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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  February 3, 2023 8:00am-9:01am PST

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line i'm talking about. that is pushing right up there. right along 5, 80 80 right from san jose all the way up towards oakland. now this is coming along with the heavy burst of rain and some stronger winds and we'll continue to push further inland from walnut creek, tri valley on up to signal. so if you are in these areas, watch for it a little bit calmer to the north, though, if you're looking at areas like the zooming out towards marin and sonoma counties, not a lot going on up there anymore. so this energy is shifting further southward gradually and as it does so the rainfall along with it 40's 50's for current temps. it's wet and it's mild out there traded in the cold, the freezing temps in the past few days for what is just some rain jackets, an umbrella weather again, definitely take it slow this morning as rain will tell you that you need that few extra minutes. yeah, you need more than a few extra minutes because it's slick out there and you don't want to be in any type of accident this morning. there is an accident, right news at fremont street exit traveling into the city this morning.
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>> so drive times may go up. we're already at 30 minutes. but because of that, they're not able to clear that things could get a little bat there. so we'll keep a close eye on the bay bridge, our san mateo bridge about 23 minutes 80 to 101. you can see just how slick it is out there. 20 minutes, systemwide bark delay in place try to slow the trains down because of the wet slick tracks. 15 minutes tolls to want to one that your return center. phil ridge, golden gate bridge about 31 miautes. 37 to the tolls. so definitely leave the house a lot earlier. darya james. yes, you do. we're trying to help you once you get out on the roads, too. so you can see what you're in for will transmit drive around this morning. and so is kron four's michael thomas to let's start with him in san mateo county. >> that last we checked with you. you're in redwood city where, you know, michael. >> hi, good morning, everyone. well, i'm right in burlingame. i'm just near the 101, southbound. we're just south of broadway. you know, chp was reporting that the left lane here on the 101 with little
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bit backed up. but take a look at seems that it's cleared up as of right now. still major slick roads when it comes to the what news but no delays in this specific area that they were reporting earlier. >> when it comes to some of those, you know, flooded report that does seem to have been cleared up. but again, still major slick roads in officials do advise people to go about 5 to 10 miles slower than they normally would. so if you are heading out, you know, south over the san jose from the city or if you're heading over to, you know, north to sfo, we definitely do want to try and leave just a tad bit early. we do see some of these cards on the road this morning going just little bit slower than they normally would. that is exactly what we're looking at right now. so you get more information or more details on some flooded areas. we're going to continue to look at if you guys have any of those tips. of course, you can reach out to us via email, always on social media, but also actually live to see thank you, michael. and we'll continue our team coverage in just a few minutes of weather. >> yeah, to that. we do have
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some breaking news to tell you about a sad story to report. a child has died after a shooting in oakland happened about one 30 this morning on dowling street. this is video from the scene. police say this is where they arrived. found to find a boy suffering from a gunshot wound, unfortunately died at the scene. no information on his name or age just yet. only that the victim was described as a juvenile police have not released any information about the shooter either. we'll keep you updated as we learn more. >> a shooting interrupted a gathering of a jewish, a russian jews and san francisco at a special center where they go to study and pray. luckily, it seems that they were blanks, but these people were stunned and terrified. san francisco police and the fbi working together now to try identify who that shooter was. >> who opened fire. this was at the schmear son center cropper. sarah stinson has more on what happened. crazy. i didn't know that the >> me this feels like an act
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of terrorism. the ideal to terrify the jewish people here. the only reason i can think of someone doing this. the vice president of the in the center a nicole of >> wasn't there. when shots rang out of the synagogue. but he reviewed the surveillance video the next morning, terrified and shocked. the night of february. 1st looked like any other night at the center on balboa street, a night of prayer and gathering over food and drinks. but that night around 7.20, a man walked in with a gun hidden in his jacket, took some russian for a few seconds. what they're trying to invite him to join the clouds. >> and this person i saw the security footage. i was not there, pulls out gun start. starts putting bulletin. everyone doesn't know what's going on and then the spurs and start shooting in the people are cowering and then says something along the lines of either. i heard 2 versions, one from a site in them started shooting or give my regards side. the man is then seen walking out of the center like nothing happened. >> police believe the bullets
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used were blanks. so no one was hurt and no damage was done to the synagogue that people are here described to me that the guy looked like now it's in his eyes like, like, like he. he wanted to >> for one reason or another, this person decided against not to harm nick of says the center is mainly used by russian speaking jewish people, but it's always open to all. >> so they often of newcomers walking in. you can see in the video, barely anyone inside flinches or runs for cover when the shots are fired. i don't think most people realize this was happening as well as like we're talking about elderly people. these are in the youngest are in their 60's and we have some 80 year-old. >> i know for 9 year-old was here. but like? >> you know, these are people who don't get up very quickly and no one called the police department that night on a cop says the people there have a fear of law enforcement, their view of police is when police come somehow the jews. >> being blamed and, you know, they spend some of their formative years hiding to judaism from the police behind
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a cove knew he had to call police to report this attack. >> it's terrifying to me to think that my family could have been. can come back. we don't know who this person is. >> sarah stinson reporting for us. and that center is located in the city's richmond district. it serves as you heard russian speaking jews and the president of the center calls it a terrorist attack. they say their prime prop probably going to get private donations and spend privatetmoney to get extra security. it's been very expensive and there's been some attacks that have happened in other synagogues have. and they say they've asked the police to up their presence, but they say they were denies are going to try to figure out immediately as of like today, even how to get some security out there. and we'll let you know if end up finding this person. it's 806, right now in the north bay, the police have identified the woman who was found dead in a marsh last month. 41 year-old daniel jones of richmond. her body was discovered by someone who spotted in the water on january. 18th near river park. police say this is a homicide.
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in fact, it is the second homicide in vallejo that they're investigating. happening today, nurses at saint rose hospital, a hayward plan to hold an informational picket starting right now. they're concerned about staffing at the hospital. nurses say they suffer from chronic staffing there. it's short. and they also say the staffing level may be why nurses are quitting. they think there's a lack of support from management as well. they like all of dressed in their new contract at hospital to invest in hiring and retaining nurses already there that pickett supposed to get underway at 8 o'clock this morning. >> well, in the south bay, we have san jose's new mayor matt mahan pushing to end homelessness in the city. he's calling it a humanitarian crisis. this comes as the city continues to dismantle homeless encampments. in fact, people at a homeless camp next to little saigon in san jose are upset after they were told that have to be gone by today. now this is called the felipe encampment. meanwhile, mayor mahan is planning to build more tiny homes. he says that is an affordable solution that they can push for.
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>> but we know that by using basic pre built modular units placed on government own land, we can create safe homes for a fraction of that cost. >> kron four's reached out for more information about the mayor's plan. haven't heard back yet. we'll let you know when we do time now is 807, and developing news that we're following as well. more than a week has passed now since the deadly mass shooting happened in half moon bay. yeah. and the shooting left 7 people dead. one injured, largest mass shooting in san mateo county and employees who worked at one of the farms. speaking up now about the incident and there working conditions which is received national attention. now, a local advocate has been invited to president biden's state of the union address next week. kron four's ella sogomonian has the story. >> after 7 san mateo county farm workers were killed in a mass shooting. it was discovered some of them have been operating and living under substandard conditions. several employees who chose to hide their identity for fear of retaliation, shared that the high cost of living and low pay scale drive some of
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them to share home among 3 families for about $1300 per bedroom. belinda hernandez founded a nonprofit called latinos us on yet or alice in 2011, she says her organization and many other people have been pushing for farm worker rights for a long time. now. >> and unfortunately, it's taken this to really have people stop and say what's happening in the backyard. a silicone valley in a most beautiful area of the coast side. but really this is an opportunity to say how do we help nationally? you know, how do we make this a national conversation that if it's happening here in one of the most richest areas, as i just said, it's happening everywhere. and she now has a chance to take that plight to a national platform this coming tuesday. >> san mateo county congresswoman anna eshoo invited hernandez arriaga to attend president biden's state of the union address where she
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hopes her call to action will not fall on deaf ears with federal lawmakers that they instead bolster support for more adequate housing that the international form workers. she calls america's heroes deserve because she says they put food on the table in the most extreme weather conditions and through backbreaking work. that was ella sogomonian reporting operators of one of the 2 farms involved in the shootings has said that they're going to construct new permanent homes. >> on their property for employees and their families. >> time now is a 10 and new this morning. you can see here on the screen a strange balloon floating over the u.s. and now secretary of state antony blinken has postponed his trip to beijing this weekend because it's been discovered this a balloon was chinese in origin and was flying over some sensitive sites. now chinese officials say this balloon is being used for weather research and was blown off course u.s. officials are at least originally suspected perhaps it was a spying device.
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pentagon decided not to shoot the blue down a balloon down, even though it was potentially flying over sensitive sites. they were worried that debris coming down might hurt people on the ground. so far this morning, the u.s. hasn't commented on china's explanation of why their technology is floating over the united states will let you know if we hear more from washington. >> 11 now and a look outside on radar shows more of that rainfall moving through from sunnyvale on over to fremont and eventually up to leandro. some heavier pockets starting to come down on the peninsula. your forecast ahead. >> we'll drive slow today and give yourself a lot of extra time. and remember 20 minute bar delay because of those slow conditions. we're tracking that wet friday commute will be right back after the break. 14 right now.
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>> happening tomorrow. look, yeah, the chinese, lou noon lunar new year parade is coming back to san francisco the year of the rabbit, which if you don't know, symbolizes longevity, peace and prosperity, and they sure are hoping that a lot of folks will come in enjoy the local area. maybe visit a shop or restaurant or to spread that prosperity around. they're thinking maybe a million people might show tomorrow and people. so they're really
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working around the clock to make everybody safe and make sure that it goes smoothly and take a listen. >> that's why it's important that you not only in the parade, but in the perimeter, in the community surrounding the parade. so people understand that we're out there and we're there to support them. >> so yes, the parade starts at 5. those with 5 to yeah. and i and i don't know the actual praise can take that long. their stuff going on, though, in chinatown, with the parade and other kind of street, saturday and sunday. i think they want you to take public transport and we want, of course, no rain at this tomorrow night would be nice job, right? right. but >> we is that going to happen, it all depends on the timing of those showers. kind of like what we've got right now. >> oh, yeah, absolutely. it's all about the timing guys. and we are seeing this morning being the wettest time of day. a bit of good news for this afternoon and then pretty much all day long tomorrow is that we're going to be taking a break from the rain. it won't be until tomorrow night. well, after dinner time that showers push right back in now, san
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jose. look at this. you do have some fresh rainfall that's making its way through down there, starting to dry out for the north bay peninsula. it you're still in the midst of it all, though, really coming down now that that band of showers, this push further eastward really just skirting north of san jose and making its way up seminole 6.80, and up north from the tri valley from there. that's where heaviest of spots are really starting to see activity diminishing further north soon to be followed by the peninsula. east bay and the very last holdouts being the for the south spots in the bay area. now, this low pressure area already nudge that high pressure ridge out. first dose of rainfall this morning. the next was the one that was initially concerned about with lunar new year festivities. but good news is that it is rolling in later rather than in the middle of the parade. so this is such good news. futurecast shows a dry afternoon for us today. tomorrow starts dry. and we stay that way during daytime hours. really not looking likely that rain won't push through until around 9, 10:11pm, tomorrow, widespread pockets of heavy rain at times during your overnight hours
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and a chance. watch out for this on sunday morning, especially of some thunderstorm development to close out the weekend. now, as far as the sierra goes, we've got multiple feet of snowfall piling up up there. we do have a winter storm watch to become a warning. very likely starting tomorrow afternoon through sunday. we are going to see strong winds of 50 miles per hour. plus, paired with that loose snowfall of one to 2 feet that will be freshly falling. now, today's daytime highs in the 50's oakland down through fremont each of 58 degrees. san jose down from yesterday's mid 60's to the upper 50's tomorrow. temps will rebound just a little bit. rainfall pushes in well after dinner time tomorrow night lingering into sunday morning. and then the rest of the forecast dries back out. great job. thank you for that. we are far from friday light today going on about 15 minutes. >> along 101. it's 85 up in the parking jonathan talking about the rain situated along the peninsula there. so definitely drive slow. also factor in the bart is rolling running slower trains today
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about 20 minutes because of those slick conditions. 24 minutes as you're heading into the city this morning, drive slow. the accident is still there near that fremont street exit. the drive times aren't going up. so i'm going to say they're working on getting that off of the bridge. there is probably not causing a major backup. 23 minutes. 82 want to one very slick, very wet 8.80, down towards know. pete is about 46 minutes for you. there crockett down towards the maze nearly 30 minutes. so definitely slower. and highway 4, antioch into conquered about 33 minutes. daria. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of rain 18 and there's some good news for homeowners. mortgage rates fell this week, too. >> the 5% range is the first time since september. we've seen at that low the rate dropped wednesday after federal reserve chair, jerome powell said inflation had cooled. mortgage rates have been sliding since october, and it's already having an effect increasing buyer interest pending home sales rose in december for the first time in 6 months. and home builders have also seen a
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renewed interest which is been attributed to the lower mortgage rates. >> well, just in this morning, the january jobs report is out and it was much stronger than expected. more than 517,000 jobs were added last month. well, beyond wall street estimate of 187,000, the unemployment rate also dropped to 3.4%, which is a new half century low. now, this kind of growth is good for workers because that means they're in demand. they've got a lot of options to choose from, but it's not so good for employers because that may have to keep raising wages to attract workers. that pushes prices for goods and services up, which makes things more expensive and ultimately it made your money doesn't buy as much classic inflation. that's where the economy starts to overheat. so that's what the fed's been trying to fight by raising interest rates will see if the jobs report is going to impact their plans any going forward. >> 8.19, is the time the congressional black caucus and the president agreed on a path forward to address police reform in the wake of the death of tyre nichols. the
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president is hoping that that dark moment in our history will spur action. washington correspondent basil john takes a closer look from washington. >> good morning. the lawmakers and the president agreed they want to see change and they are exploring every option possible. we have. >> agreement on how we will continue to work forward. thursday. congressional black caucus chair steven horsford in other lawmakers met with president joe biden to decide how to proceed with legislative and executive options for police reform. but the focus will always be on public safety. public safety for all communities. president biden told the group he wants to see progress in honor of tyre. nichols police reform cuts, grants and violence in our communities. the group did not disclose details but said information would be seen in the coming days. >> we're looking for solutions. provided foundation. lasting change.
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>> democrats say it will take a true bipartisan effort. but the white house points out that can be difficult. it will require republicans in congress to stop getting in the way of ensuring our justice system lives up to its name. republicans like missouri senator josh hawley say they want to get more support for police. i'd like to see 100,000 more cops on the street. i'd like to see pay raises for cops and missouri all across the country. that's the kind of policy. but i'd like to focus on the white house says congress needs to consider banning choke holds restricting no-knock warrants and requiring the use of body cams reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> thank you, basil. a 20 that i'm stormtracker 4 and our live traffic camera showing what it's like outside right now. this is 8.80, in san lorenzo and you can see the road certainly wet from the radar shows that that's the case across a good bit of the bay, widespread showers this morning. >> we'll have your full forecast and complete team coverage. okay. what weather coming up?
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>> all right. we're back in a 24 and we're actually going to do but you have to say all right. she was show the video so how barely show the video for they're they're count it. street loose yet. not on the ranch, not on a farm but street here in pleasanton. this was wednesday night apparently also jumped on to this car, smashed the all of
8:25 am
that night, a on. going to see the car again. i think you made a mess on the car. wasn't police sharing these >> pictures? this was about 6 o'clock or so last night it's believed the cow came down from the foothills. just started wandering through the main streets. it okay. they contacted a local rancher who had the equipment they needed to wrangle the cow. yeah. let's take a >> he was able to lasso the cow, but also the police were there. they were like blocking off the streets of the cow. didn't get hit was really crazy. >> and we're thinking that maybe the cow jumped on the car because it was scared. and then it's the yeah, it was pretty freaked out as you can imagine, there's damage again. >> so they the we care for now by that rancher, while they're still trying to track down the owner of the yeah. 25 is the time and also this morning for your money. we have allstate. they're preparing to unfortunately raise auto insurance rates. chief executive tom wilson says the company raised prices by an average of 17% last year. but the increases we're not enough. wilson says the cost of fixing cars has skyrocketed
8:26 am
and it's not seeing moderating inflation on parts or labor either because all of that's going sky high. and according to bankrate dot com, the average annual premium for full coverage is just over. $2200. time now is 8.25. for your health. >> the rate at which autism spectrum disorder is being diagnosed in young children has skyrocketed. autism diagnosis has tripled over the last 16 years is according to the american academy of pediatrics. the cdc estimates roughly one in 44 children have been diagnosed with some form of autism. that's nationwide. doctors say there are many reasons for the rise, including improved ways to diagnose a broader definition of autism and increased awareness. >> it's very broad. that's why it's called an autism spectrum disorder. and that doesn't mean the brain is effect. it doesn't have a defect. it means more that the processing is to friend.
8:27 am
>> the cdc says that autism typically presents itself prior to a child's 3rd birthday. and it can last throughout their lifetime, though the symptoms may improve and the symptoms definitely very it is 8.26. right now. we want to take a live look as we go to the break at storm tracker 4. see what's going on now to see how this is moving. see one from north to south and >> now and west to east. and now pleasanton is getting hit pretty hard. we're going to be back and take a look at them or other neighborhoods. and then the trajectory of who'
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>> 29 right now and we're tracking the storm. sure. our looks look leaves its easing off of the north bay abbott. the livermore valley is getting hammered right now. got a big sell over there. let's get the latest from john in the weather center. yeah, it was pretty uniform. earlier now north bay are kind of like we're done with that. yeah. livermore valley, not so much just yet. looking out there at the east bay right here from the berkeley hills, things not looking so bad here. definitely showing clear skies and we have for you just moments ago, looking at satellite and radar. we do have the showers pushing in across the bay area as we speak. and yes, actively that heavy. a spot of rainfall right now is right over there from seminole on over to livermore just south of 5.80, itself for the most part. but it's really coming down the snow grade right now. so if you're heading from milpitas, fremont, maybe on up towards 6.80, into the tri valley to watch that travel there. we
8:31 am
are seeing some heavier pockets near the santa cruz mountains right now. generally, this energy is shifting further and further southward. so we're definitely drying out for areas like the north bay was in backing up here. and you can see toledo, just a sprinkle or 2 for you. marin county. couple sprinkles there. sonoma county, napa county is pretty much done with it at this point. solano county, you're still holding on to some lighter showers, but you definitely see the direction. all that rain is heading. 40's 50's for current temperatures. it's a cool morning but not near as cold as we once were. just have the rain jackets with you. and now i've got your updates on what to expect for the weekend. still to come john, thanks to those updates there. okay. drive certainly been far from friday light today. 66 minutes. >> travel along 8.80, that stanley enter into oakland and 5.80. also busy as well. if you're traveling up that about 45 minutes or so to make it down from san leandro traveling up towards oakland, our bay bridge right now, 20 minutes maze to that fremont street exit. so that's going down. we're at about 30
8:32 am
minutes. our san mateo bridge put us at about 20 minutes heading across towards the peninsula. still a 20 minute systemwide bart delay. that's going to be in place as long as it's raining. 7 minutes richmond center fell bridge tolls to want to one and that golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 24 minutes. darya. james, back to you. all right. let's continue our team coverage get out. and yes, we showed you the radar moment ago with the rain coming down. well, let's head to the east bay. >> with kron four's will tran in walnut creek keeping an eye on conditions there. they will. >> well, at this particular point, the heavy rain is beyond us. it looks like as john was talking about, it's moving south, which is why you don't see my hood up at this particular point. and if you've been following kron 4 news for years, you might have heard me describe it from time to time. it's punk rain, meaning are the you do it or you don't. it's patter at times. but the heavy stuff that we saw earlier this morning, it seems to be behind
8:33 am
us. the roadway looks like it's starting to clear up just a little bit. you can see the lanes closest to us. no major puddles on the other side. that's the commute direction of 6.80, slow and go now when d and it looks like even some cars. james in and daria, look at that. even some cars on the freeway, they're not using their windshield wipers. so in the east bay, particularly walnut creek, it looks like the heavy stuff is behind us. but, you know, i heat your jacket near you and your brelo because again, it's still bitter patter at times, not hard. let's do a recap of this week on monday we were in martinez, freezing to death and then we got sun and now we end this workweek. with rain or pump great. >> that annoying rain. all right. thank you very much. well, 8.33 is a time in east bay. police say that robbers are targeting people who are coming out of the bank.
8:34 am
richmond police say 10 people have been targeted the past 6 months at 4 different banks. some are happening while, you know, they going to the atm and then they sit in their vehicle just for a second. look. >> we're also following these victims away from the bank. sometimes a mile or 2 away. potentially. so the victim lower their guard and other unsuspecting. we stopped a stoplight or stop for traffic. they then exit their getaway vehicle run-up, smash the window out of their vehicle, grabbed the backpack, bag or purse, and return to their vehicle. fleet. >> and there are other scenarios where the robbers are inside the bank. looking for anybody making a big withdrawal or out in the parking lot after you take the cash out of the atm. so they say be very aware. >> well, another postal worker has been robbed this time in vallejo. police say 2 people came up with a letter carrier yesterday afternoon. this was on new bedford court and they stole his postal keys. the
8:35 am
letter carrier not hurt, thankfully, but this is the second time in the last week where a letter carrier was dropped. the first one was on wednesday and that happened in oakland. hate crime charges now filed against a man accused of committing a hate crime against 3 asian american people in san francisco. so this attack happened monday was in dolores park. police say that armando sanchez vasquez's through a brick and a metal gate at the victims. one of them was 70 years old. the suspect pleaded not guilty in court yesterday. we'll be back before a judge later this month. if convicted of all charges he could face up to 10 years behind bars. >> it's a 35 and supporters of oakland police chief leronne armstrong are ramping up pressure to get him reinstated. yesterday they targeting mayor sheng tao who - placed the chief on leave 2 weeks ago over his handling of misconduct cases. the e-mail asked supporters to call the mayor and request that she bring back chief armstrong. it
8:36 am
goes on to say that his absence is causing division in the community and concerns over the department. whether or not it without armstrong, yon can protect people. >> chief is someone who has had a very decorated career throughout time on the oakland police department, someone who has always been about moving the department forward since he's been that there's been a 70%. the climb in disparities in terms of police stops by the oakland police department that has never been accomplished by the any of the chiefs and the and the 20 proof in the 20. prior years. >> mayor chantel place, the chief unpaid administrative leave last month after an independent investigation questioned his handling of to disciplinary cases since making the announcement. the mayor has maintained silence only saying that that process is in the place now to review the chief's job. and that's
8:37 am
what has to happen. >> a 36 and keeping a close eye on radar. here's a look outside at what we have from sun oil over to livermore. that's our spot of heaviest rainfall right now. a lot of other areas are starting to see things calming down your forecast ahead. and like tom mentioned far from friday, light today. also give yourself a lot of extra time. >> and factor in a few taken bark when a 20 minute systemwide delay. we're tracking a slow friday. wet commute will be right back after the break.
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>> we're back at 8.39, according to a new poll, a majority of californians believe the economy will get worse this year. and that's just one of the key findings from a newly released survey. so the poll is showing a little bit of light now on the number of issues that people here in the state consider to be important. and 2 of those issues, homelessness and housing. you can see there by the graphic that 70% california's consider homelessness a big problem. the poll also found that 70% found that the state's housing affordability crisis is another big issue that needs to be solved. survey also shows that people worried about the economy and its effects on the job. security are also pretty high. >> inflation, what's going on in terms of the jobs? people are starting hear about layoffs, you know, and expected these things are maybe people feel a lot of mayor about this year.
8:41 am
>> yeah. well, the poll also found nearly 60% of likely voters approve of the job. the governor gavin newsom is doing, however, half of those feel the state is headed in the wrong direction. >> time now is 8.40 and we continue our team coverage of the storm moving through the bay area this morning, as you can see, there are those heavy downpours. they seem to be definitely moving. out to the east at this moment really pouring near pleasanton. we'll be back with your neighborhood just a few minutes. 43 right
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now. and even though it is raining rain was the problem with the oakland zoo. they're actually reopening today. they are you all the repair work is done. that's the good news kron four's camila barco. stand by the newsroom. >> with more on that good morning, camila. good morning. well, yeah, if you're looking for something to do this weekend, the oakland zoo might be an option. >> it's been closed for a little over a month. it rained a lot earlier this year. so they had to shut down the place and repair some of the damages. >> they got it done and now they're ready to welcome visitors back starting today. take a look at the last few weeks, cruz has spent time repairing this cold vert. it's a large pipe like structure and crews there are seen placing it on the ground. a new one on the ground. zoo officials say that the old pipe collapsed and caused a sinkhole to form under the car entrance to the zoo. the pipe is used to drain water from the area, but it was overburdened by all the rainfall that we got earlier
8:45 am
this year. zoo officials also had to deal with soil erosion, flooding in multiple buildings, downed trees and overwhelmed draining systems. the power also, jay, go out several times, but the zoo says that the animals they were all ok and now that the repairs are done, the oakland zoo is reopening today and it is also extending its glow farhi event. it's a night time illuminated lantern festival to look at the event. pretty light right there. the event starts today and goes on until march 4th. if you are looking to go to either of those events, tickets are now on sale. and especially entrance to the zoo and darya james, i think keeping an eye on the oakland sues twitter page to see if this rain is going to cause any closures at the zoo's at the zoo. excuse me so far. good to go, right? it pretty quickly considering how massive that they did was. thank you, camila. i don't think that this rain is going to cause massive problems. i
8:46 am
don't think because it's not a massive storm, right. and it looks like it's only going to be with us. what for the 1st half of the day we've got john with an eye on the timing. is that changed at all? john? we still looking at a drier afternoon still looking at a drier afternoon. definitely good news for glow. farhi is talking about. >> the big question is what's the rest of the weekend to bring us to cause? obviously, we've got a lot going on this weekend. now we are looking outside of half moon bay still very grave, but conditions are beginning to calm down near the coastline, then especially up in the north bay. yours is done with the rain now livermore about our only spots seeing heavy rain remaining out there. san jose. some light sprinkles. same up the peninsula to the east bay. a few moderate spots. >> all in all were waving goodbye to the very heaviest of it. you may see a sprinkle or 2 later today, but most of us are doing pretty solid at this point. our next line of showers sitting right there behind to be. that's the one that we were so concerned about as far as your lunar new year festivities. what we are seeing the rest of the day today is going to be dry conditions. maybe a couple of pop-up showers down in the south bay. but if you do see those, they'll be very
8:47 am
short-lived into the afternoon clouds here and there maybe a sprinkle or 2, but we're pretty solid and consistent tomorrow through the day. we're looking good. this is 04:30pm, right before lunar new year festivities. looks like the start of festivities is good to go but do watch up for chance of some pop-up showers right around dinner. time tomorrow night towards the tail end of your new year festivities that could make some things a little bit. a wet. so make sure to bring your umbrellas rain jackets. just be ready for it. really? the heaviest of rainfall, though, middle of the night as we move through saturday night to sunday morning. that's the stuff right there. that's going to really be piling up and conveniently timed later on now. sunday morning may hear a few rolls of thunder, pop-up thunderstorms possible for the 1st half of sunday. winter storm watches taking effect tomorrow into sunday for the sierra nevada, one to 2 feet of snowfall and strong winds. not good time to be heading up into the sierra. already seeing snow piling up up there today. now 50's for daytime highs today. a little cooler than yesterday.
8:48 am
tomorrow's temperatures will rise into the low 60's for some of us. rainfall really holds off for most of the day. so good news there. if you're staying out and about especially for lunar new year stuff, just make sure to have the umbrellas and rain jackets with you certainly does not hurt sunday morning. some thunderstorms and then we're done with it for the forecast rain. john, thank you for that. well, it doesn't even feel like a friday feels like maybe monday or tuesday because we've got red across the map. >> 44 minutes, traveling from 8.80, silly down towards he does. also as you're traveling along at 85 80 from, hey, we're up clean your way in almost 6.60, minutes to make that drive. 20 minutes into the city right now. maze to that freeman street exit now about her san mateo bridge. 21 minutes a 80 to 101. still that systemwide 20 minute bar delay. that's going to be there until the rain stops. 45 minutes along 101. that's 85 into menlo park. for about 25 minutes. antioch, into conquered. and if you're taking 24 wannacry down to 5.80, about 14 minutes. darya.
8:49 am
james, back to you. thanks. a lot of rain. a 48 in the east much love restaurant is saying goodbye to a usher in a new and that's right. this morning on dine and dish we take you now to acre. >> in oakland. haitian different restaurant. know yeah, her legendary. all of i had a long history with the previous restaurant. so of course, i've got to check out the new place acre kitchen are welcome to the neighborhood. this is a curve in the market home building. the new kid on the block in oakland's rockridge neighborhood and so far, so good for sarah this area and you get something new. >> i'm really happy for the refreshed. and it feels like. >> this could my best frie>d's house. that's, you know, one of the charms of acre. >> pete sicknick, epic water bar across the bay in san francisco behind the acre 5 with lighter and airy dining room and >> a new bar upstairs to grab
8:50 am
a sip before dinner as well as the more casual downstairs bar and cafe for things like pizza fire pizza oven. >> haitians are mediterranean inspired in california, fresh says are around moroccan spiced burrata executive chef dirk >> makes the food saying cinnamon and lemon and honey, that's kind of what dresses it. check out the sau%eed prawns on brioche or the roast chicken from the wood-fired stove result with daughter brought. >> it's fresh. it's it's incredible food atmosphere. and yes, 5, a real hit with the neighborhood crowd. >> yeah. being part of the community here in the history and and last year adding to the rich history that was >> in oakland, vicki liviakis kron. 4 news. looks good, right? and how about this? a black owned developer group
8:51 am
founded in oakland wants to revamp the coliseum site. >> the group is hoping to redevelop the area with affordable housing sports complexes and stores, the african american sports and entertainment group says it entered into an exclusive negotiating agreement with the city of oakland for its 50% ownership stake in the coliseum complex. some about. >> revitalizing this community more than anything else. that's what it's about is beyond sport. >> the group was selected from a handful of other investment groups, including one led by oakland a's hall of famer dave stewart. the a's half of the land. they own that part of that team. that means we have to sign off on any plans for the site if approved. the vice mayor says that it would mark the biggest transfer of public land african-americans in oakland's history. mayor sheng tao says the redevelopment would create about 30,000 jobs. >> all right. we're going to take a quick break here at 8.51. as we go and live look outside 5.80, just east of el
8:52 am
charro road and you can see they've got rain coming down right now. good bit of the peninsula and the east bay and the south bay still wet under this morning. storm system full coverage just ahead.
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> welcome back. 8.54. on this friday kicking off the day with some rainfall that is working its way still across the bay area. a little bit of good news for those of you that are just going down with the rain is we are seeing it dying down for a lot of areas. let's look at the north bay to
8:55 am
start really clearing up up there. it's still very cloudy peninsula. also starting to dry things out now, the rest of the bay area. still so holding on to some areas of rain that includes the peninsula east bay and south bay. although most notably that heaviest of rain is just passing just east of livermore. now, the tri really heard it coming down over the last few moments. but things are clearing up consistently for you. a little bit of good news there. we are seeing energy shifting further and further southward. as that happens, more and more of the bay area clears up. do watch out for a few sprinkles later today. but for the most part after this morning's rainfall, things getting a whole lot better for getting back outside. stay with us. during the 9 o'clock hour we're keeping you covered on everything you've got to now.
8:56 am
bill loveless: i came to the lord at the age of about 42. dr. charles stanley has been so important in my life, just his teachings. one of the life principles is that brokenness is a requirement for god to use you greatly, is when you can become that conduit of what god wants to do through you to get to other people. it's just amazing of what god can do with you.
8:57 am
8:58 am
tracking the radar this morning. rain falling in the bay. really the the only ones gettine a break as we're seeing steady showers everywhere else. full coverage starts right now. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no.
8:59 am
>> and thanks for joining us on a wet friday morning. i'm sorry, and i'm james got a live look outside at coit tower right now where it is pretty damp around the city and around just about the entire bay area. at the moment. yeah. and because a fast-moving storm, we don't expect it to get your way for all day long. let's talk about the timing. hi, john. yeah, it's definitely nice that this one is not wasting its time as it moves across the bay area. that means you're negative impacts from it should be lessened if we were to see those heavy spots where rainfall just sitting overhead. >> that's where the flooding risk comes into play. now we've seen the rain showers moving overhead from the start of your morning commute through now. so roadways are very wet. regardless of when you're leaving over the next couple of hours, we're drying things out for the north bay, but still some wet spots out there. getting a look at where we're at in san francisco. you can see that we do have some showers now exiting the region there, the north bay. you're done with it. the rest of the bay area, not quite yet. morgan hill up to san jose. some really light showers right now. los gatos up highway 17 down to santa cruz
9:00 am
is where we're seeing some of our heavier areas of rain mostly up in the santa cruz mountains, losing a little steam as they drop down into the santa clara valley. also, san mateo down below south coast. also seeing some areas of mostly moderate to light rainfall. now temperatures are fairly mild. this morning. we traded in the cold and clear with the wet sand. well, not too cold anyways. 40's in oakland and san francisco. while berkeley, you're holding on to 50 degrees, going to be talking about our next round of rainfall that also impacts us this weekend. still to come rain. john, thank you for that. will be been pretty slow out there across our highways and bridges. >> 66 minutes if you're traveling along 8.80, right now, san leandro up towards oakland. so factor in a very slick and wet commute. the bay bridge getting better. we're at 30 minutes about 3 hours ago. now we're down to 18 minutes. still very slick. and what if you are traveling into the city now? there's still a systemwide bart delay of about 20 minutes. bart officials put that in place because they're trying to slow trains down because of how slick it is out there.


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