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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  February 7, 2023 4:30am-5:01am PST

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with just a little taste of fog. it's trying to form out there not as crystal clear the morning as yesterday, but we're still in pretty good for most areas. redwood city, half moon bay mountain view and free. but all he in the 30's, dublin in concord. also in the 30's right now with san francisco sitting at 46 degrees nevado and allay at 4.39. so definitely another cold. one to bundle up as you're getting outside this morning, as i mentioned, fog's trying to form right in the middle of the bay right at the golden gate bridge. but most of it out towards oakley, brentwood, any out those spots out there don't be surprised along highway 4 and up in the eastern solano county. you see some dense fog forming at times this morning. radar is otherwise showing clear dry conditions. we are going to see passing clouds today. unlike yesterday. so not quite crystal clear blue, but temperatures pretty similar as warm as the low 60's. i'm talking all the details. you need to know as we make our way through the forecast. still ahead, rain. all right, john, thank you for that.
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let's check on your bridges. >> traveling into the city this morning about 7 minutes mace to that fremont street exit. how about the san mateo bridge? a little under 14 80 to 101 heading across towards the peninsula. there. a richmond center fell bridge pushes at about 7 minutes. and let's check on the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. going to take about 18 minutes. >> this was serious misconduct, but down by officers. but the report clearly establishes that i as chief was unaware. >> alton police chief leronne armstrong making his own request to be reinstated as oakland's police chief claiming that the report by that federal monitor that led to his suspension was flaw. now the oakland, a a c p continuing to push armstrong's reinstatement as well. the group wrote a second letter to mayor saying tell yesterday requesting a meeting with her to talk about armstrong's future. and that letter president cynthia adams expressing concern over
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armstrong said and placement. she claims, quote, oakland is acting up without him in charge. chief armstrong says he ultimately blames the federal monitor's report and not mayor tao for being put on leave yesterday. kron 4, we obtained new pictures and details about that hit and run crash. one of the 2 incidents that prompted that investigation in the first place. proffers theresa gives us a closer look at what happened. >> i hit and run inside a san francisco parking garage. this photo obtained by kron. 4 news shows the moment when an oakland police sergeant driving his city-issued suv slammed into a mercedes sedan. >> ripping off its front bumper and the next photo, the sergeant stops and puts on the brakes. but then according to court documents drives off without leaving a note or reporting the accident to his supervisors. all of this happens on 3/20/2021, to 10, 30 in the morning inside a
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garage at 3.99. fremont street. the owner of the mercedes later stated that he was shocked when he found his vehicle damaged. as you can see in this side picture, the bumpers barely intact. it took a month for the car to be repaired. 2 months later after tracing the license plate to opd the owner's insurance company issued this letter to the oakland city attorney's office asking for nearly $14,000 for the damage attaching these photos as evidence. an outside agency has revealed in court documents that once the city attorney notified superiors at opd of the hit and run, the department opened an internal affairs investigation. but the sergeant involved was later cleared of the more egregious offense of a hit and run one. according to reports, a captain intervened. nearly a year later, another internal affairs investigation charge the same surgeons with
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discharging his weapon and opd headquarters. the hit and run case was then reopened. opd chief leronne armstrong has maintained he was not properly briefed on the hit and run case and did not have a chance to examine the weapons violation because a federal magistrate contract to the outside agency to step in and investigate. the mayor chief on paid administrative leave on january 19th saying given the circumstances review boards, including the police oversight commission must weigh in whether he can continue serving as the chief. theresa kron, 4 news. today, a san francisco middle school, they're going to be changing how they welcome and dismiss students. >> after report of a threat made against the school, a parent with roosevelt middle school tells us the school district sent a letter to parents, according to those letters, city police reached out to the school over the weekend about it. facebook post that threatened violence
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against the school. school says police are actively investigating. they don't have any indication that this is a credible threat. police are going to make an extra patrols around the school this week. we've reached out to sfpd for more info. we've not heard back just yet. well in the south bay, a man was hit by a car and killed in last night. police say it happened in the area of monterey highway and blossom hill road shortly after 9. they say that victim was walking outside of a crosswalk. the driver of that vehicle remain at the scene and is cooperating with that investigation. this marks san jose's 3rd fatal traffic incident of 2023 and second pedestrian death. well, a human trafficking task force in contra costa arrested 13 people during a weeklong operation caught reclaim and rebuild. this was a statewide effort that included agencies to out contra costa county and resulted in both the rest and also newfound freedom for 30
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survivors. now, the county's district attorney's office says some of the victims that were trafficked are minors. some of the suspects are being held in the martinez jail are facing trafficking, pimping and pandering charges. now the spokesperson at the da's office said human trafficking comes in other forms that are not just people are often lord here from overseas for other types of work and then they're exploited. >> and then they are in a kind of. >> whether it's almost like slavery or indentured servitude. it's that type of relationship wherein they are completely controlled by the trafficker and exploited for their labor. funny and feels like restaurant industry. sometimes that occurs and agriculture. it happens in a number of industries. >> all 30 victims are in the process of getting help. they were said to have been immediately connected with counseling as well as resources if anyone ever if
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you suspect human trafficking is taking place, you're directed to call the county's hotline at numbers. 9 to 5, 9, 5, 7, 8, 6, 5, eights. also right down the bottom of the screen. california lawmaker is sharing some concerns over the state's early prison release program. and now she wants to see a lot more transparency. capitol correspondent eytan wallace spoke with republican senator janet nguyen about her legislation and has reaction with that. >> well, state senator janet nguyen says her legislation ultimately comes down to this communication. she says she wants the state to better explain who california is releasing early from prison and why? >> do the crime scene do the time. but in california, that phrase is not as simple as us in 2016 voters passed prop 57 among other things. it allows felon serving time for nonviolent offenses to earn good behavior and education credits that could lead to an
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early release. but gop lawmakers say the state early release system needs reform. it's a completely and transparent a broken system. that's a republican state. senator janet nguyen describes her feelings about the state's early release programs. she says the state has not done a good job of communicating coup. it's releasing early. >> and why? but she says that could change of her new bill sb 2, 8, 8, becomes lost. >> it would require the california department of corrections and rehabilitation or cdcr to make public the calculations of a prisoner's early release, including what the inmate did to earn any credits we need to make sure that is transparent. if you want to get early release, tell us why the public has a right to know. >> this can't release present and that is coming into our neighborhoods. was legislation comes less than a week after some a police officer can zello junior was shot and killed in what's been described as an ambush attack. >> that rocked the small central valley community where he served just south of fresno. the suspect. 23
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year-old nathaniel dixon had previously served time for robbery and just gotten out of prison 5 months into what was supposed to be a term longer than 5 years for possession of a controlled substance while armed and possession of a firearm by a felon. fresno county district attorney lisa smittcamp blame dixon's early release on policies like prop 57 and a b 109, which in essence were put in place to realign and reduce the state's prison population with a focus on nonviolent offenders. she lets the governor has blood on his hands for supporting those policies last wednesday, newsom fired back. she should blame yourself. i've been listening this for years. she has the prosecutorial discretion. ask her what she did in terms of prosecuting that case. >> i'm sick and tired of being lectured by her on public safety. >> in a statement, newsom said smittcamp was to blame for reaching a plea deal with dixon that shorten his sentence and led to him serving time for nonviolent offenses. >> she disagrees. it's not
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it's incorrect information say that politely. so i it and, you know, i think we all know what this is. this is political grandstanding. while that war of words continues when hopes her bill will make it to the legislature and make a difference with these just stop and say enough is enough one day. when do we the victims to be protected, not the criminals. >> and no word from the governor on this specific piece of legislation. but he has long maintained his focus is on gun safety bills. he argues will make california safer reporting from the state capitol. eytan wallace kron. 4 news. >> well, a man who had plans to meet his date at home instead of meeting up with them was met with a very unsettling encounter. police say uc berkeley student news dating app devine, a woman into his home on prospect street around midnight early monday morning. well, that student opened the door for the woman he discovered she wasn't the only one there to visit him. the woman along with 3 other suspects entered that man's home, robbed him at gunpoint, cash and
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electronics. police are offering advice for anyone who may be using dating apps right now. >> we recommend if you are going to be somebody online and you do it somewhere that a public place or perhaps make arrangements, have a friend come or somewhere some way that they can check on you. a prediction from the time. unfortunately, these days you just can't be 2 careful. >> the police say 4 arrests have been made in that case. in the east community gathered outside of oakland tech high school to mourn and celebrate the life of tyre. nichols nichols was the sacramento native recently killed by police in memphis. students using chalk to spell his name on the sidewalk and holding a rally there. organizers say
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about 300 people participated in that event. all right. still to come on the kron, 4 morning news, the push to make cannabis cafes legal in california. how some lawmakers say it could help with crime will be right back after the break.
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>> all right. well, we could soon see some cannabis cafes popping up in california.
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>> san francisco assemblymember matt haney introduced a bill on monday would allow marijuana shops to serve food coffey host live music events, however, is amanda harry has more on that. >> cannabis cafes are famous in amsterdam. the ones in california would be similar. the goal is to try and help the legal cannabis industry. 6 e imagine stopping for your favorite cannabis product and grabbing a cup of coffee too. >> that's the vision of san francisco assemblymember matt haney. he introduced a bill that he hopes will help california reclaim its status of world capital of popped. we're missing a huge opportunity to become a destination for candidates. we created this legal industry and they were forcing them to compete with 2 hands tied behind their back. it's been nearly a decade since california legalized recreational use of marijuana. but the legal marijuana industry continues to struggle to compete against the cheaper, unregulated illicit market. >> he's built 3.74. would help
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expand the legal cannabis industry by allowing cannabis shops to sell food and drinks simply allow cities that want to. >> to authorize already existing cannabis retailers to sell sell non-alcoholic beverages and to hold ticketed events like live music on this will not allow coffee shops to sell cannabis. he says it could even help bring more tourism to the state. we know from places like answer them. but there's a huge demand for this. and california can become a destination for cannabis just like we are for winds bringing hundreds of thousands of people to our state executive director of the northern california cannabis alliance. joe devlin says he's happy to hear about the bill. the bill is a recognition that there's a rift has been a lot of inequities really around how cannabis has been, you know, treated and has been over criminalized. >> you know, and and to a
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large degree, know, over-regulated. he says anything that brings more people to the regulated market is a good think. >> and there's a desire for more social marijuana experiences. so i think there's something to be had. >> and said that dining experience. that includes, you substances such as alcohol. you know, aurora, cannabis. he's hopeful the bill can succeed in becoming a law concepts like do eventually pass. if the bill is to pass, it would ultimately be up to the local governments to decide if they want to allow cannabis cafes. >> in san francisco amanda hari kron, 4 news. all right, amanda, thanks for that update, ok? so you need to plan ahead. you can plan your week. know, have a weather is going to fear today and i go and check on the traffic later. but john, are we still pretty breezy today in the bay? >> so today going to a little bit on the cloudier side than yesterday was, but just as nice as it was yesterday, beautiful day to have gotten outside lots of sunshine out there and relatively calm
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winds, too. the are looking at conditions this morning that are also pretty clear. as of right now, you are seeing a couple of spots of fog trying to form, but for the most part, we're nice and clear this morning, you may see that foggy conditions having formed in the inland east bay, such as out in the eastern contra costa and solano counties. most of us, though, starting today, nice and clear. high pressure ridge building. this is going to help to keep us dry as we make our way through the rest of the workweek. also warming things up a little bit today. temperatures similar to yesterday, but temperatures tomorrow will climb a little bit further thursday being the warmest of the forecast today, a few passing clouds. so not quite as crystal clear as yesterday was tomorrow. we clear things right back up, though. and as i mentioned wednesday and thursday, some of the nicest of the forecast ahead of us. let's get an in-depth look at today's temperatures that will mostly be upper 50's to low 60's that are very warmest areas like burlingame in south san francisco, very close to the 60 degree mark today saying
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carlos in mountain view at 61, san jose, you will rise to 62. well, the east bay also looking at that same range of upper 50's your daytime highs. oakland, right at 60 degrees. walnut creek, 58, antioch in pittsburgh. among our cooler spots. 56 while santa rosa at 61. here's a look ahead. partly cloudy today, but mild upper 50's to low 60's wednesday and thursday bringing all the sun and our warmest temps little bit cooler come the weekend in just a slight chance of a few sprinkles to start the weekend. all right, john, thanks for that. let's check on those bridges. >> traveling into the city right now. 7 minutes may so that fremont street exit about the san mateo bridge, 80 to 101 about 12 minutes traveling across towards the peninsula. the richmond, sandra fell bridge tolls to want to let out 7 minutes. stay here. and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. it's going to take 18 minutes. now. the lawyers are hoping to bring home another win without staff. now they were taking on the thunder at the chase center
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last night. lawyers for down started out the game. but in the 2nd quarter, things took a turn. jordan poole hit a 3 to get the does the lead that they need. well, after that, it was raining threes for poole and klay thompson. the lawyers 141 to one 14 and much of that success was due. thompson who scored 21 points 12 assists. >> while clay hit 12 threes and scored 42 points after the game. yet his coach, steve kerr him pretty a static of all health clay showed up on the >> it's just fun. and it's you know, that's that's when the crowd really gets into you can just feel the game. changing, you know, as he starts shots, the crowd starts to anticipate every possession. you know, the game starts to open up because they have to pay more and more attention to him and yeah, when he gets his in his own like that, it's something special to watch. these become more and more patient with the
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game. he goes 12 for 16 from 3. but, you know, just really allowing the game to come to him. >> you know, and it's looking real bouncy the spry. and you know, so looking good over this last month, starting to coie together would a good time for us. >> the doves are going to be on the road tonight playing the trail blazers in portland. tipoff is at 7. all right. well, let's switch gears because computer maker dale, they're laying off about 6600 employees or 5% of their workforce. the company says the steps he's taken leading up to today's announcement. they were not enough to stay ahead of cole eroding market conditions. well, the company's profits of slipped over the past 6 months with computer shipments dropping at least 16%. dell is headquartered in texas. they also operate offices in san francisco and santa clara as well. well, over the south bay we go and the san jose city council, they voted to move forward with 2 housing projects that would provide
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145 apartments for low-income residents and use transitioning out of the foster care system. now that first be an 81 unit housing project located on park avenue. the second would be a 64 unit project on bascom avenue additionally a 17,000 square-foot center will be constructed to help support foster youth. there. we'll be right back after the break. don't go anywhere.
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>> welcome back. it's 4.54. let's get a look at weather before the 5 o'clock hour gets here. we are seeing some clear skies over san francisco. a couple spots of fog are trying to form, but most of us are pretty free of it. as of right now, getting a head. we are going to see temperatures on the rise. but right now it's 30's and 40's. so don't forget your jackets for the time being this afternoon at the coastline. do expect some upper 50's san francisco today. that's you a clear and cool conditions. a partly cloudy day areas. further inland. you will be seeing a range of upper 50's to low 60's. still keep that light jacket on hand. but you should be able to get rid of a couple of layers after these morning 30's rain on. thank you for that, ok? well, a pair of otters are getting in some that >> this is living in lee at the oregon zoo. the spot honors apparently love harbell aches so much so that you can see here. they try to grab 3 to 4 at a time i don't know
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they're experiencing some of increased by we are. i know this right here. got some money with these okay with that as we go exactly as planned since it's a slippery. see what you did. there. eventually the otters crack open. their high protein treats enjoying them one at a time like they deserve to. >> have some go treats. all right. still to come in the next hour, we got a lot to get to. we're talking about an animal shelter. >> in contra costa county, they're at capacity. the animal services in the county are doing to help the pets that are desperate need of a home. a new social media challenge gaining popularity on the peninsula on san mateo county sheriff's office is warning against or from toy guns. and more than 5,000 people dead in turkey in syria after a devastating earthquake. how the bay area turkish community says you can help. we'll be right back.
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron. 4 morning news far. >> happy tuesday to you live, daria and i'm james. we are ready were put together and we're ready to kick off this tuesday morning with a check
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of weather and traffic to start the and it sure was gorgeous yesterday other who was a really nice job. thank you very much. tied yesterday was like there. you are sunshine. kind of missed. yeah. it was a beautiful one out there for sure. and today, even though not quite as crystal clear blue is yesterday was still really nice vay to be venturing outside. similar cool temperatures and well, we will see some bright skies. but between the clouds today looking outside at the golden gate bridge, there's some fog trying its best to form there. we are overall mostly clear morning thus far. but do watch for a couple of foggy patches as we make our way later this morning, redwood city, 36 degrees mountain view, fremont and livermore in the upper 30's dublin. you're sitting at 35 right now. will santa rosa a cool 37 degrees? a lot of us in the 30's, but no frost advisories this morning. foggy spots include the inland east bay. that's eastern contra costa and solano counties. talking to you locally, brentwood, antioch, watch for some fog along highway 4


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