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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  February 20, 2023 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> now at 6 continued complaints aimed at oakland mayor sheng tal for her firing of former police chief leronne armstrong. the naacp organizing a major rally at oakland city hall today. participants to mandate that she reinstate the chief. thank you for joining us. i'm pam moore and i'm justine waldman in for ken wayne. and tonight we're learning about the legal steps the former chief is planning on taking. >> later on this week, kron four's haaziq madyun has the latest. >> community members, clergy and city leaders came together
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for a rally outside oakland city hall calling on mayor sheng thao to reverse her decision to fire oakland police chief leronne armstrong without cause a decision that followed federal monitor. robert warshaw was investigation into the former chief's handling of a pair of police misconduct investigations. the naacp organized the rally. >> we are voters. our fight is strong. and our fight is long and we won't stop. we can't stop until >> we demand that he be fully exonerated. >> i think when you look at the rally, the outpouring of support for chief armstrong merely a terrible strategic you need political judgment armstrong indicated his firing falls under the of wrongful termination. however, before he can file a lawsuit in
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court, he was first filed an administrative appeal with the city. >> his representative sam singer represented former oakland police chief anne kirkpatrick, who was also fired without cause by then mayor libby chef following a report from the federal monitor. total cost 5 million dollars. >> so it goes to show that city will open as bad track in how it handles police chief. it's likely this week that the chief will take legal action against mayor long over. tell your story firing. >> i reached out to oakland mayor out to give her an opportunity to respond to the community members at the rally and to counter the perspective of armstrong's representative, i received no reply. i think that you cross for 2. >> after a long armstrong was placed on administrative leave. darren allison was named the department's acting chief and some are unhappy with the mayor's decision. but there are some groups that are
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supporting her kron four's. rob nesbitt reports. >> oakland is a city that's no stranger to crime. and there were violent acts reported over the weekend. the first one says armstrong's firing but groups like the anti police terror project view the firing is a, quote, bold and courageous move. oakland police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that happened friday. police firing their weapons our motorcyclist who had attempted a carjacking, according to lauren armstrong's wraps, no african-american men were shot by police during his time as chief. >> armstrong's accomplishments were celebrated outside city hall monday. his work. not a job. >> it was a mission this man has created the new violent crime operation center. he designed to focus on violent crime reduction citywide you than an intelligence lead approach. as many call for armstrong to be reinstated. others are trying to move forward with mayor sheng thao's decision. the department continued its sideshow detail over the weekend to decrease the illegal activity. >> acting chief darren allison announced last week that more
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walking officers will be on patrol. 15 will be sworn in during the next 3 years for business districts in several neighborhoods, including west oakland, the anti police terror project works to eradicate police tear and communities of color and immediately came out in support of armstrong spy ring executive director kat brooks saying in part, quote, this was a bold and courageous move. this is an important first step in decades of little to 0 accountability for this department. her organization claims that armstrong lied about the department being defunded and about officers using excessive force, including tear gassing brooks and others in oakland are calling for mayor tao to focus less on increased policing and more in securing affordable housing, jobs and education. other groups have come out in support of the firing of lauren armstrong, including the oakland education association and east bay action reporting the newsroom. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> another big story we're following tonight. a massive fire that destroyed the first african methodist episcopal church in oakland. the
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churches near 37th and telegraph avenues and opened in 18, 58 and is the town's oldest black church. the fire caused major damage to the building is now red tag, meaning it's unsafe to use. the church says it feeds 300 people every week. >> it's just devastating. not only commissioner well for the city. we have served community already. anybody in the city. so it's going to be a great tphysical location. well, at a loss for. like the bad >> no one was hurt in the fire. the cause is under investigation. >> efforts to reduce the trade in a residential neighborhood in san francisco have raised the ire of the firefighters union. >> the union says the concrete barriers installed to reduce the bumper to bumper, cruising limiting access for the fire trucks and are ultimately unsafe force. dan kerman
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reports. in recent months the trade in john's cruising in their cars down cap street. >> has returned to this residential neighborhood in san francisco's mission district to bring some peace and quiet to the area. city crews placed barriers at the south end of each block of cap street between 18th and 22nd making each block a dead end. i've never gotten so many. thank you. emails in my box. >> you know, we were yesterday we were sent a video of kids riding their bikes in the street and families playing street that last week was filled pimps and workers and people cruising around. you know, we measure that is it's a success. but the flimsy barriers for knocked down and some were destroyed the first weekend. so this past weekend, they were replaced with the concrete barriers you see on the freeway. >> none were destroyed. but the barrier sent the firefighters union into a
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tweetstorm saying the barriers pose a fire safety issue tweeting selfish decisions that put others at risk can have dire consequences and we have to stop allowing people who don't understand public safety make an informed in critical decisions. we completely don't want to do anything to disrupt public safety or or response times of our. >> emergency workers, the firefighters union didn't respond to our request for an interview. so it remains unclear why they took their complaints public as opposed to taking them to the fire. chief supervisor hillary ronen or staff spoke to the chief this weekend. their concern was just basically a mobility and access to move around a large rigs if they needed to approach from both sides of the street. some of the those are some of examples that were given now supervisor ronen's office will meet with members of the fire department, the police department, the mayor's office and the mta. >> the tuesday meeting is
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designed to come up with solutions that all parties will be satisfied with. i would envision some kind of rearrangement of the so you know, that we can accommodate fires, request. >> but that there for now that we're we're not taking them away with is that's the question right now. we know we're going to figure out a solution. >> dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> let's check on our 4 zone weather forecast. a live look outside and san francisco along the embarcadero. you see the and the bucky ball there. and it's a nice night feels like spring out there. but these warm temperatures not going to last that much longer. meteorologist brittany begley joins us now with a look ahead. that is the truth. i hope you enjoyed. today was a beautiful spring-like day. nice temperatures. notice a lot of people out downtown san francisco. >> there's a lot of people out of the city cut enjoying the holiday. let's talk about we need to know east bay looks gorgeous right now. really setting up the tone. you can see temperatures right now. a lot like yesterday yesterday was a warm, beautiful day. can see san francisco. 54 stays
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looking great. oakland, 58, san jose, 60 livermore. 62 concord. 61 and santa rosa. 59 to those temperatures are still nice and warm as we plan for tomorrow. you can see it not looking too foggy in your way into work. that did just notice just south of mountain view. you could see some patchy fog around 6.45? so make sure wake up with us. we'll get to work on time. we're also watching the change in temperature. so tomorrow we have a wind advisory kicking off at one is going to stay that way into wednesday. we could see wind gusts 40 miles per hour on thursday. to watch for rain. also low level snow. and as you wake up on friday, cloudy, maybe even starting out with some rain. take a look at a break on saturday and will break it down for you. coming up next. thanks so much. a woman is recovering tonight after being shot at an apartment complex in san ramon. the shooting was reported on saturday at an apartment complex had waterstone place. >> the victim is in stable condition at the hospital. no other information has been released by police and in
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oakland, police are looking for the driver of a car that hit. >> and killed 100 year-old man. the crash happened at the intersection of 19th and harrison near snow park and lake merritt yesterday morning officers found that man dead with severe head trauma. they say that car that hit him is a tan or white mini cooper and anyone with information information is asked to contact police. another powerful and deadly earthquake near the turkey, syria border today. and the 6.3 quake struck as recovery efforts continue from the tragedy 2 weeks ago. >> at least 3 people are dead this time more than 200 injured from this latest quake today. according to the turkish government, it was centered in turkey's hutch i province, which is one of the areas hit worst by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake earlier this month. turkish
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authorities have recorded more than 6,000 aftershocks since the 7.1 quake and between turkey and syria. nearly 47,000 people have died from the recent earthquakes. >> we're also following developing news out of ohio where a metal factory exploded. it happened this afternoon in bedford about 15 miles southeast of cleveland. and you can see the large plumes of smoke coming from the building, according to our sister station in cleveland, multiple people are now in the hospital. we're going to continue to monitor the situation here and bring you the latest as soon as we get more information. >> the oldest living american president is now in hospice. the latest details as expressions of appreciation for in for former president jimmy carter. the spirit of mardi gras shattered in new orleans by a deadly shooting. look at the victims here in a high-risk president biden goes to ukraine bay area. congressman john garamendi joins us live to talk about
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the president's trip and why it was so important.
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>> he has captured a part my heart. i must say. >> free is priceless. it's worth fighting for as long as it takes. and that's how long
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we're going to be with you. mister president, for as to >> president biden making a surprise and historic visit to war torn ukraine as a show support and also pledged more aid. it is the first time in modern history that a u.s. president has entered a war zone where there is not an active american military presence. and congressman john garamendi represents california's 8th district, which does include contra costa and solano counties. also sits on the armed services committee and he joins us now live to talk about the significance of the president's trip to ukraine. thank you, congressman, for being here. so let's just start with trump. the bottom line about why was it important? >> for the president to be there in ukraine on such a high risk trip. >> and this extremely important. i was thrilled. i didn't know what was going to happen. i listen to the news are and good for you, mister president. you're showing exactly what we need to do and that is to continue to support
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you crate the words he used freedom. freedom isn't cheap and freedom is worth fighting for. and that's exactly what the ukrainians are doing with our help. and also with almost the entire european community, the european union and nato, all of them in all in full. and we're going to push back. wants to take all this. he's not going to succeed. >> so we're hitting the one-year mark of the russian invasion into ukraine. and one of the things that president biden and president zelensky talked about today was the continued support from the west, which does include the arrival of some weapons. the they ukraine does want to have some fighter jets, but that's something the president biden has declined to do. do see that changing that they'll be some escalation of military equipment from the united states to ukraine. what once he is asking for? >> well, throughout the course of this war, we have continue to offer and to deliver more and more sophisticate admit
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armaments. i now we're seeing i will start with the javelins and now what i air defense systems in place soon. we'll have the modern best thanks in the world. abrams tanks and they'll also that coupled with the leopard tanks from germany and france has so more and more equipment is pouring in in anticipation of a spread offense ukraine between now and then russian offense is stalling out and if they do, if russia is not able to succeed with their offense, then we're going to be in a position going forward with regard to the air planes. you have 6 teens are very sophisticated, very difficult to maintain and would not be particularly useful in the eastern part of ukraine because russia has the s 400 air defense system, which is very, very sophisticated.
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perhaps one of the best in the world and very long range. so those planes would not be particularly useful in that area. there are i get older made jets that are available and those will continue to be provided by the eastern european nato countries. >> recent american polls of polls of americans suggests it. people still want to support ukraine. people certainly support democracy. but there is concern about how much money is going out of the american coffers to support the war. there. and that putin is not giving up. there is no end in with this war at this point. can you still believe in democracy, support ukraine and then question how much money we're spending? and at what point we have to balance that off with the needs of the people in this country. >> absolutely. and we do that every in the military side of we're doing that. and that's why some of the equipment is
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not going forward because frankly, it's needed for our own national security. we don't want to completely get put to the plate are on our snow. sun devils. and so, yes, these decisions are made. but i'd like you to keep in mind president trump in 2017 together with republicans without one hearing and without any democratic votes, put together a trillion and a half dollars tax cut 80% of which went to the top 10% of americans earners. and so you tell me that's all that's good public policy. you want to spend a trillion and a half basically lining the pockets of the super wealthy already. no. what we need is good sound policy. and that is we need to spend our money wisely. we need to make sure that they are movements that are being sent to ukraine. art, what is necessary and can be used given the circumstances of the situation said training there. all of those things are taken into account. but i'd like
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your viewers to also consider what happens if we cut what if we leave ukraine? what if we allow russia to take over your crane? i want you to think about the 1930's and when the nazis took over austria. everybody shrug your shoulders that all the par they're going to go. no, that didn't happen. and what is the message that we would get to china if we were to cut and run in what about what about taiwan? what about the philippines and japan and south korea? what about our allies there? could they count on us after week bail out of ukraine? i don't think so. so it's very, very important for us to stay the course. >> president biden said that the united states is going to stay there and offer support, quote, as long as it takes. and so they said, how do we win this is we're out of time. but just quickly, how do we win this? and we're restricting exactly how much we can get because they're not nato members. how does how does this and
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>> but first of all, we're giving them everything that they need and we're not alone. we're providing about 50% of the armaments. nato's provided the other half of that and its equipment that they're able to use in the circumstances that they currently face as they face new circumstances. new weapon systems are being delivered to them. a long-range rocket systems and the like. and we'll continue to do that as the circumstances change the equipment that we gave them. was sufficient to first stop the russian innovation towards kyiv. and secondly to conduct a major offense and push the russians back. we claiming more than almost 35% of the territory that russia had previously taken. that was the proper use of equipment. we're now bringing big military tanks, the abrams and other tanks to the product so that
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the ukrainians will be able to mount an offensive when things dry out in the spring. >> representative garamendi, thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 tonight. thank you. thank you. and that will talk about our weather forecast as we're taking a live look outside here downtown san francisco on what felt like a spring monday. this president's day. britney says things are changing, changes headed our way. yes, again, i hope you enjoyed. it was a beautiful day. everybody out and about nature enjoying everything. mother nature had to offer. but yes, changes are headed our way. that high pressure system really bringing us is above average temperatures. but you can see right in the corner of your screen is that low pressure system? >> dropping down those temperatures bringing us gusty winds, some snow in the sierra and rain right in this area. so very active. this high-pressure system again, bringing us those above average temperatures. but that low dropping down, really going to start to feel it tomorrow. big drop, attacking 10 degrees, maybe even 15 degrees. from today to
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tomorrow. so the average in san francisco. 61, we're right there. san jose. your average is 63. we're at 66, even santa rosa. your average was 63. but we're looking at 69. so get those warm temperatures. but we are slowly start to dip down to rosa for tonight. going to be just above freezing at 35 degrees. half moon bay at 41 san jose. 41. so we're going to be right there. the upper 30's in the 40's. but later this week, it's really going to drop down in terms of fog is planning your day on. not going to be too funny. i did notice some patchy fog just south of mountain view during rush hour. so again, wake up with us to make sure you get to work on time. we'll have a wind advisory that's going to kick off tomorrow at one is going to say that way to wednesday. that's really when start to notice the big dip in temperatures again with have wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour and higher elevations. i always like to say that's where you can see a whole tree. britt whole trees being knocked out at 39 degrees at 46 miles per hour. excuse me, it's hard to walk, but the big story for us is going the system coming from the north,
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bringing us rain and the potential for maybe some low level snow break that all down for you. coming up next. thank you, brittany, to new orleans now where a suspect is in custody after one person was killed and 4 others injured in a shooting at a pre mardi gras parade. it happened last night at the popular the victims were girl, a woman and 3 men. >> all were taken to area hospitals. one of the man later died in the hospital. police are now trying to determine if additional suspects are involved. >> up next here at 6 o'clock, how a local politician is reversing course because of her job and her husband's job.
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>> assembly member mia bonta says that she will recuse herself from matters directly related to the department of justice budget which is run by her husband. the announcement comes amid concerns that a potential conflict of interest or at least a perceived conflict of interest is at play. some remember bonta is the wife of california attorney general rob bonta and she is the chair of the budget sub committee which makes recommendations on some public safety budget matters, including issues related to the department of justice budget overseen by her husband in a statement the about to said in part while it has been made abundantly clear that there is no legal o ethical conflict in my serving as chair of the budget
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subcommittee as requested by the speaker. i believe as legislators, we have an obligation to ensure the people of california. have absolute confidence in the legislative process, unquote. now to be clear assembly member boxes role on the subcommittee is not illegal. speaker anthony rendon has long maintained that he has faith in bonta and the budget process arguing that it is transparent and requires approval from members of both chambers and from the governor. and he also stated that the budget subcommittee does not set benefits nor salaries for state constitutional office holders. the subcommittee is scheduled to meet later this month. and later on here during kron for news 6, a measure looking to overturn oil. well, buffer zones has now qualified for next year's baolot. what the law supporters? >> and opponents are saying also a man is behind bars for attacking a street vendor with a baseball bat with the victim says he's still scared after a
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series of short hospital stays. former u.s. president jimmy carter has now decided to receive hospice care. what the latest on the former president's health. more on that when we come back.
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