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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  February 9, 2023 7:00am-8:00am PST

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no surprise there and gorgeous afternoons will take another john, you know what? we'll do it even better today. how about because we are looking at. >> our first 70's of the week, just a couple san jose, though. you're one of those spots. look up to 70 degrees under sunshine today. absolutely gorgeous. way to spend the afternoon now this morning, it may be clear, but it is cold yet again. i'm sure you're probably already guessed that because we've been starting each and every morning down in the 30's for many spots. and we're right back down there. fremont livermore at 38 right now. doubling at 35 redwood city, san mateo conquered as well as brent would also there as a lot of the north bay petaluma, fairfax and sonoma that 36 currently now skies are nice and clear. we are staying that way all day long today. staying really mild to now tomorrow and saturday. we do switch things up a little bit, getting a little cooler and cloudier. so enjoy today as much as you can. one person i know that's going to be doing that is the rain that you've
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been on your hike seat after. hopefully today to yeah. you know what a beautiful start to the day and hopefully it stays that way. and a lot of people making plans for the weekend. >> if you're traveling into the city, though, right now, it's going to take about 21 minutes. the meteor lights on no accidents or hazards. so we're hoping that maybe it stays that way. 17 minute drive for 80 want to want traveling across towards the peninsula. let's check on the richmond center fell bridge tolls to want to want a 13 minute ride heading out of richmond and the golden gate bridge. well, 37 to the tolls about 21 minutes. all right, james, back to you. thank you. reyna 71 in east bay. a woman in business owner is fighting for her life right now because she was attacked and robbed earlier this week in oakland. yes. so at this point, kron 4 sarah stinson spoke with her loved ones and her fiance to see how she is doing. >> sarah? >> i spoke with the fiancee of gen angel. he's in the hospital with her. he says she's on life support and he's trying to stay positive. but it's not looking good strategy with you she still lives for
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now. >> having our date night tonight, i came by this morning. reminder that loved her and a date night inside a hospital room just 2 weeks away from their 4th anniversary ocean. molly wants to make sure his fiancee feels his love. >> i'm just grateful that the last time i saw her conscience on monday morning, i went to work and grateful that last thing i said to was and i love her. angel lives in oakland. she runs a bakery there called angel cakes. oakland. police say angel was robbed and attacked around 12 30 monday afternoon behind the wells fargo bank on webster street. officers found angel suffering from injuries and rushed her to the hospital. you know, we're obviously hopeful there's a >> 9, 0 number chance that sheen. we'll survive. oakland police say the investigation is ongoing. no arrests have been made. angels friends say that's not what she would want. everyone to focus on. they want to focus on who angel is as a person and the
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community. she has built and has been such a pillar of >> love and support and a person that brings so many people together and in oakland and has been running just like such a powerful, small business and he's just an incredible human. her fiance is grateful for all the support that has flooded in. this has been so many people showed up. a lot of motley has a message for everyone at home. remember, this >> stay close to the people that you love because you can always be the last day. >> there is a gofundme page that has been posted in its already surpassed the goal of $50,000. that will go towards hospital costs and the family and friends have said if you want to support them, all have to do is go to angel cakes. her bakery in oakland on 5th street the staff there is keeping it open during these difficult times. i'm sara stinson reporting in the newsroom. back to you.
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>> 703. and today san mateo county opens its recovery center to help people impacted by the storm. yes, to kron four's michael thomas actually live for us down in san mateo county with more on the services that will be offered there at the center. michael, good morning. >> hey, good morning, everyone. that's right. you know, this is actually just one of 3 locations across the county. but this one specifically is a one-stop shop. they're going to have everything you need to know from city county, state and federal which officials believe, you know, is needed in this area. let's get into some video of what this storm damage did earlier this year. you know, according to officials with the county, they said that it really affected not only homeowners and renters, but also, you hpknow, businesses. in fact, 23 people had to be temporarily housed and this location here today, representatives from the county state and the federal emergency management agency will be on hand offering help with to get things such as employment assistance. record
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replacement, veterans assistance, of course, information on housing options and small business programs. in addition to that, if they can't help you with something, they're going refer you to an agency that possibly can. but we're going to get details up on your screen to have all this information starts at 9 o'clock this morning. that will end at 07:00pm tonight. and that will be every day until next wednesday. it's located on south delaware street here in san mateo. i do want to note that officials said you have to enter through gate 13. it will be in the cypress but, you know, they want to remind people that if you sustained damages or losses due to new year's storms, you can apply for fema disaster assistance. this could help with money for temporary housing, essential home repairs. transportation childcare, moving expenses, and sometimes even medical and dental expenses. but the deadline for that is march 16th. and that's coming up in just a few weeks. this location here again is going to be open until wednesday, but depending on how many people show up, they may keep it open a little bit closer to
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that deadline. i reached out to the director this morning of the emergency management here in the county to ask just how many people have been seeking out help at some of the other locations because some of them openedeearlier this week. but having her we're going to head on see if we can get any type of - people who are coming for that get you those details. but that is the latest here in san mateo. send it back to you guys live in the studio. thank you, michael. >> 706. on the clock and on the peninsula along the coastline. as we know, it's been more than 2 weeks since a gunman shot and killed 7 people in half moon bay, family and friends pay their respects to the youngest victim in that shooting. 43 year-old yet how bang he was killed. it was a husband, a father of 2. a service was held half moon bay yesterday to honor him. a family friend told us the being was an expert mushroom technician and started working there. terra gardens less than a year ago. fact, he left his wife and children back in new jersey to take this job and she translated on behalf of beings wife about the reaction from
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the family. take a listen. >> those being. >> and i. it did not sing. >> we're too. and they in the war. and with all we know is a work hard. and that was place to to say >> just wonderful to beach is a great man. the >> the family is now hoping to raise enough money to send his body to china as well as to help his children and his father who incidentally, is battling cancer. >> in the south bay, we're learning more about the man accused of trying to kill 4 police officers. 37 year-old. >> luis alberto can to san jose made his first court appearance on wednesday. the santa clara county district attorney charging him now with 4 counts of attempted murder. and he believes that he was on a quest to kill.
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>> that night kron four's rob nesbitt has more. >> louis cantu's attorney had requested that the arraignment be pushed back to next week before his client was brought into the courtroom. the judge denied that request. cantu was brought in and read the 4 counts of attempted murder against him in a red jumpsuit and shackles. lewis can't who made his first court appearance wednesday charged with 4 counts of attempted murder against for san jose police officers friday night, according to santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen. he tried to kill the police officers. >> he knew that he was shooting at police officers intending to kill them and that he understood the gravity of that offense. san jose police chief anthony mata released videos and photos of the incident alleging that cantu shot at police officers who pulled him over for running a red light around 08:00pm. >> then 3 hours later shot at police attempting to arrest the suspect at his home on have striking one. >> and causing serious injury to the hip of that officer and another bullet strike actually was stopped by that officer's
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bulletproof vest. preventing what may have been even more serious. >> injury district attorney rosen says can too, is not a u.s. citizen and was following police cruisers hours before the shooting. i don't think that any of that. >> evidence that is in our our statement of facts indicates that he was targeting particular police officers. but given his activities earlier that evening. he was looking for police officers. judge elizabeth peterson ruled that the 37 year-old be held without bail due to the violent nature of the charges and the evidence that the suspect is a high threat to the public. we know that someone who tries to kill. >> police officers will not hesitate to try to kill anyone else, including your mate, the san jose police officer that was shot and injured has been released from the hospital cantu's next court date is scheduled for april 3rd reporting in san jose. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news.
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>> well, 709. a developing story this morning. san francisco's district attorney is now charging the man who entered that jewish center last week and started shooting blanks charging now the hate crime. that shooting happened at the schneerson center and police arrested. 51 year-old dimitri mission. the decision to charge him with a hate crime comes following statements that he apparently made at the time of the shooting and things he's posted on social media as well. >> i hope that, you know, help you get convicted in that he's put away for these in the long time because i believe they should decide are now looking at it. can we move to a new location in the same neighborhood? because now everyone san francisco was watch the news know where we are knows. unfortunately vulnerable we were. >> well, the center says they are going to be adding to their security. >> time now, 7.10, alameda county supervisor richard valley has passed away. we don't know the cause of his death yet this morning, but we know he served his county supervisor since 2012
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representing district 2, which includes hayward union city, newark and parts of fremont. and nate miley, the president of the board of supervisors sharing this statement, which reads in part, richard valley was a champion for his district, especially as hometown of union city. richard fought for safety, net services, mental health programs. he was also an advocate for at-risk youth job development programs and was a steadfast champion for organized labor. >> overseas, we have search teams now continuing their search for survivors looking through widespread destruction left by that earthquake in turkey and syria. some are using microphones to try to pick up faint noises, others using special cameras that can detect heat inside of the rubble. more than 19,000 people are now reported dead. this the world's deadliest earthquake in more than a decade. meanwhile, those who lost their homes in the quake are now struggling to stay warm amid freezing winter temperatures. they also need food and water officials in turkey and syria now actually working to try and evacuate as many people as they can and
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provide them with temporary accommodations. >> it's 7.11 and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, oakland opens a new tiny cabin community for the unhoused. we'll take a look at that and how they're clearing out the encampment nearby. and several people behind bars after a string of robberies at apple stores. coming up, the announcement expected to be made. >> by california's attorney general and chp. >> and looking ahead to a really nice afternoon, the coast getting into the 60's today. most of the rest of us in the 60's. but a few spots in the low 70's, too, talking all about what to expect in your forecast and track in an accident along the san mateo bridge. so we're starting to see 5 times go up. there will ♪♪ see 5 times go up. there will have an active look at that
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>> some 15 right now and we're checking out the weather for you. it looks like a pastel, beautiful, gorgeous outside. we've got john in the weather center with a closer look at not only the few but those temperatures to which it can't say in the live shot was it looked like john? yeah, you know, all those foggy mornings. we act like we like it but definitely per for these leds cause. >> that sunshine just really get your spirits up in the morning. really cold, though. so that will also wake you right on up that you're stepping outside. you look at the transamerica building. got some birds out there, enjoying it already. nice and clear. got the sunshine beaming on some of those taller buildings. now we are going to see that sunshine all day long today. that's going help temperatures to rise really
7:16 am
quickly and eventually take us to our warmest numbers of the week. so far. high pressure ridge, you still in place. but we do have our next system. it's going to be nudging this high-pressure ridge just enough that we do see a bit of a change come tomorrow and saturday, breaking it down in future cast today. all about the sun all day long into the evening tonight, too. tomorrow we start pretty clear. but cloud cover increases friday. and by the time we reach friday evening, a chance of a few sprinkles across the bay area. a couple pockets of rain in the north bay mountains. most of us are going to come out of tomorrow night and saturday morning without saying a thing. but if you do see some light showers, do not at all. be surprised by it. again, that's late friday into early saturday. aside from that, this is a dry forecast. and today being particularly nice with 60's all the way out at the coastline, mid 60's for most of the bayshore foster city at 65 san jose. and campbell at 70 degrees, santa clara milpitas not far behind fremont. you're at 68 today
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and oakland at 66. same numbers in walnut creek down through san ramon, sonoma and pittsburgh in i-65 and looking at novato and center fell at 64 tomorrow. a big cool down back to the upper 50's we go and we stay that way into saturday. it's going to feel noticeably cooler because we've got cloud cover those 50's returning and we even have that chance of a few sprinkles late friday into early saturday. sunday, though, for the big game, we clear right back up highs back to the mid 60's. stay that way through monday and tuesday for valentine's day. not quite as warm but just a sunny right now. john, thank you for that. well, we spot. it's all in the san mateo bridge. 92 westbound right near the high rise. we have an accident there. >> you can also see some of the crews working to try to get to that to clear that off the bridge there. it's going to take about 15 minutes. might want to take the dumbarton bridge. if you don't have time to wait. and that delay right now, hopefully they're able to clear that off of the bridge within the next 30 to 40 minutes, about 18 minutes into the city we so that fremont street exit. how
7:18 am
about 101, traveling up that about 40 minutes. 85 into menlo park to 80 82 still pretty light at this hour. 35 minutes. cilantro down towards to 37. and if you're taking 5.80, or 80 right now, crockett down towards the maze, it's going to take you. 25 minutes darya. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rea, 7.18, the time for your money this morning. disney will apparently fire 70 per 77,000. that's bad enough workers and executives revealing a sweeping revamp of their business model and southwest executives to are going to be offering up an explanation for the holiday travel meltdown that so many of us experience we have jane king live at the nasdaq standing by to explain jane. >> hi, james. good morning. yeah. the southwest airline executive, the chief operating officer on the hot seat today. so the executive expected to tell congress they messed up in the holiday travel meltdown. and what more can you say? the head of the pilots union is also expected
7:19 am
to testify that the carrier was warned about the outdated technology. walt disney ceo bob iger shaking up the company. it will result in 7,000 people losing their jobs. this is part of an effort tucci 5 and a half billion in cost savings. now the mouse house, which is pressure to turn a profit from its streaming business, et it would reorganize into 3 segments and entertainment unit that's film tv and streaming. that is sports focused espn unit and then the parks and experiences. well, netflix laid out plans to crack down on password sharing, including setting up a primary location and paying several dollars for an extra member. now the video streaming giant estimates about 100 million eople around the world is a shared account and it said that members could now easily manage who has access to the account. they could transfer the profile to a new account is still easily watch the shows on their devices and tv's breakfast to talk about has been saved. the chain has at least in part pete davidson to think sales of taco bell's breakfast burritos. and thanks to quesadillas. just 9% in the 4th quarter of last year in
7:20 am
october. talk about hired the former saturday night live star to spearhead ad campaign for the breakfast menu. people also are looking for bergen breakfast, food. so that helps sales as well. live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king back to james. all right, jane, thank you as always. have a great day. thank you. >> 7.19 right now and happening today, attorney general rob bonta is set to announce arrests of people he says were involved in a big retail theft ring. yeah. now he says that their main target for apple stores, the targets of these thieves, crawford's camila barco standing by the newsroom to explain community mourning. >> good morning. bonton chp say those strings. a string of thefts took place in multiple states and they'll make an announcement later this morning here in san francisco on the bay area's no stranger to robberies at apple stores. in fact, 2 of the most recent robberies at the technology store took place in palo alto and berkeley this past december. but this video that you'll see shows people robbing apple stores in the east bay dating back to 2018. this surveillance footage
7:21 am
caught these 4 men storming it in an apple store in walnut creek. police say that they grabbed iphones and computers worth $30,000 tell another robbery took place in 2019 at this apple story taking a look at in burlingame. the robbers were seen snatching up iphones, tablets. another expensive electronics. police say the group stole more than $50,000 worth of electronics and he ran away and get away car and drove off. now darya james, his press conference starts at 11 o'clock this morning. we'll just have to see if any of these most recent robberies in the bay area are part of this. take down for now. it back to you guys. okay. we'll see what they reveal. thank you very much. camila 7.21. at california state lawmakers proposing legislation that would allow inmates >> to vote while still serving their time. supporters say that this would make california more inclusive and they say safer. but opponents say victims are being left out. >> we actually talked to tom.
7:22 am
>> tran who was incarcerated for more than 10 years. and they support the legislation. >> and learn about the power of our voice and actually learn how regardless of whether i was incarcerated or not. i belong to this community outside, right. and then when i learned that i still belong to this community outside and i felt like i belonged. i was no longer willing to cause harm to this community. >> for this proposal to become law, it needs approval from both chambers. the governor and approval from voters. >> we will take a break here at 7.22. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. we'll take it a glendale, arizona, where the chiefs and the eagles are giving us a little insight into how they're handling this busy week leading up to the big game. we're going hear from them again live from arizona will be right back.
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>> it's 7. 25 and in the east bay, oakland plans to open a new tiny cabin community this week to temporarily house on house residents, particularly in the wood street area where people are still going to be ordered to move out when the project is done. the community will have 70 units and residents will access the site. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. but not everybody is happy about the plan. >> there's no solution to this problem because you can't force people to do things.
7:26 am
some of these people don't want that. they don't want to have to live by the rule. >> last friday, a federal judge allowed oakland officials to clear the remaining people from the wood street encampment. well, california has a problem with dying trees. more than 36 million trees died last year across the state. >> all this according to a report by the u.s. department of agriculture, it says that higher temperatures and california's long-lasting drought conditions are really to blame for these trees, dying faster. other causes include crowded forests, insect outbreaks, disease as well. the tree mortality rate was worst in the central sierra nevada range and forests up north the for services they have launched now a 10 year plan to improve forest health and lower the risk of tree mortality. >> san mateo county schools, they're fighting possible drugs on campus by using drugs on campus by using drugs. i'll explain. coming up
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days away from kickoff here at state farm stadium. now, of course, a lot to talk about related to the game and related to festivities. but a big talker. those injury reports are out for each team. patrick mahomes, the main talker. within those injury reports that ankle everyone's been talking about. he's been having issues with. so he's still dealing with a high ankle sprain. head coach andy reid said though he can do everything. the team asked of him at game speed so he is good to play. that's dangerous for philly. but a healthy team is just as dangerous. all roster. members of the eagles eligible to go accordio the report offensive tackle lane. johnson hasn't given up a sack all season has growing will need surgery in the off-season. but for now he asked he is listed as limited in practice. he will play on sunday. now speaking of lane, he and the homes more like
7:31 am
than you might think, some preaching the fact that their teams both preaching the fact rather that their teams need to keep preparation the same, don't stray from what got them to the super bowl. >> yeah, i mean, is it really is? it's a it's a physical game. you know, you're playing against leave. intelligent players are smarter. what they do so, you know, practice and and all that stuff has you know, the game's only 3 hours of the you know, you have a lot more in between that. so. that's you know, is redundant, as may sound is. it's really been the message all year. >> yeah, i think you have a better understanding of the whole process. so you can kind of find those little those little windows where you can get a little film study and a little extra rest. i especially for i was in miami. it was like i want you got to go here. you got to go here and you kind of we're just kind of try to figure out a way to get it all done. whereas now have a better understanding of of the process and the schedule and ted and them sent to the scheduling week early. so i
7:32 am
planted out. have a good plan for wells and go about my we doing. >> now again, that rest also very important in recovery. as you heard mahomes talk about their both teams set to hit the field again today talking to reporters, the chiefs in the morning eagles in the afternoon. now another big talker today, rihanna. we are set to hear from her and from chris stapleton. a few other reformers involved in half-time show news conference set for 10 in the morning. so just a lot of excitement still buzzing here around the entirem city in arizona will send it back to you. >> i didn't realize chris stapleton was part of i love his song. tennessee whiskey is great, ok? i'm looking forward to take a look for jury on all looking forward to chris stapleton thank any like real estate to write a just is i won't turn down a glass of well, what it's going to be outside. it's nice to have a little bit. a little but this
7:33 am
morning, what yeah. whatever. you want hot toddy on a saturday morning. maybe just some coffee this but we are looking out there at some conditions that might be cold for now. won't be for long, though. >> as we have a nice, warm afternoon ahead of us. may be a cold drink later on today. your view outside at the embarcadero. nice and clear. we do have some joggers out there been watching this view all bundled up on this cold morning, redwood city all the way down to 35 half moon bay, san mateo freeman, livermore, dublin, concord. brett, what i could keep listing them. a lot of us in the 30's petaluma and sonoma at 36. and then santa rosa, our coldest spot currently at 34 degrees right now. sun is coming up. temperatures are about to reverse course and start lifting here over the next hour. do start to expect some of us to work our way back into the 40's and then eventually later on today, some 60's to even low 70's. so today really going to be a nice one. we've been getting a little spoiled this week. so i do enjoy today because rain at tomorrow and saturday, a
7:34 am
little cooler, a little bit out here. but today, picture perfect. all right. so if i get outside, definitely going to say johnson was a good day to do that. well, we have a terrible hot spot on the san mateo bridge. 99 that's well over an hour. almost too. >> because of an accident, they are sold. stay away from the san mateo bridge. don't take it. take the dumbarton bridge go around. you can take the bay bridge even. but as long as that accident is there, it's going to way too long to try to get across towards the peninsula. so would not take it certainly would take the dumbarton bridge this morning. no delays there. >> 23 minutes traveling into the city right now. maze to that fremont street exit. how about a richmond center fell ridge 15 minutes. so that's very pretty well toast to 101. >> our golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. going to take about 31 minutes and traveling along 101 year. 56 minutes. 85 a park. you can see just on the other side of the bridge 101, here, not seeing major issues, a slight delay along 101. but again, dunbar bridge. best bet for you. darya. james, back to you. thanks. a lot of
7:35 am
>> let's turn our attention to the peninsula our schools in san mateo county are getting narcan tool kits on site and they want to be prepared in case there's something that happens and there's an overdose kron four's will tran has been following this live all morning long. we have an update on how it's going to work. well. >> well, how it's going to work is schools in san mateo county like the one right behind me, not just the public schools, but also the private schools. they will have a tool kit and inside that tool kit, they will have the drug narcan. what is that drug? well, more importantly, what does it do? sometimes? i don't know the name of it, but i know what it does. and this particular case, if a child just happens to overdose from fentanyl on campus, opioid crisis, obviously a sweeping the country, particularly fentanyl. they can jump into action even before possibly the paramedics arrive on campus. they can administer narcan which blocks the opioid
7:36 am
receptor is within the body and then starts to reverse the process where maybe to lower the overdoses far as the extreme nature of it. so the paramedics can jump that. the fentanyl crisis has swept the nation where the white house has spoken about it. we will do a special about it. i actually on kron 4 just to highlight what's going on. they are still working with the providers to get tool kits throughout all the schools and san mateo county. but inside the school's guys and they're at the age now where obviously they're being taught drug dangers of the dangers of drugs. not only that they plan to fight drugs on campus, basirally fighting fire with fire. back to you, ok? we'll thank you very much. 7.36 is the time and local health officials are bracing for a new wave of street drugs as well. san francisco city leaders say >> it's only a matter of time before we see them. so let's take a look at what they're concerned about what is called tranq and the others iso. and they say they're already
7:37 am
infiltrating illegal drug markets on the east coast and the midwest. trank is an animal tranquilizer used for large livestock. and i so is a potent synthetic opioid just as dangerous as fentanyl supervisor matt dorsey sent a letter to the chief medical examiner's office seeking to ensure public health officials are prepared to monitor and track these newly emerging drugs. >> well, santa rosa police now looking for a 4th suspect in a stabbing and shooting case. the targeted 3 friends. one of those victims has been identified as 27 year-old asante van who died at the hospital last thursday. his aunt says that nephew was at a bar playing pool with 2 of his friends when apparently according to santa rosa police, the 3 men got into an argument with another group. >> yes, that up saying to us and his friends. well, we santa rosa and they him of his life. >> police say they have already arrested 3 men. now
7:38 am
they're looking for that 4th identified as lewis can push his picture on the screen. there is a $5,000 reward being offered right now for any information leading to his arrest. >> its 7.37, and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news is san francisco tries to deal with it and a sudden surge of prostitution in a certain neighborhood. a city supervisor is saying maybe legalizing work is the answer. but the police say not so fast. and after the break, we're going to tell you what brock purdy decided to do about his torn elbow. >> the new hot wheels game that lets you race cars around your house in a virtual reality track. i'm rich demuro will give it a spin.
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>> we've got some answers about a pretty is going to pretty about his bad elbow. yes, sonar, that ucl. that was a we now know he's going to have surgery. he's made that decision. it won't be the reconstructive surgery. it will be the repair surgery will be performed by doctor keith meister in dallas. he's actually the team doctor for the texas rangers has handled a lot of tommy john surgeries for pictures over the years. so he's an expert now. he's going to do it on february 22nd. yes. so do the math on which means he's not doing the full-blown. tommy, i'm john surgery. that the internal brace. procedure, which is a 6 month recovery period in 3 months. he's going to start being able to throw the football and building up the strength and by 6 month, just in time for over practice like
7:42 am
august august. yeah, he should be back to 100% and practicing with the team. so it looks like we may have brought if all goes well, we should have property in the lineup to start next season. well, that would be fantastic in movie would continue incredible story of elephant to mister indispensable. basically like that 7.42, we've got lots that 7.42, we've got lots ahead. so don't go away. for just $6 you could get your choice between two sandwiches plus my classic taco, curly fries, and a drink. [muffled] i can't hear you. oh sure... for just $6...! try my $6 jack pack today. ♪
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>> it's 7.44. and a hot wheels game comes to life in your living room. rich demuro takes a look in today's tech smart. >> how wheels have certainly stood the test of time. i mean, i play with them when i was a kid and now my kids have a collection. now there's a new way to play that mixes a radio-controlled hot wheels car with the excitement of a video game. it's a new way to experience hot wheels. i see my foot there. >> i just flow. hot wheels ripped rally is a game that mixes the real world with the virtual world. >> it's a game that allows you to play a collection of hot wheels. cars actually shrink yourself down and drive around your lips to key component. this $130 car, which designers call the chameleon has the
7:46 am
ability to simulate an adaptive change the way that it dries based on their digital collection, whatever car that you're selecting in the game, the rechargeable carr connects wirelessly to iphone ipad or playstation 4 or 5. the companion game as a free download. this camera on top of the car really powers the entire experience that lets the car see the world around you. and it turns your entire living room into a mixed reality experience. that means you'll see a mix of real and digital. while you play. got the car going around the house and it's really neat because i could see the physical car while i play on the tv race around your house in freestyle mode for compete in 2 horses, the box comes with 4 gates that magically transform on icon. there you go. stanko's fast. the more you play, the more cars you unlock their egos will top car hot wheels ripped rally comes from the same game studio behind mario cart life. but
7:47 am
that required a nintendo switch. this version is more accessible through ios devices. and since friends can join in with their cars, that should help keep the gameplay exciting with this product. we're really going for a completely new fantasy. it's that vehicle fantasy of being able to have a digital collection and play in this new different way within your house. it seems like you're going to need a decent amount of space to race these cars around the house. and yes, you'll probably get one stuck underneath the couch or hit into a table leg. >> but that's all part of the fun hot wheels rift rally will launch mid-march. if you want more information, go to my website. rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. well, i don't want cause i'm online and i came on scene and i can find almost that thing. cause haven't announced >> but mid-march. okay. so we're not too far off. john, from john was really excited about this off camera as a kid like i just saw my childhood christmas day dreams coming.
7:48 am
true right there. but hey, good day to get outside today. while you wait to maybe buy that game, we are looking at a gorgeous start to the morning. >> at half moon bay with crystal clear skies at the coast by the bay inland. it's looking very similar to this. just don't forget the jackets as you become accustomed to the past few mornings. we're right back down into those 30's for a whole lot of us skies do stay clear today. and temperatures even warmer than yesterday. the cabbie out is tomorrow. we switch this up. so do enjoy today. tomorrow we do see a weak system sliding through high pressure, ridge weakening in some cloud cover. moving in for your friday. and even a chance of some sprinkles today. crystal, clear and warm, but future cast shows those clouds moving in as we make our way into your friday and friday afternoon into evening, chance of a few sprinkles here. and there mostly for upper elevations like the santa cruz mountains, but don't be at all surprised if either friday night or saturday morning. you do feel a few raindrops. as for today, it is going to be 60's all across the board,
7:49 am
even at the coastline, half moon bay, up to 64 degrees today. same for you in burlingame in south san francisco, nearing 70 degrees from mountain view. 68 and actually getting to 70 for san jose. and campbell east bay temps mid to upper 60's fremont and hayward at 68 while oakland and berkeley at 66 pretty similar for the north bay too. the late helen antioch at 64 while petaluma at 66. here's a look ahead tomorrow. a little cooler than today as will be the case saturday, too. it's going to be a brief, cool down will see things back in the mid 60's by super bowl sunday and staying really nice into next week. >> right. all right, john, thank you for that. is hot spots still here wrestle again. worse in terms of drive times nearly 2 hours for you. now, if you're going to take the san mateo bridge because of that accident, right near the high rise. so stay away from the san mateo bridge, at least for now. it's going to take them a while to get that cleared. in addition to that is going even longer for you to get across. if you want to
7:50 am
wait the dumbarton bridge wave an alternate for you. a bay bridge right now. 26 minutes into the city. we go. richmond center fell bridge about 24 minutes tolls to 101. so we're already are already pretty busy as we near the 8 o'clock hour if you're going to done. rich going take you 20 minutes to make that drive. look at that. red across the san mateo bridge. just avoid that altogether. golden gate bridge 40 minutes. 37 to the tolls darya. james, back to you. thank you. ran 7.50 and san francisco city supervisor hillary ronen says that she thinks now is the time to decriminalize work. you've seen there's a neighborhood in san francisco that has seen an increase in a workers and state lawmakers want to address. >> she wants them to address the issue. the san francisco police officers association, however, says that legalizing work would not make the problem go away. however, she says that and well, the police unit goes on to say that cannabis is a perfect example.
7:51 am
>> so when out on the street stop anything, right, you still have people being shot over marijuana. so have you businenses being robbed of their marijuana, right? so it didn't stop it just because they say, oh, we're going make it legal and everything's going to be good. that did not happen. >> but supervisor ronen says that they are drafting legislation now to present to the state legislature. we'll see where that goes in. the meanwhile in the east bay, we have vandals in pleasant hill causing thousands of dollars in damage to local parks and now the police department and the park district are cracking down. >> so graffiti has been the main problem has been plaguing the city's 14 parks for years. but things have gotten really bad these last few months. pleasant oaks, for example, one of the hardest hit parts park superintendent tom bradley says that students from pleasant hill middle school across the street turns out they're the ones to blame. >> there's handful of kids from the junior high across the street. come over waiting for their parents be picked up
7:52 am
lot of time on their hands. unfortunately, they're doing things like tagging things are vandalizing property in the bathrooms are on play structures. >> police department says the damage is in the cleanup fees have now gone above $15,000. how did they find out? who did it? well, right here, see that poll at the very top is a camera that was installed last month. and that is what allowed them to see the 3 boys that were responsible. they've now been taken to juvenile probation. bradley says more cameras like that could be added in the future. >> we're going take a break here. 7.52. we'll be right back.
7:53 am
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7:55 am
>> it's 74. and here's an idea if you are not so romantic about your ex. so they're selling animal shelter is selling what they're calling crappie valentine's day cards in san francisco and you say why are they crappie? well, because you put your ex's name on it. they shredded up and they stick in the getting cage so that they can to pull over it. doesn't that make you feel better? the san francisco animal care and control website says that they are $5. okay. >> if you're interested that's there for you is 7.55. we will take a break coming up in the next hour. san mateo now opening its recovery center to help those that were impacted
7:56 am
by last month's major storm. so more on that, what you can expect if you show up and the fake are now fighting for her life in the hospital after being attacked and robbed in oakland will have the full story. we'll also have details on the man accused of stalking and opening fire on police in san jose. that and the rest of day's headlines coming up on the kron. 4 morning news at 8 begins in just a couple of minutes.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning. it's nice to see you on a thursday morning. i'm darya and i'm james and we're waking up to increasingly sunnier conditions which we always like to see in the morning because if it doesn't, near the problem. looks nice out. yeah. there isn't one-day and come out, ok, also real problem with the wrong yet today's but that sunshine absolutely gorgeous out there got the embarcadero sitting under all of this and you could ever want. >> it's still cold, though, just because it's sunny, obviously no guarantee that it's not jacket where the just yet we are seeing out there some 30's hanging on for a lot of us dublin. you're at 37 fremont. and brett, what in the upper 30's petaluma in sonoma at 36 and then nevado sitting at 39 degrees right
8:00 am
now. skies as we've already concluded, nice and clear and we're going to stay that way today. this is going to help us to see temps climbing into the 60's. and yes, even some low 70's later today. i've got those juicy details still ahead, john, thank you for that. we've been talking about this hot spot, all the san mateo bridge drive times going up almost 2 hours to make it across towards the peninsula. some saying do not take this and detail ridge until they're able to clear that accident off the bridge at all. take the dumbarton bridge. okay. the bay bridge right now. 24 minutes. no crazy delays like we just saw there. >> how about a richmond center fell bridge just at 22 minutes for you. 27 tolls to want to want to traveling towards san rafale dunbar bridge. lot of people hopping on that because of those delays on the san mateo bridge about 22 minutes traveling from 8.80, the menlo park and the golden gate bridge right now. 37 to the tolls. 41 minutes. james, back to you. thank you. rain. 8 o'clock in the east bay, a woman in business owner fighting for her life now in the hospl


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