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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  February 6, 2023 8:00am-9:01am PST

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unsettled, we saw rainfall out there yesterday morning. even some stormy weather, nothing of the sort this morning. it's just all about the sunshine in definitely a cold start. so if you're looking out the window, seeing all that sunshine beaming in definitely be ready to go with the jacket as you're getting out there. but as the sunshine warms us up, you won't need them for too terribly long. we do have frost advisories for the north bay through 09:00am. so another hour of those temperatures are already starting to scoot up words for some of us. but a lot of us still in the 30's like in redwood city, fremont livermore up to concord and then across the north bay, the you're at 36 right now. same for us to know about petaluma at 39 degrees. skies clear and dry today. so if you may be put back all that yard work you wanted to get done. today's a good day to take care of it. as for roads, it's the height of the morning commute now. so we are looking at some backups out there. a 22 minute drive from the mesa, fremont street. that's pretty typical as you're trying to
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get to the maize. do watch out as you're heading westbound on 5.80. this is right there between san leandro in oakland. we have a traffic collision that has multiple lanes blocking that. starting to send it back up growing as you even try to make your way towards the bay bridge. as for the san mateo bridge, a 22 minute drive there. just a bit of a slow go as you try to make that crossing. richmond center fell bridge. it's taking a bit longer than it should 14 minutes. we do have a traffic hazard heading eastbound. so that's counter commute direction. send you a little back up there as you're heading that direction. a golden gate bridge. 35 minutes from novato to the toll plaza. but look at that sunshine. that is the complement to today. get outside and enjoy it. daria, thanks a lot, john. it's 801. right now. and oakland police chief leronne armstrong is continuing to fight to be reinstated. he was placed on administrative leave back in january after an independent report found problems with how the department investigated. >> its officers, but he's finding problems with that report from force. amanda harry has more.
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>> frankly, the confidential report and information provided by the monitor. it's embarrassing. is it accurate? it contradicts itself about the role that i played in this case. oakland police chief leronne armstrong continues to fight to be reinstated. >> after he was placed on administrative leave on january. 19th. >> the report by the federal monitor accuses the chief of failing to properly sergeant involved in both the hit and run and discharging his weapon at a police headquarters while trying to cover it up. however, chief armstrong says he didn't get a chance to take action because the investigation was taken away by the outside agency. this was serious misconduct. >> but down by officers. but the report clearly establishes that. i as chief, wasn't aware. so i had no right to know anything about the investigation. he says the report mischaracterizes the statements and interviews
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chief armstrong was asked if he blames the mayor for putting him on leave. no, i don't blame. the mayor blamed the creator of this report open mayor shanks house spoke to kron 4 on friday. she says they're still reviewing the report. goal is to make sure we are fully and carefully taking into account. >> the very serious problems discussed in the report and taking corrective actions. chief armstrong says he's worked hard to improve the police department. >> and if reinstated, he wants to continue to strengthen the relationship between police and the people of oakland. when i grew up. >> we didn't like it. we hated it and we feared. and now i'm trying to do everything i can to change that because police department that is professional that that police is constitutionally and that actually serves this community in the right way. >> well, that was kron. 4 has reached out to the mayor's office for comment on the chiefs. latest allegations. we did speak with the mayor on friday, but you didn't say when the review would be complete. >> time now is 803, on the peninsula. 3 people including
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a baby had to be rescued from this vehicle. it crashed yesterday afternoon in san mateo county. and you can see it, elaine, here on its side and the rescue crews are out there getting everybody to the hospital. it was the southbound lanes of i-280, right where that a car came to rest in redwood city near redwood city. the 3 passengers, again, including a baby all now and so the hospital in serious condition. over the weekend. friends and family gathered at a park in san jose to remember a 14 year-old boy who died in a car crash. but a week ago kron four's philippe djegal spoke with his mom. >> a week has passed since police chips. 14 year-old son joseph gab and died in a car crash. and still, she says it does not seem real was a passenger in a seoul, a vehicle accident. >> it happened near kabul and blossom hill road last around 4.20 friday morning. just saw him hours before the commission had
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>> early that day, like what am i supposed to do if anything were to happen to like, how do you expect? know, they just go on and he said will be alright, like you'll be good. like we just had a mother, you know, some talk. where are those just like 5 or did anything wrong? like just, you i just want you to like forgive me gap and died on scene making him the first person killed this year during a traffic collision in san jose. >> the girl who was also in the car died at the hospital. police say the car was speeding and the teenage boy behind the wheel survived. he has been arrested for driving a stolen vehicle and 2 counts of vehicular manslaughter on saturday. friends and family held a fundraiser at lake cunningham r who was a mama's boy. he was a her everything. her other half. >> he was my right hand t you have everybody and he was funny. says her son loved the forty-niners is survived by his parents and 7 siblings, though a week has passed the santa clara county office of
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the medical examiner. coroner has yet to identify gavin's body so badly burned in the fiery crash. i just said did the dna yesterday. >> and so they set about 2 to 3 weeks. i'll have an answer which i that's my son. he's not home. you people have told me that that was him that. i'm just hoping have him released before the 21st was that's my birthday. and i want to celebrate him. have this service is on. my birthday's goes, i want to celebrate him moving forward in san jose. leave the ball run for >> a disturbing discovery in the east bay oakland. police say they found a dead body in the sewer system. that discovery made early saturday morning right along broadway and 3rd street in oakland. no word yet on the identity of this person or the circumstances surrounding the death. but we'll let you know if this investigation reveals more. meanwhile, in the south bay, police are investigating
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a shooting that left a man dead. it happened about 11 o'clock friday night at a home on pepper way in san jose. police say the man actually took himself to the hospital, but then later died of his injuries. san jose pd was able to arrest somebody so that person is in custody. they say they released that suspect's identity soon. this is the city's 3rd homicide so far this year. >> you know, 7 a san jose police officers are recovering from being shot around 10, 30 friday night. the officers were when they're making a traffic stop at this intersection of king and story roads and look what happened to the windshield. the driver ended up getting out of the car and started shooting at the police. you can see about that looks like 3 bullet holes here now. luckily none. nobody was hurt. the officers were not hit in this instance, but it did lead them to go and investigate a home on sinbad avenue. and police say that's where a man at that home started shooting at them. and this time an officer was hit
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the injuries, not life threatening and were able to take that man into custody. it's 807. and a developing story is the response to this earthquake more than 2300 people have died so far. the quake is a 7.8 that hit in southeast turkey and syria early in the morning on sunday. hundreds of people are believed trapped underneath rubble. now you can see them going through it that by bit, their cars buried and they're sure there are people in there too. they are our buildings and 7 turkish provinces that have completely collapsed the search and rescue teams are scanning for survivors in large cities right now on the syrian side, the quake hit where millions of people are ready. we're living in substandard conditions because they've had a long civil war there. and many of those people have little access to health care in the first place. there's quite comes in the middle of a snowstorm, too. so that's complicating the efforts. well, bay area wildlife officials say they have called off their search
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for that mountain lion that attacked a 5 year-old boy last week near half moon bay. >> you remember this was last tuesday, a child hiking with his mother on a rural road boy tried fighting off about line but couldn't fact the animal is like going ran off after the boy's mother came rushing up to scare it away. the child suffered cuts and scratches and bruises. even us minor skull fracture. but we're told he is expected to make a full recovery. >> 809, and warriors fans in for steph curry to make a recovery to now talking about this injury that just happened in the last game and how long it's going to be out. that's the question. how long will that recovery take? kron four's will tran out of the chase center live for us this morning with reaction. good morning. will. >> it's not good, james and if the word is indefinitely. so we do know that he will not take the court tonight against the oklahoma city thunder and how long he will be out. well, it will be up to doctors still really examined today because you know what this all
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happened on saturday didn't look too bad. i saw it happen live and i'm like, well, you might just bruised himself. maybe a little get be possibly even return to the game. but no, that was not the case. this was in the 3rd quarter. he was having a great game. 21 points at that particular point leaves the game and when he will come back. who knows? because it could be season ending. we're talking a terror guys. not just a bruise, not a sprain, but a tear to ligaments in his leg. also to membranes in his late to the point where coach kerr said i've never even heard of those ligaments. well, the warriors, they have to scramble. they still have to fight to try to get into the playoffs. the fans we try to talk to them. they're not panicking just yet. >> but it's it's you never want to hear about any getting hurt, especially if they don't know when they're coming back and what they play level when they do come back, you know, back home to get back in the
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elements to give them time. and he saw. >> koch, ok? so here's the problem. right now. the warriors are 27 26 in 7th place in the western conference. and they're playing without arguably the best player in in at this particular time. i will say nfl but the n b a at this particular time and let's say he comes back at game 70 game, 71 and they are just out of the playoffs. james and darya. there's a good chance. the warriors, he is the franchise could shut it down for the rest of the season, especially with nothing to play for. so right now, we know indefinitely could be weeks could be months could be for the season. we'll just have to find out. not a good season for steph curry guys. because earlier this season he bumped his shoulder. he was out 11 games and now his leg. good thing. he has better better medical insurance than you or
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he's got a team of medical professionals that i'm sure poring over. >> his leg and figure out what to do with that. thank you very much. well, 8.11 is a time and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news now. let's go to the nfl. the kansas city chiefs and philadelphia eagles going to duke it out. >> in arizona, they land in glendale and are preparing for the big game. we're going to tell you what's going on there right now. and >> lawmakers on capitol hill, they want answers from president biden after that suspected chinese spy balloon was shot down. we'll have the latest from dc.
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>> got more snow. and that means more fun. winter weather that we saw brought anywhere from. i think some places reporting a foot of fresh snow. john was saying there are others that read to see came down over the weekend. and of course, is a little hitch mean and you've got to get there. and sometimes that's not easy. weather like 4, sarah stinson took a spin. you did on both the smooth, the snowboard and the roads. let's take a look. >> it's got all strapped in. we are about to head to our first lift of the immediately. we were stuck in a long line on our first lift at palisades tahoe. but that didn't seem to bother wesley new house. he drove up to ski from san francisco. try not have a positive side to try think about too much and hang out friends. you have says this is the busiest ski season he's ever seen it in time for the i-15 years or whatever. and mike. >> i've never seen it so crazy. as the season parking
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lots were filling up at palisades in alpine before 09:30am, in the morning this weekend. >> you can see long lines of cars full of people heading in. we want to get up and we couldn't. >> because the park full and then we got in the last lot of showing up for everyone here wants to experience the record levels of snowfall. just bring or season snowfall. total to 380 inches, which is a ton. >> we had some lightning as well as >> winds hitting of over 150 miles per hours. the inclement weather close. a lot of the lifts at the beginning of the ski day sunday. so the open loves have long custody in the not great. but as the day went on, more and more lift started opening and it was all worth it because we got a ton of really fun runs in snowboarded in powder in so long. it is so much i miss, you know, so much. this family drove up
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from sunnyvale and enjoy the fresh powder snow good. >> if you haven't this much for so 07:00pm the sort smoke. >> with this amazing that syrup we're done for the day. it was an awesome day of snowboarding and skiing can see the line of cars behind me how much it snowed while we were up there on the mountain. the good. what's a couple inches right there. and it's still coming down. so a lot of people are waiting until monday to make the drive. so it's safer. i'm sara stinson reporting in tahoe. back to you. >> and so i what i noted in her thing is what made it doable. and and and survivalist. pleasant. you know, the lady she interviewed had the thing on the pair. when you're going to be out in that. i'm not kidding. don't you love to see that 150% of average for february? and we're talking a little bit during that story about, you know, they take those snow surveys of the year. typically, april 1st is when
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you have the biggest snowpack. and we're looking at snow packs now that are very comparable to that end the season. snow pack that also worry all march still to go. so hopefully we're well ahead of schedule. by the time we total up the final season. absolutely. in a little bit of good news for anyone up in the series. you got better travel conditions back home today, which is. >> that's half the battle you get up there. you've got to ski and then oh, my gosh, i'm snow. did so getting back today is going to be a whole lot easier. this is what we've got a half moon bay crystal clear skies. absolutely beautiful morning. it's just a really cold morning on a wintry know we are seeing from the snow in the sierra to the freezing temperatures here in the bay area. frost advisory extended through for the north bay valleys. temperatures up there as cold as the 30's. but also in the 30's, redwood city, fremont to double in concord and livermore right now, santa rosa at 35 degrees. calistoga in saint hanging out at freezing at 32 skies are clear will stay clear from the sierra to the bay area all day
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long today. and as we make our way through the week, we stay dry. so big change from this weekend. we saw snow in the sierra and rain in the bay area tomorrow. a few passing clouds. it's not going to be is crystal clear is today tomorrow. but notably we stay dry will continue that dry trend through friday. today's daytime highs will be in the upper 50's to low 60's that are very warmest, definitely comfortable in part of the reason that will be so comfortable is because we do have all that sunshine. and that's just going to make those upper 50's and low 60's feel all the better. as for our east bay temperatures. this is some of our warmest spots. you can see hayward at 60 degrees. oakland right at 60 richmond and walnut creek, concord, just among a few more of those spots that will be in the low 60's for your daytime highs. looking ahead tomorrow, similar to today, partly cloudy skies. so not as bright as today, but still pretty nice wednesday, thursday, warming up in by friday. our warmest day of the forecast mid 60's, slight chance of showers on saturday and even a
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few more inches of snow in the sierra to start the weekend. as for our roads, it's nice and bright and that's helping us out. but it is a typical monday commute with those backups, a 16 minute drive across the bay bridge. right now, san mateo bridge, a 24 minute. all across it. as for the richmond center fell taking you. 21 minutes to get across that. we've got a little slow spot mid span there. and also when you have to out to sandra fell, there's a traffic collision on us 101, southbound. it's kind of sending a delay over the richmond center fell bridge right now. as for the golden gate bridge and easy go across the bridge itself, it's going to take you a while to get down to it as highway 101 does have some slow spots on it. back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot. at 8.20, and that suspected chinese spy balloon may have been shot down over the weekend with the fallout in washington and beijing continues. it does. republicans demanding answers from the biden administration. >> we have our washington correspondent raquel martin with a closer look. >> good morning. well, at the request of speaker mccarthy,
8:21 am
the white house has promised to brief the top congressional leaders also known as the gang of 8 about this balloon incident this week. right now, republicans are calling the matter unacceptable. republicans are promising not to brush off the discovery of a suspected chinese spy balloon. >> that was hovering over the u.s. last week. this is deliberate. they did this on purpose on abc's this week. republican senator marco rubio accused the chinese of intentionally provoking the u.s.. he says he'll have a long list of questions for the biden administration when he and other congressional leaders are briefed on the incident this week. i'd love to hear from military officials about why wasn't it addressed earlier for safety reasons. the white says military officials advise the president to wait until the balloon reached the atlantic ocean before shooting it down. and on saturday, the president gave the military the green light to do just that. we protect its civilians. we gained more intelligence while
8:22 am
protecting our own sensitive information sunday, senate majority leader chuck schumer called republican criticism premature of friends are playing politics with u.s. intelligence in a statement sunday that high knees government which insists the balloon was for weather purposes complained the decision to shoot it down was excessive and seemingly warned they could retaliate. admiral mike mullen, former chair of the joint chiefs of staff, says the exchange strains u.s. china relations further damage. the switch was deteriorating. and i think that's really the big part of this in response to this incident, secretary of state antony blinken has canceled his upcoming trip to beijing. expect to hear a lot more about this issue. both the house in the senate are back in session today for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. it is 8.22. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news. the powerball lottery drawing is tonight. >> and there's one question on everybody's mind. what would you do with all that money?
8:23 am
more than 400 million. if you get the lump sum, we'll have get the lump sum, we'll have that story coming up.
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are we still on for 3:00? i'm on the phone. when your team needs more space to work and eat... carl, is that mackerel? no, it's uh, trout. [gags] matters where you stay. fish tacos? team: carl. hilton. for the stay. >> 25 and gas prices are starting to creep back up. the average price in california. now for 62 a gallon. >> and as you can see, we're paying more around the base. let's take a look at the most expensive napa county at 4.94 san mateo county is averaging
8:26 am
for 84 san francisco, 82 and then for 70 of peace in santa clara county and alameda county. so we're seeing a little bit of an increase from last month and we'll see where we go from here. probably probably up. absolutely. >> also going up as the jackpot to for the powerball drawing. i don't know if you knew, but over the weekend that won. so. >> it's now 747 million dollars. that's how big it's grown too. so we'll see. saturday night was the last drawing. tonight is the next one. if you win and opt for the cash payout, you can walk with a cool 400 million dollars in your pocket. your bank account. you need a really big pocket to put that in there. but yeah, it's going to be pretty intense. so play. i well. it was 403 million. and you said 400 million. so you would miss that 3. now he said in mind, that's how bad it is. if 3 million this round it? michael, good morning. >> hey, good morning, everyone. i'm michael thomas. coming up, we're talking about how officials here at the
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county of santa fe now with aiding and putting out more people for that gun team. that people for that gun team. that was coming up after the break. - life is uncertain.
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when you need it the most. call our warm line at (833) 317-4673 or live chat at today. >> 8.29 right now and we're taking a live look outside. sun is shining. you won't feel it so much yet know. just seen is nice. we've cold for now.
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but i think this afternoon is going to be nice and mild. we've got john with the forecast. hey, john. yeah, exactly. and a cold but clear morning. and then a sunny and a really mild afternoon. big switch up from this weekend, especially saturday, which is this i kind of gloomy and a little rough for all those events going on. this is where we're at it quite hour right here with crystal clear skies love to see that blue sky this morning. it is definitely cold, though. so don't forget the heavy winter jacket. frost advisories for the north bay, but you aren't the only ones seeing some 30's joined by redwood city, fremont livermore, dublin in concord, all hanging out at around. 38 to 36 degrees. alameda oakland and san francisco in the 40's. in the meantime, santa rosa, one of our coldest spots at 35 degrees right now. we'll be talking in the nice sunshine and mild temperatures later today. still to come in the rest of your forecast, has it been the easiest of commutes for a lot of us, the bay bridge. it's taking you 15 minutes to get across it. not so bad there, but getting to the bay bridge is where the eyes, especially if you're heading up 5.80, westbound
8:31 am
trying to get from san leandro up to oakland. we have multiple traffic collisions now. one-two punch there that is sending a standstill traffic all the way down to nearly actually and at this point. so i'd advise you take 80 is instead of 5.80. again, that's from san leandro up to oakland. as for the san mateo bridge, it's 21 minutes to get you across a little bit of a slow roll there. the richmond center fell. we've got a 27 minute drive heading westbound. that's because of a disabled vehicle. mid span that is having the right lane blocked and really sending a backup. that's why it's such a long drive time and the golden gate bridge. 36 minutes from nevado down to the toll plaza. we also have an incident. a traffic collision. 101, southbound right at the intersection of 5.81. '01. and that's why that drive times a little bit higher. james and ari. all right. thank you very much, john. it is 8.31 and following the mass shooting in half moon bay that killed 7 people last month. >> santa clara county is now expanding its gun violence strike team. they're going to
8:32 am
focus on trying to get illegal guns off the streets. kron four's michael thomas has more live from san jose. michael, good morning. >> hi, good morning, everyone. you know, really this pansion, it's f adding more people to already existing gun violence strike team. and it has a budget of just under 1 million dollars. and officials really do feel that this is needed, especially as daria just said, after all of these mass shootings, you know, one here in our backyard and also the one over and monterey park. now this gun violence strike team based out of santa clara county da's office will get 11 new positions in total. we'll all be paid for by funding from the county state and federal grants. now these new positions include investigators, analyst in attorneys all working with law enforcement agencies across the county and all 15 cities. the new members will also work hand-in-hand with homeland security along with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives. according to officials that gun violence team is the first in the bay area. they also add that the
8:33 am
team work solely on taking illegal guns off the streets, which include focusing on people with gun violence, restraining orders, along with domestic violence attackers. now the board is set to meet in just a few hours at noon today. that point they'll be discussing this entire plan along with hopefully we'll find more details as to who they plan to put in position. how many attorneys, how many analysts and so on and so on. but as we get more information, we'll continue to keep you guys updated. but for now, send it back to you guys live in the studio. >> thank you very much, michael. in the north bay solano county nchool officials are investigating what they call a racist social media post at dixon middle school. yes. so the superintendent of that district calls this the worst he's ever seen, which says something. karma dickerson, talk with the family. one of the students targeted. >> in his 35 years in education, even 2 days later, just has me staggered. the superintendent of dixon school district is calling a social media post sent from this school the most disgusting,
8:34 am
disturbing. i'm really troubling. a hateful. >> i think ever seen. superintendent brian dolan says wednesday just after school apparent came to the john that middle school office showed administrator social media post. >> people were asked to pose for a picture. >> without it being explained what the purpose of that was the result with a collage of the school's first black principal, camille o'connor and 15 to 23 black in mix race students with. kind of had a banner up top, you know, happy black history month. you monkeys. >> having to head. a conversation like with your 12 >> my mic nielsen was shown in that post. she works for the school district. but in this situation, she was simply one of more than a dozen parents who got the horrifying call from the school district letting her know what happened. she and her husband had to tell their son. could this be somebody around me? is
8:35 am
this somebody right up under little at rest? >> how do i know that this isn't going to happen dolan says he believes a small group of students are responsible for the post which was made during school hours and posted to the social media account of the 7th grade boy. >> that boy has been suspended as district officials investigate. one of the things that so deeply concern is that this took an awful lot of planning. >> mcneill and other parents came to hear the superintendent speak friday say this is just one of many racial harassment issue students the district have faced and they fear the community at large is not taking it seriously. a lot of the students in the area feel as though this was just a joke, a silly mistake. it wasn't really means it was meant to be funny if it wasn't funny, it wasn't funny as a parent receiving that call. it wasn't funny to watch. might out crying in her. >> was karma dickerson reporting for us? and the superintendent says those involved with the offensive posts could face expulsion. >> it's a 35 alameda county's new dots don't seem to be
8:36 am
deterring sideshows because another what happened friday night, their social media showing a car spinning donuts at set in san lorenzo, right where there are those dots that are supposed to stop that at intersections and they're the dots and you can actually see tire marks and stuff right around there. so a car spun out. nonetheless, the sheriff's office installed the dots at 2 intersections and they say they're going install more where sideshow activity has been reported. >> ok, switching gears here to football. we've got the super bowl officially less than a week away. and the kansas city chiefs, philadelphia eagles, both of already. >> landed there in glendale. yeah, yeah. i mean, it's not as big as it could have been, but it will be fine. at all, martin takes a >> good morning from glendale, arizona, the 57, it's officially game week and the teams are here. both the kansas city chiefs and the philadelphia eagles arrived yesterday. the chiefs came in first. >> their plane landed at roughly 2 o'clock in the afternoon local time. it was
8:37 am
not hard to spot patrick mahomes nor travis kelsey, the latter arriving in style wearing a fedora. >> the chiefs are making their 3rd super bowl appearance in 4 years about an hour after they landed the eagles landed in arizona. this contingent led by quarterback jalen hurts. the eagles are making their 4th super bowl appearance in franchise history. second in 6 seasons, the eagles are staying in phoenix this week. practicing at the arizona cardinals facilities. the chiefs are staying in scottsdale. they'll be practicing on the campus of arizona state. now later tonight is opening night is the first opportunity here in arizona to hear from coaches and players on both sides. >> if you've never seen the scene from an opening night, it is wild. some players will be on risers. others will just kind of be roaming about. you'll see celebrities. you'll see people dressed in costumes and every question imaginable is on the table. this year's opening night will take place at the footprint center home to the phoenix suns. in
8:38 am
glendale at the super bowl. i'm andrew marden. >> all right. thank you, andrew and 8.37. we'll take a break. but still ahead on the kron 4 morning news people came out to celebrate the year of the rabbit here in the bay area. we're going to take a closer look at this weekend's lunar new year parade. we're taking a ride in the first all taking a ride in the first all electric ups semi truck in
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meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. taking a ride in the first all electric ups semi truck in 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours. >> 40's the time and new this
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morning, computer maker dell announced this morning it's laying off more than 5% of its workforce impacting more than 6,000 employees. some of whom work right here in the bay area. so the decision was announced in a memo to employees this morning. that memo said these cuts are the result of changes to better structure, the company for the future. that was their wording. this announcement comes on the heels, though, of other big tech companies like google and microsoft that have been laying people off last month. dell has offices in palo alto and santa clara. no word again on how many local employees will be. let go. but we'll keep you updated >> twitter ceo elon musk says twitter is trending to break even even after near nearing a bankruptcy. musk has had a rocky takeover after he acquired twitter last year for 44 billion dollars, thousands of jobs were cut work from home policies ended and twitter launched and then relaunched its blue subscription service in december. new reports of another near miss on a runway
8:42 am
this time involved a southwest airlines flight at the austin airport. the faa says a fedex cargo plane was cleared for landing and it ended up having to fly over a departing southwest flight on the same runway. and this is the second high-profile near miss in a month was big monster playing month was big monster playing we'll be right back. for just $6 you could get your choice between two sandwiches plus my classic taco, curly fries, and a drink. [muffled] i can't hear you. oh sure... for just $6...! try my $6 jack pack today. ♪
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>> a 44 and as you know, it was wet weekend which didn't put too much of a damper on the chinese new year parade in san francisco. >> kabul is on takes a closer look. spectators lined the streets of san francisco saturday evening to take part in a beloved city tradition. the annual chinese new year parade. the pit bull that miss the good joined the this year. mark the year of the rabbit. >> symbolizing longevity, peace and prosperity. to break off that market and second streets, the route stretching a mile through the city. despite the rain people came yeah. ponchos see that. >> vicki bowden also brought towels. she traveled from orange county. last time we were here was in 2014. see the chinese new year's parade. and, you know, covid put everybody with no traveling. and so we said, hey, we want to come back and see the parade. got that your seats and have enjoyed a great time. we got snacks, drinks were sent across the street. gym martinez from fresno, securing
8:46 am
a front row seat hours before the show that the couple of kids out to check it out and to experience it for the first time and experience full of colorful flags. costume. and fire crackers to drive away evil spirits. rabbit. as you can see, the rain didn't stop people from coming out and wishing everyone happy lunar new year here in francisco, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> looks like it was a good time for those who showed up and rain probably dissuaded some. but for those who are there still fun had by all as a good time was just it was a little bit of surprise. the i i know you've got a lot of text messages over the weekend. i know it's just the way i'm a perfect. i was being super cautious that the forecast, right, ok, what's the timing going to be? then the models were showing okay. later, arrival saturday got here and it backed right up long for some of us happen. yeah, it was. that was a tough one on the forecast hopefully
8:47 am
we're still got up there. nice and dry was definitely a wet one for lunar new year. >> today, just the opposite, though. we are really clearing things off for your monday. nice clear skies. just a really cold morning. coit tower right here, looking nice and blue. and that's always nice to see to get the week started. help you get out of bed this morning. chilly evening lows, though. we are down into the 30's for much of the north bay. that's the frost advisories and it's not just the north bay freemont at 38. same for you in dublin in concord, livermore at 36 right now, san mateo monger, more mild spots at 46. well, still in the 30's up in santa rosa, calistoga as well as napa later on today. all that sunshine is really going to help us out much easier day to be commuting here in the bay area as well as to be traveling back from the sierra nevada. if you have some friends up that direction, we are going to be looking at nice, sunny conditions all day long through the afternoon. it's going help those daytime highs feel pretty nice tomorrow. passing clouds, but still mild day. and then we clear things back up into wednesday and thursday.
8:48 am
temperatures actually warming towards the tail end of the week. today's highs will barely make the low 60's from santa rosa. napa through oakland down to hayward, upper 50's from san francisco through san jose. tomorrow's temperatures similar to today. wednesday. we warm things up just a little bit and some mid 60's in a few spots by thursday and friday. best chance of rain in the forecast. a slight chance of sprinkles on saturday and a few inches of snowfall friday night into saturday morning up in the sierra. as for roads, we've had a few issues out there. bay bridge, things have really cleared up for you. it's a 15 minute drive across that right now. but we still do have residual delays from traffic collisions on 5.80, getting from san leandro to oakland. so even getting to the bay bridge, i just take you a little bit longer. as for the san mateo bridge, it's a 19 minute drive across it. really just looking at a slow go all the way across the span there. as for the richmond center fell bridge. 28 minutes. we have a stalled vehicle that's blocking the
8:49 am
right lane. and that is really sending delay for mid span all the way through the toll plaza. the golden gate bridge. 51 minutes to get you from novato to the tolls. and even though things look good on the bridge itself, we do have a residual delays from a traffic collision right at the intersection of 101, southbound in 5.80, that's sending a backup from center fell all the way up past saint vincent. and that's why that drive time is so long. back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot. it is 8.49 right now and it's not just everyday commuters looking for ways to save a little money on gas. now ups is trying to do too. yeah, a fully electric semi truck rich demuro with a test drive in today's tech smart. >> ups has ordered 10 all electric semi trucks in the first one is ready to roll. it can haul just as much as your typical semi. but it can't go as far without a recharge recently. i got to take a ride in the nearly silent cabin. >> radiator water.
8:50 am
>> none of that stuff anymore. ups is hauling something new. the batteries that for the truck are all underneath the skid plates. the company recently took delivery of its first all electric semi truck. but this thing drives like a tesla. it's now in service and its compton california facility. it will be used to move items across shorter distances from warehouse to warehouse. it's been part of our mission statement to improve the air and the communities that we serve. >> and also move towards a more sustainable future. the freightliner cascadia can go up to 250 miles on a charge. >> it takes about an hour and a half to recharge the truck. there's no diesel fuel smell. there's no noise. it's very smooth. all right. sounds we take it for right. of course.
8:51 am
we're cruising down the road and it is very comfortable is very quiet. there's no vibration inside the cabin. >> it's just an empty container, but it barely feels like we're pulling 15,000 pounds. the truck can handle up to 80,000. >> just turns like butter like nothing. i think that there is a will vote on part of the public and the private sector to make this transition. professor james moore specializes in civil and industrial engineering. he says there will be bumps along the way promise can be made that initial progress school be incremental. this entire system have to be rethought to make this work. yes, a movement in the right direction. but this eco-friendly transition won't happen overnight. this truck really solved. >> that middle mile. that is really hard to be carbon eyes. >> ups says its goal is to use 40% alternative fuel and its ground operations by 2025,
8:52 am
these trucks are a big step towards that. i'm rich demuro and you are tech all right. thank you, rich. well, new data from lendingtree shows that single women are more likely to own homes than single men in nearly all states. the data was taken from the u.s. bureau of labor and statistics and show that single women on 10.7 million homes while single men don't. 8.1 million north and south dakota are the only states that don't apply. that's where single man own more homes and single women and florida actually have the highest gap between the 2 when it comes to home ownership. single nearly 5% more homes than single men. >> time now is 8.52. we'll be >> time now is 8.52. we'll be right back. life is uncertain. it's okay to feel stressed, anxious, worried or frustrated.
8:53 am
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>> a 54 right now and open table is out their list of 100 most romantic restaurants in the whole country. and this is perfect timing because if you're trying to, you know, for balancing act, although he's and reservations might be a problem that you're looking at the spoiler. there's the one of the bay area, 13 in california restaurants, but only one in the bay area. and it's in san francisco, the renowned the house of prime rib. and that's the that's according to their metrics for this study. anyway, jay fell very romantic. there are a mirror on agenda and then right, oh, they roll the meat in the big, you know, the cart that car to your table. yeah. for sure. they had did that.
8:56 am
the cart, steph off. no, no, to put limp off after this is on the court saturday. coming up next, we'll take a closer look at his injury. >> and we'll have an idea how much longer he's going to be off the court nursing that and oakland police chief warren armstrong still pushing to be reinstated after he was placed on administrative leave. hill will have the latest on what problems he has with the report that kicked them off the job. and san jose is already investigating its 3rd homicide of the year after a shooting inside of a home. tell you more about what happened.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> good morning. and happy sunday, monday, dillon darya james. yeah. looking outside. you can see we have blue skies, sunshine, a dry commute. >> who could ask for anything could possibly go wrong, but john, in the weather center down after this past weekend, a lot of things. we had some hail in san francisco yesterday morning. obviously it was a little wet for lunar new year, but we have cleared all that out. now we're looking at clear, really dry conditions, but also pretty cold conditions to us. we're
9:00 am
back to some thick jacket, kind of weather you outside at coit tower. sure does. look at it. i know a lot of us are out there. i'm enjoying such a clear start to the morning. a transition from what was such a great weekend. we only have frost advisories for a few more moments in effect through 09:00am up in some of our north bay valleys. as we make our way through the morning to their we're going to see temperatures climbing a little bit further. fremont dublin. 39 degrees right now. a redwood city. you're out of the 30's back up to 41. same for you in santa rosa. some quick movement actually, for you all the way. back up to 46 degrees. i'm talking all about this week's forecast. so stay with us for the details. as for bridges, we've got a lot of issues out there actually 15 minutes from the maze to fremont street. that's an improvement. but we just had a little traffic collision pop up on i-80, westbound traffic is light enough that this isn't causing you so many issues at this moment you're able to adjust lanes pretty easily. there. as for the san mateo bridge, 19 minutes to get you across it. once you cross the san


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