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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 17, 2023 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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or this. or... that. you didn't choose depression, melanoma, or lactose intolerance. but with kaiser permanente you can choose your doctor who works with other best-in-class specialists to care for all that is you. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> 10, it's very heartbreaking. so. it's it's a loss of words. >> now at 10, a street vendor brutally beaten up outside the sep center in downtown san jose. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. >> kron four's justin campbell talked to the woman who caught that brutal beating on video.
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>> so video captures the moment a street vendor really kicked in the face. multiple witnesses say the assault came after a disagreement over a hot dog. the guy know wanting to pay for some hot dogs or i think like the speed of service him, the man being a little too slow. i guess kim laura shot this tiktok video. she says the fight happened thursday night after a mexican singer's concert at the sapd center. laura says growing up in the hispanic community, she was taught to look out for the street vendors, someone within your own. >> community and hispanic and knows the trouble that us that are street vendors go through decide to lower himself and the be the reason of it's very heartbreaking. so. it is it's a loss of words. >> laura says the vendor eventually got back up, started selling hot dogs and then was attacked again by the man being left on conscious. the vendor was taken to the
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hospital. >> i wouldn't record of this would have just been something to the and the man gone. how with, you know, the root celebrates pays? san jose police confirmed to kron 4 that the vendor was physically assaulted. >> at this time they say they do not have any information about the suspect reporting in san jose. justin campbell kron. 4 news. >> another big story we're following tonight. the antioch police department is apologizing for its slow response. this is business owners have been hit with a serious a break in the police officers association is pointing fingers at the for issues in the police department. >> kron four's dan thorn joins us now live here in the studio with how the city is responding well in antioch city. spokesperson tells us that the mayor, lamar thorpe is not going to be responding to the police union. sacking stations. the chief says the union statement serb circus antics in the middle of all of the business owners who are affected by these break-ins, one of them telling us tonight
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that the city needs to be better and informing its citizens about crime. >> muscle maker grill in antioch was one of a series of small business is burglarized in the city over the last week. hundreds of dollars were stolen and the restaurant's back counter was left trashed. samir salais says it's tough running a business in the east bay city. you're trying to do that good you know, you try work hard to. >> for all of this and somebody come destroy. it just feels like portable cell will be in. the slight joins the business owners of hillcrest restaurant in tap house and co seen a medina as victims of recent break-ins facing pressure from the public in antioch, police. lieutenant apologized about police response in an open letter reading in part, quote, we know that folks in antioch do not like to hear excuses, especially from their police department. the lieutenant concluded the letter by saying the department will share positive news on the burglaries soon. kron 4 news confirmed an arrest in the case was made thursday
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morning. we had to like. >> most of us thought that basically like a they couldn't hide. their guests are. >> but any act police have not posted about this arrest. the police officers association says it's being co1ered up by mayor lamar thorpe. they say the mayor is doing this because he does not want our officers to be highlighted positively, but rather wants an opportunity to craft the message himself to take credit for the work our officers do. the mayor is not responding to the union's comments, but police chief steven ford says the withholding of information is not true and he is troubled by the antioch police unions attempt to create divisions. their circus antics will not in any way interfere. so lay appreciates the police department acknowledging they can do better but says when a crime is resolved, the community should be informed. it's not fair. it's not fair to as a small business owners, you know. >> that they just let it go as it is like nothing.
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>> and they let them out of the street when they see no consequence. so that just go back and do it again. >> well, we have reached out to the antioch police department's p i o who tells us that she has been directed not to talk about this case or these burglaries. in the meantime, salais says that he is considered relocating his business because he just doesn't feel safe catherine can't really blame. all right. thank you, dan. >> police are investigating an afternoon shooting in east oakland that left one person injured. officers got a report of a man. >> recklessly riding a motorcycle but apparently had be3n stolen. the shooting was in the area of 100th avenue and international boulevard. investigators said the man then tried to steal a car at gunpoint and when he refused to them to a drop his gun, police shot him. the suspect was taken to a hospital. he is expected to survive. >> we have surveillance video
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showing a break and that took place at the oakland school for the arts on monday. you can see 2 men using a grinder to force their way into the building. this is on 18th street moments later. they carry out large cases of musical instruments. a school spokesperson tells us this was the second break-in at the school within 2 weeks. he says thousands of dollars of valuable insurance were stolen, including a cello that cost $6,000. various community groups have since stepped in and donated money to the school. so they can buy new instruments and try to increase building security. the mount diablo unified school district is set to hold a town hall next week to discuss recent racist incidents in the district. in a letter, the superintendent says the incidents range from racial slurs to hate graffiti and most recently, the passing out of cotton to mark black history month. the meeting is set for next tuesday in concord. >> chp officers say they're seeing an increase in bicycle activity on the bay bridge. of
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course, they're not supposed to be there, period, but you're looking at video showing more than a dozen young people. i headed eastbound towards oakland. the chp says there was a similar situation august of last year, then twice in january. the chp says riding a bike on the bridge is not only illegal, but of course, a very dangerous time now for the 4 zone forecast as we take a look at people who are out and about enjoying the beautiful day at lake merritt in oakland. that looks beautiful. kron 4 meteorologist ty lawrence karnow law and some the whole weekend looks pretty good, right? yeah, it looks amazing. i mean, we're going to see some nice weather around the bay area. no threat of any rain this weekend. lots of sunshine coming our way. and i think the temperatures running well above the average around the bay area. we kind of >> had a little hit to the today. lot of sunshine out there all the way to the coastline. the temperatures warmed up from yesterday and we're going to see that trend continue into the weekend out there. right now. we've got clear skies. it will be cold, though, tonight. overnight
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lows going to be chilly around the bay area. there's just no getting around that. some places still dipping down into the low 30's by tomorrow morning. but here we go. we've got low pressure off the coastline. that low's going to sag to the south. high pressure begins to kind and nest its way in here. and then we've got some nice weather by tomorrow. and i think even a little bit warmer around the bay area. some of those temperatures pushing in the upper 60's outside and then well, if you get lucky, we might see a couple of 70's, i think, especially on sunday. so we've got some nice weather ahead. i think you're like the temperatures by tomorrow afternoon enjoying some sun shines. beautiful 67 degrees in concord. 64 degrees in napa. 65. it's santa rosa. be a beautiful day in the santa clara valley highs. there are racing on up into the 60's and relieve some upper 60's by the afternoon. little cooler coast side. but not bad. 15 60's out toward the beaches. a little bit of a breeze there in the afternoon. temperatures outside right now. yes, so get chilly. you've got 41 happen. they already 40 in santa rosa. 43 degrees and fremont. we are
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seeing that weak area of low pressure spinning off the coastline about some clouds our way today. but that's going to continue to track south and away from the bay area. more sunshine coming our way. but there's some big changes. maybe a little snow in the forecast for the bay area as we head into the next 7 days. we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. okay, lawrence, thanks very much. in the east we're hearing from former oakland police chief leronne armstrong. >> after the city's new mayor announced his termination, armstrong was fired for his handling of officer misconduct allegations. today he criticized the mayor and a federal monitor. robert warshaw. >> my termination was about federal monitor. robert warshaw and the mayor's failure to fight for the oakland community. we still warshaw's history of incentives. our crystal clear that the elephant in the room is being uncovered. he's supposed to be neutral, supposed to be a compliance director that helps the department move forward. but clearly. continues to move
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backwards. >> he called warshaw a bully, accusing them of continuing to find problems at the oakland police department so we can continue collecting a paycheck as a federal monitor. porsche has served as monitor since 2010. he was paid about a million dollars a year in taxpayer dollars. chief armstrong and not the only person who is blaming the federal monitor for oakland's police in problems. kron four's theresa talk to a former oakland city council member who had some. >> strong words for the monitor. >> chief armstrong may call a bully, but i i called him a disrupter and i call him, you know, somebody who is a threat to public safety. quite honestly. lynette mcelhaney was elected as the first african-american president of the oakland city council during her tenure. she dealt frequently with federal monitor robert warshaw. >> who oversees the oakland police department? >> i'm deeply concerned about
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the destabilizing influence of chief for because he continues to leeve us on a carousel of rotating chiefs. and that has nothing to do with the public's number one priority, which is public safety. she says that she is alarmed by the outside law firms. 57 page report saying it supports the chief statements that he did nothing wrong >> so but perspective of what you've read, what was your analysis? >> i think it's a very written smear job. honestly, that there's nothing in it that had not been discovered around covered in the city's records. i think that there's more to be done in terms of a true investigation. and i hope that the separate will do its own independent investigation. a 15 page public summary claim the chief mishandled the misconduct of an officer involved in a hit and run. >> causing $15,000 in damages. well as firing his weapon. >> in police headquarters yet the chief has maintained an
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internal affairs investigation was underway, but the monitor took over before he could act. the federal monitoring of opd began in 2003 is part of the negotiated settlement agreement or an essay the nsa was created following an explosive case of officer misconduct where the city paid out 10.9 million and agreed to dozens of reforms. >> leave that the department and the thanks to our taxpayers. we put together the infrastructure for accountability and the best practices internally that says we we no longer need to be under the thumb of a of his 2 roles, both the monitor and the compliance director so we can get rid of that conflict of interest and allow for the work to speak for itself. the time has come. michael haynie says that she and other activists plan to keep speaking up. >> and hope the monitor and others are listening. theresa kron, 4 news.
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>> tonight we have learned to other oakland police officers have been put on paid administrative leave in connection to the independent reports that ultimately led to the chief's termination on monday, the naacp of oakland and community leaders say they plan to hold a rally in support of armstrong that will be in front of oakland city hall at 10 in the morning. the suspect in last week's deadly explosion at a home in san francisco sunset district will be released on house arrest. he was back in court today. he's facing a string of felony charges. >> kron four's gayle ong has that story. >> at a friday morning arraignment, the judge ruled 53 year-old darren price was criminally careless about last week's house explosion in san francisco's outer sunset district. but does not need to be detained. defense attorney sierra be lebron. there was not evidence that mister price would be a substantial danger and would cause great bodily tpinjury to someone if released and that's because the prosecution has chosen. and
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that's what they think the evidence shows is that mister price at best acted with negligence. they are much active and. >> with car, investigators accuse price of producing hash oil with butane a highly flammable gas. they claim on the day of the explosion prices caregiver reported having a headache and feeling dizzy. >> she turned on the dryer and that triggered the explosion. the caregiver separate severe burns and prices. 51 year-old wife died in the blast. the explosion also damaged several other homes. for spoke with david garth off camera. he lived next door to price. he says he is surprised to hear price will be released from jail but is focusing on being thankful his family was not hurt. and for the support from the community. meantime, the judge ruled price has to find a place to live within 50 miles of the court will be on full home detention. he's not allowed to leave the premises unless he has prior approval
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from law enforcement or the sheriff's department. >> and obviously we heard the other conditions that the court posed, including searches of his electronic devices and his search history and things of that nature price is facing multiple felony charges that include involuntary manslaughter, arson, drug, manufacturing and child endangerment prices. next court appearance is next. friday. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> the san francisco art gallery owner arrested for spring. a homeless woman with water is expected to enter a plea in court next month. his attorneys were in court today. collier going says he had repeatedly tried to get the woman to move and she became violent. he claims he had initially offered her help when she refused, says he called police. glenn is facing a battery charge could be fined $2000 and get up to 6 months of jail time. >> the man seen firing a gun in the san francisco synagogue
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was in court today. a preliminary hearing a court date was set for next week. prosecutors requested to keep 51 year-old dimitri valerie mission in custody. he's being charged with 2 felony counts of making threats to obstruct the exercise of religion. along with 6 misdemeanor counts for brandishing a replica firearm and religious meeting. san francisco shooting is just one of the recent incidents against synagogues here in california. coming up at 10, 30, how police in southern california are hoping to protect their communities after 2 orthodox jewish men were shot outside synagogues. there. >> breaking news out of the east bay richmond. police say a man and a child were shot tonight. it happened in the area of fleming avenue and ellis street. how both of them injured. they are expected to be okay. police have not said yet how they were shot and whether they have any suspects in custody. they say the investigation is ongoing. the
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5 former memphis police officers charged in the beating and death of tyre. nichols have pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. all 5 of them were in court today for the first time they were fired, charged with murder, kidnapping and assault. an attorney for one of the officers says the public has not seeing all the video and there's a lot we still don't know. the former officers belonged to a specialized unit in the memphis police department known as the scorpion unit. and it has since disbanded. >> they didn't even have the to look at me in my face. at what they to my son. so they're going to see every court date. until we get justice for my food. >> and the next court date is may first in mississippi, south of memphis man is in custody after 6 people were
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killed and wounded in tate county. investigators say the suspect opened fire on his ex-wife and possibly other family members say say he first fired into a car in a parking lot killed a man there, then went to his ex-wife's home where she was killed. the man then went to 2 other homes, were more victims were found. police have not released a motive. classes and sports are set to resume at michigan state university as the community there is dealing with the aftermath of >> this week's mass shooting. the university says student athletes can is back into activities that their own comfort levels beginning this weekend, classes resume monday. 3 students were killed. 5 other people badly injured when a gunman opened fire on campus monday night. police say the suspect then killed himself. a new film pays tribute to the city of oakland and it premiers this weekend. details of the town. it explores history and culture by.
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>> taking an in-depth look at the place that became home to many black families who migrated here from the jim crow south kron 4 ella sogomonian here in the studio with a sneak peek l a. >> well, the name of the film might sound familiar. that's because it's an offshoot of a popular local podcast. also called tales of the town and its creators are now exploring official medium to pay homage to the city they so dearly love. >> tales of the town is a new movie that captures a landscape and people of oakland in a poetic tribute. filmmakers abbas meant to cayman de lancy par him set out to document both present day and the history of the city as they first did years ago with a podcast that bears the same name recently was document. and, you know, our families, great migration coming from the south. >> fleeing the tears of the jim crow south and white supremacist terrorism. >> and then coming all the way you know, i know great, great grandfather. he was by
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initially, you know, you know, and left arm. so paul with and and that is sent the car back for the rest of the family. be able to preserve those stories and we know our history and how that informs our current. i think that this both say their intention with the pieces to uplift the black community. >> by revisiting their roots and liberation movements that were born in oakland, like the black panther party. >> i contribute to that cycle raising constant. is that the way that we talked folks like up moving into a little of the would do for us, you know, is. i think it is a sign that we're moving in the right direction. it and are, in fact, in the community in the way that, you know, we strive to do the buses, he'll inspired, unite eventually for with the main objective being, you know, organization immobilization for change in our on to cayman. parham want audiences to be inspired by tales of the town. >> to continue to make strides and give back whether in their
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own way or by joining in on their initiative called the people's programs which organizes free breakfasts, a mobile health clinic. >> and legal support among other things. >> therefore showings both saturday and sunday. it's still creative space in burke. we combined with an art exhibit, but tickets have sold out in the studio. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. >> thank still ahead, the u.s. military is finally recovered all the debris from that chinese spy balloon recently shot down where they're taking. plus why some lawmakers say we need to start bringing in some health care workers from other countries. >> and yet another potential remedy aimed at helping remedy aimed at helping smokers kick the habit. life is uncertain. it's okay to feel stressed, anxious, worried or frustrated. calhope can help access, calhope free and secure mental health resources today. call our warm line at 833-317-4673 or livechat at
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- life is uncertain. with calhope's free and secure mental health resources, it's easy to get the help you
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and your loved ones need when you need it the most. call our warm line at (833) 317-4673 or live chat at today. >> united states is finally gathered up all the debris from the chinese spy balloon. that was shot down off the coast of south carolina. the final pieces are now headed to fbi labs. so far, investigators say it does look as though the balloon was indeed a chinese spy vehicle. but it's not clear how much information, if any, the chinese were able to get from that balloon. federal officials are now taking a closer look into what's behind the natural gas spike in prices in our state. regulators are looking into whether or not any market manipulation has been taking say if they find any potential violations, they will aggressively pursue an investigation, utility companies to blame the spike on a combination of things,
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including what they say is this unusual cold winter weather. >> in a continuing debate, there is another new study suggesting vaping is not any better for you than cigarettes. researchers analyzed cells taken from the mouths of vapers and smokers. they compared them to people who have never vaped or smoked and they say vapers and smokers of both groups had more than twice the amount of damage, the most popular products like flavored vapes also appear to be the most harmful. smokers trying to kick the habit might want to try cbd products. there's a another study that says that small amounts can hinder the metabolism of nicotine and that can reduce cravings cbd. one of the components of marijuana, it does not produce a high. it has exploded in popularity recently after claims that it can help everything from stress to insomnia. >> coming up next on kron, 4
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news at 10 toxic chemicals from the recent train derailment in ohio. changing the color of the water there. why officials say this could happen in communities across the country. also the eu and struggling to help victims of the deadly earthquake in turkey, syria. but for some people don't want the un to help. >> and we've got some major ups and downs in these next 10 days. we'll talk about that in your tent and forecast. coming up next.
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>> in the east bay and encounter between an oakland city council member and a homeless advocate is now being investigated by police. the advocate says that he was body slammed by a friend of council member carol fife. she claims it was self-defense. kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >> you're looking at video that shows the tail of what oakland police describe as an assault. that said, williams says he is the alleged victim in the video punched me in my face. my class went flying off. >> he slammed me to the ground. continue to punch me. continue to choke me out. and then at one point, he just grabbed my head with his other and it started smashed it into the into the concrete. >> it happened on february 14th just after 08:30am, near 34th street and peralta in west oakland. williams says he was there doing some outreach
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at an encampment of unhoused residents at the same time that oakland city council member carol fight in the city of oakland where there to close the encampment them. he says that he approached the council member, yelling his disapproval. i told, carol, this is your fault. >> this is your fault because you have these advocates out here working for you and they're lying to people in your line to people why we're having this back and forth. barreled into the conversation and pushes me back and he's yelling the whole time. you need to back up. you need to back up. don't try to walk towards. are you kind of saw her. don't do that. and i'm not trying to do any of that. whether council member, carol 5 says that she felt threatened and concerned for her physical safety. so i and well within my right as is every human being to be safe. >> we all deserve to be safe. and if someone is it is it is choosing to take that safety from you. then the law says that you are within your rights to defend yourself.
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this case 5 says her close friend did the defending this incident comes on the heels of last week's press conference at city hall where fife lake by mayor saying towel and others. >> as for help in dealing with voicemail messages and emails threatening to harm her and other female politicians. >> i can take all of the profanity, whatever. but when you come in my face and you're yelling at me and then york pressing towards me, that's a completely different situation at no one. no one should have to endure. 2 days after the incident, carol, 5 tweeted, aggression and harassment masquerading as free speech is a justification for violence. know the difference. >> some see this as the council member justifying violence. but she says no, i'm saying that my opposition. >> is using free speech as a justification for their harassment, a >> this william says he was hospitalized later that night as a result of injuries he
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suffered during the incident. oakland police officials say their officers world the scene during the assault and immediately intervene and that the responsible individual was cited and released and that the investigation is ongoing. i think that you on for news. >> in the south bay, san police still looking for a woman accused of kidnapping her 2 year-old daughter. the little girl was found yesterday. she was safe with relatives in oakland. the woman, though, has not been caught. chris told mendez is accused of abducting the child from her ex husband's home in san jose. police say she is a known drug user and does not have legal custody of her daughter. mendez was last seen wearing a white hooded jacket. black, skinny jeans start colored sneakers. she has a neck tattoo. anyone with information is being asked to call police. >> police on horseback now
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patrolling a neighborhood in west los angeles after a gunman shot 2 orthodox jewish men. both men were shot as they were leaving local synagogues. the suspect appeared in court today. he's facing federal hate crime charges. >> reporter gene can has that story. >> new video shows chaos after 2 men were shot in the west la jewish community within just 24 hours. now the fbi and u.s. department of justice have stepped in an individual. >> motivated by anti-semitism. hatred for people in the jewish community committed to tremendously horrible acts. >> accused shooter, 28 year-old jamie tran was charged with 2 hate crimes with allegations of attempted murder. if convicted, he faces life in prison. meantime, mounted police are patrolling people, robertson neighborhoods, lapd officers on horseback and walking by synagogues, schools and businesses. she let that happen right here is
10:34 pm
especially target a certain communities. very scary. being for the queen is very it's not actually grew up here. it's scary. people should be able to go pray where ever they want to cry. >> and not feel hey and not be scared to be who they are. the latest shooting happened yesterday morning by pinto center, an orthodox synagogue on south bedford and pico boulevard street. the other. >> at shenandoah street, police say both jewish men were shot as they were heading home following morning services at different synagogues, ktla. 5 news spoke to the victim who was leaving the pinto center randomly attacked. >> a tree. so it was a bump bump bump to time he shared this photo. he says the gunman fired at least 3 shots. he was hit once. >> tran was arrested in riverside county. yesterday detectives gathered evidence including a handgun and rifle. >> a jewish community is at its strongest when we come together as a community has a wonderful thing. but what it does too, is that it someone who wish us harm upon us a way
10:35 pm
to find jews at known places. an unknown times and that these people feeling vulnerable. >> again, that was gene kang reporting for us. the famous pier at seacliff state beach in santa cruz county is going to be demolished later this month. >> january's powerful winter storms you might remember did a lot of damage. a beach cleanup and a farewell ceremony for the pier. it's going to be held tomorrow at noon. >> resorts in the sierra are welcoming guests for this big three-day weekend. most 100 inches of base snow. our tahoe expert coop cooper told us that heavenly northstar in palisades tahoe are all operating at 100%. >> tell you what, we are set up for residents. wake about operation seems prepare the balance for you and we are 100% open with some of the best conditions that we've had since 2017 right here in this year at your backyard.
10:36 pm
>> coop says be ready for traffic, though, coming from and going to the mountain. that's going to be busy up there and speed of traffic in the sierra. here's a live even kind of busy at this hour of night up there. >> and, i heard you calling the recent snowfall, but overall amazing. yeah, i really incredible things really ramp up specially late december. we have those storms roll in here. a lot of that heading up this year just dumping tremendous amounts of snow in the high country. so great weekend to get up there. great holiday weekend to get up and enjoy all that snow. some places like you to believe that over 200% of normal in the southern sierra nevada, almost 200% normal. the central little less in the north of still over 150% of normal. and the road was going to be open and clear if you're anywhere around the state, for that matter, it is looking good about the monterey bay with your getaway forecast 50's and some 60's. they're traveling further south all the way to southern california. find some high clouds but very comfortable. temperatures almost 70 in
10:37 pm
downtown los angeles. 66 in santa barbara and 66 also in san diego in the high country. the talk about there's going to be plenty of it. some melting anytime too soon as these temperatures are going to be chilly hovering in the 40's there by day and by night, a lot colder than that. and if you're sticking around for the weekend, here's the great thing. it's a great holiday weekend as it's going to stay wide no storms going impact the sierra nevada, at least through monday. but after that, everything really changes drastically. as we've got a series of storms that will likely impact the not only the sierra nevada, but the entire state of california. so yeah, overnight tonight, starry skies, a chilly night on tap for the bay area. plenty of sunshine, warmer temperatures tomorrow. sunny skies above normal numbers. but yeah, we're already starting to crank out some numbers in the 30's around the bay area. 39 now redwood city. 38 in dublin and 38 degrees. saline a but there are going to be storms brewing out there. we've already seen one get close, but that will not get in here. high pressure going to build in just ahead of the next one. but not for
10:38 pm
long that ridge. well, it's going to flatten out somewhat and then we'll start to talk about some more rain and maybe some cold storms coming our way overnight. lows. speaking of cold. yeah, they're going to be chilly about freezing in santa rosa tomorrow morning. 35 in the app about 38 degrees in fremont. you get the idea cold temperatures to start out your day. but i think by the afternoon we're going to joy some sunshine and some nice weather looks like to the weekend. almost spring-like temperatures. i think as we head through saturday and sunday and monday, that's kind of a transitional day. the clouds begin to roll in staying dry. but then the winds really start kicking on tuesday. a cold front comes diving in. the temperatures really going to plummet. and boy, it's going to be really interesting. think as we get to wednesday and the computer models still painting some very cold temperatures dropping in the bay area. highs may be only in the 40's them. we're still tracking the possibility of some low snow here in the bay area. the question is it's just how low it's going to be. some of the computer models as cold as they're getting saying it could be all the way down to sea level. we could see some flakes but i mean, everything has to go right. lot of times these storms coming so cold,
10:39 pm
they don't have enough moisture. so even though the air is cold, they run out of moisture to produce any precipitation. but keep your fingers crossed. i think we're in for some very interesting weather next week. a dramatic weather. that bears out. yeah. thank you, lawrence. >> well, we've got a heads up for east bay, bart riders. a bart says some trains will not be running this weekend. crews are going to be replacing more than 7,000 feet of kail between the rockbridge in lafayette stations. there will be a free bus bridge in place. but riders are being told to expect delays up to 30 minutes. the costs, right? golden gate transit may be going up. the district says it's facing a projected 5 year deficit of more than 400 million dollars because ridership hasn't come back to pre-pandemic levels. they say there are 4 different proposals to include an increase of $0.25 each of the next 5 years. the other 2 would raise cash fares by either 3% or 4%. the price increases would go into effect for bus ferry and paratransit
10:40 pm
rates starting july 1st. the union representing contra costa county doctors and dentists as that there are not enough doctors in the county health system arguing the problem is only going to get worse next year. this is part of an ongoing nationwide healthcare worker shortage. it has forced hospitals to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on travel nurses from other states is temporary staffers. part of the problem, they say worker burnout. >> lawmakers say a solution might mean bringing in workers from other countries. >> our government is just not doing the interview is necessary to bring people in that would help dramatically reduce our nursing shortage. what could we do with an immigration reform? that's focused on health care or other critical workforce areas. >> one estimate says the u.s. could face a shortage of up to 124,000 doctors by 2034.
10:41 pm
>> the death toll near the turkey and syria. border is expected to rise even more after last week's deadly earthquakes. united nations ish working with the country's government to open additional crossings. but in rebel held areas inch syria and al qaeda-linked group has been refusing to allow convoys with aid to enter the un warns that millions of syrians could become homeless if not given access to critical aid and shelter. >> dennis, to leaving on a baby basic conditions in that are schooled rooms. we decided it did. so. the center is really number one. did it right now. >> about 8,000 rescue crews remain in turkey to help with recovery efforts. there. coming up next, a 10 and unexpected intruder burst into an empty elementary school classroom. we're going to show you the video of the break-in. >> also, toxic water in ohio will, despite what officials are saying. a recently
10:42 pm
released video suggest a lots of continuing problems after a train crash. >> and next in sports, tiger woods, his golf game was last in what he wanted today at the genesis invitational. coming up, there is going to tell us if he has enough gas make the if he has enough gas make the cut.
10:43 pm
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>> well, take a look at this. this is alabama. hope her dear somehow came smashing into a classroom, hitting the floor. look like they're pretty hard. fortunately, there was no one in the room at the time and after kind of a staggering around in the classroom for a while, it did eventually regained its footing and ran off for slippery. >> a close call for a suspect leading police on a pursuit. look at this video catches a driver narrowly avoiding an incoming train. this is in washington state. look at that. it couldn't get much closer. you can see the suspect's car driving over the tracks as the fast-moving train was going by. police say the driver of the car was involved in some kind of a incident involving a gun after the close call with the train officers eventually found the car abandoned in an apartment complex parking lot. the suspect was found hiding in a nearby tree and was arrested. >> we'll get look at it. it's all in the bottom of the creek bed.
10:46 pm
>> oil from the train derailment in ohio is resurfacing in the water supply in east officials say about 3500 aquatic animals have died after the train crash. there. the derailed cars were carrying toxic chemicals. and reporter kelly beeson is looking into how often these chemicals are being moved around the country. >> people don't what's being transported to their communities. it's not required and they find out. >> but it's too late. the derailment in ohio is a wake-up call for communities across the country. the message this could happen anywhere. the train was traveling from st. louis to conway, pittsburgh, the second biggest rail hub in the u.s. before derailing in east palestine, the hazardous chemicals moving along nearly 600 miles of rail at some points along the likely route
10:47 pm
passing through highly populated cities. the main ways chemicals in the country are moved by trucks shipping across water and on trains. and 99.9% of the time trains deliver the chemical safely. chemical spills from truck accidents are more likely to end up in a hazmat situation. then a train accident. i think a lot of us we just kind of take it for granted, overlook that. >> but those are in our neighborhoods in our cities and streets every day. you know, and obviously the guys do a really good job. the people doing driving. i mean, our transportation system, i think works fairly well. monte. we're hold owns a trucking company in ohio. >> and says drivers who haul chemicals undergo extra training and testing. >> you know, by and large things kind of go usually smoothly until they don't. >> with more than 2.2 million carloads of chemicals passing over our rails. many lawmakers are asking communities to be made aware of what's coming by
10:48 pm
train and via roadways, but routes of trucks and trains carrying hazardous materials aren't shared publicly to curb terrorism. the federal rail administration told news nation a local government may request a list of all hazardous materials for the express purpose of assisting responders in planning and preparing for emergency situations. >> that was kelly beeson reporting. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> well, coming into the genesis invitational, tiger woods mentioned that he was rusty, but he played through the rest before and after today's second round, it looks like he'll continue to do so at least for a couple of days that tiger looks really good early off the tee here at 14, it was a perfect stroke. this one right up next to the cup. he would eventually look at this shot. it was a really nice shot for tiger report saying he'd eventually birdie on this one. but tigers put or
10:49 pm
will it and today he had 5 bogeys on the day, including this one at the 6th hole where he's put went right into the same trap. now he did finish his 2 rounds at plus one, but it was just barely good enough for him to make the cut. but he did, which will keep the gatherings at least 2 more days. tigers and everyone else there following this guy, this max homa who as you can see right here, birdies on this put. 13, he sits at -10 after 2 rounds. and tiger mentioned his frustration after his putter in hand. his performance was today. >> i just block them. you know, they're just bad they they were not very hard. goodreads. i brought joy a couple of them and i just hit that pots. and so. this part of the high score could shot today for shot. it's 5 or 6 better this easily. just to make the putts early in the middle part around what i had those opportunities. and then
10:50 pm
also had very bad finish, too. >> it was day 2 of giants pitchers and catchers down in scottsdale, arizona. the staff there pretty loaded with starters this year. in fact, some of the scouts are saying that they could probably utilize a 5 man or 6 man rotation during the season behind the plate. that's a mainstay joey bart. he's joined by often when and and blake sabol part only hit, though, to 15 with 11 homers and 55 rbi and 2.61. a bet the number is not necessarily one reno reads of an instant starter, but manager gabe kepler, he did mention, though, that even if he wants a starting position, he's going to work for it. >> had some some moments of performance at the major league level. i don't think that the body of his career. it is have as earned a sure fire inside track to the number one catching job. the
10:51 pm
only way that happens is through really earning it and making it. just abundantly clear he should be our starting catcher. >> now, steph curry in the house at stanford, washington family green can bring canned her 3rd ranked stanford squad. take on the number. 25 ranked usc. they were please break with the bloc hearing. grabs to get rebound, brings it up. the floor gives it off to haley jones, who gives it right back to bring for the layup right there. they're bringing ended up with the dozens at night while stanford up 6 at the final 8 seconds of the 3rd quarter here. haley jones with the ball drive between 2 u.s. c defenders in the baseline jumper, jones had 8 now stanford up 7 after 3 and then usc, they had a chance late down 3, 2, 0.7 seconds left destiny, littleton, she does get the 3 pointer but it's way short. it's an air ball stamper. hold on for the 50 to 47 win over usc. now tonight in salt lake
10:52 pm
city, of course, is that time of year, the sites of sunday's nba all-star game, they held a celebrity basketball game tonight with the wow in the you see it there w w ii star, the grab the loose ball in from half court. he nailed the shot. the thing is, let's look at this replay. it looked to be the game winning bucket until you see that big side ram of the got the basket. that, of course, signifies that that shot was no good. it was definitely not off in time, but nonetheless, it made for entertaining night. of course, tomorrow is the dunk contest and 3 point contest will have all you need to know about the all-star weekend and all your favorite nba players. that's tomorrow. but stay with us for that. >> we'll be right back after the break.
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>> young lieutenant in an air force program got quite a surprise while practicing a drill. take a look. >> that's billy white hugging. his mom believes so focused on the drill at his high school. jimmy didn't even notice his mom was just standing a few feet away. she had just arrived from africa. she was deployed there for almost a year. and the first thing she noticed was just how big and tall and strong her son had become. so heartwarming. that
10:56 pm
well. >> they probably didn't do 100 push-ups they better happy very cute. very cute. >> hey, guys, we've got ahead. yeah, i mean, kind of an interesting world setting up with for going with some. >> above normal temperatures this weekend. and then next week, i mean, we've got the possibility of some snow down very low levels here in the bay area. so a little bit of everything don't put in those clothes away just yet as we've got that cold air settling in. of course, we've had some very cold nights this week. temperatures go going below freezing in some spots, even some 20's during the week tonight, probably down to freezing, at least in some of the north bay valleys up there. right now, the skies begin to clear out. you can see doppler radar scanning our skies. we've got that low pressure center that's been spinning around off the coastline that has been sagging south throughout the day. a couple high clouds coming from. then you see a few of the monterey bay right now. but i think we're looking at nice weather across the state. if you're planning on traveling should be a great weekend to do it. headed up the snow. the roadways are open and clear up there as well. overnight lows are going to be chilly again about 35
10:57 pm
degrees and live more. 38 in fremont. 37 degrees in redwood city about 37 below may be freezing in santa rosa by early tomorrow morning. but by the afternoon, we're enjoying a beautiful start your weekend. lots of sunshine. some of those numbers getting near 70 degrees in some spots in the but the next few days. here we go. this is where it gets fun. things really begin to drop off after monday or so. the clouds roll in, the winds kick up and now these temperatures struggling to get the 50's maybe only the 40's by thursday and friday. keep your fingers crossed in everyone. smile. we get a chance of snow in the bay area. this may be that one chance this year and we had a have a great weekend. thanks
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