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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  February 15, 2023 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> i have decided to separate from chief leronne armstrong from the city without cause. >> that breaking news tonight at 5 o'clock. oakland's police chief is now out of a job after mayor sheng tao late today announced he's been fired. thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at 5. everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. chief armstrong has been on paid administrative leave. >> since january 19 for his handling of to misconduct investigations involving a police sergeant. the mayor made the announcement about an
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hour ago. kron four's dan thorn was there in the room. he joins us live with the latest details. good evening, >> good evening, grant. vicki. it appears another leader for oakland's police department. the mayor deciding to let the chief go earlier today. she says it was in decision that was not easy, but it was one that was necessary for progress here in the city of oakland. this all started when ron armstrong was put on administrative leave for an investigation that was opening over armstrong's handling of officer misconduct. one incident involving a police sergeant reportedly firing a gun inside the police station. the other involving that same sergeant being accused of not stopping at the scene after he struck a car using an opd vehicle. the sergeant is also accused of failing to report both of those issues to the police department. mayor sheng tao place armstrong on leave back in january. 19th sense. then armstrong has demanded to be reinstated with support from some of the oakland community and business leaders, including the oakland chapter of the naacp, the
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federal judge overseeing oakland said that he was disappointed in the evidence that he'd seen and the federal oversight report which e% demonstrated significant problems within the department. armstrong also called the report on this alleged misconduct, quote, embarrassingly inaccurate and contradictory since the beginning. mayor tao has maintained that accountability has been the most important thing throughout this process. and here's what the mayor said. just a short time ago >> it's an absolute requirement that my administration, including the chief of police be able to work closely with the monitoring team. and to speak credibly before the court. but i am no longer confident that chief armstrong can do the work needed to achieve the vision. so today. i have decided to separate from chief leronne armstrong from the city without cause. this is not an easy decision. but it's
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one i believe it's necessary for that progress to continue. >> the mayor went on to say that this was not a disciplinary action. the decision was based on her losing confidence in armstrong. she also said she did not have a conversation with him about his firing. acting chief darren allison has been serving as the police chief. in the meantime, and the mayor is expecting that he will remain in that position and will now be up to the mayor and the oakland police commission to come up with armstrong's successor grant vicki. >> yeah, is there any indication of who that might be? >> there's been no indication that was given to us today about who would be the eventual successor, of course, it has been said a lot here recently with in oakland. i'm considering the amount of chiefs that they've had over the next number of years. it's always a nationwide search that often used as the phrase when looking at at at a new oakland police chief here. so,
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of course, that's going to be the process that will eventually go through. but in the meantime, we know that darren allison will be remaining in this place. and of course, there are some other things that are are at play here as well as to how this decision gets laid out. and then, you know, where we go from here. but of course, a nationwide search is expected to take place. big news coming out of oakland. dan thorn reporting live for us from a planned. thank you, dan. >> well, our on our show now joins a long list of oakland. police chiefs have only lasted a short time on the job hunt for zell sogomonian takes a look back at the last decade of opd ease. troubling history. >> the role of oakland police chief has historically proven to be a challenge. at 1.0, 3 different chiefs eat resigned within 9 days. former mayor libby schaaf was once forced to get her city administrator involved. here's a closer look at the tumultuous time line in the last 10 years at opd. that
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includes 8 police chiefs in 2010. anthony batts join the force after for opd officers were killed in a shootout. yeah, he quit abruptly the following year saying the job had changed, claiming he had limited control but full accountability. it was proving to be difficult to implement his vision for reform. howard jordan, a career opd officer then stepped in dealing with the scandal where opd officers were accused of having with an underage girl. yet 2 years later, he claimed he needed to leave for medical reasons. then there was anthony toribio, another longtime opd officer. well, a nationwide search took place. he stayed for 2 days until sean whent slid in when to lasted 3 years as chief. he was known to work well with the federal monitor, charged with overseeing the department yet faced increasing criticism, but some saying he was not aggressive enough on those thought to have been having inappropriate relations with the teen. his departure led to the most problematic period to date for the department in the space of 9 days. the most important
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role at opd was a revolving door from went to ben farrow to paul these 3 chief cycled in and out because of an extramarital affair. and paul claiming he didn't want the scrutiny on his personal life. city administrator sabrina landreth took over between 2016 2017 and after a long search and kirkpatrick was sworn in in 2017, only to be fired after 3 years on the job following a vote by the oakland police commission for kron. 4 news. i'm ella sogomonian. >> after kirkpatrick was fired, opd had 2 different chiefs before armstrong was hired in 2021. darren allison served as acting chief for about a month between february and april of 2020. susan manheimer then was named interim chief from april of 2020 2 february of 2021. lauren armstrong's first day and offices, oakland's police chief was february 8th 2021. we're continuing to get reaction to the firing of
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chief armstrong coming up at 5.30, we'll hear from civil rights attorney john burris whose lawsuit prompted the federal oversight of the oakland police department. but again, oakland's next police chief will be its 13th. since 2009. developing news tonight, a san francisco woman had to be taken to the hospital over the weekend after she was beaten in the head. it happened at the intersection of 18th and dolores street in front of mission high school. the assault lasted less than a minute. >> or force rod nest but happened to be walking by the scene. moments after punches were thrown. >> he joins us now live in the studio with that story. what a what a horrible. the event it was grant. and vicki, as i was walking across the intersection near dolores park, a witness, a woman yelling at the 2 victims saying you did this. you did this over and over again. >> what i did not realize what happened moments before that and how serious the injuries were. what started as a walk
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to watch the super bowl for mateo and his wife ended with her spending sunday night in the emergency room, orbital fracture, fraction of the i. >> she couldn't see. you know, there's still a possibility that she could experience double vision. you know, she may have to have a eye surgery, but wife doesn't want to release her name and was choosing to only use his first name because of what the couple encountered here at the intersection of 18th and dolores in san francisco. they say 2 young women riding tandem on a lime scooter rode up behind the couple on the sidewalk. >> clifton crashed right into us. and we it was completely out of the blue and it was like. >> sure, and utter shock says the driver then got off the scooter and started to punch him in the head. when his wife yells for the punching to stop. the other woman on the scooters starts their offense at her so badly that there was.
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>> profuse bleeding all over the sidewalk. she was screaming for help and i was being pinned. by some bystander, white guy who came in and didn't know what happened and the same because i was a male. maybe that i was the aggressor. the assault lasted a total of 36 seconds and was recorded. start to finish by mission high school security cameras. >> kron 4 obtained the footage but the san francisco police department has advised us not to show it, says that an investigator was assigned to the case tuesday. >> but he questions how effective that will be to find the 2 women responsible were really disappointed with the response time. >> on the scene of the crime. >> and then also the follow-up. after the crime occurred with the investigation. >> matteo and his wife have lived in san francisco for 15 years and say this is the second time they've experienced an assault in public. they are now considering a move outside of the bay area. vicki grant. >> is this a totally random
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attack or do you know? >> the way they described it to me was that they were walking to watch the super bowl and they heard someone yell behind them. some expletives to move out of the way they believe that the woman driving the scooter didn't. i think that they moved out of the way fast enough and was upset enough to get off the scooter and start to throw punches. from. thank you for that report to rob nesbitt reporting live from the newsroom. >> all right. we'll stay in the city than the man prosecutors say is responsible for last week's explosion in san francisco's outer sunset, which caused this fire and resulted in the death of his wife, they say was illegally manufacturing hash oil, a form of cannabis. daryn price made his first court appearance today did not enter a plea, but we did learn more about the investigation. kron four's dan kerman reports. handcuffed and wearing a jail issued orange jumpsuit. 53 year-old darren price made his first court appearance wednesday. news crews were ordered not to show his face. prosecutors say
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prices responsible for last thursday's house explosion in the outer sunset which blew up his house resulted in the death of his wife severely burned his wife's caregiver and damaged several other homes. we've charged mister price with involuntary manslaughter for the death of his wife. >> with 2 counts of child endangerment, given children to live in that home. other charges related to the manufacture of an illegal controlled substance and and setting a that obviously is impacted other homes. in addition to other allegations. >> prosecutors say price was using butane another flammable chemicals at his home to produce hash oil, a form of vapors interacted with the hen - clothes dryer that caused the explosion. >> if the manufacturing of it in the in the way that he was doing it in a residential home that is illegal. we yeah. deny these accusations. and i think
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that once all of the evidence is turned over, discovered reviewed by experts for investigated that mister price will be exonerated. prices. public defender says prosecutors have it all wrong and say price is a victim grieving the loss of his wife. >> prosecutors also asked a judge to prevent price from communicating with his 17 14 year-old children since they could be called witnesses. price's attorney oppose that. and the judge agreed. i think that has their father. >> when they're facing, what will likely be the most difficult moments of their entire life. the bare minimum, he should be allowed to speak with them. and i think keep heat has. an incredible amount of love for them. and he is so concerned about them their well-being right now. again, the suspect did not enter a plea. >> he's due to return to court on friday morning. in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> i'm meteorologist lawrence
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karnow. get ready. another frigid night ahead. get out there blankets. it is going to be another cold one. we'll tell you how totally get your neighborhood coming up next. also making it easier to be jury, california. the new bill, one lawmaker says will lower the financial burden. >> while promising a more equitable trial. and shocking video of an elderly woman run over by a car in the east bay. the latest on her condition. >> and search for the driver. >> plus, a federal lawsuit against an east bay prison. a former inmate detailing the abuse she experienced. well incarcerated.
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>> breaking news just coming in. and this is in texas. multiple police officers are searching for a shooter who reportedly opened fire in a mall in el paso. there are reports at least one person has died. and for other people are injured, were still working to get that preliminary information confirmed. obviously a developing story. but you can see in enormous first responder presence and yet another mass shooting in the u.s. as we get more details will be sure to pass them along. >> new at 5, a former inmate describing just how abusive her experience was. well and being incarcerated at a federal prison in dublin in a new lawsuit, the former inmate
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says she was sexually abused by a prison guard who she says made advances and groped her continuously even after being told to stop. she says the guard would also tell her he fantasized about her. the lawsuit accuses former prison warden ray garcia of initiating the culture that resulted in the quote, rape club garcia, retired in 2021. after the fbi found nude photos of inmate on his government issued phone. he was convicted on 8 counts of abuse last year. >> a san francisco pilot program aimed at increasing jurors of color was so successful. a state legislature now wants to make it the law in california. kron 4 says he do reports. >> we have a problem getting low income people to serve as jurors. california state assembly bill 8, 8, 1, is being announced at this press conference outside of the hall of justice in san francisco as the solution to that problem,
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the bill, if passed, would be an expansion of a one of a kind. the pilot program called be the jury launch back in march of 2022. in the city. this has been so successful in san francisco. we want to roll it out statewide. the bill's author state assembly member phil teen >> says ab 8, 8, one aims to ease the financial hardship of jury service. nobody should not be allowed to serve in return because they don't have enough money because the job does not allow it because somehow there's a personal circumstance. the be the jury program removes the financial hardship in civic duty participation by increasing the daily jurist. i've been from $15 a day to $100 per day. 81 1% of the participants in the pilot state. they could not have served on the jury without the financial incentive. >> this man says the program allowed him to be a juror in the trial that lasted 3 months. paid. >> but i received from the
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program, the lows me to actually stay doing to try results from this past year. also showed an increase in racial and economic diversity on juries in san francisco, something that gets approval from the city's district attorney and public defender. both co-sponsors of the bill, most of the jurors of color, particularly our black and latino jurors would apply for hardship. and oftentimes those hardships had to be granted by the judges and there they would walk right out of the door. the public does not want people leading to things. they did not do because they fear correctly. >> that they cannot get a fair cross section of the community in a jury trial. >> in san francisco has the menu and kron 4 news. >> my weather time now. a live look here from our camera on mount tam o pius sunny day. another cool day in the bay. cool. but, you know, feels a lot like spring doesn't. yeah,
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we're almost there. enjoy it. while you get some long range models say we've got some wet weather returning the bay area, but it's going to be another clear and cold night we had one record low last night in santa rosa. looks like maybe not records, but we'll be right there very close again. some of those temperatures dropping in the low 30's. so yeah, bundle up again tonight that this fire stoked. it is going to be a long cold night ahead again for tonight. clear as can be out there right now. that's the way it's going to stay see beautiful skies out there right now. but a cold conditions as we'll see those temperatures really dropping off tomorrow, though, during the day increasing clouds kind of cool to mild day and then a mostly sunny weekend with above normal temperatures. but well, if you can see the long-range, i'll tell you, we've got some big changes coming as we head into next week forecast right now has advisories for a freezing going up tonight. in fact, some freeze warnings, parts healdsburg all the way down to petaluma. fell. also got to be careful. you got to watch those plants of that. they've been out there couple night and they're susceptible to
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some of the cold temperature you might just want to bring tonight. and then those temperatures are going to moderate all the other places shaded in blue. those are areas expecting a lot of frost again overnight and even on the coastline in the north bay and east bay and also the south bay. so another cold night and then these temperatures are going to start give way to some warmer weather with the clouds moving in tonight, though, about 30 degrees below freezing in santa rosa. 32 at the freezing mark in concord and livermore. you're going to see that also pleasanton and dublin in danville. it is going to be cold in the east bay inside the 30's and 40's. so not quite as cold as last night, but chilly enough. a little bit better on the coastline. you see a cold front out there right now. that's going bring some clouds around, wayne, maybe not some rain, but we've got some more rain on the forecast. models will show you that coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lauren. still ahead, help has arrived for people hit hard by the winter storms. >> a closer look at those efforts and what you need to efforts and what you need to know if your still rebuilding.
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supporting the whole you. >> well, it's been a long road to recovery for people who suffered from all that storm damage and late december and especially january after initially being shut out from federal aid. >> residents contra costa county are now getting some assistance, though, from fema kron four's philippe djegal reports from the disaster recovery center in danville that opened up today.
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>> nicola place lives near the south gate entrance to mount diablo state park in diablo and on wednesday, she visited the temporary disaster recovery center in danville, set up by fema in partnership with the governor's office of emergency services and contra costa county. she did not suffer any personal property damage were lost during last month's storms but says the road outside her home got worse. it's a private road with a public easement. >> and so there's been problems of getting maintenance done in that legal conundrum. fema says it may not be able to help directly but was able to connect her to state options for repairs. i will probably have to keep buying up. our situation is very complex, but it affects a lot of the public going up to the park. overall. preliminary estimates show the storms caused more than 43 million dollars of damage to public property and millions more to private property. john tyler suffered about $120,000 in damages to his roof in danville.
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>> like many neighbors, he thought he'd have to come out of pocket for whatever insurance would not cover. >> only to learn dollars may be available from very helpful. they can get the roof repaired of kind of lined up. >> to get through. march are ready. >> there are a lot of people, i think, with damage because the roof or 0. very busy. the disaster recovery center is located at the old town offices at 5.10, lead on the way in danville. >> from now through march first, it will open every day from 10 o'clock in the morning until 7 o'clock at night. you absolutely want to make sure that you have photos of any damage that might have taken place. >> and other information that might be of use, but really just come with questions, make sure that you're trying to get as much information as possible. and if you do not qualify for a fema grant, it's possible homeowners, business owners and renters could be eligible for loans to repair and replace property. from the u.s. small business
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administration. >> in danville, philippe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> coming up next, just how bad is the cyber attack targeting the city of oakland? we'll find out how it's affecting all kinds of city services. >> and now former police chief leronne armstrong just fired today by new mayor shane town. well, hear his side of the story just released a statement what
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>> back to our breaking news tonight and happened just over an hour ago. the oakland police department is now searching for a new chief afternoon. mayor sheng tao fired chief leronne armstrong. this comes as armstrong has been placed on administrative leave earlier this year after an investigation by a federal monitor concluded that the chief failed to properly handle misconduct allegations by a police sergeant under him. and what was going just received this statement from armstrong, it reads in part, i am deeply disappointed. >> in the mayor's decision after the relevant facts are fully evaluated by weighing evidence instead of pulling sound bites from strategically leaked inaccurate reports. it will be clear. i was a loyal and effective reform or of the oakland police department. it will be equally clear that i committed no misconduct and my termination is fundamentally wrong, unjustified and unfair. yeah, again, the


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