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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  February 2, 2023 6:00am-7:01am PST

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looks like we've got 6 more weeks of winter as we just saw with punxsutawney phil seeing his shadow. we've got more winter weather to look forward. let's find out about that them with good morning. yeah, it lines up this morning because we are cold out there like you guys have noticed. we are seeing nice chilly temperatures. well, back down into the 30's and in some cases. >> freezing again this morning. so it's right back to those heavy winter jackets. we go your view outside at the east bay hills, looking really nice and clear at least looking at the horizon. you're noticing more cloud cover up above today. not quite as crystal clear of an afternoon ahead of us. redwood city, fairfax, dublin, among our spots below freezing right now, san mateo in oakland, in the 30's at 39 degrees. mountain view at 36 in fremont at 35 santa rosa petaluma fairfax inova down in the low 30's. well, saint down into the upper 20's, i noted that we are going to see quite as much sunshine today. we do have pagsing clouds. so it's going to be a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy day, but still a
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really enjoyable afternoon ahead of us. talk all about it in your full forecast john, thanks for that. well, we do have an accident in milpitas northbound jacqueline road. but look at our other highways adjacent to that. no major issues along 101, to 82. 37, a slightly a little one-on-one is san jose's traffic continues to build accident. there heading into the city. let's check on our bridges. look at that 11 minutes. mace to that fremont street exit. the meter lights are on. looks like we have a 20 minute mark delay starting in downtown oakland in the antioch, san francisco, towards the richmond direction. look at richmond center fell bridge about 7 minutes till still want to one there. and if you're going to hop on the san mateo bridge, it's going to take you about 13 minutes. darya. james, back to you. all right. well, let's talk more about the cold and what you do when it's cold out. i was raised talking about the commute before that you might warm up the car. problem with >> and they say, by the way, is not for the engine sake. you don't really have to warm up runners like used just for you up the inside. right. but
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a lot of people will start the car, get the heater going, then run back inside to the cars. nice and toasty. but that's when the thieves strike. we're seeing a spike of that now. i but it's not far from my house. it's right outside. whatever covers will. tran is live in alameda with this story. i will. yes, you go from freezing cold to hot under the collar when your car is gone. >> many of you are waking up to this. i know i did check this out. i took a picture of my car this morning. my windshield was frozen and i had to scrape it. but i sat inside and that's the point you have to sit inside. and unfortunately, james and ari, a 12 people at least 12 people and alameda. they learned the hard way that they have to sit inside because their cars were gone. the cold spell still in the bay area this morning and has been over the past several days. and the alameda police department, they have the numbers to prove it because they say since saturday, at least a dozen cars were ripped off in their city with it
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seems like people trying to get their cars warm while they were not inside the alameda police department that reminding people don't do that and they are willing to put their money where their mouth this all explain in just a few seconds. in the meantime, take a look at your screen. these are tips that i have been saying for years. just reminders to you out there. don't leave your car running while you're inside. getting your coffee ready to go. you need to make sure your car is locked. hi, all your valuables if you cannot bring it inside, say if you're outside shopping or something like that. but in your trunk. but if you can leave it inside, nothing visible. of course. make sure that you park in an area that is not isolated, hopefully well lit. and the thing that i did tell you about that they're putting their money where their mouth is in the center of your screen. you can see make sure that you have a steering wheel or a paddle lock. they're hard to find. i personally have never seen one myself. as far as i've seen the club. i'm dating myself.
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remember the 90's, the club where your steering wheel? well, we're in front of the alameda police department and as soon as they're ready to go inside and they get my hands on one for free. they're offering free those items to people. if you stop by, if you can't follow those tips because you don't want to be hot under collar because your car is got. >> back to the bad, ok? thank you. will 604 is the time. let's get to some breaking news from overnight. a large fire tore through a palo alto strip mall. fire fighters say that for businesses were damaged by this kron four's. michael thomas has the details in palo alto. good morning, michael. >> hey, good morning, really a tragic scene to see this morning where the corner of middlefield road and loma verde avenue. take a look behind me. you can see it's all still under investigation, but that's right different businesses. this is one that suffered severely. you can see broken out windows glass everywhere. this is bills, it's all still under investigation. but officials
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do believe, but the fire was started at the dry cleaners, which is next door and let still here live for second. you can see not only that broken glass, but really the small, tiny jellies that used in the restaurants along with some cutlery. that's kind of just all over the floor and lots of water inside of that business. and i know it's hard to see because it's dark, but this all happened just after 11 o'clock last night. we'll get into some video of that scene. that's when fire officials arrived and they saw flames coming from inside ages. quick, clean. that's a dry cleaning service. it's located between bills cafe in phil's coffee. the fire eventually did spread bursting through the roof of all ages, dry cleaning and the business next door, which is bills cafe with a b. >> now calling out multiple units to the scene and shutting down middlefield road completely. officials say that all 4 businesses did suffer some damage, but that the liquor store at one and and feels coffee at the opposite end. they suffered the least. there are no injuries were reported. and as to what the
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cause is, well, that's still under investigation. back out here live again. people are just starting to arrive. investigators have not gotten here yet. they're expected to arrive within probably the next 2 hours or so. but the spokesperson for phil's coffee fields with the just you guys understand there's fills coffee and then it goes to the dry cleaning service. >> then its bills cafe and then there's the liquor store. so out of all 4 of those as of right now only feels coffee manager has shown up they have not gotten a chance to speak with us. but as we get more information, we'll continue to keep you guys updated again. the cause has not been confirmed, but officials do believe that it started in the dry cleaners. so send it back to you guys for now. >> thank you very much, michael. >> 606, is the time. and parents and teachers in the east bay. some of them are up in arms because the school district is looking to get rid of 6 to 8th grade. >> at bay farm school. so that what they did is they had a meeting in dallas, alameda, unified. they had a town hall meeting and they were talking
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to parents about their fears. kron four's amanda hari has more of what people think. >> the scene outside of bay farm school was calm wednesday afternoon. while on zoom, many parents fougwt to keep the middle school open. parents are upset that they're just finding out about the potential closure as a parent volunteer poured so much of my time. my heart and my soul into the school for the past 10 years. >> especially with the middle school. and i'm feeling misled, as i put in so much into roman efforts this year without knowing my school's closure was even a possibility. the alameda unified school district board is considering the closure because they say enrollment has been dropping for years and that has caused an equal class sizes. bay farms grades 6 through 8 capacity is 192. >> lincoln middle school is 900 it. however, the small class sizes. why key a key know says her daughter needs a school like bay farm. they ask
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you to believe me when i say my kid. >> needs a small nurturing middle school pandemic trauma is bill and her therapist and other people that know our situation have advised the same match on that. it's off is a floating sub with the after school program at bay she says she didn't see the closures coming. >> i was very particularly because all year they've been building new to enhance the facility for for the middle school. so it seems very odd and >> at left behind at the after school program or piles of signs the kids made for a protest they had in january to try and save the school. the kids certainly seem very passionate about wanting to stay here at the school that office says the potential closure may also be hurting some of the kids mental health. i would say some of the older kids seem a little bit depressed or are kind of >> worried are burdened by this, you know, just wondering what their future will be.
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>> that was amanda harry reporting. the school board is going to consider the proposal at their meeting on february 14th. >> beautiful if that this to happen to hear is just >> those were the final goodbyes for tyre. nichols. his funeral was held in memphis yesterday, roughly 3 weeks after he died. following that beating received at the hands of 5 police officers, an incident that was caught on video and once that became public, it sparked a wave of protests nationwide. nichols was remembered as a beloved son and a father. he was born and raised actually in sacramento, then moved to memphis right before the pandemic. civil rights leader reverend al sharpton was their vice president, kamala harris as well. both of them delivering impassioned speeches calling on congress to approve the george floyd justice in policing act. >> this vinlent act. was not in pursuit of public safety. i it was not. in the interest of
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keeping the public safe because one must end ask was not in the interest of keeping the public safe that tyre nichols would be with us here today. this is nothing more >> to those of us that fight to open you walk through those and act like the folks we had to fight for to get through them. do it. >> family members of other black men and women killed by police, including george floyd breonna taylor and eric garner. we're also there at the funeral. >> a group in san francisco came together to demand racial justice and the wake of what happened on city hall. you can see this event, its wealth and disparities in the black community group that was organizing and their biggest demand is an end to the low level stops by police in san francisco. happening not just in the bay area but across the country. and there was a list
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of speakers they all send love to the nichols family and mayor london breed. so she wants to turn the pain into justice and change. >> i will be on apologetic. in my pursuit for change. and this city in my pursuit. for police department. e and our >> and at the end of the event, the group took a need for tyre and prayed for his family. >> well, the forty-niners are also honoring the memory of nichols. turns out he was a big niner fan and this week when the forty-niners found out about that day. crafted this personalized jersey with his name on the back. the 49 number and a lot of the players to signed including brock purdy deebo samuel and nick bosa. the team is sending that jersey now on to the nichols family in memphis. >> time now 6.11, and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, president biden, house speaker mccarthy failed to make a deal over the debt
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ceiling. we're going to see what the speaker says that he still thinks they can come to an agreement. plus, we've got more on that child. the young boy who survived a mountain lion attack. more on how it happened. what you should do if you ever encounter a big cat like that, and it turns out all the recent rain gave california a nice boost in our snowpack, john. yeah, a little more of that snow expected this weekend today, though, just a few clouds rolling across the bay area. today's daytime highs will be some of the warmest of the week so far. san jose all the way up to 66 later on today. >> your forecast ahead. and before you leave the house today, we're keeping a close eye on your thursday morning, right tracking those drive times. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> 6.15, right now and california water officials say a significant amount of the water came from or gave the rain gave boost to what got the snow pack. yeah, it looks pretty cool up there. >> good news, obviously for several ski resorts as well. be a kron four's gayle ong with that part of the story. >> ski live spending at palisades tahoe with the plethora of what lake tahoe locals like to call white gold. it's been really, really awesome. now common of palisades tahoe says the resort has been able to open 100% of their to reign over 14 plus feet in just january. and there's more on the way. so it's just going to keep
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getting better. we probably have one of the longest seasons, you know, springsteen capital. >> but it's going to great. >> down >> south of the resort at kirkwood mountain. our snow pack is already so good. it's you know, like really well above average for this time of year. so if we get that miracle march that we would like to enjoy it in the later part of our season will really be set up for beautiful spring skiing in the latest snow survey, the california department of water resources says the water content in the statewide snowpack is at 205% of normal to date. >> all this bounty from a series of atmospheric rivers in december and january. >> it looks like february is going to be fabulous. carol chaplin ceo of visit lake tahoe says the region is buzzing with visitors island. >> anticipating that this weekend is going to be close to, you know, over 90%, 95% rates are kind of holding steady. so that's good news
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for our visitors that when it comes to snow the last few weeks proving there can be too much of a good thing. they have those big step storms impacting travel and impacting some travel storms, of course, were while they're happening. but now that they've passed the last couple weekends have been we filled up. >> last couple weekends and are seeing a great advance bookings for all of february march. patrick cronin owns tahoe, lakeshore lodge and spa. >> all that snow also helping him and other hotels make up for lost ground during the pandemic dealing with a situation that's been crazy last few years things have calmed down. we finally get water and incredible ski conditions right now. >> so i think everybody appears happy for terrorism at this point. >> that was gayle ong reporting one hotel owner that we talked to says it's not just the ski season. he's looking forward to also this summer season will improve as well. let's hope so. yeah. in fact, he says he's already seeing an uptick in bookings for later in the spring the summer. so comes up. let's get the things are looking green.
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and you know, it's it's a it's good all-round, john, we're getting a little bit at least some sprinkles, right? we are. yeah. this weekend's rainfall. definitely nothing compared to what we across the month of january. but that's okay. just some nice, steady rain tomorrow morning. and then again, saturday night into sunday morning. and that is going to come along with some more snowfall up in the sierra nevada. >> our latest snowpack region by region in the sierra up in the northern sea around 171% of average of the state and the southern sierra around 250% of average. that's definitely a good place to be sitting, especially after the past couple of dry weeks. now, the snow berm still piled high on the side of i-80 at donner summit because of new snow up there friday morning. tomorrow morning. maybe a rough time to be traveling up there. but if you're waiting until tomorrow afternoon to get up to the sierra that heading back sunday night or monday morning, that's a good time to be getting up there and getting back down. as for radar here in the bay, we are seeing a lot of cloud cover pushing overhead today ahead of what will be rain. that
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arrives after midnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. so thursday remains dry. st a little on the cloudier side. not necessarily a great day. just not quite as crystal clear. blue is the past few days have been now. rainfall will be the heaviest right before sunrise tomorrow morning. early risers will see some areas of rainfall here and there while are later, risers will start to see a tapering off in the commute by noontime. we're pretty much done with it. skies actually clear, really nice into friday afternoon. saturday is going to be the polar opposite of that starting dry on saturday and ending on a wet note that timing of rainfall saturday. pretty important because it is the lunar new year parade hoping it waits and moves in after the parades done. rainfall amounts between friday morning and then again, saturday night into sunday over an inch from any area. so that's a good amount of rainfall over the weekend. today's daytime highs will be in the 60's for most areas. it's going to be our warmest of the week so far. san jose at 66 redwood city. 64 san
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francisco nevado in antioch still holding on to the 50's tomorrow's temperatures not quite as warm as today's but saturday will bump back up a couple of degrees morning showers tomorrow. and then again, saturday night into sunday. great job. thanks to that. well, if you accidents to tell you about northbound wanted 80 east. >> we have an accident there in the city. so that's slowing things down just a bit. a little further down in milpitas northbound 6.80, jacqueline robot are other highways adjacent to that like 101, to 80 87. 85 still moving at the limit traveling into the city. but 14 minutes mace that fremont street exit. how about your san mateo bridge? about 13? a 80 to 101, downtown oakland. if you are taking bar is a 20 minute. bart layton the richmond, antioch direction, traveling along 1, 0, one, 30 minutes. 85 up towards miller park. let's check on 8.80 for you. silly after down to 37. about 30 minutes back to you. thanks. a lot 6.20, right now and the meeting between president biden, house speaker
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kevin mccarthy didn't end up with a deal on the debt ceiling, know mccarthy's they have. obviously some very distinct differences in their ideas for what to do. but they he thinks there is an opportunity for them to come to an agreement. some point. our washington, d.c., correspondent basil john, is live in dc with where we are today. high diesel. >> well, during james, good morning. the clock is ticking on the talks as the u.s. could default. >> on the national debt this summer unless they can come to a compromise. >> we want to make sure we do this in a responsible, reasonable way. house speaker kevin mccarthy said he had good talks with president joe biden on the debt ceiling but no deal was reached. we promised we would continue the conversation. we'll see if we can get that. i think at the end of the day we can find common ground. house republicans have promised to not raise the debt ceiling unless some budget cuts are made the current path we're on. we cannot sustain. but the white house says the president won't negotiate over the debt limit. we're talking about
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programs that they want to take hostage. they should be able to do this without conditions. senate majority leader chuck schumer is critical of republicans for not sharing more details on what they want. we incurred these debts already. we should just pay them. >> republicans say no. well, what's the alternative? we haven't seen the treasury department warns if congress doesn't raise or suspend the debt limit by june, it could wreak havoc on the economy. there's only one way forward here and that is for congress to raise the debt ceiling. >> now, mccarthy and the president will continue these discussions as the speaker wants to reach an agreement long before the deadline reporting live in washington. i'm basil, john. okay, thank you, basil. >> it is 6.22. we'll take a quick break. but coming up on the kron, 4 morning news in the we'll have the latest. a trend in job cuts. fedex now saying it too, will start laying off workers. why the company says the directors may be the first to go will explain. we're back at 6. 25
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and in the east bay, a postal worker is robbed in broad daylight while out working in oakland. >> so usps inspector tells kron 4 it happened on 41st street and telegraph avenue. there's about 9.30, or so yesterday morning. according to the postal service, postal keys were stolen while the mail carrier was walking along his route. the worker suffered minor injuries. no word on whether any mail was stolen. a
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$50,000 reward now being offered for any information that leads to an arrest >> fedex is downsizing its corporate ranks. bloomberg reports that fedex slashing 10% of its global officers and directors that move coming as consumer demand, they say is cooling because of higher inflation, which is put a dent in everybody's wallet. fedex plans to consolidate those teams. they say. >> well for your health banana boat sunscreen is being recalled now over chemical concerns. the edgewell personal care company is recalling banana boat hair and scalp sunscreen spray spf 30. a chemical known for causing cancer when it's exposed to when exposed to it called benzene comes from the sunscreens can's propellant spring. so they really shouldn't mix together. edgewell originally recalled one batch of their sunscreen last july. if you own a can. edgewell says the banana but will provide you with a full
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refund. so it's the hair. it's the heroin. >> and i was just wondering about that because i was like, oh, i i want to protect my hair from the sun. you know, it used love that smell a banana boat. don't. do you just want to yeah, yeah, i don't have that. get a refund. if you contact the company, check their website 6.26. right now. coming up next, rent prices are actually going down in san francisco. will take a look at why and how long that could last. 6.29.
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their part. oh, my gosh. well, plane flying this morning in the dark and visibility was pretty good for me. i know it wasn't that great where you wear that. and i just thought about come on. it's amazing. >> we want still still gobsmacked by the technology of an airplane these days. that's fine. we got john in the weather center with a look at flying forecasts and every other kind of forecast we've had great flying weather this weekend. you know, that was not the case last month. so we're not taking it for granted anymore. you look outside this morning may not be as crystal clear as has been previously this week as we are seeing some cloud cover moving in overhead. but still no fog. and a beautiful clear morning. it's clear and it's
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cold. but as we've seen each and every day, oakland, berkeley, san mateo at 39 right now, half moon bay freemont mountain view also well down into the 30's, not to mention a lot of us that are also below freezing dublin in sonoma at 30 degrees. currently fairfield petaluma santa rosa among a few spots down. also below freezing at 31 degrees. now today we are seeing some cloudier skies rolling over head, but don't let that stop you from getting outside, especially this afternoon, actually got our warmest day of the forecast ahead of us. i'm talking more about it. still to come rain. all right, john, thank you for that. ok? so we have accidents like this one northbound 1, 1, and 80 east in san francisco. so you see a slight delay. >> along 101, this morning. no major issues along 2.80, and then a little further down in milpitas. so this is northbound 6.80, right, jacqueline road, we had an accident. look at other highways still moving pretty much at the limit down in the south bay and along the peninsula. 22 minutes into the city may so that fremont street exit the 20 minute
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delay. we're talking about downtown oakland. they've got that resolve. that's down to 10 minutes. so things are moving fine over there. 14 minutes 80 to 101 via the san mateo bridge richmond center fell commute about 10 minutes darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of 6.31 and on the peninsula. we're learning more about that 5 year-old boy who was attacked by a mountain lion taken to the hospital is recovering. he's going to be fine. but what a scary moment for him and his mom. >> this was tuesday night on to need as creek road. just southeast of half moon bay and kron four's rob nesbitt has all story. they are commonly spotted by the public but using their game cameras, the bay area puma project has been able to track mountain lions on the peninsula. >> this video taken on the same property where 5 year-old jack traxler was attacked while walking with his mom tuesday evening. and wearing appeal ongoing. the start of the line like reacted jumped at the boy and the mother then screen the lie and like ran away wildlife ecologist. alex granados spoke with the property owner where the
6:33 am
attack happened. >> and says traxler suffered cuts and lacerations on his face. the attack happened around 06:30pm, which is one of the times of day to avoid being in an area known for mountain lions. don't hike at dawn and dusk as the periods when no one's going to be active, especially if you have small children to let them run up. have you officers with the california department of fish and wildlife collected evidence from clothes and swabbed his wounds wednesday afternoon. captain patrick foy says this was we used to match dna to any mountain lions that are darted and captured, but that his department has been able to get in contact with the property owner to find the lion important to that it's private property. >> so there's no crime committed. so we don't have the authority whatsoever. permission to captain foye says public safety is number one concern and that's heightened when there's a child that's been attacked. >> the air currents as far as the state's records show for 40 million people. less than 2 dozen in the last 40 or 50 years. the odds of being attacked by a mountain lion.
6:34 am
>> is very, captain foye says if you are going to be out in the wilderness, it might be a good idea for you to carry a whistle on you. >> he says if you are approached by a mountain lion to stand tall, shout aggressively and if you are attacked, fight back reporting in san mateo county. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> well, amid a wave of deadly mass shootings across the state last month, governor gavin newsom and several democratic lawmakers are calling now for more gun legislation. and yesterday the governor did just that he's urging support for a bill that would make changes to the state's concealed carry laws. he argues that legislation known as senate bill 2 can make a difference in bringing down gun violence statewide. he stresses the legislation will ensure guns do not end up in the wrong hands. there are opponents, however, and they argue this is the wrong approach. we do need more gun control. we more crime control. and i said what's lacking in california is sufficient enforcement and deterrence. >> for people to not use a dangerous weapons like guns and they have proposal doesn't
6:35 am
address that at all. it targets lawful gun owners, people ccw the safest people in society. >> well, the governor vows that no amount of opposition will stop him from making this bill. >> law, but gun groups say that does become law. they plan to battle it out in the courts. >> time now 6 3500's of people came together for the funeral of tyre. nichols in memphis, tennessee, family, friends, political leaders, activists, they all were there and they shared stories about nichols. and they also make calls for change, arthur now taking us to the funeral. >> saw of for a mother in speaking at her son's funeral. i really was a beautiful >> and for this to happen to hear is just probably only be
6:36 am
this keeping me go. it. and i'm going both that will him in the side it. >> as they grieve tyre, nichols parents seated next to vice president kamala harris. and we are here. to celebrate the life of tyre. nichols harris commending the familys misses wells. mister wells. you have been extraordinary in terms of rain. and your >> but also delivering a call to action, calling for the passage of the george floyd justice in policing act. this violent act. >> was not in pursuit of public safety. the reverend al sharpton who delivered the eulogy giving a rousing sermon at times chastising the officers charged with nichols death. this is nothing more and salting.
6:37 am
>> to those of us that fight to open you walk through those and act like the folks we had to fight for to get through do it. >> as nichols is remembered, a 29 year-old kind soul who like skateboarding and photography >> a follower. a brother. a free. a human being. too soon. denied his rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. shay arthur. >> well, san francisco and other bay area cities are as we turn our attention now to local story seeing apartment rents actually falling once again. this comes as some major tech companies are laying off thousands of people. you know, we've seen that happening in recent weeks. well, economists are one of them with zillow. >> says the demand has been dropping all across the country. we're seeing the same sent kron four's. dan thorn has more.
6:38 am
>> san francisco is seeing one of the biggest drops in the country when it comes to apartment rent prices. zillow, senior economist or fee de bruyne guy says it's too early to tell if tech layoffs will play a part in the market, but also says apartment prices tend to follow house prices the slowdown due to kind of higher interest rates and affordability challenges. >> is definitely. >> the number one factor here for y grants are also starting to slow down he says even before the major tech layoffs, bay area housing was facing immense pressure over the last couple of years. there was an exodus in san francisco and during the pandemic, people simply wanted more space. affordability is also likely making the bay area less attractive in the bay area's income stock market wealth and population growth are headed in a trajectory that would active push down home values data from online marketplace
6:39 am
apartment list shows the bay area has been the slowest market to recover since the pandemic began. san francisco and san jose are also the only 2 large metros with the median rent is cheaper than it was at the beginning of the pandemic. devone keynotes other expensive areas such as new york, seattle and boston are seeing rent prices drop. he believes things will balance out with more building. you know, it's not doom and gloom story. i you know, the big constraint is always going to be on the inventory side. >> you know, some of these places were really expensive to start with because there wasn't enough building in those markets. >> but as kron four's, dan thorn reporting for us this morning. now he says that this time of year is also pretty slow for renters. and they expect the prices to climb when it gets a little busier during the spring and summer months. so we'll see. it is 6.39. it pg. crews are inspecting echo summit to assess the area for high fire risk. crews flew the helicopter yesterday over
6:40 am
elder are el dorado county. they were also looking for dying trees to that might the too close to power lines risk coming down on them. >> we began this program several years ago during the drought from you saw marked increase in the number of dead and dying trees forests. and with its tree still stressed out from the drought. we're continuing to do those to help reduce the fire risk. >> officials say it is crucial to examine these areas and given that so many trees have been devastated from drought, they want to make sure they get all the dead and dying wins away from power lines before the summer season gets here. >> 6.40, right now. take a look at this video from the citizen app showing a cable car that's off the track in. this happened around 6 o'clock last night, the corner of washington and hyde streets in san francisco. you can see the first responders on the scene. we don't know if anybody was hurt. 6.40, in the south bay, matt mahan officially kicked off his term as san jose's new mayor. he was inaugurated last
6:41 am
night at the san jose center for performing arts. and during that time he highlighted the top issues that he wants to tackle homelessness, public safety and crime. and he says the best way to solve those problems is by going back to the basics, isis. they're not new issues but people we talked to felt like the mayor is going to bring new and fresh perspectives to the problems. >> from knowing and knowing grassroots effort. i feel like he's a and he's going to do what he he would do for the >> areas that i think are key are the blight business of the areas where we have a lot of problems and the homelessness and public safety. those 3 areas are key to keeping the city to making the city a better place to live for everyone. >> the take away from the celebration was that people there? really like the mayor this point. and they're hoping that he can have some solutions for them. >> 6.41 the time. and coming
6:42 am
up next on the kron 4 morning news. it is february and we're celebrating black history and black art and literature to in this morning we're going to take a look at a local shop that sells art from artists and books. you won't find in school. >> and today, looking like a nice one to step back outside, especially as we warm things back up this afternoon. lot of us reaching the 60's like oakland and san jose all the way up to 66 degrees. your forecast ahead and before you leave the house on a thursday, you need to know what your drive times are going to look like about 21 minutes into the city right now. we're tracking that commute will be right that commute will be right back after the break. when a truck hit my car, that commute will be right bthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes.
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>> we are back 6.44. the time to check it out live this morning. 254 miles above the earth. we have the international space station and we have a local astronaut. nicole mann from petaluma up there doing space walk estimated to last about 7 hours. so that mission control. she's been up there to our south or so far in this is day 2. this spacewalk actually was split between 2 different days couple weeks ago. she was up there along with the japanese astronaut koichi wakata and they start the installation of some power supply, things and and stuff to put up some new solar panels on the space station. and today they're finishing it up. she's the first african-american. want to america right. native first person done from peddling from
6:46 am
petaluma has lasted off. space x's crew. 5 mission, but she's up rancho cotati high school. listen up. this is your along the up in representing stanford as well. she's awesome. by the way, and marine colonel. oh, here we go with it. yeah. there you see her face. she's jet fighter pilot test pilot. the 2 tours in iraq and afghanistan. and that was admitted to the to the astronaut program for nasa. her first time in space and added if we go back to the live pictures again, that so there's 2 astron ut. she's the one wearing the spacesuit with red stripes on it. so you'll see one with red stripe, a red and the other was completely plan. i hit the shot so close. you can't really see now just year. how fantastic is that? and you can kind of see there's a little bit of sunshine on right now. do you know how would difference between sunshine on what it well cause? they're going around the earth. okay. the river. now they go on the backside of the earth with dark and then they go on the front side of years where the
6:47 am
sun is and hey, with the temperature differences between the dark side and the light side of earth as they go around and around around what 100 million. it gets as warm as 250 degrees fahrenheit in the sun and then as cold as negative 250 on the backside when they're in the shade. wow. so that's where the spacesuits, obviously there's thick as they are. and i'm gonna give me one for for today. would i wish for one this morning as outside it is chilly out there. let's take a peek with john at the weather. yeah. i mean, space is great for a cold and social distance. and great but yes, we are looking at a cold morning for sure anything you've got to do to bundle up. >> keep warm. we're not quite as cold as we were the past couple of days. most of us are holding on to the 30's, but that is chilly right along the bayshore. we've got a few 30's as well. very still mourning nobu pin on the flag at pier 15, getting a little glow over the horizon as the sun begins to come up, we are going to
6:48 am
see partly cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions today. so not quite as blue nor clear skies the past few days. high pressure ridge is easing out and well, this low pressure area dragging it along with it. our next round of rainfall which kicks off after midnight tonight for a predawn hours of tomorrow morning. early risers tomorrow, going to see the greatest chances of significant rain. well, it begins to taper off for leader commuters tomorrow. and by the time we reach noontime tomorrow, we're actually looking at some sunshine rest of your friday stays dry. saturday is just the opposite dry for most of the day. and then showers pushing in towards the tail end of the day, hoping the timing pushes it back a little bit because we do have the lunar new year parade tomorrow are on saturday. a future cast of rainfall totals over an inch, especially closer to the coastline. this is adding up both friday morning and then saturday night into sunday morning's rain temperatures today will be in the 60's for a lot more of us. san jose at 66 mountain view in fremont at 65 well conquered san francisco and napa holding on
6:49 am
to 50's tomorrow's temperatures. a little cooler on average. we will see afternoon sunshine after morning showers saturday starting the day clear ending it on the cloudier know with showers remaining into sunday morning, right, john, thank you that. well, we were trapped and tracking a few issues out the air like an accident along 18, another one in milpitas. >> those are both clear. so drive times are getting much better out there. heading into the city right now is going to take about 20 minutes to make it from the maze to that fremont street exit. how about the san mateo bridge? 80 to 1, 0, 1, 14 minutes traveling across towards the peninsula. let's check on our drive times now. 37 minutes. 85 into park alloa. no one will to 80 82 still pretty much put you at the limit. 8.80, cilantro down towards to 37 about 32 minutes. 6.80, through signal starting to build up there. crockett down towards the maze about 24 minutes. let's check on highway 4 and i can to conquer. 35 minute. drive darya. james, back to you. thank you. right now. >> all right. so celebrating black history month and every
6:50 am
day we're trying to honor those in the community and there's delay of fine art gallery and bookstore that we want to feature today. it's pretty incredible. incredible, as is the owner. she highlights local artists cells, literature that you just won't find elsewhere. no kron four's. philippe gaulle met with rosa linda cinema, johnson, who prides herself in showcasing work that it expand your appreciation of black history. >> all right. by we have yolanda patton and again, these 3 artists shipka these 3 artists are from the art of the black diaspora at the richmond arts center for 26 years on this quiet corner of marine street edging a strip of family businesses in vallejo. this unassuming get historical storefront. >> as educated visitors about the black experience. john coltrane again, we've got michael jackson from the moment. you walk in make motions fine. art gallery and multi cultural bookstore. you are always one room away from being introduced to a new
6:51 am
aspect of black history. 3.65 in the quarter. so guess what? we celebrate as 3.65 in a quarterback. musicians immortalized in books and just feet away in the next stop on your tour, a satellite exhibit of african diaspora, part of the african diaspora it is. i had an injury show, which means you know, to let people come in with. >> what they have. i do jury, most of the artists that come in here and and what my >> criterion is. it is if it's a good piece, owner roslyn cinnamon. johnson says she opened her business nearly 3 decades ago because she felt the east bay needed it. >> at the time, she says her only option for a variety of black books and art that marcus bookstore in san francisco. i think if i was started crossing the bridge, other people would be tied crossing the bridge to. >> so i opened this business so that. people could educate their children the way i was people and loyal longtime clients like sheila maize. i have been shopping here since
6:52 am
1997. mays says the fine art gallery and book serve as a conduit to black history for her and her children go all the ticks. the plight of black farmers is that the black rules and social justice every month they came in before i had children and i started collecting one book a month for the 3. i anticipated. >> and i continue to do that over the years. he think about that thousands of books my house. >> and i literally literally have that and so much learning. it's almost like i went to college hearing that my master's there's augusta as pierre. she was my first artist and she's still my best selling. >> artist her sister lived in the layout and told me that i needed to see her sister's art. cinnamon johnson prides are self and featuring local work and selling books. that supplement what students are learning and we talk about harriet tubman all of the time, but we don't talk about williams. still, he was the father of the underground railroad overtime. cinnamon johnson's passion for
6:53 am
educating her. visitors has only grown as has her pride in being black. knowing who you are, you come from, helps you be who you are. >> and you don't have to. feel that others have to approve of you. all right. you don't worry about what does this person think? what does that person think? you are because you are because god made you who you are. >> and that's good enough. and who we are is deep in vallejo, felipe for news. still children. visit that gallery, if you can. we've got stories like this on our website. kron 4 dot com as we honor black history. >> for the month of february scan that qr code, it will take you right there to the page and you can enjoy celebrate right along with us. we'll be right back.
6:54 am
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>> 6.56, and take a look at this. the monterey bay aquarium showing off their african penguin exhibit. >> oh, wow. >> this little guy was hatched on november. 30th as part of the zoo and aquarium's species survival program african penguins are endangered species. there are fewer than 42,000 african penguins, the monterey bay aquarium says is the first time that they've had 3 generations of a single penguin family at the same time, an exhibit you can check them out in person at the
6:57 am
aquarius and at the eau claire moore, the famous penguin cam. >> oh, my god i'm going to africa. i'm going to sing it they go for real like in a couple of months. i can't believe this cool. just reminded me of foam is injustice and you can all right. it is 5 or 6.56. we're going to take quick break. but coming up next hour, one east bay school district is considering. >> eliminating 6th through 8th grades from one of the schools and parents are not happy about it. think why we'll explain more in a minute. and some local police agencies now issuing a warning after thieves targeting cars have been left alone as they warm up. we're going to break down the safety tips they have for you and a large fire damages. multiple businesses at a strip mall. we're going have the latest in a live report in just a minute.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> and thanks for joining us. 7 o'clock on a thursday feeling like cold. yeah, yeah. that's continuing our streak like winter. we've got john in the weather center with a look at our forecast starting off the hour with yeah. check of what conditions are going to be like today when the changes on tap here. not too long from now. yeah, we've got the changes this weekend involving the storm door opening up gently this time. so nothing crazy headed our way. just some good rainfall and a good dose of snow in the sierra too. it's been a dry but a cold week thus


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