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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  February 9, 2023 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> good morning. and happy thursday to you. i'm darya and i'm james and we're waking as we have been every day this week with some cold temperatures out there, but not not to worry the afternoon. it's been beautiful. this is my birthday eve. that's right. yeah. because it's the day before my birthday. so there we and i won't be here. say happy birthday to me right well, earned john in the weather center. i'm going to be missing good weather or because the forecast ahead looks pretty good. few sprinkles here and there but not bad. i'd say before you step in the airport today, just take a minute outside and be like, yeah, this feels oh, there because it is going to be a beautiful afternoon. really, really good stuff for travel today, dari or for just stepping outside golden gate bridge looks absolutely gorgeous. and are these clear conditions? no fog whatsoever. >> and we are cold, but that's not going to last long. once the sun comes up, temps will rise really quick. fremont redwood city double in concord, petaluma santa rosa. it a few of those spots that
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are well down in the 30's right now. now skies are clear. we're going to see that from the coast all the way inland today. and with those clear skies comes a beautiful afternoon which i've got your breakdown for still to come. all right, john, thank you for that. if you're waking up on this thursday morning, maybe you're traveling into the city about 7 minutes to make that drive may so that freeman street exit our san mateo bridge, a 80 to 101, 12 minutes heading across towards the peninsula. making good time. good news there. our richmond center fell bridge about 7 minutes tolls to want to one. and if you're taking the golden gate bridge, 37 to the tolls, it's going take about 18 minutes. darya. james, back to you. thanks right now, 501. and happening today, san mateo county opens its recovery center to help people impacted. still buy the story that we kron four's. michael thomas standing by live for us in san mateo county with more on the services that people >> will find if they head there. good morning, michael. >> hey, good morning, everyone. that's right. and this is actually just one of 3 locations in san mateo county.
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but this specific location, it's a one-stop shop. they're going to be answering all your questions from state, local and federal and officials believe that it's really needed. let's get into some video of how the storm looked earlier this year. according to the county, they say that there were hundreds of people that were displaced from homeowners and renters to small businesses. in fact, 236 people had to be temporarily housed. so this location today, we'll have representatives from the county state and federal emergency management agency offering help with things like employment assistance, record replacement, veterans assistance and of course, information on housing options and small business programs. now, in addition, referrals to agencies that may be able to help you with what they can. and that will also be advised. we're getting information up on your screen right now. so this location is going to be open from 9 o'clock this morning until 7 o'clock at night, every day until next wednesday. it's located on south delaware street here in san mateo. officials want to remind people that if you sustained damages or losses due to the new year storm, you
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can apply for fema disaster assistance and this could help you with money for temporary housing, essential home repairs. transportation childcare, moving expenses, and even medical and dental in some circumstances. but the deadline to apply is march 16th. and that's why officials want to make sure that people are getting all the information that they need back out here live again, it starts at 9 o'clock. it's open until next wednesday, but they say the depending on how many people come out, they will actually extend it. i reached out to their director this morning to ask how many people have applied at the other locations that some of them opened up yesterday. haven't heard back. but i do know that on their web site, i saw that they served over 2000 meals during that time. so i would imagine there's going to be a good amount of that are kind of seeking out help. so to get more information, i'll keep you guys updated. but that is the very latest here in san mateo and michael thomas will send it back to you guys live in the studio. thank. thank you very much, michael. it's 503. right now in the east bay, a woman and business owner is fighting for her life right now after she was robbed
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and attacked. >> earlier this week in oakland, kron 4 sarah stinson talk to her loved ones. >> i spoke with the fiancee of gen angel. he's in the hospital with her. he says she's on life support and he's trying to stay positive. but it's not looking good friday with you she still lives for now. >> having our date night tonight, i came by this morning. reminder that loved her and a date night inside a hospital room just 2 weeks away from their 4th anniversary ocean. molly wants to make sure his fiancee feels his love. >> i'm just grateful that the last time i saw her conscience on monday morning, i went to work and grateful that last thing i said to was that i love her. angel lives in oakland. she runs a bakery there called angel takes. oakland. police say angel was robbed and attacked around 12 30 monday afternoon behind the wells fargo bank on webster street. officers found angel suffering from injuries and rushed her to the hospital. you know, we're obviously
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hopeful there's a >> 9, 0 number chance that sheen. >> we'll survive. oakland police say the investigation is ongoing. no arrests have been made. angels friends say that's not what she would want. everyone to focus on. they want to focus on who angel is as a person and the community. she has built and has been such a pillar love and support and a person that brings so many people together in oakland and has been running just like such a powerful, small business and he's just an incredible human. her fiance is grateful for all the support that has flooded in. this has been so many people showed up. >> a lot of motley has a message for everyone at home. remember, this >> stay close to the people that you love because you can always be the last day. >> there is a gofundme page that has been posted in its already surpassed the goal of
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$50,000. that will go towards hospital costs and the family and friends have said if you want to support them, all have to do is go to angel cakes. her bakery in oakland on 5th street the staff there is keeping it open during these difficult times. i'm sara stinson reporting in the newsroom. back to you. >> thank you very much, karen, out of the peninsula where it's been more than 2 weeks since a gunman shot and killed 7 people in half moonebay family and friends paid their respects to the youngest victim of that shooting. 43 year-old it. how being was killed during that mass shooting? he was a husband and a father of 2. the service was held in half moon bay yesterday for him and a family friend told us that being was an expert mushroom technician and started working at the terra gardens facility less than a year ago. leaving his wife and children in new jersey. she translated for beings wife. take a listen. >> those being. >> and i. it did not sing.
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>> too, and they in the war. and with all we know is a work hard. did to to say he >> just want go to beach is a great man. the >> the family is hoping to raise enough money to send his body to china as well as to help his children. and father who has cancer. >> it's 5 or 7 in the south bay man faces 4 counts of attempted murder. he's accused of trying to kill san jose police officers. luis can too also known as mendoza made his first court appearance. eou can see in there yesterday, investigators say he shot at officers while they were making a traffic stop friday night and then 3 hours later got into another shootout with
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officers before he was arrested. investigators say there is clear evidence that con to was actually looking for police officers. they say he was stalking officers in the hours before the attacks. >> i don't think that any of that evidence that is in our our statement of facts indicates that he was targeting particular police officers. but given his activities earlier that evening. he was looking for police officers. >> condors next court date is april 3rd. he's being held right now without bail. >> another developing story this morning. san francisco's district attorney now charging the man who entered a jewish center last week and started shooting blanks with a hate crime. that shooting happened at the your son center and police arrested. 51 year-old dimitri mission. the decision to charge him with a hate crime comes following statements that he apparently made at the time of the incident and things he's posted on social media. >> i hope that, you know, help
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you get convicted in that he's time because i believe they should decide are now looking at can we move to a new location in the same neighborhood? because now everyone san francisco was watch the news know where we are knows. unfortunately we worked. >> yeah. the center says that they are beefing up security. >> alameda county supervisor richard of now has passed we don't know the cause of death at this hour, but he served as county supervisor since 2012 and represented district 2, which includes hayward union city, newark and parts of fremont. nate miley. the president of the board of supervisors shared a statement it reads in part, richard alley was a champion for his district, especially as hometown of union city. richard fought for safety, net services, mental health programs, who's an advocate for at-risk youth job development programs and was a steadfast champion for
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organized labor. >> let's turn our attention now to the other developing story overseas. search teams continue to look for survivors through the widespread destruction left by that earthquake in turkey and syria. some are using microphones to try to pick up faint noises. they're also using special cameras to the can pick up heat inside of the rubble. more than 17,000 people have now been reported dead. this is the world's deadliest earthquake in more than a decade. meanwhile, those who lost their homes in that quake are now struggling to stay warm and they're in need of food and water officials in turkey and syria are working right now to try to evacuate people and provide them with temporary accommodations. as we know the winter weather, there has been freezing. >> it's 5.10, and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, oakland opening a new tiny cabin community for the unhoused. they're getting ready to clear out camp in nearby. we'll have the latest. plus, a new bill could give people behind bars the right to vote. why supporters are going to face an uphill
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battle, though, to get it passed. and president biden hitting the road to double down on the remarks he made during his state of the union address. >> and today going to be a beautiful one. if you thought yesterday felt good to wait for this afternoon. we're warming things up. even a few more degrees. keeping the sunshine around too. your forecast ahead. >> and you are looking at that commute on a early thursday morning tracking those drive times while the updated view that we get back from break.
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>> it's 5.13, and it's dark and cold outside to stay that way, know, it's what we've been used to every morning so far. and the reward is the afternoons as bowling check it out. i, john. yeah, exactly right, guys. cold morning yet again. but she didn't know how these afternoons of gotten to be so nice and mild than today. we're stepping it up a few more degrees. a couple of us actually going to reach the low 70's today. that's going to be the first time we've seen that number in a minute for a few of these areas. now the golden gate bridge looks absolutely beautiful and clear. the coast is going to be an excellent spot to be today. will solidly be in the 60's right along the shoreline. and with that sunshine, it's going to feel really good. so if you haven't gotten a chance to enjoy the nice weather yet, today is a good one to go ahead and do
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so. radar shows you all those clear skies, nothing and a radar view today. but tomorrow we do switch things up a little bit. this high pressure ridge, which has been firmly in place so far this workweek loosens a little bit tomorrow as this cold front to our north tries to its way in that high pressure. ridge is strong enough that it's going to weaken as it pushes through. but we will see some changes nonetheless. so today beautifully, sunny, nice and mild tomorrow. you will notice cloud cover sinking into the bay area. a little bit on the cooler side and towards tomorrow evening. a couple of sprinkles mostly limited to the coast. the santa cruz mountains. couple sprinkles in the east bay hills. really not a lot going on, though. as for saturday morning, you may see another sprinkle or 2 before you even wake up. but we clear skies out after that. that's the only shot of rainfall we have in this forecast. after that. it's more sunshine ahead as you can see, san francisco and the coast, it's all 60's today and looking at 60's to
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even low 70's along the bay shore, redwood city and san carlos at 66 san jose and campbell at 70 degrees milpitas in santa clara. 69 for your highs. some mid 60's for the inland east bay, oakland at 66 while the north bay looking at mid to upper 60's for you as well. napa, beautiful one. same for you in santa rosa, both at 67 degrees today. tomorrow's temperatures temple back into the upper 50's. that's that cold front that pushes through. also coming along with some cloud cover. so do enjoy today. tomorrow, saturday. still looking great. just not quite as picture perfect sunday, though, we clear things right back up and temps back into the mid 60's for the big game monday and tuesday, keeping the sunshine around as will also be the case into wednesday. right now. thanks for that will. if you're traveling, maybe into the city, it's going to take about 8 minutes to make that drive. don't see any accidents or hazards there this morning. our san mateo bridge, nice and light. 12 minute. 82 want to
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want to trial in a cross towards the peninsula. >> our highways, let's check on them like in the south bay 1, 0, 1, 85 in menlo park. 27 minutes. 2, 80 82 to 37 87, not seeing major delays on those as well. and 8.80, traveling down towards to 37 know pete is going to get 20 minutes to make that drive a few drive times for you. 5.80, livermore to dublin 6.80, about 10 minutes, 80 san leandro to milpitas 20 minutes like we just mentioned 6.80, dublin to fremont about 14 and to 37 to sunnyvale. it's going to take about 6 minutes darya. james, back to you. car break-ins are a growing problem. as we know in san francisco. the latest happening monday, several cars were broken into near a high school kron four's dan thorn. >> takes a look. >> a line of cars found broken into just steps from a san francisco high school. this video from wednesday morning shared with kron. 4 news shows at least a dozen cars with
5:18 am
their passenger side windows smashed an early lead. they all happened on just one stretch of bay street between polk and van in the city's russian hill neighborhood says the bomber. what you know, i got up early. they're going to replacement in the last year knowing the risks of city parking. she leaves nothing behind in her jeep but still had to clean up a mess. it's when you know, wasn't even anything in their car. and then you've got friend. frank mcmahon was one of the lucky people who did not have his car broken into. my parents are always told you know what? i for 9 and a 2 for 2. >> i think maybe 2 during this are a bunch of punks. >> this is now the second time in the last month that residents in san francisco's district 2, have seen a large number of car break-ins all at once. this is some of the aftermath of nearly 2 dozen cars being hit in just one night in cal. how low
5:19 am
supervisor catherine stefani sent us a statement saying the braking problems persist in the city because sfpd is experiencing an unprecedented staffing crisis and we need more officers. the supervisor says in the meantime, she will also continue to work with police on prevention efforts. the break-ins, however, are leaving some residents feeling hopeless about street parking and there's not nothing got. i don't know what could >> dunn stopped. >> reporting in san francisco, dan thorn kron. 4 news. well, 5.19 california officials are warning people who rely on government food assistance to keep an eye on their transactions. >> they say criminals are reportedly using skimming devices to steal money on ebt cards. california officials say cases of e bt fraud skyrocketed nearly 4,000% last year in july 2021, california, social services paid about $92,000 in fraud claims by the same time last year it jumped almost 4 million dollars. the
5:20 am
state has also lost a total of nearly 24 million dollars in scams over the last 12 months. it's 5.19, in a california state lawmaker is proposing legislation that would allow inmates to vote. >> while they're serving their time, supporters say that this would make california not just more inclusive, but also say for they say, but opponents argue that victims are being left out. on was incarcerated for more than 10 years and supports the legislation. >> and learn about the power of our voice and actually learn how regardless of whether i was incarcerated or not. i belong to this community outside, right. and then when i learned that i still belong to this community outside and i felt like i belonged. i was no longer willing to cause harm to this community. >> for this to become law, it needs approval from both chambers, the governor and for voters. time now is 5.20. and today president biden takes his state of the union message on the road. that's right. he's heading to florida today
5:21 am
to talk about protecting social security. we have our dc correspondent raquel martin joining us live from washington with more on that. good morning. we help. >> good morning. will republicans definitely frustrated with this talking point? they're pushing back on accusations. they're aiming to slash medicare or social security benefits. president biden in wisconsin leaned into this debate and unlike his state of the union address was willing to drop names. >> president joe biden is accusing some republicans of flip-flopping, their views on social security and medicare on johnson, on social security, medicare, quote, we should transfer everything. the jobs come after tuesday night, republicans loudly booed the president when he accused pushing cuts to the program, senator named mike lee. they played last night. something even know existed. >> a video of him saying obey my objection to phase out social security. but utah republican senator mike lee
5:22 am
says the programs were never on the chopping block. in a statement posted to twitter, he says the president took his words out of context and says he's, quote, aware of no republican who suggested any modification. >> well, i sure hope that's true. believe one i see it there. but just lay down. republicans are currently vowing not to raise the debt ceiling until democrats agree to federal spending cuts. missouri republican senator josh hawley. >> who's introduced a bill to protect social security and medicare during debt ceiling negotiations says the president should instead focus on the real issues. i do think if there's an area we can work together on. >> we can actually make some progress. it is capping the price of insulin. >> there's likely little coincident. the president is pushing this message in battleground states like wisconsin. and then today, florida, we know that the president right now is potentially going to announce his reelection bid for 2024. for now washington. raquel martin, back to you. thank
5:23 am
you. raquel. >> it is 5.22. we're going to take a quick break. but coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, the chiefs and the eagles giving us some insight on how they're going to be handling the busy week leading up to the big game on sunday. we're going to hear from them in a live report from glendale. alright everybody it's two of any of these... for just $6. can you get a dave's single with a 10 pc nugg? yep. how 'bout 2 dave's singles for $6. (all) oooooh. and that's class. -sit down toby. -sorry. choose wisely, choose wendy's 2 for $6. great party, carly. you must have blown your budget. not exactly. you have great name brand snacks tons of meat, and where did you get this imported cheese? hello. grocery outlet bargain market
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>> it's 5.25, in the east bay. oakland plans to open a new cabin community this week to temporarily house people who
5:26 am
don't have houses, particularly in the wood street area where people are shunning to be ordered to move. this is a project that when it's complete, we'll have 70 units and residents will be able to access the site. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. not everybody, though, is happy about this plan. >> there's no solution to this problem because you can't force people to do things. some of these people don't want that. they don't want to have to live by the rule. >> last friday, a federal judge allowed oakland officials to clear out the remaining people from the wood street encampment. >> well, california has a problem with dying trees. more than 36 million trees died last year across the state. and that's according to a report by the u.s. department of agriculture, higher temperatures and california's long-lasting drought conditions are causing more trees to die faster. other cases include crowded forests, an insect outbreaks disease. the tree mortality rate was worst in the central sierra nevada and forests up north for services. they have launched now a 10 year plan to try to prove the health of the
5:27 am
forest and lower the risk of tree mortality. >> and james schools in san mateo county, they're fighting drugs by bringing a drug on
5:28 am
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>> so this time of the big sure is. yeah. here at 5.30, we're anticipating come sunday. eagles and the chiefs going to have a pretty big
5:30 am
head to head there in the super bowl again, get closer. everybody get a whole lot more focused. >> with each passing day, the storylines are fun. the stakes are let's go now to kron four's jordan williams in glendale, arizona with the latest. good morning. >> hey, good morning, james and darya. i like that. the stakes are high. i'm kind of blinking on. but you said you had a good line right there. i like that one. i'm going to say that if i can remember way exactly how you said it. but yeah, the stakes are high as we head into sunday's big game just 3 days away from the big game. and yesterday we had some big news coming out of camp from both teams. the injury report came out, of course, the biggest news being a star quarterback, patrick mahomes, that high ankle injury that he suffered a couple weeks ago. head coach andy reid said he'll be fine and ready to go for sunday's game. he's been taking snaps under center to practice this week. he's also been able to roll to the right road to the left in his movement back so he should be ready to go. and then some good news for eagles fans as 53 members of their
5:31 am
participated in practice, including offensive tackle lane johnson who has not given up a sack all season. so he'll be pivotal for sunday's big matchup. and speaking of johnson and the homes, they were both available for media yesterday. they both kind of said the same thing that both teams really need you to stick with what they've been doing leading up to sunday's big game. >> yeah, i mean, is it really is? it's a it's a physical game. you know, you're playing against leave. intelligent players are smarter. what they do so, you know, practice and and all that stuff has you know, the game's only 3 hours of the you know, you have a lot more in between that. so. that's you know, is redundant, as may sound is. it's really been the message all year. >> yeah, i think you have a better understanding of the whole process. so you can kind of find those little those little windows where you can get a little film study and a little extra rest. i especially for i was in miami. it was like i want you got to go here. you got to go here
5:32 am
and you kind of we're just kind of try to figure out a way to get it all done. whereas now have a better understanding of of the process and the schedule and ted and them sent to the scheduling week early. so i planted out. have a good plan for wells and go about how we do >> now both teams will have no more distractions after today. they'll be available for media one more time. the chiefs this morning, the eagles later this afternoon. and then after that, it is strictly business for both teams as they prepare for sunday's big game reporting at super bowl. 57 in glendale, arizona, i'm jordan williams. >> alright, storylines a good stakes are high you, but you've hit. thank you. will be change during the next hour to its yeah. really early old to both there and here. yeah. if you stepped outside to get the paper, grab the mail, you know what? i'm talking favor.
5:33 am
>> stepping outside for the paper. raise your all >> i do enjoy good paper, but i've not read one in the minutes. internet. you know what? beautiful morning to get the paper this morning. as long as you are bundled up for it. whatever you're doing this morning, just bundle up for it later on today, garrett, of those layers. you won't need anymore. we've got our warmest temps of the week this afternoon. as of right now, skies are clear. no fog whatsoever. look at those 30's, san mateo redwood city for reema livermore, dublin in concord. and then pretty much the whole north bay down in the 30's right now, fairfield 36 in a rose at 35. san francisco are most mild spot on the map at 48 degrees. now, skies are clear. so once the sun begins to rise, temps are going to rise pretty quickly along with it. and that is going to set us up for an absolutely gorgeous day. i know one person who's very impressed with those afternoon
5:34 am
hours every day this week and rain that i really hope that trend going today because i think today is like the cherry on top. i'm very excited that cherry on top of a very nice sunday. thank you for that job. >> if you're traveling this morning, 9 minutes traveling into the city may so that fremont street exit. so we're off to a really good start. let's just hope we stay this way, right? 12 minutes a 80 to 101. the san mateo bridge as you're traveling across towards the peninsula. a richmond center fell bridge tolls to about a 7 minute drive. checking on that golden gate bridge for you. 37 to the tolls just under 20 minutes. james, back to you. thank you, reyna. all right. now to the peninsula where schools in san mateo county are getting narc can tool kits on campus at county's office of education, giving them out to the school staff. >> and prepared in case there's any kevin overdose on campus. they can try and help whoever is suffering. kron four's will tran stand by in burlingame to explain will. good morning. >> well, james, they're not just talking about the dangers
5:35 am
of drugs inside the schools and teaching the kids. they're actually doing something about that. absolutely. they have narcan, as you mention on the school campus is because of the overdose that's happening across the country where many people are considering it an epidemic, opioids specifically fentanyl has made headlines throughout the country. even being remarks by the president and national politicians and they want to jump all over this. what is can it is also a drug. but it goes into the body and it blocks the receptor ys that if it wasn't there would take in the overdose of the opioid and obviously would be very dangerous if not fatal to the students. and that is why not just that the public schools in san mateo county, but also the private schools. they are getting narcan. >> but we'll check in with you later. 5.35. right now and local health officials are bracing for a new wave of
5:36 am
street drugs. san francisco city leaders say it's likely only a matter of time before the drugs reach the bay area. they are called. and also i so and they're already infiltrating illegal drug markets on the east coast and here on the west coast and the midwest. trank is an animal tranquilizer used for large livestock. iso is a potent synthetic opioid and it's just as dangerous as fentanyl supervisor. matt dorsey sent a letter to the chief medical examiner's office seeking to ensure public health officers are prepared to monitor and track these newly emerging trucks. >> well, santa rosa police right now are looking for a 4th suspect now in a stabbing and shooting case. the targeted 3 friends. one of the victims has been identified as 24 year or 27 year-old us onto van who died at the hospital last thursday. his aunt says
5:37 am
that her nephew was at a bar playing pool with 2 of his friends. and that's when according to santa rosa police, the 3 men got into an argument with another group. >> yes, that up saying to us and his friends. well, we run rosa and they him of his life. >> police say they have already arrested 3 men and now they're looking for a 4th man identified as lewis cam post a reward of $5,000 now is being offered for information leading to his arrest. >> it's 5.37 and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news as san francisco's trying to deal with a resurgence in prostitution. a city supervisor is suggesting legalizing work. why the police union president thinks that's not going to solve the problem. and the irs telling people who got a middle class tax refund. hold off on filing your taxes will tell you why. plus after the break. but again, tell you what brock purdy decided to do about that torn ucl.
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if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. ready to treat your hiv in a different way? ask your doctor about every-other-month cabenuva. with every-other-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. where there's a pet there's always...this. that's why we have the maytag pet pro laundry pair. save up to $750 on select major appliances + free delivery on items over $396. shop appliances now backed by the lowe's price promise. >> 5.40, right we've been waiting to find out what going to do now. we know he suffered that ucl tear few weeks ago and how well we finally know
5:41 am
what procedures going to f how long the special you know he's throwing throughout, right? yeah. turns out he's going to have surgery to repair, not reconstruct repair. his torn ucl and it's set for the 22nd of february. that's the date of the surgery. it's going to be performed by doctor keith meister. he's from dallas. actually, he's the team doctor for the texas rangers. he's a specialist in like tommy john surgery, also putting on the pitcher's pitches. so he's going to somebody who's done extensive surgeries. make a full recovery in about 6 months, which puts them back on the field just in time for training camp and that's the good news came back. let's up next. let's write it now, right? the disney movie because this is what this is all about. right? >> and that those urging them with apple next year, i can see it now. i can see it so we'll >> but anyway, some good news. he expects to battle trey lance, by the way, for the starting spot. come next to summer. so we shall see traded or interview. >> on radio row, boat he says i'm looking forward to competing for the spot. i
5:42 am
don't want we're looking. we're excited. we're looking forward to. so the forget the big game we're shaping up to have good storylines and i stay we'll be right back.
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5:44 am
bill loveless: i came to the lord at the age of about 42. dr. charles stanley has been so important in my life, just his teachings. one of the life principles is that brokenness is a requirement for god to use you greatly, is when you can become that conduit of what god wants to do through you to get to other people. it's just amazing of what god can do with you. >> 5.44 and for your money. this is the strangest thing ever heard. the don't rush to file your taxes. that's what
5:45 am
the irs is saying to people in a who got a middle class tax refund kron four's justine waltman explains why. when gas prices and inflation hit a high. >> the state of california gave out millions of middle class tax refund checks. those payments ranging anywhere from 200 to more than $1000 are now making filing taxes murky. it's actually a bit of a misnomer to call it a tax refund. it really is a payment. caroline chen is a tax professor at san jose state university. >> she says the federal government could view the middle class tax refund as taxable income and as it decides what to do, the irs is asking people to hold off on filing their taxes following the recommendation means avoiding having to amend a return. so less paperwork and less time with your accountant, the electronic nightmare of your internet
5:46 am
going down. and you know, that really got filed or not filed a few very close to the deadline. >> yeah, all sorts of that type of panic couldn't sit. the irs says it is working with 19 states in this predicament to provide additional information and clarity as soon as possible. but unfortunately, i don't really have a prediction on what they're going to do. it. california storm victims now have until may 15th to file and make tax payments. a typical person has to file by april 18th this year in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman. kron. 4 news, justine, thank you very much at 5.46, one lucky winner in washington state just scored that 747 million dollar jackpot. >> but an even bigger winner in california is still out there because it's been 3 months since lottery officials say that that ticket was worth over 2 billion dollars was sold in altadena. that's a city down near la officials have yet to confirm that winter has claimed the prize.
5:47 am
it you're saying there's 3 months have gone by months ago by so if you have a year. >> okay, publish what happens if nobody comes forward? well, alright, what's going on? are they getting their ducks in a row? and they know what i hope not know, right? but here's the deal. in california. a jackpot winner, like i said, has a year to come forward if they don't pay, which means by officials say the participating lotteries are going to receive their portion of the prizes, cash value based on ticket sales. so they're going to divvy it up. well, among all the states. and that means money is going to be distributed based on local rules in place in their respective state. in california, for example, funds would support public schools as we know, because that's where our money goes from the lottery system. colleges as well. so it's just going to be divided up among the states that participate and they will do it. >> would local rule safe to do with the money. okay. well, boy, wouldn't it be something if you are the winning ticket and stuck in a couch cushion yet? no idea. but guess what? the schools would win the lottery get. it's a benefit in
5:48 am
have friends that live in that's where the expensive gas is. so whoever got it probably just doesn't haha. well, definitely winning the lottery weather-wise today here in the bay area. things are quiet out there this morning. it's just cold to start this morning. later today, we are going to be looking at our warmest day of the week so far. so seeing a few low 70's for the first time this week. that is going to be a little cherry on top of what's already been a nice forecast. golden gate bridge. crystal clear. nothing out there in the skies. it's a nice clear morning. much like we saw yesterday, high pressure ridge still sitting in place is going to help to keep us dry for the time being. but this low to the north and west of us going didn't john into their direction and result in a few changes come tomorrow and saturday and you can see them playing out in future cast today. it's the sunshine in the high pressure ridge tomorrow. we see that high pressure getting gently nudge just enough that we'll see some cloud cover drifting
5:49 am
overhead. a cool down and a few sprinkles possible. now, futurecast shows this tomorrow evening right here, sprinkler to mostly in the santa cruz mountains at the coast, higher elevations of the east bay. most of us are going to come out of this weekend both friday and saturday. not seeing anything but don't be surprised if you feel. couple sprinkles. saturday morning starting the day with that and then skies clear up after it. and that is the lone chance of rainfall we've got between now and valentine's day. otherwise, it's this 60's and san francisco and up the coast and plenty of sun. a gorgeous day at the coast today. burlingame at 64 for your high. 66 in redwood city mountain view at 68 70 for san jose and campbell today, temperatures in the east bay anywhere from the mid to upper 60's with fremont at 68 oakland. 66 today, north bay temps just as mild yacht bill napa as well as santa rosa. all it's 67 for your daytime highs. let's get you a look ahead tomorrow and saturday cooling down into the upper
5:50 am
50's cloud cover and a chance of a few sprinkles late friday and early saturday sunday, we clear things out for the big game. lots of sunshine, a little breezy, though, as for monday, still holding on to those mid 60's and holding on to sunshine through valentine's day on tuesday. john, thank you that. well, you're off to a pretty light start this morning. >> in the green. so moving at the limit along. 24 walnut creek down to 5.80. it's going to take about 12 minutes to make that drive heading into the city meter lights just went on 10 minutes. they are slowing you down just a bit. no accidents or hazards. our san mateo bridge 80 to 101 about 12 minutes traveling across towards the peninsula, south bay 1, 0, 1, 33 minutes. 85 into menlo park. starting to pick up just a bit along one. a one to 80 still really like there. 8.80, silly engle down towards to 37. it's going to take you 24 minutes. all right, james, back to you. thanks. a lot rain. it's five-fifty and now is the time
5:51 am
to decriminalize work. that's what san francisco city supervisor. >> hillary ronen says her office is advocating for state lawmakers to address the issue and decriminalize prostitution. the san francisco police officers association, however, says that legalizing something like this doesn't make the problem go away. she cites the legal cannabis industry, though, as an example. >> they're still selling out on the street stop anything, right? you still have people being shot over marijuana. so have you businesses being robbed of their marijuana, right? so it didn't stop it. just because i say all we're going make it legal and everything's going to be good. that did not happen. >> supervisor ronan's office says is drafting legislation to be presented to the state legislature. >> well, in the east bay, vandals in pleasant hill are causing thousands of dollars in damage at local parks. and now the police department and the park district are cracking down on the problem. graffiti,
5:52 am
as you can see here in this video has plagued the city's 14 parts for years. but things have gotten really bad here in the last few months. pleasant hill are pleasant. oaks has been hit the hardest park superintendent tom bradley. bradley says that students from pleasant hill middle school across the street turns out are to blame. >> there's handful of kids from the junior high across the street. come over waiting for their parents be picked up lot of time on their hands. unfortunately, they're doing things like tagging things are vandalizing property in the bathrooms are on play structures. >> police department says the damage and the cleanup fees have exceeded $15,000. a surveillance camera was installed a pleasant oaks park a month ago and has led now to 3 teenage boys being referred to juvenile probation. bradley says more cameras could be added in the future. we're going take a break at 5.52. we'll be right back.
5:53 am
where there's a pet there's always...this. that's why we have the maytag pet pro laundry pair. save up to $750 on select major appliances + free delivery on items over $396. shop appliances now backed by the lowe's price promise.
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>> san francisco's animal shelter is offering a special kind of valentine's day card for people who feel a little down and out. >> about the valentine holiday. they are calling them crappie valentine's day cards. the shelter selling the cards. you can put your ex's name on the card and then they'll shred it. >> and using the get big cages. >> so that they can cook where
5:56 am
it really counts. that's their quote, not mine. the cards are available. the san francisco animal care and control for $5. he says okay. so so it's not my thing i know is it's i mean, i get it. all right with us. we're going to quick break. coming up in the next hour, the kron 4 morning news. san mateo is opening its recovery center to help all those people that have impacted by storms. >> that need a lot of services. so there's a one-stop shop that's been set up. we'll have a live report. >> and of baker is fighting for her life now in the hospital after being attacked and robbed in oakland. we're going to her story coming up in a moment. and new details as well on the man accused of stalking and opening fire on police officers in san jose. the latest on these stories and more coming up on the kron. 4 morning news at 6, which starts in just a couple of minutes.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a thursday. it's clear and cold out there, but it's going to get gorgeous later. hope for sure. the sun will be back out once more. now i know is we're looking forward in the
6:00 am
seven-day forecast. there are a few bits and pieces some sprinkle you shower east here and they're kind of like sprinkles on an ice just got too many because on they start spilling over. but yeah, just a couple sprinkles. start friday at night into saturday morning and they'll be gone really quickly. most of us won't even see that today. nothing but sunshine out there. if you have missed a chance to enjoy our nice afternoon. so far this week, not to fear today is the warmest. why did we're keeping all that sunshine around today as well? your view outside right now at the bay bridge, not a lot of wind. we've got our flag over pier 15, nice and still on this cold and clear morning, san mateo fremont livermore and dublin. just a few spots in the 30's. well, san jose and oakland sitting at 42, our warmest on the map. san francisco at 48 degrees. some of our coldest areas santa rosa and fairfield down to 36 degrees currently now skies are really clear. nothing get in your way in the morning commute, at least as far as weather goes. just


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