or whatever. definitely can. change my so definitely got injured. >> you know, can i say something? and it hurts it is yeah. now as for who's going to be quarterback, obviously we know it's not going to be brady. he's not coming to town. trey lance, who hurt his ankle in the second game on honor. he's his re has been going well. he says he's going to be for the offseason workout program when it gets under way. so got him. >> i got a lot of questions. still appeal are. all right. we'll see. but jimmy 9.26, right now. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. some people in atherton including steph and ayesha curry are
9:27 am
upset about a planned housing project. we're going to hear their concerns. >> and just ahead, alameda county's district attorney wants to take a second look at police shooting cases to see if there's been any misconduct. coming up, the details into why she's reopening the case is.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>> 9.29 right now and we are checking out the weather for you because i know you want to get out their exercise. haha.
9:30 am
>> nighswonder, though, would be pretty pleasant out there. john, a brisk feels brisk and you want to speed the heart rate up a little bit. but things are getting gradually a little less cold as the moments go by because of all the sunshine that we're seeing. >> looking out there at the east bay hills and things looking really nice. we're going to have another sun shiny afternoon, much like yesterday and the sunshine that we're already getting resulting in temperatures climbing out of the 30's for most spots. now, alameda, one of our first areas back up to 50 degrees, even santa rosa. you're still hanging on to 36 livermore. concord in the upper 30's. oakland, you fell into the mid 30's this morning. but now you're back up to 45 degrees. the rest of the day today looks just as good as the past few days have been. so really a lot to look forward to today. radar shows a lot of sunshine and even though we will have some clouds passing across the bay area today, still going to be plenty bright. i'm talking more about the rest of this week's forecast, which does include some rainfall around
9:31 am
the corner. still to come rain. right, john, thanks for that. is still a little sluggish out there in the 9 o'clock hour. if you're traveling along, i-80 down towards milpitas about 33 minutes along 6.80, right now through signal you are seeing traffic delays. traffic is picking up and 2.38. through hayward, the bay bridge. now about 20 minutes. but that's because we are at 40 minutes in our earlier hours because of an accident along 101. now that that's clear, you're still seeing just the business of that early morning incident. 23 80 to one san matteo bridge. one of the south bay about 45 minutes. 85 up towards menlo park and cracking down towards the maze. going to take you 20 minutes to make that drive darya. james, back to you. thank you. and it's 9.31, of the east bay, the alameda county da's office is reopening several cases involving police shootings and in-custody deaths. yeah, this comes after the previous da just climb to charge the officers involved in those cases, we have kron four's camila barco up in the newsroom. keeping an eye on this story. good morning.
9:32 am
camila. >> warning so yeah, the county's new district attorney pamela price, she has ordered its new public accountability unit to take a look into these cases. and this includes the case of mario gonzalez. we covered it. he died at the hands of police officers. and there's also 2 cases that involve the same oakland police officer. take a look. this is a scene from july 2008 after oakland officer hector, he man is shot and killed. matt jodi woodfox in the back while he was running away from a traffic stop 7 months earlier, that same officer shot and killed another man who also ran away after a traffic stop. now in both of those cases, jimenez told investigators he believed the suspects. we're reaching for guns in their waistbands. the county's former da did not end up charging jimenez and eventually he ended up being reinstated into the police department. the unit will also investigate maru gonzalez, his death from april 2021. gonzalez died after the officers tried to arrest him on suspicion of shoplifting at a park. the officers pinned
9:33 am
him to the ground for several minutes. the county coroner ruled the death as a homicide saying he had a heart attack from meth. use and being restrained by officers, an investigation by the city found that the officers did not violate police department policy. this morning we spoke the with the attorney representing gonzalez, his mother. this is what he expects will happen with the case. under prices, leadership. >> although we can't guarantee pamela price is going to reach a different result, i'm very confident given the platform she ran on and in which the speed at which she's looking to write many past that new a new perspective, a fresh set of eyes to frankly, just an unbiased investigation into the gonzalez case will render justice for the family. >> now that new unit will review those deaths as well as other deadly police shootings by pleasanton police, hayward
9:34 am
and fremont officers as well as county sheriff's deputies at santa rita jail. now, alameda county's senior assistant district attorney says reopening these cases does not guarantee charges will be filed, but it will give their office time to review and to leave, quote, no stone on turned now alameda's new district attorney pamela price. she was voted into her position this past november. and i says new unit that will investigate these cases as part of the promises she made during her campaign reached out to her team. we're still waiting to hear back. but later at noon, we'll have more from gonzales is attorney. i'll send it back to you guys. ok, thank you for the update. coming a little stay. tune for that. >> it is 9.34 and family and friends of tyre. nichols are going to be honoring his life today at a funeral in memphis. 5 police officers brutally beat the 29 year-old before he died of his injuries a few days later, body camera footage of that beating has reignited the debate surrounding police brutality and how to fix that. we've got alex caprariello with an
9:35 am
update now from memphis. >> good morning to you. i'm reporting outside the mississippi boulevard christian church where later this morning we expect mourners from all across the nation to come here and celebrate the life of 29 year-old tyre nichols. there's a long list of notable names from the highest forms of government. also, 2 other families of victims of police brutality all across america. most notably vice president kamala harris will be in attendance were told that she had about a 30 minute phone call with tyre nichols mother yesterday. and that's where the invitation went out. the president himself spoke to the tyre nichols family last week. >> after that video was released, other people also in attendance are families of victims of police brutality from across america. that includes the families of george floyd breonna taylor, eric garner and stefan clark. this funeral scheduled close to the public. back to you. >> 9.35 right now on the peninsula after residents are voicing their concern about a
9:36 am
proposed affordable housing project in those who are against it, steph and ayesha curry. yeah. a couple of the big names that are not looking too kindly on this project because it's going to be built directly behind them on the other side of the backyard fence. it's 23 oakwood boulevard is the site. and there's a new state law to require cities to submit housing plans to build affordable and low-income housing in their districts. so that was brought up that the city council meeting yesterday. the council approved the housing plan, but they have yet to approve the exact development designs and the standards for the project. so until they do the currys and others are voicing their concerns. in fact, the curry sent a letter saying that they prioritize safety and the privacy of their family and their children. and they're asking the city to at least invest in taller fencing or landscaping to block the sight lines down onto their property. if this plan is ultimately approved. council members say that there does need to be affordable housing, but it is getting some major pushback. >> it's very, very hard for this community to think about
9:37 am
increasing the density and the community i think we've done a good job in address issues such as height, screening, fencing fence once their adopted, then that property owner can actually submit a permit to do the work. >> but until then, they're single family zoning. >> city council has 3 years to set the standards and change the zoning for 23 oakwood and many of the concerns that were brought up include parking and traffic on oakwood boulevard. we'll see what they can come up with. that hopefully will make everybody happy. >> in the meantime, researchers and teachers assistance from the university of california schools say they're worried about losing their jobs after sounds, 10's of thousands of them took to the streets, walk the picket lines last november, fighting for better wages, better benefits. they got the deal they wanted. yeah, so the pay raises are here. but there's a concern about >> how the university is going to be able to foot that bill. and so they may have to hire fewer teaching assistants and researchers to cover the cost. >> parts informal workers that
9:38 am
one they will not be admitting us many a graduate phd's in the future starting in the fall. i'm guessing about a 3rd, but we've also heard that they will longer that will reduce im, not the number of teaching assistant decisions throughout entire uc by between 20 to 30%. >> academic workers have also been told that if they were paid for the days that they were on the picket line, the university is going to take back that money to comply with state and federal regulations. >> well, the university says it's working right now to try to ensure process that will be fair to everybody. but we've heard already the union is fighting back. they filed an unfair labor practice charge. all right. you see tom brady there in the screen. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. we are going to talk about his announcement. he's retiring from the nfl for a second time. >> we'll tell you what's next for tom. we'll talk about what this means for the forty-niners. they've got a quarterback dilemma. they have to solve. we're going to be visiting with kron four's. visiting with kron four's.
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when a truck hit my son,
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visiting with kron four's. i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> it's 9.41 in the city of san francisco unveiled plans for a new development designed to serve the urban american indian community. it's called village sf. it's a federally design part under president biden's justice, 40 initiative. and that is supposed to direct 40% of certain federal funds to disadvantaged communities. the project is being developed with the friendship house, which is the oldest urban indian services organization in the country. and you can
9:42 am
see the renditions. it's going to be a 6 story building in the heart of the mission district. >> it will not only >> represent and support the american indian culture. but it will be a place that people from this city will be welcome with open arms. >> the new building is going to be constructed alongside the existing friendship. house and they'll be a courtyard between them to encourage people to be able to gather in that space. and the mayor says she's hoping it will all be done before she's done before term ends in 2024, it is 9.42. and we will be right back.
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(mother in-law) tears of joy... (father in-law) welcome to the family! (hero inner thought) whew! (vo) like knowing where you stand? when it comes to your credit score, you can with wells fargo. >> welcome back. it is 9.45 on this wednesday and we are looking are really cold start to the new month. but things are gradually getting a little less cold as we've worked our way into the later morning and under some more sunshine golden gate bridge looks great. plenty of sun out there and we are starting to see temps moving out of the 30's back up into the 40's and even 50's half moon bay and alameda back up into the 50's for you. concord in santa rosa are holdouts still in the 30's right now? see, a definitely still want to be layering up. frost advisories. they're not on the map anymore. we are starting to see what's about to be quite nice afternoon ahead of us, mostly sunny skies and some pretty comfortable temps still under that high pressure ridge. but
9:46 am
we do have our next storm system insight that is going to be resulting in quite the switch up an unsettled pattern this weekend today, mostly sunny and dry tomorrow, going to be a partly cloudy and dry one. it's after midnight tomorrow night, but showers move through during our predawn hours on friday morning. rainfall pretty heavy before you wake up. we'll still see some showers through your morning commute on friday. but moving out pretty quickly. the rest of the day starts to clear up rainfall on friday morning. and then again on saturday night into sunday, amounting to upwards of an inch for some of our north coast mountains and down into the santa cruz mountains. most of our urban areas anywhere from a half an inch to three-quarters of a daytime highs will be in the 50's for most of us, although some of us today tapping into some low 60's, it's going to be a touch more mild than the past few days have been. and that's going to be really nice feel with that sunshine that we have to look torward to san jose or warmest spot while freeman through hayward and up to san leandro in the low 60's walnut creek, danville and san ramon at 57, the antioch, as
9:47 am
well as petaluma each at 56 degrees. your lookahead shows pretty steady temperatures but we will see those 2 chances of rainfall friday morning and again, saturday night into sunday morning. bring john, thanks so that. well, let's get you going on this wednesday morning, traveling along 5, 18, 80. >> about 18 minutes to make that drive from crockett down towards the maze. the bay bridge right now, 19 minutes maze to that fremont street exit. if you're heading into the city right now, our san mateo bridge, 80 to 1, 0, one. 21 minutes traveling across towards the peninsula. well, doubling down to fremont along 6.80. it's going to take you 23 minutes to make that drive. you can see pockets of delays along 88 e as you're traveling to fremont and hayward walnut creek down to find a just under 16 minutes. let's check on a stanley traveling towards to 37 about 32 minutes. darya. james, back to you. >> good morning, guys. get to the point. return. i know the
9:48 am
was a pretty big deal last time. so when i woke up this morning, i figured. just pressed record that you guys know for so. i would be long-winded because you only get one super emotional retirement sa and i use mine of last year. so i really thank you guys so much to every single one of you. for supporting my family. my friends, teammates my competitors. i could go on forever. there's too many. thank you guys for allowing me to live my absolute wind a love you all. >> native tom brady getting choked up short, sweet and a heartfelt that announcement this morning. i mean, obviously we've heard before he made these last year. but this look pretty final to the day, by the way, last. have
9:49 am
your for your time for 6 pretty this is forever right on him. so what does this mean for him going forward for the forty-niners? because the rumor mill was going crazy yesterday about maybe tom brady is coming to town to help us out. as we've got our own quarterback problems going on now for sports reporter kate rooney is on the phone with her analysis. and kate, what are your thoughts about this? >> good morning, darya. good morning again. you're right. does seem a little more final. the lot different maintain a healthy amount of skepticism just because you never know tom brady but football is anyone has ever won the game 5. he does have a pretty brbadcasting look forward to. so i think it but it going to start to think those in that water but port wine are yeah. well, i mean, he saw what happened. brock purdy. maybe he's like, i don't know. i want to put my body through anything potentially like that because that was the the rumor mill. yesterday's maybe brady comes to town, but you're in the locker room. >> you talked to brock purdy yesterday as he was packing up
9:50 am
his locker. what was your sense about his, you know, positivity going forward because he's got a long road ahead of them. >> yeah, you know, i think that he is hopeful that is going to be able to recover. he's so young just turned 23 years old in december and doesn't have a long injury history. rare in quarterback so you know, they they're a good idea say to get out there but we meet up players who have that if you do more often. back for well, no reason think that he won. but now the question is that what kind of surgery is going to have a long it's going to and he is that the various guy, you know, he's eager come back out and get back to work and prove his mettle. and that's pretty much what he yesterday. yeah, the basically was like it still hurt. it and we'll see what your time right? >> that lee, exactly. you got different feeling. i saw your
9:51 am
interview with trey lance. you see very upbeat like he's ready roll. you know, i feel for trey lance. but couple years it's been for him. i think he was extremely disappointed. >> and not be able to finish out the season next year. get more nfl reps under his belt show people what really made up he's also recovered from i remember and he has been cleared play at couple more weeks of free app before you can. >> really start raining and throwing taking ball pro that a goal that >> you know what, brooke, that ankle, that that that that are are great but i think that, you know, he. doesn't know exactly what role it could be that is going to out getting in the day to do with their more about that from standing in. but he's a great good of young man is there is out there and i know that cannot work in part because that take whatever is thrown at and handle it, but the right out of it. so not to kyle keeps
9:52 am
his cards pretty close to his vest for you here in the criminal law it be nice if we got some sort of. >> i don't know. look ahead as to what what's going to happen with quarterback thing. but the out saying goodbye to tom brady. i mean, the big headline this morning, that's i wonder if he'll come back to visit his folks at any point here, obviously with the san mateo native. >> he you deal with that how that he grew up. and i bring you that a couple you know, he's that that not get back to the bay area i thought that these awfully but you have to think that in retirement, if make a little more time to people in the your i kate. thanks. always great chat with the and great reporting and good job. getting those interviews in the locker room. >> you to think things are done? it will be right back.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> almost done here for the kron 4 morning news. but let's go talk to olivia horton and see what's up with live in the bay today. high libya. >> hi good morning. and happy wednesday, everybody coming up today on live in the bay. >> get ready to enjoy sonoma county from new heights. we have all the details on sonoma zipline adventures and how you and your whole family can enjoy a weekend getaway. then valentine's day is right around the corner. i know crazy to believe. but best reviews is back in studio with the top gifts and the best
9:56 am
deals and the company that's giving back to historically black colleges and universities through black history month. how you can help support and give them a cheer. at the same time. and as always, we want to hear what you have to say about our question of the day. so go ahead and get involved in our viewer voice by scanning that qr code and in honor of black history month. we want to know what is a local black owned business that the bay area should know about. let us know now in your answer could be read live on the show today at 01:00pm right here on kron, tiny town of timber on. it's called check it out loud. it ever. yes. perfect start. we'll see. olivia, see you guys. >> all right. 9.56, the time and one final story for you with queen bee. beyonce going on tour and coming to the bay area's part of her 2022 album renaissance. it celebrates will dance dance music to be specific and the video from recent performance in dubai. here's what you see on the
9:57 am
screen in which a number of countries she's visiting sweden, london, paris, also the u.s. and here in the bay area should be at levi stadium august and then on to la august john sale let's take a big event. whether you know, pretty steady, honestly, temperature wise. but we do have rain this weekend. first thing friday morning and the next saturday night into sunday. okay. we'll see you tomorrow. (steven) every time i come to see caremore, they go above and beyond to take care of me. i feel a lot better now. i'm taking medication for what i should have been taking years ago. (vo) caremore health provides advanced primary care wherever you need it, in the hospital, at home, in our clinics, or virtually. (steven) so when i call them over a medical issue,
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