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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  February 17, 2023 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> and gradually more and more of that through the day. it will help to warm us up because right now we're not warming at san jose at 39, san mateo, 37 dublin, you're at 34 degrees and parts of the north bay flirting with the below freezing temperatures. petaluma at 33 degrees right now. it is a bit breezy as well for a few spots like the delta out along the coastline. so it's going to make for an extra brisk feeling morning. now, cloud cover is on the decrease. we have the storm system churning offshore. that's barely starting right past us. and in the process, we picked up some cloud cover from it. but today clears out and the weekend warms up those details in your full forecast rain. all right, john, thank you for that. while the traffic so far has been great, he's been friday light like no other. >> 10 minutes into the city may so that fremont street exit of the san mateo bridge. let's check on you. it could take about 14 minutes traveling across towards the peninsula. there. richmond center fell bridge about 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. a 26
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minute ride. >> back to the news now and happening right now where police in san jose, they're looking for a mother who is accused of kidnapping her 2 year-old daughter. luckily police found the daughters safe and unharmed. crawford's will trend is live in san jose with the latest on that search will. >> the police officers, they are still searching for the mother this morning. but more importantly, they're no longer searching for the toddler. they search for pretty much a full day after they got notified by the family to the officers that the child was taken from her home, the babies home. i can tell you they didn't find the baby in san jose, but instead in oakland thanks to surveillance video and of course, detective work crystal mendez, the mother still out there, but they were able to track the baby using surveillance video from many locations, including a light rail station in san jose. also the oakland coliseum, bart station. they
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were able to look at that and they were able to find the baby at a relative's home. this all went down on wednesday afternoon when the mother, yes, she has the right to see her child but does not have full custody non-custodial. so this mother goes into a home in san jose. takes your child without permission and then takes off. that's when they searched. i can tell you that the baby, if not already back home with her father should be back home very soon. reportedly no injuries to the child. as far as san jose police officers. unfortunately, they've had too much practice at this because last year, but a mile and a half from this location, they had to deal with another kidnapping. fortunately, in both cases, the children return safely back to their parents. as far as crystal mendez, they believe that she has ties to san francisco but does not have a permanent
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residents. so it could be a little bit harder to track her down. but the bottom line is the toddler is back with her father. >> and that is the good news this morning. thank you. will. well happening today, the man who was charged for that deadly home explosion in san francisco. >> is going to be back in court. a 53 year-old darren price now facing multiple charges. it could very well enter a plea today. we've got crawford's michael thomas following the story for us in san francisco. michael. >> hey, good morning, everyone. that's right, daryn price he is facing multiple felony charges. now, this explosion not only destroyed his home behind me, but it also hield is 51 year-old wife. take a live look. this is just a week from when it happened. and again, lots of rubble still here and that smell of smoke in the air. law enforcement says this is the scene where they found what appeared to be an illegal drug lab in sight. now, 53 year-old prices being arraigned this morning and charged with the following involuntary manslaughter manufacturing a controlled substance, 4 counts of reckless burning, 2 counts
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of child endangerment. and one count of elder abuse. this is all in connection to last week's home explosion. it happened just after 9.30, on 22nd avenue in san francisco sunset district. now the explosion not only killed price's wife, but it also injured one other person who was in the home and destroyed their home completely neighboring homes on both sides are currently red tagged with major damage. investigators say they recovered to say acted, butane tanks, ovens and other materials, all consistent with the processing hash oil and volatile sold. it is now a jar of the suspected product was tested and it contained acetone along with other dangerous flammable. things up back out here live again. you can kind of just see all of this destruction, the home next door is just completely destroyed on the second floor. and again, you can really still smell all of those fumes and you can really smell that burn. and here on the floor, you can even see there's one bouquet of flowers that is left for his wife who had
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passed away. but again, just still a very, very look at scene. and there's still a lot of looking lower as we're walking just here this morning, jogging through, i don't think would normally be jogging. but people are stopping looking taking pictures. so again, he's set to appear in court at 9 o'clock. we're going to head over to the courthouse shortly and we will bring you the latest information. but that is all that we know right now from the sunset district michael thomas send it back to live in the studio. thanks, michael, for that update. it is 805. >> also happening today, the art gallery owner charged with spring a homeless woman, water is going to be back in court. now. you may remember this viral video shows shannon collar going spring that homeless woman with water while she was sitting on the sidewalk. quinn is now facing a charge of battery for doing that. he's expected to enter plea, as we said and could face a $2000 fine and perhaps even up to 6 months in jail. if convicted. meanwhile, in the east bay, at least one person is dead and another in custody after a stabbing in fremont. that incident
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happened around 4 o'clock in the afternoon with police saying someone called in to 9-1-1, to report a fight between 2 men near stevens boulevard and paseo padre parkway when they got on scene. that's when they found one man on the ground with severe injuries. that's the one who eventually died at the scene. there was the suspect is now in custody. this is the city's first homicide of year. we'll keep you updated on how it develops. >> well, in developing news, san francisco police are implementing a new strategy. they're trying to stop people from soliciting workers in the city. wes says the new d coy operation has a female cop go undercover as a worker and give citations to potential clients or johns. this is cell phone video from the most recent operation on tuesday. what a giannis i did. they then go to an offender prostitution program as apd assistant today. villas are says that they've seen success in giving citations and they can also crack down on pimps. >> issued approximately 30 citations since last friday
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night. we have our traffic officers on motorcycles that are out there now will also focus in on who are engaged in human trafficking. as far as putting women out of workers the with their their their loitering laws on the books around that. they can be aggressive. they could be violent. they could be armed. we're going to address that as barriers have been put in place in cass street supervisor hillary ronen's office is that. >> many of them has been run over and the city plans to install stronger barriers for weeks. the city will evaluate if these measures have worked or not. >> well, antioch police now apologizing for its response to recent burglaries in this all comes after people expressed their concerns about the departments response time. the burglars that were reported at the hillcrest restaurant and tap house and casino medina, the department says that they would normally have responded quickly to a call like that. but they couldn't because all their officers were on duty working higher priority calls. they say they did look into both incidents. they did find where they could do better. and so
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now they're taking steps to address those problems. and that includes hiring more officers. >> nothing in any of reports say that he was a bad person and nothing in those reports and he didn't have our backs. nothing in report said he didn't care about this city. he didn't care about his job. yes >> community members in oakland rallying around lebron armstrong was fired as the city's police chief. you got oakland's mayor sheng tao announcing armstrong's termination wednesday. tao said she based her decision to let him go on the findings of an outside investigation detail misconduct by multiple officers, including the former chief. many people are still questioning whether it was the right move or whether it was done through the right process. >> you can just go to the side that pushes your envelope and talk to them about the issues of this city. we and we all matter and we all should be heard on the same level.
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>> we have elected. we have voted for a police commission. yes, that police commission was not given the this is a problem. we have no trust in our democracy. we have no choice to that to a class well, the group says it plans to participate in a larger rally in support of long armstrong. that's going to be on monday. >> how fired armstrong exactly 30 days after she put him on paid administrative leave. now the mayor talked with kron 4 about why that was and why she feels she made the right call. >> the department there is a rule that says discipline must given within 30 days. and that was also part of the recommendation from the federal monitors as well, too, as part of the many different problems of the city must follow. and so following that, i have, you know, i had wished to be able to get a recommendation and that's what it was. was just a recommendation from the police commission on how we move forward. but unfortunately, they were unable to schedule a meeting in time.
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>> well, some people are in support of the mayor's decision. fact. civil rights attorney jim cain was one of the lawyers involved in the 2003 negotiated settlement agreement or the nsa of the police department was created following explosive case of officer misconduct where the city ended up paying out nearly 11 million dollars and agreed to dozens of reforms. now canin was also on the selection committee that offered chief armstrong the job and he says he agrees with the mayor. he read the confidential report. he listened to dozens of interviews that were part of this investigation. and again, he says the mayor and i made the right call and he also believes the way in which armstrong fought back to keep his job wasn't the right way to go about it. >> found his conduct, chiefs conduct after the discipline to really saying that the monitor was doing it for the money, saying that the case
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was an important. i think it was a very sad day. it was a sad day for chief and and for all the people who like to. >> well, mayor tao says that she is moving forward with finding a new police chief. and in the meantime, she'll be working with opd is acting chief darren allison. >> still ahead of the kron, 4 morning news, new developments surrounding that deadly shooting at michigan state university. what police say might have been the shooter's motive. plus, lawmakers in ohio criticized the federal government's response to that top 6 train derailment. today. looking pretty good. skies are clearing out. temperatures are warming up and it sets us up. >> for a really nice presidents day weekend, only getting warmer towards sunday. your forecast is ahead.
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>> we are back and check this out. researchers from the u.s. and uk sent a special probe to measure the bottom of the thwaites glacier. now they found that there is warmer water beneath a glacier and that's actually creating more cracks and crevices deep within the ice making it melt faster. now this glacier is nicknamed the doomsday glacier because really that sheer size, it's about as big as florida. yeah. and apparently
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sheds billings of tons of ice into the ocean each year and that contributes to about a 4% rise in annual sea levels. and scientists warn that the complete collapse of that glacier could very well lead to a sea level rise of more than 2 feet the devastating to a lot of coastal communities on the east and west coast and right here in the bay area course, 2 feet of water rise that would change landscape of that bay area coastline for sure. can't take that because also happening today. >> we want to urge you to be very careful if you're planning on going to the beach, which teams in a litle cold out there. most bay area beaches are expected to experience sneaker waves. now the warning is for the west and northwest facing beaches. john, we'll talk more about this. steyer. waves can come ashore without warning and rip currents can really pull swimmers further out into the water. if you get caught in a rip current, try to swim at an angle towards the beach. that's really good advice. always see diagrams. so think your extinct is to try to swim straight, let me get there. no, yeah. agnelli. yeah.
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follow coastline. eventually get out of that rip tide man. you can swim this way back to shore. even if you are an experienced swimmer, it can totally cut you off game. we were talking earlier about see those fishermen out there. hear oftentimes these fishermen will go out there, you know, day after day and they're very used to it. but i the day like today can catch and especially to people who don't like tourists will go out there trying take a selfie in not no one wave coming up behind them. and the thing about this weekend, it's extra tempting to get out there because it's going to be so nice. yeah. now says the exactly. yeg. get out there today. just keep that extra between yourself and the waves. this is half moon bay right here. you can see i've seen at least a few of you walking up and down that path right there. >> good here. glad to see you. keep it away from the water because we do have those a coastal statement in effect, a beach hazard statement, as we mentioned for northwest facing and westward facing beaches, those areas right there, swell can pick up a rather quickly and results in those sneaker waves which can get even if you're further away from where those winds have been crashing
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previously. now, today is going to be an improvement from yesterday. nothing yesterday was bad. just we're warming things up a bit and we're clearing things up a bit as well. you can see the system right here churning offshore. we did see a low pressure area barely clipping right past the bay area already really got from. it was a bit of a cool down in the cloud up. but high pressure ridge is about to research back in. and that's why we're talking weekend conditions improving a little bit. skies will clear out further and temperatures on the rise, especially towards saturday, sunday and monday for president's day futurecast. kind of boring to look at that. that's the way you like it, because that means you've got all the sunshine tomorrow and sunday. great days to capitalize on get outside whether it's at the coast with distance from the waves or further inland, we're all going to be in for a really pleasant feel. today's daytime highs back into the low 60's for many neighborhoods in san francisco, daly, city in half moon bay, also in the low 60's today. well, looking at upper 50's to low 60's on the bayshore the peninsula, foster
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city through mountain view each at 62 south bay temperatures low to mid 60's for you. san jose. you're taking our warm spot today at 64 degrees. well, fremont hayward up to oakland beach at 62 today, north bay temps also upper 50's to low 60's areas like santa rosa. up to 63. now tomorrow, we will be looking at a further warm-up and sunday even more so with mid 60's for that day. now, monday president's day, some of us may have it off. you'll be looking at some 60's for your highs after that winds increase temperatures cool down tuesday and wednesday. very brisk. feeling days wednesday night into thursday. cold showers arrive in will barely make the 50's for your highs come thursday and the following weekend after that looks to be unsettled with cold and wet conditions. so enjoy this weekend. well, it's nice and mild reyna. john, thank you for that. okay. we are checking on your bridges if you're traveling into the city this morning, we've been pretty much friday light. >> about 9 minutes there may so that fremont street exit. how about your san mateo bridge? 82 want to one 15
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minutes traveling across towards peninsula. you richmond center fell bridge about 8 minutes and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls can take. 21 minutes on this friday morning. >> well, new this morning, the 5 former memphis police officers charged in the death of tyre. nichols have all pleaded not guilty. those 5 officers made their first court appearance just moments ago. this is video of them in court. nichols died after he was beaten during an arrest and 20 minutes went by before you received any medical attention. the 29 year-old father died at the hospital 3 days later from those injuries. the police officers in question again pleading not guilty to charges of second-degree murder, aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, official misconduct and official oppression. in other developing news this morning, police say the man who shot 8 students at michigan state university killing 3 of them was found with 2 handguns. and a note containing a possible motive for the attack. police say that 43 40 year-old gunman
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felt, quote, slighted in some way, but they didn't go into any further detail. he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound hours after the monday night shooting rampage. officials say those 2 guns found on the shooter were legally purchased. however, they were not registered. police went on to say he had no connection to the school. >> well, it's been 2 weeks since a train derailed in east ohio spilling toxic chemicals. now we're hearing reports of the water and air being affected for the residents in the wild life. it's been a bad scene. the biden administration >> was on the ground in ohio thursday. representatives vowing that there is help for them as long as they need it. we're washing correspondent anna wiernicki with the story. >> good morning, ohio. lawmakers are criticizing the federal response to the toxic train derailment saying the help from washington is too little and came too late. >> 2 weeks after a train derailed in east palestine, ohio, releasing toxic chemicals into the air and
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water and forcing more than 2000 residents to evacuate. epa administrator michael regan is on the ground telling residents that washington stands ready to help the community have questions and they deserve >> i want the community to know. we hear you. we see you and then we will get to the bottom of this. regan says the federal government has set up 24 7 air monitoring and is working to ensure the health and safety of the community. all families there. >> access to clean air and safe but ohio republican jd vance says he's not confident the water is safe. i think that the epa administrator wants to stand here and tell people that the tap water is safe. >> by all means they should be willing stricken. and ohio democratic senator sherrod brown is calling on more federal agencies, including hhs and cdc to be on the ground helping make that assessment. brown says representatives from the train company responsible should
8:22 am
also be there. that means accountable for the chance for people to move back accountable for all the cleanup. >> brown says cleanup could take weeks and he warns that it could be days even weeks before they can assure residents are safe to return home for now in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> thank you very much. it's a 22 coming up after the break, fdx founder and bay area native sam bankman-fried may have his bail revoked by federal judge will explain why coming up next. we are back in
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20 for the time. a federal judge threatened now to revoke sam bankman-fried's bail on thursday, which means the ftx founder could find himself back in jail. >> as he awaits trial, the latest hearing concerned bankman-fried's use of a virtual private network or vpn even after he was ordered not to use the internet in a way the government can't track. the disgraced former head of ftx has been free on 250 million dollars bond since being charged with fraud and conspiracy. back in december. >> president biden says there is no indication that the 3 objects shot out of the sky last weekend had surveillance capabilities. defense officials have been on high alert since a suspected chinese spy balloon travel over the u.s. earlier this month, biden criticized china's balloon program saying he plans to discuss it with china's president in the
8:26 am
future. the president says the last 3 objects were most likely from private companies or even research institutions. >> well, the white house is observing black history month by showing the recently released movie about emmett till the president and the first lady hosted the screening of the film cast members with there, along with family and relatives and high school students from chicago in mississippi last year, president biden signed an anti lynching law in emmett till's. name. >> coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. san francisco is worried about a new drug that is making its way from the east coast to the west coast. while officials say this is very dangerous because when it's mixed with another powerful appeal could cause death. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> coming up on 8.30, here on the kron, 4 morning news. we've got brightening conditions around the bay as we get deeper into the morning as get a little warmer. yeah, we do definitely need more than one jacket on deck, john, for if we all collectively shiver warm it up right now, that's the sunshine that's going to do that for us. it is cold out there this morning. but as we've come to realize the past few days. >> it's totally temporary. and that sunshine is help to warm us up each and every day and even more. so this weekend, this is where we're at right now. got a few of you on your job there along the embarcadero. love to see the
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cold is not holding you back. hopefully you're just ready for it. with those layers. san jose fremont redwood city as well as our inland areas like livermore to dublin on up into the north bay. well, down in the 30 still alameda in berkeley, you're close to 50 degrees in san francisco and conquered still hanging out at 47. now we are going to be looking at clear skies today, a bit breezy at times. so you do have that brisk feel to it. but today's daytime highs are warming up. storm system spinning off to the west of us really only brought us cloud cover. aside from that, we remain dry and we clear out more and more today. this sets us up for a sunny and mild weekend. we've got all the details on still to come right now. john, thank you for that. let's check on those bridges. it's been pretty nice like today. 8 minutes into the city we so that fremont street exit, our san mateo bridge about 13 minutes traveling across towards the peninsula. >> how the richmond center fell bridge tolls to 101 and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. going to take it. 21 minutes. well, health
8:31 am
officials in san francisco say that there's a new street drug on the street. it's from the east coast, but it's making its way to the city's coffers. dan kerman reports the drug is frequently mixed with fentanyl can be very dangerous. in san francisco. fentanyl is the primary driver for drug overdoses. >> and now that drugs circulating the streets may be laced with something equally dangerous. our office of the chief medical examiner has identified for over students who died between the middle of december and the middle of january of 2023. >> for over students whose toxicology tested positive for a drug called silence been known by its street name trank xylazine is not an opioid. >> but a veterinary tranquilizer that's often mixed with fentanyl without users knowing it doesn't cause the same degree of euphoria that sentinel might. but it's often times added to a sample of tunnel to extend its son has a very short duration of
8:32 am
action. so people may have added, as i was saying to the sample to extend its effects up until recently, trank hasn't been seen in san francisco, but that's not the case on the east coast. i spent 6 years in the philadelphia department of public health before moving to san francisco and we now have a drug supply and of that and which side was seen as very prep work. trank is very it is found in 90% of our opioid samples in philadelphia trying can cause respiratory issues similar to opioids but reversing those imp3cts with narc can may not be as successful injecting train can also cause severe skin lesions that spread and worsen quickly. we do not believe that this time that is widely circulating in san francisco's drug supply, but that we are actively working to increase our surveillance, our understanding of who and where might it be impacting increasing our to our education and training of our colleagues in health care, in the community and really ensuring that we have a robust
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response if and when we see more and more cases, i was improper in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> well, we told you about a rise in norovirus cases in marin county this week. now we're hearing from officials in contra costa county. they're warning residents that there's an outbreak there, too. some of the symptoms. it's not pleasant vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, stomach planes pains. they say that the virus can spread quickly through schools and daycare centers and health facilities. so we've got to be really careful. contaminated food can transmit surfaces can transmitted person to person, contact, can spread it. >> we can all get sick with norovirus, but certainly those and the elderly and the young are more likely to get really sick with the virus and possibly end up with creation and up in the hospital hydration. >> yeah, there really is no medication to treat norovirus. it just kind of to ride it out. people typically become
8:34 am
ill about a day or 2 after their first infected experts recommend you wash your hands frequently. that's one way of at least reducing your risk. >> well, in the north bay, you have sonoma county and they're now ending their covid emergency declaration by the end of this month. their health officer says the date is in line with the states. the app that covid-19 case rates are low compared to last 2 winters. many people either are vaccinated already or they had covid. this means county covid clinics are going to close and people can it stay at turn. 2 primary care providers and most pharmacies for future vaccines. >> not seeing the kinds of covid rates or severe negative outcomes like hospitalizations or deaths that we've seen in the past couple of years. i think most experts agree that we are all living with covid now. in other words, it's a lot like other respiratory illnesses. >> well, at the end of the county issued emergency, that
8:35 am
also means patients with mad cow. you're going to re enroll after march 11th because it's not going to automatically do so like it did during the pandemic. san francisco also plans to end its covid-19 public health emergency february 28th. 2 new health orders are going require staff members in health care in jail settings to continue wearing masks. >> on the peninsula coastline. now we've got the man accused of murdering 7 of his co-workers at 2 farms in half moon bay pleading not guilty. that's what came of it truly appearance in court yesterday where he faces 7 counts of murder. one count of attempted murder. the district attorney really couldn't talk much about the case because the judges put a gag order in place. but legal analyst steven clark says that this is all because of the national attention that the shooting has received and that could make it difficult to find and impartial. jury in san mateo county. in fact, he says the defense could very well request a change of venue to different county to try and
8:36 am
ensure the child gets a fair trial. joe right now is scheduled to be back in court on may. 3rd will keep following the story. >> police arrested an 18 year-old man in connection with a threat made at las lomas high school. the campus was put lockdown after friday. staffers got a phone call someone threatening to shoot up the school. police at everyone there shelter in place while they searched the campus. no weapons are found. an 18 year-old amani costello is charged with felony criminal threats and misdemeanor for causing a false emergency report. now he's being held at the martinez jail on $27,000. bond. happening now, tesla recalling 363,000 vehicles because it issues with its self-driving system. problems include the way the system behaves and intersections and following speed limits. the recall covers 2016 to 2023 model s and model x 2017 to 2023 model 3 and select 2020
8:37 am
2023 model y the national highway traffic safety administration says the current system makes unsafe actions such as traveling straight through an intersection in a turn only lane. agency also says tesla is going to fix the issues with an online software update in the coming weeks. still ahead of the call for a morning news. it could soon get. >> a lot more expensive to travel to san francisco from the north bay. we'll have details on the proposed increases next. >> is samsung's latest smartphone worth over $1000 even with its 200 megapixel camera. you be the judge. i'm rich demuro. i'll show you the pictures and videos that captured with it. coming up in tech, smart. and it's been a cold morning, but it doesn't stay that way. temperatures today getting warmer. >> climbing well into the 60's for most of us and the weekend ahead of us gets even nicer ahead of us gets even nicer yet for forecast ahead.
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ask your doctor about gemtesa. more time here, less time there. >> 8.40 on the clock in the east bay. double. police say they uncovered an organized crime ring in oakland after a theft and ulta beauty store. those thieves got away with about $1500 worth of merchandise in that case. but the investigation that came from that led officers to a fencing operation in oakland where they found more than a million dollars in stolen merchandise, including an ar 15 assault rifle. that was a ghost gun. here you see pictures of what they recovered. no details on the suspects have been released
8:41 am
just yet. also new this morning, brentwood police now warning people about scammers pretending to be from the computer security company norton anti-virus ipolice say a representative told the victim had to cancel their subscription by using a web browser on their laptop. the scammer then got remote access to a laptop and access the victim's bank account. information. in another case, a fake representative basically told the victim that the company had accidentally deposited a large sum of money into the victim's dank account and they needed access tomget that money back. that also open them up to be swiped their funds. police say if you are unsure whether you're being scammed, give them a call, they can help you determine that and definitely do it before you give any personal information or send any money. it's going to be a 41 on the clock. we'll be 41 on the clock. we'll be right back in just a minute. - life is uncertain.
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everyday pressures can feel overwhelming it's okay to feel stressed, anxious, worried, or frustrated.
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it's normal. with calhope's free and secure mental health resources, it's easy to get the help you and your loved ones need when you need it the most. call our warm line at (833) 317-4673 or live chat at today. >> all right. we're back 8.44, the time. and as president's day approaches, a lot of folks have plans on heading up this year this weekend. here's a live look. this is highway 2.67, up along the north shore. the roads look fantastic. haven't had any recent snowfall to up the should be safe travels. if you're heading up there know all of the snowfall in the right place. you can see it just like just adjacent it as blanket in the side of the roadway to john, you already know what you're in store for what you get. i know it's gorgeous up there that
8:45 am
sunshine the snow. that's the way i like the driving up there when it's actually snowing. maybe i'm just we be. but you know what? it is a lot safer to get up there when it's like this. i-80 super clear as you're trying to get up into the sierra. >> we are going to be looking at it staying this way this holiday weekend, too. and i know a lot of people are going to capitalize on presidents day on monday. maybe i got it off and this good weather for getting up there. so do enjoy it. temperatures are going to be nice and cool. shouldn't be too slushy. which happens when it gets too warm. and next weekend gets a little dicey heading up there. so if you want to capitalize on a good weekend, this is the time to do so. now skies are going to grow clear. unclear gradually throughout the day today we have this low pressure area spinning off to the west of us. really all it did for us is give us a little cloud cover. it's starting to move out of the picture, though. and high pressure ridge back in place. now that it's going to set us up for some mild weather and some sunny weather this weekend. a lot to look forward to getting outside with some 60's and some sunshine today tomorrow into
8:46 am
sunday and even into monday for your president's day. really nice set up in. do enjoy it fully because weather takes a turn. midweek and it's going to get cold and wet all over again. not today, though. it's just 60's and upper 50's for us. san francisco at the coastline looking really nice a bit breezy at the coast of times. so you will have that brisk feel out there. some of our warmer spots will be along the bay shore, san mateo through mountain view beach at 62, san jose are very warm spot today at 64 degrees. well, the east bay, some upper 50's to low 60's fremont to hayward and up to oakland and berkeley at 62 degrees. san leandro as well as santa rosa. among our warmer spots at 63 for your highs tomorrow. a little warmer sunday. even warmer yet will be in the mid 60'h by the finish of the weekend and monday will keep it going for president's day tuesday. and wednesday, though, the change starts before winds pick up the cloud cover increases and temperatures decrease by wednesday night into thursday. cold showers arrive. we'll
8:47 am
barely make the 50's for your highs with some lows falling into the 20's and rain should stay with us into the following weekend right now. all right, john, thank you for that. let's get a look at our friday light commute. >> about 8 minutes traveling into the city this morning. how about that? i don't see any major bart delays, san mateo bridge about 13 minutes. 82 want to one richmond center fell bridge 8 minutes there and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about 20 minutes. >> 47 the time. and the cook acosta should say to ride golden gate transit. it's going to be going up potentially here in july. the district says it's facing a projected 5 year deficit of more than 400 million dollars because ridership just hasn't come back yet from the pandemic. so they're going to be holding public meetings now to get some input on these proposed fare increases that they have and therefore, different proposals are looking at. 2 of them would increase your rates by about $0.25 each of the next 5 years. another would raise cash fares by either 3% or 4%
8:48 am
for trips between the north bay and san francisco. if approved, the price increases will go into effect for buses and ferries and paratransit beginning july 1st. >> after taking hundreds of photos and videos with the samsung has 23 ultra rich demuro has the results of his camera and video test does a 200 megapixel lands make this $1200 fall worth all that money. rich demuro takes a look in today's tech smart. >> there are 3 versions of samsung's new smart phone, but it's really the top of the line model. the s 23 ultra. that pushes the envelope with new features, including a 200 megapixel camera. here's how it did in my tests. >> to test the samsung galaxy s 23 ultra. i captured 501 photos and 175 videos on a combination of coasts. this is the most feature packed android phone. $1200 can buy it as a big design. that's a
8:49 am
bit easier to hold. thanks to more squared off edges. a bright 6.8 inch screen stylus and excellent battery life. >> but you're probably wondering, how's the new 200 megapixel camera? it's very good and packed with more ways to capture than you'll ever need. but it doesn't always get everything right on the first snap. here's a 200 megapixel shot. you can zoom in real close, but day to day you'll be taking more sensible. 12 megapixel photos. there are lenses for ultra-wide regular and even macro shots. plus up to 10 times optical zoom and 100 times digital zoom. >> 100 >> times is more of a party trick than practical low light photos. look nice and bright, but pictures of people can sometimes look to washed out. outdoor images always pop, but the camera can struggle with low like selfies. hold still for best results. >> video and good lighting is excellent, although sometimes it can look flat. torture mode
8:50 am
is professional level portrait. video is even more fun with lots of creative style options. regular video is very stable. there's even a toggle to make it steadier. there are so many unique ways to use the camera system on this device. this is called directors view. it lets you record both the front and the rear facing cameras. >> all at the same time overall, you love flexing the features built into this camera and phone. >> the samsung galaxy s 23 ultra is best. if you love lots of options and actually using them. >> since his camera setup is new for samsung. i can bet that the photos and videos will only get better as the software is polished with future updates. if you want to read my full review of the samsung galaxy s 23 ultra. just go to rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. thank you, rich. well, speaking of tech. >> news from youtube that ceo
8:51 am
susan, which icky says she's stepping down. she worked at google for nearly 25 years became ceo back in 2014 after google bought youtube was shaky, helped turn the platform into one of the world's largest social media companies. she will continue working with youtube team, she says and coaching members and meeting with creators neil moe had the company's current chief product officer is going to take over the role as its new ceo. >> well, for your money, if you save energy during heat waves last year will pg and e they want to give you some money. they're going to be about $35 on average in bill credits to 1.6 million customers who are part of the how are saver rewards program. they say those customers reduce their electrical use during flex alerts and they help prevent power outages. so pg and e says see these credits on your february and march bills will need to call. just take note of >> credit card debt in the u.s. has hit a record high at the end of last year.
8:52 am
inflation is still stubbornly high, according to the federal reserve bank of new york credit card balances increased to 986 billion dollars in the last 3 months of 2022, the latest data is a significant reversal from 2 years ago when americans rapidly paid off credit card debt with the stimulus money they receive from the government. >> we'll take a break in a 50 to be right back.
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8:55 am
>> 6.54, is the time. and gamers get ready, especially if your supermarket fan because super nintendo world at universal studios officially opens today and we were able to get a sneak preview and you can see it features characters set pieces all based on the video game. it's also filled with all sorts of throwbacks from the video gaming world in general and the best part is the whole thing's immersive basically put on a helmet, strap yourself into a mario cart and then your in the video game battling against off its race or so. you don't need a reservation for super nintendo world, although it's recommended because as you can imagine, it's probably going to be pretty popular. time now is a 55. >> we'll take a break coming up in the next hour. the problem morning news police are going to be cracking down on prostitution in san francisco. fact have a plan to prevent work on capp street. so we'll explain what they have in mind. and police are searching for a woman. they say kidnapped her own daughter. tell you what we
8:56 am
know about whereabouts this morning. we'll have a live report. and the man charged with a deadly home explosion in san francisco's going to be back in court today. we'll tell you what to expect in the next hour. stay tuned. kron 4 morning news at 9 begins in just a couple of minutes. we'll see you then.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at no. >> good morning. i'm stephanie lin and i'm james fletcher. 09:00am the time on this friday, february 17th and we're looking at increasingly sunnier skies behind us. so it looks beautiful. yeah, absolutely. but still today might be a good day to have the jacket out. so much. check in with john for more on the weather. john, you know those jackets, they come in handy, especially during these morning hours and jackets, plural. sometimes it's all about the layers. it's been a cold morning for sure temperatures as cold as the 30's. >> now we do have a lot of sunshine and it's already helping us out temperature wise temps are beginning to climb. and i've got a few of you out there on the embarcadero looking like here, enjoying it. we are in the midst of some 40's. now just a couple of us in the 30's like morgan hill, as well as fairfax in petaluma berkeley, as well as alameda. you're at 50 degrees in san francisco and hanging out at that. 47 for the past few hours, you'll get up in the 50's here soon
9:00 am
as well. now winds are present, especially out to the delta and along the coastline add to that brisk feel so jackets are indeed some really good advice. radar shows you the storm system spinning off to the west of us. all it's done for us is result in a few clouds here. and there aside from that, this forecast is about to clear out and warm up really nicely for your president's day weekend. i'm talking all the details about it. still ahead. now, as far as our roads go, we have seen some backups here and there bay bridge is doing absolutely great. but for those of you traveling down 8.80, in the east bay, we do have a traffic collision south of fremont that has resulted in a major backup there. the left lane blocked and it's pretty slow and go from fremont all the way to where 80 in the dumbarton bridge connects. so be mindful of that. bridges, though, are doing really good san mateo bridge. it's a 13 minute drive. sunny at the richmond center fell and below 10 minute drive and the golden gate bridge doing good to your typical 21 minutes from novato to the tolls.


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