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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  February 7, 2023 5:00am-6:00am PST

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of weather and traffic to start the and it sure was gorgeous yesterday other who was a really nice job. thank you very much. tied yesterday was like there. you are sunshine. kind of missed. yeah. it was a beautiful one out there for sure. and today, even though not quite as crystal clear blue is yesterday was still really nice vay to be venturing outside. similar cool temperatures and well, we will see some bright skies. but between the clouds today looking outside at the golden gate bridge, there's some fog trying its best to form there. we are overall mostly clear morning thus far. but do watch for a couple of foggy patches as we make our way later this morning, redwood city, 36 degrees mountain view, fremont and livermore in the upper 30's dublin. you're sitting at 35 right now. will santa rosa a cool 37 degrees? a lot of us in the 30's, but no frost advisories this morning. foggy spots include the inland east bay. that's eastern contra costa and solano counties. talking to you locally, brentwood, antioch, watch for some fog along highway 4 and
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also some fog trying to form in the interior that they at times making your bridge crossings potentially a little foggy at times now we will have an increase in cloud cover today. so also watch for that. i've got more details on everything to expect for this tuesday. still to come over to rain. all right, john, thanks to that. hey, if you are traveling this morning heading into the city, it's going to take about 7 minutes to make that drive. no major hazards or delays out there. our highways pretty much all in the green. so we're moving at the limit. 12 minutes, a 80 to 101 traveling across towards the peninsula. richmond center fell bridge. put you at about 7 minutes tolls to 101, fair. if you're taking that golden gate bridge right now, 37 to the tolls just under 19 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. 501. and happening today, a san francisco middle school is on high alert after report of a threat made against the school parent with roosevelt. middle school tells us the school district sent out letters. >> to the parents. and according to that letter city police reached out to the school of the weekend about a facebook post that threatened
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violence against the school. >> the school says the police are actively investigating and they don't have any indication this is a credible threat at this point. but they are doing some extra patrols around the school this entire week. yeah. and we've reached out to the sfpd for more information. haven't heard back yet. let you know when we do. let's get to the latest now with that devastating earthquake in turkey and syria. and the death toll is rising. people are still you know, on earth. so they are trying to find it more survivors. at this point, though, they're just finding bodies, 5,000 people so far are dead discovered in the rubble. rescuers continue to dig through it after countless buildings have collapsed. as you can see there, trapping and crushing people, countries around the world have dispatched teams to assistu with the rescue turkey's disaster management agency says more than 24,000 emergency personnel are now on the ground trying to help. and
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also right now, the bay area turkish community is asking for help and supplies to send a turkey. the president of the turkish american association of northern california tells kron 4 what they need right now. >> rescue people including k 9 medical supply. be have from end to did police and people on a life stuck on their knee down. >> california is sending a highly specialized search and rescue unit to support the recovery efforts. the team will consist of personnel, 6 canine teams and 3 structural engineers that country has had a major earthquake. the last was back in 1999. and matters. quake in 99 killed more than 20,000 people. so there are concerns that this 5,000 death
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toll could rise significantly. all right, 503, is the time back here in the bay area. this morning. we have a scary social media challenge now playing out in san carlos where people are being randomly struck. >> by toy guns. authorities wanted to stop before somebody gets seriously hurt. kron four's. michael thomas is live in san carlos. >> with more, michael? >> hi. good morning, everyone. yeah. so what we're talking about is these tiny small little gel and they're put into these toy guns and then fired a rapidly of people. and, you know, the sheriff's office says, well, maybe fun and games for some people, it's actually illegal and it's really starting to hurt people. take a look. this is exactly what they look like. this is a tiktok challenge. it's been going on for quite some time. but according to the san mateo county sheriff's office, they're now being shot at people in downtown san carlos and some surrounding areas. it's happening specifically at night and not only to people, but also just at cars and animals, too. officials believe that a group of 5 juvenile teens who are
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driving in a car essentially doing a drive by with these water, baseball's hitting people just at random. now the toy gun being used is known as a job last year or an orbeez toy gun. it's filled with water. bullets in those bullets at times can be frozen after the waters added hitting people even harder. now, will it may be a game to some. the sheriff's office says again, it is illegal and it's causing pain to people and it can even be considered a misdemeanor depending on injuries. there have been several victims who have come forward along with multiple witnesses in the last few weeks. all who say that they're simply walking down the street before being struck with these tiny bullets. so again, this is something that serious and you do see it on a tiktok. those instagram reels. and, you know, these are toys that are sold online. amazon at some local stores. but again, it may be a game to some people, but it's really starting to hurt people into the sheriff's office says that if you are a victim of this or if you see these kids out here doing it to call 9-1-1, and
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let them know because they investigating the situation as we get more information. we'll keep you guys updated. send it back to us. okay. thanks a lot. >> 505. on the clock. and another big story that we're following this morning. a street, san francisco now seeing an uptick in traffic with cars of people lined up to make contact with workers. and now the city plans to set up barricades and at patrols to combat the issue with trump or sarah stinson. with more on the story. >> and it was it had been something that we've never seen that intensity, that much that many of workers out there for you know, just standing there. santiago lerma is a legislative aide for san francisco supervisor. hillary ronen. he shared these photos with me taken by people who live in this part of the mission district. you can see a bunch of workers standing out there on cap street late at night and a line of cars can be seen with potential clients. >> also known as john's as we started to come out of the we
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really saw a with a john's tend to drive up and down the street. >> the enter the bloc generally on the 18th and cap. >> and they make their way south towards 22nd supervisor. ronen and others got the idea to put up barricades in that neighborhood. the idea here is to disrupt their ability to >> move up and down the corridor. so i be barricades placed on the south end of each block accessible from the north for the neighbors. lerma says the assistant police chief is also putting a motorcycle unit in that area on fridays and saturdays to issue citations district attorney brooke jenkins says she's also visited cap street at night to better understand how her office can address prostitution. >> and human trafficking concerns. in a statement she said in part currently citations for solicitation are referred to our neighborhood courts for adjudication. johns referred to neighborhood court are expected to abide by the
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agreements they make with community members, including going to john school and pledging to not repeat their behavior. 14 john's have been referred to neighborhood court. so what does john school, one of the key messages is trying to do and put the building, trying to get them to understand that what they're doing is is harmful. doctor michael shipley works for the national center for exploitation. >> this nonprofit did a 3 year study commissioned by the department of justice to observe a program in san francisco and it found it to be very successful in the 10 years. leading up to this program, starting. the real fence rate for men in the city got arrested was 8.8%. >> and it really fell by nearly half the exact year. the program started and it never rebound. as doctor shipley says there are over 100 programs that are modeled after the one in san francisco.
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>> that was sarah stinson reporting supervisor ronen staff says that the next 2 to 3 days, those barricades are going to be in place. and in 2 weeks the city is going to reevaluate to see if this proposed solutions working. so we'll follow up on the story 508, right now in the east bay, hundreds of dogs and cats are in desperate need of new homes in the running out of rooms in the shelters. yeah. the contra costa county animal services is waiving adoption fees this month trying to help these animals find their forever homes. kron four's will tran standing by live in martinez with the story. good morning. well, >> i'm in front of the shelter, guys. so if you want to save money and save a life now is your chance. you talked about waiving adoption fees. let me melt your heart. let's get right to. we're going to pull up the web site. these are the animals up for adoption. they say they have about more than 100 animals that need to either go to a permanent home or they're looking for foster parents to
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bring those animals out while they look for a permanent home. so all those animals that you see if it melts your heart, get a hold of the contra costa county animal services and they will link you up to your new for baby. hopefully here's how they're going to help you help them help the animals. now, the adoption fees they range in size of the animal as well as the animal itself. but if you can do this, you can save as much as $155. if you do this, they have licensing fees. of course, if you get the animal, but they are looking for your help. this place should be open to the public in a few hours and i'll go in. we will no longer show you the animals on the website will show you through our video. cameras how they are going inside. so you know what, james story? we've done this story before when it gets too crowded. it is not healthy and safe for the animals, which is why they're reaching out for your help. save a life. save money, have
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a fur-baby. i'm almost afraid to go right? 3 back to its always. let's just go look. and then, you know, always absolutely. thank you very much. well, that's going to get story all day 5.10, right now. and still ahead on the 4 morning news. all eyes are on president biden as he gets ready to address the nation will tell you what to expect in a live report from dc. >> and a push to make cannabis cafes legal in california. why some lawmakers say, however, that that. help with crime. and crews in the east bay are repairing damage from the sinkhole from that atmospheric river that hit the bay area was so much rain. we're done with that, john. the atmospheric river today, just a little bit of cloud cover here. and there we are going to be looking at another nice day to be venturing outside a few passing clouds highs back into the upper 50's to low into the upper 50's to low 60's. your forecast ahead.
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>> 5.14, is a time in the east bay. some people are still dealing with the aftermath of last month's storms. look at this video. major sinkhole. castro valley, for instance, caused by the new year's eve storm is still under repair. and this is polymers road right near palo verde.
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>> here it is almost 2 months post the big storm. we're still cleaning up that rain that we had on december 31st was unprecedented. 9 inches of rain all at once. >> crews are taking advantage of the dry forecast right now in hopes of getting this job done before more rain returns. looks like they've got a little bit of time to get that. well, that would be a good question asked i asked cindy, how long do they have to get a start raining again, john, yet nothing crazy in the forecast. we do have a chance of a few sprinkles here and there towards the start of the weekend. but even those looking fairly unlikely compared to last weekend, we've got a much calmer trajectory ahead of us. so good chance for those repairs for sure. today, a good day to be getting back outside. quite our looks nice and are some still very dark skies. but predominantly clear conditions at the moment. we do have some fog trying to form out towards the central valley that's
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impacting areas out into the delta like brett would oakley eastern solano county and some fog trying to form in the bay to it's%not super widespread this morning, though. so most of us have a really easy commute to work so far. high pressure ridge building in this is part of the reason we're staying dry for the rest of the workweek. any chances of rain being sent to the north up into the pacific northwest. we will have one system trying to push through towards the start of the weekend. it's going to weaken a lot by the time it gets here, though, futurecast shows passing clouds today tomorrow and thursday, bringing the most sunshine and the warmest temps to this forecast. we've got a really mild finish to the week ahead of us, which is going to be something that you absolutely want to get outside for today, similar to yesterday, but not quite as crystal clear. it's upper 50's to low 60's for high temperatures. burlingame in south san francisco, 59 carlos and mountain view at 61, san jose and surrounding cities in the low 60's. 62 while fremont union city and hayward at 61
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tri valley in the upper 50's. oakland are right at 60 degrees. a little cooler out towards antioch in pittsburgh at 56. well, santa rosa at 61 today tomorrow and thursday. look at those temps rising into the mid 60's for some of us and are abundant sunshine. good days to get out there and enjoy the weekend. cools down a little bit. we have a weak system that will push in starting on friday, bringing us a chance of some light showers. but that's it as far as rain potential goes in this forecast. >> rain. all right, john, looking to get there. it's also looking pretty great along some of our bridges, our highways this morning. still a 7 minute drive into the city may so that fremont street exit, if you're traveling along there, san mateo bridge 80 to 101 just about 12 minutes traveling across towards the seninsula, the south bay 1, 0, 1, 85 up towards menlo park about 27 minutes for you. there helps the major issues along 2.80, or to 37. if you're traveling. well, 80 silly down towards know pete going to take about 20 minutes to make that drive
5:18 am
a few drive times out there all in the green at the limit. so 5.80, livermore vasco dublin, 6.80, just 11 minutes and look at that 2.37. 0, pete is to sunnyvale just a 6 minute ride darya. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain at 5.17, the time and you could soon see cannabis cafes here in california. a new state bill is proposing to allow cannabis shops to serve food and coffee and host live music events as well. assemblymember matt haney introduced a bill in hopes of improving the legal cannabis industry here in the state, which has been struggling against the cheaper, unregulated illicit market. as of right now, marijuana dispensaries are not allowed to sell any food or drink, but says this new bill would change that and could even bring in more tourism. the northern california cannabis alliance says that they are in full support. >> the bill is a recognition that there's a has been a lot of inequities really around how cannabis has been, you know, treated and has been over criminalize. you know,
5:19 am
and and to a large degree, know, over-regulated. >> yeah. and he says that this bill would not allow regular coffee shops to sell cannabis. if this bill does pass, it would ultimately be up to the local governments if they want to allow cannabis cafes. >> time now is 5.18, and all eyes are on washington, d.c., tonight. president biden is going to deliver his second state of the union address before congress. raquel martin takes a closer look. >> good morning. well, the white house tells us to expect the president to highlight the state of the economy. a recent ap poll shows that 3 out of 4 americans believe the country is moving in the wrong directions. so the pressure is certainly on for the president to convince the american public otherwise. president joe biden is gearing up for his second state of the union address talking to people was a bold monday the president told reporters his speech tuesday night will focus on both what his administration has accomplished and what more needs to be done. core message
5:20 am
is we have to make more progress. but people should feel optimism. white house adviser brian deese as expect the president to highlight infrastructure investments. >> a booming job market in emphasize inflation is on the decline now for 6 months in a room. the president is also expected to call now divided congress to get behind his so-called unity agenda, which includes bills to address the opioid epidemic, mental health in cancer research. but republicans say americans need more. people are very frustrated and concerned. louisiana congressman mike johnson says americans want solutions, not more spin from democrats. we've got rising prices, rising crimes, the borders open. they try to actually convince us that these are positive developments for the country and none of that's true. newly elected speaker of the house kevin mccarthy says the president needs to work with republicans and find ways to cut government spending before raising the debt ceiling. this year. we could have reckless spending. we could have
5:21 am
responsibility. we cannot have both. >> democrats are also hoping to hear a strong message from the president when it comes to police reform. the parents of tyre nichols, who was recently killed by memphis police will be in attendance for tonight's speech for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. >> well, kron 4, by the way, is going to be carrying the state of the union address live tonight, including the republican response afterwards. we're also going to have a special edition of inside bay area politics with host catherine heenan. she's going to be joined by a panel of political experts immediately following the president's address and the gop response. and so they'll break that all down for you again, that all starts here at 6 o'clock tonight. it's 5.21. we're going to take a quick break. but coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news extra calfresh benefits will no longer be offered soon. the ripple could have on local food banks. >> and a man was hoping to meet up with his date but ended up getting robbed. instead, we're going to tell you how that happened. we'll
5:22 am
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>> we're back at 5.24. and for your money this morning, the extra money given in calfresh benefits will soon come to an end and 10's of thousands of area households are going to feel it. the extra 100 to $200 a month that was given to families and individuals in need during the pandemic. so
5:25 am
they could buy food. he's now coming to a close and now food banks across the bay area and the state are expecting to see a surge in demand in the weeks and months ahead. they say families that have yet to recover from the pandemic may see their benefits reduced to as little as $23 a month. >> is he's been if it's go away, we'll see more people turning to food banks and of course, for big banks, the same inflationary prices that are impacting individuals are also impacting our budget. and at the same time, our donations we're going down to start by financial donations. >> not good news on that front. the end of the emergency allotment is going to impact more than 80,000 households in san francisco and marin counties alone and more than 90,000 households in san mateo and santa clara counties. local food banks say the community donations are needed now more than ever to cover increased demand and increase cost for staples. like eggs and milk. it's 5.25, in the south bay. the san jose city council voted to move
5:26 am
forward with 2 housing projects. >> that would provide 145 apartments for low-income residents and youth transitioning out of the foster care system. the first would be an 81 unit project located at park more avenue and then the second is a 64 unit project on bascom avenue. in addition to that, a 17,000 square-foot center would be constructed to help support foster youth. it's 5.26. and coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news fans flocking to glendale, arizona. >> the city is celebrating opening night for the big game. we're going to take a look at how they kicked things look at how they kicked things off.
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>> where back? 5.29. the time and super bowl festivities underway in arizona now is that city gets ready to host the maybe i'm is on high. yeah. if you like those 2 teams are practicing right now. you can check that out. plus, there's all kinds of funds activities they kicked off last night. yeah. kron four's jordan williams is live in glendale with a look. good morning, jordan. >> good morning, james and darya. yeah. wonderful. start to super bowl week last night opening night that was in downtown phoenix right now and outside our beautiful stadium
5:30 am
in glendale, the state farm stadium last night was opening night. it was really the media event. that's where we see all the players answer. all those usually fun and pretty unique questions. both players from both teams and both coaches answering those questions. usually we see some fun and interesting ones like what type of music players may listen to before the game or what type of food they may eat before the game as well. and we actually caught up with a few of those players to ask them about some of those unique questions that they were getting. >> and haven't really been too crazy to have is there just really like simple question it and i want take a cactus to grow again in 2 years, and experience is not for super bowl covid. >> but there is you rid of it well.
5:31 am
>> well, now the fun is over and the real work starts. both teams will be practicing at their facilities and will not see each other until sunday at super bowl. 57 here at state farm stadium on sunday in glendale, i'm jordan williams. >> now it's nice getting inside. look there, media row, all the athletes being interviewed, all the fans starting to sell. you can really sense that the buzz is starting to build. i take it. >> yes, certainly last night was super packed the footprint center. that's where the suns play. you would have thought that they had a game. i think they're on a road trip right now, though, to kind of make space because the stadium was packed with all the fans trying to get a closer glimpse at some of the players. >> how fun. all right, jordan, appreciate the update. thank you so much. live from glendale this morning, ok, and the suns remind me of the words which we've got coming up actually 2 later and a
5:32 am
commanding way more. right now and take a look at the weather. that kind of son to help. nice, john. yeah. getting a little bit more of that. nice weather today. yesterday was certainly a beautiful one. got a lot of sunshine, really mild afternoon this morning. we're back to the cold, but we'll get back to those mild temperatures later on what we've got outside looking outside from the east bay hills is pretty clear conditions. some fog is trying to form in the bay itself. the visibility for most of us is still really good. redwood city sitting at 36 fremont mountain view as well as dublin conquered livermore valley, almost all the north bay. well, down into the 30's for current temperatures. we are seeing some fog as well out towards the central valley. so watch for that along highway 4 as well as out to eastern solano county. for the most part, though, pretty easy one as you're venturing outside. just don't forget those extra layers to stay nice and cozy. now we are most importantly, staying dry. that means this morning commute, mother nature wise anyways. it's going to be pretty get
5:33 am
wonderful. also, we don't have those conditions out this morning. >> you're traveling into the city, it's going to take about 9 minutes to make that drive right now. maze to that fremont street exit. thankfully, traffic moving pretty light at this hour. 12 minute 80 to 101, as you're heading across towards the peninsula. maybe you're taking the richmond. sandra fell bridge tolls. don't want to want going to about 7 minutes for you. there. checking on some of our drive times traveling along a to them a 17 still pretty much movement at the limit. darya james, back to you. >> this was serious misconduct but down by officers. but the report clearly establishes that. i as chief, wasn't aware. >> yeah, we have oakland's police chief ron armstrong now making his own request to be reinstated as oakland's top cop claiming that the report by the federal monitor that led to his suspension was flawed from the beginning. yeah, the oakland naacp is continuing to push now for
5:34 am
armstrong's reinstatement as well. >> the group wrote a second letter to mayor sheng hao. and you can see here some of that request, a meeting with her to discuss his future in the letter, the president cynthia adams expresses concern over armstrong 7 placement. yeah. she also claims, quote, oakland is acting up without him in charge. well, obviously continue following the story and we're seeing for the first time for the first pictures of one of the 2 incidents that led to the investigation into the police chief. yes, so this was back on march, 2021. this was at a garage on 3, 9, 9 fremont street in san francisco. >> investigators say an oakland police sergeant was driving a city-issued vehicle when it slammed into a white mercedes sedan. damaging the front bumper. and there you see in the background that bumper kind of on the ground, according to court documents, the sergeant drives off without leaving a note or reporting the incident to his
5:35 am
supervisor and the owner of the damage cars as it took a month for that car to be repaired. knee says his insurance company sent a letter to oakland city attorney's office to pay nearly $14,000 in damages. >> the city attorney notified super superiors at the oakland police about this hit and run which launched an internal affairs investigation. according to court documents, a captain intervened and the sergeant involved was cleared. but a year later, the sergeant was charged with discharging a weapon inside the oakland police headquarters. yeah. so chief armstrong says that he was not properly briefed on the case because the federal magistrate has an outside agency step in and investigate. >> local mayor sheng hao later put armstrong on leave. she says review boards including the police oversight commission must weigh in on whether he can continue serving as chief. so lots still going on there. >> it's 5.35, in a human trafficking task force in contra costa county arrested
5:36 am
13 people in a weeklong operation called reclaim and rebuild. yeah. this was a statewide effort that included. >> agencies throughout contra costa county. it resulted in both those arrests and newfound freedom for about 30 survivors of human trafficking. the county district attorney's office did release names for the suspects, but did say that some of the victims that were trafficked where minors, the human trafficking task force works to help year round. but there was an effort organized between. >> specifically in the month of january to arrest these people and some are being held in the martinez jail now facing trafficking, pimping and pandering charges. >> well, the spokesperson for the da's office says that human trafficking comes in other forms that are not just, adding that people are often lord here from overseas with other types of work to do and then they're exploited once they arrive. >> and then they are in a kind of. >> whether it's almost like slavery or indentured servitude. it's that type of
5:37 am
relationship wherein they are completely controlled by the trafficker and exploited for their labor family feels like restaurant industry. sometimes that occurs and agriculture. it happens in a number of industries. >> all 30 victims are in the process of getting help. they were said to have been immediately connected with counseling and resources. and if anyone ever suspects, human trafficking is taking place, you know, you're directed to call the county's hotline. it's 9 to 5, 9, 5, 7, 8, 6, 5, 8, >> all right. 5.37, listen to the story at a berkeley man who had plans to meet up with his date at his home instead was met with an unsettling encounter. berkeley police say uc berkeley student used a dating app to invite a woman into his home on prospect street around midnight early monday morning when the student opened the door for the woman. however, he discovered that she wasn't
5:38 am
alone. they say the woman along with 3 other suspects, then barged into the man's home, robbed him at gunpoint and made off with cash and electronics. police are offering advice now for anyone who may be using dating apps. >> we recommend if you are going to be somebody online and you do it somewhere that a public place or perhaps make arrangements, have a friend come or somewhere some way that they can check on you. a prediction from the time. unfortunately, these days you just can't be 2 careful. well, berkeley police say 4 arrests have been made in that case. >> it's 5.38. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a new bill trying to make changes to california's early release. president program. we'll tell you why the lawmaker who wrote it says it's going to make the system more transparent. plus, the online platform square for payments. it was out of commission most yesterday. why a business in foster city says a business in foster city says these outages can really hurt.
5:39 am
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>> 5.41 is the time. it was a bad day yesterday for small business owners who rely on square the online payment platform was down for a big chunk of the day making it possible for businesses to accept payments. and make money. the outage affected shea restaurant foster city. just one of many. the owner tells us his business relies heavily on square because it's a cash free restaurant. and the owner estimates the $2000
5:42 am
loss on the day because of this outage square, which is based in san francisco says it's putting in place now. other safeguards to try and make sure this doesn't happen in the future. >> we'll take a break as we come up on 5.42. back with come up on 5.42. back with more news in just a minute. a mystery! jessie loves playing detective. but the real mystery was her irritated skin. so, we switched to tide pods free & gentle. it cleans better, and doesn't leave behind irritating residues. and it's gentle on her skin. case, closed! it's gotta be tide.
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>> it's 5.44. and to disaster recovery centers in santa cruz county are going remain open through friday because there's been such high demand. more than 1800 residents have needed help from the centers because the impacts of the storms that we had earlier in the year. the centers are at the san lorenzo valley felt library and at ramsey park and they're open from 9 to 5 each day staff from different parts of government. are there to help guide residents through the recovery process. the deadline to apply for fema individual assistance in santa cruz county is march 16th. >> all right. at 5.45, we want to get a check of the weather now with a john as we take a quick live look outside behind as it's a once again, 9 tartly, right? dark, clear it the usual here things around the bay. good you can see everything. yeah, i know even though you can see what it looks like around coit tower, it is definitely not bad. it's just cold. as you guys
5:46 am
mentioned, you can see how cold it is outside. but a lot of us down into the 30's yet again this morning. >> we are going to be looking at today similar to yesterday. cold start mild finish to the day. we're adding a few clouds today. so that's the switch up from yesterday's crystal clear conditions. you can see those clouds right now sitting to the north and west of us. those will drift over the bay area come the afternoon. but not coming along with any chance of rain. we do stay dry today. this high pressure ridge firmly in place. it's to weak trough nudging right past the region, doctor to do much for us tomorrow. skies clear right back out. so today a few passing clouds keeping us a little cooler in the upper 50's to low 60's tomorrow and thursday. our warmest of the forecast, lots of sunshine for both of these days as well. we'll be looking at highs as warm as the mid 60's. so some really nice weather is just around the corner for us. not that today's bad. t even nicer in the days to come. as for today, it's upper 50's to low 60's half moon bay, redwood city, oakland, each right at 60 degrees. san
5:47 am
jose at 62. while san francisco nevado valais whoa each at 58. looking ahead tomorrow and thursday, really standing out all that sunshine highs in the low to mid 60's. really nice days, but mornings will still continue to be cold. so do expect that friday. we will see a weak system pushing through could see a chance of some light showers friday night into saturday morning looking pretty unlikely as this forecast is generally just a lot drier early next week, things staying nice and clear and temperatures remaining mild, right. john, thank you for that. all right. let's get you moving going this morning. if you are traveling into the city right now. >> they just turn the meter lights on. so it's going to slow you down just a little bit about 11 minutes to make it from the maze to that fremont street exit. how about your san mateo bridge? 82 want to one 12 minutes for you. if you're traveling across towards the peninsula, our highways still pretty light right now. so on 31 minutes. 85 up towards menlo park to not seen major issues there. so that's good news. 85 87
5:48 am
also moving up the limit. answer down towards he does. it's going to take about 23 minutes to make that drive. and some of our drive times check in on them, slowing down along 6.80, dublin to fremont about 16 minutes. 80 san leandro to milpitas. it's going to take you about a 23 minute ride darya. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain. it is 5.48. in a california lawmaker shared concerns over the state's early prisoner release program and now she wants to see more transparency. capitol correspondent eytan wallace spoke with public and senator janet nguyen about her legislation and her reaction. >> well, state senator janet nguyen says her legislation ultimately comes down to this communication. she says she wants the state to better explain who california is releasing early from prison and why? >> do the crime scene do the time. but in california, that phrase is not as simple as us in 2016 voters passed. prop 57 among other things. it allows
5:49 am
felon serving time for nonviolent offenses to earn good behavior and education credits that could lead to an early release. but gop lawmakers say the state early release system needs reform. it's a completely and transparent a broken system. that's a republican state. senator janet nguyen describes her feelings about the state's early release programs. she says the state has not done a good job of communicating coup. it's releasing early. >> and why? but she says that could change of her new bill sb 2, 8, 8, becomes lost. >> it would require the california department of corrections and rehabilitation or cdcr to make public the calculations of a prisoner's early release, including what the inmate did to earn any credits we need to make sure that is transparent. if you want to get early release, tell us why the public has a right to know. >> this can't release our present and that is coming into our neighborhoods. was legislation comes less than a week after some a police officer can zello junior was shot and killed in what's been described as an ambush attack
5:50 am
that rocked the small central valley community where he served just south of fresno. >> the suspect, 23 year-old nathaniel dixon had previously served time for robbery and just gotten out of prison 5 months into what was supposed to be a term longer than 5 years for possession of a controlled substance while armed and possession of a firearm by a felon. fresno county district attorney lisa smittcamp blame dixon's early release on policies like prop 57 and a b 109, which in essence were put in place to realign and reduce the state's prison population with a focus on nonviolent offenders. she lets the governor has blood on his hands for supporting those policies last wednesday, newsom fired back. she should blame yourself. i've been listening this for years from her. she has the prosecutorial discretion. ask her what she did in terms of prosecuting that case. >> i'm sick and tired of being lectured by her on public safety. >> in a statement, newsom said smittcamp was to blame for reaching a plea deal with
5:51 am
ticks in that shortened his sentence and led to him serving time for nonviolent offenses. >> she disagrees. it's not it's incorrect. information say that politely. so i it and, you know, i think we all know what this is. this is political grandstanding. while that war of words continues when hopes her bill will make it to the legislature and make a difference when these just stop and say enough is enough we the victims to be protected, not the criminals. >> and no word from the governor on this specific piece of legislation. but he has long maintained his focus is on gun safety bills. he argues will make california safer reporting from the state capitol. eytan wallace kron. 4 news. >> and don't forget kron 4 honoring black history month. >> all through the end of february. so tune in this month. you're going to see our special honoring black history sharing our stories thursday night, february 23rd at 6.30. we'll take a break at 5.51. we'll be right back.
5:52 am
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>> 5.54, the time warriors were hoping to bring home another win without steph curry and they got it. they took on the oklahoma city thunder at the chase center last night. and boy, they put on a show. jordan poole was on
5:55 am
fire. we had a lot of people actually putting up some pretty good points. klay thompsoobviously, look at them. you can't be a one. 41. one, 14 was a pretty close game all game long. but really in the 2nd half the warriors poured it on. >> it was pretty impressive. but yeah, klay thompson was kind of the big the big of the night. poole scored. 21 12 assists clay had 12 3 pointers. 42 points in all come on and after the game, you know, coach kerr after their last win said he happy for the win but was really disappointed with how the team that is really high bar. but after this, this is how >> it should be done. >> it's just fun. and it's you know, that's that's when the crowd really gets into you can just feel the game. changing, you know, as he starts shots, the crowd starts to anticipate every possession. you know, the game starts to open up because they have to pay more and more attention to him and yeah, when he gets his in his
5:56 am
own like that, it's something special to watch. these become more and more patient with the game. he goes 12 for 16 from 3. but, you know, just really allowing the game to come to him. >> you know, and it's looking real bouncy the spry. and you know, so looking good over this last month, starting to come together would a good time for us. >> i mean, after all, the clays been through, yeah, had to get back on the court playing like he did last night. and boy, it makes you just realize how just how incredible player he is to. and back from now, many stars we have on the war now, steph is out and we still had a strong will and read it. >> alright, that does on the road tonight playing the trail blazers in portland took office 7. it's 5.56. and coming up in the next hour, an animal yeah. you say all their cue. and guess what? >> 3, they're waiving. the fees will tell you who you can adopt and how easy it is. and a new social media challenge is gaining popularity on the
5:57 am
peninsula and it's really dangerous. we'll tell you why the san mateo county sheriff wants to stop. plus more than 5,000 people dead in turkey and syria because of devastating massive earthquake and that death toll could rise. the bay area's trying to rise. the bay area's trying to help. we'll tell you how.
5:58 am
5:59 am
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>> good morning. we're so happy to see it here at the cop for morning news at 6 o'clock on a tuesday. i'm darya and i'm james are starting off this morning with a check of weather and traffic. before we get to the headlines, lots of news to get to, but we'll do that in short order been happy to really see the sun to appreciate lot. john, how long is that going to continue yesterday? gorgeous, gorgeous day. and today we are going to see another bright one. not quite as crystal clear, but very similar. this trend continues for really the rest of the forecast. a much drier forecast ahead of us. >> so last weekend when we saw so much rainfall don't expect any of that any time soon where we're sitting this morning looking at the berkeley hills skies are clear enough. there's some fog trying to form in the bay not successful in doing so just yet for most spots. fremont mountain view, redwood city all the way down into the 30's right along the bay shore. dublin. you're 35 right now. same in petaluma sonoma and santa rosa on the sitting at 36 degrees. fog is most likely out into the delta, inclu


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