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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  February 6, 2023 4:30am-5:01am PST

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couple extra minutes. just to dig out that heavy winter jacket again, though, because it is really chilly to start. frost advisories for our north bay valleys. these remaining through 09:00am this morning and one look at temperatures shows a pretty clearly why redwood city fremont and fairfax down to 37 degrees right now. hey, we're at 39 dublin. you're sitting at 36 while livermore at 35 santa rosa. also at 36 degrees right now, while paddling back in vallejo at 39 for current temperatures. as for satellite and radar skies are nice and clear. no chance of rainfall today yesterday. what a wild. what it was. we saw hail in san francisco downpours at times across the bay area. thunderstorm in the morning. it was just a day to keep an eye on the radar today, though, things are turning around. and yeah, we're going to be looking at a whole lot of sunshine, not just today, but through the course of this workweek, upper 50's to low 60's for daytime highs later today. going to be a nice compliment to all that sunshine. you can expect. as
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for our roads this morning, things are looking good. no fog and a little bit of cars out there making your bay bridge crossing, but no metering lights yet. nothing to slow you down just yet. as for the san mateo bridge, also nice and clear nothing. hold me up there. richmond center fell traffic having yet to pick up. so the early birds definitely getting an easy commute. and the golden gate bridge also pretty empty as you make your crossing there for 31 doubt. well, the super bowl is officially less than a week away in the kansas city chiefs in philadelphia. eagles are already gearing up for the big game. reporter andrew marden tells us more. good morning from glendale, arizona, the site of super bowl. 57, it's officially game week and the teams are here. >> both the kansas city chiefs and the philadelphia eagles arrived yesterday. the chiefs came in first. >> their plane landed at roughly 2 o'clock in the afternoon local time. it was not hard to spot patrick mahomes nor travis kelsey, the latter arriving in style wearing a fedora.
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>> the chiefs are making their 3rd super bowl appearance in 4 years about an hour after they landed the eagles landed in arizona. this contingent led by quarterback jalen hurts. the eagles are making their 4th super bowl appearance in franchise history. second in 6 seasons, the eagles are staying in phoenix this week. they'll be practicing at the arizona cardinals facilities. the chiefs are staying in scottsdale. they'll be practicing on the campus of arizona state. now later tonight is opening night is the first opportunity here in arizona to hear from coaches and players on both sides. >> if you've never seen the scene from an opening night, it is wild. some players will be on risers. others will just kind of be roaming about. you'll see celebrities. you'll see people dressed in costumes and every question imaginable is on the table. this year's opening night will take place at the footprint center home to the phoenix suns. in glendale at the super bowl. i'm andrew marden and with both teams prepping for the
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big game. so are the advertisers millions tune in to watch the big game? others just want to see the commercials. that's kind of always been my favorite part. >> this year, companies paid an estimated 7 million dollars for just a 30nd spot during the commercial breaks. now that's more than a quarter million bucks per second. you'll be seeing ads from companies like heineken, downey and netflix and pepsi has 2 legendary comedians teaming up for its 30nd commercial. hey, i'm actor ben stiller and i'm better actor steve martin. what? well, you're a comic actor. that's not really act. >> ok, you connect your way out of a paper bill. you connect your way into the paper bag that i was acting in. that makes no sense. also, now we're making sense over actor under actor sell out. you're doing a commercial. so are you? pepsi? 0 sugar. tastes great. >> screw you. screw, you know. >> hey, i'm actor steve
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bartman ben stiller there roasting each other in a t-shirt teaser for the upcoming pepsi. 0 sugar commercial. they'll be in not one but 2 commercials for pepsi. you can catch it all on february. 12th during super bowl. 57. well, gas prices slowly starting to creep. back up. the last news we want to hear average prices in california. now up to 4.6, $0.2 per $4 and $0.62, i should say for a gallon of regular. now, this is a list nsive counties to get gas in the bay area today, folks in napa county are paying the for 94 a gallon. and in san mateo county, $4.84 in san francisco. the average is 4.82, which is almost a $0.30 increase from the last month. and santa clara and alameda counties looking at a gallon of gas for $4.70 a gallon. it's not just everyday commuters looking for ways to cut down on gas prices up. ups
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now has its first all electric semi truck. rich demuro takes a ride in today's tech smart. ups has ordered 10 all electric semi trucks in the first one is ready to roll. >> it can haul just as much as your typical semi. but it can't go as far without a recharge recently. i got to take a ride in the nearly silent cabin. >> radiator water. >> none of that stuff anymore. ups is hauling something new. the batteries that for the truck are all underneath the skid plates. the company recently took delivery of its first all electric semi truck. but this thing drives like a tesla. it's now in service and its compton california facility. it will be used to move items across
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like we're pulling 15,000 pounds. the truck can handle up to 80,000. >> and it just turns like butter like i think that there is a will vote on the part of the public and the private sector to make this transition. professor james moore specializes in civil and industrial engineering. he says there will be bumps along the way progress can be made.
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that initial progress will be incremental. this entire system have to be rethought to make this work. yes, a movement in the right direction. but this eco-friendly transition won't happen overnight. this truck really solves. >> that the middle mile that is really hard to be carbon eyes. >> ups says its goal is to use 40% alternative fuel and its ground operations by 2025, these trucks are a big step towards that. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. i call this b singles. innovations. well, ceo elon musk says twitter is trending to break even after nearing brink, rep c musk has had a rocky take over after acquiring the company last year for 44 billion dollars. thousands of jobs were cut work from home policies ended and twitter launched its then launched and then relaunched its blue subscription service in december. well, despite the
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wet weather, the annual chinese new year parade returned to san francisco this past weekend. kron four's gayle ong spoke with people who lined the streets to get a view of the colorful floats and performers. >> spectators lined the streets of san francisco saturday evening to take part in a beloved city tradition. the annual chinese new year parade. the pit bull that miss the good just joined the this year, mark the year of the rabbit symbolizing month, deputy peace and prosperity to break off that market and second streets, the route stretching a mile through the city. despite the rain people came yeah. ponchos see >> vicki bowden also brought towels. she traveled from orange county. last time we were here was in 2014. see the chinese new year's parade. and, you know, covid put everybody with no traveling. and so we said, hey, we want to come back and see the parade. got that your seats and have enjoyed a great time. we got snacks, drinks were sent across the street. gym
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martinez from fresno, securing a front row seat hours before the show that the couple of kids out to check it out and to experience it for the first time and experience full of colorful flags. costume. and fire crackers to drive away evil spirits. rabbit. as you can see, the rain didn't stop people from coming out. wishing everyone happy lunar new year here in francisco, gayle ong kron, 4 news and the next day it was a rainy end to the lunar new year celebrations. umbrellas filling the streets of the chinatown. community street fair. >> kron four's camila barco caught up with a couple of businesses. >> who are hoping for a few more customers. >> rainy weekend put a damper on business at san francisco's lunar new year. community street. fair in chinatown. you know, maybe i around this time of season is raining and we can really get customers become moments ago. and the
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rain, you know, ryan mom who works at his family street company has been setting up their booth at the festival for years. it's a chance for people to explore the neighborhood and it helps boost sales is really was the like people are joining together. like you don't have to be like. asian necessarily to like joining us. pay like any racing is. >> you know, have a bit of fun during the parade, you know, talk people even with good food has shot. they've been in business for more than 20 years. but the last few have been rocky. the past years have been because covid. >> sales also haven't been rocketing at delicious kettle corn business has not reached prepandemic levels yet. we're not quite up to where we were, >> people are coming back this weekend. they didn't see too many people walking around at the festival because of the rain. the weather has definitely a i could see people don't stop. they. i'm here with their umbrellas and
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they're happy they line up for however, there are all optimistic about the future of their businesses. people get out. >> as a pet reduces in size. definitely going to be good because, you know, more people, you know. >> i in san francisco, camila barco kron. 4 news love to see everyone making the best of it. spite all that rain. well, coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, the star-studded event saw many winners last night. we'll have a full report. >> for you after the break.
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>> welcome back for 44 whirl. it's cold back here at home. but imagine suffering through frigid conditions without any heat or hot water. that's the nightmare. hundreds of people in brooklyn, new york are struggling with as we speak. steve reports. >> a big though. star city boost our it was black. >> well, yeah, i think i think that was on your little bit too cold. and i heard that this is a going to be know, he there's nothing. >> nothing, no heat and its way too cold for that. this apartment building here in brooklyn's stir at city has been bone cold during new york's chilliest winter days. >> and this morning with a light went off by 8 come how
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it and it made it work in the garage door. everything was so do not think this building housing hundreds is located along pennsylvania and flatlands avenues. >> the community itself of stir at city has their own power set up different than con edison, which the vast majority of new york city uses the exact cause of this power outage in heat outages. unclear. but what is clear is how it's affecting the people could seen as a very old with these being the coldest days of the year. so far here in the area. new yorkers have to take extra precautions to stay safe. families in this building tell us there were extra layers of clothing and wrapping themselves up in blankets just to stop from shivering inside their own homes. residents say they're not happy having to do whatever they can to stay people could die as builder. >> that's too cold. >> that was steve cause reporting conditions back here at home. also really chilly. so make sure that you're finding a warm place to get to
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this morning. and if you are stepping outside here in the next few minutes, it's time to bundle getting a look outside right now. at least we are looking at clear conditions. let's get that look outside and you can see that on all of our cameras. we are looking at clear skies, as i mentioned, a nice clear conditions looking at a downtown san francisco and we're going to be holding onto these clear skies to the day. so not a getting inathe way. your morning commute. that's always a nice note, especially. we're kicking off a monday morning. chilly morning lows, especially cold for the north bay where frost advisories are in effect through 09:00am this morning for lower elevations of sonoma and napa counties. the temperatures currently well in redwood city, fremont and fairfax. it's only 37 degrees. hayward. 39, well conquer dublin livermore, as well as fairfield and vallejo. also well down in the 30's to get this morning started. as for skies, we are off to a clear and rice start to this week. a much different way than what
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we spent the weekend with yesterday's rain, thunderstorms, even some hail and a few spots to start the morning yesterday. it was an act of an unsettled weekend. but the week ahead, looking just the opposite. futurecast showing clear and dry conditions today. hardly a cloud in the sky. definitely a good day to get back out there. now tomorrow you'll see a few passing clouds, but skies will remain dry. that's going to be the trend throughout the course of the -% week ahead of us with wednesday, bringing more clear and dry conditions. high temperatures today in the upper 50's to low 60's hayward, oakland of allay and conquered each at 60 degrees. san francisco and san jose in the upper 50's. well, santa rosa, but warmer spots at 61 in napa all the way up to 62. here's a look ahead. temperatures tomorrow right around the same as today, a few passing clouds for your tuesday. after that, we clear right back out and temperatures actually warming even further. but the start of the weekend on friday, we've got some mid 60's for ya. so going to have a good opportunity to venture back
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out there after a weekend that may have kept inside a little bit more than flight. as for a bridge is still looking great. the bay bridge, not a lot of traffic just yet. no metering lights just yet. so you're still holding on to a really solid morning commute this monday. as for the san mateo bridge, a little bit slower. we are seeing an increase in traffic there. but for the most part, you're still rolling at least close to the limit. the richmond center fell bridge having yet to pick up just yet. just a few cars making your crossing there and the golden gate bridge free of any fog in traffic so far this morning. 4.48 now the star-studded 65th grammy awards wrapped up last night with some big waves and the rise. meyer has the report. lots of powerhouse performances at the 65th annual grammy awards and some big winds pretty evening, everybody. and welcome to the sixty-fifth annual grammy awards. my name is trevor noah. for the first time in 3 years. we have coming to you live. >> from los angeles. beyonce made grammys history as the
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most awarded artist ever with a total of 32 wins, including traditional r b performance dance recording dance, electronic album and r and b song. >> i'd like to think. my parents, my father, my mother. for loving me. and pushing me. i like to thank my beautiful husband. >> my beautiful 3 children. who are at home want to. >> like to thank the community for your love. >> and going this >> oscar-winning actress viola davis achieved. you've got status with a grammy for best audio book, sam smith and kim petras also made history at rice is now the first transgender woman to win for best pop duo group performance. a surprise win for bonnie raitt song of the year for her track. just like that lizzo one record of the
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year with about time. i want to dedicate this award to prince. >> when we lost prince, i decided to dedicate my life to making positive music. i stayed true to myself. >> because i wanted to make the world a better i had to be that change to make the world a better place. >> tomorrow joy was named best new artist and by the end of the night, it was harry's house as harry styles took home album of the year and the grammy goes >> i don't think any of us in the studio thinking making decisions based on what is going to get as one of these. this is really, really so so grateful. kendrick lamar intel also took home awards. of course, there are also lots of star-studded performances what the standout moment of the night came when the grammy celebrated the 50th anniversary of his top.
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>> with many of the biggest legends of the >> with your entertainment report in hollywood, i'm andy reece meyer. >> i'll be watching all those clips all day long. i'm sure. well, beyonce says girls run the world and new data from lendingtree shows single women are, in fact, more likely to own homes than single men in nearly all states. the data taken from the u.s. bureau of labor statistics showed single women own 10.7, 6 million homes. well, single men own about 8.1, 2 million. >> north and south dakota are the only states where this doesn't apply with single men owning more homes and florida has the highest gap in homeownership rates among singles with women owning nearly 5% more homes than men.
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well, after weeks at the top move over avatar, knock at the cabin has taken the top spot at the box office. >> at night shyamalan's thriller raked in 14.2 million dollars in domestic ticket sales this week and another 7 million internationally. the home invasion horror story explores the question. would you kill your loved ones if it meant saving the world? this is at night shyamalan's 7th film as a director to open at number one. 4.54. can close to
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5 o'clock. we are in the midst of a really cold morning here. we've got some frost advisories through 09:00am this morning for. >> portions of the north bay, notably areas like sonoma. santa rosa center fell napa among those spots. are temperatures potentially falling below freezing at points ahead of us now, redwood city hayward livermore, dublin in concord, among our spots in the 30's petaluma 39 right now in sonoma at 38. well, santa rosa at 36 degrees. definitely be bundling up before you're stepping out there. we'll take a look at this feed flashing a peace sign. a pair of soon-to-be parents got quite the surprise during their latest ultrasound, which shows their daughter giving what
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looks to be a piece all the couple from indiana says it was a pretty routine appointment until baby seemingly sent them the message hospital staff says that never seen anything like this before. kelly, thank you. be a cool kid. excited to see how this turns out. well, coming up on the next hour, steph curry. >> it's definitely out after he was seen limping off the court at saturday night's game. more on his injury in the next hour. plus, oakland police treat were on armstrong still pushing to be reinstated after he was placed on administrative leave. and san jose is already investigating its 3rd homicide of the year after shooting in a home. we'll tell you more coming up.
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two layers of of sweet kit kat® filling. one incredible break. have a break. have a kit kat®. now served up in birthday cake. >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news far. >> good morning. and a happy monday to you. i'm sorry. and i'm james and on this monday morning waking up to a dry start and we had a few showers over the weekend. so and some good news, by the way, on the rainfall yeah. yeah. thanks to that unexpected it's fine to
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john. i i can tell you how many messages all lovingly and saturday being like. it rained all day >> you know, it was good to see the rain for sure. but i know for a lot of us, including myself, it kind of put a damper on some of those weekend plans a little bit more reliable of whether to work with for the week ahead of us. we're looking at a much drier trend ahead today through friday. we're going have a lot of sunshine for you and consistently dry conditions. this is your look outside at san francisco. we got transamerica building. they're sitting under these clear conditions. it's a fog free morning, but not in the advisory free morning. we do have frost advisories for parts of the north bay because of just how cold temperatures are giving up their evening lows this morning dropping well into the 30's. and you can see a lot of those on the map, redwood city at 36 dublin. 35 hayward, fremont and livermore at 37. well, the north bay right there with you. the lay on sonoma at 38 degrees santa rosa. 35 and petaluma sitting at 39 degreesi'


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