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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  February 2, 2023 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news far. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us and aria and i'm james in on this second day of february into thursday, working towards the week poll try to see the green comet. i try. i know it was a little too cloudy for me, ok? i don't know if i was looking in the wrong but supposed to be yeah. by the north the north star. but yeah, john, in the weather center with a look at our forecast, that is the fog played up our clouds at all this morning. i know i gave it a look to and unfortunately after really crystal-clear mornings every day so far this week. >> just enough cloud cover out there this morning that it really has obscured the view for most of the bay area. it's a partly cloudy day ahead of us. you're going to see a lot more. that cloud cover had to, but definitely look at some of those pictures. i've been on the internet scouring and some people elsewhere in the country have had some really nice views. this is what we've
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got so far in the bay. no fog. it's just the clouds sitting above us that unfortunately for comment watchers has kind of gotten in the way. nothing getting in your way. if your commute, though, morgan hill, redwood city, san mateo, oakland and berkeley, all in the 30's right now. fremont, you're 35 dublin down to 32 degrees in santa rosa down to 30, along with fairfield at 30 degrees. so some of us are below freezing, but we're not quite as cold as we were yesterday. and no frost advisories on the map this morning. if you look at radar, you can definitely see that cloud cover pushing in. so that's what's kind of getting in the way you're better chances for seeing the stars further inland in the east bay solano, eastern contra costa and eastern alameda counties. definitely on the clear side, reyna, thank you for that. ok on this thursday, you're off to a good start. conditions traveling into the city still pretty light. 7 minutes mace to that fremont street exit. if you're taking the bay bridge, our san mateo bridge lot to one about 12 minutes traveling across towards the peninsula about the richmond,
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sandra fell bridge. well, just at 7 minutes tolls to 101. there. and if you're taking the golden gate bridge, 37 to the tolls. it's going to take about 19 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. and on a very cold morning like it is today, a lot of drivers. do you know this kind of routine? they warm up the car rights, turn it on, get the heater blasting back in the house. whatever that's the problem. police say the thieves are now targeting more and more of these cars. >> they saw a spike in stolen vehicles as temperatures begin to drop and that's where kron four's will. tran is once again out in alameda county reminding us we've said it before. we'll you said it before. don't warm up the car and leave it unattended because this is what happens. >> yes, they have the numbers to prove it. james and area, the alameda police department. they said that since saturday, at least 12 people in their city, they've had their cars ripped off. so they stepped out. they were cold public. the freezing cold got their cars warmed up and then walked back inside. came outside, saw that the car was gone and then
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they were hot instantly under the collar. yes, we are seeing freezing temperatures. so they are reminding people not just here, of course, in alameda, but all over the bay area. do not do that. yes, it is uncomfortable inside your car when it's cold. but, you know, it's worse trying to track down your car and all the problems that follow with that. so what they're doing is they're giving away free steering and paddle locks. if you go to the police department here in alameda and just go inside, ask for one and they will give you one if you can't do that. well, take a look at your screen. these are some tips that they want to pass along to you summer, like your mother reminding you of the obvious like lock your cars. don't put anything valuable inside if you have, you can't put it inside your house, at least hide inside your car. give yourself extra time to warm up your car in the morning while yes, sit inside. so lots of tips going
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on, not just here, but all of the bay area. you know, i've been telling people for years because they do see a spike in car thefts when it gets cold and don't be a victim, just suffer in silence in your car with your coffee or if you're james fletcher, you have your butler. start your car back >> all right. thanks very for your tesla butler. all right. time now is 504. let's get to the breaking news because it was a big fire that tore strip mall in palo firefighters say 4 of businesses and all were damaged by the flames of kron four's michael thomas live with the story in palo alto. good morning, michael. >> hi, good morning, everyone. really a sad scene here today. we're at the corner of middlefield road and loma verde let still here live for a second. you know, officials say that they believe that started with the dry cleaning service. but take a look. lots of broken glass busted out windows. you can see some fire damage behind that. but, you
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know, this also took place at 11 o'clock last night, will eventually get into some video of that scene. that's when fire officials arrived to flames coming from inside ages. quick clean, which is a dry cleaning service that's located between bills cafe with a b and on the opposite side is fills coffee with ap. now the fire eventually spread bursting through the roof of both ages, dry cleaning and the business next door, which is bills cafe again with a b calling multiple units to the scene and shutting down middlefield road completely. now all 4 businesses officials say did suffer damage. but the liquor store located at the end and feels coffee shop again with ap located at the opposite and suffered the least. now there were no injuries reported as to what caused it that's still under investigation. but back out here live again, this is bills cafe from the firefighter that i spoke with here. apparently this is a very breakfast spot here in this area. so they did seem to suffer a lot. and again, it has not been confirmed, but they do believe
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that the fire started at the dry cleaning service, which is left of bill. so i know that there's a little bit of confusion because there's fills with the p, but it's fills the dry cleaning service, then bills, cafe and then the liquor store. so the 2 in the middle suffered the most. but as we get more information, we'll continue to keep you guys updated. but for now, let's send it back to you guys live in the studio. michael, thank you. >> time now is 506. and parents and teachers in the east. they're up in arms as school district is looking to eliminate 6th through 8th grades at bay farm school officials from alameda unified hosted a town hall to try to calm of the fears of some parents covers amanda hari. was there. >> the scene outside of bay farm school was calm wednesday afternoon. while on zoom, many parents fought to keep the middle school open. parents are upset that they're just finding out about the potential closure as a parent volunteer poured so much of my time. my heart and my soul into the school for the past
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10 years. >> especially with the middle school. and i'm feeling misled, as i put in so much into in roman efforts this year without knowing my school's closure was even a possibility. the alameda unified school district board is considering the closure because they say enrollment has been dropping for years and that has caused an equal class sizes. bay farms grades 6 through 8 capacity is 192. >> lincoln middle school is 900 it. however, the small class sizes. why key a key know says her daughter needs a school like bay farm. they ask you to believe me when i say my kid. >> needs a small nurturing middle school pandemic trauma is real and her therapist and other people that know our situation have advised the same match on that. it's off is a floating sub with the after school program at bay she says she didn't see the closures coming. >> i was very particularly
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because all year they've been building new to enhance the facility for for the middle school. so it seems very odd and >> at left behind at the after school program or piles of signs the kids made for a protest they had in january to try and save the school. the kids certainly seem very passionate about wanting to stay here at the school that his office says the potential closure may also be hurting some of the kids mental health. i would say some of the older kids seem a little bit depressed or kind of >> worried are burdened by this. you know, just wondering what their future will be. >> that was amanda hara, harry reporting for us. the school district is going to consider the proposal at their meeting on february 14th. >> beautiful it put this to happen to hear is just >> and there you hear the final goodbye for tyre nichols. his funeral held in memphis yesterday, roughly 3 weeks after he died following
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that beating he received at the hands of 5 police officers, an incident that was caught on video, the release of which sparked a wave of protests nationwide. nichols was remembered as a beloved son and a father. he was born and raised in sacramento and moved to memphis right before the pandemic. civil rights leader reverend al sharpton and vice president kamala harris both delivered impassioned speeches, calling on congress to approve the george floyd justice in policing act. >> this violent act. was not in pursuit of public safety. i it was not. in the interest of keeping the public safe because one must end ask was not in the interest of keeping the public safe that tyre nichols would be with us here today. this is nothing more fence. so >> to those of us that fight to open you walk through those
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and act like the folks we had to fight for to get through them. do it. >> well, family members of other men and women killed by police, including george floyd breonna taylor and eric garner. we're also there at that funeral. >> time now is 5.10, and a group in san francisco came together demanding racial justice on the steps of city hall and event hosted by wealth and disparities in the black community. >> their biggest demand to end the low level stops happening by police in san francisco and all across the country. >> a long list of speakers took part in sent love to the nichols family. mayor london breed says that she wants to turn the pain into justice and change. >> i will be on apologetic. in my pursuit for change. and this city in my pursuit. for fairness and justice in our police department. >> at the end of the event,
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the group took a knee for tyre and prayed for his family. >> well, the forty-niners are honoring the memory of nichols. it turns out he was a big fan of the niners. and this week the red and gold crafted this personalized jersey in his honor. many of the players including brock purdy samuel and nick bosa signing it. the team is sending that jersey to the nichols family. >> in memphis, it's 5.11 right now. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, president biden, house speaker mccarthy fail to make a deal over the debt ceiling. so what is going to happen next? and we've got more on that child to survive the attack up by a mountain lion in the bay area. we'll tell you about the encounter a little bit more. and we've got the recent rains giving california snowpack a real boost. yeah, i love to see all of that in. we do have more rainfall around the corner this weekend. we'll hold off until after midnight tonight. so we've got to consistently dry day ahead of us for your thursday and a pretty comfortable one, too. >> your forecast ahead.
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>> and hit the roads today. we've got a check on your commute. we're tracking those drive. times will be right back after the break.
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california water officials say that the mountain snowpack that supplies a significant amount of water for the state actually got an incredible boost from the recent powerful storms. it better have because it sure did rain a lot. the latest survey at phillips station recorded 85 per 85.5 inches of snow depth and a snow water equivalent of more than 33 inches, which is about 193% of average for february for summer ahead of the game that will be maintained that statewide. the snowpack is 205% of average for that date and all that snow. obviously good news for several ski resorts to. >> in over 14 plus feet in just january. and there's more on the way. so it's just going to keep getting better. we probably have one of the longest seasons, you know, springsteen capital, but it's going to be great. >> well, i'd be great if they had a really long super stoked to change says that last month was actually among the 5 snowiest january's in the 52 years that they have records for side. i got off to such an
5:16 am
early start and really did enjoy the and now it's been a while. so i sometimes rains, it gets me in the mood and we are going to be a little rain a little maybe what tonight into tomorrow morning, right, john? yeah. so early tomorrow morning, especially seeing yet that will come along with some additional inches of snowfall up in the sierra nevada. >> you know, when it's raining here, there's a good chance here. picking up some new snowfall to our neighbors out east in the sierra. let's get a look at snow packed region by region in the sierra. this is your latest data rate here showing that 171% of average in the northern sierra. well, a full 250% of average in the southern sierras still doing really, really well up there. and yeah, even seeing a little additional snowfall this weekend. this is 80 at donner summit that snow berm on the side of the road still piled high. as we've seen those multiple feet of snowfall specially last month. now radar is calm right now. you do have the cloud cover passing across the bay area. a sign of the changes afoot across the region which involves this high-pressure ridge getting nudged out and
5:17 am
this low pressure area moving its way on in and allowing the storm door to chipley open as we make our way over the next couple of days tonight into early tomorrow morning, seeing a brief line of showers pushing through should hold off until after midnight tonight. we will see a pocket of heavy rainfall here. there really mostly between 03:00am to 05:00am, tomorrow morning having its biggest impact on early morning commuters for your friday starting to taper off towards the later into the morning commute. and then the rest of your day friday actually looking increasingly clear and really nice for stepping outside. now, the timing of watching out most closely for saturday evenings, rainfall because we do have the lunar new year parade in san francisco right now. timing has shifted a little further back after 05:00pm hoping it pushes back even further so that we can have a dry parade on saturday. as for a future cast of rainfall totals over the entire weekend could see an inch of rainfall for some spots across the bay area. that includes both friday morning and then again, saturday night into sunday
5:18 am
morning. today's daytime highs will be in the upper 50's to even some mid 60's out there. so it is going to be our warmest day of the week thus far, even with the cloud cover that we're seeing redwood city at 64 today, some of our warmer spots in the south bay like san jose at 66 fremont, you'll be at 65 today. tri valley in the low 60's oakland and berkeley at 61. little cooler for the north bay fairfield, vacaville and pittsburgh. among our spots at 56 degrees for your daytime highs. getting your lookahead tomorrow. similar temps to today. a little bit more in the 50's after a wet start. skies will clear nicely, though, friday afternoon saturday, a reverse of that, a dry start and then rainfall pushing in later on in the day and lingering into sunday morning, right, john, thank you for that. well, you're off to a really good start this morning. conditions still pretty light across 101. 27 minutes. 85 in the park this morning. well, 2, 80 82 and even 17 put you at the limit
5:19 am
heading into the city right now about 8 minutes mace to that fremont street exit. let's check on our san mateo bridge 80 to 1, 0, 1, 12 minutes traveling across towards the peninsula. >> the east bay green across the map. stanley intial down towards to 37 20 minutes. 5. 82 38. no major issues there. 6.80, also traffic is moving at the limit. the kraken down towards the maze. it's going to take about 15 minutes to make that drive james, back to you. thank you. reyna 5, 19 classified documents were found when the fbi search president biden's vacation home in delaware. >> we first told you about the search yesterday right here on the kron. 4 morning news agents did remove some material, including some handwritten notes this after classified documents were found in the president's primary home in delaware last month. both republicans and democrats have been pressing for more information. the president has said that he's cooperating with the fbi. a special counsel has been chosen to lead the investigation into the classified documents that have been found.
5:20 am
>> also on the national front, we have that meeting between president biden and house speaker kevin mccarthy. they met to try and find a deal on the debt ceiling. didn't produce one in that meeting. mccarthy said they have different perspectives but he thinks there is an opportunity for them to come to an agreement. our dc correspondent basil john, is live with the latest. good morning, basil. >> well, darya james, good morning. the clock is ticking on these talks as the u.s. may have to default on the national debt by this summer unless they can come to a compromise. >> we want to make sure we do this in a responsible, reasonable way. house speaker kevin mccarthy said he had good talks with president joe biden on the debt ceiling but no deal was reached. we promised we would continue the conversation. we'll see if we can get that. i think at the end of the day we can find common ground. house republicans have promised to not raise the debt ceiling unless some budget cuts are made. the current path we're on. we cannot sustain. but the
5:21 am
white house says the president won't negotiate over the debt limit. we're talking about programs that they want to take hostage. they should be able to do this without conditions. senate majority leader chuck schumer is critical of republicans for not sharing more details on what they want. we incurred these debts already. we should just pay them. >> republicans say no. well, what's the alternative? we haven't seen the treasury department warns if congress doesn't raise or suspend the debt limit by june, it could wreak havoc on the economy. there's only one way forward here and that is for congress to raise the debt ceiling. now, mccarthy and the president will continue these discussions as the speaker wants to reach an agreement long before the deadline. >> reporting live in washington. i'm basil, john. okay. we'll see what happens. and thank you, basil. it is 5.21. we'll take a break. coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news mass covid-19 vaccine and testing sites are going to be closed. >> in santa clara county soon, we'll tell you what prompted
5:22 am
that decision and where you can still go. if you do need those services will be right back.
5:23 am
5:24 am
>> it's 5.24. and santa clara county is going to close its 3 remaining mask covid vaccination sites by the end of this month. the county says
5:25 am
the wide availability of vaccines now pharmacies and also home testing is one reason that they're going to be for 2 reasons going to be scaling back. they encourage residents to continue, though, to protect themselves, at least 90% of santa clara county's population has gotten at least one vaccine by now. health officials are leaving open the possibility that they covid gets worse. >> as the situation around us changes and when there's more risk to the public. so too, does our response. i think everyone is seeing that the county of santa clara will do what it takes to keep the public safe. >> the county provided 1.9 million vaccinations, but officials still want people to know the pandemic is not over. >> well, a new study finds a covid-19 has become the 8th most common cause of death among children in the united states. researchers at the american academy of pediatrics say that covid-19 deaths displaced influenza and
5:26 am
pneumonia becoming the top cause of death house by any infectious for respiratory disease. according to cdc data, less than 10% of eligible children have gotten their updated booster shot and more than 90% of children under 5 are completely unvaccinated. researchers say there is uncertainty about exactly how much risk the virus will continue to pose, but the potential benefits of vaccination clearly outweigh any potential risks. so again, parents or encourage once again to get their kids vaccinated. it's 5.26. we'll take a break. but coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news re'tal prices are dropping in san francisco. economists explain why and how long it could last.
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>> but 29, it is chilly and it looks like it's going to stay chilly for having groundhog day. yes, that was this morning. as a matter of fact, we'll have some that video coming up a little bit later on. but, yeah, 6 more weeks of winter, which obviously we need here. i know the parts of the country are done we needed more or less accurate than i this round hog if we're being realistic very much. the less accurate. has he is a groundhog. he's always right. but you get benefit of the doubt. but can you imagine if we had 6 more weeks of, you know, the kind of we've been
5:30 am
having that would that would probably put it well ahead of what we need for snow pack for the year. what we need for rainfall for the year. it would be great. so we're rooting for groundhog's predictions this year for sure. if we can get that 6 more weeks of winter, we'll take it. absolutely. we've been doing so great. january brought us everything that we needed. and we're looking at a little bit more of that as we move into the first weekend of february. some light rain here in the bay area and some snowfall in the sierra expected these next few days. today, though, a dry one. we are looking at a few clouds passing overhead. nice. unclear, though, at the golden gate. >> we are cold this morning but not quite as cold as we have been. no frost advisories. fremont. you're at 35 right now. livermore. 33 wall dublin, santa rosa in fairfield, fewer spots that are below freezing currently in the low 30's to upper 20's. now skies may be dry, but we do have all that cloud cover. as you can see, passing across the region. know a lot of people have been trying to spot the comet ago over the bay area, but just enough clouds to be blocking out the view of that. now we are going
5:31 am
to be seeing some wet conditions at times this weekend. most notably friday morning and then saturday night into sunday morning. so it's time to plan and the weekend around that exactly. plan plan plan ahead. so you'll caught outside wet. we do have a 20 minute mark delay. this is in downtown oakland and the antioch in sf direction because they're doing some maintenance. >> trying prevent things from going wrong there. so factor that into your morning commute. our bay bridge right now. nice and light. 8 minutes mace to that fremont street exit. how about your san mateo bridge? 80 to 1, 0, 1, 12 minutes traveling across towards the peninsula. if you're traveling across highway, still pretty light like silly intial down to 37 just under 22 minutes. 5 86 80, no major issues there. and 101, south and along the peninsula about 29 minutes. it's 85 in to menlo park. darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of all right. 5.31, the time of the new task force is set to review past cases of officer-involved shootings and in-custody
5:32 am
deaths. >> in the east bay kron four's theresa takes a look at advocates calling this a good first step. >> we don't want any other family to go through this hearted and trauma that our families are going there. >> cynthia nunes with oakland bays, urban peace movement is talking about her cousin, augie gonzalez shown here in body camera video. the 18 year-old died in a shooting involving hayward police in 2018. the city council approved a multimillion dollar settlement with the family. but then alameda da nancy o malley clear the officers involved. but now the family is getting a second chance. gonzales. his case is one of 8 law enforcement case is being reexamined by the newly elected da pamela price. think that the new unit is a good it's actually like heartening to see that there's like promises that price made during her campaign that she's starting to lie. >> actually implement tides gonzales, the death of cody chavez involving pleasanton
5:33 am
police in 2022. caleb smith involving hayward police in 2021, joshua, gloria, involving fremont police in 2021. mack, jodi woodfox involving the oakland police in 2008, an andrew mopping bucks and come police in 2007. >> cases of mario gonzalez who died in custody involving the alameda police department in 2021 and another martin who died by suicide at santa rita jail in 2021 will also be reopened. both of those cases were examined by multiple outside agencies and the officers and deputies exonerated. but noone says more still needs to be done. >> and i do think that this is. a step in the right direction, like i said, but there's just so much more to do to transform policing and parcel systems because those perpetuate like violence in create harm entire community
5:34 am
is and, you know, our families are suffering because of it. and i loved ones are losing their lives in children, in their fathers, their mothers, people losing their sons. you know, it's just. it has to stop theresa kron. 4 news. >> well, amid a wave of deadly mass shootings across the state last month. governor gavin newsom and several democratic lawmakers are calling for more gun legislation yesterday. the governor did exactly that urging support for bill that would make changes to the state's concealed carry laws. he argues legislation known as state or senate bill 2 can make a difference in bringing down gun violence statewide. he stresses the legislation will ensure guns don't end up in the wrong hands. although opponents argue it's the wrong approach. we do need more gun control. we more crime control. and i said what's lacking in california is sufficient enforcement and deterrence. >> for people to not dangerous weapons like guns and they have a proposal doesn't address that at all. it
5:35 am
targets lawful gun owners, people see cw's are amongst the safest people in society. >> the governor vows no amount of opposition will stop him from making sure that this bill eventually becomes law but gun at the advocacy groups say that they plan to bring the legislation to court. should it become law? >> 5.35 and on the peninsula. we're learning more about the young boy who was attacked by a mountain lion. 5 year-old jack trexler was attacked while he was walking with his mom tuesday night on to need u.s. creek road. that's about 10 miles south of half moon bay, a local wildlife ecologist says that what happen is is that jack ran ahead of his mom and came across a young adult lion that was next to the water. like a trough. and that's when the mountain lion jumped on the boy you know, started straight scratching at him. you got lacerations cuts on his face. captain patrick fox with the california department of fish
5:36 am
and wildlife says people out there should not be too concerned because outline attacks overall, they're really not common. >> for 40 million people, less than 2 dozen in the last 40 or 50 years. the odds of being attacked by a mountain lion. it's very important >> in fact, captain fox says that you're more likely to be attacked by a domestic then a mouptain lion. he suggest carrying a whistle. if you're going to be out in the wilderness. and he says if you are approached by mount line, stand tall, be a look as big as you can be as loud as you can. and if you're attacked and its to that point, fight back to not run away. >> well, san francisco is seeing one of the biggest drops in the country when it comes to rental prices for apartments. senior economist with zillow says over the last couple years there was an exodus from san francisco during the pandemic, people were looking for more space. yes, and he also says it's too early to know if tech layoffs are also playing a part in
5:37 am
this market. >> the slowdown due to kind of higher interest rates and affordability challenges is definitely the number one factor here for y grants are also starting to slow down. >> experts say this time of year is also pretty slow for renters. and they do expect prices to climb in the busier spring and summer months. it's 5.37. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, san jose's new mayor is lay out his plans to address issues on the top of his list. well, here. >> what some residents have to say about that. >> and tom brady, we know saying goodbye to the nfl for good and he visited his hometown and the bay area caught up with his friends and family.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> and we're back at 5.48. in the south bay, matt mahan officially kicked off his term as san jose's newest mayor. he was inaugurated last night at the san jose center for the performing arts and during the celebration, mahan highlight at the top issues that he wants to tackle and include homelessness, public safety and crime. he says the best way to solve these problems is by going back to basics. these are not new issues, but people that we spoke to felt a hand is bringing some new and fresh ways of thinking to solve the problems. >> from knowing and knowing grassroots effort. i feel like
5:41 am
he's a and he's going to do what he he would do for the >> areas that i think are key are the blight business of the areas where we have a lot of problems and the homelessness and public safety. those 3 areas are key to keeping the city to making the city a better place to live for everyone. >> well, the takeaway from the celebration was of they're really and obviously was all of his supporters. and they do hope that his new plans will work. we'll have to wait and see. of course it is 5.41. we'll take a break and be right back.
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5:43 am
5:44 am
>> it's 5.44 and pg and e crews are inspecting echo summit to assess the area for high fire risk. crews flew by helicopter yesterday over el dorado county and they went looking for dying trees. that might be too close to power lines. >> we began this program several years ago during the drought from you saw marked increase in the number of dead and dying trees and forests. and with its tree still stressed out from the drought. we're continuing to do those to help reduce the fire risk. >> officials say it's crucial to examine these areas given that so many trees have been devastated from the draft.
5:45 am
>> well, and also officials at the golden gate, national recreation area say that stinson beach will reopen this coming saturday. as you may know, it's been closed down because of the rain storms, but they say their ataff has been cleaning up from that rain and all the damage that it caused. stinson beach up on the north bay bolinas bay. you know, a lot of people love to enjoy it. and the weather now has been beautiful. so, that might be a good chance to head up. i actually thinking ago, i also like going to mere beach, which is on the way and you can walk on the kind of cliffs above the water. it's great. so there you go up. although there is a look at the rain coming, i guess. >> for saturday night in the imam saturday, though, should be fine, right? yeah. saturday day. you're good. that timing on saturday. everyone's eyes are on it right now. it's looking like. >> showers will hold off until after 05:00pm open. we can push it back even a little bit later than that. so especially for the lunar new year parade, things are hopefully going to be nice and dry for it. but it all depends on the timing for sure. today we certainly won't
5:46 am
see any rainfall until well after midnight tonight. so thursday going to be a dry one, albeit a little cloudier than we've seen looking at the golden gate bridge skies are clear at least looking at the horizon. once you look up, that's where you're seeing the clouds. so no fog, just some mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies today we're seeing the high pressure ridge moving to the east and our next system going to be swinging through as we move into the evening tonight. this is going to make a wet morning for commuters tomorrow. getting a look at the timing of all cloud cover today. tomorrow morning before most of us even get up in the morning is when the heaviest of rain will get here. it will be brief, but we will see some spotty showers, especially at the beginning of your morning commute. showers move out pretty quickly. and by the time we reach noontime, we're done with it. in fact, seeing a lot of sunshine friday afternoon. saturday is just the opposite. we start dry, but rainfall pushes in later in the day and looking at hopefully that rain pushing in well after the sun goes down. now, rainfall totals this
5:47 am
weekend could see over an inch for many spots. this is nice to see nothing too terribly heavy. it's just going to be getting the ground wet again. and for the sierra getting some more needed snow there now, temps today in a range of upper 50's to even mid 60's. despite the cloud cover, it's actually our warmest day of the week. so far mountain view 65 today. san jose at 66 degrees for your daytime high. a couple of days ago, pleasanton and livermore. you're only in the upper 40's today you'll be in the low 60's. so that's a nice change. oakland, 61 degrees. walnut creek, 59 antioch, 58 north bay being among our cooler spots. now, tomorrow's temperatures won't be quite as warm as today's will start the day with a few showers and the day with some sunshine saturday, starting the day dry ending with the showers that should linger into sunday morning early next week. we'll dry right back out rain. john, thank you for that will. if you're taking bart, there's a 20 minute delay. >> starting in downtown oakland in the sf antioch and san jose direction. they're doing some maintenance there.
5:48 am
so factor that into your morning commute headed into the city is going to take you 10 minutes. no major issues there. travel times. definitely still very light. a richmond center fell bridge tolls to 1, 1, 7, minutes. san mateo bridge, golden gate bridge. don't see any delays across those bridges in this hour. crockett down towards the maze, going to 18 minutes to make that drive. if you're maybe taken highway for right now, antioch, into congress to 42, just about 19 to 20 minutes. may's traveling to that. no issues up there that if you're traveling from sailing and row into oakland's going to take you 10 minutes. if you're hopping on 5.80, westbound on see any major delays there as well. the south bay 34 minutes. that's a long 101. if you're heading from 85 into low park darya. james, back to you. it's 5.48. take a look at this sign advertising 30 hour parking. >> i was a typo on streets of l, you know, if you're just said this is rises, alameda avenue between park street and
5:49 am
oak street. it says a 30 hour limit in forced every day with it. i you know, to get up for said every every every 24 hours and didn't want case, but it's enforced every day from 9 to 6 to 30 hours are in between that and say i'm not going after they got to be a that's probably supposed to be 3 right. i i think know that, 31 hours but wow, it's there, ma'am, i keep because i just got a check. and let me tell you, it's 108 not to look into all right. 5.49 new phone numbers created in parts of the north bay may be given. >> the new area code 3, 6, 9, rather than the existing 707. >> so the change affects some or all of them are in napa, solano and sonoma counties. it also extends in other counties to farther north. the california public utilities commission says that the numbers with 77 are going to run out by the end of the year that i have enough existing phone numbers and calling costs, though, are not changing. >> it is 5.49 right now. and
5:50 am
let's follow up on what's up with tom brady. yeah, our hometown hero for all these years. 23 seasons 7. that's it for the nfl. for me. i'm done with playing so brady. >> officially made that announcement yesterday saying it's he's done for good this time for reals. no. take back. sees no, no. and kron 4 sarah stinson was at his very a hometown of san mateo to catch up with his family and friends. >> the 7 time super bowl champion tom brady got his start right here. a una pair of serra high school in san mateo. you can see this video from 1994 tom brady is in his number 12 jersey throwing to his teammate and friend in the wide receiver john kirby. the 2 broke school records together. and i remember there's one game. i think we threw 30 or 40 passes in a such a big deal in the local paper. >> playing with him is great. kirby said it's not only talent but a lot of dedication
5:51 am
that went into brady becoming the most successful quarterback in nfl history. but seeing him improve throughout the years is definitely a testament to all of our work. you know that he put in all the extra hours in is knowing that, you know, in the offseason, tom brady was always working. that was always, you know, part of the formula that made him such a huge success. exactly one year ago, brady said he was retiring, but he decided to play another year with the tampa bay buccaneers. in a quick video posted on social media by brady. it seems like this retirement announcement is final. >> good morning, guys. all get to the point. return. >> and even though his team didn't make it to the super bowl for his final season, brady says he has no regrets hear him say that he wouldn't change a thing. >> really, really meant a lot. you know, no matter what do the years to be grateful for the support from his teammates, family friend in to see him get emotional about that. you know that pretty
5:52 am
some pretty much sums up that amazing character of tom brady. >> i also stopped by the brady household in san mateo before i could even knock on the door. his mom galen opened it up with a warm greeting. she didn't want to talk on camera, but she did explain to me how she's feeling saying it's a melancholy day. brady's mom continue to explain how proud she is of her son for a successful career. brady's family and neighbors all call him tom in. well, as neighbors did not want to go on camera, all of them said they are extremely proud of his career on the field and everything he's done and will continue to do off the field. >> i'm sara stinson reporting in san mateo. back to you. >> it's 5.52. will be right back.
5:53 am
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>> i see a shadow on my stage. >> it's 6 more weeks of winter weather. >> oh, yeah, but it's official. punxsutawney phil making action this morning on this groundhog day and yeah, he saw his shadow so 6 more weeks of winter, right? i will. they put him down so you can see a shower for the pick him up and he's overshadowed have put what will that? i
5:56 am
didn't mean it on that show that ok him. and said, oh, you're are we getting getting good to see how they that took him out of hopped up lawyers in all so it's a little weird. is it a little i know they're not. he's i know. i just it's a strange >> spectacle that i now i'm a i'm putting myself in his shoes because it's weird. like what are they doing? looking at it. only people on it so to be hold the ground its own like h and l every single town cool tradition like that that the hope everybody can get around. it's really want to you and where you get those old have hats, like, where did they even sell them anymore? so i think it's great. all right. it is 5.56. >> so, yes, he saw shadow 6 more weeks. okay. great. coming up next. >> one east bay school district is considering getting rid of 6th through 8th grades and one of their schools and parents aren't happy about it. >> also this morning, some local police agencies now issuing a warning after thieves have been targeting cars that were left alone in
5:57 am
parking lots and on streets to warm up in these cold mornings will have some tips for you and a large fire damages. multiple businesses at a strip mall will have the latest on that coming up in a live that coming up in a live report. - life is uncertain. everyday pressures can feel overwhelming it's okay to feel stressed, anxious, worried, or frustrated. it's normal. with calhope's free and secure mental health resources, it's easy to get the help you and your loved ones need when you need it the most. call our warm line at (833) 317-4673 or live chat at today. (vo) at wells fargo, direct deposits come up to two days early with early pay day. at (833) 317-4673 what if everything came two days early? (hero) have a good weekend! alright now... have a good weekend. (co-worker) but it's wednesday... (co-worker 2) see you monday! (co-worker 3) am i missing something?
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning. and thanks for waking up with us. another cold one february 2nd. so you
6:00 am
should expect no doubt and looks like we've got 6 more weeks of winter as we just saw with punxsutawney phil seeing his shadow. we've got more winter weather to look forward. let's find out about that them with good morning. yeah, it lines up this morning because we are cold out there like you guys have noticed. we are seeing nice chilly temperatures. well, back down into the 30's and in some cases. >> freezing again this morning. so it's right back to those heavy winter jackets. we go your view outside at the east bay hills, looking really nice and clear at least looking at the horizon. you're noticing more cloud cover up above today. not quite as crystal clear of an afternoon ahead of us. redwood city, fairfax, dublin, among our spots below freezing right now, san mateo in oakland, in the 30's at 39 degrees. mountain view at 36 in fremont at 35 santa rosa petaluma fairfax inova down in the low 30's. well, saint down into the upper 20's, i noted that we are going to see quite as much sunshine today. we do have pagsing clouds. so it's going to be a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy day,


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