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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  February 8, 2023 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> well, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news dot for you. now 4.30, on the dot. another great week in the me it's it's been really nice. not really mad about this. whether john is going to get even better than today. yeah, a little taste of spring, right? the hills are getting green. the skies are pretty sunny. and even though yesterday we saw some clouds moving overhead. >> was still a nice one. now today's sunshine is back out in full force. going to be a really, really nice one temperatures, even a little warmer than they've been so far this week. this is the golden gate bridge skies. nice and clear out. they're not looking at a lot in the way about you. fremont redwood city, dublin, conquer to name a few spots down in the 30's. fairfield down at 36 in santa rosa all the way down to 35.
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we've managed to avoid frost advisories, but it is chilly. so do bundle up for your morning hours. now we do have some fog trying to form yet again out in the delta. this could affect some of you in solano and contra costa counties later on this morning. enough of it that we do have a dense fog advisory for solano county, in effect through 10:00am. watch your travels on routes like i-80, even portions of 6.80, as well as highway 4 as you head out into contra costa county. now, as far as what we have later today, it's nothing but sunshine. so that's going to warm temperatures really quick. we may be starting the morning, really chilly, but look at where we're heading later on highs, solidly in the 60's and even a few of us rising into the upper 60's today under all that sunshine. i'll be breaking it all down. still to come raining. all right. wonderful, john. okay. let's go. look at those bridges. 7 minutes traveling to the city this morning maze that fremont street exit. >> smooth sailing for us. the san mateo bridge, 8 in 101, 12 mini run across towards the peninsula. a richmond center fell bridge tolls to one won just 8 minutes. and let's
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check on the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls take in 19 minutes this morning. ok, the question is, have you seen this dog? the search continues this morning for toffee who was inside of a vehicle that was stolen in pinole over the weekend. kron 4 sarah stinson spoke with the dog's owner who is speaking out in hopes of bringing her love. toffee home. >> a woman left her dog inside her car of this parking lot at this lucky's grocery store in pinole. she shot for 30 minutes. came back. dog was still there, dropped the groceries off when she realized she forgot something inside came back. no more than 5 minutes later. and the dog in the car were both gone. and looking like that role. and i looked into that role and i was like, no way. i was just here for 5 minutes ago and i didn't want to around like, oh, my god, really gone. it's really, really gone. renee renter, rio was in a state of
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shock when she realized that within just minutes, someone broke into her locked car. >> got it running and then drove away with her dog toughie inside. i was devastated. this happened at the pinole vistors shopping center saturday night around 6 pinole police took the report and began looking for her stolen honda cr-v. it was found the next day in oakland 38th and international rate found it and >> no dog. >> come here. as the hours turned into days. renteria now wonders if she'll ever see her. 2 year-old jack russell. again, i can't sleep for kimberly. eat. my child. >> just want to find her. >> she's been trying to get the word out, posting photos and info about her stolen dog on several sites. online renteria says she's received a few tips, but none have led her to toffee. and that means assured on so no looked. >> there look in the
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>> tearing up renteria, described her dog to me. she got a lot of i'll take it to the park and come on. think she's going to be tired. she was place more. yeah, i love or the she desperately wants talking to be returned. no questions asked, really want my dog back so bad. my child. i can't live without her. >> toffee could be anywhere in the bay area. maybe even oakland, where the car was found. if you think you see top fee cole pinole police, i'm sarah stinson reporting in pinole. back to you. all right, thanks for that. >> well, pleasant hill. police say several incidents of vandalism. that's because about $15,000 in damages it pleasant oaks park in sherman acres. part police say the vandalism has been happening over the past few months. so far. investigators have identified students responsible for that damage. students have been refer to community service and restitution will san pablo
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police are asking for your help? they're trying to crack a cold murder case. 27 year-old sean tillis right here on your screen. was gunned down just before 3 o'clock in the morning on june 12, 2020 police have released surveillance video that ambush which happened in the back of an apartment complex parking lot on 1300 block of run, railroads and problem. investigators say while tillis said in his car, 2 gunmen approached him around the corner, stood near a flight of stairs and they opened fire shooting more than 30 rounds from an assault rifle and a handgun. the 2 suspects in da k clothing and took off in a stolen 2015 volkswagen passat which has since been returned. we've been. >> nonstop on this case it's a very violent murder that occurred here. and it's very important to myself as it is for this community. to get some closure. and get some healing process started for
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the family. >> well, police believe tillis was targeted. a motive is still under investigation. now the governor's office is offering a $50,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest and conviction in this case. regulators in sacramento, they held a hearing yesterday to try and find an answer. why the price of natural gas spite and what the state can actually do about it. cattle course won a tony wallace has those details. >> well, this meeting lasted more than 4 hours. regulators saying they want to get to the bottom of these price spikes all as everyday californians who called in said they're very upset. utility bills across california are up way up. the state's major utility companies report that just since december average bills for natural gas usage have surpassed all time highs. fact is the really hurting here. alice reynolds, is the president of the california public utilities commission or cpsc the main body in charge of regulating many of the largest private utilities
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across the state. >> the cpsc and the california energy commission held this virtual hearing to get answers on why natural gas prices have jumped at the very end in tears because shock and energy sticker shock so bad that in january of 2022, the average socal gas customers on the monthly gas uses bill come out to $124. but fast forward to january of this year, the average bill more than doubled to about $300. the average customers of san diego, gas and electric also said their january bills more than double compared to the same time last year and the average pg and e customers saw dramatic increases as well. frustrated customers calling in to the meeting. i'm a who wear layers that and then to turn on my because i can't afford it. my mother 90 years old. >> a bill was $500 just for the portion. this is insane. and my children at home and letting them if they no one
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stepped i can to do anything but get representatives who spoke at the meeting agreed some of the factors leading to the increase include prolonged cold weather, natural gas pipeline constraints and storage limitations that they say coupled with high natural gas and have only made things worse. it can you in man and decreased by. >> like any market, no factor combined with increased. i and we have seen that that went to the meeting comes just one day after the governor sent this letter to the federal government asking for a formal investigation into the high prices. >> as for possible solutions, ideas from the cpc meeting included less reliance on natural gas in the long term while in the short term an improvement out storage capacity. as for the very short term, the cpsc agreed last week to provide credits worth $9220 starting in march for customers across several utilities. republican state senator rosalee sale to a boat is calling on the legislature to hold its own hearing about how we got here and what needs
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to happen next. it's not acceptable. we have to make sure that we >> have it open and robust conversation about transparency and accountability. and that's what we need to do. forward. >> california senator dianne feinstein wrote her own letter calling on the feds to launch an investigation reporting from the state capitol eytan wallace kron. 4 news. we'll take a look at this. a tesla crashed into a home in san ramon smashed into the garage and going straight into the kitchen. >> the driver says he was trying to move his tesla into his garage monday night when that car suddenly accelerated he said he tried to hit the brake, but it didn't work. no one was hurt. fortunately, but a city inspector yellow tag. the house, maybe the family has to stay away from the kitchen and garage. the exact cause of that crash still being investigated. well, the san francisco board of supervisors are condemning an ongoing blockade. that is cutting off power and food supply. the hundreds of thousands of armenians. the only road leading to a remote region of the country has been shut down coffers. ella
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sogomonian report on the shining light on that global issue. >> more than 120,000 armenians living in the gore in a car bomb, also known as art sock have been cut off from the world by blockade. now going into its second month. people living in the region have been rationing. what little food is left with the exception of a few red cross visits back here in the bay area. the armenian community has been struggling with the news and local lawmakers are calling for sanctions to azerbaijan who is behind the humanitarian crisis. san francisco school teacher savanah pineau. cnn paid a visit to city hall to share her worries and a board supervisors meeting on tuesday. >> i'm absolutely disturbed about the humanitarian blockade that is going on. and i'm in constant contact with some of the teachers who are working with children under extremely dire circumstances. shortly after the public comments, the san francisco board of supervisors passed a resolution condemning the blockade. in our supervisor,
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myrna melgar represents district 7. >> were attacks on armenians have happened here at home, including an arson at the saint gregory, the illuminator church in a shooting at kztv school. i know that the armenian is at very anxious and worried. >> about what is happening in back. i want to make sure that we support them and we support at human rights in in our to make sure that we lend our voice. support those who are fighting aggression. the armenian national committee of america expressed gratitude for recognition of the struggling arts off. >> by the city of san francisco. >> still making like this is important on it so that support for that. the army into live there and all of our allies. but the true value is forget. when you add the work being done in the bay area central valley, southern california, orange county throughout the golden state and also across the country.
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so our cause is always been a bottom up. supervisor melgar plans a visit to the armenian casey be school on thursday. >> where the students will be fundraising to help people in art sock reporting in san francisco. i'm ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. >> all right. coming up next to the kron, 4 morning news. we are talking about a costume shop in the north bay. it's going to be closing for good after being business for newly half a century. why the owner says she can't keep the store open. you might want to stop by there. we're close as we'll
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all right. well, it's been a very popular and well loved one stop shop. >> for costumes for more than 40 years. but the owner says it's time to close her business kron four's terisa stasio takes an inside look at sky's the limit as it prepares to say goodbye. >> fancy the victorian era. there is a section for that or what about an from the ad real. isn't it cool shoulder pads? you name it to sky's the limit. and santa rosa has it and so much more. >> yes, the coolest place to go to to get anything cool. yeah. it's like the only place really it was a sinking ship to begin with. >> however, i had high hopes for it. i hope that it would keep going, you know, and every time i would beg and borrow and keep it going in every way i could possibly keep it going. you know, you get hit with something. jenny d young took over the 43 year-old business 7 years ago and she says it has been hard
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with fires pretty much the year after i owned 2017 was the first giant fire that took over santa rosa. and that hugely affected us. then fires later after and then going in the pandemic. we're still feeling the wave of that pandemic. the young says, despite all that, she still enjoys listing 2 people shot for a gem. they simply must have. >> we hear loved hunting for treasures with their mom, especially something with a 2, 2, everyone shared how disappointed they were about the doors. shutting. >> for some like a month ago. i loved and i'm dion says that she has an online store and hopes to keep that running. also as an artist. >> and designer, she wants to expand her own line. there is no set date for the closure. de young says for now it is just one day at a time. in
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santa rosa to recess stasio kron. 4 news. >> well, i'm always sad to see a bay area staple closing down. so, you know, hopefully if you're watching this, you go by maybe support in the last few weeks. and we're also getting a look at what else you can do, the weather is a huge factor in all of that, john still cold this week. so later jacket, looks like such a cool place. their rate is so sad to see that. but we are going to be looking at a good shopping forecast if you want to get up to downtown santa rosa. >> we're also going to be seeing some good weather just for stepping out in the backyard today. today we are going to see lot more sunshine than yesterday. and temperatures a little bit warmer. berkeley hills camera looking nice and clear right now we're seeing those clear skies for most of the bay area, aside from some fog trying to form out towards the central valley in eastern contra costa and solano counties. high pressure ridge still with us. that's going to continue to keep us dry as we round out the rest of the week here with some increasingly mild temperatures. in fact,
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daytime highs today into tomorrow, going to be warmer than they were even at the start of the week today. it's nothing but sunshine. tomorrow. we're going to keep all that sunshine around for yet another day. so some really pleasant weather to be looking forward to it. today's highs in the upper 50's to low 60's for san francisco. even some low 60's all the way out along the coastline. and a lot of us along the bay shore today will rise well into the mid 60's for mountain view that 65 saying carlos at 64 and san jose are very warm, a spot. take a look that 67 no need for the jacket. when you're talking numbers that comfortable freeman through hayward in the mid 60's while oakland at 62 walnut creek through center. 64 for your highs today. well, santa rosa in the north bay for that shopping. you've got 65 degrees. really nice day to venture out there. as for tomorrow, similar temps to today. really nice thursday, friday and saturday. not bad either, but we will see a weak trough pushing through just enough to drop temps back down into the upper 50's with a few
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passing clouds likely not to see any rain because of it, though, sunday temps climb again into the mid-sixties to finish out the weekend and by tuesday next week for valentine's day, looking at more sunshine and staying dry. all right, john, thanks for that. let's check on those bridges heading into the city right now. it can take about 7 minutes. >> maze of that fremont street exit, your san mateo bridge, 80 to 101 about 12 minutes traveling across towards the peninsula. richmond center fell bridge tolls to want to want 7 minutes there. and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 19 minute morning, right? all right. well, talks are back on between the city of oakland and oakland. a's for a new ballpark. according to mayor sheng. tell tell me that announcement at the end of the annual mayor's economic forecast tuesday morning, she went answer any more questions following that meeting about the negotiations. but she does say, quote, is looking good. any deal about the potential ballpark at howard terminal would need to be approved. the oakland city council. the
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warriors taking on the thunder's last night. we got great start without steph curry. suffering injuries to his left. lay. they blew up the thunder for their second straight win. beating them 141 to one 14. klay thompson scored about 42 points. jordan poole also had a career-high of 12 assists. the team says they don't want to use not have a steph curry as an excuse and they need to work as a team. >> we want to make sure we believe this team in a better position than when we were in steph went out. and that's the goal. you know. so. understand the importance of every possession. it's going to be during the stress was like i said, what steps out there he can. he can cover he can make up for mistakes. just what the score with the shooting. but his presence on the floor covers some mistakes that you made. he's not there cover those mistakes now. and so you have to do it as a collective and you have to keep doing that. >> golden state is in portland tonight to take on the trail blazers before coming home
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from matchup. lebron james and the lakers this weekend. tipoff it's going to be 07:00pm. all right. lebron james is now the all-time leading score in nba history. he broke the record last night while playing the oklahoma city thunder. he hid jumper in the 3rd quarter. the score is 36 point of the game and the 38,000 pointer of his career that shot kareem, a bull. bar's record that he hill for 39 years. this than there had a gun. was first put in the national spotlight as a junior high school when he graced the cover of sports illustrated. he was dubbed the chosen one. 21 years later here we are. >> my beautiful wife, my daughter, my 2 boys france. everybody has ever been a part of his role in last 20 years, 20 plus years. >> i just want to say thank you so much because i would without salt in the nba to adams over to the late great david starr. i thank you guys so much for a part of
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something i've always dreamed about. dreamed is even better what it is an iso. >> at least they believed it out. and congratulations to you. lebron. all right. we'll be right back after the break. make sure you stick around. don't go anywhere.
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>> welcome back. all of us to 5 o'clock for 54 now and getting one more look outside before the new hour. and we are seeing out there some clear skies in san francisco. some fog trying to form for the stunt went into eastern contra costa and solano counties. aside from that, it's just cold outside this morning. livermore you back down in the 30's at 37. same for palo alto. fremont conquered as well as napa and santa rosa. but after a cold morning, a really mild afternoon ahead of us. lots of sunshine and daytime highs climbing well into the 60's today. san jose all the way up to 67 degrees, right? all right, john, thank you for that. okay. the u.s. mint is honoring one of the most popular latin artist of the 20th century. >> with a new coin, the late celie a cruz, the queen of salsa will appear on a special edition of the nation's
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quarter. next year. she becomes the first afro-latina to appear on us currency. now crews came to the united states from her native, a native of cuba after the cuban revolution she rose to worldwide stardom despite the fact the salsa was a male dominated genre at the time she went on to have 23 gold albums, the her life. she won 3 grammy awards for latin grammy awards and the president's national medal of arts. what an accomplishment. still to come on the kron 4 morning news, an update to the santa clara counties. >> team focused on gun violence. why they say it's necessary to expand that program and months after the scandal involving mayor london breed firing on dated resignation. letters. the board of supervisors, they're taking action to put a stop to it. have more live report in the next hour. and yet another bay area tech company announcing layoffs this week. why the behind this widely used at the same uncertainty
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. nice and early 05:00am. i'm done. haha and i'm james. it is wednesday. we're halfway through the week. here is where continuing with an eye
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on the forecast has been nice and dry. the afternoons of the great getting warmer and warmer. apparently. hi, john. yeah. looking like a gorgeous afternoon ahead of us yesterday we saw a pretty nice one. a few passing clouds, though, today. nothing getting in the way that sunshine. it's sunshine in full force all across the bay. >> now, right now still dark. but we've got clear skies out there at the golden gate bridge going to stay that way at the bridge through the day where i'm looking at some problems, spots will be our inland areas where fog is trying to form cold morning. otherwise san jose at 39 right now, redwood city. 36, same numbers in livermore and dublin. well, brent would at 39 concord. 38 degrees in fairfield in santa rosa, all the way down to 35 right now. i mentioned that fog. we are seeing some visibility impacts out in the central valley that fog drifting at times into solano county in eastern contra costa county. so we do have a fog advisory for solano county through 10:00am this morning. now i'm going to be talking really nice conditions this afternoso


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