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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  February 14, 2023 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at noon. i'm kyla grogan. let's get started with our breaking news. the california senator dianne feinstein will not run for reelection in 2024. she says she will continue to serve out her current office term. the 89 year-old has represented california in the senate since 1992. and is currently the oldest member of congress. there has been widespread speculation over her political future for years now she filed the necessary paperwork to seek re-election back in 2021. and there have been several reports addressing her mental
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acuity and fitness to serve last month. california representative's katie porter and adam schiff both announced their candidacy for feinstein, senate seat east bay congresswoman barbara lee is also rumored to be planning a campaign in her statement announcing her decision not to run. feinstein doesn't address any of the speculation or campaign announcements instead focusing on her plans for the rest of her term saying in part, quote, even with a divided congress, we can still pass bills that will improve lives. each of us was sent here to solve problems. that's what i've done for the last 30 years. and that's what i plan to do for the next 2 years. my thanks to the people of california for allowing me to serve them. today's announcement marks the end of a long political career for feinstein which began right here in the bay area. she was elected to the san francisco board of supervisors in 1969. 8 years later, she became the board's first female president and was named san francisco's first female mayor following
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george moscone ease assassination. here now with some perspective on all of this is our political analyst michael yaki. michael, thanks so much for joining it interesting d-y. it's not like this is necessarily surprising news, but certainly a lot of speculation around senator senator feinstein, what was your reaction when you heard the announcement today? there's well. >> it was an unexpected. i'm glad that she's excited to go out on her own terms and to sort of and the so the sort of inside and outside pressure trade quick early to make room for these other candidates to run. now, she is basically taking herself off the board. and adam schiff, katie porter and others, opportunity to represent california in united states senate. i think it's really important to not. underestimate the impact that dianne feinstein has had. and california san francisco and for the country before there is nancy pelosi. there was dianne feinstein. she was face
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of san francisco weather was taking taking reins to the city in the wake of the tragic assassination czar mayor george moscone supervisor harvey milk. whether was the or and work she did in healing the town after jonestown going to the united states senate is for the year. the women and passing the desert protection act and that protect the mojave desert and the assault weapons ban. she was someone who is out there. her name was bandied about as as potential vice presidential candidate. and yet she has a long record of service to this city to the state and to this country that we should all be thankful for. and now she's taking her last the linus and winter. i call it making way for the next generation of leaders for california. >> yeah. so i mean, would you say that her legacy really for women in politics cannot be understated. absolutely not. i mean, she was, but she was the first. woman mayor of a major
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american city mission when she took over in 1978 and b and became the mayor of san francisco. it was. it's still of the time. it's hard. it's hard to believe. but if it's true, when it was not easy for women and politics was not easy for women. and in the in the business world, it's that easy period. and she was there there. one of the most important cities in america still, i believe one of the most important c ties throughout america and she was leading it. they're at and representing. and then you go on to the senate when there are very few women senators in 1992, and she led that wave, including barbara boxer and so many others and started to change the complexion of how that end. while she led and she was a leader in women's issues, just a lid issues that concerned all of american families. i think the assault
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weapons ban, especially it's something that people should remember for becaus deaths by assault weapons went down dramatically when the assault weapons ban was in place and then we see what happened in east lansing. we see what happened. pulse nightclub, all these all these horrible, terrible places, even their own backyard. half moon bay and others. you know, this is what we took a leadership check. the courage made it happen and we need that kind again in the united states we needed to get in the government we need. we need it more in our local, you know, local towns and communities because the kind of example that she represented just go up against entrenched forces. the nra was 20 times more powerful back then the need is even now. that you want. >> what do you make of how she's going about this, though? i mean, she could have chosen to step down and let governor gavin newsom pick a replacement, which ed, you know, people thought she might do that instead, she's kind of choosing to go out on her own terms. as you talked about.
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how do you think that kind of speaks to the whole situation here? i think it's i think it's her prerogative. look. there are of men in the united states senate serve a long period of time and no one. >> no one. asked them to retire early. yes, can can nation nation lost a step or 2? i don't know. we've heard these rumors are for an 8 people. talk about it. the fact is she is she is there. she's a voice. she's a consistent throw. it. and and i think it's it's her prerogative. i think there's a certain decision to the site. how would she goes on a big king taking this step right now is certainly courageous. she's basically take yourself out of politics for the rest her life. but i think doing it on her own terms is perfectly fine and we should be. great culture. leadership. thankful for what she's accomplished and give her the benefit of the doubt, letting her choose
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the time and manner of her retirement from the united states senate. >> so michael, now, of course, we talked about the people that are, you know, possibly going to be replacing her. katie porter and adam schiff. those are 2 names that have been floated. what do you think this does to kind of change now the tenor of this race now that we know that she's going to be getting out and that they are going to be jumping in and maybe others. what do you what are you kind of predict is going to be happening now as we go over the next couple of months now that that announcement been made. >> well, i think that it it really does or to clear the field you had the sort of stem i know some might full but semi endorsement to it even speak. former speaker pelosi endorsed adam schiff only senator feinstein did was getting out of the race. now it can be no pretty clearly. that is that she is for adam schiff, 100%. i'm katie porter. everyone can sort of now consider this an open field. can talk about the issues that worry about whether it's a slight or dig at at at the current senator and not because she's not in
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the race so they can talk about all the issues fully robustly. i think we're going to see that happen. and, you know, it's going to be munich. spencer race in california over the next year and a half. yeah. >> no doubt about that. i think you're right about that will thank you as always. it's great to get your perspective, michael and i'm sure we'll be back in touch as we'll be watching this unfold to. thanks so much for joining us today at noon, al. all right. well, new at noon, we're going to move on our next story. an investigation is underway after a fire tore through 2 homes in san jose kron four's charles clifford is live at the scene charles. do we know kind of how this unfolded yet or what happened here? >> well, not yet. so right now i'm standing along madison avenue here in san jose, the san jose fire department just cleared the scene a few minutes this is following a mid morning fire that has destroyed one home and forced the family out. just before 08:00am tuesday. the san jose
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fire department responded here to the 400 block of madison drive on reports of a structure fire. it became clear very quickly that additional resources would be needed. the first arriving unit fire between 2 houses. >> in called a second alarm. fortunately, the residents of both homes were able to get out without injury. it took fire crews about an hour to bring the blaze under control. at least one home has suffered significant damage. i think the second house some moderate damage and there was major damage to the year the house of origin. as for what caused the fire that is under investigation. all right, back live now again. they just cleared the scene here. the road way has opened back up. that is the very latest here in san jose. charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> all right. thank you so much, charles. now onto the latest on a mass shooting at michigan state university. police say the gunman shot and killed 3 students and
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critically wounded 5 others. reporter kailey be sun brings us the latest. >> overnight, a manhunt for suspected gunman coming to an end out just reading what data. one, 36 you have police say the 43 year-old suspect took his life after being confronted by police. >> the shooting plunging michigan state university into hours of fear in hiding. >> 2, he's >> my god. a sea of flashing lights and officers swarming michigan state university. >> and also we look outside there's one cop car 2 minutes later, the streets flooded with cop cars. i my jaw jobs and i'm like i think there's a shooter. police say the gunman seen in these photos walked into berkey hall and started shooting. >> they say he then walked about 5 minutes to the student union and started shooting again. anneliese to poor says she and her friends were getting ready to go there.
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everyone who is in the union, we see them running out. >> they heard gunshots. there was people shot. and we went into lockdown right then and there students across campus scrambling to find somewhere to hide. >> as news of the shooting started to spread. >> like walker martin, who was reffing a basketball game, could >> i should never die down. turn off the >> they moved to the racquetball courts. police summing up the feeling for many at a late night news conference. this truly has been a nightmare that we're living tonight. students locked in their dorms. joining news nation's ashley banfield live as the search for the shooter was ongoing. twin brothers on different parts of campus reuniting. >> on air declan, you want to talk to brother? >> and how we lot. and >> i think we're doing all we're getting pretty low on rations out of
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>> but >> i just here, we're here for each other. that's all that matters over here that glad you guys are all as the most important that. >> and that was keely be sent reporting for us. well, today, the san mateo county board of supervisors is expected to approve money for the half. moon bay farm workers affected by last month's mass shooting $750,000 would go towards emergency rehousing and supportive services for the families of the victims. there will be no restriction on how the money is used. that will allow recipients to make the decision on how to best apply the money to their situation. meantime, the county has launched a new task force that in focus is on improving the living conditions for farm workers and their families who live in employer provided housing. officials say the investigation into the mass shooting uncovered living conditions for the displaced farm workers that were deemed crowded and unsanitary. the
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goal of the task forces to crack down on any unpermitted farm labor housing sites. well, coming up, san francisco sunset neighborhood still dealing with the aftermath of a deadly home explosion as the investigation continues. >> plus, an unprecedented level of depression among young women with the cdc says needs to be done and the signs to look out for and after a month, the oakland police commission will meet to determine whether chief leronne armstrong should be disciplined. what we know so far. stay with us. happening
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tomorrow, the oakland police commission will meet to determine whether chief leronne armstrong should be disciplined. armstrong has been on paid administrative leave for almost a month. >> after a report ordered by the federal monitor alleged he mishandled 2 incidents of police misconduct. our strong has criticized the report as inaccurate and wants to be reinstated. a special discipline committee will be meeting tomorrow night. it will be a private session with a second public meeting afterwards to discuss the results, the oakland mayor sheng tao was asked about armstrong status at a news conference earlier today. >> there's no update again. we're taking that station there seriously. you all know what we update. >> and those comments came during a news conference to discuss new public safety initiatives for the city will have more on that part of the story later this afternoon on kron. 4 news at 3. happening
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tonight. the alameda unified school district is set to vote on eliminating 6th through 8th grades at bay farm school. but yesterday a group of parents met with the superintendent of the school to try and convince them to wait. kron four's amanda hari has more. the parents tell me they're not asking to stop the closure process completely. >> but instead to pause it for a year, too, that way they can look for alternative solutions before resorting to closure. shocked. >> heartbreak and really as many other parents voiced almost a bit of panic from parents to staff to students all concerned about the closure of a far middle school. >> last month, students made signs and protested the closing and now a group of parents are adding their voice by creating rip ozel to delay the vote to close the school. martin maderas and neil dan divide. er leading the effort. they say the school has changed their kids lives. the
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thrived there. what really drew us here is it is a community school, the only k through 8 in the district. it happens to also be the number one performing school in the district >> it's a california to stinger school. judy stanton is also one of the leading organizers. her daughter doesn't attend the middle school yet, but she was scheduled to start in the fall. the chills this place because their students weren't there are diverse or had other disabilities are vulnerabilities. >> that really just made other schools, not an option for them. and this was a safe space for these kind of kids. the district says the closures because of low enrollment. many of the parents are upset because they only found out about the closure 5 weeks ago. i'm a member of the school site council here which oversees how funds are distributed from local, state and federal. i meet with the principal monthly and i had no idea about this proposal until after the january 10th, the board meeting. >> so very shocked. the group
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met with the superintendent monday afternoon. they explain the proposal for the school to wait department of education of california has a best practices guide on how to close a school. none of which has been followed. the california board of education suggest the decision to close the school should be based on facts gathered by an independent committee. not the board. ideally with members of the community involved. it also suggests the district should consider alternatives to closing the school. the bay farm ptsa pulled parents about the closure. nearly two-thirds said they didn't have enough time to find a new school for next year. slightly more said that they far middle school played a factor and their choice to move to the area. i worry when i see something that's about to be done. that is so permanent. so potentially disastrous and traumatic and will harm a lot of kids and families. >> i wish we could just cause a real analysis. first, the vote is supposed take place in tuesday's school board meeting. >> that's scheduled for 6.30, in alameda amanda hari kron. 4
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news. >> thank you so much, amanda. well, let's turn our attention to the weather, shall we? it is valentine's day and we've had a little bit of drama. speaking of valentine's day, hope yours is a dramatic. but the weather is we start off with blue skies. can take a look outside right now and see the clouds have moved in and it's chilly out there in san francisco right now. just 49 degrees, low 50's in oakland, san jose livermore in concord. santa rosa has not 50 degrees. yes. still sitting at 49. so high temperatures today will be limited. you probably feel that that's because we have cold air rushing in behind the front that came through and that's why we're going to see, you know, upper 40's to low 50's all across the bay. and that's about all she wrote. and so for your valentine's day, get ready because we're going to see just a little bit of a chilly shower that's going to literally rush right through the day about to right now. in fact, take a look at stormtracker 4. you can see to the north there in the north bay, probably starting to see a few sprinkles out there. as we zoom out, you see the bigger picture. notice the clouds rolling in but also
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notice some of the snow showing up so some of the peaks. now starting to see some of those flakes fly. how much rain we're going to get. it is negligible. we're talking about hundreds of an inch. so it's not going to be much. but it is going to usher in even colder air behind it. here we go show you futurecast as we roll through just how quickly the showers get in and out. you can see by the time we get to rush hour this afternoon, we should be looking just fine. pretty clear night and that clear night is going to lead to some very chilly temperatures, which is why werder frost advisory, as you can see in the areas and light blue and purple. that is a freeze warning where we could see temperatures drop below the freezing level. so that will be tonight. and tomorrow night, those chilly temperatures will get some relief from that. another shot at a chance of rain on friday and then warming up for the weekend. i love it. we get sunshine on the weekend and it looks like next weekend looking pretty good. still ahead, vicious attacks in the east bay. police are still looking for the driver or drivers who hit several bicyclist. >> and a push for more americans to get vaccinated
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and recalls on covid tests. and recalls on covid tests. the details when we come back. for just $6 you could get your choice between two sandwiches plus my classic taco, curly fries, and a drink. [muffled] i can't hear you. oh sure... for just $6...! try my $6 jack pack today. ♪
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gwendalyn tweets, “just eating tiny tacos and drinking a red bull in the school parking lot.” which gives me an idea. introducing red bull energy infusions, in two flavors that go great with my tiny tacos. hey, gwen. wanna be our college intern? new red bull infusions at jack in the box. ♪ welcome back for your health. more than 56,000 covid-19, antigen tests are being recalled. the maker universal meditech says it's skippack medical lab covid-19 rapid antigen tests were distributed without appropriate clearance or approval. >> according to a notice from the fda, the test could
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provide an accurate results. they were manufactured from october 2021. through december of the same year and were distributed in california and texas during january of last year. well, the u.s. has agreed to buy another 1.5 million doses of the novavax covid-19 vaccine. it's one of 4 coronavirus vaccines available in the u.s. and uses a different type of technology than the others novavax's shot is made using fragments of the coronavirus to help develop an immune response, which is a much more traditional approach to developing a vaccine as of february 9th. 69 1% of americans are fully vaccinated. well, a new report from the cdc says traumatic experiences have led to an unprecedented level of depression among young women. the center found nearly 3, 5, teen girls said they felt persistently sad or hopeless. that's the highest rate in a decade made worse by the pandemic and isolation. 30 1% of gert teen girls say that
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they've seriously considered suicide a big increase over the past 10 years. the report also says more than 40% of girls experienced poor mental health over the past 30 days. and that is more than double that of boys. if you or someone, you know, is experiencing a mental health crisis, you can call or text this number 9, 8, 8, and talk to a trained counselor who can connect you to local services. the line is open. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. but if you are in need of immediate medical attention, you are advised to call 9-1-1. holding shelters accountable. we'll take a look at a new bill going through the legislature seeking to protect shelter, pets from euthanasia. >> the push to regulate social media continues as lawmakers hold a hearing they say is needed to protect your children and stopping workers and their potential clients from monopolizing cap street. the results of the barricades. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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>> in an effort to stop rampant prostitution. san francisco set up barricades over the weekend to stop workers and their potential clients for monopolizing cap street. now, supporters of the program say it was a success, but some residents doubt the effectiveness kron four's dan kerman has more. >> in an effort to reduce the number of john's cruising for workers along camp street. barricades turning each block
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between 18th and 22nd into a dead-end were put in place on friday. >> this is not something should be taking place in a residential it's incredibly disruptive to the said the bumper to bumper traffic talking all hours of the night. but over the weekend, several of these lightweight barriers were damaged or destroyed. >> despite that, those backing the four-week pilot program say it's already working was a measurable decrease in the trade. those happening on the street, i myself drove by on cap on friday night and i was also very pleasantly surprised to see how few people i saw on the street. those damage barriers have already been replaced. and within a week, stronger ones will replace. what's their plan is to install either k rails. those of the concrete barricades that you see on freeways are construction sites water barriers. and those are about
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3 feet tall. the big orange tubs that are filled water and weigh about 1000 pounds once filled a new deployment of police officers on motorcycles also cited 12 cap street drivers over the weekend in 4 weeks. the program will be reviewed to determine what's next. >> in san francisco, dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> thank you, dan. well, during tonight's city council meeting supervisor hillary ronen says she plans to ask senator scott wiener and 2 other assembly members to introduce a bill to legalize work. she says legalizing work will make it easier to remove pimps and traffickers from the equation. and make workers and neighborhoods safer. in the east bay. police are still looking for the driver or drivers who hit several bicyclists on friday. this is a story we first brought you yesterday morning. the incidents have happened in oakland, berkeley and emeryville. kron 4 sarah stinson has the latest. >> spoke with a bicyclist who lives in oakland. he was on
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his way home friday night from the east bay bike party when he was struck by a car and now he has to get surgery of nowhere. came this car. talked >> brooke, by much. but yeah, it's super russell heller was struck by a car on grand avenue in oakland around 11, 30 friday night after attending the east bay bike party. a monthly gathering for bicyclists all over the east. bay heller says this is the car that hit him. cell phone video and launch road driving very close to cyclists and then opening its door onto bikers nearly hitting them. you could even see someone's head popping out of the car. in one part of the video, this is one of the 2 cars that cyclists described being hit with and targeted by on friday night. they had people behind me. they have people in front of me according to the group that runs the east bay bike party. more than 2 dozen of their bicyclists were targeted. more than 7 of them were we need is one of the
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cyclists hit and she says by the car seen in that video you can see i am. >> my left eyebrow. that was just like. >> covering me in blood need ended up missing the bike e ent to head to the er. meanwhile, heller says he's still not sure if he was either hit by the car or the car door happened very quickly. this kind of talk of they were kind of getting people at the door. the car. >> so it's like tenants and the u.s. intentional. he's grateful he was wearing a helmet and then he wasn't more badly injured. they want talk to him coming up. so i'm feeling pretty fortunate that it wasn't a lot worse. heller says he went to the er and filed a police report with the oakland police department and haven't heard back yet. we contacted opd. they didn't mention heller's case, but they did confirm a similar one that happened on the same night. a bicyclist was hit by a car door on boyd street and forest avenue around 8 friday
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night department says it's still under investigation. >> heller now has to leave the bike at home while he heals and once he is, he says this incident may make him think twice about biking in the future. definitely get about this. >> i did my bike. it's hard down the study. the group that puts on the east bay bike parties. they're working with law enforcement. >> and victims to try and find those responsible. while oakland police responded to me, i also reached out to emeryville and berkeley police because there was also some people who are hit by cars there. but they did not respond. i'm sara stinson reporting in the newsroom. back to you. >> thank you, sarah. well, in the east bay, chp is investigating a weekend sideshow on the bay bridge. these are photos released by authorities showing involved cars on the eastern span of the bridge. police say participants blocked all lanes of traffic preventing officers from getting to the scene. officers were forced to park their vehicles and respond on
12:35 pm
foot. one person was arrested for dui and another cited for aiding and abetting and some people in san francisco sunset neighborhood are still dealing with the aftermath of a deadly home explosion. a man is facing multiple charges for the explosion. police say they believe he was running a drug lab inside his home. he's expected to be arraigned this week. kron four's terisa stasio has the latest. >> i'm out here right in front of the home. that was the site of that deadly explosion this past thursday. you can see behind me how the san francisco public works have. >> put out barriers to make sure that no one gets too close to the same. police have said that the suspect who they have arrested in this case was manufacturing drugs out here and the smell of marijuana is incredibly intense. on friday, san francisco police arrested 53 year-old darren prize charging him with
12:36 pm
manslaughter. the manufacturing of narcotics and 2 counts of child endangerment. the children were not home at the time. i talked with neighbors on monday as they told me that they are still trying to fix windows, blown out by this blast. here's alice because all and i thought this supposed to open. >> and the 5 always same thing. well, i could call, you to other neighbors came by. >> to see the damage for themselves. >> had no clue. no, i wouldn't know. i don't think in the same for see one is in the in the right mind thinks something so powerful. explosive. >> to those neighborhoods are home. you know, whether it's for making drugs for making or so from, you know, it's like missile jet little so here in
12:37 pm
san francisco, i'm theresa kron. 4 news. >> thank you, theresa. in the north bay, police have arrested a man in the who said who they say was shining a laser at a california highway patrol's helicopter. >> the chp says it happened last saturday night. their helicopter crew was flashed by a green laser several times. the crew identified the home where the laser was coming from and told the lay hope police to make the arrest shining a laser at an aircraft is a violation of both state and federal law. well, a new bill going through the legislature seeks to protect shelter, pets from euthanasia if signed into law. the proposal would require animal shelters to publicly post online with at least 72 hours. notice the exact date. an animal is scheduled to be euthanized. if shelters failed to do so they could be subjected to a criminal violation. >> what this bill will do is just give every animal shelter chance to be adopted. so what it says is before you put an
12:38 pm
animal down, let the public know 3 days ahead of time on your website. public notice that way. any person or rescue group can intervene and save that puppy. >> well, the bill is called bowie's law. it is named after a puppy who was mistakenly euthanized at a southern california animal center last year. supporters of the legislation point out the proposal would also launch a statewide study to look into animal shelter. overcrowding and propose solutions to solve it. all right. let's turn our attention now to the weather. we're having a little bit of a chilly day out there. not just here, but check out los angeles, which is 59 degrees right now. 51 in sacramento and of course, here in the bay, we are looking at 40's and 50's effect. it's got a little cooler here in san francisco since we last did the weather a few moments ago. so you can 48 in san francisco. 49 in santa rosa hayward at this hour. and we've seen the temperatures drop pretty dramatically. check it out. 17 degrees cooler right now than it was 24 hours ago in santa rosa, 10
12:39 pm
degrees cooler, as you can see in the inner east bay spotlight, conquer livermore and fairfield. so that's all to say we're going to have some chilly temperatures today. also, we're still breezy out there. you can see wind about 24 miles per hour in san francisco and in concord so that that breezy condition also showing up in san jose is going to continue through today and start to ramp down tomorrow. take your eye to the right of the screen and you see the flag just flying right in the breeze there. an indication of some of that wind as we take a live look towards the north where some of the clouds are moving in. so we're looking out for a quick shower to roll through today. tonight, we're going to see those skies clear and very cold temperatures move in behind this little system. and later in the week we'll have another shower chance and a little bit of a warmer weekend ahead live look at storm tracker for shows you a few of those light showers starting to roll through as we speak. in fact, you can see a north bay definitely seeing some in and around santa rosa right now in point rays headed towards san francisco. so today, valentine's day you might want to snuggle up with your favorite loved one
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because it's going to be a little chilly. we will start to warm up as we get wednesday and thursday. well, senate lawmakers say it's past time to protect kids on social media, from big tech companies. and today a hearing puts that issue front and center. washington correspondent trevor shirley is live in dc with more. >> there's growing agreement from both republicans and democrats that big tech companies are not protecting your kids, privacy and data among lawmakers concerns is that parents don't know what information is being collected from their kids, social media or how it's being used. some senators are even pushing for a ban on social media usage before the age of 16. beyond that, there's growing agreement to curb the ability to use tiktok or abandoned altogether over concerns of influence from china since tiktok is owned by chinese company. there's also a big focus on mental health and the negative impacts. some experts say social media has on young people from bullying eating
12:41 pm
disorders and even pushing teens to commit suicide. some senators say social media has too much bad influence and needs to be more regulated. >> despite all these known risks and harms online platforms are doing everything they to keep our kids eyes glued to the screens in the process there. vacuuming up tons of ghana. they can use to build profiles and target. are kids with even more ads and content. the american consumers virtually unprotected from the abuses of social media. >> and of all americans, i think young people are the most exposed here. parents feel helpless. >> today's hearing also heard from parents and mental health experts in the meantime, a number of republicans and democrats say that more regulation of social media remains a top priority reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley. >> today's hearing also includes testimony from parents and mental health experts. both parties say more regulation of big tech and social media companies remains
12:42 pm
a top priority. well, coming up, african-american firefighters and their achievements at the front of recognition as kron 4 continues to honor black history month. >> plus, valentine's day may be here and so are your favorite foods. but which ones are bad for you to eat in bed will have the answers and spreading acceptance. not hate. after the break, a community is rallying cry against racism following a social media post by a middle schooler. stay with us.
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>> students and teachers at a middle school in solano county protested against racism this morning before heading into class reporter monica de anda is in dixon with more on their efforts to spread acceptance. >> this all stems from a social media post that was made by a 7th grade student. he'll get to that in just a minute. but the students here at john knight, middle school came together this morning to protest that incident with staff and parents. let's get to video of and you can see there was a good turnout here at the protest right before school began. there was about 40 parents, students and staff all out here. >> holding signs saying kindness is love and stop hate. now this is all in response to an incident that happened earlier this month where a 7th grade student allegedly posted a photo on instagram of about 20 students and staff were all black or
12:46 pm
biracial accompanied by a racially offensive message regarding black history month. that's why today the students and staff decided to come together and stand up against racism and hate. >> take a >> everyone matters and it doesn't matter what you look like who you are. everyone should be treated equally you should let everyone we wanted community to know that we're better than that. and we wanted to stand up for all the students that it felt like they had to have a voice in the past. so it's valentine's day and we just want to support everyone show that we're allies. we're in this together and we're here to stand up for students that have not been able to stand up for themselves in the past. >> and again, you can see the variety of signs. these kids had some of them with some paper with bigger ones reading. everyone is welcome here. that was the message they had today for their fellow students as well as the community. some students i spoke to telling me they
12:47 pm
wanted to take a stand against bullies and hateful rhetoric. they're saying this is the right thing to do and that's why they came out here today before class. so there it was just really inspiring to see the kids all out here this morning protesting this incident. as for that 7th grade student, we do not yet know what disciplinary action if any, is going to be taken. the district says the incident remains under investigation reporting in dixon when you get >> thank you, monica and boy, you see kids doing things like that. kind of renews your faith in our future. take a look at our future tonight. as far as temperatures are concerned and you might not feeling too great about it because we're looking out for some potential 20's up in the north bay. i think we get close to the east bay as well. so your overnight lows tonight even around the ban spots like san francisco, we're talking upper 30's. it's going to be chilly out there. and that is why we are under a freeze warning in the areas you see in dark purple. those are the interior portions of the north bay east bay. you can see down in the south bay as well where we could see subfreezing temperatures. the areas by the coast kind of those light blue
12:48 pm
areas up in the north bay and then parts of the east bay as well. that's our frost advisory. that's we're looking at temperatureabout 32 to 36 degrees. so we're seeing some clouds roll in right now. current temperatures are not too impressive, especially compared to yesterday. think nevada yesterday it up like 70 degrees and we'll be lucky to get out of the low 50's today. as you can see some spots like san francisco, santa rosa sitting right now in the 40's stormtracker 4 showing you. we've got a little front that's about to roll through. it's not going bring us much in the way of rain. but what it is going to do is really knock temperatures down as we head into tonight. so a few of those scattered showers out and about in the north bay right now heading towards the peninsula as we speak. it's as i mentioned, not going to be a lot of rain. so we're talking, you know, a few sprinkles, light shower rolling through hundredths of an inch of rain coming your way. don't blink. here we go. it's futurecast. there it is. and there goes, yeah, that's it. and then we're going to clear out for tonight and those clear skies actually make for cooler temperatures, right? we don't have the clouds keeping the heat of the day and it's able to escape rather quickly. so
12:49 pm
as we move into tonight, tomorrow night, chilly temperatures a little better as we get into thursday friday, looking out for a shower chance and then warming up with a little sunshine and 60's as we head towards the weekend. well, african-american firefighters and their achievements were highlighted during a recent presentation in emeryville. the program chief is my belief sets to motivate young people to push for the best of themselves and show the becoming a fire. chief is possible for all races, shapes and sizes as kron four's philippe reports that would not be the case without the black trailblazers who light the path. >> give it up to your cells, don't. he's bright eyed youngsters standing face-to-face with are you? here? looks african-american firefighters with more than a collective century's worth of experience safe in the bay area and beyond to inspire you to dream big t. following 2
12:50 pm
years of pandemic protocols. back in first for the 10th annual chief is my belief program returning to elementary school in emeryville during black history is on the meaning behind. is my belief. it's just i'm at. >> people know that you can do you want in life, no matter if you want to be a firefighter police officer, a you just believe in your dreams and you will get their alameda county fire department division. chief randall west produces and hosts the hour-long video presentation and assembly documenting the countless contributions african americans have been made in the fire in of get who came forward. safety risk goes to a witness and those who the current and former fire highlighted in the all-star lineup and gifted or trades for their service has been an inspirational leader and probably legacy. that's well
12:51 pm
to retired fire chief robert overcoming overt acts of hate in firehouses and at fire scenes, the late earl gage junior. >> was the first black firefighter for the san francisco fire department and continuing to blaze the trail. robert demon's, he's retired now, but from 1996 to 2000 served as the first black fire chief in the >> we have have life and look forward to maybe you alameda county fire chief willie mcdonald among the dignitaries. he was the first black chief for the foster city, san mateo and fremont fire departments. i was raised to believe that we could achieve. >> my parents were very supportive, been very encouraging in my childhood in my entire family has been that way. and so that's something that i strove for and wanted to achieve and help these leaders say the road to the top was not without several i
12:52 pm
was president of the >> a lot threats made my life. racism comes with the territory and the job requires strength are determinations. >> and a belief you belong as chief. and i won't forget those who are behind because i was once on the so it's important that we use and now we and don't forget, british have much for the people who helped to cross. >> in emeryville, philippe djegal all kron, 4 news. >> philippe, always bringing us those great stories. will we have an entire section on our web site dedicated to black history month. all you have to do is scan the qr code you see right now on your screen and we'll take you directly to that page. well, the warriors were in action hosting the washington wizards hoping to bounce back from saturday's loss to the lakers. and with steph curry out, the pressure is on jordan poole. luckily he has klay thompson and andrew wiggins to back him up. the dogs were down in the 1st quarter but bounced back in the second. the warriors
12:53 pm
held on to their lead in the 3rd. but the wizards we're slowly trying to make a comeback. but it wasn't enough to keep the dubs from winning final score one, 35 to one. 26. now we also heard from steph curry for the first time since he injured his left leg during a game against dallas earlier this month. curry says he has been resting and doing rehab to strengthen his leg. there is no timetable for return, but he will be re-evaluated after the all-star break. so likely next monday, maybe tuesday or wednesday. but as always step is staying optimistic and hopeful for a return sooner rather than later. >> every day is going. >> slow kind of process early. let everything kind of settle. and the healing process the goal right now is just try to let it heal. why you maintain as much of the year strength and conditioning. keeping everything as active as possible around the injury and then hopefully soon. i can,
12:54 pm
you know, get back on the court and start doing basketball stuff. and so the bill from the >> that said, the warriors will be on the road tonight playing the los angeles clippers tipoff is at 7. in major league baseball. spring training gets underway this weekend. there will be some rule changes this season starting extra innings with a runner on second base will become permanent after 3 seasons of use during the pandemic. the use of players position players rather was also tightened. they will be limited to extra innings or if their team is losing by at least 8 runs at any point or winning by at least 10 runs in the 9th inning. all right. well, up next, love is in the air, but some health officials say love at first sight isn't real. stay tuned for more, we'll have etail on that we'll have etail on that coming up.
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valentine's day, some people are thinking about love, but psychologists want to warn people not to fall head over heels. well, some people say. >> love at first sight, israel susan albers, a psychologist for the cleveland clinic says love at first sight is only connected to passion. she has. there are 3 things that make up love, intimacy, passion and commitment. says if you think you fall in love with someone at first sight, you want to make sure you have some shared hobbies and values with your significant other to. well, all right. and if you've got plans to spend valentine's day eating some good food in bed, then here's a list of the
12:58 pm
worst foods to eat for that kind of activity. a poll done for bakery brand saint pierre says soup pasta and stir fry are no no. 34% of people say they simply do not allow any food in bed. thank you very much, especially messy foods like those such as tacos. curry and robin, a little more than half say breakfast is acceptable. like yogurt host chris otts. those are on the allowed list. well, romance is in the air in the italian city of or via so where couples got to express just how deep their love is by descending into the historic saint patrick's. well, check this out to share a deep kids. love birds were escorted out. 175 foot spiral staircase to the voice of a poet. and with a glass of prosecco, that sounds lovely to toast to their love, to celebrate their bond. many exchange, a kiss or 2 when they got to explore the underground passages and caves. wow, that looks kind of dramatic. but interesting and that will do it for us on
12:59 pm
kron. 4 news at noon now. let's send things over to my pal olivia horton, who i'll be joining in just a bit. olivia, are you excited about valentine's day? i am excited that you can tell. i got some pj's on very special gallon times day event and kylie got. >> rush back out here because we need to see you in the pj's and joined the slumber party. yes, ma'am. i've never done whether and pj's and i'm looking forward to it as i'm sure much of the viewing public is as well. let's and it's about to be a first a lot of firsts here on live in the coming up, we have a great show, everybody. >> it's just lunch is stopping by the studio for some girl we find out all the do's and don'ts on valentine's dating and then the on a luxury stopping by with the bright gift idea for yourself or loved ones to show you love that. still burns, state. then if you're still looking for something to do to celebrate the love has some suggestions with size in the bay. plus, do you need the magic's brought back in your relationships? well, jay alexander might have a few tricks up his sleeve for you. this valentine's day.
1:00 pm
>> there's so much happening today on live in the bank. >> well, coming to live in the bay. and thank you so much for tuning in this afternoon and happy valentine's day, everybody. i'm olivia horton. you're probably wondering why i'm wearing these pj's. but this special edition gallon times day. so thanks for joining us. and let's get you caught up to date on all the topics you may have missed in our segment in case you missed it. >> the winner of a record setting 2 billion dollar powerball jackpot finally came forward more than 3 months after purchasing the winning ticket. can you believe that months later now, california lottery officials expect to identify the winner today and they say that the winner is an individual rather than


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