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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  February 7, 2023 8:00am-9:00am PST

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breezy day morning, john and out there so far, just a little cold, but we can handle that. >> it had some practice with the cold. so, you know, just get those heavier jackets on beautiful morning in san francisco. nice bright skies so far today. not going to end up as crystal clear as yesterday was we are seeing some cloud cover drifting across the bay points later on today. fremont redwood city and the 30's currently dublin sitting at 35 livermore. brentwood conquered in the upper 30's. well, petaluma sitting at 34 1 of our colder spots. so yeah, morning that you want to put all those layers on for visibility. we do have some fog out towards the central valley. this is impacting eastern contra costa and solano counties. aside from that, though, it's a whole lot of that sunshine reyna. all right, john, thanks to that. well, if you are hitting the roads out there traveling this morning, we've been gradually getting busy as the hour goes on. 25 minutes may's to that fremont street exit. we'll see any accidents there, but definitely drive times are going up about 30
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minutes. san mateo bridge, 80 to 1, one traveling across towards the peninsula. there a richmond center fell bridge. put us about 13 minutes. we've been consistently around 13 for the past 3 hours. and you're golden gate bridge. one was pretty busy 37 to the tolls take about 40 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. 801. and today a san francisco middle school is concerned because there was a threat made against the school are investigating. we found out about this from parents at roosevelt middle school. they told us that the district sent them letters. >> which said that the police had reached out to the school over the weekend about a facebook post that threatened some kind of violence against the school. now, the school says that police are actively investigating at this point. there's no indication that this is a credible threat, but police are making extra patrols around the school this week. and we've reached out the sfpd for more information. we'll let you know when we hear back. it's 801. and we want to give you the latest. what's what's going on in turkey and syria after that huge quake that they had. >> the death toll is more than
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5,000. so far. you can see just countless buildings that just gave way collapse. watch this one. yeah. was caught on video. and so there are maybe maybe thousands of people caught rubble in right now. there's an urgent need to try to rescue them. countries from around the world are helping out. yeah. from all corners of the world, turkey's disaster management agency, in fact, says more than 24,000. >> emergency personnel are on the ground right now doing that work. 2 u.s. search and rescue teams are headed over there right now to try to help in the aftermath of that earthquake. and that includes, by the way, a team sent by california's office of emergency services and the turkish community in the bay area's coming together to try to do what they can to help kron four's. justin campbell has the latest. unimaginable destruction in central turkey and northern syria. >> after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit early monday, triggering more than 100 aftershocks. thousands of people were killed as
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buildings toppled. couple of siblings. basically >> in the building in their department, department wind collapsed and luckily they been saved. but is this these good news? unfortunately is not common freight, not as rescue crews scramble to find survivors. the turkish american association of northern california. >> it's collecting supplies to send to turkey. its president told me exactly what help they need in turkey right now. rescue people. >> including k 9 medical supply. be have from end to did police and people on a life stuck on their knee california seating a highly specialized search and rescue unit to support. >> the recovery efforts the team will consist of 31 person. now, 6 canine teams and 3 structural engineers. thousands of buildings have
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toppled over. but were they built to earthquake standards? >> they are. the was not done. 2 the the shook says the country suffered a major earthquake back in 1999 and lost more than 20,000 people. she's concerned this earthquake could be just as bad. >> reporting in san jose, justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> well, new this morning as we bring the focus back here to the bay area, a scary social media challenge now is taking root. we're seeing it play out in san carlos where people are randomly attacked by those wielding toy guns and somebody gets seriously hurt. that's why authorities want this to stop. and they want you to know about the challenge. if you have kids, you keep an eye on him. >> kron four's michael thomas has more live from san carlos. good morning, michael. >> hey, good morning, everyone. that's right. parents, if you are watching, you may want to pay attention. it is called the orbeez
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challenge it on tiktok and really what it is is the small, tiny little liquid bullets. they go into a gun. that's a toy gun and they shoot out rapidly. now. right now they're actually hurting people with officials saying that it is illegal. take a look. this is exactly what we're talking about. those tiny gel or what is affecting people now, the san mateo county sheriff's office say that they're being shot at people in downtown san carlos and some surrounding areas. it's happening specifically at night and not only to people but also carson, animals. officials believe it's a group of 5 teens were driving in a car essentially doing a drive by with these water. baseball's hitting people at random. now the toy gun being used is known as a gel blaster an orbeez toy gun. it's filled with water bullets in those bullets at times can be frozen, hitting people even harder. well, it may be a game to some. the sheriff's office says that it is a legal when it causes pain and can even be considered a misdemeanor depending on injuries. there
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have been several victims along with multiple witnesses have come forward in the last few weeks. all who say that they were walking through the area when they were simply hit with you know what officials do say again, it is a legal ad can be considered a misdemeanor. they're urging parents to speak with their children about the significance of these tiny little bullets, that can hit people these little water. and again, they may think that it's a game, but really it's hurting people and it is still under investigation have any information regarding those 5 who were in the vehicle. you can give them a call. and if you are affected by this, they do ask that you call 9-1-1, immediately. send it back to you guys live this morning in the studio. >> thank you very much. michael. time now is 806. and warren following another big story this morning and san francisco. there's a street in the mission district that is seeing a lot of traffic with people trying to pick up workers. san francisco supervisor hillary ronen says her office has gotten a lot of complaints from people who
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live on this street. it's cap street and you can see all of the people looks like women in the middle of the street there late at night and lines of cars waiting for them trying to contact them. and these to be johns in the cars trying to pick them up. and her office says that johns are going up and down the street. they 100 19th and cap make their way over 22nd street san diego lerma is a legislative aide for supervisor ronen and says that they're working on ways to stop this. >> the idea here is to disrupt their ability to move up and down the corridor. so i will be barricades placed on the south end of each block accessible from the north for the neighbors. >> says that the assistant police chief is also putting a motorcycle union new unit in the area. fridays and saturdays and they will issue citations and the district attorney says that potential clients who are cited for
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solicitations would have to go what they call john school. so they don't repeat their behavior. they find that they did a study in san francisco about re offense for men and they say it's pretty effective. 807, is a time. other news that we're following this morning in the east bay. >> yeah, we've got hundreds of dogs and cats now in desperate need of a forever home. shelters are running out of space and they're trying to make it easy and contra costa county by waiving the adoption fees this month. let's go to kron. four's will tran he's covering is live in martinez morning. well. >> well, let me talk to the viewers, james and area to answer that eternal question. who let the dogs out waiting all morning to say that the answer is you. if you want to come down here to the contra costa county animal services to bring home a fur baby. >> they are making it a win-win situation for the fur babies. and for you as they are waiving the adoption fee all month long.
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>> let me give you a preview of who you can bring on the cause of far as i'm concerned. they're human. that's why i'm saying who. >> you can bring on cats. dogs bunnies. they're not just filling up at the animal services here in martinez, they're overflowing 100 of them need a permanent home or at the very least, a foster home come on down the doors, open up at 10 o'clock this morning. and if you do that, you can save as much as $155, depending on the breed as well as the size of the animal. you still have to pay the licensing fee, which is around $25. but more importantly, you are offering a home to these animals because it's overflowing and it's unhealthy. we've done these stories before. not just here, but at animal shelters all over the bay area when it's so full, it's actually unhealthy for the animals. then you can bring home a fur baby as well. and they will, of course, become a member of the family. they promise that i will be
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inside a short time from now either to hold the fur babies or they'll bring up for babies for me to show. so just hang on and now try to bring that to you for 9 o'clock. i already told them james and area i don't want to. and the reason why i don't, i will melt and bring home all. >> bunch of fur baby. and then you know what? maybe one of them. i will name kevin hart because they will have the life of pets >> great, great movie, 10 right now. still ahead on the all eyes on. president biden going address the nation tonight and we'll see what we can expect from that speech in a report from washington, d.c., plus republicans are pressuring the biden administration to ban tiktok. they are concerned about privacy after the chinese spy balloon was shot down. and crews in the east bay are still trying to repair damage from a sinkhole that was left from what we had a huge storm in the bay area. earlier, we'll take a look at the
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progress. >> and today, another nice afternoon, some upper 50's at the coast in some low 60's to upper 50's elsewhere in the bay area. a bit of a difference. we do have some cloud cover moving across the region. i've got you covered in your forecast and before you leave the house, you need to know what you need to run into on your morning drive tracking that commute will be right back after the break.
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>> it is 8.13, right now. and in the east bay, there's still a major sinkhole young new year's eve member. the storm in there that kind of opened the door to all of january. and we have so many storms after that. but we're crews. >> we're back at yesterday. try to take advantage of this dry weather to get that repair work done. units taking a look at the progress. >> drivers must use caution because of the repair work being done to this huge sinkhole here on the section of palomarez road near palo verde in castro valley. the massive amount of water created a sinkhole. >> which cause a covert to fail and subsequently the road to fail. the deputy director of the alameda county public works department. john met lot, says the new year's eve storm created the road hazard. >> and the subsequent storms that followed has slowed the work being done to get the road back open. here it is almost 2 months post the big
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storm. we're still cleaning up that rain that we had on december 31st was unprecedented. 9 inches of rain all at once devastated, devastated. >> he says the amount of rain water coming down from the top of the hill overwhelm the stream flowing into the covert compromise, the road. he describes the work being done to get fit. so this is a stream that you that runs under the road through a culvert. >> so what we have to do in order to do the repair, we can't have the water flowing through there. so what we have done is set up a bypass pump upstream that pumps the water around the repair area in order to affect the repair. he says this public works. crews taking advantage of the dry forecast in hopes of completing the job before more rain returns. this was >> probably going to be fix much sooner. but the rain on saturday slowed us down. there's a lot of folks that live on this roadway. and and
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so it's really important that we get it open back up. >> it has been pretty difficult and challenging, thank god this people are coming over and just trying to repair the my 10 year-old living on this road. is this the first time it's ever happened? because at that storm, the thing was huge. >> and castro valley has it made you cry on for news. >> they're gonna get a nice little stretch of dry weather to keep doing that yeah, definitely. how big is the stretch going to be actually do see any rain come in and not in the foreseeable future. this is an actual dry in a really comfortable stretch to mid temperatures. yeah. i it's late in the sun yesterday. you fell asleep. wear sunscreen. yeah. i mean, still you still thinking and the oh, yeah, absolutely. because who knows if you're sleeping for an hour, that's a pretty good there. but yet you might need to be put in that sunscreen again on again this morning. and the heavy jacket, too, because it's still really cold. in addition to being
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quite clear to start today, now we don't stay so crystal clear all day long. we do have this cloud cover sitting to the north and west, which drops into the bay area, especially late morning into early afternoon. this is going to mean less blue skies today, but still a really nice one to get outside and even nicer weather come wednesday and thursday as this high pressure ridge that's up shop with us. helping to keep us dry for the foreseeable future. you may see a couple sprinkles early friday into saturday, but absolutely nothing like this past unsettled weekend, which was stormy in some cases and just downright wet on saturday. now, tomorrow thursday, our warmest days of the forecast. we take a little dip with some cloud cover on friday and saturday. 50's for your highs and san francisco. couple of 60's even right along the coastline and some low 60's for the most part, right alongside the bayshore today. areas like redwood city in palo alto at 60 san jose campbell and santa clara at 62 for your highs. well, freeman through hayward at 61, upper 50's for the inland east bay and even further inland. only
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mid 50's for antioch in pittsburgh. definitely on the cooler side for those spots. areas like santa rosa in petaluma back up into the low 60's today. so today we will see some clouds passing this afternoon wednesday and thursday. push the clouds away and say hello to all the sunshine and some of our warmest temps mid 60's. still some cold mornings, though, in the 30's friday and saturday, a little cooler that slim chance of showers on early saturday and then clearing right back out into sunday and back to the mid 60's. all right, john, thanks for the update. he will if you're traveling along, maybe. >> 5.80, or 8.80, stanley and up towards oakland right now about 34 minutes. so we definitely started to bill in terms of traffic and drive times along those 2 highways 13 year. also starting to see traffic building there as well heading into the city about 21 minutes maze to that fremont street exit. our san mateo bridge put you in about 25 minutes 80 to 101. as you're traveling across towards the
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peninsula. 101, south bay. 65 minutes. certainly a lot more there. 85 into middle parts is the last time we checked in. so drive times are growing 8.80, silly, a down towards milpitas about 52 minutes cracking down towards the base 5.80, and a 38 minute drive and you're taking highway 4, antioch and to conquer going to about 26 minutes darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. ran say 19 and google has unveiled its new chat gpt rival. it's called bard. the chat bot is supposed to be able to explain complex subjects like outer space discoveries so well that even a young child can understand and it can also perform other things coming up with lunch ideas based on what you have in your fridge, ok? well, you know, i can figure that out. google says barred will initially be available for a group of trusted testers and then widely released later this year. >> well, texas governor greg
8:20 am
abbott has ordered state agencies to ban tiktok from all devices that are used to conduct state business abbott's plan prohibit any state employee or contractor from downloading or using that social media app on a state issued device, your personal device. that's a different story. but tiktok, as we know is owned by chinese company byte dance and although tiktok representatives have maintained that they data of users is safe, executives for the company have also admitted under oath that that data is accessible by the chinese government. roughly 2 dozen states and some universities nationwide have recently implemented similar bans on that app. >> all eyes are on washington, d.c., because president biden is going to be delivering his second state of the union address tonight. he our dc correspondent raquel martin tells us what we might expect. good morning. well, the white house tells us to expect the president to highlight the state of the economy. a recent ap poll shows that 3 out of 4 americans believe the country
8:21 am
is moving in the wrong directions. so the pressure is certainly on for the president to convince the american public otherwise. president joe biden is gearing up for his second state of the union address talking to people was supposed monday. the president told reporters his speech tuesday night will focus on both what his administration has accomplished and what more needs to be done. core message is we have to make more progress. but people should feel optimism. >> white house adviser brian deese as expect the president to highlight infrastructure investments, a booming job market in emphasize inflation is on the decline now for 6 months in a row. the president is also expected to call now divided congress to get behind his so-called unity agenda, which includes bills to address the opioid epidemic, mental health in cancer research. but republicans say americans need more. people are very frustrated and concerned. louisiana congressman mike johnson says
8:22 am
americans want solutions, not more spin from democrats. we've got rising prices, rising crimes, the borders open. they try to actually convince us that these are positive developments for the country and none of that's true. >> newly elected speaker of the house kevin mccarthy says the president needs to work with republicans and find ways to cut government spending. >> before raising the debt ceiling this year, we could have reckless spending. we could have responsibility. we cannot have both. democrats are also hoping to hear a strong message from the president when it comes to police reform. >> the parents of tyre nichols, who was recently killed by memphis police will be in attendance for tonight's speech for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. >> well, thank you very much, raquel. and just a reminder, kron four's going to carry the state of the union address live tonight, including the republican response that will follow. we're going to have a special edition of inside bay area politics too, hosted by our own catherine heenan. she's going to be joined by a
8:23 am
panel of political experts immediately following the president's address and the gop response of the have lots to talk about and it all starts here on kron 4 tonight at 6 o'clock. we're going to take a break at 8.22. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. united airlines could be facing a huge fine. >> by the federal aviation administration will tell you why the agency says one type of boeing airplane may not have been safe to fly will be have been safe to fly will be right back. when a truck hit my car, have been safe to fly will be rthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> it's a 25 in a developing story. united airlines could be fined a 1.1 million dollars for skipping safety steps on their boeing 7, 7, seven's. the faa says united1removed a fire system warning check from their preflight checklist in 2018. and the faa says that man, thousands of lights did not meet airworthiness requirements, but united says there's 7.70 sevens. did the checks automatically? and the airline says the faa approved their checklist, change. the carrier says they're going to review this proposed fine and get back to us. >> all right. also in national news, we have some residents in northeastern ohio. they're still evacuated after a controlled release of toxic chemicals in the wake of a train derailment. we have pictures of that derailment. you can see that here. it happened friday right near the pennsylvania state line. several rail cars were carrying that toxic chemical known as vinyl chloride. so vhey set up an evacuation zone
8:27 am
about a mile around this crash site. emergency officials then began draining the cars of this toxic substance and did a controlled burn to get rid of it. authorities say a team from the environmental protection agency are monitoring the air right now and the water quality. and until they give the green light, they won't lift the evacuation order. so we'll keep you updated on how that work goes. >> it's a 27 in coming up on the kron. 4 morning news next. police chief leronne armstrong making his own request now to be reinstated as oakland's. >> top cop. we'll see why he claims the report that you was used to basically have him used to basically have him suspended. it is flawed. life is uncertain.
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>> it's 8.30, and we want to take a peek at the weather. looking at all the glimpse we've got right now, john looks like it's pretty bright and sunny outside. what about temperatures? yeah, right now looking absolutely gorgeous out there. all the sunshine above downtown san francisco. but temperatures are really cold that sunshine is deceiving during these morning hours. currently. right now we're sitting in the 30's for fremont and livermore. 39 degrees, redwood city, 37 and a little bit further north, even colder than that with petaluma and santa rosa at 35 napa in fairfield, only at 37 degrees. so definitely another morning for the layers as we've gotten used to during our morning hours. a little bit of fog out into the delta
8:31 am
applying to areas like antioch, brentwood on up into eastern solano county. so be mindful of that. the rest of us are looking at a lot of sunshine right now that a little bit of cloud cover later on today. yesterday we sign nothing but sunshine all day long today, partly cloudy conditions. but don't let that stop you from getting out. they're still going to be a gorgeous afternoon. exactly. i'm excited for that, ok? so we do have an accident. northbound 6.80, south of snow valley road out an alamo. look at our other highways out here like crockett down towards the maze 101, pretty backed up and then highway 13. >> 85 88. you're starting to see traffic building out there. so this is not the only problem spot in alamo. you're definitely seeing traffic piling up across most of our highways out there. definitely the house a lot earlier or just wait until this morning commute starts to taper out about 20 minutes as you're traveling into the city right now. so that fremont street exit don't see any hazards on the bay bridge to add to that drive time. we're down from 30
8:32 am
minutes to 23 so they can just a little slight improvement. 80 to 1, 1, is traveling across towards the peninsula. a richmond center fell bridge about 12 minutes tolls to 101. there. if you're taken 8.80, right now, let's look at that drive time. 54 minutes traveling from stanley and roll down towards know darya. james, back to you. >> this was serious misconduct but down by officers. but the report clearly establishes that. i as chief, wasn't aware. >> well, i was local police chief armstrong making his own request now to be reinstated as oakland's top cop. he claims the reports by the federal monitor that led to his suspension was flawed from the beginning. the oakland naacp is continuing to push for his reinstatement. they wrote a second letter to mayor sheng tao. >> requesting a meeting to discuss armstrong's future. and in the letter, the naacp president expressed concern over the sudden placement and she also claimed, quote, oakland is acting up and quote
8:33 am
without armstrong and charge him. >> well, we are seeing for the first time that pictures of one of the 2 incidents that led to this investigation on opd is chief leronne armstrong. we want to show you this from march 25th of 2021. this was at a parking garage well on fremont street in san francisco. go inside. you'll see this vehicle to oakland, police sergeant driving a black and then >> you can see that it hit that white mercedes damage, the front bumper or and according to court documents, the sergeant drove off didn't leave a note, didn't report the accident to well, the owner of that car, the one that was damaged, said it took months for those repairs to be finished and his insurance company sent a letter to oakland city attorney's office. >> requesting payment of that $14,000 in repairs. the city attorney notified superiors at opd about this hit and run. and that's what triggered an internal affairs investigation. but court documents show that there was a captain inside the department that intervened and
8:34 am
basically cleared the sergeant of any wrongdoing. but a year later. >> that sergeant was charged with discharging a weapon in the opd headquarters, chief armstrong says he was not properly briefed on the case because the federal magistrate has an outside agency step in and investigate. and oakland mayor sheng tell later put him on leave. yeah. she says the review board. >> including the police oversight commission is going to weigh in on weather. he can continue serving as chief. so we'll continue updating you as this drama continues to play out and say 34 and a human trafficking task force in contra costa county just arrested 13 people was a weeklong operation called. >> reclaim and rebuild. yeah. this was part of a statewide effort that included agencies throughout cocoa county. >> it resulted in both those arrest and newfound freedoms for 30 traffic or human trafficking survivors. the county's district attorney's office did release the names of the suspects, but did say that some of the victims that were traffic were minors. a
8:35 am
human trafficking task force works. >> year round. but in this case, staying was just in the month of january and that of these arrests, some of the suspects being held. martinez, jail and they're facing trafficking, pimping and pandering charges. the spokesperson at the da's office says that human trafficking comes in many forms, not just also saying that people often learn here from overseas for working and then they're exploited. >> and then they are in a kind of. >> whether it's almost like slavery or indentured servitude. it's that type of relationship wherein they are completely controlled by the trafficker and exploited for their labor family feels like a restaurant industry. sometimes that occurs and agriculture. it happens in a number of industries. >> all 30 victims are in the process of getting help that they are being connected with
8:36 am
all of the services that they need and counseling and they want, you know, if you ever suspect human trafficking is taking place that you should call directly, the county has a hotline. it's just on the red banner there below me. 9, 2, 5, 9, 5, 7, 8, 6, 5, a. >> all right. let's turn our attention to south bay now where a man has been arrested after police say he tried kidnapping a woman at knifepoint. this was early last month on the power drive right near john ms park in san jose. that's where police say 43 old jen, thank you. jus approached the woman who he allegedly knew came from behind with a knife to her neck. they say he forced her to sit down on the sidewalk, tried to cover mouth. >> and take her purse. the woman fought back. she ran away, but he also ran off. he ended up being arrested weeks later. >> all right. well, the extra money given in calfresh benefits will soon come to an end and tens of thousands of bay area households could feel the pinch. in fact, that extra
8:37 am
one to $200 a month that's currently being given out under this program helps thousands of families and individuals in need during the pandemic. it allows them to buy food. well, now food banks across the bay area and the state are expecting a surge in demand for their services in the months ahead. they say families that have yet to recover from this pandemic may soon see their benefits reduced to his little as $23 a month. >> if benefits go away, we'll see more people turning to food banks and of course, for big banks, the same inflationary prices that are impacting individuals are also impacting our budget. and at the same time, our donations, we're going down to start by financial donations. >> well, the end of the emergency allotment will impact more than 80,000 households in san francisco and marin counties alone. more than 90,000 households are expected to be impacted in san mateo and santa clara counties. local food banks say that community donations are needed now more than ever to try to cover this spike in demand and increased costs for
8:38 am
staples like milk and eggs, which we know those prices have gone through the roof recently. >> sure, ave. all 37, we've got lots more ahead here on the kron. 4 morning news warning of possible spies on campus to dozens of universities after that incident with a chinese spy balloon. we'll tell you more about it after the break. >> and lots of sunshine right now. but we will see partly cloudy skies into the afternoon, not quite as crystal clear as yesterday, but feeling just as nice temperature wise. your forecast ahead. >> and a busy morning out on our roadways and bridges out there, especially in 8 o'clock there, especially in 8 o'clock hour. we'
8:39 am
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>> we're back at 8.40, on a berkeley man who had plans to meet a date at his home instead was met with. an armed robbery. berkeley police say was a uc berkeley student that was using a dating app. they invited a woman to his home on prospect street at about midnight early monday morning when the student open the door not only found the woman, he also found she wasn't alone fact she had 3 others with her. they all came barging in rob. that man at gunpoint of his cash and electronics. police now offering this bit of advice for anybody using dating apps to meet people. >> we recommend if you are going to be somebody online you do it somewhere that a public place or perhaps make arrangements, have a friend come or somewhere some way that they can check on you. a prediction from the time.
8:42 am
unfortunately, these days you just can't be 2 careful. >> now, berkeley police say 4 arrests have been made in this case so far. we're going to take a break here at 8.41, we'll be back with more here on the kron. 4 morning news in just a couple minutes. 8.44.
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8:44 am
the time. and we could soon see cannabis cafes in california. fact, there's a
8:45 am
new state bill introduced on monday that would allow marijuana shops to sell food even play live music with kron four's amanda hari with a closer look at how that would work. >> cannabis cafes are famous in amsterdam. the ones in california would be similar. the goal is to try and help the legal cannabis industry. 6 e imagine stopping for your favorite cannabis product and grabbing a cup of coffee too. >> that's the vision of san francisco assemblymember matt haney. he introduced a bill that he hopes will help california reclaim its status of world capital of popped. we're missing a huge opportunity to become destination for cannabis. we created this legal industry and they were forcing them to compete with 2 hands tied behind the back. it's been nearly a decade since california legalized recreational use of marijuana. but the legal marijuana industry continues to struggle to compete against the cheaper, unregulated illicit market. >> he's built 3.74. would help expand the legal cannabis
8:46 am
industry by allowing cannabis shops to sell food and drinks simply allow cities that want to. >> to authorize already existing cannabis retailers to sell sell non-alcoholic beverages and to hold ticketed events like live this will not allow coffee shops to sell cannabis. he says it could even help bring more tourism to the state. we know from places like amsterdam, but there's a huge demand for this. and california can become a destination for cannabis. just like we are for bringing hundreds of thousands of people to our state executive director of the northern california cannabis alliance. joe devlin says he's happy to hear about the bill. the bill is a recognition that there's a has been a lot of inequities really around how cannabis has been, you know, treated and has been over criminalize. >> you know, and and to a large degree, know, over-regulated. he says anything that brings more
8:47 am
people to the regulated market is a good think. >> and there's a desire for more social marijuana experiences. so i think there's something to be had. >> and said that dining experience. that includes, you substances such as alcohol, you know, aurora, cannabis. he's hopeful the bill can succeed in becoming a law concepts like do eventually pass. if the bill is to pass, it would ultimately be up to the local governments to decide if they want to allow cannabis cafes in san francisco amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> it's 8.47 right now and we want to take a look at the weather before you head out the door. things are looking good. yeah. the view looks fantastic. john. the weather outside looks amazing. how does it right? it still looks so good out there and all that sunshine and it is starting to warm things up gradually for us. but it still has that cold feel to it. a lot of us, especially the north bay still down in the 30's right now. so don't forget the jackets but
8:48 am
looks great from the east bay hills looking down towards the golden gate, not a lot of clouds just yet. they're still sitting to the north and west of us. but that cloud cover does drop in later today. so do expect partly to mostly cloudy skies for the afternoon. it's still going to be really nice. and notably, it's still going to stay dry today. you n credit that high pressure ridge sitting in place for that. it's making sure that any rainfall stays to the north, even as these weak systems do push overhead today. just a little bit on the cloudier side. still a beautiful day tomorrow. the sunshine comes back out in full force both wednesday and thursday, bringing not just our sunny skies, but also our warmest of temperatures. so really nice close to the week. friday cools things down a bit. we see a weak system pushing through might result in a couple sprinkles late friday into early saturday. but it's looking very unlikely at this point. upper 50's to low 60's for your daytime highs today today. similar feel to yesterday. just not quite as clear and sunny, but it's still a good one. just
8:49 am
keep the light jackets with you, san jose and campbell at 62 today, hayward through fremont at 61 50's further inland. in the further inland you get the cooler becomes antioch in pittsburgh. only at 56 compared to napa petaluma right at 60 degrees tomorrow and thursday we see some mid 60's for your highs and lots of sunshine. still some cold mornings, though, with some of us dropping into the 30's each of your next few mornings. now the weekend, it's a little cooler friday and saturday, but temps jump right back up into sunday. back to the mid 60's and are abundant sunshine. rain will john, thank you for that. he will. if you are traveling in the south bay are along the peninsula. >> it's going to take about 68 minutes to make that drive. so 1, 0, one, 85 up towards middle part. that's how long you're going to have to just try to get through that traffic. there. 2, 80 82 always weigh their alternate, especially in the 8 o'clock hour here, 19 minute ride into the city may so that fremont street exit, if you're hopping on the san mateo bridge about
8:50 am
21 minutes, a 80 to 101 traveling across towards the peninsula. we'll loak at our other highways like in the east bay. 52 minutes, 8.80, down to 2.37. in milpitas crockett down towards the maze. that's a long 5, 80 80. just about 31 minutes to make that drive highway for you are getting better. there. 18 minutes, antioch, into concord's to 42 darya. james, back to you. thanks a 50 right now and one bay area university is being warned of possible spies on campus. yeah. this after a recent incident with the chinese surveillance balloon, we've got alex caprariello to explain. >> from the pac 12 through the big 12 and on to the ivy leagues. more than 60 universities have been warned of an ongoing threat of chinese nationals infiltrating the american univers ty system acting as agents of the people's republic of china to share research and intelligence with the foreign superpower. last october, the department of justice concluded a decade long
8:51 am
investigation charging 4 chinese nationals in a conspiracy claiming they worked to recruit university professors, federal law enforcement officers and state homeland security officials to become agents of the chinese government. and in 2020, a ucla student was arrested for attempting to conceal his ties to the chinese government. the 29 year-old mathematics student waspof transferring sensitive software to the chinese military. these are only 2 examples of undercover espionage prompting the national institute of health to warn universities of the potential threat and 2018 writing, nih is aware that some foreign entities have mounted systematic programs to influence nih. researchers in peer reviewers, this kind of inappropriate influence is not limited to biomedical research. it has been a significant issue for defense and energy research for some time while the threat of university infiltrated spies is federally monitored. it's important to note the u.s. department of state actively
8:52 am
promotes international educational partnerships and publishes a yearly open door report highlighting academic progress. international scholars achieve at american universities every year. >> that was alex cappa. real reporting for us this morning. no word on what changes and progress has been made since that stern warning was delivered back in 2018. >> we'll take a break in the fifty-two. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
>> and we're back in a 54. and if you haven't heard amc theaters now is announcing a whole new pricing structure for tickets. and it's going to be based on where your seat is located. front row. and select 88 seats, though, is going to be cheaper options. seats in the middle of the theater, though seats that you might think have the best view. wow, those are the ones are going to cost a little bit more. all other seats. those prices are not going to change this new ticketing scheme is going to kick off friday in select amc theaters in new york and chicago and in kansas city. and they're hoping to roll it out nationally. >> by the end of the year, ok? so the really cheap ones are. if you're right in the front of end of the so nobody wants that. that's funny. cause member. we called nosebleeds like yeah. up in the rafters. if you're in a constant, these are knows. these the cramped seats. without the knowledge. you going to look at. the exit
8:56 am
yeah. so tom cruise up down pick and choose how much you want to spend. i'm probably just going to keep buying the center seats like i was just because you want that view. but yeah. so your rate from going to keep making my money it. 55 right now. coming up in the next hour, an animal shelter in contra costa county. >> has a great deal. if it's your time to buy a dog, this one comes with no fees for adoption will tell you about it. and a new social media challenge is gaining popularity on the peninsula and it could be seriously hurt a lot of people. so they want you to be aware of plus, so far more than 5,000 people have died in the earthquake that hit turkey in syria. we're going to show you how we're going to show you how the bay area's trying to help. [ male announcer ] need money?
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> good morning. and thanks for starting your day with us at 9 o'clock. i'm darya and i'm james. yeah. just like that's not o'clock. here we are in the final they just woke up. we've been here for our had just woken up. take a quick look outside. it looks gorgeous. we should probably get an update on the forecast before we get to the morning, john. you know how it is. it looks gorgeous and then you step out there when it feels a little chilly. still in a that's the way this morning's
9:00 am
going. but with all that sunshine that we've got, that's going to help to warm us up pretty quickly before cloud cover does make its way in across the bay area this afternoon. gorgeous view here at the embarcadero. it's just a little cold. we're still hanging out in the 30's for the north bay, although the core of the bay area, the bayshore is starting to see temps warming redwood city out of the 30's. back up to 41 oakland. you fell to 39 earlier. now you're back to 49 degrees. so wasting no time seeing those temperatures warming fairfield still at 37 in petaluma at 39 degrees right now. as far as fog goes, we do have some out in the central valley. watch for that. if you're heading into eastern contra costa and solano counties. aside from that, though, things looking really great. i will be talking any changes that we have in this forecast. still to come. so stay with us right john, thank you for that. will you know we have rain today will be a different story. we're talking about in terms of our commute. things are looking great out there. 17 minutes into the city. may's to that fremont street exit.


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