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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  February 17, 2023 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning. i'm james fletcher and i'm reyna harvey in for darya folsom. we've been talking the weather. yeah. morning. haha. all week long seems to be chilly mornings. experiencing that seems like more of the same today. chilly weekend, john, or we get a break now. so the mornings obviously cold and we've got another one of those this morning. the weekend actually looks really nice, though. and i want you to enjoy it. >> as much as possible because we have changes next week that the cutest that sunshine and mild weather that we've got plenty of this weekend right now. we're looking outside at the view from the east bay hills, which is nice and clear. we are seeing mostly cloudy skies. but not a foggy morning by any means. so you're good to go in that regard. as for temperatures. yeah, we're cold again. san mateo oakland down through mountain view, san jose and fremont all down in the 30's while staying above freezing for most of the north bay, which is nice, dublin. you're at 33 sonoma at 33 petaluma
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and santa rosa at 35 degrees. no frost advisories. no freeze warnings. as you can see, most of us are staying right above that 32 degree mark, it is a bit breezy in a few spots, though, especially on to the delta fairfield, vacaville and half moon bay currently looking at winds in excess of 20 miles per hour. and we are seeing some offshore showers. you think? ah, there we go. rain is heading our direction, but not so much. the system is going to clip right past us. so we're actually going to clear out really nicely later on today. i've got all the details on what to expect for the day. still to come raining. all right, john, thank you for that. we're checking on our bridges this morning. a 7 minute right into the city may so that fremont street exit our san mateo bridge, 80 to 1, 0, 1, 12 minutes traveling across towards the peninsula. >> the richmond center fell bridge about a 7 minute ride and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls going to take in 19 minutes on this friday. >> it is 501. and in the news this morning, we have happening right now. police in san jose looking for a mom accused of kidnapping their 2
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year-old daughter. luckily police found the daughter safe and unharmed so we can at least say that much kron four's will tran is live in san jose with the latest on that search. good morning. well, >> i'm in front of the police department reyna and james and absolutely more importantly, as they continue to search for the mother, more importantly, the baby girl has been found safe and sound not in san jose, but in oakland. now, let me show you video of the woman who they are still looking for. her mother, crystal mendez know she went into a home in san jose on wednesday afternoon. she does not have legal custody of the child. fortunately, they have surveillance video that they were able to look at at least get closer to her location, including surveillance video from the oakland coliseum, bart station. the baby was found in oakland at a relative's home that child should already be back home with the father, if not today,
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then very soon as they check out everything about this little girl and see if she's ok, but it appears no injuries. as far as her mother, crystal mendez. well, they believe that she has ties to san francisco, but she does not have a permanent residents and they believe that she possibly could be roaming the streets. they, of course, would like to track her down and possibly charger with some crimes or at the very least try to understand what she was doing. they believe that she's a heavy drug user and that could be one of the circumstances that could give her a break in the case. as far as san jose james reyna, you might recall last year. they also have the deal with another baby kidnapping. that one was about a mile and a half from the san jose police department. fortunately in that case as well, they were able to locate the baby. >> back to you. a good to know the child's. all right. thank you very much. well, happening today, the man was charged for that deadly home explosion in san francisco. it's going actually back in court at 53
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year-old darren price facing multiple charges could very well in tripoli. we have kron four's michael thomas standing by live in the city with more. michael. >> hey, good morning, everyone. yeah, those charges were talking all about felony charges in connection to this explosion of that home. that used to be a home, i should say behind me again, it not only did damage other homes also killed. his 51 year-old were a wife. excuse me. police say that when they did look over evidence, they found what appeared to be a drug lab on the premises. but take a look. this is some video of the that we're talking about. darren price. he is set to be arraigned later this morning and charged with the following involuntary manslaughter manufacturing a controlled substance, 4 counts of reckless burning, 2 counts of child endangerment. and one count of elder abuse. this is all in connection to last week's home explosion. it happened just after 9.30, on 22nd avenue here in san francisco sunset district. now the explosion not only kill price's wife, it completely destroyed their home injured.
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another person in damage to both neighboring homes, leaving them red tagged along with destroying some windows throughout the entire neighborhood. investigators say they recovered suspected butane tanks, ovens and other materials all consistent with processing hash oil. and both kyle sold it. excuse me, a jar of the suspected product was tested. was tested and contained acetone along with other dangerous flammable solvent. now, prices brother did speak with our team last week and he says that his brother does have over 30 years of experience when it comes processing certain types of true. sorry, excuse me, everybody. he has over 30 years when it comes to processing we products. but he says he would never do something like that in this home or put anybody in danger that there has to be more to the story. but as we get more information when that court appearance happens later today will continue to keep you updated. but that is the very latest here in the sunset neighborhood. i will send it back to base live in the studio. >> all right, michael, thanks that update. it is 505. and
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also happening today, the art gallery owner charge for spring that homeless woman with water that was captured on video. he's going to be in court as well. you may remember this was video of shannon collier going spring. that homeless woman with water while she sat on the sidewalk. when is now facing a battery charge for that incident. he's expected to enter a plea and could face a $2000, fine and perhaps even up to 6 months in jail if convicted. in the east bay. at least one person is dead and another in custody. now after a stabbing in fremont. the incident happened about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. police say someone reported an altercation between 2 men near stevenson boulevard and paseo padre parkway when they arrived on scene. officers say that's where they found a man on the ground with severe injuries. he later died at the scene. the suspect was arrested at the time. this is the city's first homicide of the year. >> and developing news, san francisco police are implementing a new strategy. they're trying help deter people from soliciting from
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workers in the city. wes apd says that new d coy operation has a female cop goes undercover as a worker and give citations to potential clients or shots. the cell phone video from the most recent operation on tuesday. want to john decided that they then go to an offender prostitution program. that's apd assistant chief david was our says that they've seen success and giving citations and also crack down on pimps. issued approximately 30 citations since. >> last friday night, we have our traffic officers on motorcycles that are out there now will also focus in on who are engaged in human trafficking. as far as putting women out of workers they with their their their loitering laws on the books around that. they can be aggressive. they could be violent. they could be armed. we're going to address that as well. >> barriers have been put upon place on cap street supervisor. hillary ronen's office says many of them have
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been run over and the city plans to install some stronger barriers. and for weeks the city will evaluate if these measures have worked or not. >> nothing in any of reports say that he was a bad and nothing in those reports and he didn't have our backs. nothing in report said he didn't care about this city. he didn't care about his job. yes, he did >> community members in oakland rallying around lebron armstrong was fired as the city's police chief. oakland's mayor sheng tell announce armstrong's termination on wednesday. tao said she based her decision to let him go on the findings of an outside investigation that detail misconduct by multiple officers, including the former chief. many people are still questioning whether it was the right move or whether it was done through right process. >> you can just go to the side that pushes your envelope and talk to them about the issues of this city. we and we all matter and we all should be heard on the same level.
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>> we have elected. we have voted for a police commission. yes, that police commission was not given the this is a problem. we have no trust in our democracy. we have no choice to that to a >> well, the group says it plans to participate in a larger rally in support for lebron on strong. that's going to happen on monday. >> well, mayor tao fired armstrong 30 days after she put him on paid administrative leave. the mayor talked to kron 4 and defended her decision. >> in the department, there is a rule that says discipline must given within 30 days. and that was also part of the recommendation from the federal monitors as well, too, as part of the many different problems of the city must follow. and so following that, i have, you know, i had wished to be able to get a recommendation and that's what it was. was just a recommendation from the police commission on how we move forward. but unfortunately, they were unable to schedule a meeting in time.
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>> well, some people are in support of mayor taos decisions. civil rights attorney jim kane in, for instance, was one of the lawyers involved in the 2003 negotiation settlement agreement or the nsa of the oakland police department. it was created following an explosive case of officer misconduct where the city paid out 10.9 million dollars and agreed to dozens of reforms. cayden was also on the selection committee that offered the police chief job to armstrong. and he says he read the confidential reports and he listened to dozens of interviews involved in the investigation of failing to discipline that sergeant. that was the heart of that investigation of misconduct. cannon also believes that the way in which armstrong fought back to keep his job was not the right decision. >> found his conduct. the chiefs conduct after the discipline to really saying that the monitor was doing it
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for the money, saying that the case was an important. i think it was a very sad day. it was a sad day for chief and and for all the people who like to. >> marriage house says that she is moving forward with finding a new police chief. in the meantime, she'll work closely with the opd as acting chief darren allison. >> still ahead of the kron, 4 morning news police in the east. they are warning people about high school students playing a game ball assassin's. why some parents think it should be played and others think it's just harmless fun. plus, more cases of corona or a virus. talk about that now reporting in the bay area. what you can do to keep from getting it. lawmakers in ohio criticize the federal government's response to the toxic train derailment. we'll talk more about that in a moment. well,
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happening now, be careful if you're planning to go out to the beach today because >> most bay area beaches are expected to experience. you guessed it, take or way of sneaking up on ya. yeah. the warning is for the west and northwest facing beaches. sneaker waves can come ashore without warning. rip currents can actually pull swimmers farther out into the water. if
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you get caught in a rip current, try to swim at an angle towards the beach. james, you know, it's just so cold out pretty much stay away. there's some people that know a lot of surfers who enjoy getting their exercise in the water. they all get them out of the conditions. but yet it is one of those days are going to be careful, careful. and john, to lot of people like to fish off the with the sneaker waves. it's not necessarily a great idea you know, you sllos out there. they're just standing there. they've been just fine. and then the sneaker waves come up. >> they will easily. all it takes is a couple feet of water sweeping right off those rocks right there. that's why we do have these beach hazard statement. switch happened in effect for a whole lot of the week continue through this morning. >> all up and down the coastline. so with skies clearing out now and temtuup afternoon hours, it's especially noteworthy that it if you're heading out to the coastline because it's going to be nicer to do so. you just keep that extra distance between you and those waves. as far as we go out the coast,
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look at that. we're not looking at any fog. it's nice and clear at the golden gate bridge, just a mostly cloudy hathat's start. we actuall churning right off shore of us. it's going to clip right past the bay area in the process of doing so. you have a couple of sprinkles and coastal sonoma county as well as up into tennessee, know county but not going to do anything else for us. this low pressure moves out of our direction and high pressure actually builds back in this weekend. and that's going to result an increasingly mild. unclear whether lly to see the starting today by the afternoon. skies have cleared back out and then tomorrow and sunday, we're looking at beautiful, clear skies and really mild temperatures enjoy this weekend fully because next week we see some changes for the cooler cloudier and wetter, especially towards the tail end of next week. now, as far as today goes, it's upper 50's to low 60's and san francisco as well as at the coastline. it will be 60's for the most part elsewhere. these temperatures a little warmer than yesterday's winds. little
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bit calmer all in all today. just an improvement in conditions continue to improve into tomorrow. san jose, your warmest spot today at 64 while oakland in many other spots not far behind at 62 degrees. second warmest spots being san leandro and santa rosa at 63 for your highs. tomorrow's temperatures will be a little warmer and sunday. the very warmest a really nice sunday to get outside. enjoy all that sunshine and a great as well. but after that, we start our cool down cloud cover gradually increases tuesday and wednesday will be very windy. wednesday night showers move in by thursday, friday, saturday and sunday of next weekend. it's going to be cooler and wetter. that means this weekend. enjoy the sun all right, john, thank you for that. let's check on those bridges traveling into the city this morning about 7 minutes. >> our san mateo didn't want to one 12 minutes there. and the richmond center fell bridge about 7 minutes. the golden gate bridge. also nice and light for you. it's going to be on 19 minutes on this friday morning.
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>> it is 5.17, and we told you about a rise virus cases in murray county yesterday and now health officials in contra costa county are warning there, too. some of the symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain. they say the virus can quickly spread through schools and daycare centers and other health facilities as well. eyes or through contaminated food or surfaces or person to person contact. >> we can all get sick with norovirus, but certainly those and the elderly and the young are more likely to get really sick with the virus and possibly end up with dehydration and up in the hospital meeting on the hydration. >> yeah. there's no medication to treat norovirus. people typically become ill one or 2 days after an infection. experts recommend washing your hands frequently. one of the best ways to protect yourself. >> well, in the north, a sonoma county, they are ending
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their covid emergency declaration by at least the end of this month. their health officer says the date is in line with the state. they add that covid-19 case rates are low compared to the last 2 winters and many people either are vaccinated already. they've already had covid. this means county covid clinics are going to close and now people instead you can turn to your primary care providers and most pharmacies for future vaccines. >> not seeing the kinds of covid rates or severe negative outcomes like hospitalizations or deaths that we've seen in the past couple of years. i think most experts agree that we are all living with covid now. in other words, it's a lot like other respiratory illnesses with the end of the county issued emergency. that also means patients with. >> medic out you're going to re enroll after march 11 because it's not going automatically do so like it did during the pandemic. so remember that sanders is also plans to in there covid-19
5:20 am
public health emergency staff members and health care and jill settings. they're going to still have to be wearing those masks. >> well, time now is 5, 19 and in national news, it's been 2 weeks since a train derailed in eastern ohio spilling toxic chemicals in affecting the air and the water there for residents and and biden is a mi as administration officials, they were actually on the ground in ohio thursday, vowing to be there as long as they actually needed to so let's get the latest on this will go to washington. we've got and standing by with the update. good morning, anna. >> good morning. we'll some lawmakers are criticizing the federal response to this toxic train derailment saying that help from washington was to get will end came too late. >> 2 weeks after a train derailed in east palestine, ohio releasing toxic chemicals into the air and water and forcing more than 2000 residents to evacuate. epa
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administrator michael regan is on the ground telling ngton nts that was stands ready to help the community have questions and they deserve >> i want the community to know. we hear you. we see you and then we will get to the bottom of this. regan says the federal government has set up 24 7 air monitoring and is working to ensure the health and safety of the community. all families there. >> access to clean air and safe but ohio republican congressman j d vance says he's not confident the water is safe. i think that the epa administrator wants to stand here and tell people that the tap water is safe. >> by all means they should be willing stricken. and ohio democratic senator sherrod brown is calling on more federal agencies, including hhs and cdc to be on the ground helping make that assessment. brown says representatives from the train company responsible should also be there. that means accountable for the chance for people to move back accountable for all the
5:22 am
cleanup. brown says cleanup could take weeks and he says it could be days even weeks before they can assure residents are safe to return home. >> for now live in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. back to you and thanks for that update. >> we're going take a break is we come up on 5.22, coming up on the next segment, we've got actor bruce willis diagnosed with a rare form of dementia will talk more about how the disease works. and if doctors can do anything to treat it, we'll be right back.
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>> well, the family of actor bruce willis says his health has taken a turn for the absolute worst and an instagram post with his family says the actor has been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. we spoke to doctor bill seeley nuala just said ucsf about this. a rare form of dementia. >> typically impractical to mention to you see a sort of slowly progressive decline and it's a heterogeneous so sometimes the decline as more and that social emotional, wrong where there is a change in behavior at work or home times. it's mentioned decline in language functions and those would be the clues a family member, doctor that something was was going on.
5:26 am
just all pretty but limited. the city's most of the treatments are targeting specific symptom is a really alter the course of i'm finding treatments and cures for this is huge research priority. it's one of the reasons you know, raising awareness of disease is so important. >> well, as stepped away from acting last year after being diagnosed with aphasia, which also affects people's memory. >> meanwhile, pennsylvania senator john fetterman is back in the hospital now after checking himself in thursday to treat clinical depression the democratic senators still recovering from a stroke that he suffered last may and voluntarily opted for inpatient treatment. fetterman's chief of staff says he has experience depression off and on throughout his life, but it became more severe in recent weeks as he began his senate term in washington. we're going take a break at 6.26. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. san francisco is worried about a new street
5:27 am
drug making its way to the west coast. we'll tell you why health officials say this one. it's very dangerous because of the way it's mixed with a powerful opioid.
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>> all right. we're back 5.30, is the time. let's head to the weather center on this friday. yeah, what kind of weather? we have a lot of plans this weekend. john, want to know can we do them do of all? really, really good weather. and i really try to stress that. it's good weather
5:30 am
because next week we take a turn for the cooler in the weather, especially might remind you a little bit of those rainy days of past months. now we are in for a gorgeous next couple days. those are going to focus on that before we get to the rain. it's nice clear out there this morning. we do have cloud cover overhead, but no fog. and we're right back to n% the 30's. i know it's cold again. we've had practice with this, though. just get those layers back on san jose and oakland at 39 right now. fremont, you're at 35 dublin, sitting just above freezing at 33 in sonoma at freezing at 32. no frost advisories are freeze warnings because temperatures not quite as cold as yesterday we are breezy out to the delta fairfield and vacaville and then at the coast and half moon bay. otherwise, most of us are a little on the calmer side. we do have a system churning off in the pacific, but it's not working its way. our direction barely clipping right past us. a couple sprinkles and coastal sonoma county. and that's about all we've got today actually grows clear and clear and sets us up for a weekend with warmer. unclear whether
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i'm talking all about it. still ahead, rain. all right, john, thank you for that. let's check on those bridges. >> heading into the city this morning is going take about 8 minutes mace to that fremont street exit. how about the san mateo did want to one 13 minutes for you all. richmond, sandra fell bridge tolls to 1, 7, minutes and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls taken 19 minutes on this friday. >> 5.31 is the time and it's called a game. but it's also getting people in the east bay a little bit worried. teenagers apparently are taking part in a game where they hunt each other down and shoot each other with nurse i'll gun. yeah. and some of these cases the shooting game is apparently happening at schools yet. crawford dance or with those details. >> it's called assassins senate's where seniors are broken up into teams and shooting each other with nerf darts and and whoever gets the most points wins. some parents tell us it's just for fun, but others say it sends the wrong message considering the country's rash in mass shootings and they're hoping
5:32 am
the school district will help put an end to it. it's these darts and nerf that are being used for a shooting game among seniors at monte vista high school in danville. >> the game is called assassins and the team with the most kills and fewest casualties ways. i just don't see anything positive coming out of this at all. blackhawk resident andrea parnas says students should not be playing this game because it promotes violence. the blackhawk police chief responded to her concern by sending out a notice in saying there have been just to non-criminal calls involving players. part nasa is worried the police and the school are making light of what she considers a serious issue with all of the school shootings that we're hearing about and actually becoming numb to. >> i don't see. what good can come from this. jesse stock is a senior at monte vista and he's a player in the assassins game. >> she says it's not supposed to be played at the school, but some kids might be
5:33 am
breaking the rules. stock also money prize. each group has to pay 20 bucks. each person who enters the game. $20 and our whole senior class is playing a san ramon valley unified school district spokesperson says they are not aware of the shooting game being played on campus. they do not condone this game and tell kron 4 we do not allow weapons on our campuses regardless if they are real or not. toys, nerf guns and lookalikes are not permitted in our monte vista parents who did not want to show their face on camera, says the game is just harmless fun. no concern for me and my kids. talked about it. they think it's fun. doesn't scare anyone. but for others, it's very scary to be doing a game called assassins and to be racking up kills. to me is just appalling. the school district says they will be monitoring for any bad behavior that may result from this game. but for now, there have been no reports of any issues at monte vista high
5:34 am
school reporting in danville, dan thorn kron. 4 news. 0, 5, 33. now let's go to the peninsula where the man accused of murdering 7 of his co-workers at 2 farms in half. moon bay pleaded not guilty. >> tree limbs out faces 7 counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. the district attorney couldn't say much about the case because of a gag order that the judge had issued a call for legal analyst steven clark says that that's because the shooting has receivediontiod make it difficult to find an impartial jury in san mateo county. clark says the defense could request a change of venue to another county to ensure that zhao gets a fair trial. we know the child scheduled to be back in court on may. 3rd. >> wannacry police arrested an 18 year-old man in connection with a threat this was made at las lomas high school. the campus was actually put on lockdown last friday after staffers got a phone call from someone threatening to shoot up the school. well, police said everyone shelter in place while they searched the
5:35 am
campus. no weapons were found. 18 year-old amani costello is charged with a felony criminal threat and a misdemeanor for causing a false emergency report. he's being held at the martinez jail on $27,000. bond. well, a nice pay double. police say they uncovered an organized crime ring in oakland after a theft at an ulta beauty store. but these they got away with $1500 worth of merchandise in that case, the investigation led officers to a fence operation in oakland where they found more than 1 million dollars stolen merchandise there. and an ar 15 goes good. no details on the suspects have been released. >> well, new this morning, brentwood police now warning people about scammers pretending to be norton anti-virus. i've got one of these e-mails in one incident. police say a fake norton representative told a victim how to cancel their subscription by using a web browser on their laptop and opening the web browser letting the scammer game access to the victims laptop
5:36 am
remotely and then accessing there bank account information during another incident. a fake representative told the victim the company accidently deposited a large sum of money into the victim's account and requested the transfer that money back. police say if you are unsure whether you're being scammed give the department a call before giving out any personal information and certainly before sending anybody any money. >> well, health officials in san francisco are warning residents that a street drug pretty popular on the east coast has now made its way into the city officials with the city's department of public health say trank no better as is a loss sing as the mix of fencing all without people knowing it. trank is not an opioid, but it is a veterinary tranquilizer and it's actually used to extend the effects of fentanyl. doctor jeff home with the san francisco department of public health says that trank is a very common drug in philly with 90% of it being found in opioid samples. he says the department is working hard to combat this drug.
5:37 am
>> we do not believe that this time that is widely circulating in san francisco's drug supply, but that we are actively working to increase our surveillance, our understanding of who and where might it be impacting increasing our to our education and training of our colleagues in health care, in the community and really sure that we have a robust response if and when we see more and more cases islands in crop up. >> what rank can also cause respiratory issues similar to opioids. but reversing those impacts with narcan might not be successful injecting it can also cause severe skin lesions spread and even worse and quickly. >> all right, 5.37, we're going to take a break. but still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, we are learning more about the gunman in that deadly shooting at michigan state university. what we know so far about a potential motive. and thousands of teslas being recalled, quote, unquote, for problems with the self-driving feature. going to tell you what models are impacted and what the fix is.
5:38 am
>> and today we are going to be looking at increasingly clear skies and back to the 60's. we go really pleasant afternoon and an even better saturday and sunday just
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> it is 5.40, happening today. the 5 former memphis police officers charged with the death of tyre. nichols will appear in court for the first time. nichols died after he was beaten for 20 minutes during an arrest before he received any medical attention. the 29 year-old
5:41 am
father died at the hospital 3 days later. the officers are charged with second degree murder, aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, official misconduct and official oppression on top of that 2 sheriff's deputies who were there during the incident were suspended without pay because they didn't keep their body cameras on. >> president biden says there is no indication that the 3 objects shot out of the sky last weekend had surveillance capabilities. defense officials have been on high alert since a suspected chinese spy balloon traveled over the u.s. earlier this month. well, biden criticized china's blow program say he actually plans to discuss it with china's president of the future. the president says the last 3 objects were most likely from private companies or even research institutions. we're going to be right back after the break.
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your money pg and they're going to give bill credits to customers who ashley save energy during the heat waves last year. they plan to give about $35 on average in bill credits to 1.6 million customers who are a part of the power saver rewards program. they say the customers reduce the electricity they use during flex alerts. they also help reduce stress on the power grid pg. says those credits
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are going to be applied automatically too energy statement in february and march. we could certainly use a james because i know my bill was in these cold temperatures are having each of these overnight has not been helping off. we've got john in the weather center. our overnight lows going to be. >> climbing up at some point are we stuck him here in the 30's and 40's. so this weekend they shouldn't be quite as cold this morning, even though we're still in the 30's and 40's were not. >> quite as chilly as yesterday. most of us are hovering right above freezing. but it has certainly been feeling like the middle of winter. in fact, this entire season has really been coming through for us between the cold and then, of course, the snow up in the sierra nevada, which as we know, has been piling up to in some cases, some pretty impressive amounts donner summit right here. we've got traffic moving along. just fine. it is going to be a good weekend. first game will have all those bluebird skies. lots of sunshine up around lake tahoe and cool temperatures. daytime highs in the 40's that some
5:46 am
really nice stuff right there. you don't want to see temperatures rising much more than that girl. she start dealing a slushy conditions, but this is good skiing weather this weekend with lots of sunshine and good travel weather heading up to tahoe and back presidents day on monday. so good day to head back. then we are going to be seeing snowfall into the tail end of next week into next weekend. and that's going to add to that snow pack as you try to get up into the sierra here locally in the bay area. we do have mostly cloudy skies this morning. you can actually think those clouds for keeping temperatures above freezing for most areas, although we're down in the 30's see probably won't notice much of a difference. we're seeing this storm system sitting offshore, spinning to the west of us. it's resulting in a few sprinkles from mendocino county and coastal sonoma county. but it's going to clip right past the bay area not doing much except bring us these clouds that we have this morning skies clear out this afternoon, though. and we actually grow increasingly clear and mild into the rest of the weekend tomorrow and sunday as well as monday for
5:47 am
president's day looking. absolutely gorgeous. lots of sunshine out there. great weather for getting outside traveling to and from the sierra nevada. today's daytime highs will rise a little bit compared to yesterday. it's low 60's for more of the bay area, including half moon bay in daly city right up the coast. burlingame at 61 for your high. well, looking at 62 in san carlos in mountain view, warmest spot today being san jose at 64. well, campbell, santa clara, san leandro not far behind that all at 63 degrees for your highs, danville and san ramon, you'll be at 60 degrees. a couple of upper 50's here and there, including at the coastline and over to mill valley getting your lookahead tomorrow sunday and monday. beautiful, clear days. highs in the 60's as you can see our evening lows. do stay pretty chilly inland, dropping into the 30's the next few nights next week. it is a huge change of pace. and this involves that's getting a lot colder and a lot wetter by thursday, friday and saturday worth looking at rainfall in the
5:48 am
evening lows dropping into the 20's for some of us. so enjoy this weekend. well, it's mild before winter makes its big return next week right now. john, thank you for that. oh, wow. >> we are tracking your morning drive. 8 minutes traveling into the city. mace to that fremont street exit. how about that? san mateo bridge 80 to 1, 0, 1, 12 minutes there traveling across towards the peninsula. a richmond sandra fell bridge about 7 minutes and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls going to take you about at 19 minutes on this friday. >> and we're back at 5.48, the costa ri golden gate transit may be going up as soon as this july. the district says it's facing a projected 5 year deficit of more than 400 million dollars because ridership hasn't come back to pre-pandemic levels. so they're holding public meetings now to get input on their proposed fare increases. there are 4 different proposals in all too, include an increase of about $0.25 each for the next 5 years. the other 2 would raise cash fares by either 3% or 4% for trips between the north bay and san
5:49 am
francisco. the price increases would go into effect for buses for ferries and paratransit beginning july 1st. >> well, happening now, you have more than 360,000 tesla vehicles with cell driving are now being recalled. u.s. safety regulators pressure tesla into recalling the vehicles after reports that they go in the wrong lanes. they don't always follow speed limits. crawfordsville on has that story. >> the national highway traffic safety administration announced on thursday that tesla will fix concerns with an online software update. documents from the auto regulator. details problems with how the car function that intersections and whether it follows the posted speed limits. this beta. >> safety critical software is not something that should be in the hands of ordinary consumers are not trained as professional testers of this type of software. sam an electric vehicle industry, principal analyst at guidehouse ads. >> the nhtsa should have
5:50 am
banned a software entirely. the tesla owners are using this. you know, they have more or less consented to being part of an experiment. but all the rest of us on the road have not can not consented to be part of tesla's experiment and it's putting other people at risk well. sam of says one example is a thanksgiving crash on the bay bridge involving a tesla in full self-driving mode leading to an 8 vehicle pileup. the recall covers 2016 to 2023 models s and x. >> 2017 to 2023 model 3 and select 2020 to 2023 model y drivers in san francisco have mixed views. kind of thought it was coming all along. i've never tried it. >> hear a lot of bad things about it. so i'm but it doesn't give it a try it's very like $10,000 one of the l as the software. but he's not concerned about safety. it's not like i've read a thing. but you like the idea that, you know, if i ever need to
5:51 am
just stop to drink for drink water, i just engaged. autopilot are also driving, you know, just take over. the ala says he is conscious memories that here in the city because there's a lot no sketchy. people want to start to drive ers and you just never how autopilot system react to country. driver test lab reportedly plans to fix the problems with the software update in the coming weeks along. >> kron 4 news. >> classes remain suspended through the weekend at michigan state university after that gun that shot and killed 3 students and injured 5 others on monday, investigators are learning more about a possible motive they say they found a note that described the shooter as a loner. >> it appears based on the content of the note that he felt that he was slated in some way by people or businesses did a mental health and provide that it was a component of that. we're not sure at this point. so he he pretty much never left his room. and father didn't believe that he had any friends.
5:52 am
>> the shooting happened during evening classes at 2 separate buildings on campus. police say the gunman walked nearly 4 miles towards his home after those shootings and said nothing. before killing himself in front of police. investigators say the shooter was also carrying 2, 9 millimeter guns and extra ammo. those guns were legally purchased but never registered for the 5 victims who are injured remain in the hospital in critical condition. it's 5.52. we'll be right back.
5:53 am
bill loveless: i came to the lord at the age of about 42. dr. charles stanley has been so important in my life, just his teachings. one of the life principles is that brokenness is a requirement for god to use you greatly, is when you can become that conduit of what god wants to do through you to get to other people. it's just amazing of what god can do with you.
5:54 am
5:55 am
we're back at 5.55, the nba's best players are going to be traveling to salt lake city, utah for the league's all-star weekend. >> the game features the classic matchup of western and eastern conferences. the format of the all-star game has changed this year. it will allow captains, lebron james and giannis antetokoumpo to pick their own teams ahead of the matchup on sunday. steph curry, as we know, was supposed to play this weekend. but he is still recovering from the late leg injury so he won't be on the court. tipoff as 05:00pm. >> all right. good game. all right. still to come in the next hour, police are trying track down trying to actually crack down on. >> prostitution in san
5:56 am
francisco, the plan they have to prevent work on cap street. we'll talk more about that in death. and police are searching for this woman on your screen. they say she kidnapped her own daughter. what we know about her and her whereabouts so far. and the man charged for the deadly home explosion ares going back in court today. we'll tell you what to expect about that in what to expect about that in the next hour.
5:57 am
meet apartment 2a, 2b and 2c. what to expect about that in the next hour. 2a's monitoring his money with a simple text. like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. good morning. thank you for joining us on this february, 17th. i'm james fletcher and i'm reyna harvey is fry. yeah, have. that's also true to we've got john starting things off in the weather center with a look at those once again, chilly temperatures. feel like mentally i'm turning compartmentalize the cold because i know the rest of the weekend looks great. >> but yeah, it is a cold start this morning. so we can't forget that you got to bundle up. >> before you get out there to enjoy the rest of the weekend, which is going to be increasingly nice. this is what we've got this morning. clear skies. there's cloud cover up above, but no fog. that's definitely a highlight of this morning. definitely nothing that you'll be encountering. that will slow you down weather wise, san
6:00 am
jose up to san mateo and fremont over to livermore and dublin. it's all 30's for ya. san francisco, alameda and oakland in the 40's. while the north bay staying above freezing for most spots. but it's still very close to so no, but fairfax at 33 in petaluma and santa rosa. 35 34 so get those layers on again. it's pretty breezy, too, for some of us fairfield, as well as vacaville fremont and half moon bay. all these areas seeing winds gusting right around 20 miles per hour right now. that's going make for quite the wind chill. so there's a lot of cloud cover this morning. we've got a storm system sitting well offshore. that's just clipping right past the bay area. it's resulting in a couple sprinkles in the sonoma county and increasingly clear towards the afternoon. and that's where this forecast that's good. i'm talking about all the things we can look forward to this weekend. still to come right now. all right, john, thank you for that. let's check on your bridges if you're traveling into the city this morning, it's going to take you. >> about 9 minutes to make


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