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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  February 3, 2023 4:30am-5:01am PST

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notably are right there along highway one at the coast between pacifica and half moon bay. but the energy shifting into our peninsula mountains are right over them on towards sfo and into the city of san francisco. so rainfall intensity is picking up for a whole lot of areas. this is making for a very wet morning commute already now increasingly so for the east bay already having been so for the north bay and that heaviest of rain, the easy to spot from san francisco down the peninsula. those shades of yellow, orange and red indicating that very heaviest of rainfall right now. so a lot going on out there. if you are leaving the house here shortly, do know that it's not super cold. it's just a very wet. we are of a slick morning commute ahead of us. so take it slow or if you're getting outside at our very coal dust, it's only the low 40's while most of us, especially along the bayshore hanging on to 50's right now. very wet at sfo. that's one of those spots i showed you are rainfalls actively picking up. you can see the tarmac sweat. that's
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the same thing you're going to be seeing is you get onto roads this morning from the 50's this morning to the 50's this afternoon. there's not a lot of temperature change later today. rainiest of conditions right now we'll have a lingering shower or 2 possible towards the noon hour. but rainfall really tapers off quickly. and by the afternoon skies of dry back out. i'm talking more about this morning's rain. still to come raining all right afternoon at the time to get out, get some things done. >> okay. traveling into the city this morning. slick conditions. 8 minutes into the city may so that fremont street exit our san mateo bridge definitely coming down 13 minutes, 80 to 1, 1, but don't drive fast. slow it down. 8 minutes, richmond, sandra fell bridge traveling from the tolls to 101. and that golden gate bridge. there's slick very wet. 20 minutes. 37 to the tunnels. all this wet friday morning.
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our world of smoke catching the attention of people throughout sections of the bay area right now. this is a fire that started in the oakland hills late thursday afternoon. and it quickly spread to 3 homes. no one was hurt in that fire, but had a lot of people really nervous after a neighborhood was destroyed by a fire storm back in the 90's. kron four's dan thorn has that story. >> crews have been on scene here for several hours after a fire chewed through 3 homes here in the oakland hills. we've learned this fire first broke out around 4 o'clock thursday afternoon. 50 firefighters rushing to the scene to battle the fast-moving flames. are cameras capturing the fire burning through one of those houses. smoke was seen billowing up into the sky as firefighters. >> douse the flames. that smoke was visible for miles throughout the east bay. neighbors are reacting to the blaze. >> first i heard the helicopter and didn't hear any sirens. but then when i heard the sirens, i walked out the door, saw flames shooting at
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least 50 feet in the air, frying completely radical. there was no wind which is a good thing. >> we also heard from one person who says they had to escape with their dog from one of the homes that burned. i feel like yelling, right? and i come up. >> like the front about the news on coming great. we already started going. the oakland hills are well known as a high fire danger area. >> because of this, the fire chief says the station is very close by so crews can get the jump in a fire quickly. thankfully station. 24, it's less than a mile away. they got here in a matter of minutes. and it's true because of their quick response and the efforts of our firefighters to where we did not have more laws will be had. fire officials say there were no injuries to report and they rescued one pat from one of the 3 homes. the fire chief says the fire initially started in the back porch of one of the houses and spread to 2 neighboring homes. it has been ruled accidental in
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nature, but the cause is still being investigated. >> reporting in the oakland hills, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> will clean up continues in palo alto following a fire you for businesses that were actually damage here at a midtown shopping center when a fire broke out wednesday night. according to palo alto fire. that blaze started at a dry cleaners and spread to a nearby cafe. a coffee shop and a wine store. no injuries were reported. the exact cause of that fire is under investigation. supporters of oakland police chief leronne armstrong are ramping up pressure to get him reinstated his thursday. they initiated a mass email campaign. a campaign targeting mayor sheng tao who placed the chief on leave about 2 weeks ago over the handling of misconduct cases. kron four's terisa stasio spoke with the oakland a a c p who is behind this latest effort to get the chief back on the job. >> this is the e-mail sent out thursday to oakland residents
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from the city's chapter of the naacp. it asks supporters to call oakland mayor sheng tao and add their name to a suggested script requesting the mayor to bring back police chief leronne armstrong immediately. it continues to say that the chiefs absence is causing division in the community and concerns about whether the department without armstrong can care for oakland. residents know chief is someone. >> who has had a very decorated career throughout time on the oakland police department, someone who has always been about moving the department forward. -p>> and terry wiley is on the board of directors of the oakland chapter of the naacp. he says the organization stands behind the chief and that this is the latest drive to get him back on the job since he's been that she there's been a 70%. >> decline in disparities in
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terms of police stops by the oakland police department that has never been accomplished by the any of the chiefs in the end of 20 proof in the 20. prior rushing town, placing chief unpaid administrative leave back on january. 19th. >> after an independent investigation question the chief's handling of to disciplinary cases. the chief has maintained that he has done nothing wrong. >> after we spoke with the chief armstrong, we felt it was unfair that he had been placed administrative leave for the reasons that were presented to us. >> the e-mail letter is just the latest step supporters have taken in the last 2 weeks. there have been rallies and news conferences were planning orn on fighting this until he gets reinstated. >> as for the mayor's since making the announcement, she has maintained silence saying only that a process to review the chief's job must take place but not elaborating on
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what that process entails and any kind of timing. terry says stasio kron, 4 news. well in the east bay. police say robbers. >> they're targeting people coming out of banks in richmond, richmond. police say 10 victims have been targeted over the past 6 months but hold for banks. some of them even taking place when the victims are already seated in their vehicles. >> we're also following these victims away from the bank. sometimes a mile or 2 away. potentially. so the victim lowers their guard and the mother unsuspecting. we stopped a stoplight or stop for traffic. they then exit their getaway vehicle run-up, smash the window out of their vehicle, grabbed the backpack, bag or purse, and return to their vehicle. fleet. >> well, investigators say robbers are sometimes inside of the bank's looking for anyone making large withdrawals and at other times are outside in the parking lot after victims take out the cash. the atm. so be aware of your surroundings. a solano
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county school held a meeting last night to denounce a racially offensive social media polls should buy a middle school student reporter zach details at that meeting and spoke with the school district. this is in dixon. >> dixon, unified school district staff spent much of thursday supporting students and families impacted by a racially offensive social media post. it's just intolerable it's not acceptable in any way. a 7th grader at john knight middle school allegedly shared the post, which according to the district, showed photos of about 20 students and staff who are all african-american or biracial, accompanied by a racially offensive message regarding black history month. one parent at the board meeting thursday night expressed her frustration when it comes to the school there. their say is different. >> superintendent brian noland held a meeting wednesday night hours after the post was discovered and met with families involved late into
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the night. no one saying in a statement, quote, never in my 35 years in education. have i seen something so hateful, vile and abhorrent come from one of my students and quote, governing board members for the district's. we're glad to see the superintendent take swift action. the initial step was to take down the post. that was a very good first step. and the shaded by superintendent, our staff. >> and then the next step, which is also very important. one is the focus on the healing process, which our staff was very involved with. and i'm i'm proud of that was. >> a point of emphasis arce school district employees. district officials say the student who they believe was responsible for the post was not at school on thursday. >> but would not comment on disciplinary action pending the active investigation. bottom line is there's no room for any type of racism on that level in this community there anywhere across america, either overtly or even implied. >> well, that was at the little reporting for us. now. according to a new poll, a majority of californians believe the economy is going to get worse and worse this year. that's just one of the key findings from a newly released survey. that's out the poll showing some light on
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a number of issues. people around california consider important 2 of those issues, homelessness and housing. now, when it comes to homelessness, get 70% of californians who consider homelessness a big problem. the poll also found 70% of the people in the state are concerned about housing and affordability for housing. the survey also shows people are worried about the economy and its effects on job security. >> inflation, what's going on in terms of the jobs? people are starting hear about you know, and expected these things are maybe people feel a lot of mayor about this year. >> well, the poll also found nearly 60% of likely voters approved of the job. governor newsom is doing. but about half of those surveyed also felt the state is headed in the wrong direction. president biden has yet to announce whether he's going to be running in 2024. on the republican side, a former
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trump official seems poised to run against the ex president, former south carolina governor nikki haley is hinting that she's going to throw our hat in the ring plans to make a pretty big announcement on february. 15th. haley may not only be the only former trump official on the list of contenders, former vice president mike pence, former secretary of state mike pompeo are among those rumored to be running. i've never lost a said that. then i still say that now i think she'll be very credible candidate. >> while president biden, is it saying if he's running in 2024, his outgoing chief of staff, clan suggests it's not a matter of if, but when one poll shows 44% of voters of confidence and former president trump well about 45% have confidence in president biden. still to come on the kron, 4 morning news, we're talking about out with the old in with the new. we're going to take a look at a new restaurant. >> that took the spot of the love favorite. we'll be right back after the break. for your
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money in the recent cold weather. if you are heating your home. >> you've probably seen a price hike in your natural gas bill. but there's some good news. financial help is coming to pay for those increases. this comes after furious customers waited at a meeting of state regulators. calmer
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dickerson has more on how much money is going to be coming back to you. >> under gas bill is outrageous. desperation. i'm not going my clothes in the dryer. i'm not taking a shower every day and i'm not using the hopelessness. i cannot afford this. we cannot afford natural gas repairs did not shy away from telling state regulators exactly how part energy price hikes are hitting everybody here. >> is finding they have to wait till after midnight to do anything. otherwise their bills have been. up 800 to $1000. >> a number of reasons have been given for causing natural gas bills to skyrocket to 2 to 3 times higher than in january of 2022, according to the u.s. energy administration, higher demand lower gas imports from canada, sideline issues and west texas and low storage levels in the pacific region. play a role. you guys got to do something. ultimately the california public utilities commission board voted to have
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utility companies be that giving out climate credits that's cash back. customers get on their bill twice year. normally the next time would be april. >> residential customers to receive both the electric and gas credit can expect between 90 and $120 credit on their bills during the month. the climate credit is a 5. my bill would almost $800 double from i'd also like to note we understand that this credit is not enough. the cpc president urges people to reach out to the utility provider to see if they qualify for assistance programs or rate reductions in sacramento. karma dickerson, >> all right. hey, a little was going to go a long way roll. talking on the studio how all our bills are sky, too. so we're hoping for some good news here. we're also tracking the weather. rain is here. we definitely need it for plants and all that good stuff. but not so much for the commute, john. yeah, i know those bills have been painfully lee. >> do need to turn the heat up as much this morning, though, because we're not near as cold as we had been. we're just really wet out there. that's
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the big switch up from where we've been each and every morning so far this week, which had been clear and dry. and now it's just mild and really wet out there. this is quite hour, which is see the rainfall and the shot. but it's coming down in san francisco, really increasing for a lot of the bay area. you're still quiet up in the sierra nevada, but snow along the north coast already coming down. let's zoom in on the bay and what we do have out there is a really active a situation going on, especially on the peninsula. look at some of those deeper areas of orange red, especially this is right here on the peninsula. going to zoom in on some of the spots where rainfall is coming down. the very heaviest right now. highway 92 from san mateo ver to half moon bay now stretching over the san mateo bridge. redwood city woodside. among those areas in the deep, deep areas of heavy rain right now and looking at some also moderate to heavy showers right across the bay bridge in san francisco now dropping into the east bay shoreline from berkeley, oakland, alameda, san leandro all the
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way down through hayward, north bay conditions just consistently wet with light to moderate showers up there in the north bay. so it's pretty easy to see where the heaviest of rain is right showers are generally tracking to the north and the east so that heaviest of rain is only going to shift further and further inland on up into conquer the tri valley and eventually dropping even further into the south bay, too. so all that heading up this direction, very wet. early morning commute, especially low pressure area, an edging out the high pressure ridge. now in this morning's rain, just the first dose of it, we've got this next line of rain that pushes intended tomorrow night into sunday morning. that's going to add up even more to these rainfall totals. so next couple of hours here, pretty wet, especially for early morning commuters. rainfall starts to taper off for our later morning drivers. by the time we reach noontime today, you may see a sprinkle or 2, but we're pretty much done with it in the evening tonight, looking predominantly dry, just a little on the
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cloudy side. tomorrow starts dry. and it does look like rainfall holds off until well after sunset tomorrow night here, 07:00pm. and we're still looking nice and calm. this is great news for lunar new year festivities. we won't see rainfall really pushing in intel. well after dinner time. that's when it comes on in pockets of heavy rainfall on into your saturday night and sunday morning. this is good news. the timing of that looks to be cooperating with u.s.. winter storm watch is likely to become warnings tomorrow afternoon through sunday evening. we're expecting one to 2 feet of additional snowfall up in the sierra nevada. that second right line of showers that moves in tomorrow night to sunday is really going to be the snow maker for the sierra. what we're seeing in the bay this morning not going to produce too terribly much out neighbors 50's for daytime highs. it's a cooler one than yesterday. daytime highs avoiding the 60's yesterday was such a nice and comfortable afternoon this afternoon by no means a bad one. it's just going to be cloudy. and we've had those
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wet conditions this morning. so want to keep the jackets on hand. freeman through hayward at 58. same for you in oakland, down through castro valley center month or conquer teach at 57 while vallejo and napa at 56 degrees for your daotime highs. getting your lookahead rainfall this morning gives way to a dry afternoon. tomorrow morning starts dry. and then evening showers saturday night into sunday morning. the forecast gets a lot calmer after that was plenty of sun and no rain from monday through thursday. all right, john, thanks for that. slick conditions out there. 8 minutes into the city. you go. >> it slowed down because of the wet conditions. 80 to 1, 0, 1, 13 minutes traveling across towards the peninsula, which is ever fell bridge about 7 minutes and the golden gate bridge on a rainy friday. 21 minutes. 37 to the tolls. well, the time now 04:50am, and it's pretty hard to replace an old much lead restaurant. sometimes you just have to say goodbye and you have to say hello to the newcomer this morning on dine
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and dish we take you to acre in oakland. >> same location, different restaurant. no longer legendary. all of i had a long history with the previous restaurant. so of course, i've got to check out the new place acre kitchen are welcome to the neighborhood. this is acre in the market whole building the new kid on the block in oakland's rockridge neighborhood. >> and so far, so good for kara this area and you get something new. i'm really happy for the refreshed. and it feels like this could be my best friend's house. that's, you know, one of the charms of acre. >> pete sicknick, the epic water bar across the bay in san francisco behind the acre 5 with lighter and airy dining room and >> a new bar upstairs to grab a before dinner as well as the more casual downstairs bar and cafe for things like pizza fire pizza >> haitians are mediterranean
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inspired in california. fresh says arbor on some rock and spiced burrata executive chef dirk >> makes the food saying cinnamon and lemon and honey, that's kind of what dresses it. check out the sauteed prawns on brioche or the roast chicken from the wood-fired stove result with daughter brought. >> it's fresh. it's it's incredible food atmosphere. and yes, 5, a real hit with the neighborhood crowd. >> yeah. being part of the community here in the history and and and dallas year adding to the rich history that >> in oakland, vicki liviakis kron, 4 news. >> after the break and
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>> welcome back. getting close to 05:00am now on the morning. that is a whole different than any other morning. this week has been. it's back to the rain we go and you can see we actually have some pretty heavy showers out there in pockets for some areas. some of the heaviest of it right now around woodside. but on up the peninsula into san francisco over the bay bridge into the east bay. we do have some heavier pockets of rain fall currently falling. san francisco really picking up for you as it also is an oakland alameda up to berkeley, san mateo to palo alto, very wet conditions there. 101 to 80 on the
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peninsula specially with this morning as rain has been telling us, it's just a good idea to take it. slow are out there, especially after a week where we had no weather issues. got a little spoiled earlier this week. reyna. >> does all this is like? bringing that flat tax on it? i have those raccoons living in health. this feisty raccoon on the run inside of a store in boulder, colorado. animal control put out every trick in the book to capture the wreck the animal just refuse to chase it up and down the aisles finally successful, but they were totally out of rash. i mean, you know, we've both got interesting relations with the have experienced them with. yeah. they like to hang out on my doorstep. lay off his lookout before they opened that door. >> all right. still to come on the kron 4 morning news. you're taking a live look at south one to one at 17th
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street. >> coming up in the next hour, we have live team coverage. look at the slick conditions across the bay area today. and a community is now on alert after a man walks into a synagogue and opens fire. >> we have the details on who the police and now the fbi are looking out for. and the south as new mayor calling for into homelessness. we're going hear wise calling it a humanitarian crisis. we will be right back. don't go anywhere.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news far. >> trust me. it is not the best day to the lake running late. i because you don't want to rush, but i'm here and i'm safe and i hope the same for little slick out there. we're going to get the rain and how slow the traffic is kind of moving around safely in the rain that's falling. yeah, it's just not a day want to rush. i don't know he's going to be through the whole commuter just the early risers. john, what's going early risers are cut that the hardest for sure, but it's still going to be wet for later risers to. so that is the best piece of advice for sure. don't rush it. >> take it. slow are out there. we haven't had rain in a few days now. so chance for oils on roadways to make things even slicker than what we saw last month when it was just nonstop rain. now, what we're looking at out there this morning is wet conditions and increasing rainfall across the east bay. now. >> your view from the east bay hills looking down at a very wet bayshore right there. let's look at wre


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