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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  February 3, 2023 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> tragedy in the east bay and oakland teen shot dead after an early morning shooting. the police investigation continuing now. >> plus, a scary night for elders after a man walked into this jewish center and started shooting the fbi now involved and san jose's new mayor speaking up his plans to address homelessness in the city. >> from the bay station, you're watching kron. and news. >> thank you so much for joining us here on the kron. 4 news at noon. i'm stephanie lin. we start with the tragedy in oakland. police say a boy
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was shot and killed early this morning and the search continues now for possible suspects. kron four's camila barco joins us live in the newsroom with the latest on what we know. camilla. >> well, stephanie, there is not a lot of information about the shooting at the moment. it's still early in the police's investigation, but here's what we do know. officers responded to a report of a shooting around one 30 this morning on dalen street. here's a map to give you a better idea. it's in the city's eastmont neighborhood. this is right next to the aspire college academy. it's a local charter school there. and this is video from the scene when officers arrived, they say they found a boy who had been shot. he died at the scene. no other injuries were reported. now at this time, the boy's name and age have not been released. police are only saying that he was a juvenile. this is a presidential dead-end street. it's not clear where the boy was found, whether it was inside or outside a home or if there were any witnesses. there is also no information
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on a possible suspect or suspects. now the shooting marks oakland's 9th homicide of the year. we do anticipate police providing some sort of update later today. and stephanie, if and when that happens, of course, we will bring you all of those details on air and online. but for now, i'll send it back to you that camilla, thank you for staying on top of the story for us. we appreciate it. also in oakland, supporters of police chief leronne armstrong are ramping up pressure to get him reinstated. >> they've launched a new e-mail campaign urging people to write in call. mayor sheng tao tao place. the chief on leave 2 weeks ago over his alleged mishandling of misconduct cases. and we've got a copy of the e-mails in it. the oakland naacp ask supporters to get in touch with the mayor and request that she reinstate armstrong as chief. the e-mail also claims the chiefs absences causing division in the community and questions whether the department can properly support oakland residents during armstrong's absence.
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>> since he's been that she there's been a 70%. the climb in disparities in terms of police stops by the oakland police department that has never been accomplished any of the chiefs in the end, the 20 proof in the 20. prior years. >> mayor tom placed the chief on paid administrative leave last month after an independent investigation and recommendation by a federal monitor raised questions of how armstrong handled to disciplinary cases involving opd officers. and coming up at the bottom of the hour, mayor joins me live here on kron. 4. we expect to cover the naacp is latest push to get the police chief reinstated this morning's fatal shooting in oakland and much more. stay with us for that interview. coming up at 12, 30. happening now, san francisco police are searching for a man who pulled out a gun and fired blanks inside the near son jewish center. it happened wednesday
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night in the city's richmond district. you can see it unfolding fortunately, no one was hit. but as kron 4 sarah stinson tells us the act has shaken the local jewish community. >> crazy. i didn't know that kept them. >> me. this feels like an act of terrorism. the ideal to terrify the jewish people here. the only reason i can think of someone doing this. the vice president of the in the center a nicole of >> wasn't there. when shots rang out of the synagogue. but he reviewed the surveillance video the next morning, terrified and shocked. the night of february. first looked like any other night at the center on balboa street, a night of prayer and gathering over food and drinks. but that night around 7.20, a man walked in with a gun hidden in his jacket, took some russian for a few seconds. what they're trying to invite him to join the clouds. >> and this person i saw the security footage. i was not there, pulls out gun start. starts putting bulletin. everyone doesn't know what's going on and then the spurs and start shooting and the
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people are cowering and then says something along the lines of either. i heard 2 versions, one from a site started shooting or give my regards side. the man is then seen walking out of the center like nothing happened. >> police believe the bullets used were blanks. so no one was hurt and no damage was done to the synagogue. the people who are here described to me that the guy look kim, alice, in his eyes like, like, like he. he wanted to >> for one reason or another, this person decided against not to harm nick of says the center is mainly used by russian speaking jews, people, but it's always open to all. >> so they often of newcomers walking in. you can see in the video, barely anyone inside flinches or runs for cover when the shots are fired. i don't think most people realize this was happening as well as like we're talking about elderly people. these are youngest are in their 60's and we have some 80 year-old. >> know for 9 year-old was here. but like? >> you know, these are people who don't get up very quickly and no one called the police department that night on a cop
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says the people there have a fear of law enforcement, their view of police is when police come somehow the jews. >> being blamed you know, they spend some of their formative years hiding to judaism from the police behind a cove knew he had to call police to report this attack. >> it's terrifying to me to think that my family could have been come back. we don't know who this person is. >> that was kron 4. sarah stinson reporting for us when attacks happened at other synagogues in the past. this year's in center says that they asked for security support from the mayor and police but were denied hate. crime charges are now filed against a man accused of attacking 3 asian american people in san francisco. it happened on monday and dolores park. police say armando sanchez through a brick and metal gate at the victims. one of whom was over 70 years old. the suspect pleaded not guilty in court yesterday. he will reappear before a judge later this month. if convicted of
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all charges, vasquez could face up to 10 years behind bars. in the north, a vallejo police identified the body of a woman found dead in a marsh last month. 41 year-old donna jones of richmond was discovered on january 18th near river park after someone reported a body in the water. police are investigating her death as a homicide. making this the second homicide of the year in vallejo. another postal worker was robbed in the bay area. this time in vallejo. police say 2 people approached the letter carrier yesterday afternoon in new bedford court and stole postal keys. the letter carrier was not hurt. this is the second time this week a letter carrier was robbed the first time happen just wednesday in oakland. and today, nurses at saint rose hospital in hayward picketed to demand more staffing at the hospital. the nurses say that facility suffers from chronic short staffing and there is no support from management. they say the nurses added they want the hospital to agree to a
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contract that invest in hiring more people and retains current nurses. the pick. it happened in front of the hospital on keller oak avenue and it started at 08:00am. all right. let's talk a bit about our forecast now taking a live look outside at coit tower. >> it was nice and blue around this time yesterday. the skies were and now we're seeing a bit of an overcast there. let's check in with cuyler for the latest. hey, hey there, stephanie. and yes, the first of 2 low pressure systems. you can see them pretty well defined here. one and then to the first came this morning, the front that we've got some rain out of and now i'm happy to say we're getting some clearing, but you can see if you take a look the last like 6 hours, how this just kind of rolled through. >> right through the north bay. and then now just kind of wrapping things up in parts of the east bay in the south bay, you can see just some light scattered showers through livermore a little bit around antioch, but we're getting some pretty decent clearing right now. and most of the bay still the clouds out there, though, no doubt about it. and that cloud cover will probably lighten up a little bit as we head later into our afternoon and evening. but it is just
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the first of 2 systems. but here's what we've got so far over an inch of rain in canfield. santa rose about 3 quarters of an inch just over half an inch in mill valley. san francisco, half an inch of rain for you in the last 24 hours. oakland, about 3 tenths and san jose spots in the south bay certainly got a little bit less about 10th of an inch there. so some beneficial rain, right? for the most part, no real concerns of flooding that happened today. seems like everyone made it through. got to work on time. just showing you. this is going to clear out as we head into the afternoon. sun taking you into your friday evening. still some clouds out there. saturday is going to start off dry for the most part. but then we start to get into our next round of showers. as we get later in the day. i'll be back in just a little bit. we're going to track that forward, ok? we're on the move. haha. and we're heading to the embarcadero that was a little disorienting. but stay with me. track the rest of the rain for you on saturday so you can get your weekend all planned out. and i come back in just a bit dull. send it back to stephanie, getting a speedy of the city of san francisco. what could come next. >> thank you. in the south
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bay, san jose's. new mayor matt mahan wants to end homelessness in the city. >> calling it a humanitarian crisis. this comes as the city continues to dismantle homeless encampment. people at one site next to little saigon in san jose are upset after being told they have to be gone by today. now this area is called the full leap encampment. meantime, mayor mahan is planning to build more tiny homes, which he says is an affordable solution. >> but we know that by using basic pre built modular units placed on government own land, we can create safe homes for a fraction of that cost. >> kron 4 has reached out for more information about the mayor's plan. that will update you with the latest when we have it. >> coming up, is it spy balloon or a weather research aircraft, a good look at this. what we now know about this objects seen floating over the u.s.. plus at 12. 45 the oakland zoo is back in business. more on their long road to recovery after that
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powerful winter storm wreaked havoc. and investigators arrest at least 2 suspects in the goshen massacre that left 6 people dead, including a baby. we have the latest details.
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year-old noah beard and 35 year-old injure angel air are today. >> were arrested this morning after 2 search warrants were served. we're also told one of the suspects was wounded in a shootout with federal agents while they were trying to take him into custody. 6 people were shot and killed back on january 16th, including a teen mother and her baby. the sheriff says 2 of the victims were rival gang members. >> the suspect and the victims have a long history of game islands. heavenly, active in guns, game violence, gun violence and our products dealings. however, having said that, the motive, it's not exactly clear at this point. >> at today's press conference, authorities played 9-1-1, audio from the day of the shooting. they also play surveillance video, as you can see here showing the 16 year-old mother at one point trying to protect her son by placing him over a fence and trying to escape both the mother and 10 month-old child
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was shot in the back of the head. developing news more than a week has passed since the deadly mass shooting in half moon bay. it left 7 people dead and one injured. the largest mass shooting in san mateo county. now farm workers are speaking up about the incident and their working conditions. kron four's ella sogomonian has the story. >> after 7 san mateo county farm workers were killed in a mass shooting. it was discovered some of them have been operating and living under substandard conditions. several employees who chose to hide their identity for fear of retaliation, shared that the high cost of living and low pay scale drive some of them to share home among 3 families for about $1300 per bedroom. belinda hernandez founded a nonprofit called latinos us on yet or alice in 2011, she says her organization and many other people have been pushing for farm worker rights for a long time. now. >> and unfortunately, it's
12:16 pm
taken this to really have people stop and say what's happening in the backyard. a silicone valley in a most beautiful area of the coast side. but really this is an opportunity to say how do we help nationally? you know, how do we make this a national conversation that if it's happening here in one of the most richest areas, as i just said, it's happening everywhere. and she now has a chance to take that plight to a national platform this coming tuesday. >> san mateo county congresswoman anna eshoo invited hernandez arriaga to attend president biden's state of the union address where she hopes her call to action will not fall on deaf ears with federal lawmakers that they instead bolster support for more adequate housing that the international form workers. she calls america's heroes deserve because she says they put food on the table in the most extreme weather conditions and through backbreaking work. >> that was ella sogomonian reporting for us operators of
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one of the 2 farms involved in the shootings have said they will construct new permanent homes for workers and their families. the pentagon confirms it's tracking a suspected chinese spy balloon floating over parts of the united states. officials considered shooting it down. our washington correspondent trevor shirley has the latest. >> and now we've learned u.s. secretary of state antony blinken has canceled plans to visit china that were expected to happen as early as this weekend. the suspected spy balloon was first spotted several days ago over portions of the western united states. that included parts of montana home to several nuclear missile silos. officials say the balloon is flying well above commercial air traffic and doesn't pose a military threat or risk to people on the ground. military officials brief the president and briefly discussed shooting the balloon down. officials say similar balloons have been spotted over u.s. airspace
12:18 pm
during the past few years and steps are being taken to prevent this balloon from collecting sensitive information. its discovery comes as secretary of state antony blinken was set to visit china as early as this weekend. but that trip has now been called off u.s.. officials say they're engaging with the chinese to convey the seriousness of the balloons presence over the u.s.. however, chinese officials say the balloon is just a civilian weather research aircraft that strayed off course. and then it regrets the balloons entry into u.s. airspace. the fact we know that it's a surveillance balloon. we do know that the balloon has violated u.s. airspace in international law. >> which is unacceptable. and so we've conveyed this directly to the prc at multiple levels. and pentagon officials say the balloon likely has limited intelligence gathering capabilities. >> and then whatever it can see can likely be seen from chinese spy satellites in low orbit reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley.
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>> all right. let's talk a bit about our forecast now taking a live look over at sfo where the runways are looking quite damp. haha, i'm kyla. what should people expect if they're hoping to travel this weekend? well, i mean, i think it's not going to be problems for as flights getting out because going all of our airports are quite used to dealing with some of the fog, the rain and we're going to get some clearing as we go throughout the afternoon today and then more rain coming in saturday night. so >> i think we'll be fine if you're traveling just meant to make sure you're picking your time, right? if you're going to be hitting the roads. so current temperatures right now, we're going to be little cooler today than we were yesterday, obviously with the cloud cover that's out there. so uc san francisco just at forty-seven degrees the rest of the day hanging out in that low to mid 50's range and today that's about where we'll be right in those mid 50's. some spots a little bit warmer. a few spots on the cooler. i think san jose could make that 60 degree mark. but that's about it. we should all be kind of in 50's slightly below average. so here is a look at the rain as a kind of rolled through the last couple of hours. and we're still
12:20 pm
seeing some of that pop up right now in the south and the east bay. but they are light showers. certainly see just that light green out there now and the clearing will continue forces get into the afternoon. but we do have a second low pressure system on the heels of this one and that one set to come in as we get into our saturday in the late afternoon. so while today will be clearing out saturday, unfortunately, just about the time when we've got that lunar new year parade getting started is what we're going to see. some of those showers to start track through from north to south. let me show you what i'm talking about here. we are clearing out today. if we take a look at futurecast, we're going to get into tomorrow morning. >> i think if you have any plans in the early hours, maybe you're checking out the oakland zoo this weekend. they're reopening. i think we'll be fine for that as we get into saturday afternoon, though, at about 5 o'clock, you see some of these scattered showers starting to pop up and then heavier showers are going to roll in kind of later in the evening. and so that's where we get into a little bit of trouble. some scattered showers still remaining on sunday morning before this whole thing kind of wraps up and heads out how much rain are we talking about? well, today, not much more about a 10th of an inch, but then as we get into
12:21 pm
saturday night and then sunday morning, pretty significant rain totals coming our way. so again, if you are heading out to that parade, just make sure you take the rain gear because i think there's a really good chance. we'll see those scattered showers after about that 5, 5, 30 time frame. here is an extended look at your forecast and notice overnight lows staying pretty nice this weekend. and as we get into next week, we'll get lots of sunshine. looks like a pretty good week ahead. and even a little bit warmer. back to you. >> all right. some helpful advice when it comes to bringing that rain gear to the for a thank you. my love. still ahead, activists of the capital demanding change and additional funding hoping to fight for better education standards for black students. and it's a push for awareness. has autism rates have spiked? what doctors are say ng about the latest numbers.
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autism diagnoses are skyrocketing. numbers have tripled over the last 16 years, according to a study by the american academy of pediatrics. >> the cdc estimates roughly one in 44 children have been diagnosed with a form of autism nationally. doctors say there are many reasons for this rise, including improved ways to diagnose children and also increased awareness of autism. >> it's very broad. that's why it's called an autism spectrum disorder. and that doesn't mean the brain is effect. it doesn't have a defect. it means more that the processing is to friend.
12:25 pm
>> the cdc says autism typically presents itself prior to a child's 3rd birthday and can last throughout the life. their lifetime, the characteristics of the disorder may vary in change. drug prices went up in january. pharmaceutical companies listed are rather raised list prices of nearly 1000 prescription medications cost went up by an average of 5.6% at the start of the year. pfizer, novartis and eli lilly are among the companies that up prices through january 31st. experts say this is typical as drugmakers usually start the new year by raising the prices of their products. coming up next here on the kron, 4 news at noon. a new poll showing light on what tele for say they are most concerned about >> the issues that did and did not make the cut. plus a promising sign of progress on the economy. why president biden says the latest jobs report shows his strategy is working. and the oakland police department welcomes a
12:26 pm
new graduating class while uncertainty remains over. the ron armstrong's future as police chief, we are one-on-one with oakland's mayor after this.
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>> all right. welcome back. it's been a very busy start to 2023 for the city of oakland and here. joining us live is the new oakland mayor sheng tao. thank you so much, mayor, % for joining us this afternoon.
12:29 pm
>> so thank you for having me. >> so a lot of headlines to cover. first off, just want to talk about the fact that it's a big day for you and the oakland police department said they just held their graduation ceremony for the next class of officers of the 100 90th basic academy. right. so this is a moment that you personally fought for a walk us through that and how you expect this to shape the future of crime. fighting for oakland. >> and thank you so much. i did distinct honor of welcoming in my first police academy, something that i feel very personal about. it is one of the academy said i fought for as council president pro tem on the city council to fund. and so with it being the 100 90th academy near see that we are now above the 700 mark. it marks the with 717 officers. now which we were, you know, i will admit we were struggling to get to previously in. that's really exciting for me. and it's also exciting because it was really
12:30 pm
differs, a really diverse academy as well. the valedictorian for the class first time in the last 20 years is a woman in a woman of color as well too. and so. >> speaking while we're on the topic of policpng, why the topic of race and policing are very much top of mind for lots of people following the killing of tyre nichols. so the question that a number of of people in the community, but they have is, you know, is having more police officers on the streets. the answer to oakland's crime. what are your thoughts to that? >> well, you know, i there's there's a both comprehensive approach rate. and so we know that when there are crimes that we have to have a response, right, somebody responding to the serious gun violence, somebody responding to any home break-ins and what have you at the same time there is policing that we could do true community policing where we're commute, we're building trust with the community and the department so that we can actually solve crimes. and on top of that,
12:31 pm
when we talk about public safety, i was a huge and continue to be a huge supporter of violence prevention, which is preventing the crimes for. they happen each protecting, you know, protecting residents in preventing crimes. they are a comprehensive approach and it is working. we can aglow with the police department, the department its prevention and not just at the support through cease-fire as well. >> mayor, we're also following developing news from this morning that your officers are investigating the fatal shooting of a boy. other any updates you can share with us on this case. and have you been able to speak with the family? >> i have yet to been able to ever reach out to the this morning. but my heart goes out to them. and, you know, as we all know, any life lost is one too many. and not just that. but in regards to this particular situation, it is it's my understanding that it is a minor. and i know that and i just got off the with the wind and acting chief allison to smile. and so they
12:32 pm
are on it. they're investigating the case. we have deployed ceasefire. we have deployed our department prevention ceasefires very in trouble in this to ensure that there aren't any retaliation due to this okay. well, thank you for that update. there. >> we'd also like to ask you about your police chief. you just mentioned you were on the phone with your acting police chief, the open naacp has started a campaign urging the public at to ask you to reinstate leronne armstrong to his job. are you aware of this push and you have a response to what the naacp is requesting? >> you know, my office, we received a very serious and concerning report and we get a report like it's important and are both the spirit and the letter of oakland's negotiators settle agreement that we're under the federal agreement that we take those findings seriously. and so i made the decision in consultation with our city administrator to put the chief on paid administrative so that we are civilian oversight
12:33 pm
bodies to more fully review the findings and other reports that rv that we're expecting to receive. and so our goal isn't to be to our goal is to make sure we are fully and carefully taking into account the very serious problems discussed in the report and taking corrective actions. i do believe in our voter approved civilian oversight. and we need to let our oversight bodies act clinton, you know, we are committed to reform and the judge is overseeing the negotions settle remit and he acknowledged this week that we had made progress. but clearly clearly there is work to be done. and so i believe strongly in there for reforms will make our city safer. and that is what we're keep working towards. and that is what the values are is that if you are under investigation, should be put on paid administrative leave, which is not a and, you know, armstrong was put on leave, there's also been a lot of chatter about the federal monitor. >> and their influence on the police could you speak to the current status of that oversight? what that relationship has been like? >> she absolutely well. i've only been in office in the
12:34 pm
mayor's office for about a month. however, we have been under this federal oversight due to the writers case. and so because of that, we've been under this over. it was put what supposed to be 5 years has now become closer. 21 years of federal oversight. and so we i do believe that we have made huge hedge headway in regards to the reforms that we've created here in training and in department. you know, with that being said, we i very optimistic that we can get out of the federal oversight as soon as this year and next year. i'm i'm in consultation with not only the monitor, but the judge and the the representatives as well too. >> on a lighter note now, let's talk a bit about the announcement that you are part of yesterday. the african american sports and entertainment group now has an exclusive negotiating agreement with the city for its 50% ownership stake in the coliseum. the oakland coliseum. what does this
12:35 pm
timeline look like for these negotiations the outcome of the land that the development of this land? >> that's really great questions. so we did the city finally intrude exclusive negotiating agreement with a stg that's the it's it's exciting, right? it's a great way. as we're opening up black history month and celebrating black history. and this is an organization that is home ground. it's a homegrown organization. black run organization. and i'm excited for the and you know, for being able to partner with a stg to move forward. this plan. however, this is just the very beginning of many more meetings. and so it would you know, premature if i gave you a timeline and in that regard, but just know that i'm committed to redeveloping that area, which will give so much back to our deep east. oakland residents. >> it's something that we did notice and wanted to point out is that the oakland a's were not a part of yesterday's announcement and that's despite them being significant
12:36 pm
owners of that land. i believe that they own half of the land there. is there an update on where things stand now with howard terminal? >> now with howard terminal, i'm a huge fan myself that we would love to have the ease here in our town. and i know you know, there's an understanding that they have also been in talks with other cities for a while to, but regardless, you my goal and my north star is to try to keep the a's here in the city of oakland, but not on the backs of the voters and their plan. and so i'm excited to go you ago, she asians and to have a new perspective, bring new fresh and new energy. and i will leave that there. but we're i'm very optimistic that we can move >> alright, akland, mayor shane, tell, thank you so much for your time. and for sharing your perspective on a number of different topics with us here live on kron 4. we appreciate it. >> absolutely. thank you for having me. all right. let's switch things over to our forecast now, shall we? as we
12:37 pm
take a live look outside at the embarcadero where it's looking a little bit cloudy, a bit of a breeze there. you can see it pushing that flag. >> out there. let's check in now with cuyler for the latest. hey kylen hater. stephanie, i want to start with the cold that's happening in the country. probably heard a lot of the icy conditions have been happening. these are the current wind chills right now. you can see we're all that arctic air has spilled down. >> minneapolis right now feels boston. not quite as bad now in spots like texas, which saw a lot of ice earlier this week as some of that cold air has but you can see just as you look here at this lake effect, snow, all of that cold air kind of blasting down into the northeast and they're expecting windchills in parts of connecticut, new york. i was just reading about -25 to minus. 35 to this weekend. so that's going to be a little bit rough right next. 24 hours. meanwhile, we've been dealing with some rain here in the bay area. and as you can see, just a little bit of snow falling in the sierra. that's the precursor to some additional so becoming saturday night into sunday. so that's why they are under a
12:38 pm
winter storm. watch the kicks in saturday afternoon until sunday afternoon. and, you know, above 7,000 feet, we're looking at upwards of 2 feet of snow. also, very gusty wind at the ridge is between 70 to 100 miles per hour. so that means incredibly difficult travel. so you're really your chance to get to tahoe is going to have to be until early saturday. by the time you get to saturday afternoon. that's what we're going to see. some of that refer or whether role. and and then by monday, they will get some nice clearing. so how much snow are we talking about today? not much right. word in measuring intense of an inch. but as you take a look at what's happening saturday night to sunday, that's when the bigger totals are all going to be piling up. i'll be back in a bit with your extended forecast for now. send it back to the thank you. i> according to a new poll, a majority of californians believe the economy will get worse this year. that's just one of the key findings from that survey. the poll is shedding light on a number of issues. people around california consider important 70% of californians consider homelessness a big problem. the poll also finding 70% of people in the states are concerned about housing
12:39 pm
affordability. the survey also showing people are worried about the economy and its effects on job security. >> inflation was going on in terms of the jobs. people are starting hear about layoffs, you know, and expected the scenes are many people feel early mayor about this year. >> the poll also found nearly 60% of likely voters approve of the job. governor gavin newsom is doing, but about half of those surveyed also felt the state is headed in the wrong direction. california's black in school coalition gathered on the west steps of the state capitol thursday morning urging lawmakers to create better academic outcomes for black students throughout the state. they say governor gavin newsom's proposed 2023 budget fails to address academic gaps for black students and they're not getting their fair share of educational funding. >> if you a plan that only addresses those that are
12:40 pm
poverty, our income based you leave out the other students that actually still need the help to get up to where they should be and show some adequate yearly progress. >> in 2022, only about 30% of black students met state standards for proficiency in english language arts and about 16% met math standards for their grade level. in national news, former house speaker nancy pelosi is backing congressman adam schiff in his bid to be california's next u.s. senator. the catch is that pelosi will only indoor shift if senator dianne feinstein decides not to seek reelection. feinstein is 89 years old and most washington observers expect her to retire in 2024. with that in mind, this seat is expected to be hotly contested, along with schiff, orange county congresswoman katie porter also announced a senate run east bay. congresswoman barbara lee is reportedly planning to run but has not made an official announcement yet. for your money, something
12:41 pm
that could help with your wallet. the biden administration wants to reduce credit card late fees, the consumer for death. excuse me, financial protection bureau is proposing a federal rule lowering credit card late fees from about $30 to $8. the biden administration says this change would save consumers about 9 billion dollars every year. the proposal also takes aim at slashing the prices. apple and google parent company alphabet charge in their mobile stores. the proposal is part of the president's push is well to limit junk fees. coming up, the latest samsung galaxy phones are here. we take a look at the new features. >> black lawmakers meet with president biden to discuss police reform after the brutal assault of tyre nichols. and weeks after a winter storm drenched its facilities. the oakland zoo reopens with some ♪♪ oakland zoo reopens with some exciting announcements.
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
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years ago. (vo) caremore health provides advanced primary care wherever you need it, in the hospital, at home, in our clinics, or virtually. (steven) so when i call them over a medical issue, they take care of it instantaneously. i'm not afraid to go to the doctor anymore or put off going to the doctor. (vo) call the number on your screen to learn more about medicare plans in your neighborhood that include caremore. >> happening now, the oakland zoo is set to reopen after suffering damage from last month's storm kron four's camila barco spoke with the zoo's ceo. >> sue is here up front. >> and they're really well after shutting down for 35 days. the higher-ups at oakland zoo are ready to welcome visitors back yard. abs as i walked through the
12:45 pm
zoo. >> the kind of crane their backs and they look at you and that kind of curious on december 31st in atmospheric river slammed the bay area. >> bringing heavy rain and strong winds. >> within hours, total damage at the front entrance. trees were coming down inside zoo training overrun oakland zoo ceo nick to says a big pipe collapsed. >> and caused a sinkhole to form a near the zoo's entrance. the pipe is used to drain water from the area, but it was overburdened by all the rainfall we got earlier this year. in the past few weeks, crews have placed a new pipe on the ground. says it's the first time they've experienced an event like this and they're hoping it's the last this type closure has been unprecedented. >> we're literally the entire front entrance entry collapsed. some of the animals took the time to enjoy the active weather.
12:46 pm
>> deja says employees continued taking care of them and they are all okay. now that repairs are done. the oakland zoo is reopening to guests and extending its blow farhi event a night time lantern festival that illuminates the zoo. it begins tonight and will run through march 4th. tickets are already on sale. daisha says they'll be ready for any more wild weather. >> we hope that we will continue to stay open much as possible. >> camila barco reporting for kron. 4 news. >> happening tomorrow, the chinese new year parade returns to san francisco celebrating the year of the rabbit on the chinese zodiac the rabbit symbolizes longevity, peace and prosperity. this year, parade organizers are expecting up to 1 million visitors and that's why police will be working around the clock. they say to make sure police people in the city this weekend feel safe. >> that's why it's important
12:47 pm
that you not only in the parade, but in the perimeter, in the community surrounding the parade. so people understand that we're out there and we're there to support them. >> parade starts at 05:00pm on saturday. people are urged to arrive early and take public transportation. samsung's latest store in san francisco not only showcases their new phones, but also lets customers but some unique new features to the test. our rich demuro takes us for an inside look. >> rich demuro here richaun tack in san francisco. checking out the samsung galaxy space. this is a special place set up just to experience the brand-new galaxy s 23 lineup. let's go. check it out. this place is going to be open to the public for about a month. and there's all kinds of neat installations here. so you can check out the phones, but also do some really fun things with them. first thing you notice is this cool galaxy s series
12:48 pm
phone wall. it features every model since the day it was launched back in 2010 here you can see the s 23 series in every color from phantom black to cream to green to lavender. there are so many ways to customize your phone. smooth like butter. did you know that samsung makes laptops as well? kind a i think that's just for show. second floor is where things get really fun. even i would become a game or if i had this screen so many cool places, tough lecture, creativity like here where you can pretend you're in our spare. this set so you can test out the 100 on the s 23 ultra. it's getting real close. this might be my
12:49 pm
favorite area. it's an alleyway that takes you right to seoul, korea to contest out nighttime photography on the s 23 ultra. i see a video game. we've got to play this. and if you're looking for a really fun experience, this little studio is quite incredible. they take a whole bunch of pictures of you with the s 23 ultra. then there's a price you select your best pictures on this screen. step into this immersive photo gallery. and it's all of your pictures on the wall. i kind of like that one downstairs. they've got the phones to play with and a whole area for content creation. and yes, there are lots of props. hope you enjoyed this tour of the samsung galaxy experience space as much as i did. if you want to see the pictures i took here, go to my website. it is rich on tech dot tv in san francisco. i'm rich demuro
12:50 pm
and you are tech smart. >> those are fun glasses right there. let's talk a bit about our forecast now. doesn't look like a day that we feel need sunglasses, though, a cloudy out there along the embarcadero. let's check in now with cuyler for the latest. hey, kylen pay their 70 s we're starting to see some clearing and certainly as we look towards the north bay here across the golden gate bridge, still see a few drops on the camera, but we're still seeing the clouds there, right? the roads are drying out a bit and that will be the case as we look at future cast here. and you see as we roll through into our evening, there's friday about 10 o'clock. >> our next shot of rain isn't going to come until later in the day on saturday. so early plans on saturday should be fine. but by the time we get to about 5, 6 o'clock, that's when our next head of showers should start rolling in. and as you can see, kind of heavier showers going moving as we get later into the evening and then scattered shorers. kind of continue for us as we get into sunday morning before we finally wrap this all up and moved to some more sunny skies by the time we get to a sunday evening. we should see that clearing. so what that means as you're heading out for the a chinese
12:51 pm
new year parade and festival this weekend. make sure you bring your rain gear i think would be fine to go. but just be careful that you're not caught in the rain unaware because i think after about 5 o'clock, that's when we're going to start to see some of that kicking up so all together. when we look at that system coming in saturday night into sunday, pretty significant total. so a little over half an inch in san francisco, you could see higher amounts up in spots like santa rosa, but even half moon bay mountain view, san jose, some of these could be coming in a little hot with the totals. but the fact that the models are picking up on an inch of rain shows you're going to get plenty. so here's where we are right now. all of this is kind of rolled through. we're starting to get some of the showers clearing out. however, still a few showing up in the east bay in and around livermore. you can see a little bit of shower coming down along 5.80, or if you're on 6.80. so a lot of slick roads still out there. temperatures have been relatively quiet today because we've had the clouds out there. just 48 degrees right now in san francisco. no 60's on the map today. and tonight, we will also be mild with our overnight lows again. so nice and warm, no 30's or 20's to look out for. that will happen
12:52 pm
again as we work our way into sunday evening after the system's pass us by then we'll start to cool down in those overnight. but notice next week looking pretty good. there are lots of sunshine and even a little bit warmer as we head into tuesday, wednesday and thursday. back to you. i thank you. >> in the east bay, police say that robbers are targeting people coming out of banks. 10 people have fallen victim to this over the past 6 months at 4 banks and some of these robberies. officers say happened when the victims were seated in their cars. >> there are also following these victims away from the bank, sometimes a mile or 2 away. potentially. so the victim lower their guard and the mother unsuspecting. we stopped a stoplight or stop for traffic. they then exit their getaway vehicle run-up, smash the window out of their vehicle, grabbed the backpack, bag or purse, and return to their vehicle. fleet. >> investigators say robbers are sometimes inside of the bank's looking for anyone making large withdrawals. and
12:53 pm
at other times they're waiting in the parking lot after victims take out cash from the atm. and there is a new push for policing reform on capitol hill. congress has considered legislation on this issue before, but the death of tyre nichols is sparking renewed interest. our basil john has the details. >> we have. >> agreement on how we will continue to work forward. thursday. congressional black caucus chair steven horsford in other lawmakers met with president joe biden to decide how to proceed with legislative and executive options for police reform. but the focus will always be on public safety. public safety for all communities. president biden told the group he wants to see progress in honor of tyre. nichols police reform grants and violence in our communities. the group did not disclose details but said information would be seen in the coming days. >> we're looking for solutions. provided
12:54 pm
foundation. what lasting change. >> democrats say it will take a true bipartisan effort. but the white house points out that can be difficult. it will require republicans in congress to stop getting in the way of ensuring our justice system lives up to its name. republicans like missouri senator josh hawley say they want to get more support for police. i'd like to see 100,000 more cops on the street. i'd like to see pay raises for cops and missouri all across the country. that's the kind of policy. but i'd like to focus on. >> the january jobs report is out and it was much stronger than expected. more than 517,000 jobs were added just last month, blowing past wall street estimates of 187,000. we will see if this grows could raise doubts about whether inflation pressures will ease further into the months ahead. right now, the unemployment rate sits at a low of 3.4%. >> ice time unemployment rate was that low was may of 1969
12:55 pm
and edition. >> we also learned that we there half a million more jobs created last year than we thought. so the january report is updated. i mean, should december. reporters update. add that all up you could 12 million, 12 million jobs since took office. >> there is a ripple effect from the low unemployment numbers. economists say it could force employers to keep raising wages to attract workers, which in turn would cause prices for goods and services to go up. up next, how would you spend 700 million dollars? that's a question everyone's mind as the powerball drawing comes up.
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
>> the powerball jackpot is still in play. and you have another chance to try and win it. the jackpot is estimated to reach 700 million dollars setting records for both powerball and u.s. lottery games. there's not been a winner and 32 consecutive drawings, but hey, maybe it could be. you. and valentine's day is approaching. and one major retailer wants to help those planning to break up with their partner. check this out. wal-mart is selling a breakup there. yep. you heard that right? a breakup there. the bear has a simple message on its t-shirt. you can see it there. bye-bye. it is holding
12:59 pm
a broken heart that spells love and you can see the hearts broken. the bear will sing and dance to the hit n sync song. bye. bye. bye. when you squeeze the button on its foot. all right. well, pitches sting to see who picks one of those up. with that, we're going to say by here on the kron 4 news at noon. thank you so much for joining us here. let's send things over to olivia horton for live in the bay of olivia. interesting idea, right break up there. >> i like the idea of, you know, for me, though, i would probably be saying why, why? this person? that's how i would be feeling it right over to give this bear weight. and, you know, out of curiosity, do you have any valentine's day for you and your bill and the boe? you know what's crazy? we actually don't have any valentine's day plans. yeah, i think it's a little too early for me to start planning, but we'll have a great valentine's day show here on live in in a couple of weeks. so that's something to look forward to for all our guests.
1:00 pm
absolutely. you know, what do you have planned for today? by the way? yeah. coming up today, step we're taking a look back at the week because it's friday. >> so we're taking a look back at when uncle near stopped by to discuss the efforts in raising 1 million dollars for historically black colleges and universities. >> i sat down with the founder to find out more on how you can get involved. >> then he's only 12 years old, but he's already been bracing for 6 years. we learn more about cam and racing career that's landed him with the probes. and the san francisco chinese new year festival and parade is one of the biggest celebrations here the u.s. actor rich teen chat with us on what it means to be named the grand marshal. plus, he's determined to pass on his passion for live music to the next generation. >> musician higher of argus talks with us about how he's giving back that and so much more when all of this is coming today on live in the bay.


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